so look flowers! and happiness!


@sixpenceee my family and I went up to the mountains of North Carolina where I will be going to university in the fall. It mostly consisted of me climbing things and looking like a disheveled mountain girl

This took way too long 😂btw requests and questions are always open 😊😊


Pairing: Ivar x Reader
Summary: Reader belongs to Ivar but at night he belongs to her.
Warnings: HOLY SHIT SO NSFW, swearing, submission, praise!kink, explicit
Length: super long!!
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I walked up to the flowering altar, with my hands on my hips, admiring it at first and just the sight of it brought back memories. Ivar and I had been married no more than a few months now, wedded in the same exact spot in the woods.

I smiled, reaching out to touch it and started remembering how handsome he looked, his hair slicked back and resting nicely. His skin aglow from the setting sun, his tunic a strong blue to match his beautiful eyes. Bjorn had helped him find the right angle for his stool while Floki held him up on his back, waiting patiently.

The way my love looked sitting there on his stool when the drums had started, I recalled it clearly, the way he turned his whole body to see me, the sun hitting his face perfectly. How tightly he was holding and then wringing his hands, fidgeting nervously. The stunned smile when he finally saw me for the first time that day, holding an array of foliage in my hands as I made my way towards him.

My smile grew even more when I turned around and saw Ivar was sitting on a well made chair then, brought out special for him so he could watch his older brother be married up close. I walked up to him and smoothed down his hair, tucking it behind one of his ears. He lightly slapped my hand away with a smirk and raked his fingers through it, as if I had messed it up.

I raised an eyebrow, giving him a warning look and instead was about to talk to one of the other Shield-maidens joining the foray, when he caught my wrist and pulled me to sit side-ways in his lap. He cupped my face and kissed me as softly as only Ivar could imagine.

“I would behave myself if I were you, Ivar. You are playing a dangerous game.” I said lowly, nipping at his ear lobe. We were still newlyweds, nothing or no one bothered us. They all knew how in love we were with each other, getting caught fooling around wasn’t that abnormal in the slightest.

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I made a tiny friend today 😁🐝

Sometimes lesbians do get happy endings. 

Mum wasn’t going to come to my wedding. It was hard, but I’d made peace with that. My girlfriend and I would get married without her blessing. 

Then, two days before the big day, when we were already in New Zealand, I got a frantic call at 11pm at night. I answered it and it was her, crying and asking if she’d still be welcome. We said yes, of course, and she booked herself last minute flights to get to New Zealand. 

When I first saw her outside the registry, all dressed up with her hair done and holding flowers, I burst into tears. She came up to me and touched my face, saying, “You look so happy. Both of you, you look so happy,” and gave us these roses.

They’re more than flowers to me. 

They’re given to me by a women to cried and shouted and refused to talk about my sexuality for seven years after I came out to her. It may not seem like much: but she had to walk into that flower store and buy these. She had to choose roses - the symbol of love - for her gay daughter and her gay daughter’s ‘friend’. There’s an admission in that. There’s acceptance in that. These roses say, “I know you love each other,” and she gave them to us at our wedding, which she flew three thousand kilometres to attend. 

I sobbed as she placed them in my hand. 

Because nothing will ever touch what it feels like to finally, finally know your mother loves you just the way you are. 

BTS IMAGINE : going to your graduation


sorry this IMAGINE isn’t the best but I wasn’t really inspired…


- sends you flying kisses from his seat in the audience
- stands next to Jungkook
“You remember when you graduated? Now it’s y/n’s turn, she’s growing up so fast!”


- smiles very proudly at you when he’s in the audience
- he would be the first to come up to you when the ceremony was finished
“congrats y/n ! We’re very proud of you !” *wraps his arm around your shoulders*
“should we go get lamb skewers to celebrate?”


- he’s very exited at first
- he would dance (gif) when he was in the audience
- but at the end of the graduation, he would start getting emotional
- “y/n is becoming an adult… She’s no longer our little baby…”


- he would smile brightly at you every time you made eye contact with him when he was in the audience.
- he would have prepared a graduation present to give you at the end of the ceremony
“y/n, I’m so proud to have a beautiful and intelligent friend like you”


- he would be very exited and happy to be there
- he would scream your name from his seat (like in the video where he screams MIN YOONGI at yoongi’s basketball match)
“Aaah, she’s so beautiful ! She looks so happy”
- gives you flowers as a present


- he would make silly faces at you from the audience, which made you laugh
- he would join Jimin in shouting your name and Jungkook in waving at you
- “She looks so cute with in that graduation gown!”


- he would be the one taking pictures of you
- he would wave at you every time you made eye contact
- when the ceremony ended, he would ran up to you and to show you the pictures
- “Look how pretty you are! But don’t forget, y/n, I graduated first” *winks*


They aren’t completely healed but I know a few babes really wanted to see em lmao x

After a long long convo with a friend I was finally convinced to get ink on my body haha. Hurt like shit but they have a lot of meaning to me right now and tbh I’m happy I got em done. No more though lmao.

Happy Birthday Tsuburaba Kosei!

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((I can’t believe this is the only Tsuburaba gif in existence… a crime))

  • This boy… is a good boy. He doesn’t make a big deal about his birthday and gets embarrassed when people sing to him even though he belts it out on anyone else’s birthday
  • Will jokingly ask for a kiss as his present. Will have a seizure if you give it to him.
  • Kinda not a huge cake person? Like there’s just so much frosting and it all gets to be a bit much. Get cookies or ice cream or something and he’s a happy dude
  • (on a side note, Tsuburaba absolutely eats your ice cream when you’re not looking)
  • Being around Monoma, his mortal enemy, at all times, Tsuburaba has learned to become wary when something mysterious is given to him. He’s absolutely shocked when Monoma gets him something thoughtful and nice, and Kodai gets him a joke gift. He’s on the floor, his heart has stopped. Goodbye, wind boy.