so look flowers! and happiness!


They aren’t completely healed but I know a few babes really wanted to see em lmao x

After a long long convo with a friend I was finally convinced to get ink on my body haha. Hurt like shit but they have a lot of meaning to me right now and tbh I’m happy I got em done. No more though lmao.

I made a tiny friend today 😁🐝


favorite filter flics 💐 also serving some slight thigh. picture 3 is my favorite 😬✌🏾

Happy Birthday Tsuburaba Kosei!

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((I can’t believe this is the only Tsuburaba gif in existence… a crime))

  • This boy… is a good boy. He doesn’t make a big deal about his birthday and gets embarrassed when people sing to him even though he belts it out on anyone else’s birthday
  • Will jokingly ask for a kiss as his present. Will have a seizure if you give it to him.
  • Kinda not a huge cake person? Like there’s just so much frosting and it all gets to be a bit much. Get cookies or ice cream or something and he’s a happy dude
  • (on a side note, Tsuburaba absolutely eats your ice cream when you’re not looking)
  • Being around Monoma, his mortal enemy, at all times, Tsuburaba has learned to become wary when something mysterious is given to him. He’s absolutely shocked when Monoma gets him something thoughtful and nice, and Kodai gets him a joke gift. He’s on the floor, his heart has stopped. Goodbye, wind boy.

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes lesbians do get happy endings. 

Mum wasn’t going to come to my wedding. It was hard, but I’d made peace with that. My girlfriend and I would get married without her blessing. 

Then, two days before the big day, when we were already in New Zealand, I got a frantic call at 11pm at night. I answered it and it was her, crying and asking if she’d still be welcome. We said yes, of course, and she booked herself last minute flights to get to New Zealand. 

When I first saw her outside the registry, all dressed up with her hair done and holding flowers, I burst into tears. She came up to me and touched my face, saying, “You look so happy. Both of you, you look so happy,” and gave us these roses.

They’re more than flowers to me. 

They’re given to me by a women to cried and shouted and refused to talk about my sexuality for seven years after I came out to her. It may not seem like much: but she had to walk into that flower store and buy these. She had to choose roses - the symbol of love - for her gay daughter and her gay daughter’s ‘friend’. There’s an admission in that. There’s acceptance in that. These roses say, “I know you love each other,” and she gave them to us at our wedding, which she flew three thousand kilometres to attend. 

I sobbed as she placed them in my hand. 

Because nothing will ever touch what it feels like to finally, finally know your mother loves you just the way you are. 

The Secret Project (Newt Imagine)

Hello!! So this is an imagine I worked on a bit ago… In this story, the reader is an Herbology transfer student from Ilvermorny. Hope you enjoy! :)

“So, Broomsticks?” Newt smiled down at you through his messy amber curls. His yellow and black tie hung loose around the collar of his shirt, his robe slung over his shoulder, adding to the already heart bursting effect his beautiful crooked smile smote your weak schoolgirl heart with.

“Ye-“ you began, then quickly stopped yourself. “Ah- no.. I can’t.”

Newt chuckled lightly shaking his head, “Still working on that top secret project?”

You smiled up at him innocently. You had been working on it for weeks and it was almost perfect- in fact, today was probably it’s due for premier, and well… it just had to be perfect.

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lunarry: a summary

probably not the lunarry fic i was planning but here we go, life ruining and all.

(luna is in italic, harry is in bold.)

  • luna hates yelling.
  • and swearing.
  • harry cusses all the time for no reason.
  • like when he walked through the door of their shared cottage in the middle of the woods shouting, “fuck!”
    • “harry please, you don’t have to use that kind of language.”
    • “i’m sorry, love. i had a really bad day.”
    • “it’s alright, i’m going out to the garden.”
    • “i’ll meet you out there.”
  • harry loved watching her tend to the garden outside.
  • it was relaxing for him. he said she looked like a fairy with her curly platinum blonde hair and yellow sundress, while the sun gave her pale skin an ethereal glow.
  • occasionally, he’d give her a little whistle when she bent down to check for weeds around the roots of her dirigible plum trees. 
  • luna tried to ignore his sexual comments, but inevitably giggled softly and turned around shake her head at him.
    • “do you need something?”
    • “i’m bored, give me something to do!”
    • “here, come water the blackberries.”
    • “yes!”
    • “you’re so childish.”
    • “says the woman who tricked me into a kiss using nargles.”
  • she smiled, thinking back to hogwarts.
  • before the battle, when their relationship was only a close friendship.
  • they understood each other. they’d both lost people.
  • harry talked about his parents, sirius, how he missed them.
  • they would sit by the lake as he showed her the few pictures he had of them. she said they were beautiful, like recently bloomed flowers.
    • “they look so happy, but you can tell something isn’t right.”
    • “hmm?”
    • “look in your father’s eyes. he’s sad. he knows what’s ahead. knows he has to fight. and they did. they fought for you, harry potter.”
    • “how do you do that?”
    • “do what?”
    • “read me, like we’ve known each other our whole lives.”
    • “it’s easier to read someone when you feel strongly for them.”
    • “you, feel strongly…for me?”
    • “i would say so. you’re kind, brave, care for others, although you can be a bit oblivious when it comes to feelings and you’re horrible with girls. but it’s charming, in a way. and you don’t make fun of me. you don’t call me loony. that’s why i wanted to be your friend in the first place.”
  • they started visiting hogsmeade together.
  • harry would sneak off from ron and hermione to meet luna near the back of the three broomsticks. 
  • sometimes they’d walk near the edge of the lake.
  • luna liked to watch the water ripple as she dipped her toes in the shallow area, where waves washed up onto dirty sand. harry watched her shoes, he promised he’d make sure the nargles wouldn’t take them. 
    • “protect my shoes.”
    • “from what?”
    • “the nargles.”
    • “alright.”
    • “harry, do you believe in nargles?”
    • “i…i don’t know.”
    • “then why did you agree?”
    • “because if there’s no proof they do exist, then there’s no proof they don’t.”
  • luna gently leaned forward, lightly pressing her lips to his.
    • “thank you. for giving me a chance.”
    • “i- you’re welcome.”
  • he watched her walk back towards the lake, water rushing around her feet. 
  • luna’s hair was pulled into a low ponytail and went down to her waist. she used the shorts she was wearing to her advantage and walked a few more steps into the water. the soft waves now went up to her ankles but she turned around to have a seat on one of the rocks by the shore.
  • harry picked up luna’s black flats and went to sit by her on the stones.
  • he placed the shoes behind them and looked up to face the sun.
  • it was warm. oddly warm for april in scotland.
  • this felt nice. him and luna. 
  • she was short, thin, highly intelligent, and completely herself. she wasn’t afraid to be someone the rest of the world wouldn’t accept. she was beautiful. with her eyes closed and body shifting to lay down on the flat boulder, half embedded in the ground. with her clever mind and odd radish earrings. 
  • before harry had time to look away she opened her eyes, smiling dreamily. he’d been caught. 
  • luna happily took his hand in hers, gently rubbing his knuckles.
  • he blushed and, with all the gryffindor courage he could muster, interlaced their fingers. 
  • but suddenly, he heard a familiar voice shout his name.
  • it was ron, they were looking for him.
  • harry swiftly jumped away from luna, as to appear like they were only chatting. he hopped off the rock and yelled for his friends, saying a rushed goodbye to silver-eyed blonde.
    • “i’m sorry, i-”
    • “i know. goodbye, harry potter.,”
  • luna was snapped back to reality when harry began to water her feet.
    • “honey, i’m not a blackberry.”
    • “you’re as sweet as one.”
  • harry plucked a daisy from her garden and placed it behind her ear. 
  • his past relationships, before getting together with luna five years after the war, hadn’t been like this. those women were giggling school girls. luna was a dreamer, a romantic, and the kindest person he’d ever met. she went vegan at nine because she was afraid the neighbor’s dogs wouldn’t like her anymore if she supported meat consumption. she started recycling from a young age because she thought the clouds of pollution in the sky were ugly. she got him to expand his boundaries by cycling to the farmer’s market and other places close by, instead of apparating. (apparently, it was bad for him to use magic for everything.) she taught him how to prepare nutritional meals, how to ride a bike, hence the cycling, but most importantly she taught him to let go.
  • he didn’t have to save the world to help others. 
  • he could do something as simple as help someone with their groceries or sign a petition for animal rights or maybe even forgive an old enemy.
    • “sweetheart?”
    • “i think you should talk to draco.”
    • “you what?”
    • “it’s been years since, then, and he’s with hermione now…so i think you should make an attempt at friendship?”
    • “…..”
    • “don’t you sigh at me. come on, we’ve got brunch plans in two hours at this lovely little diner in the city.”
    • “you…you already planned something; with him.”
    • “yes, because i knew you would never agree to it on your own. therefore, i did something that’s good for you.”
    • “i’m-”
    • “i’m so happy i have you in my life.”

‘Tantôt je me dis : “Le petit prince enferme sa fleur toutes les nuits sous son globe de verre, et il surveille bien son mouton…” Alors je suis heureux. Et toutes les étoiles rient doucement.’