so look at this picture i found


Summary: You find Steve’s glasses and he finds you wearing them.

A/N: Hey! I just wanted to write something about Steve’s glasses on Captain America: The Winter Soldier (because he looks so good and cute with glasses), and the canon of how Steve Rogers is a big and adorable golden retriever. I found this picture (the first one) on Pinterest and I almost died from the cuteness, so I had to write this. So basically , fluff. 

*The picture and gifs are not mine*

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 1,406 upps! Steve deserves it.

Warnings: none

Y/N: Your name

You shouldn’t take things that weren’t yours without permission (yeah that was basically what your mother told you when you were little), but heck! you couldn’t help it.  

“Hey Y/N, there’s gonna be a meeting with the whole team an- … ” Steve’s voice startled you when he came in into your room, it was open so he just showed up at your door.

“Are those… my glasses?” he asked with those innocent eyes and curiosity on his face, looking at the pair of glasses in your hands.

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anonymous asked:

I have no idea if I'm explaining this properly,but I've been trying to find a very specific shirt for about two months now, and I was looking for it on google when I found a picture of a hair recolor (i think it was called hailey hair or something?) and the preview picture had a sim wearing that shirt, so I opened the site and there was a link to download the hair from and it linked me to your blog. Do you know what I'm talking about? If you do, can you tell me where the shirt is from? Thanks!

Do you mean this shirt?

If so you can find it here! Please let me know if this is right or not anon ^-^

(Also I cringed so much looking back at my old cc previews >_<)


Clearer Pictures of Mosaics

There used to be an awesome thread on the Bioware forums before they were taken down that had all these images clear so you could actually SEE them. Since that’s no longer in existence, I went into the game files using the modmaker and pulled the textures myself so people can get clearer pictures of what these look like. Some details are easier to see on the weird specular (red/green) versions and some without so I did both for you.

Feel free to use as you need to. :)

1) Archdemon (files: “tevbasdragon” and “tevbasdragonspear”) - found in 
2) Freed Are Slaves (files: “tevbasvanquished”) - found in Crestwood, Flooded Caves, Cradle of Sulevin, Temple of Dirthamen, Fallow Mire, Forbidden Oasis, and Western Approach
3) Sacrifice (files: “bassacrifice”) - found in Hissing Wastes
4) The Fall (files: “basfall”) - found in the Hinterlands and Valammar 
5) Invasion (files: “basinvasion”) - found in Emerald Graves, Exalted Plains.

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yo did you know there's a Jojo cafe in Japan called Cafe Star Platinum-The World? I found it on Facebook recently and I thought "hey you know who would love this?" (so if you ever visit Japan be sure to book a reservation! I just thought I'd share the the news of the existence of this cafe with someone I'm sorry)

ohmygod thank you for sharing this with me?? im looking at pictures of the place now and ohmygod i want to go right nowwwww


So, our first Wolflet date. Scarlet asked Wolf out during the welcome wagon to go work out together and??? I can’t decide if it’s too much or not enough. I tried not to take pictures of Wolf tripping on the treadmill whenever Scarlet LOOKED at him. 



Found this chick again. 

I think one detail that makes Yuuri’s embarrassment over his Viktor posters even funnier

is that Viktor keeps a framed picture of himself

in his room

but wait

that picture 

looks familiar 

I’m not saying that Viktor found Yuuri’s poster collection but it is entirely possible that Viktor found Yuuri’s poster collection

I hate.. any glorification of war, but I think there is something very sweet about animals getting medals for doing a great job. I especially love it when they get to retire to comfy, non-demanding lives after their service.  In WWII, 32 out of the 53 medals issued to animals went to pigeons. They’re so helpful and brave, its a tragedy we think so little of pigeons now!

Look at this dashing picture I found of GI Joe! He flew 20 miles in 20 minutes, and saved a thousand people from a bombing in Italy. He retired alongside other pigeon heroes and lived a long life of 18 years!

… Gallantry!

Another good pigeon war story is that of Kaiser, who became the most famous jailbird — he was originally a German bird who became a prisoner-of-war after he was caught by Americans. Upon capture he was drafted into a breeding program and sired over 100 children for America’s side. He died at 33 (that is a ridiculously long life for a pigeon - almost unbelievable. An extremely healthy bird!) making him the only pigeon to serve in both world wars.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast reading the script for the first time


Sum a lil different.
I decided to get out of the box most put our natural queens in; African print, in touch with nature laying in the grass all day looks.. Although nothing wrong with it, but I found that every time my pictures would go viral that’s all people wanted to see. They didn’t see the girl IN REAL LIFE dressing up in so called “worldly” attire high heel boots and slim fitting clothing. Does that make me any less “conscious” or a “queen”? Inspired by Beyonce’s “Don’t Hurt Yourself” In her visual album, Lemonade, here’s a shoot I did that still shows me, no less queening. - shot by my boyfriend Jace😘

Workout 2.0 (m)

 inspired by this post

Word count: 4,005  of pure filth

Warning: Oral, dirty talk, explicit mentions of cum

continuation of Workout which can be found here!

Summary: In which Jeon Jeongguk mistakenly uses a Fleshlight as a sock.

“Noona, I’m sorry.”

“This isn’t something that can be fixed with a simple apology, you brat. Do you know how close Se Jung was to seeing that picture? If I’d been a second slower she would have seen it, and then what? I’ll be fired!!!”

Jeon Jeongguk looks appropriately guilty as he stares down at his lap, and he can’t bring himself to meet your gaze as you pace about the small walk in wardrobe adjoining the dance studio. Seeing him like this, so small and unconfident of himself, is a change from the usual cocky little maknae who struts around bullying his hyungs to no end. Watching him fiddle with the skin around his fingernails, you sigh in resignation.

“Well at least your face is kinda blurry. It could easily have been Minhyuk oppa.” 

Jeongguk perks up immediately. “Wait, what? Why would Minhyuk ‘oppa’ send you a dick pic? I thought you two broke up ages ago… and I’m 101% sure he’s way smaller than me anyway.”

You roll your eyes in disgust at his blatant show of confidence. “It’s not the size Kook, it’s how you use it that matters. Anyway, that’s not the point. You can’t keep sending me dick pics every time you’re horny! Do you realise how risky this is? I could lose my job!! And then how am I going to pay off my mountain load of uni debt?”

“Well, it got you here in under 5 minutes didn’t it?” When you shoot him a withering glare, Jeongguk reaches for your hand, stroking over your knuckles in a soothing manner. “Relax noona, I won’t do it again. How about we come up with a code? Like ‘The carrot stick has risen’ or ‘McKook in the house’?”

“What?! I’m not giving your dick a nickname!!” You hastily lower your voice when you remember that the other boys are still outside currently running through their concert choreo. “Even if your dick does resemble a carrot stick.”

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Aiden x Reader

Requested By Anon

“What’re you doing?” Aiden asked as he walked into you room and found you throwing things around.

“Having a clear out… why what’re you doing?” You asked and he shrugged.

“Would you believe me if I said I was being nosey?” He asked and you smiled, giving him a tight hug before turning back to the drawer you were emptying.

“I missed you to you big dopey wolf.” You mumbled and he chuckled as he grabbed at a picture.

“This is cute, look how little you and Cora are!” He teased and you rolled your eyes.

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So I heard you found somebody else
And at first I thought it was a lie
I took all my things that make sounds
The rest I can do without

I don’t want your body
But I hate to think about you with somebody else
Our love has gone cold
You’re intertwining your soul with somebody else

I’m looking through you while you’re looking through your phone
And then leaving with somebody else
No, I don’t want your body
But I’m picturing your body with somebody else
—  The 1975

New York City day trip looks ✨
I wish I had gotten a better picture of this stunning dress from fashion to figure
The fit and flare coat from Charlotte Russe is one from my dreams, I’m so in love.
The bag is from Nine West and I found it in DSW ☺️
~vlog coming soon~

Sherlock filming in Canada

Keep clueing for looks to find out WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON!

So I just remembered that Sherlock team was filming in Canada for several weeks in April – May. Some of crew members, including the location manager (Tom Guy) and the director of TST (Rachel Talalay), were tweeting about it.

Maybe another tweets/posts/pictures on this theme exist but that’s what I’ve found so far:

They were in Toronto, huh?

Two days later Tom tweeted that he had a great trip to the Niagara Falls.

Were they filming over there? Who knows? The following tweet about any possible shooting for Sherlock didn’t get a reply.

And finally — Rachel’s tweet with picture of our familiar clapperboard. 7th May, Vancouver. Nice!

Now what we have. There was nothing connected to the filming in Canada, right? Then the game is not over.

One more missing scene? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Curtain rises. The last act. It’s not over. SH