so little time

freezingfrodo asked:

I really enjoyed the new Let's Watch. I was wondering if it was any more difficult than the usual videos to edit. It seems like trying to put a highlight reel together from three separate recording sessions while still keeping time with the game wouldn't be easy.

There was about 5 hours of raw footage for that episode of Let’s Watch.  (Not counting the fact that the face-cam was rolling as well, which would double the time).

My goal with the Let’s Watch was to keep the progression of the video going while still switching perspectives and keeping in the best footage and commentary in.

It was taxing and took a lot longer than I had originally thought it would BUT, based on the reaction the viewers have given, you all liked it a lot.  So I’m pleased with the result.

That said…you’ll probably still see some of those clips that didn’t make it into the final product in another show we’ll be making soon!