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Put That Body On Me

pairing: daveed diggs x reader 

request: none, i’m just thirsty for diggs like the rest of the world

summary: reader’s goes out to the bar with her friends after a long day and she catches daveed’s eye

warnings: NSFW, smut, swearing obviously, alcohol

words: 3076

a/n: so this is 100% inspired by ed sheeran’s shape of you, that got me in the mood for my first smut fic. i need to thank @diggs4life a million times for being such a great help, and i hope you enjoy!

To say it had been a long day would be an understatement. When you woke up, you had a stable job and a boyfriend, but by the end of the night you had neither of those things. Sure, it was just an office job, but it was a way to make ends meet, and you didn’t know yet what losing it meant for you.

Since before you were in college, you’d had a job and it was part of what kept you sane in day to day life. Your company apparently thought you were replaceable though, so they did exactly what you feared most: replaced you with a younger face with fresh ideas. And your boyfriend? He did the exact same thing.

So yeah, your day had been long and you couldn’t wait for it to be over, but your friends had other ideas for the night. Five minutes after you told them about your day, your front door was flung open and three of your best friends made their presence known.

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A Long Time

Remus Lupin x Reader

Request: Imagine request! A remus x reader one where they were dating during their school years but got separated during their last year due to the war and as your family moved to another country in order to help the order and both meet up in Diagon Alley the summer holidays right before Harry’s third year?? Btw I love all of your imagines, they are so good!! Thank youuu

Originally posted by andrewgarfielddaily

Y/N sighs as Remus traces random shapes on her shoulder. Inhaling his signature smell of books and chocolate, an intoxicating aroma in her opinion, a few tears leak out of the corner of her eyes. Remus spies this and immediately brushes them away with the gentlest of touches, trying to console her. “It’s okay, love,” he murmurs softly, and kisses her forehead lightly. Y/N leans up, attempting to close the distance between their lips, and Remus reciprocates the action, but the door creaks open, ruining the moment. Y/N’s mother clears her throat and looks at Y/N with a sad expression. “Time to go, sweetheart,” she says, and Y/N takes a deep breath. Glancing at Remus one more time, she whispers, “I really don’t want to go.” Taking her slightly flushed cheeks in his large hands, Remus gently coaxes her to look him in the eyes. “Your parents are helping the order, love… you have to.” Putting on a brave face, Y/N nods slightly and takes his wrists in her small hands, sliding them off her face even though she feels like her heart is breaking in half. With one last small kiss on his cheek, she grabs her suitcase and makes her way out the door. Remus watches her leave and, as soon as she’s out of sight, takes a shuddering breath and allows the tears to freely stream down his face. He flops back onto the bed and grabs a pillow, hugging it to him, and squeezes his eyes shut, trying to block out the memories of Y/N and his love for her.

He stays like that for a long time.

A street vendor jostles Y/N as he hustles past her with a cauldron full of beetles, all scuttling to get out. She turns away, cringing slightly at the sight of the collection of bugs, and peruses the shelves of perfume. She picks up a promising bottle and sprays it on her wrist then sniffs at it experimentally, but shakes her head. No matter what she did, she couldn’t find the right scent. Y/N turns around, leaving the stall, and begins walking around the streets of Diagon Alley aimlessly. It’s the first time she’s been here since leaving the country, and she’s missed this – the hustle and bustle of the busy shops and shoppers, the loud noises coming from the animals and the people alike, and the different smells emanating from the shops and mixing together and creating a slightly disgusting odor. She absolutely loves it.

Walking by a window, she spies an immaculately polished broom – the newest model. She steps forward through the throng of people trying to take a closer look and is immediately immersed in the smell of wood polish. It reminds her of her school days when James was always surrounded by that scent. Taking a deep breath with her eyes closed and a small smile on her face, she attempts to gather as much of the smell as she can, when suddenly she catches a whiff of something else. Books… and chocolate. Her eyes snap open and she whirls around, looking for the source, and she sees something wonderful – someone wonderful. Y/N immediately walks towards him, speed increasing as she goes until she’s running into his arms. The man wraps his arms around Y/N by reflex even though he’s taken by surprise, and Y/N looks up, into his eyes, and sees them flash with recognition. With a tearful grin, she buries her head in his chest again as he embraces her fully, immersed in the familiar fragrance.

They stay like that for a long time.

Today I finally told my family about my transition, this is my “they took it well enough, but it stressed me out” face. I could not be more relieved.

I can now get on with it, there’s nothing holding me back..except for the pesky facial hair. Approximately 5 or so months in, no real breast growth yet, although they’re crazy sensitive, I’ve got lady shapes in my thighs and hips though, that’s pretty cool ^w^

Idk it’s been a long day, shoot me some questions if ya guys feel inclined.



Level Pair; Opening 1/2

A/N: I caved and finally got a tumblr account to post this on. This is inspired by @craziiwolf​’s amazing Kagehina Winged AU. All of her work is stunning but this one got me writing. Fair warning… it is LONG and multiple chapters. Like 20 chapters and counting. It will probably be around 25 before it’s complete and I will try to keep a regular schedule posting them.

It’s been taking shape since before all of Craziiwolf’s details were posted so there are discrepancies here and there with her AU, and I don’t know if I’ve kept them in character as well as I’d hoped, but it just keeps writing itself. And since it sprouted out of her wonderful art and has more or less taken over my life for the time being, I figured I might as well post it.

So here you are… CHAPTER 1!

If we remembered every day that we could lose someone at any moment, we would love them more fiercely and freely, and without fear- not because there is nothing to lose, but because everything can always be lost. ~Emily Rapp, The Still Point of the Turning World

Kageyama can feel the bright sunlight against his eyelids and dimly notes that it is making his head pound that much worse. Getting to sleep in is a scarcity that comes maybe once or twice a year and something that if he was honest, actually put him on edge because of how unusual it was—but having a headache was completely ruining the moment.

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i’m trying to figure out how to draw carlos using tons of shitty headshots and this is the first attempt that is even VAGUELY recognizable as him


long ago, back when i thought i had self restraint and impulse control, i stumbled upon an old ask from gav-bot innocently asking id i’d consider a gem-stuck au… 

jk, this was just a very fun way to exercise drawing different body-shapes and silhouettes. ask about fusions if you’d like, i’ve already got a bunch sketched out! (& info for everyone down below since i had so much time to world build while working on everyone and i’d like to get it out somewhere :3c)

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tanovic54321  asked:

Hey I was looking up how to draw people's faces (I was thinking of doing some fan art) & was wondering if you know how to make people look realistic or at least like the thing your trying to draw

Oh gosh that’s a hard one, I’d say if you are copying references roughly measure distances between features so you aren’t making everything out of propotion

Also the greatest advice I every got in my art life was from my art teacher Ms. Ní Dhuinnín in 5th and 6th year of secondary school which was, look at the shape of the space around what you are drawing as well as the object you are drawing. It’s what we artist types call, negative shape and when used correctly say in life drawing, it gives you something to compare to. You ever not sure id the arm your drawing is too long put can’t exactly tell? Look at the shape of the negative shape and if it doesn’t match what you have drawn then the chances are you’ve drawn the thing incorrectly!

Marchisio: “Brilliant to be back”

“It’s been great to taste victory again at the Stadium with my team-mates. I need to train with a degree of caution because I’m returning from a long-term injury, but I’m delighted to be back playing.

“I’ve a huge desire to give everything I’ve got for my colleagues, who’ve started the season before me. My return so far has been a positive one. I’m aware that it’s not always easy to maintain energy levels to the max after injuries such as the one I had, but I’m focused on working hard every day to make sure that I’m in the best possible shape out on the pitch.”

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oH bOY i hAVen’T dONe pixeL arT in suCh a lONg tIMe mMMM 
welp tbh i don’t like how these came out prob b/c i literally had no idea how to animate most of the special effects so most of em turned out kinda weird…

hahh this was supposed to b some undertale au crossover art for the comic all 4 of us have been working on (still need to design stuff b4 we start drawing the comic ;p) but ahhh i kinda failed orz ahaha like it’s not even in a group pose

Anyway, owner credits:
Epic Chara: @yugogeer12
Burst Chara: @amachi-blaze @keru-the-green
Glass around chara is referencing this part of Burstale’s Comic:
Goner Frisk is a lil shet i created

You like my parking spot? Ok then, you can have it till spring.

Years ago I worked with a guy who grew up in Chicago during the 50’s. He told the story of one particularly nasty winter when he and his father spent a long time clearing their driveway, only to come home later and find a neighbors car parked in it.

His father was enraged, but rather than heading off to thrash the owner, he got a water hose and sprinkler out of storage, and hooked them up. He set the sprinkler so it would cover the car pretty evenly, turned it on and walked away.

The car was soon a car shaped iceberg.

The owner must have taken the hint, because they never caught him trying to get into it, but occasionally ice would be chipped away around the door. It took multiple attempts before they finally managed it though. Especially since his dad slosh another bucket of water over it now and then.

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#44 hoseok :-)

“I got the mirror so you can see yourself while I’m fucking you.”

a/n: i’m high on pain pills while writing this and hobi is my bias, that should explain why this is so long.

Your breath fanned over the dirtied glass, a warm fog spreading over the mirror as your hands were splayed out on either side of your head. Bruises in the shape of love filled fingertips scattered across your hips, soft lips trailing up your spine with small pecks as you were drove forward once again with a hard thrust, his name leaving your mouth with a gasp. 

He filled you up so wonderfully, touching places you had never known existed. His hips tilted up, making sure to drive every inch of his cock into you while you had no choice but to take it like you always did, loving every sound that escaped his throat as you squeezed your muscles around him for added torment. Hoseok growled into the nape of your neck, bottoming out once again as he swiveled his hips and bit the shell of your ear. You cried out in bliss, opening your watery eyes to drink in the image of him behind you, hair tussled from your previous tugs, lips swollen, and eyes dark and hungry as they bore into your own with a promise of euphoria.

“You always take me so well. You love it don’t you, me fucking you like this?” 

His hands slid form your hips to your chest, gripping the soft mounds of your breasts in each hand, using them as leverage to fuck into you faster. His thumbs brushed over your pebbled nipples, teeth clamping down onto your shoulder as you pushed yourself back against him, needing more

“I got the mirror so you can see yourself while I’m fucking you, do you like it darling? Watching me take you in every way possible?”

You rested your cheek against the mirror, the cool glass feeling heavenly against your hot skin. Whimpers and pleads left your mouth, the syllables of his name rolling off your tongue so easily. Your body was being consumed by Hoseok, spreading like wildfire throughout your veins. 

“I-I love it.”

The smirk he wore was so unlike his usual demeanor, gone was his usual playfulness and gentle aura, leaving nothing but a primal hunger in its wake, devouring you until there was nothing left but shaking bones and glazed over eyes.

Lips collided once more, teeth clashing together, the faint smell of copper invading your senses as he bit your bottom lip, tongue running over the wounded flesh soothingly while eating up the sounds that left your mouth.

He filled you again and again, with quick drawn out thrusts that left you feeling every inch of him, your body limp in his strong hold as he sucked hues of purple down the column of your throat, body rocking with every thrust against the glass and completely at his mercy. 

Your release came suddenly, unexpected, and Hoseok didn’t falter in his movements, continuing to fuck you though your climax until another one was brewing in the pit of your stomach, over stimulation making your head spin in a wonderful ecstasy. 

He took you another three times, in different ways, within a clear view of the mirror so you could watch yourself fall apart under him each time, his gaze holding nothing but love and a darkened edge as his name was the only thing heard bouncing off the mirrors of the dance studio in the late of night.


Everyone looked over at Elettra as she began to speak. “I went out of my room about twenty minutes before the murder, and I saw two people walking towards the dining room. It was dark so I can’t say for sure who they were, but one of them, presumably Kasem, had a hat on. The other one, I think, had kinda long hair, I think. This is going to sound weird but I got that impression because I couldn’t really see their neck clearly, so whoever did it has relatively long hair. That and there was a kinda weird shape to them, as if they were carrying something large and thin. But, it was dark so I dunno. It might not be that much use.” Looking down, she offered the last clue she could.

Octavia stayed quiet, looking between the only two guys who had long hair. Ricky and Riley. One of them, if Elettra’s story checked out, had to be the killer, but she couldn’t take that as a definite. There was something else which was a stronger piece of evidence, something she could argue more efficiently. She then asked. “Did anyone look at the trophy room this morning and yesterday morning?”

dear lucifer,

when you fell there were plenty who fell beside you - do you still wake with their blood staining your fingers and is that why hell is painted red or are your nightmares of their loyalty punishment enough

do you get bored under our feet, seated on a throne in a mirror image of heaven, do you miss god or are the two of you “on the outs” still

your name means bright star, morning star, first glow on the horizon. i wonder if you drink to forget the choirs of angels or if you’ve got a mixtape of ACDC blaring in the background. i wonder if you come home from a long day torturing souls and look at where you hung your halo on the east wall where it burns a hole in the paint. i wonder if the same o-shaped emptiness so many of us find in our lost dreams is echoed perfectly in that little ring, the home you wrecked, the marriage that fell apart in god’s hands. i wonder if he still wears your promise ring. i wonder if he misses you, too.

do you pray, lucifer? do you get on your knees and beg like us? or are you sure that this was all planned and you were never meant to return to the kingdom you were cast out of - are you somehow more loyal now in following the divine word than you were when you asked for just a little more?

do you know what the first sin was? do you have it framed like your first real dollar or is it like our first kisses: sloppy, wet, meaningless. i think it was pride that undid us, imagining we could be as wise as the god who made us. you were prideful too, were you not? are you still like that or have you run out of energy, too many workdays, too much pleading. there’s nowhere in hell fun to go on the weekends. everyone wants you to punish them. when in these millennium has anyone asked you to just hold them. when has any soul simply curled up in bed with you and stroked your hair and told you that even if your father’s fists where white knuckles, it doesn’t reflect on your character. many of our parents made the same mistakes, you know. many of us became demons trying to run from the nooses our parents hung over our necks.

little brightness: i am sorry for you down there in that bloody mess. i am sorry for the arguments that you must have had with him, how you went home shaking, unable to eat, unable to rest. i know the conversations you must have had with your friends: how things are different now and your father is outdated, how he refuses to open his mind to new ideas, how you wish he would just listen, just for an instant. later you’d hear them all punished for telling their uncle he could go to hell for what he’d said to you. i am sorry how you went instead. how in the end he won again. how you stand  in the shower imagining another fight with him, how you’ve rehearsed what you’d say a million times in your head, how none of it matters in the end. i am sorry you still have his number saved in your phone but you never seem to get up the courage to dial it. i am sorry that his contact info is just DON’T LET ME CALL THIS IF I AM DRUNK, i’m sorry that his inbox is full of emails and every one you’ve sent has bounced back, i’m sorry you got tired of letters and instead just started sending him selfies as half a joke and half a sliver of hope that somewhere out there dad is looking at you and finally not exactly looking down at everything you’ve done, finally maybe warming up to the devil inside his son, finally forgiving him for everything the rebel types have done.

i forgive you, lucifer, for being more human than you were angel. i hope one day your father’s arms are wide open. there are already so many parables about lost sheep. i hope you get to put heaven under your feet. i hope you can take the halo off the wall. i hope they accept your christmas gifts and let you suggest what sort of architecture to use to expand the city of god. i hope you’re in the family portrait again.

i forgive you, even if you have to learn how to live on your own, without him. god only knows that i too am full of sin. i know what it’s like to have bad blood you didn’t choose, a brain set to a different station, a body made from the failures of my parents. i know what it’s like to live as disappointment, as dimmed horizon, as “i had hoped for so much more.” i know what it’s like to learn to rebuild your wings from everything you can get your fingers on, from drugs and liquor and sex on motel covers. i know what it’s like to chase flying by renaming the fall. i know what it’s like to sprint in the direction of anywhere else so long as you’re gone. i know what it’s like to listen to screaming and understand it as song.

god knows i too have a home that i run from. it’s better the hell we choose than the heaven where we were born wrong.

—  sincerely, somebody that’s probably yours, given my choices // r.i.d

wildehacked  asked:

Hi! Once you get this, post five things you like about yourself, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers! (you know, if you feel like it.) ~SPREAD POSITIVITY~

I am feeling SO not happy with myself right now, so … is this the worst time for this kind of ask, or the BEST time? Who knows? 

1. I like the overall Aesthetic of my body, even if I’m not always happy with certain parts. It’s exactly the Aesthetic I would have chosen, if I could have picked it out before I was born, somehow, like on a fantastical character creation screen. Apparently it’s very 1920′s silent film star, and I can get behind that. 

My very dark hair, my eyes that are the exact same color as my hair, my eyelashes that are so long that I can’t wear certain kinds of glasses because the lashes won’t fit, that’s all good. My apple-shaped cheeks that I got from my grandmother, my plump lips, my button-mushroom nose, that’s nice (do I just really like my face? I guess I do. I have a nice face.) My face looks pleasant, even if it’s a bit unusual – I almost never meet someone with a face like mine. (I FEEL SO UNCOMFORTABLE SAYING ALL THIS, IF I WAS WRITING ABOUT A CHARACTER THIS WAY, I’D ROLL MY EYES) 

2. I like that, if I have to, if it’s REALLY IMPORTANT, I can do supremely difficult things. I got through a lonely, painful childhood, and came out the end a decent person, when every day I felt like giving up. Got through lots of teasing. I worked alongside my family to remove myself from the custody of my father. We managed it when I was fourteen, and I’ve never looked back. I haven’t talked to him since then; it feels amazing. I got accepted to my dream college on the other side of the country, when barely anyone at my school had ever left the state for college. I studied abroad in Scotland. I beat a brutal immigration system to stay with my husband. I live with major depression. Managing all of these tasks sucked BALLS, but I did them. 

3. I don’t compromise for love. I did a year of long distance, filed mountains of paperwork, I have moved countries, been to protests, got straight A’s my last year at Williams so I could get accepted to grad school in Scotland, and gotten married at short notice. I’d do it all again. Come at me, Theresa May. Meet me in the pit. 

4. I’m not afraid to throw down for things I believe in. 

5. I love my imagination. 27+ years of daydreaming has pushed that baby to the fucking limit. 

Shape of You - Whoever you Want

Okay, So this was inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You! I’m literally obsessed with this song at the moment and kind of got some inspiration from it. While I was at work so here it is! I hope you like it, Any feedback is appreciated as it’s my first song one shot I’ve worked on and sort of want to know if you’d like to see more of this in the future.

Also, I haven’t written every lyric out otherwise it be long and yeah, I just chose the lyrics that would suit the plot. 

Feel free to listen to the song here: x

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K SO PAULA GOING AGAIN. get a package of pillsbury cresant rolls from the store $2 i think. and cheese. you prolly got that at home. So roll out those rolls. they are already in the right shape. SHOUTOUT TO PILLSBURRY FOR HELPING LAZY PEOPLE. put a piece of cheese, prolly american because it melts good. MAYBE PUT SOME DICED HAM TOO IF YOURE FEELING SPICY. roll up that yummy break. BAKE BAKE BAKE. DONT GET BAKED THOUGH CUZ DRUGS ARE BAD, JUST BAKE EM FOR HOW LONG THE PACKAGE SAYS. i think its like 10 minutes. BOOM. MORE EXPLODING GOOOOOOOD STUFFFFF. and you can reheat any day for leftover breakfast quickly

Annabeth Chase Headcanons

Cause I got a lot of anons asking for some and I deleted my old post so why not.

  • Annabeth is a natural beauty. Her appearance is distinctly memorable, strikingly beautiful in the way where you find yourself thinking about her even long after she’s gone. 
  • Her face is heart shaped and very angular.  Her nose is upturned and her eyebrows are defined with a slight, natural arch. 
  • Her eyes are extremely piercing, framed with long dark lashes and hold all the weight of a thunderstorm. They seem to stare deep beyond your own, as if all of your secrets are drug out and laid bare to her. 
  • Her lips are pouty and have a constant, healthy pink hue to them. She always bights her bottom lip while she’s concentrating. (Something that starts to drive Percy crazy as they grow older)
  • She gets all of her growth spurts in the very beginning of her teenage years and by the Battle of the Labyrinth, she hits her end mark. It makes her a bit upset since she would’ve liked to be a bit taller but she can’t really complain as she ends up being 5′9″. 
  • But her height has always been one of her favorite things about her. She loves being tall, mostly because it’s just another factor that makes her more intimidating, but also because Percy was short during the beginning of puberty and she was ruthless.
  • Elbow resting on his shoulder, holding things out of his reach, nicknames that would make him blushy - you name it, she probably did it. Although Karma turns out to be a total bitch because not only does Percy end up being a little more than five inches taller than her, he turns all of the teasing around on her. She decides she probably deserves it though.
  • “Hey Wise Girl, How’s the weather down there?”
  • “Percy, I am four inches taller than the average girl. I’m not short.”
  • “I’m sorry did you say something? I couldn’t hear you.”
  • “Don’t make me punch you.”
  • “Can you even reach that high?”
  • Her neutral expression is slightly intimidating and makes her look a bit unapproachable. But her smile is one of her best features - It’s wondrous, lighting up her face in a way that’s purely magical.
  • When she’s happy, her eyes take on the look of April showers - It’s a soft grey, sweet, almost watery, and is refreshing like a breath of cool air.
  • Her stance is one of a queen. Straight spine, shoulders back, and sure steps.
  • You’re pretty sure she could beat you up blinded folded and with arm tied behind her back. 
  • Actually, no. You’re positive you she could beat you up blinded folded and with arm tied behind her back.
  • One of the main reasons why she liked Percy so much when they were younger was because he never backed down to her. When she was snarky to most people, they would nearly always fail to have a response to match hers. But Pery not only seemed to be ready with a sarcastic response of his own but gave her a run for her money at times. (But she’ll never tell him that.).
  • Her hair is extremely long. It’s golden in color, varying in different rich tones of honey and cascades all the way to the small of her back. It’s definitely not thin but not extremely thick either. It’s curly, and one of the reasons why she keeps it so long is because it weighs down that curl. If she cuts it too short it poofs and frizzes. (She also likes how her hair makes her feel like a princess but she’l never tell that to anyone either.)
  • Everyone loves her hair. Percy particularly loves running his fingers through the silky locks and mussing up the curls. Piper will plait little briads into it. Hazel will spends hours doing complicated up-do she learned from the 1930/40s.
  • She’s the queen of messy buns, high ponytails, and double french braids.
  • Her body type is slim and lean. Her bone frame/structure is more on the small side and she has the body of a runner or swimmer - not bulging with muscle but is very toned.
  • She’s the type of girl who’s practically perfect at everything without really trying - Grades, fighting, whatever it is, she’s probably good at it. Of course she won’t excel on her first try nor be the very best in the field, but you can bet she’ll pick it up ten times faster and easier than anyone else.
  • But because of all of this, she was heavily bullied in school.  She was the girl who looked distant and withdrawn and consequently no one would come up to talk to her. She was the girl who despite having dyslexia, was smarter than every single person in the class and threw off the curve. She was the girl who was stunningly pretty with ratty clothing and no makeup. She was the girl who could beat everyone in P.E. and walk back in without a sweat. 
  • Annabeth’s school torment stemmed from jealousy. She would overhear nasty whispers about her and find mean notes shoved into her locker. People would move away from the table where she sat. She was isolated and ignored.
  • One of Annabeth’s worst fears is to be forgotten or to be ignored… to be left entirely by herself. This is the accumulation of everything that happened in her childhood up to through her teenage years - from being bullied in school to being hated by her step family and ignored by her father. To losing Thalia and consequently re-losing her to the huntresses and being betrayed be Luke. Then Percy disappearing for months on end during Hoo.

You couldn’t sleep. Rafe was breathing faintly next to you, the occasional snore making you grin. You’d been awake so long your eyes had adjusted to the dark. You found yourself tracing the shape of the ceiling with your eyes, willing yourself back to sleep. But it didn’t work. You weren’t tired. You rolled onto your side, and looked at the almost transparent curtains draping over the two glass doors that opened onto the balcony. You bit your lip, and quietly reached over to check your phone. You’d turned on aeroplane mode; you hadn’t felt like connecting with people the entire day. You liked to recharge alone. Rafe was an exception though, you accepted his company whenever it was offered and open.

The night had just broken the midnight barrier, and you begged yourself to listen to that one song that so perfectly captured the countryside nightlife it made you feel unstoppable, free, weightless. You swept your hand across your bedside table until your fingers closed around the wires of your headphones. You peeled the blanket gently away from your legs, and you planted your feet on the ground. The rich texture of the carpet beneath your soles, between your toes - it was comforting. You plugged the little buds into your ears and hit the play button. You picked up Rafe’s winter coat from off the hook on the wall in your room, and shrugged it on over your thin night dress. You smiled back at your boyfriend, before quietly pulling down the door handle and slipping out into the open air.

Your legs were chilly, but your body was pleasantly warm. The moon grinned at you from the sky in its crescent shape, and you were compelled to smile back at the thought. Your eyes were drawn up to the stars, sprinkled sparingly across the sky, like God had no care for them and they were as common as diamonds. Your eyes lingered on Polaris, the North Star, and the thought of roaring flames and gases somewhere out in space had you brimming with intrigue and fascination. You spent some time scanning the sky for constellations. You found Ursa Major, with its significant ‘frying pan’ shape that was supposed to be the back end of a long-tailed bear. The astronomers before had rather wild imaginations, but you couldn’t exactly speak against that. Your imagination was equally untamed. You looked for the constellation representing yours and Rafe’s star signs, but they weren’t present in the fraction of sky you saw.

You hummed along to the music, the tempo suiting your mood. You clasped Rafe’s jacket tighter around you, finding comfort in the scent and sort-of-feel of him. It still had little petals and leaves from the Scottish flora and fauna sticking to the fabric and inside the pockets. You sighed, leaning against the balcony. Rafe’s country home was by far your favourite of his bases. The front drive was loose stones, but beyond that it was dirt tracks and forests and rivers. You heard the scrabbling of blunt claws against the glass, and you turned to see your rather large husky pawing for you. You quietly opened the door, and she squeezed through as soon as she was able to fit. She lapped at your hand with a rasped tongue. You sat in one of the lounging chairs, legs either side so your companion could sit between. You wrapped your arms around what was almost seventy-percent fluff, and rested your head on top of your husky’s. She let out a tiny bark, and you shushed her. She whined and tilted her head in a vain attempt to pepper your face with puppy kisses. You spluttered, but silenced when you heard footsteps nearing the door.

When Rafe drew back the curtain, you saw he’d cocooned himself in your blanket. A hand peaked out of where there was a gap in the wrapping to push the door open.
'Your not going to fit.’ You laughed, and he gave you a tired 'watch me’ look. 'You look like a burrito.’ You have to cover your mouth when he tries to squeeze through the door, and just bounces back instead. He finally unraveled himself and makes it through the door. He straddles the seat and sits behind you, letting you grip the corners of the blanket and wrap it around the three of you. You felt his arms snake around you waist inside the warmth of the blanket, and he rested his head on your shoulder.
'Why you up?’ He murmured.
'Couldn’t sleep. Did we wake you?’
He shook his head. 'I woke up alone.’
You pouted, turning your head and letting out a soft, sympathetic 'oh’. 'You want me to come back?’
He shook his head again, 'doggy will get jealous.’ He kissed your shoulder. You giggled at your tired boyfriend.
'Oh you’re right. But maybe she should be punished for being up past her bedtime. Maybe we should make her jealous.’ You pat your dog on the head. You feel Rafe smile.
'She’s not the only one up past her bedtime.’ He says.
'I’m allowed to be.’
'Hmm. Are you sure?’ You could feel Rafe looking at you.
'What, you going to punish me for that?’
'Maybe. Someone’s not getting breakfast in bed. Made by me and not the butler.’
'Rafe, you cannot cook. But I appreciate the gesture.’ You smiled, clasping the blanket shut with one hand, while the other laced with one of Rafe’s in your lap.
'Maybe I’ll punish you with the pancakes then. I’ll force you to eat burnt batter.’
'I’d still eat it. Just to spite you.’
'Well then how am I supposed to punish you? Wait-’
You lean forward as you laugh, the innuendo in his question mixed with the pure fatigue and innocence of his voice was strangely funny to you.
'How about I just come back to bed, hmm?’ You rub your thumb in a circular movement in his palm.
'I like that idea.’ He nuzzled against your neck, and you ushered the dog inside with you, finally locking the door and Serling in bed with Rafe. The chill abated almost immediately after you hit the mattress and covered yourselves, and soon after you found it much easier to fall asleep.

A Date (Jimin Fluff)

You were in the midst of getting ready for a night out with Jimin. You finally got to spend time with him while he was free. You slipped on your dress, the dress long and draped.

You feel self conscious about your dress, fearing the shape wasn’t good on you. You were searching for something else when Jimin walked in.

“Babe, have you seen- Y/N are you looking for something else?”

He walked up to me, probably enjoyed the height difference we still had and I just spoke simply.

“I just thought this dress wasn’t nice enough, so I’m gonna-”

He put a finger on my lips and I looked at him, confused.

“Babe, the dress looks perfect- you look perfect. If we had the time, I would show you how perfect you are but that’s for later.” He added a wink at the end.

“Here.” You grabbed his cuff links off the side table and he smiled. He kissed your forehead and you beamed.

“You know me so well.” He finished getting dressed and you checked over yourself one more time, Jimin never forgetting to say how beautiful you are.

The drive to the restaurant was short which you both appreciated as you were hungry and so was he.

“Shall we?” He opened your door for you and helped you out before locking the car.

The restaurant was huge, the foyer itself was impressive. Jimin hadn’t left go of your hand when he was talking to the hostess. She seemed bugged by it but he ignored it.

“This way.” She said, dully and gave us a table on the balcony. Jimin had a hand on your back, cautious of you tripping or falling.

“Thank you.” You whispered to him in which he replied how he was supposed to protect you.

“You really do look beautiful.”

“Jimin, you flatter me too much. You, of course are as handsome as ever.”

He reached for your hand again, rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand. His skin was soft, and it made you feel at peace with him rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand.

He always did that to make you feel calm.

“Welcome to Annisa, may I have your order?” A waiter came, his eyes were on you. Jimin cleared his throat, taking notice of the waiter’s wandering eyes immediately.

“I’ll have the beef Wellington. Baby, what would you like?“ He emphasized clearly, shooting down the waiter for me.

“I’ll have the angel hair pasta with chicken, please.”

The waiter nodded, going directly to the kitchen. You kicked him under the table, seeing him wince in pain.

“Ow. Y/N, your kicks already hurt but why did you have to wear heels?” He whined.

“Jimin, you were so assertive with him. Relax a little.” You weren’t going to admit that you loved when he was overprotective of you but sometimes it felt like any male looking at you made him a bit jealous.

“You still have me, remember that.”
“I’m not going to lose you, I promise.”
You two kept talking until your food arrived. He kept staring at your pasta, making little comments at how good it looked.

“Here.” You fed him some which he happily ate.

“So it’s fair.” He fed a bite of his beef Wellington and enjoyed how well done it was.

The atmosphere was perfect, you and Jimin felt like it was only you two here. The music playing throughout the restaurant changed to your favourite piano arrangement of Nocturne Op.9 No.2 by Chopin.

“May I have this dance, Y/N?” He smiles cutely and you took him hand. He led you down the stairs and you two made it to the empty dance floor.

You followed his lead, with every step. You both moved with such grace and elegance. The music was dulled out by how invested you were into Jimin.

You focused on how he looked at you, his eyes never leaving you for a second. Your heart felt like it was being churned and you returned his longing stare.

You remembered where you were when you heard loud applause.

“Look babe, they noticed us.” He said nonchalantly and you playfully hit his arm.

“Why is my face so hot? Ah…” You were fully blushing, you haven’t danced outside of those last night dancing you did with Jimin to all the music you both loved.

“So cute.” He kissed your cheek before taking you back up to the balcony. Couples leaving the same balcony complimented how well you two looked together and how graceful you both were.

“You were amazing.” You blushed again, to his satisfaction and your inability to properly take compliments.

“I just followed your lead, Jimin that’s all.” You meekly responded and the waiter came back with your bill along with your dessert of red velvet cake.

“This cake isn’t as sweet as you” You said, taking the first bite. Jimin gave the waiter his card quickly, not letting you see the total.

“Feed me some, please.” You fed him some and he smiled. The richness of the red velvet was something you both loved very much.

Upon finishing the slice of cake, the waiter returned with Jimin’s card and you left.

“Wasn’t tonight perfect?”

“Not as perfect as you.”

“Do you plan on drowning me in compliments to make me blush permanently?”

He helped you out the car again, holding your hand as you walked inside the condominium. You pushed the elevator button and waited with him, still continuing the conversation.

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t love the pink shade your cheeks turn when you blush and how clumsy you become. You have such a cute stutter.”
“Why do I love you so much?”

“We can’t leave without each other. Or at least, I can’t live without you.”

You kissed his cheek, the elevator doors opening as you did. You two were close together in the empty elevator.

He unlocked the door to the condo, your living room seeming more inviting than usual.

“Is my baby tired?” He said as you yawned entering the room. He locked the door behind him and followed you to the bedroom.

“You’re staying tonight?” You asked, he would sometimes go back to the dorm with the boys but he nodded.

You wiped off all your makeup and started removing your jewelry by them.

“I’m spending all my free time with you, of course.” He said, taking off his shirt.

“Babe, I still have work.”

“You always support me, I’ll support you.”

“Don’t make anything, please. I don’t want the fire department to remember our number.” He pouted when you said that, last time he tried cooking. That day, he tried to make you some pasta and burned it badly.

“I wanted you to relax.” You were now both in your sleepwear, you in one of his old shirts that covered you and him in just his boxers.

“I know you did. You always do.”


He kissed you, putting a hand in your hair. Your lips moved in sync to his, not missing a single movement. It was pure bliss when he kissed you.

The taste of red velvet was still on his lips, making you hungry for more. The thought of that made you blush and he pulled away to caress your cheek.

“I love you.” He said sincerely, looking you directly in the eyes. He kissed your lips softly before pulling you closer to him. Your head rested against him and you fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

It was perfect.

adeptarcanist  asked:

Hey. I'm sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you have any tips on how you usually get from the "broad idea" stage of a story to actually figuring out the events and how things go from point a to b to c? I get ideas all the time and I want to try actually writing some of them, but I always get stuck at actually going from "wouldn't this be cool" to "how does this plot actually go down as a story"...

Ok so this got pretty dang long because I am forever loquacious and suck at brevity.  And it’s 4am so excuse typos, lol.  And also, writing is very personal and everyone has different methods and things that work for them, so this isn’t like the One True Way to block out a story.  It’s just how I do things.  

Part One is about narrowing your broad idea and defining the shape of the story.

So, the most important things to keep in mind when trying to figure out how the story actually goes are A) Who are my characters? and B) What is the message?  

The first thing is characters.  Who are you characters and what do they want?  The very simplest plot outline is that you have a protagonist who wants something, and an antagonist who stands in the way of the character getting that thing.  

When you know what your characters want, and you know their personality, think about what they woud logically do to achieve that.  What is your main character trying to do? That’s your story.      

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