so listen music video

so I’m watching YouTube and the skippable ad starts playing and the ad is the entire 3D animated adaption of Horton Hears a Who??



like I don’t wanna watch this…… but I am so fascinated by how it got here


when i was a baby, i was blessed by a stranger, in waters i didn’t understand

“9/14/15 I wanted to do this Photoshop for one reason: I never had a chance to meet her, to go to a concert or see her on the Red Carpet at some awards ceremony. I wanted to dream a little. I wanted to feel special too as many of those fans who got lucky in meeting her.
I am not rich nor poor; but I can’t afford to go to his concert in America or elsewhere. Unfortunately so I live life, listening to her voice only with music video, video concerts. I close my eyes and I was suppose to be there. In the midst of millions of fans. With her in front.
I know that this dream will never come true. Even the day after tomorrow, on my birthday.
Unfortunately I live in Italy, a place where she would never be…
In all this, though, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you.
Thank you, Taylor.
Thank you for every song, every album, thanks for everything.
Thank to you I’m learning how to write songs. It is only thanks to you now I’m still here, standing, to face any criticism of the people; your songs give me the strenght to go forward, solve every problem that haunts me in front.
Many haters in this period they give you the “snake”, they hate you, but I don’t. I couldn’t hate a person who every day helps me to grow, helps me to deal with criticism.
Thanks, thanks and thanks again.
I hope one day I can meet you, Taylor. I will fight, no matter how long it takes. I’ll make it.❤️ ~Ludovica”
@taylorswift ❤❤

Bitten by the Lonely

Bitten by the Lonely ; Edmund Pevensie x Reader 

Setting : Golden Age - 3 years after the first book 

Both Edmund and Reader are 16. 

Inspired by: Glowing in the Dark by the Girl and The Dreamcatcher Music Video 

****Requested: Nope.

A/N: This is my first one-shot so eeep! Also the fic is heavily based off the “Glowing in the Dark music video so I suggest you listen to it or watch it before or after you read this because it’s epicly awesome. By the way, requests are open. I can probably write your requests sometime this week, though, because I don’t listen in school. So, anyways. Enjoy the one-shot!

Pushing her away was the stupidest this Edmund Pevensie had done.

Well… He really hadn’t been thinking that time.

Edmund pushed (Y/N) out of his life, and replaced her with the unexpectedly beastly Lady Ardroline. It was a stupid mistake he regretted so badly. (Y/N) now resides in the other side of Cair Paravel, away from the royal chamber where she previously lived, to the noble’s part of the castle. She still remained best friends with Peter, Susan and Lucy, but refusing to join them on their royal antics due to Edmund’s horrible accusation of her being a gold digger and a wench.

Once again, a stupid mistake on his part.

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(Btw that’s my custom MC and my fave screenshot from the game hehe)

Ok anyway; Hi! I’m Awashe! I’m 18 years old. I like to draw (I barely post so), listen to music and play video games!
(sorry, I couldn’t post a selfie bc privacy) but I still want to join this meetup!! I heard about Mystic messenger from tumblr and I never thought I would gotten into it until now. It helped me through my dark times and cheered me up! :)

I’d love to make friends from the fandom! So you can talk to me if you want :3c


I’m in love *_____*

Bean Phaídín (Paídín’s wife) - Anam An Amhraín series

Animation: Diane Le Feyer

There’s more animated Irish songs like this, they’re produced by Cartoon Saloon (The Song of the Sea, The Secret of Kells).<3

Listen to me the Style music video is literally so beautiful and fits the song so well like??? It didn’t need a storyline because it was so much more about an emotion and that’s how the video was portrayed with the overall aesthetics??? I’m in love