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The legend herself


   I ever tell you guys about the time my roommate found Christine in real life at a local auto body shop and sent me pictures?

   So in honor of the upcoming release of the Dark Tower Movie, short story time (with pictures!).

   This shit has to be seen to be believed.  Thing is, when he took the pictures, they looked fine to him. Only after he sent them did they corrupt like this.  He went back to the body shop to get new ones, and the car was gone.  When he asked the employees about the Plymouth fury, they didn’t seem to know what he was talking about.  And sure, she wasn’t cherry red with white piping, but man.  That was some messed up shit.


Important: The V and Rika Discourse; this needs to stop.

Please read, everyone

Hey guys, I have something important that I’d like to announce:

I think I’m gonna try to..stay a little bit away from Tumblr up until the hype calms down. Opinions can’t be stated freely these days without something going wrong, and nobody can ever about their different views like adults in a mature manner. Or, people state opinions without any proof or reasoning. Liking characters to spite people, insulting those with different opinions, and it’s all over something you all consider to be a game. @yoosungshoodie made an amazing point which was:

“You all say it’s just a game and that it isn’t serious, but it becomes serious as soon as you’re called out or proved wrong”

That wasn’t their exact words, but that was the general message. I agree with them completely. Everyone’s all talk and what they say is right and you’re wrong but then as soon as someone makes a valid point, NONE of you are willing to accept that and it becomes “IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS LOL IT’S JUST A GAME, CALM DOWN”

Then why did you care so much in the first place?

If you like V, cool, if you like Rika, cool. Like em both? Cool. Don’t like either? Cool. GUYS. It is SERIOUSLY not something you should all be screaming about and starting feuds over and this is getting ridiculous. I like the people who can disagree with me, present their opinions without getting aggressive, and have a conversation with me like a human being. Is it normal to get a little upset? Of course, I tend to. But I don’t sit there and talk to the person like they’re a piece of garbage and I do my best to never word what I say as if it’s 100% fact unless it’s something that has been directly presented to us in the game with only one possibly way to take it.

I was so excited too, it was so exciting to see Mystic Messenger trend again! But no, people who act like children had to ruin the experience. “Oh look at you, you’re insulting people” I’m doing it reasonably. I’m telling you how it is. And nobody ever listens either.
Some of you need to stop with the sticks up your asses and learn that just because it’s your opinion, that doesn’t make it fact. BE OPEN to what others have to say, whether it’s agreeing or disagreeing with you. Don’t just dismiss their ideas because yours are different.

“Hey I disagree with this *insert polite reasoning*”

“Oh wow, that’s really interesting..I didn’t think about it that way”

Funny right? Cause like…hardly anyone ever talks like that. it’s more:

“Wow you fucking skank, it’s all Rika’s fault/it’s all V’s fault *insert childish rambling*”

Here’s what we know, okay? Let me tell you EXACTLY what the V and Rika situation is: None of you are V, none of you are Rika, and none of you are Cheritz. Therefore, none of us know everything and I don’t think any of us ever will and frankly, I hope it stays that way so everyone can just get over this and enjoy the game instead of fighting with all this “iM RIGHT AND YOURE WRONG!” “V DID NOTHING WRONG!” “RIKAS A SNAKE!” or “V USED RIKA AND ITS ALL HIS FAULT!!” “V DID THIS AND THAT AND-”

Guys. STOP. 

Poor Cheritz, man. They have the mature, wonderful, fun fans who just love the game and making friends with others like them.

And then there’s some people. The people who have to shit in the swimming pool. Not even piss in it, but shit in it. The ones who can’t STAND listening to other people’s opinions, whether you’re on V or Rika’s side or on both or not on either, god, I do not care because people from every perspective have and will continue to act like children about this up until they leave the fandom. This is absolutely ridiculous and I’m disappointed in the people who do this in the fandom and make it hard for other people to enjoy it.

That all being said, I’m not leaving. *Unless this somehow gets any worse* But I’ll only be coming back to answer a few asks and maybe shitpost, talk to people, and that’s it. Up until all this chaos is gone, anyway. When everyone calms down, I’ll return to write more. This all has completely diminished my will to write out things and be happy for right now. 

Please spread this message as much as you can guys. Please, whether it’s reblogging or posting something similar in your own words, please just make sure people know that this is getting out of hand.

How did Jasper die tho?

So I have two theories as to how Jasper actually died. They both seem plasable (at least to me), but wouldn’t be able to co-exist. and because i want to keep all my information in one place, imma post it here.

Mr. Campbell murders Jasper

This one i find quite interesting, but the basic premise is the headline, Mr. Campbell murdered Jasper at some point off screen. 

- He seemed fully content in going to kill Davy 

As soon at it was thought that Jasper was dead, Mr. Campbell IMMEDATELY takes out his knife to end Davy to hide the fact they ‘witnessed’ anything. So he certainly is not against the idea of killing children, since he only backpedaled when it came to light that Jasper was alive. 

    + Willing to kill children

- He is rarely at the camp unlike in previous days

It’s shown in the flashback (and in confirmation from David’s photos) that Mr. Campbell was very present in the other iterations of Camp Campbell. He is no longer present from being extremely wanted by the government, but what if possibly he stays away for other reasons also? Perhaps he distances himself from the camp to disassociate himself with the death of Jasper - which was his fault.

It’s possible that Jasper found out whatever illegal activities Mr. Campbell was up to, and because he ‘knew too much’, Mr. Campbell went to kill him. With the sudden death of a child, he could be held accountable, so began to try and distance himself from the project. 

    + Killed to hide the truth about his illegal activities OR to take revenge for Jasper telling somebody about his illegal activities 

    + Fled from Camp Campbell to distance himself from the issue.

- Torture chamber in Journey to Spooky Island

This was definately Mr. Campbell’s summer home (as seen by the letterbox earlier in the episode), and just further adds to the fact he has most likely killed before in the past.

    + more evidence to the fact he’s killed others

- Jasper was first seen on Spooky Island

Spooky Island, isolated and the place where Mr. Campbell keeps his summer home. Possible that Jasper was murdered here, hence why he was there in the first place. However, that being said, it’s possible that this was were the ‘trek’ was (look further down for other theory)

    + Mr. Campbell’s home was here and isolated

    - could be from other trek

- Possible foreshadowing?

i’ll be honest, this one could literally mean nothing, but it’s a thought none the less.


  • He doesn’t seem phased at all by murder
  • Definately has done some fucked up things (The fact he’s wanted)
  • Torture chamber on Spooky Island
  • Jasper was first seen on Spooky Island

(Will add more to this if i think of anything)

David lied about his story

This one is another theory that i find plausable, since David definately lied about some things in his story. Yet others remain true.

- David probably wouldn’t tell children about the death of somebody

David wouldn’t go telling kids about how a child died at Camp Campbell when he was younger - he wants to protect them and keep them happy! He also would probably guess if he just shrugged it off as nothing, the kids would likely see something as off (Max states that ‘as long as we don’t trigger any of David’s long winded stories–’, implying David does things like this a lot). 

David wanting to excite the kids about the ‘adventures’ he had when he was a camper might also have played a role in his decision to lie. Just cutting out all the ‘bad’ parts. 

It’s unclear how much of David’s story was true, however it was clear he also wanted to teach a lesson to Max also [expanded on a bit later]

    + David wouldn’t tell the truth about a child’s death on camp

    + If he shrugged it off, the kids would know since he often goes off on tangients

    + He wanted to excite them with an interesting story 

    + He wanted to teach the kids a lesson.

- The obvious lies that seep through

The way that the other two camp counsellors talk is VERY much how David would exaggurate things for the kids. “Oh no! Not Davy!”, “He’s such a troublemaker!” Is the type of thing that would be read in a children’s book rather than spoken in real life. 

Another line thats spoken is “Davy, you have so much potential. If only you would apply yourself!” which is the type of thing David would likely say to Max.

It’s definately possible they’re lies too since of the obvious one Max calls out “YOU DID NOT FUCKING SAY THAT!”

So by these lines, it’s obvious David is lying about aspects of the story. 

It’s also unclear if Davy was ACTUALLY a bad kid, or if David simply changed his personality to attempt to resonate with Max and teach him a lesson. Considering the worst things being said were ‘dang’ and ‘hooey’. Either Davy WAS a bad kid, but David censored the things he actually said, or Davy wasn’t and David went to just teach a lesson to Max. either way, there was some form of lie here too (Either in Davy’s speech or Davy’s character).

Considering all of this, it’s not too far of a stretch to think that David lied about if Jasper died or not. 

    + Lots of over exaggurated lines that David would say

    + No real proof that Davy was ‘misbehaved’

    + Max calls out David’s lie

- Jasper clutches his chest where the bear slashes him

(great editing by me i know)

This is another subtle thing that might be linked to foreshadowing that the slashes actually killed him. 

    + Subtle Foreshadowing perhaps


  • David isn’t the type of person who would tell kids about a tradgedy like that
  • He knew they’d get suspicious if he said nothing
  • To get them perhaps excited, he tells them this adventure about how they ‘saved’ Jasper, and to teach them a lesson
  • David definately lies during the episode as indicated by small speech patterns
  • Subtle foreshadowing from Jasper clutching his chest

(Will add more to this if i think of anything)


(Mr. Campbell kills Jasper)

  • He doesn’t seem phased at all by murder
  • Definately has done some fucked up things (The fact he’s wanted)
  • Torture chamber on Spooky Island
  • Jasper was first seen on Spooky Island


  • David isn’t the type of person who would tell kids about a tradgedy like that
  • He knew they’d get suspicious if he said nothing
  • To get them perhaps excited, he tells them this adventure about how they ‘saved’ Jasper, and to teach them a lesson
  • David definately lies during the episode as indicated by small speech patterns
  • Subtle foreshadowing from Jasper clutching his chest

I’d be really interested to hear feedback on shit i might have fucked up on or more evidence towards either theory - oR HECK HOWEVER U THINK JASPER DIED

How To Get A Guy to Like You

@pencilwalla mentioned Viktor using Cosmo magazine tips, so have this comparison of how well Viktor does at “how to get a guy to like you”, taken from Cosmo’s website. Vitya does super great on some, and not so hot on others, but it just goes to show that he definitely read some of these magazines. All ten under the cut.

1. Primp and tap into your inner Kate Upton

Show up naked, hair flawless, abs out. Viktor only read this article twenty times.

2. Get him talking about something he loves

You’re… you’re doing less great, Vitya

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//lol I’m sooo salty about this whole replacing Oak thing. Like,,,,, he was so good???? I heard him sing Dust and Ashes and it was incredible,,,, it made me cry,,,, how could they replace him?? Their ticket sales should be skyrocketing because not only do they have Ingrid Michaelson, a fairly famous singer, but also Oak, one of the original Broadway cast members of Hamilton,,,, and I hate associating former Hamilton actors w/ Hamilton b/c like, they’ve moved on but,,,, that’s what you have to do in this situation. So many theatre kids should be ecstatic like,,,,,, I’m just so!!!!! This is just absolute fuckery lol

You rude to me, I irratatate you.

first a bit of a warning. This story isnt clever like other posts here, but I felt good after doing it, so here goes. I was at my drama class, which is held on the 6th floor of a building. There is only one, tiny lift and it takes FOREVER for the lift to arrive. Anyways, class got over and I was patiently waiting for the lift. The, this loud, obnoxious woman walks up talking loudly on her phone to her mother.(who seems to be shouting back.) She walks up and tsks at me, then proceeding to repeatedly press the lift button. After a long wait, the lift arrives and I being a gentleman let her in first. There is one other person in the lift and more than enough room for me. Anyway, she looks around and says to me “I’m sorry sweety, why don’t you wait for the next lift? I don’t think I’ll be comfortable with you.” This really got me PO’d. There was enough room for me and another person, but she proceeded to close the door. I then rush down the stairs and press the button for every single floor as I race to beat the lift.  I would wait at the end of each stairwell to hear her groan and mutter. By the third floor, the other occupant walked out and I ran inside the lift. She looked at me in surprise. I then proceeded to have the loudest, most obnoxious conversation with a fake friend while she fumed. EDIT: Thanks for the upvotes! This is my first story on petty revenge, feels good. Also, sorry about the typo in the title. TL;DR:Let woman in lift, she kicks me out. Greatly inconvenienced her by slowing her down and hearing loss.

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i find this 'harry only has 5 friends' situation so annoying

it’s like louis’ narrative, everybody has one. liam lives for cheryl, niall is always with his cousin and friends, harry has 3 friends and louis can only talk about his “son” and nasty. it is what it is. 

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So what if Mary's always had rather long hair, but after the incident with Mulciber, she impulsively cuts it off (because maybe he made some comment about her being attractive that really stuck with her the wrong way), and so she shows up in Transfiguration one morning with a bob or something, and Sirius is so shook, like holy cow, Mary looks amazing???? Not that she didn't before, but oh my God????? And James has to keep poking Sirius in the back of the head to keep him from staring at her

  • lily helps her cut it, they go into moaning myrtle’s bathroom right after the incident and mary’s crying in lily’s arms and they’ve got five articles of the witch weekly scattered around them 
  • it’s mary who decides on the haircut, and when she tells lily what happened with mulciber lily is literally shaking with both anger and fear and she’s def for this new hairstyle 
  • so in transfiguration when mary is recovered from the attack they decide to show up a few minutes late for wow factor and mcgonagall is just like (y) because she knows all about what happened and her students are like her children
  • sirius is g o n e. like his first thought is just radio silence? he can’t even think because mary catches his gaze and she smiles that wonderful, warm smile she’s always had even though he knows she’s just gone through something so awful she’s still smiling?
  • sirius tries very hard not to stare. he’s not rude and he knows she’ll talk about it when she’s ready but she’s only sat a few rows in front of him 
  • remus makes a tally of how many times he and james catch sirius staring
  • it’s a rather high number that sirius refuses to acknowledge 
  • but after the class lily folds her arm into mary’s and they walk off together like a pair of twins. james and peter are pushing him as their group follows and james takes one for the team and shouts ‘OI Evans! what’s 2x2 because i’m fouring four you’ 
  • whilst lily is hexing james, sirius catches mary’s gaze again. she’s still smiling, her eyes are bright and shining although her smile doesn’t quite seem to reach as wide as it used to.
  • “You look good, Macdonald.” is all he can manage but it’s enough.
  • “Thanks, Sirius.”
  • They both know what he really means and when they’re married they spend an evening in a muggle tent out in the garden, staring up at the stars as they relive all those adventures at hogwarts and sirius asks her if she knows when he fell in love with her
  • he’d been in love for a while but that day in transfiguration when she stood up against her haters, smiled even though the world didn’t smile back and kept on going and stayed strong. that was when he knew he had fallen in love 

It’s here it’s here!!!!!

Archangel Diamond, お疲れ様でした!!


in episode 1, there are 5 suits of armor on display. they are the only ones on display, and each color corresponds to a lion. 

so, where did allura get a sixth, pink suit from? why would they have one? i imagine they have spares of the existing colors on hand (which would mean that keith and lance are still wearing their original colors due to preference, which speaks volumes about their perception of the situation and how permanent it is), but pink

(and yes, i’m familiar with the 80′s version lololol. i’m talking about an in-universe explanation.) 

could it be that maybe, there was a sixth lion, and it was white, and white-on-white would look terrible in a suit, and it was intended for allura, and alfor made it pink because it’s allura’s favorite color/it’s the color of allura’s markings? 

alternatively, allura just made a new pink suit for herself because she’s the princess and she can do that lololol. 

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One thing I have to say that I've noticed in the Danny phantom series, the couples and pairings, even if not permanent. They don't try to push same race couples, and I think that's pretty cool.

I’m like, 90% white, so I hardly have any authority to talk about racial representation, but I agree. There are some same race couples, too, but it’s not the law. Even if it’s only one moment or it’s not genuine, the show does show us that people can like and date anyone. And heck, Kwan and Star, as far as I know, are a couple for the rest of the series, so that’s one that does last.

I wish the show had allowed more relationships to last beyond a single episode, because teenagers having relationships, breaking up, finding out what does and doesn’t work for them; that’s all normal.

Sadly, Kwan and Star are the only couple we ever get to see stay in a relationship past the end of an episode (aside from married couples), but it is still pretty cool.

It’s not like it had the best representation out there. American Dragon: Jake Long had a Chinese protagonist, and the endgame ship for him was biracial. I also would’ve liked to see more disabled characters and the like in this show. I do really appreciate the efforts that were made in DP, though, especially for its time.

Again, I don’t think I’m the best judge of this, since I’m pretty friggin’ white, but yeah. I like that aspect of the show, too.

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why don't you explain how jily is better then (personally i liked snily more but only because I like characters that are misunderstood and dark etc.)

I like dark characters too, don’t get me wrong. just…. not snape. like I love bellatrix’s character (I think she’s badass even tho she’s crazy) Draco who is really misunderstood, and regulus who is one of my favorites. I think they’re all pretty dark characters. but anyways, moving on.

so you want to know why jily is better than snily? I don’t even know where to start.

well first off, can we talk about that I don’t think snape really loved Lily…? I feel like he had a bit of an odd obsession with her. how do I know? they have the same patronus, which shows that he was a little too preoccupied with her.

how else can you tell snape was just obsessed with Lily? do you remember when in the pensieve, in DH, where Harry saw that memory of Snape where he picked up that photograph of Lily with James and Harry and just ripped it in half? and took the part of the picture with just Lily on it? and he literally took it and shoved it in his robes? I’m sorry but that’s very creepy to me. I don’t know about you, tho. it’s also very odd how entitled snape felt to Lily just because they were friends before James and her had met.

anyways, okay… bullying. yes, James was an idiot when he was about 15. he was an arrogant bully, but keep in mind that Jily didn’t happen until James decided to grow the hell up. when he finally decided to move on from his hatred of snape so he can show Lily how much he liked her. So… technically, Lily didn’t fall in love with a bully, she fell in love with the person he actually grew to be. and James, accepted the fact that he was a bully and held himself accountable. like in a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP. he grew up for Lily. snape- didn’t. he didn’t realize his wrongdoings at all. he grew up to be an adult that bullies eleven year olds.

also, keep in mind that snape did call Lily a mudblood, which in wizarding terms, is a racial slur. yes, he did apologize, but this isn’t talked about enough, and I think it should be brought up more.
and while all this was happening, Snape joined a group that targeted anyone who had the same blood status as Lily. he joined a group that targeted people exactly like her. so if he loved her, then why would he do that? and like Lily said about him calling her a mudblood: “but you call everyone of my birth mudblood, Severus. why should I be any different?”

okay, back to the bullying. so yes, James was an ignorant bully, we’re not ignoring that fact. we’re holding james accountable for being a bully which was completely wrong. but if we’re not ignoring the fact that James was a bully while he was a stupid kid, then we can’t ignore the fact that snape, on the other hand… was a literal adult bully. he bullied children because he couldn’t get over the fact that Lily didn’t choose him and that she well… was gone. so what did he do? instead of taking care of Harry for Lily to show his love for her, yeah, he uh, bullies him instead. and it wasn’t only Harry. hermione. neville. ron.

and neville’s biggest fear of all- was snape. yup. not the death eaters that tortured his parents, not some scary animal- nope. his biggest fear was his teacher. but that’s something else, that doesn’t really have to do with Jily, so I’ll get into that in another post if you guys want me to.

so I know what you’re thinking: “but he risked his whole life to save Harry for Lily!!1!” yup, while that is true, and it really noble and brave or whatever- risking your life for the love of your life’s child… he still could’ve done it without torturing Harry everyday. and why did he torture Harry? because Harry reminded him too much of James. so instead of focusing on his so called “love” for Lily, and actually trying to help Harry, he chooses to focus on the fact that he has more of a hatred for James- than he has more of a love for Lily.

so, now, back to why James was better for Lily himself.

can we talk about the fact that James Potter’s whole family was being attacked by one of the scariest wizards of all time- and he tries his best- wandless to save the love of his life and his son???? I mean, yeah, everyone talked about this, but I felt like it needed to be analyzed more. James died trying to protect Lily. if that’s not love, I don’t know what it is.

now, let’s discuss how the only reason snape was a tiny bit of a good person is because of Lily. for example: if Lily didn’t exist, he would’ve still been a death eater. the only reason he wasn’t is because of the obsession he had with Lily.

now- let’s talk about Lily’s happiness. snape, did not care at all what happened to the love of her life or her son, but as long as he got what he wanted, everything was okay. while Voldemort was planning to kill the Potters, snape, while he was still a death eater, even asked Voldemort to spare Lily’s life in exchange for James and Harry…. and what if Voldemort had actually decided to go along with this plan? so Lily’s life would be spared, but she would be completely miserable. why? because her goddamn husband and son would be dead. but it’s okay! cause snape got what he wanted!!!!!! so it’s completely okay now!!!! right?!?!

anyways, I can get much more into it- but I’m honestly too lazy. and its 1 am here.

so I know I dove way too deep into this and this isn’t what you were expecting, but I’ve been meaning to make a speech on why snape was a bad person for a long time ago and this was my chance.

so whoever read this, and got all the way down to here, congratulations lmao. thank you for listening. I hope you enjoyed and comment your opinions too :) xx

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Okay, now for real. Actual autists, as varied as they are, always have a few things in common - reduced interpersonal communication, monotonous and repetitive behaviors and desire for order, as well as intense focus on specific topics. Star is a social butterfly (pun) loved by everybody, has no trouble socializing and she has never ever given a fuck about things being in order and hates repetition and her tastes are varied.


Okay, so, like, for my own mental health I’ve cut the number of side blogs I run down, so I haven’t been tending to this one, but… welp this annoyed me enough to deal with.

Look at this asshole. “autists”. You wanna talk about offense but you can’t even refer to us decently, but instead as though we’re a fucking separate species?

And they think they know all about being autistic and wanna tell me, an autistic person, how wrong I am. Hey, buddy, how about you go fuck yourself and get off my blog? kthnxbai

Rupert Grint with fans in a pub when he had a wrap party with his Sick Note co-stars when they finished season one. (June 25, 2016)

“So this was a few months ago, I have a really shitty boozer near my work. I’m talking run down and beat up, a place you would normally avoid but it’s my local and there’s many more like it but this one is mine. I was just minding my own business playing darts with the lads when there’s a huge crowd of people that pile in to the pub and it’s only fucking Ron Weasley with his entourage of fellow work colleagues. After much staring and whispering me and my mates finally plucked up the courage to ask for a photo.” [x]

Wanna-One in a gang but they fall in love with a warm, puppy-like girl [1]

Guanlin, Jinyoung, and Daniel

Daniel: The type to immediately accept his fate. Doesn’t care about the other gang members watching, so he approaches you right away. He’ll casually stroll up to you and talk to you, striking up conversation rather than flirt his way to your heart. He absolutely loves how sweet and polite you are, and he already knows you’re the one. When he makes a joke and hears you laugh, he falls in love with you even more. Not only does he approach you with confidence and without hesitation, but he also asks you out on a date right there. You say yes to his offer and he gets really excited and he can’t help but hug you. When his friends tease him later, he won’t care. He just got a date with the love of his life. He’ll always think about your loving nature and he would always talk about you, no matter what his friends would say.

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*love at first sight*

Jinyoung: He’s caught off guard by your innocent appearance, but acts like you’re no big deal since he’s with his gang. He tries not to accept it, denying the fact that he likes you. His friends don’t fail to mention you, comparing your innocence and warmth to the bad-ass girls him and his gang hang out with. Jinyoung won’t approach you with his friends are watching, but when he finds himself alone, he’ll catch you in a store and be himself. He’ll flirt with you, but he won’t be too straight-forward. Eventually becomes comfortable and super sweet. He’ll probably ask you for your number and then he’ll get a bit shy just mentioning it, but when you give him your number, he becomes the softest boy ever. Probably gets spotted by his gang and he’ll act like he doesn’t know you but he’ll apologize later and eventually not care about what the gang thinks about him liking you.

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*shy, shy, shy*

Guanlin (aka my bf): When he first sees you, he’s so amazed by how cute you look that he tells his most trusted hyung (Sungwoon, for example) about you and he gets super excited about meeting you. Sungwoon helps him while the rest of the gang teases Guanlin for liking a girl like you. They’d probably hold Guanlin’s love for you against him, meaning if he was doing something to hurt their reputation, they’d threaten him by threatening you. Guanlin probably doesn’t want you to get hurt or think of him as a bad boy, but he comes off harsh when he first talks to you because he doesn’t know what to say. Sungwoon eventually gets you two to start over, and Guanlin loves you even more because you’re giving him another chance and you were patient and polite with him even though he was being harsh to you.

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*cannot take your cuteness*

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Could you do one were the boys react to hearing someone say something rude about their s/o?

Jason :

• ‘haha what’

• you try to convince him that it’s nothing and you’ve heard worse

• that pissed him off even more

• lUpA jAsOn

• aka lots and lots of growls and shit liek dat

• you’re his princess/prince/royalty so to him you deserve the best and only the best.

• 'babe I swear I didn’t shock him on purpose’

'Jace I saw you, literally build up static electricity before talking to him’

• one day the guy apologizes

• you know your boyfriend is behind it because there’s obviously burn mark’s on the kids wrists

• 'Jason’ you sigh, but you like how protective he is of you

• might go overboard just a lil bit

• immediately turns back into the dork u know and love

Percy :

• it’s a fUCKING WRAP

• 'what the fuck did you just say?’ and his glare leaves the person sHOOK AND THEY MAY HAVE PISSED THEMSELVES BC PERCY IS SERIOUSLY SCARY

• Percy’s like a tsunami when he’s pissed off.

• you’re kinda shook too, and you’re just tryna calm your sea boy down, but Percy clearly isn’t having it

• he. hates. bullies.

• it’s like, three in the morning when you hear a scream come from the lake, and half of the camp gets up to see what’s happening.

• Percy’s smiling deviously at the shore, while the water naiads attempt to rip up the same kid who insulted you.

• you managed to convince Percy, after an hour, to help the kid out.

• Percy does, reluctantly

• the kid avoids you now, and Percy honestly couldn’t be happier

• he scare

• he scare a lot

• immediately turns back into a puppy right after like bitch what r u perseus jackson


• he soff we know this

• very passive, hEAVILY PASSIVE

• 'mhm, like you didn’t just insult-’ 'fRANK’

• stubborn and doesn’t let go of it for like weEKS

• death glares and growls for days (deez roman bois wow dey love dey growls)


• where soff frank ?!


• purposely gets partnered with them to spar, then proceeds to kick their asses without breaking a sWEAT

• doesn’t let it go until like a month after

• 'Frank it happened a month ago’ 'okay and u don’t deserve that shit’

• goes back to bein soff and u lob him

Leo :

• immediately responds 'tú madre’ to the insult

• then his true, shit talking Latino side comes out like 'surprise bitch !!!’

• bc lemme tell u, as a Latina, we are very good at switching up languages and insulting people like fifty times over in one sentence

• their life would be eNDED, DONE, OVER

• Leo’s a true fucking savage, he leaves no area untouched like he’ll come for their life, their clothing choices, their dead family dog, and their second cousin three times removed like he really doesn’t care

• nobody comes for his baby like that


• 'y jodas juras que eres la mierda bien escucha aquí, idiota. Te has metido con la chica equivocada, ¿de acuerdo? Ella es mía, y si realmente quieres decir mierda como esa otra vez no dudaré en terminar tu puta vida’

• translation : 'and you fucking swear you’re the shit well listen here, asshole. You messed with the wrong girl, okay? She’s mine, and if you really want to say dumb shit like that again I won’t hesitate to end your fucking life’

• he talks rlly fast when he insults in Spanish

• flaming middle fingers all the way

• 'Hey Leo-’ *middle finger and ignores them*

• swears way more then he usually does, and he swears a lot normally

• everytime they try talking and Leo’s around its just a 'fuck you, nobody cares’ to cut them off and waves his hand as if to wave them away


• never really forgives them

• he has fun being a savage

• welp, that’s ur fiery (literally) boyfriend for u

Nico :

• bye !!

• as polite and nice this boy actually is, he’s intimidating as hell

• nobody would dare to insult you around him

• but if somebody just so happened to, or he found out welp

• I feel bad for the person

• his usually calm demeanor??


• GONE !!!!

• death literally radiates off of him

• is ready to kick some ass

• petty as fuck, will wreck shit just to see the person fuck up

• doesn’t try to act innocent about shit

• 'Nico why is (insert name of person u fuckin hate) in the infirmary?’

• 'I put them there’ *sips coffee like nothing is wrong*

• could u imagine tho ?

• like someone came for both Leo and Nico’s so’s ??


• bye I love all my overprotective, savage, petty bois

- nez

cartoonmaniac  asked:

TFA and TFP optimum prime with a Cyberttonion S/o? Like say how they met and got together?

Okie Dokie. :3 (this is late too I’m sorry)

TFA Optimus
-You guys met after you had joined the Sentinel’s Elite Guard team that had come to Earth looking for the autobot fugitive, Wasp.
-You both just clicked. It was just so easy to talk to each other. It was almost as if you had known each other for years.
-But, when you had to leave, you found yourself missing him. He was like the one guy you could be yourself around. And you missed that.
-It was the best thing in the universe when you guys met again. Lots and lots of catching to do, but it was good. It was only then did you realise just how much you really missed him.
-After about a year of being friends (best to take things slow), you guys decided to try the dating thing.
-And it worked. It worked really well.

TFP Optimus.
-You guys met before the war, when Optimus was known as Orion Pax.
-You too were really close, always finding something interesting to talk about.
-You even found yourself falling in love with the archivist.
-But then the war came. And the two of you were seperated.
-After years of seperation, you found him again. On a small organic planet called Earth.
-But the quiet, easily flustered archivist you fell for had changed. He was now Optimus Prime. A leader and a role model.
-It was difficult at first, but over time, you started seeing the Orion that was still in him.
-And you found yourself falling in love all over again.
-The sad thing is that, although the both of you finally confessed your feelings for each other, Optimus sadly said that it would be dangerous to enter a relationship during a war. You were sad, but could see his reasoning.
-It didnt stop you from kissing him though.
-And the best thing was that he kissed back.

Tegoshi was on k-chan news the last two weeks. It seems like he is back to his annoying loud self. They talked a little about having this little private party at a staff’s house where all 4 of them gathered. Massu also talked about it a bit on Master Hits. They both noted that Massu, Koyama and Shige all came with champagne and wine and only Tegoshi came empty-handed. There were two small girls at the house and Tegoshi kept playing with them so they talked about his love for kids and how he likes holding them. As Koyama announced the song Tegoshi shouted “Tego-nyan wants to be a papa!” Yeah, it’s like he loves dogs but soon after he got one he gave it to his mum and now she brings it to him so he could play with it. There was a dirty talk about yukatas. Also Tegoshi decided to take off his pants in the middle of recording. After they ended Nori-san said he too wanted to see Tegoshi’s underwear. Seriously.

In the second one Tegoshi introduced himself as Daniel Radcliffe and attempted an expecto patronum. Totally back to normal obnoxious and bullshitting. Ah, I liked him more when he was down.