so like this is only one of talking

The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow Roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars…

On the road - Jack Kerouac

(because it inspires me so much)

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I'm not a regular follower (though I still dig the art a lot!), but I've seen you mention Steve Huston's book twice, is the full title of the book you're talking about, "Figure Drawing for Artists: Making Every Mark Count?" (I did a search and I think I saw that he had more than one book, but I wasn't sure if that was the one you were referring to)

yea thats the one!! 

this one here

so far i’ve only copied about 4 pages out of it, but the ones i’ve copied have taught me so much i feel SUPER STRONG about it. he doesn’t use elaborate explanation like other books i’ve read, (which i like personally because I learn via action and pictures) but shows you how to imagine the body in different segments and 3D shape, therefor making it easier to do figure drawings, etc, because you have a fundamental understanding of How to imagine the body that you’re looking at. 

And if you ARE a cishet woman who feels defensive when lesbian, bi, and trans women talk about the homophobia and lesbophobia and transmisogyny that comes from cishet women, instead of getting upset, maybe re examine the way you treat LGBTPN women.

Do you make jokes about how you and your best friend are “omg so gay xD”?

Are you uncritical when your boyfriend watches lesbian porn or jokes about finding a bi girl to have a threesome with?

Do you make jokes about women looking like men?

Is your support of trans women only limited to the ones that “pass”?

When your friend came out to you as lesbian or bi or pan, did you respond with “lol do you have a crush on me”?

Do you make jokes about how you “look like a lesbian xD” when you wear a flannel shirt and boots?

Does your support of the LGBTPN community pretty much only extend to cis gay men? If so is your support really just fetishization?

Do you feel uncomfortable around lesbians in general?

Instead of calling misogyny, you need to think about things you do that may really hurt LGBTPN women.

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“I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.“

Hahaha okay xD

Sansa Stark is one of a handful of actresses that doesn’t get naked on his show. It’s not exactly revolutionary for an actress to refuse to show their body for the world to see but on his show, it is quite a novelty. Some of the crewmen like to make lewd comments about her and call her a prude behind her back, which Jon tries to stomp down as much as he can, but men are assholes. There’s only so much Jon can do short of just punching them whenever they start on Sansa, and he’s been tempted to a few times too, especially when the lewd comments become too graphic. It’s disgusting how some people feel they can talk about another human being that way and Jon hates it with a burning passion. He’s never been one of those guys that like to boast about the women they’ve slept with. Even at school when having bragging rights like that was what made you popular. It’s just not something he does. He was raised to respect women.

It gives him a reputation around the set. People tend to avoid him anyways because he’s an award-winning actor and he has the kind of face that makes people think he’s one of those pretentious method actors. He’s really not but he doesn’t mind the solitude. Truth is, Jon’s just awkward around new people. There’s a reason why he likes acting so much – he doesn’t have to be himself for awhile. It’s nice to fall into a character and forget about his own insecurities or shortcomings. But he was taught to respect women and he was taught to stand up for what’s right so him coming out of his proverbial shell to yell at the crew gives him quite the ‘diva’ reputation. Not that he cares. Jon’s a white, straight man in Hollywood with a six-pack and a pretty face. He’s going to get jobs.

Sansa, on the other hand, is young and new; plucked straight from drama school before she could graduate. She’s beautiful – there’s hardly any doubt about that – and talented but she’s a dime a dozen in the acting pond. She can’t afford to be anything but sweet and polite with the crew, so Jon does it for her. He doesn’t have an ulterior motive. He barely has any scenes with her. He’d do it for any of the other women he works with, but okay, maybe he is a little more protective of her because maybe he’s intrigued by the steely glint in her eyes or the way she practically whimpers when she hears there are lemon cakes at the crafts table. It’s a stupid crush but even if he didn’t like her, he’d still defend her right to not be naked, so it’s a complete surprise to him when he does find her standing there in the middle of his trailer completely naked save for a pair of pink polkadot underwear.

“Oh,” she says when he walks into the trailer. “I didn’t know you’d be back so soon.” Her tone is casual, as if she’s simply greeting him in passing on the set, but there’s a pleasant flush rising from her neck to her cheeks. It’s making it extremely hard for Jon not to look below her neckline to see how far that flush might extend to.

“I… uh, we finished early,” is all he can manage but good lord if she doesn’t cover up soon, Jon’s going to have a really mortifying bodily reaction to her.

Sansa nods. She looks around the trailer and sighs. “The piping in my trailer broke so I couldn’t take a shower and I had all this fake blood on me. I needed to shower. I’m meeting my family for dinner. I can’t go to dinner looking like an extra on the set of Carrie, you know?” She’s looking at him like it’s not a rhetorical question so he nods vigorously in response. “Right, and… Well, your trailer’s the closest and they said you’d be filming till late in the evening, and…” She’s as red as her hair now and that makes Jon smile in spite of the odd situation he’s now in. “I didn’t think you’d mind. You’re the nicest one on set.”

“What?” Jon inclines his head in confusion because that’s definitely not the reputation he knows he has.

“Jon,” Sansa sighs. “I know what you do for me. You’re not exactly subtle and the makeup girls talk. You know they say that… that you have a crush on me or something, which is silly, right? Because you’re Jon Snow and I’m just me and – what?”

“Okay,” he breathes out, closing his eyes, because it’s now just way too much for him to handle. He tried being a gentleman because he sees male and female nudity all of the time on the show but this is Sansa. It really is just too much. “I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.”

“Oh!” she squeaks, and he hears rustling before she says, “you can look now.”

Jon opens his eyes to see her in a pale blue sleeveless dress and it really isn’t helping at all because she’s as beautiful with clothes on as she is without. This is bloody ridiculous. “Um… so you were saying?” He honestly really didn’t hear a word of what she said. Something about a piping and him being nice and makeup girls.

“You have a crush on me,” Sansa murmurs, stepping in close. Jon swallows, which makes her smile tentatively. “Don’t you?”

“No,” he answers too quickly. “I mean… I wouldn’t call it a crush, more like… you’re really talented and it’s easy to be interested in you. Everyone is.”

“But you’re interested in me?”

She’s way too close now and he’s way too human not to notice the way her pupils are dilating as she looks at him. God, he’s totally gone and he doesn’t even care that coworkers dating coworkers is the worst idea ever, but they really don’t have many scenes together so fuck it, fuck it.

He must’ve said that out loud because she’s smirking by the time he captures her lips with his. He can feel it against him and it makes him laugh into her mouth. As first kisses go, it’s not great because they’re both laughing and there’s a lot of clashing of teeth, but when they pull back, her hands are around his neck, tracing patterns against the nape of his neck, and she’s pressed against his chest. It’s not great but it’s perfect.

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Can u share your latest fav fics? please

Sorry for the late reply but here it is:

These are some of the last fics I read and really enjoyed. I also have this tag for my absolute faves that I’ve just started to use. I hope you’ll find this useful!

sprace au where they meet online
  • race is trans and bi and really out about it
  • like he posts about it a lot and everything and loves to talk about it
  • and one day spot follows him and race checks out his blog and is like! shit! bc spot seems really cool and he’s Super Hot
  • so race messages him and they start talking
  • and they get along really well
  • and race maybe slightly kind of possibly has a crush
  • only spot doesn’t have anything on his blog about his sexuality
  • which race has always interpreted to mean that a person is straight
  • but spot doesnt? act straight
  • at the very least there have been some very distinct times where it seems like spot is flirting
  • but race doesn’t bring it up and they just continue being friends
  • then one day spot posts selfies of him, looking hot as usual, a gay flag wrapped around his shoulders, and the caption, “had an amazing day at pride today”
  • and race doesn’t know what? to? do?
  • eventually race messages him saying, “how was pride? seems like you had a good time”
  • and spot replies, talking more than he normally does and race can just feel the happiness from the words and can imagine how big he’s smiling
  • and then at the end spot says, “the only thing that would have made it better would have been if you were there”
  • and race’s heart is pounding and racing and his hands are shaking as he types, “me? why me?”
  • spot doesn’t say anything for twenty minutes and race begins to panic
  • but then he gets a message from him that reads, “because i like you. and i get that you only want to be friends but it would have been great to spend the day with you anyway”
  • and race screams and jumps up and literally runs around his house yelling, “what the fuck???” over and over
  • he calls jack, who’s heard non stop about how much race likes spot, and tells him
  • and jack asks, “what did you say back?”
  • and race realizes he hasn’t replied so he hangs up on jack and goes back to his computer and sees that spot has sent another message, apologizing
  • and race’s heart sinks and he writes out a big message, explaining how he didn’t know spot was gay, how he’s had a crush on him basically since they started talking, how race thinks he’s the coolest and hottest person he’s ever met
  • and spot just replies with, “god i wish i could kiss you right now”
  • and race says, “me too”

Okay so I was driving us down here to Mob-town so she would only have to drive herself back and not both ways. So I was like “Mom what if I went to Wrestlemania next year? It’s in NOLA so it’s only like, an hour-ish away” AND SHE SAID “He’ll be engaged by next year.” And I was like “Mom wtf are you talking about” and she told me that “That one with the long black hair you’re always talking about is gonna be engaged by then so why even go” SO THEN I HAD TO EXPLAIN TO HER THAT I HAVE A NEW FAVE AND THAT BRAUN IS A GOOD OL SOUTHERN BOY AND THAT WE’RE ACTUAL REAL LIFE SOULMATES and then I asked her if she would go with me lmao and she was quick as hell to say no but I was like “mom pls” and she said “I’ll only go if the booty cereal guys are there” BC Y’ALL KNOW I BOUGHT THIS BITCH A BOOTY O’S SHIRT LMAOOOOOOO and I said they probs would be and she said “I’ll only go if I can contact them and tell them I’m old and got a bum knee and I don’t wanna walk fifty miles to my seat so we need some good ones” 

To all the people saying this season is boring: Yall need to calm the fuck down we are at episode 3 people!!! EPISODE 3!!
S1ep3: Eva had barely even talked to pChris and all the drama happened after the kissed. So no drama
S2ep3: Noora had only been on ONE date with Wilhelm. ( she did spend the night at his place but NOTHING happened) again no drama yet,
S2ep3: Isak and Even ALMOST kissed (but didn’t) and Even was still with Sonja so basically no drama had happened yet. AGAIN.

Why are yall expecting drama already??? They are still setting it up??
So again for those people out there that are saying this season is boring, just take a chill pill because there will be drama, trust me!

College Story

Ok, so for any of my followers and friends who are younger than me (I’m 19 and finishing up my freshman year of college), here’s a little story to ease any fears you might have about college. (Honestly, the only really stressful thing about college is finals, and if you’re like me, work that you’ve procrastinated on.)

So, my English professor is one of my favorite professors probably ever. She’s super chill and really funny, and she’s one of those people that you can just feel super comfortable when talking with her. Like, we’ve had class discussions that go on for the full 50 minutes of class. It’s awesome. So my friend, who shall be known as Lord Thu, and I decided we were gonna get a cake for our professor. Don’t know why, I think it was a combination of it’s the end of the year (almost), she’s an awesome professor and we wanna do something nice, and we wanna see her reaction. We’ve had this in mind for at least 1-2 weeks. So last night, we finally went out and bought her a chocolate cake, and today, we brought it into class. I have the cake, and Lord Thu has plates and forks. She walks into class and before we can present the cake, she asks, “Is anyone afraid of or allergic to dogs?”

She brought her dog into class today.

And it wasn’t for any reason other than her dog hopped in her car and wouldn’t get out. She was this adorable 10-year-old golden retriever! Anyway, so she brings in this dog, and we set the cake, plates, and forks on her desk and she just kinda looks at us. Like, “Why???”

“It’s not my birthday.”

“We know.”

It was awesome! She cut the cake for whoever wanted a slice, her dog walked around the room and everyone was petting her and eating cake, and we started talking about various topics for our final essay. It was a great class!

So, I guess the moral of the story here is: college is much more relaxed than you’d expect.

Random Idea: Vincent liked to host different types of games with the villainous nobles - typically for money. Undertaker took place in quite of few of these game. After one such game, Undertaker waited until everyone else had left so he could talk to Vincent in private. He told Vincent that he knew that Vincent had been cheating all along. Vincent only smiles and shrugs. As Undertaker walks away, there’s a sad look on his face as he whispers. “Be careful, Vincent. I fear you won’t be able to cheat Death for long.”

Aroace Justin Foley

• When all of his friends in school started looking at girls or boys in more romantic or sexual ways Justin had absolutely no idea what on earth they were one about.

• When he first got asked out on a date in Freshman year he said yes because that is what everyone does, right? They go out and about with people they know…

• Only when he was talking to Zach after a year or so of dating did he ever realise that he totally didn’t feel the way about girls as he was supposed to.

• “So you like her, right? Is she finally the one? Did you get a little bit nervous when you kissed? Because i always get butterflies when i kiss someone i like.”

• The blank look on Justin’s face must have said it all because the next thing Zach said was, “Ok, so you obviously don’t feel anything for girls? Dude, maybe you’re gay? I hear that Ryan Shaver rather likes the look of you. Maybe you could try going out with him?”

• So Justin did. He and Ryan went to Monet’s for a coffee and then to the cinema they even shared a little kiss in the back of Justin’s car.

• Not wanting to dissapoint anyone Justin went on a few more dates with Ryan. He was just trying so hard to get himelf to feel romantic feelings for him.

• Eventually he called it off, he just couldn’t stand leading Ryan on. He was lying to him and that wasnt fair.

• For the next year he struggled through periods of dating and periods of giving up completely. Bryce had told him to imagine himself doing sexual things with lots of different people to see which turned him on more but it only caused Justin more stress when no one did anything for him.

• The idea of sex just repulsed him.

• He was scrolling on the Internet during one lunch time. He was sitting alone as Zach had extra practice and the rest of his friends were off doing goodness knows what in goodness knows where when he came across the terms ‘aromantic’ and 'asexual’.

• Everything just clicked for him and he bolted from the canteen leaving all his belongings behind and barrelled into the gymnasium.

• Zach was so worried when his friend flew through the doors and promptly burst into tears on the middle of the court.

• “Zach, i thought something was wrong with me! And i looked and there isn’t.. I am normal, there are other people like me and i dont have to like boys or girls or anyone and i dont have to find anyone sexually attractive.”

• Zach drove Justin to that house and they stayed up the early hours of the morning talking about everything.

• Justin finally understood himself. He was aromantic asexual and that was perfectly ok. He was perfectly ok.

okay so the changes. i am only having one anti. the anti with alley……Im sorry to those [but mostly sav] who like anti with sav but the fact i only talk to her as anti makes me feel eh……..i’d rather feel close with her as the admin than play a character for her all the time. nothing against sav shes my best friend its just……….i dont wanna hide behind anti and stuff ya know

Sorry ily tho sav @http-jack

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I don't want to be negative, but I guess I'm the only one that wouldn't be happy if it was completely in Opal's POV. I want Pynch and Bluesey. I want them happy. I want a poST CURSE BLUESEY KISS PLZ.

I feel that, I’m craving all those things HARD

BUT I’m also thinking we’re going to get those things with The Ronan Trilogy, so if we get a little snippet from Opal’s POV as well, I’m 100% down

AND WHO KNOWS, seems to me like it’s going to be her observations, so most likely she’ll discuss pynch and bluesey (she does definitely talk about pynch based on that excerpt)

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Dad!Geno watching his daughter skate by herself for the first time and being suddenly horribly aware that she has knives strapped to her feet and so do the 20 other kids around her and oh god they're all going to die and Sid has to talk him down because they play a sport where they lose half their teeth and got bruised and cut in all kinds of weird ways and she is literally just having a ball whizzing around the ice so Geno needs to look a little more excited before she gets worried

i live for protective geno like at one point he’s like…maybe we shouldn’t have kids skate ever…maybe we let her learn karate instead…no weapons, only hands, and her hands right now are like marshmallows…sid this is safest 

Okay so, this is hilarious. My kids’ school uses “mark offs” as a disciplinary tool. They get them for things like forgetting to put their name on their paper or talking during class. My oldest son has gone all school year without a single mark off, which is pretty spectacular considering that he’s only 7 and they’re not that hard to get. But he got his first one today…for square dancing in the restroom. 😂😂😂

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You know that bit in the 20 Years Gone debriefing before Wonderland where Lucretia talks about taking matters into her own hands? That got me thinkin... what if Lucretia was the initial person that broke the Light of Creation into seven Relics?

I’m pretty sure its more like she was the only one against doing it so she was forced to go along with everyone and then later betrayed them

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This is an appreciation post ! Here are the rules : ☁ tag at least 3 small not-so-famous simblrs and tell us why you think they're underrated ☁ tag at least 3 of your most active followers and tell us why you love them ☁ tag at least 3 blogs you're not mutual with but would like to ☁ Pass it on to at least 3 of your tumblr friends !

Okay so im gonna do the first two things in one because I barely know any of my precious followers lmao 😂

1 & 2 @pxelglaze and @aniasy because you two are like the only ones I talk to on a daily basis! You both are so precious and I love you ;;

And also @ohthesefaces! We never talked but I feel like they are some kind of quiet admirer?? Liking all my posts and stuff ;; we should definitely talk! Thank you!!!

And 3 blogs I’d love to be mutuals with… would be @goldenpixels, @peonypyxels and @cellblocksimmer! I love their stuff so much honestly. They’re kind of my idols LMAO. if u don’t follow them (which I doubt) be sure to check them out! They deserve all the love :’)))

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I always see support for tall fat girls but not much for short fat girls. I'm a size 22 and only 5'2" so all my chub is condensed into a little package. I'm afraid of trying clubs because I know no one will find me pretty

honestly I can kind of get this- I’m not ultra short, I’m ‘average’ (5 ft 5) but like… when people talk about fat girls its tends to be in reference to girls who are like, 5 ft 7+??? like hello where’s the short n average girls???????

I’ve never been to a club myself, but I promise someone will find you pretty eventually. It’s hard, I totally get it, but there’s girls out there who will love you and find you beautiful with your chub and short size!

- Mod Roman


*claps hands together*

This going to be a few days of awkward silence from the blog. No analysis, no theory, no nothing. Well, at least I did not disappear randomly for 3 months. 


I only got a one week break and my long distance boyfriend is here for the entire week. We haven’t seen each other for 6 months so I’m going to make the most of it while he’s here. We only see each other like 2-3 times a year because money and… money. I hope you guys understand though I really feel bad for not writing or preparing anything for while I’m gone but… then again all the recent analysis has been done two weeks ago and I had my finals just three days ago. Also did not sleep early enough so I can analyze a few things. 

I promise that I will type out the finishes of the Jungian Theory and the Analysis as soon as possible but I guess now I’m just on a very needed break.