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why do you outline only some? or sometimes its just very lightly outlined..... asking for drawing practice

its mostly personal preference! there is a bit of logic to it as well but ill put that under the cut in case it gets a little long

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as your resident seyoon stan, i felt it my responsibility to make a compilation video of him singing because his voice is heaven and because i like suffering

so here you go, 9 minutes of kim seyoon’s singing parts

Long Exposure Trans Hcs

(this was bound to happen)

Note: I am not the word of God or anything. These are my personal hcs that I like to think about! If your hcs differ that’s fine, everyone has their own hcs and honestly I love all and any trans hc! Again, this is just for fun and my own little list.

(Also yes, I’m aware some of these characters Wouldn’t be trans but hey, this is all in good fun and it doesn’t many any of em less of an asshole)

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Not sure if anyone has thought of this yet, but...

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and, quite honestly, breaking my damn heart and need to share the pain! You see, I’ve always been drawn to this certain scene from the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie:

Specifically, that little device the prisoner is using and what it’s purpose seems to be. It’s purpose seems to be to project the users memories or mental images that the user wishes to see and in this prisoner’s case, her family that she was separated from or was killed by Ronan/Thanos. We can also assume that this device seems to be pretty common within the galaxy. Since the guards would allow a prisoner to have it in such a high security prison like the Kyln, we can also guess its pretty harmless. What I’m getting at is that what if Peter or Kraglin end up getting one of these doodads in order to help them grieve after the events of Vol. 2 . Peter would use it to remember all the good times he had with Yondu (i.e. when Yondu taught him to fly or shoot). Then there’s also Kraglin. Oh boy. He would not only remember all the good times he had with his captain (like when he was first recruited into Yondu’s crew, the times at the bar, etc.), but I can also see him using it to remember all his Ravager friends that were killed during the mutiny, who he had to watch die quite horribly and he was powerless to do anything or he would’ve been killed himself.

Then there are the times early on where the grief seems to be hitting both Peter and Kraglin pretty hard. Which leads to the two going into a secluded room with this machine and they begin to relive shared memories they may have of Yondu together and even talk to each other of a certain memory they really cherish. Crying, laughing, and just having general fondness for each others memories of their beloved Captain Yondu Udonta. 

Richie and Eddie reading comics together after school for @milevenmirkwood

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