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sounds of you sounds like love
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louis can’t sleep. enter a very special youtube channel.

a love story about how something ordinary can become very extraordinary, and how feeling rootless and like you’re drifting can - with a little bit of help from fate - turn out okay.


Clay Quarantine!Sans!

So I have to say that Q quickly became one of my favorite Sans’s when I came across him. I mean he’s an AI Sans, what’s not to love? (besides maybe his freaking outfit omg q why do you have so many layers??) I’ve been wanting to make a figure of him for a while now and finally had the time to do so. And so here he is!

Q belongs to @jolie-in-the-underground go check out their amazing content and maybe ask Q some questions if you want!

Oh and some bonus pictures under the cut if you want to see.

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anonymous asked:

Oookay, so what's with that "It seems the only thing I'm good at is disappointing people"-tag in your answer to the anon-ask about requests? o: I don't know you very well (yet), so of course I can't rly judge that statement. But even in that short time, I myself have never been disappointed from you. You are a kind person, gifted with the wonderful talents of drawing, and stayin in-character when RP'ing / answering asks. You are awesome, and I want you to know that. *sends lots of love and hugs*

This response is extremely late as I’ve been meaning to go to these a while back. My sincerest apologies for making you all wait, again. I’ll place everything under a read more as a little bit of this post might be negative for some. So please bare with me for a small moment, please. 

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“It goes back to the vulnerability of just a human,“ he says of singing into the stars and exploring celestial spaces. "I think it’s pretty interesting how much confidence we can have as a human species, when really it’s pretty hilarious that we have any confidence at all. It’s so funny to me.”

ok the poses people are making for pets are so fkin cute n also i got s&s a pet so those posts are supposed to start coming out on saturday :~D neatneatneat

Choose your stylist: Jojo edition

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