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Bae tries to matchmake Belle and Rumple.

There were two things that Bailey Gold knew without a doubt. Papa was lonely, and the nice librarian lady, Belle, always smiled at Papa and gave him one of the lollies she usually only gave out to the kids like him. That must have meant she liked him.

Papa liked her too. At least, he was pretty sure he did. He didn’t remember going to the library so much before she came to town, but he was only ten so that could have been it. Papa didn’t smile when he talked to Miss Mills or her daughter Miss Regina. But he did when he talked to Miss Belle. But sometimes Papa stammered around her, and always tried to think of a reason for them to stay longer. Bailey didn’t mind so much. He liked the library and Miss Belle was good at reading aloud, which helped when Papa was taking a long time to pick out a book. He usually went with what Miss Belle recommended anyway.

It was important she was a “Miss.” She’d corrected Papa the first time he’d used “Mrs.” He didn’t understand it but she’s once told him she didn’t have a boyfriend. And Papa didn’t have a girlfriend. And they spent time around each other all the time anyway. Why hadn’t they just become a couple? That’s what grown-ups did when they liked each other right? Bailey didn’t understand it at all.

“Papa the library is closing.” The boy said, pulling on his father’s pant leg, a bundle of books under his arm.

“I’ll be done in a moment, Bae. Miss Belle won’t lock us in.”

“I might.” Miss Belle appeared from around the shelves with a giggle. “Trouble choosing again, Mr. Gold?”

“There are simply too many classics.” He said, and Bailey saw Papa’s lips turn up slightly. “What do you think for this week?”

Miss Belle rolled her eyes playfully, turning her eyes away from Papa to him and giving a smile. “You look hungry.”

Bailey nodded, giving Miss Belle a smile too.

“Let’s find something then so we can all eat.” Her eyes skimmed the shelves before her fingers fell on a book with a light blue cover. “This one.”

Papa made a face at the book. “Her Handsome Hero?”

“It’s my favorite.” Miss Belle said, her eyes getting all soft the way they did around Papa. “You don’t know if you’ll like it till you read it.”

“Very well.” Papa pretend-grumbled, taking the book and turning to start towards the circulation desk, allowing Belle to lead as he followed with his cane.

“Are you hungry Miss Belle?” Bailey asked, at her side in an instant.

“A bit.” Miss Belle confessed. “I’ve been in the mood for a hamburger all day.”

“Let’s all get hamburgers!” Bailey said with a smile on his face.

Miss Belle payed, turning to Papa. “I don’t know if that’s alright, Bailey I couldn’t–”

“Papa won’t mind if you come!” He said, turning to his father. “Right papa?”

Papa hesitated, and for a moment him and Miss Belle just looked at each other. Bailey didn’t understand this either. But they did it sometimes, and that seemed to be okay. He couldn’t help but feel the itching of impatience in his gut. Finally, though, Papa nodded.

“I’d– We’d like that.”

Miss Belle’s smile got really wide. “Then I’d love to join you. Both of you.”

Papa smiled real wide, and though Bailey didn’t understand it at all, that was enough.

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Dude!!! You gotta tell us about Michael he's the only one left!!!

OK U KNOW WHAT HE WAS AMAZING like Michael is built for performing michael is the sweetest thing ever he loves us he kept saying how he saw so many smiling faces and happy people during the concert and how he loves us being happy and during soundcheck it was the same like he kept smiling out at us and he was the one who invited the girl on stage to play her ukulele and he sat facing her clapping and swaying along to her singing and like he’s so funny talking to all of the other boys like they take the piss out of each other and he’s an amazing guitarist and he connects so well with the crowd like I swear he was talking and looking directly at me even if he wasn’t like that’s how good he is on stage and he kept talking and talking during the show so that he could keep talking to us and keep the show going as long as possible and he kept joking how they’re 1 star Netflix comedians and he and Calum love each other and play to each other during the show and he and Luke play each other’s guitars and idk michael is like the one person of 5sos i’d be ok meeting bc like I know he’ll be so sweet and kind and I just adore him he is the best!!

Purple Haze - Steve Rogers

I don’t know if you do skinny!steve but can I request one where y/n has always had his back, and she fell in love with him, and is to shy to admit it until Bucky with his big mouth says something and they get together, then they went off the war and never came back,and she was captured by HYDRA, she’s an agent like Bucky and she had similar powers like Wanda but her color is purple, and Steve sees her one day at a coffee shop they used to hang out at, and he doesn’t even know how to talk to her. So he walks up to the table shes sitting at and she hugs him, and slaps him, then burst into tears, and he comforts her, and YET SO CONFUSED ON WHY SHES STILL ALIVE, so he takes her to the tower where she sees Bucky and takes him in for a hug a very long one, and he remembers her because shes the only memory he never lost, and Steve gets jealous that now they talk more and Bucky falls in love with her and then some shit happens but you can choose the ending (lol sorry for the pressure)

Yoooooo! Can I have a Steve x Reader angst based off of Blue by Troye Sivan? Please and thanks!

N/A: Hey! So I did some little changes, I hope that you don’t mind… And that you like it! 


She took slow steps in their direction, her hands were shaking a little and she was trying hard to maintain the air going to her lungs. She was so anxious, once again, she didn’t need to feel this way but she just couldn’t control this type of emotion. Not when it involved Steve Rogers. Breathing deeply, she briefly glanced at her blue dress that was now destroyed after getting in a fight with some snobbish girls. Well, five against one it wasn’t a fair fight, but she did her best. She ran her hands on the skirt of her dress to take the mud in vain since the delicate fabric was torn and there was a little blood on the hem. At least she was able to fix her hair and clean her face. Maybe they wouldn’t notice. But every step she took, approaching more and more of them, she noticed how wrong she was. Bucky suddenly froze in place, his hand mid-air as his eyes widened as he took (Y/N) appearance. Steve frowned when his best friend stopped talking, turning his head slightly to look in the same direction and letting out a surprise puff when his eyes focused on (Y/N).

“What happened?” Steve asked worried as he sprinted to her side. Reaching his hand to her cheek and examining her face “Who did this?

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So back in tenth grade, I have a guy friend who also likes Shingeki no Kyojin. (he was the one who suggested the anime to me back in eighth grade, btw, were eleventh graders now). Even though the first season was finished a long time ago, we were still talking about it and we even made a code for the sizes of papers so that we're the only ones can understand 😂 1/4 sheet is Isabel 1/2 crosswise is Farlan 1/2 lengthwise is Marco I hope you understand why we named those sizes to those characters😂

Yes. Yes I do. Sounds like you’re having a great time :D

tattoo talk tomorrow

Hey everyone, i only have about an hour to dedicate to tattoo talk tuesday tomorrow, (for filming AND editing) and wanted to ask if anyone had suggestions for shorter, light hearted topics that i could discuss. I have a really awesome TTT in the works, but I don’t have enough time tomorrow to give that one justice, but I also don’t want to skip a week. 
I loved the temporary ink episode, so let me know if you have any quickies you would like discussed! 
Message or tweet me! @quietcoolkid    


“I just don’t know how much more of this I can take” You murmured as Sodapop wrapped his arms around your shaking body. “Why don’t they love me, Soda? Sometimes I’m not even sure that they know I exist. I can’t do anything to make them proud.” 

“Hey, hey, Y/N, stop talking like that.” He gave you one of the smokes he had lit, he knew that when you were upset the only thing that could calm you was a weed. “I’m proud of you, so darn proud. They don’t hate you, they hate themselves.” 

“I came along and I ruined all their big plans and they resent me for it. Did you know my momma wanted to be a ballet dancer? Or that my dad wanted to go to Yale to become a lawyer? I messed it all up.”

“Don’t talk like that, please. You’re so wonderful and beautiful on the inside as well as the out… if they can’t see that then they do not deserve to be in your life. Can you do me a favour? Don’t go home tonight, okay? You come home with me. You can sleep in my room. I sleep with Ponyboy most nights anyway.” 

“Are you sure you Darry won’t mind?” 

“He won’t.” He got up from the ground and outstretched a hand toward you, you accepted and he hoisted you from off the floor. 

“Hey Soda” You murmured shyly, refusing to look you in the eye. “I know you’ve been sleeping with Ponyboy lately because he’s been getting nightmares, but, if it’s okay with you, would you mind spending the night with me instead?”

“Of course, Y/N, I’m sure Ponyboy won’t mind” 

Fancy Headphones

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There was nothing very distinct about this cafe. It wasn’t known for its customer service or its coffees and pastries. It was very normal. But to Min Yoongi, it was so much more. It was the place where he ran into the girl with the fancy headphones. Fluff.

The cafe was almost empty when Yoongi stopped by. It was about two in the morning when he walked inside. He strolled to the cash resister with his hands stuffed into his pockets. It was obvious that Yoongi was in no mood to talk, especially so early in the morning when he could have been deep asleep.

The barista hardly made any attempt to discuss to him about his day. She only nodded with a soft smile, occasionally opening her lips to speak about any additional cups or pastries. Yoongi appreciated that the young woman didn’t try to openly flirt with him like others would. Before she turned on her heel to get his order ready, she sent him another smile, one that was sympathetic, since they were both up at such an early hour.

Yoongi didn’t try to make it obvious that he was watching her prepare the drinks when she turned away. His gaze grazed over her figure as she moved around the area for the needed coffee beans and brew. The speakers above him echoed a soft ballad, which he heard the woman humming to under her breath. Once she had finished brewing the beverages, she placed all seven of them in two different cup holders and handed them to Yoongi.

She wore the same smile from moments ago. When he took the holders from her hands, his fingers delicately grazed her, and Yoongi could’ve sworn that her smile subtly grew at the physical contact. “Have a good day, sir.” The woman let go of the cardboard, letting her hands fall to her side. Yoongi’s eyes glanced towards the name tag on your apron.

Thanks. You too, (Name).“ Yoongi smiled slightly at her as he walked towards the door and left the cafe shop. As he walked back towards the dorms, Yoongi turned his head back toward the shop, where he could faintly see you smiling in the direction he had left before lifting up your headphones onto your head and leaning back onto the wall behind you.

After that, Yoongi began to visit the cafe more often. The regulars thought it was a bit strange for an idol to appear more often than usual, but they thought no more of it. Even though there were times he was crowded by fans or even the paparazzi, Yoongi didn’t pay to much mind to it. It was all worth it when he got to see you smiling at him and set down a cup of coffee in front of him.

After a long cold winter, spring finally arrived, which meant a longer season of rainy weather. Yoongi strolled inside the shop once again, removing his wet hood from his head, revealing his moist blonde hair. He saw that the cafe was empty once again, well almost. The only person he could see at the moment was you.

Yoongi shook his head in amusement when he saw you sitting in one of the booths, your legs taking up most of the seat. Your back had been pressed against the wall and eyes were fluttered shit with your signature black headphones. He leaned a bit closer, thinking that he could hear a very familiar beat coming from your set. Yoongi listened closer until-

“Hello to you too, Yoongi.” You quietly mumbled, now feeling another presence next to you in the once practically empty room. Your eyes opened, meeting with Yoongi’s dark gaze. As you lowered down your headphones from your head, he backed away at a reasonable distance, looking away from you and awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck.

You giggled as you stood up from your seat, seeing how his pale cheeks had turned a faint scarlet shade. “Sorry.” Yoongi mumbled quietly, an embarrassed tone almost seeping through his voice. You giggled again, shaking your head. You strolled over to the brewing station, brewing Yoongi’s usual: plain black coffee, also making yourself a cup of hot chocolate.

Carefully, you walked back towards the booth and set the two hot drinks down onto the table. Yoongi sat across from you and the both of you drank your beverages in a comfortable silence. The only sounds that could be heard were the quiets sips from you and Yoongi and the music that continued to play into your headphones. As he kept drinking his coffee, Yoongi payed attention to the beat.

“So, you finally listened to it?” He asked quietly in between drinks. Yoongi saw you slowly nodding your head with a small smile. You chuckled sheepishly, your cheeks turning into a rosy color from the heat rushing to your face.

You paused the music, rubbing your wrists shyly. “Yeah. I’ll be honest, I was wondering why there were so many girls at our cafe, but I realized you were an idol. A very talented one, at that.” You smiled, taking another sip of your hot chocolate. Yoongi’s blush returned, but this time, it was bit more darker than before.

You turned your body towards the window, which was fogged up from the cold rain outside. What you missed was a small grin appear onto Yoongi’s lips, staring at you with a fond expression. Once again, it was silent. It didn’t bother you, the same went for him. He appreciated the moments he had with you, whether it were talking to each other about the most random conversations or sitting beside each other in complete silence.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Namjoon was starting to get suspicious. He sat beside Yoongi, who was scribbling down lyrics into his journal and paid no mind to his presence. His eyes scanned the area of his work space, checking for the significant item he had been seeing for the past few weeks. After only seeing a few crumpled torn out sheets of paper, Namjoon finally laid eyes on said item: an empty cup of coffee.

Usually, he wouldn’t have paid no more attention to the item, but after seeing the same type of cup for several days and the cup having the exact same logo on its front, Namjoon was curious about it. He quietly picked up the cup, looking at Yoongi with a raised eyebrow. He set it back down after studying it a few moments, almost missing the neat cursive handwriting that spelled out his name, along with the small smiley face that was drawn beside it.

“I thought you didn’t like coffee that much, hyung?” Namjoon hummed teasingly, nudging Yoongi’s sides with a mischievous smile. The older male only responded with an eye roll, already knowing what he was trying to talk about.

Yoongi took the cup from Namjoon’s hands and threw it away into a nearby trash can. He continued to write lyrics into his journal, ignoring the knowing smile that Namjoon wore onto his face. With turning towards him, Yoongi motioned him to get back to work, making Namjoon shake his head in amusement.

A few moments later, the two worked quietly in the studio, composing and writing in silence. Suddenly, hardly fifteen minutes later, a soft vibration could be heard throughout the room. Yoongi’s cellphone lit up with a notification. Before he could reach it, Namjoon beat him to it, grabbing the device before Yoongi could.

Namjoon’s height gave him advantage at keeping Yoongi away while he read the message out loud in an over-exaggerating high-pitched voice. “Hiya, oppa! I was wondering if you’re still up for that movie tonight?” Namjoon scrolled through his contact information about your number, his mouth dropping slightly in shock when he saw your contact picture.

“She’s really pretty! Wait- isn’t that the noona from the coffee shot a few blocks down?” Namjoon stared at a picture of you smiling at the camera with your headphones covering your ears. While he was distracted, Yoongi grabbed his phone and lightly hit the back of his head with a slight glare.

He shook his head and quickly typed answer with a text in agreement. Namjoon rubbed the sore spot of his head with a small smile on his face, watching his hyung with happiness. To be honest, he never understood who Yoongi was talking about when he returned back with coffee everyday with a smile on his face and about a girl with fancy headphones.

Well, Namjoon had finally found out who the girl with fancy headphones was. And it didn’t matter who she was, all he cares about was his hyung’s-his friend’s-his brother’s happiness. That was all that mattered to him.

                *Self-promoting or deleting this text will disqualify you*

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So I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how they think that JD has killed at other schools bc of how he reacts when Veronica asks him if he’s written a suicide note before. And I get it, I get where those people are coming from. But am I the only one who thought that he wrote his own suicide note before? Like, he was writing from personal experience? Did I miss something else in the movie that leads us to believe he has killed before?

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Sig, I'm not sure what to do. Bones was my main inspiration for improving my art, like "One day I'll make shit like Bones does." But now they've left, and i didn't think it would hit me as hard as it is, I don't even know them personally, but it did.

you looked up to them so its only natural

Here’s one of those Red/Green [blue] fics I was talking about. This one, however, is NOT part of my AU where Green has a pacemaker. This is just a little tiny canon snippet thing I wrote.

It IS cardiophilia though so read carefully if heartbeats aren’t your thing. There’s no smut, just dumb boys being dumb boys.

Rating: PG13 probably. There’s just kissing.

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You got any Ian headcanons????

aw heLL YEA:
-ian talking with very sweet quirky phrases
ex; “for heavens sake”, “I sure do appreciate it” am i the only one that notices it
-baby talking animals
-being the designated driver & the dad of the group when they get wasted
-likes to make new friends so he can make them laugh

did i do ok ??? idk are these even headcanons ??



Osomatsu: He’s a memelord. He’s really into the newer memes but has a special place in his heart for older memes.

Karamatsu: Wants to actually become a meme because he thinks that’s how his brothers will love him. (It doesn’t work they throw him out of the house when they hear him quote a meme)

Choromatsu: He doesn’t know any of the actual names for memes. He calls “dat boi” “the boi”. Osomatsu constantly compares him to frog memes and even claims he’s a closeted memesexual.

Ichimatsu: Memelord in disguise. No one truly knows about his love for memes. Well, Jyushimatsu knows since they’re so close. Ichimatsu dabs a lot.

Jyushimatsu: Also a memelord but only for old memes, especially animal memes. He talks about doge, grumpy cat, all those old things. He also brings up memes from like 2010 because he’s unaware of newer memes. Help him

Todomatsu: Wants the meme hell to end. He doesn’t like memes because he sees them all over social media. He awaits death.

These are actually all based on a fic I wrote a month ago where Karamatsu tries to become a meme.

Submitted by @ultimatehopebagel!! Lol tag urself, I’m Todomatsu. Thank you for these though, you honestly made my day like ten times better. These are amazing. I wanna see Ichi dab tbh.

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Ok so I had turned away this fuckboy at my school via snap earlier this summer bc I was into someone else, but then that went to shit bc lol boys don't like me. Anyway we were at a school event last night and we talked a little, and I made a tiny reference to our previous snapchat interactions, and as soon as I got home he was in my snaps again, begging for me basically and after that one thing went to shit it felt so good to know I was what he was thinking about while he was... Well, you get it

Well I’m sure there are boys that like you, just don’t rely on the ‘fuckboy’ bcs he only wants you for that reason, well ofc ou know that but still.
Look that he doesn’t save your snaps or pulls some shit with them (if you send nudes ofc) xx

delia ketchum
–and how the writers absolutely shat on her

i’ll preface this by saying that delia ketchum’s character was effectively doomed from the start. it’s not that single, teen mothers aren’t necessarily able to have good character arcs, but when your character’s most interesting features are only public knowledge because of a novelization you know you’re in for a bad time. the truth is delia was meant to be off-screen, just like your mother in the game. the problem is, she does reoccur. she does have character. she’s not a one-shot and she does contribute to the anime at times. so i take her just as seriously as any other part of the recurring cast.

we start with the original series, because that’s of course where the problems began. in a way there’s not much to talk about–in os, the relationship between ash ketchum and his mother was played off as a joke. of course everyone remembers the ever popular:

Originally posted by rewatchingpokemon

“don’t forget to change your underwear” line

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Am I the only one who knows about Jimin's truest smile? The one where... when he does smile, his entire face squishes so hard and turns red, his body drawn in on himself with his shoulders lifted up around him I've only seen it thrice. Anyone else?

Anyone else? :D

I know what you’re talking about, however that (to me) looks like when he is shy. Maybe that is his truest smile!

I'm sorry

So, I want to talk about something. It’s not just the drama that’s made many of us leave. It’s also this feeling that no one really cares. Some people don’t realize just how hard it is to write for this fandom.

Ask Ham Days are exhausting, no matter how short they may be. They are things I started to dread because I couldn’t even take a break with having so many asks. When I’d ask for alternatives to celebrate milestones, nothing would happen, so I’d have to settle for Ask Ham. But it’s the only time you all really would talk to me. Yeah. There would be the occasional message and other things, but it just didn’t…I don’t know.

When I said I might stop this blog or take a break, it felt like no one cared. With how much everyone said they loved this blog and loved me, it didn’t feel that way.

It’s something a few friends of mine and I have talked about, too. We feel as if we’d done all this for nothing. I’m not saying you all have to throw huge parties, but I felt nothing when I saw that I had reached over 1000 followers. I didn’t feel like it meant anything.

I’m sorry if this upsets any of you, but I’m just not feeling it anymore. As of now, this isn’t a break. This is me stepping away from a fandom full of petty drama and horrible fights. This is me breaking away from that. I might come back if things get better, but I just can’t right now. I’m sorry, but I just can’t.

imagine the whole crew is talking and tyler realizes he’s the only one who hasnt seen joshs dick and hes like wow thats unfair bc we all know hes hung and mark is like haha we rly know hes hung and so tyler keeps trying to see his joshs dick but josh is like wtf? no and after tyler tries a few time josh is just like whatever and they make out

SO many theories about kaisoo… honestly, russian fandom has it’s own opinion abt it, we think kaisoo has smthg real. I really don’t believe kaistal cause like baekyeon, PR is the only cause. Now SM censore and delete all videos and posts on NAVER abt kaisoo. I have heart korean fandom are trying not to talk abt kaisoo, cause SM has their rules, where kaiso is something, they are afraid (lol or what, I don’t know) of rumors. So, the question… what is the reason to be afraid? If kaisoo is not real, why SM make these actions? 
 Russian fandom discussing abt one twitt, where japanese fan had seen kissing kaisoo. I just hope kaisoo didn’t brake up because of SM or rumors. We know Dispatch is preparing to release one news abt couple from top idol group, they have dated for 5 years during training so…. 
 Russian fandom is crazy abt Kaistal like “omg shut up kaistal is real”, “fuck off from krystal”, “calm down Kai really is dating with her”, but actually, I think, Kaistal is real fake. Just compare Gu Hyu Sung and An Jae Hyu or Taeyang and Min Hyu Rin and kaistal, can you see any feeling in Kaistal couple? I saw only strange photos with Krystal just walking around the car with Jongin. 
 Some of us there on tumblr think the same, some talk - they WERE real, some talk they are not real, honestly, I don’t want to think abt it. I was upset abt Kaistal news, I was upset kaisoo is really real (russian kaisoo shippers investigated some facts with psycological methods amt gestures/emotions/face acting and etc, so we did sumed up - kaisoo has some intimate relationships, but it doesn’t mean they are gays, maybe Bi, I don’t know, i think Kai is interested in girls also) cause all we know, the star couples don’t have a long time relationships, i was really upset cause SM know it and i think they did some rules for kaisoo, there were also rumors kaisoo fighted, what did happened we don’t know), I was glad just seeing their love, now i am upset agaun, cause however it’s not my deal, but if they broke up or have a break, i am loosing something. 
 I don’t want to think about it, it make me sad, it is so hard and cool to be kaisoo shipper. You are shipping kaisoo, then you know, they are really real, but then you are starting to think “omg, are they alright?”, “what if they broke up?”, “what if they are just friends now?”, “so worry abt their relationships”. 
 It is really hard and sad to be kaisoo shipper. SM, I hate you.