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The ultimate packing list if you are going to study abroad this year

For many of us, the new school year/semester is coming very fast and very soon. For some of us, a new education year is nothing special - you just have to set the alarm clock back into ‘I have got to get up early’ mode and go to school, college, university or however you want to call it.

However, for some of us starting a new year means more. It is related to moving out of home sometimes into a new city or even into a new country. This is related to getting familiar in a new surrounding and starting a new life where you don’t know where to find the best coffee in town, how to ride the bus or how to speak the language (cheers to all langblrs out there ;) ).

For all of you who belong to the second type of people, I dedicate today’s post. Organizing all the things that are related to such a move and saying goodbye to all your loved ones needs enough energy. You should not spend your time thinking about all the items that you need to pack for the big journey. And for this reason, I provide you with the ultimate packing list if you are going to study abroad this year. If you’re missing something that you would never leave at home reblog this post and add your most important travel gadget/item!

With that being said, travel safely and pack wisely ;)

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  • Bath towels
  • Brush
  • Face wash
  • First-aid kit
  • Flip-flops (in case you have to share your bathroom)
  • Floss
  • Hair straightener (no hairdryer, buy it at your destination)
  • Hand towels
  • Makeup (eyeliner, mascara, foundation, blush etc.)
  • Makeup remover
  • Nail products (nail polish, clippers, file)
  • Patches
  • Pain medication
  • Razor
  • Thermometer
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Travel-sized shampoo, lotion, deodorant)


  • Alarm clock
  • Blanket
  • Decoration (e.g. pictures of your friends and family)
  • Earplugs
  • Favorite pillow
  • Mattress pad
  • Pillowcases
  • Sleeping mask


  • All of your chargers
  • Batteries
  • Calculator
  • Extension leads
  • Headphones
  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • USB stick

Kitchen (buy this stuff at your destination)

  • Favorite candy from home
  • Kitchen scale


  • Bujo or a traveller’s journal
  • Driver’s licence
  • Extra bags
  • Financial aid information
  • Important addresses
  • Luggage tags with your contact details
  • Medical insurance card
  • Passport
  • Passport photos
  • Travel details & confirmation
  • Travel tickets
  • Visa
  • Water bottle
  • Wallet (Cash, coins and credit card)


  • Coat
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Jacket
  • Scarf
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun protection
  • Umbrella
  • Water-resistant boots
  • Water-resistant jacket


  • Accessories (few, please!)
  • Bottoms
  • Blazer
  • Dress
  • Hoodie
  • Jeans
  • Pajamas
  • Shoes
  • Skirt
  • Socks
  • Sportswear and athletic shoes
  • Sweaters
  • Sweat pants
  • Tops
  • Undergarments

Extra tips

  • Before you overload all of your bags contact your university and try to find out which of the items they will provide. Perhaps there is something like a starter kit they offer so you do not have to carry bulky bed or kitchen items with you.
  • Take only your favorite clothes with you. But there is this fancy dress that you own that one day could look so cool? Leave it at home. You won’t wear it. Period.
  • Don’t take things with you that can be easily bought after your arrival. This includes hair dryers, kettles, flat irons, big bags, stationery, kitchen items etc.
  • In case you want to travel with additional luggage ask your airline before your departure date regarding their conditions. There are airlines that offer an online check-in for your additional luggage or a pre registration. If you take advantage of such offers you can save a few coins.
  • Don’t forget to make a (digital) copy of your most important documents and cards!

15/30 dailies

The Aftermath

Prompt- I’m totally in love with your erasermight <3 (with your art in general btw!!) can I maybe suggest a prompt: Aizawa calming down upset Toshinori? 

Thank you so much!!! This is…way more intense than I intended, painting it was really hard XD, I polished it a lot more than usual, because I felt like I had to do the ugly crying justice :P.

 Still totally accepting bnha prompts- only up to the anime preferably, (I’m almost caught up but its less fun when not everyone can see it.) Any ships, fluff or no! Reply or send me an ask, specifics make it more interesting for me to paint, and as always, I can’t do all of them </3

I’m actually running a day late, I was planning on drawing the teachers in some weird clothes tomorrow, so if you got any ideas, throw them my way (ask, chat, comment, whatever, I know linking to photos is awkward with tumblr). I would draw them in my outfits, like I see a lot of artists doing, but I live in jumpers and jeans ¬-¬.

A thieving roommate and a "haunted" Xbox.

Warning:Long, but totally worth it!

During freshman year of college I roomed with my cousin and our friend Dan. The three of us happened to be quite the marijuana enthusiasts and enjoyed smoking…a lot. As great a luxury cannabis is, it wasn’t cheap, especially to three college kids. So naturally, when we wanted to smoke together we’d all chip in an equal sized nug so no one ended up getting short-changed and to obviously save a little cash here and there. As time went on, Dan began to run out of money due to his constant smoking. No money=no weed. So what went from rolling a spliffs everyday suddenly became smashing bowls and scraping resin off the shards of glass and mixing it with tobacco to get high. In our very small and cramped room, I had a mason jar filled with a baggie of my weed hidden in a spot that NO ONE (I thought) knew about. After class one day, I wanted to sit back and enjoy a smoke when I pulled my stash out of the hiding spot to find that the weed was missing. Instantly, I knew Dan did the dirty deed. My cousin wasn’t struggling too bad financially at the time so it couldn’t have been him. But before I pointed any fingers, I decided to wait it out and be 100% positive.

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~just renee walker things~

  • her hair’s too short to really tie back
    • if she uses a band she has to use a lot of clips to keep it even remotely where it should be. and she uses clips of all different shapes and colours
    • if she uses a bandana she is immediately the cutest pirate girl, ever
  • she likes conservative clothing which just means she wears as many layers as she can at all times
    • (cold lesbian grunge)
  • and she really likes jumpers that are too big and fold over her hands
  • she has reading glasses
  • and freckles
  • she’s an unrepentant morning person. she loves mornings and has no problem getting up early in the morning
    • she’ll wake up early just to watch the sunset, no matter how late she goes to bed
    • she schedules all her classes for the morning so “the rest of my day is free!”
    • somehow she can still stay up late with no problem. it’s probably magic tbh
  • she spends her summer breaks volunteering at local schools, shops and charities as well as spending time with her chosen family (the walkers, but her friends, too)
  • once she took a class on astronomy and she researches things in her free time
    • when the foxes are out at night she’ll point at constellations and tell them about them
  • she loves hand-written letters
    • she’ll write them over summer break, but she writes more once the foxes start graduating
    • when she leaves with the peace corps it’s almost like nothing changed
  • she doesn’t believe in boring colours, so she doesn’t use black or blue pens unless she’s forced to for exams
    • the most serious she gets in her later years at palmetto is whenever she talks about having to use black pens. she actually says “fuck the system.” matt goes into cardiac arrest
  • she’s an unrepentant feminist. please. of course she is
  • allison swears up and down that the scariest thing about renee is that she has the most ridiculous tolerance for spicy foods. she doesn’t flinch. ever
  • her hair is naturally dark so when she first bleached it, it went orange. stephanie has photos and takes pleasure in showing every one of the foxes. “it was fate,” she says. dan says she should go ginger again to show fox spirit

this is all i can think of tonight pls talk to me about renee walker the actual light of my life

An Appreciation of the Emily Kaldwin Aesthetic

I LOVE playing as Emily Kaldwin. I just … I need to tell you guys that. She’s such a rare sort of video game protagonist, a lady who’s not sexualized. 

Shit, she’s even WEARING CLOTHES I WOULD WANT TO WEAR. That NEVER happens in games! Like, I think Lara Croft in the new games had a couple of cool, optional outfits, and some of Commander Shepard’s outfits were all right (boob plate though). But Emily’s clothes are a power fantasy for me. 

Obligatory disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with super feminine or revealing clothes, and if that’s what you like, more power to you. But as someone who has complicated feelings about gender, who enjoys dressing androgynously, Emily’s clothes are a damn revelation. 

The black boots! The long, dark coat with gold detailing, shiny buttons, and high collar! The hint of a crisp, tailored white shirt underneath. Pants! A big ol’ belt! It’s so cool. It’s how I’d dress every damn day if I was a literal empress. 

AND SHE GETS TO FROWN. Sweet Jesus, she gets to sound tired, and frown, and grunt in a fight. 

Look at my girl, RIGHTEOUSLY PISSED. 

She’s taken seriously by the story, by her enemies, by everyone, as a real threat. And she gets to look damn good taking back her throne. 


The Trampoline

Summary: Dan’s very gay and very in love with Phil, who has always been 100% straight. Also, there’s a trampoline.

Word Count: 5.3k

Genre: smut

TW: underage drinking

check out this amazing art!!!

read on ao3

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Ducktales Observation.

Studying the Ducktales animation, as I do by habit at this point, I’ve come up with some not-so-interesting observations.

Observe: Duck Children Hair Animation.

Most often in an episode, the animators cut time and energy spent on making every single movement fluid and pretty because it would obviously take too long. And they’ve got a fandom to feed.

So most often in scenes that don’t require much animation in general, the ducklings hair (exclusively. this post is about them) Tend to move only the amount necessary to see that
yes, that hair is moving. Yep. Not just a solid piece of white plaster. This isn’t South Park, people.

Dialogue scenes are the case majorly.

But in action scenes, fighting scenes, and scenes that are meant to give a more emotional impact the animators bump up the animation. And the hair is a big part of this. (I mean they only have so many distinguishing features. Which are… their clothes and their hair)

Observe again.

Look at that hair. All swooshy, jumping up and down… Moving around… And each ducklings hair moves differently.

(So do the rest of their bodies. I love this run cycle so much. I’m going to analyse it in full one day soon, you just wait.)

Examination throughout the release of new episodes (because I’m obsessive like that) shows that while there are some variations, each style of hair moves pretty consistently in its own unique way.

Webby’s hair, typically, is rather…. swishy.

While Louie’s is… flowy?

Dewey’s seems to be fl- flicky? (I guess it works descriptively, right?)

And Huey’s is nice and bouncy.

That… that’s a pretty extreme example of how bouncy it is.

And every one of these is mirrored in the run cycle at the beginning of this post.

And like I said, there are some variations. Instances where these apparent “rules”, for lack of a better word, aren’t followed. Though that can be said with any element of animation. 

There must be a boatload of animators working on this show. Tweeners to storyboarders, and different ones working on every new episode. But it’s still nice to have picked up on this one thing that seems to show up again and again with the kids. I love them.

(I’m gonna come back to that run cycle. Just you wait.)

World’s Best Dad (Part 6)

Originally posted by deanjackles

Summary: Dean and the reader have their date night and do some last minute preparations before heading on their trip…

World’s Best Dad Masterlist

Pairing: single parent!Dean x kindergarten teacher!reader

Word Count: 5,400ish

Warnings: language, smut (if you want to skip, pop down to the bolded sentence right after a break and you’re good to go)

A/N: I freaking LOVE this series…

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Why don’t other school shootings stand out as much as the Columbine High School Massacre?

This question is something I have been pondering over for a long time. Why did Columbine make such a huge impact when school shootings just like it happen so often? What made Columbine so unique? I have some theories as to why this could be.

1. The Duo: I believe the relationship Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold shared is one of the biggest factors. The fact that there was not one shooter, but two, truly captivated so many people. How often can a person find someone willing to go through such heinous acts alongside them, and at such a young age? These two grew up together for many years and shared an intense hatred for the world around them. They knew what they wanted to do and began planning many months before the event took place. Because of this, the Columbine Massacre played out like no other. While most shootings have just one culprit acting on a short spurt of passion or anger, Eric and Dylan had been hellbent on revenge for a long, long time and worked together to make it happen. Neither one of them got cold feet or chickened out at any time, which proves how dedicated they were to each other and their plans. 

2. The Trend: Both of them knew how the world would react to their story, that they would gain a large following and a series of copycats. In the journals they wrote and webpages they created they stated many times how they knew society would allow their names to live on forever. They knew 100% that the media attention they would get after they died would cause a domino effect in the years to follow, and they couldn’t have been more right. Since 1999, the number of school shootings has skyrocketed and are even beginning to become a trend. There were 17 major shootings in 2012 alone. Eric and Dylan hated everyone and wanted them all to die, and they were aware that by going through with the Columbine massacre, people would continue to die because of them through proxy, even after they themselves were long gone. 

3. The Warning Signs: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold left a staggering amount of clues and raised many red flags in the time leading up to the massacre, but it still never occurred to anyone how two young boys were capable of doing such a thing. It never even crossed anyones mind. It’s like they left a trail of breadcrumbs that no one noticed until it was too late. The two boys intentionally left bombs and guns in desks and drawers in their rooms like it was a game, and anyone could have found them and prevented the whole thing… however Eric and Dylan both knew no one was looking. They left everything out in the open so that the world would feel the guilt after the tragedy.

4. The Reasoning: The two of them documented their journey and their thought patterns leading up to the day for the world to find after the damage had been done. They wrote their plans and what they were thinking in great detail on webpages and in journals, even taping or recording themselves talking about it. No matter how many times we look at their explanations or reasonings or justifications behind their actions, we will never fully understand why they did what they did, however Eric and Dylan really did try to make it so. 

5. The Making of an Icon: The way they looked, the clothes they wore, everything they did became absolutely iconic. You see a black t-shirt with WRATH written in red lettering or a white t-shirt with NATURAL SELECTION written in black and you know straight away where it’s from. The names Reb and Vodka will forever belong and make you think back to them. The black trench coats and suspenders and combat boots, the pair of gloves they shared on the day of the crime. It all seems like one big movie scene and it all links back to them. Nowadays you see the ‘new’ school shooters idolising and copying everything Eric and Dylan did, like wearing their own t-shirts with edgy phrases such as 'Humanity is Overrated’, all trying to stand out in the way the Columbine killers did so easily. 

6. The Timing: The 1990’s and 2000’s were a very significant time in our history. Eric and Dylan were a part of the first generation of people to grow up with revolutionary technology such as computers and the world wide web. In this time, media was really beginning to flourish like never before and while there have been school shootings prior to Columbine, none of them ever received such an astronomical amount of attention because the means for it had never really been there to that scale. Columbine was revolutionary and Eric and Dylan, both having an above average knowledge on computers, media and the internet, knew that it was the best time to make the attack. “Producers will be fighting over our story.”

Of course, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. No one will ever really know why Columbine stood out so high above the rest. Our society works in mysterious ways and with so many tragedies happening somewhere in the world every day, there’s no way of knowing what one will make the headlines next.

(via True-Crimes)

Period||Jack Avery||Imagine 3♡

Summary: Jack takes care of you while your on your period


Warnings: none

Requested: to post on here yes

A cute picture of noodles

You walked into the Why don’t we house that you shared with the boys, hoping to hear the beautiful voices of you’re boyfriend and best friends or even them play fighting over a video game. But when you walked into the house you didn’t hear any of that, actually you didn’t hear anything, it was silent. You walked into the kitchen dropping your work bag on the island as you saw a note laying on the counter.

Gone shopping with the guys, Im bringing home you’re favourite for Dinner. I love you babygirl xx Jack

You sighed as you put the note down. You’ve had the most horrible day, first parents and co-workers blowing up at you at work (you were a nurse) followed by a bitch at Starbucks on the way home who had made you feel horrible about yourself. Then to top it all off you had gotten a phone call from your mom who had left you in tears and you had been having horrible pain everywhere all day. To say you were emotionally exhausted was an understatement. All you wanted to do was lay in Jacks arms while all your problems melted away just by his touch, like you always did when things became too overwhelming but he wasn’t here so you’d have to make due without him.

You walked into the room you and Jack shared and quickly stripped, taking off all of your work clothes and changing into sweatpants and a big shirt before tying your hair up in a messy bun and laying down, your side facing jacks side while your back faced the door of the room. You brought Jacks pillow to your chest, holding it tightly while shoving your face into the top of it, breathing in the sent of him before sleep took over you.

When Jack walked into the house with the boys, a bag of food in one hand and daisies in the other his face fell when he didn’t see you on the couch binge watching whatever show you had decided one episode one wasn’t enough of that day. Sometimes it was friends, sometimes it was shameless and sometimes it was even spongebob. He walked into the kitchen noticing your bag sitting on the counter with the note placed next to it. Some relief fell over him as he at least knew you were in the house, safe and sound. Jack had once had a horrible nightmare about you getting into a car accident after work once, it caused him extreme anxiety when you were late coming home from work or not seeing you when he walked through the door like he normally did, so him knowing you were home made a difference.

“Baby?” He called out to you as he walked up the stairs, on a mission to find you. After he called out to you he waited, but heard nothing back. Thats when he saw the door to the room you two shared closed.

He opened the door, and thats when he saw it. The red stain that had covered a large portion of your butt and some of the bed sheet. His heart broke for you, growing up with a sister close to his age he grew up understanding how hard all of this could be on a girl, even more so when it comes a surprise. He walked over and sat down by your shoulders before placing a small kiss on it and shaking you lightly.

You’re eyes fluttered open, turning your head to see Jack with a small frown on his face, you instantly filled with worry, was he okay?

“Baby whats wrong?” You asked, your voice laced with the sleepiness you still had in you. It only took you a second before you could feel the wet through your pants and you looked up at him, tears threatening to fall. This was all you needed, after a horrible fucking day you needed to start your period and not only that but it was all over your bed sheets and your favourite pair of sweats and to make it worse Jack had been the first to see. You stood up causing him to move, tears now falling down your face. You started moving the pillows to the floor, getting ready to take the fitted bed sheet off when a sob escaped your lips . You felt warms wrap around your waist, moving you away from the bed before turning you around and hugging you tightly. You stood there crying, your knees soon became week and before you knew it jack picked you up and walked you into the bathroom.

He sat you on the toilet, walking over to the big soaker bath tub you two had and turned the water on before spraying lots of your favourite scent of bubbles into the water, waiting for the tub to finish filling.

Jack didn’t say anything to you, he just pulled you up, until you were inches apart, eyes locked as you still had a few tears running down your face. Jacks hands moved to the hem of your shirt, giving it a little tug you raised both your arms, as he lifted it up leaving you exposed from the waist up. His eyes never left yours, not once. His warms hands found their way to your hips, bringing you closer, you were now chest to chest. Jack brought his lips to your collar bone, making a small trail of soft kisses up your neck to the base of your ear. Your eyes closed, every problem you had today simply melting away.

Jack pulled away, opening his eyes which yet again locked with yours, never once looking at your exposed chest, this caused you to put a small smile on your face. Before you knew it both you and Jack had stripped completely, you leaving the stained paints in the sink.

He got into the bath first, his back against the edge and his legs open for you to sit inside them, your back against his chest as his face was pressed against your shoulder, leaving small kisses all over while his hands made their way to your stomach, both of them rubbing your sides making the cramps go away.

“Tell me about your day beautiful” He whispered, kissing the base of your neck.

You started pouring it all out. You told him how a child’s parent started freaking out on you, telling you that you didn’t know how to do your job and then you told him about the lady at starbucks who made a horrible and untrue comment about your weight that made you throw your drink out and leave with a huge frown on your face. Then you told him how you got a call from your mother, who had bashed yours and jacks relationship from the second you answered the phone, the things she said were enough to break you down into a puddle of tears on the free way and then lastly you had told him how he wasn’t there when you got home and all you really needed when you walked through the door was the look he’d always give you. The ’ your doing amazing baby, Im so proud of you’ Look. The look he had been giving you since the beginning of your relationship three years ago. When the whole world shit on you and made you feel like you couldn’t do it, Jack made you feel like you could do anything. He was a superhero.

You both laid in the bath for a while, him kissing all over your back, rubbing up and down your sides to get your hips to stop hurting, him doing anything and everything he could to help stop the pain.

When you and Jack got out of the bath he wrapped a towel around his waist before opening his arms with a second towel in his hands for you. He wrapped it around your shoulders and started gently drying you off, not forgetting the soft kisses as he went along. He put you down on the toilet again, making you promise him that you would stay put, which you did.

Jack came back 20 minutes later with one of his big shirts, a pair of his sweatpants and his favourite pair of your underwear. He set them on the counter, taking the dirty pair from the sink and leaving to let you get dressed.

You looked in the mirror as you got dressed, a smile spread across your face. You had never felt so loved in you’re whole fucking life, he had made you feel so fucking special. Every kiss on your back made your stomach do a flip and you could still feel the tingle from his lips on your neck.

When you walked out of the bathroom you saw Jack walking back into the room with a blanket, the food he had brought home for you along with the flowers and a stack of movies.

“I put the blanket in the dryer so it would be warm for you” He told you, giving you a smile.

God you loved this boy.

You two had finished eat and you were laying on your stomach with Jacks head laying on your shoulder as his hand slipped under your shirt to draw shapes with the tip of his finger. You fell asleep, but not before hearing him whisper

“I love you so much babygirl, sweet dreams”


Warning: Very light light domestic violence. Please don’t read if easily triggered. Also I got the idea from Perks of Being a Wallflower, I’m not say domestic violence is ok at all. It’s very very light so please don’t be offended

Your POV

You and Harry had been dating for a year and a half. Sure there had been plenty of fights but they were mainly over stupid things like Harry always leaving dirty clothes all over the house, or he’d get mad that your never were organized about anything.

Lately Harry had been really stressed about his album. It was already made and ready but the fans had quickly found out and to say they had very high expectations was an understatement. Each day that grew closer to the release date, the more Harry got anxious and stressed.

With a big paper sack of all of Harry’s favorite things, I opened the door to our house.

“Harry I’m home!” I yell as I make my way to the kitchen to set the sack down.

No reply.

I know he’s been a bit down lately but he always greets me with a kiss when I come home.

Two stairs at a time I climb up the stairs to find Harry and tell him about all the goodies I brought him.

Quietly I open the bedroom door and see him sitting at his desk going through papers.

I lean against the door frame and just look at him for a few seconds. He’s wearing a grey hoodie and skinny jeans, meaning he probably just got back from somewhere and hasn’t changed yet.

“Hey bub.” I say walking across the room and kiss his cheek. Instantly he pulls away.

“Hey.” He mumbles flipping over a paper in his hands.

“Whats wrong?” I say running my hand through his short locks. Again he jerks away.

“Can you just leave me the hell alone for 5 fucking minutes!” Harry says in a harsh tone, yet he still wont look up.

I’m a little taken aback. Harry never curses at me.

“I’m sorry, It’s just when I came home you didn’t come kiss me so i cam-” He slams his hands on the desk knocking papers on the ground and stands up


My eyes start to get watery and I try to take a few steps back but the back of my legs hit the bed.

“What are you talking about Harry?? I have a fucking job and sorry if I wanted a fucking kiss from my boyfriend!” I yell, but not nearly as loud as he did.

I’m trying not to cry but tears start to stream down my face.

“A JOB? YOUR A FUCKING WRITER WHAT KIND OF JOB IS THAT?” Harry yells getting right in my face.


I could see his eyes go wide and then dark. His breathing quickened and I could see him clench his fist. I’d hit a nerve. Of course I didn’t really mean what I said.

Before I could even think I felt a burning sting on my left cheek, then I was on the floor.

He’d hit me. He actually slapped me. I would have never thought he would hit me. He’s so loving and well Harry.

I slowly brought my hand up to my cheek. It burned. He hit me really hard.

The tears turned into full on sobbing and I quickly scooted to the nearest wall.

“Baby, baby I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hit you! I don’t know why I fucking did that baby.” He says rushing over to me with tears in his eyes. He slowly tried to touch my cheek but I flinched thinking he’d hit me again.

“Y/N I’m so fucking sorry, hell I’ve just been so stressed and I know that’s no excuse, and being a writer is a job baby your so talented, baby please talk to me.” Harry says with tears streaming down his face. In any other situation seeing him cry would break my heart, but it was already broken.

The sobbing turned back into crying and I looked up at harry, his eyes widened.

“Fuck you Harry.” I say getting up. I walk over to the bed and grab my pillow and then an extra blanket.

Harry gets up and starts to follow me

“Y/N baby where are you going, please don’t leave me, I know I messed up but let me make it up to you!” Harry begs with tears still streaming down his face, his hand goes to grab my wrist, but again I flinch. Harry stops mid way and I can just see his heart break even more.

“I’m going to sleep on the couch, I uh went to the store and got all your favorite stuff because I uh new you’ve been stressed.” I sniffle looking down. Quickly I turn around and go out the door, slamming it behind me.


Sorry if this is crappy but I really want to do a Part 2 so like for part 2!!

so the figure skating anime is coming but you know what else should totally be a thing? figure skater mikleo. like he specializes in water/ice and he’s slender and elegant and all. and sorey would be his biggest fan of course


This little blurb is for my darling @t-starkasm who sent me this picture of a very obvious Smitten Kitten!!

So I added another little bit to the ORIGINAL STORY to include this darling little scene!!!



The ringtone of Steves phone completely interrupted the mission briefing, and absolutely made Agent Coulsons jaw drop.

Who let the dogs out? Who who who who! Who let the dogs out?”

“Oh my god.” His face flamed red and he scrambled to mute it. “I am so sorry, Agent Coulson, Colonel Rhodes, its um—”

“Captain Rogers.” Rhodey was trying his damnest to keep the snmirk off his face. “Captain Rogers.” he cleared his throat. “Would I be correct in assuming that Seargent Barnes is the one calling you right now?”

“I–I–” the Lion shifter swallowed back a growl of annoyance. “My mate changed my ringtone, I apologize.”

“Sorry, but Seargent Barnes chose that as his ringtone?” Agent Coulson asked in that quietly, polite way of his. “Seargent Barnes, the Alpha Wolf shifter?”

“Not that mate. My other mate, Tony.” he breathed a deep sigh. Tony had changed his ringtone because hed been upset Steve couldnt stay with him all day today. Not that Steve had wanted to spend his whole day locked in the conference room talking about missions and personell. No he would much rather be snuggled up in bed with both his mates. He missed Tony and Bucky so much he nearly ached. He needed a break from all this. A break from being Captain America. A break from being Steve. He needed to just be Bucky and Tonys mate, and let them take care of him.

Steve shook his head and pushed those thoughts away. He had been feeing down for weeks now and didnt really know what to do about it.

“If you’ll excuse me.” he said politely. “I need to take this.”

“Ah. Of course.” Coulson said with a little smile. “By all means, take your mates call.”

“Thank you. Just a few minutes.” Steve stepped into the hallway and opened his phone. “Bucky, I swear to god. You know I am in a meeting, I will muzzle your–”

“911, Steve.” Buckys voice was stressed, nearly a whine. “911, our room. Its Tony.”

“Oh shit.” Steve only stepped into the conference room long enough to snatch his shield, and took off running, no apology or explanation or anything.

“ I havent been around the compound much since this all happened.” Coulson commented mildly. “Does this sort of thing–”

“Tony is the most high maintenance person in the world. Also the most high maintence shifter. Steve and Bucky have their hands full all the time.”

“Tony only weighs eighty pounds.” Coulson raised his eyebrows and Rhodey just started laughing.

“Phil. You literally have no idea how much of a handful Tony can be.”

“Isnt his shifter form a cat?”

Phil. You have no idea.” The colonel collapsed back into his chair, shoulders shaking.

“But both Rogers and Barnes are Alpha–”

“Phil.” Rhodey was full on cackling now, wiping his tears away. “You have no idea.”

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Hey Gray! I love your blog :D I was wondering if you could do this request: RFA+Minor trio reacting to MC's and their own child being bullied in front of them (like maybe the bullies didn't see them RIGHT THERE) for being chubby but the daughter/son is like really chill and hits them with a 'I'm used to it it's ok' thank you :DD I'll request more now!! Good luck with your blog and excuse my english lolol

Hey now, you’re an all star I’m so sorry nobody is allowed to apologize for their English on this blog. You’re really good with it, so don’t worry at all! English is a bitch to learn, and if anyone judges you I will f i g h t. Also, no matter how many other blogs I’ve seen in the past, I still don’t know who makes up the minor trio. I’ve seen it mentioned a lot, and I always assumed it’s Jaehee, V, and Saeran. If it’s someone else, I’ll gladly write for them, too! (Dialogue of fat-shaming in Jaehee’s. Just a heads up!)


  • He had to pick up your kid from school one day because he got off from work early
  • Yoosung drove there just a little too early when he saw your child getting harassed by three other kids
  • oh no
  • nonononono
  • Instead of just driving up, he parked that damn car and walked up
  • Just far enough so they thought he was a highschooler  even if hes older hes still small you can fight me on this
  • Once he was in earshot, his only thought was how dare they
  • The things they were saying were downright disgusting to him
  • Yoosung walked right up and tapped one of them on the shoulder
  • “Hey there buddy boy, I’m going to ask, no, tell you to kindly leave and never speak to my child again”
  • Your kid just kinda bip bopped along with him after he turned to leave after the kids had given half-hearted apologies
  • “Hey, Dad?” “What? Do you want ice cream? We can go. If you want to talk, we can do that, too” “I just wanted to say that you didn’t need to do that. What they said is pretty normal for me”
  • oh hell no
  • Yoosung just nodded slightly “But it doesn’t have to be” “It’s just like that, but can we still get ice cream?” “Yep! Just don’t tell, MC!” “Will you promise not to tell them about my school either? I don’t want them worried, since you seem to be”
  • So they went out to a small shop that wasn’t too far away from your home and talked about animals
  • Then once they got home, you could see him looking concerned at your child when the put their bag from school up
  • He went to his office and typed out an email
  • Turns out, he got the three kids suspended
  • PTA Dad Yoosung won’t stand for that shit
  • Didn’t tell MC because he promised


  • You can’t tell me he’s not a PTA dad either
  • Sure, practice sometimes doesn’t allow him to go to every meeting
  • But you know he’s ready to fight Nancy at the bake sale because what were those brownies, Jesus, Nancy
  • aNYWAYS, you both had to go to one of those lame ass schools fairs
  • you couldn’t say no to your kid because those puppy eyes reminded you of Zen’s
  • You were waiting in line for food while Zen was buying tickets for things and you let your child go off with their friends
  • Then the yelling started dAMMIT, ZEN
  • “How dare you talk to my child like that?” “Well, um, sir-” “No, I’m not hearing it from you, young man” “I want to say-” “Not you either, young lady!”
  • Zen walked back with your kid in tow and he was fuming
  • “MC! Can we leave? There’s much better food at the restaurant we passed” “Only if you tell me what happened, because it looks like our daughter is perfectly fine” “No, she is nOT. They were making fun of her weight! How dare they insult our princess” “Zen, You sound like a script right now, calm down”
  • Your child just mumbled, “Well, that’s what happened during school anyways”
  • Turning around so quickly that you got bitch-slapped by his hair, he looked at your kid
  • He was n o t having this shit
  • “Who cares if you’ve got squish? There’s just more to love! Those kids are douchebags” “Zen-” “As long as you’re comfortable with you, there’s no issue. If you feel bad because of that snotbag, I will find out who his mom is and raise hell” “Zen-” “That one girl looked like her mom runs a drug cartel. I should know, too, because her mom is probably Bethany” “Hyun!”
  • He turned back towards you flashing a slightly awkward smile
  • “MC, that boy was a beast
  • “Not this again” Well, damn, if your kid is sick of it, he probably should be, too
  • You ended up leaving after your kid was done with his shit wanted to leave
  • He may or may not have raised a little hell on the board
  • Gave a two minute monologue on bullying at the monthly meeting

Jaehee: (Good end and after end spoilers)

  • Your son liked to hang around the café after school was done with a few friends
  • He came in one day with several people, a few being ones you recognized
  • You were taking orders and Jaehee was wiping down tables along with picking up dishes
  • cue dramatic plate falling when she overheard their conversation
  • “Maybe your clothes wouldn’t be so big if your  parents didn’t bake so much for you” “He’s right. All those pastries can’t be that great. Especially with how little you do in PE” “Maybe stop eating all of your lun-”
  • “Excuse me, but who are you, ma’am?” “Just a friend of this kid” “Get out of this café” “Who are you? Where’s the manager?”
  • “Mom, it’s fi-” “I’m Mrs. Kang, the owner of this establishment, and the disgusting comments you are making are towards my son. Leave
  • The girl turned bright red and moved to gather her things
  • Jaehee’s badass arm stopped her from properly getting up
  • “I thought it was heavily implied that you were to apologize”
  • She was downright glaring at this kid
  • You paused when nobody else was at the counter and turned your attention to what was going down
  • This look wasn’t even reserved for customers who threw orders at her
  • Once the girl left after having to repeat her apology several times, all the others followed, trying not to maintain eye contact with Jaehee
  • She slid in the booth across from your son and had a lengthy discussion about what was wrong for people to say
  • Jaehee had had enough in her life getting treated awfully, so your kid wasn’t allowed to have any of that
  • That night, you had to talk her out of fighting that kid
  • “Jaehee, that’s assault” “MC, it’s justice


  • He was dicking around with the security system at your kid’s school
  • It’s not stalking if its not obsessive
  • The system’s visual aspect may not be strong, but the audio was pretty okay
  • Seven just wanted to hear what your child was doing after the bell had rung (I had to look up if it was rung or rang just now)
  • As soon as he heard what a person was saying that was most definitely not your child, he was ready to f i g h t
  • Your kid came back from school that day and went to greet him
  • He may or may not have turned around in an office chair dramactically
  • “So who’s Jun Ho? He sounds like a real biiiii-I mean, jerkwad” “How do you know who he is? He’s in one of my classes.” “Some teacher emailed me saying he was being rude to you. Making remarks on your appearance or something” “Oh, yeah, he does that a lot. It stopped bugging me awhile ago”
  • Red Alert: How About No?
  • “He shouldn’t be saying things like that in the first place. Why do you even talk to him?” “Jun Ho gives me food” “As much as I love food, you should never be degraded to get it” “But it’s soda, and I can’t take that to school” “You won’t get in trouble if no one finds out. That’s besides the point. Can you please drop that douuu-um, that trashcan? You don’t deserve to be told anything that’s negative about yourself that isn’t constructive”
  • Your kid just tried to assure him that It’s Fine, Dad but it most definitely Was Not
  • So then he went into every social media account he could find of Jun Ho’s and left some lovely messages and photos for the kid to find later


  • you know this motherfucker sent your kid to a private school
  • He didn’t realize that not every person would be magically nice to eachother
  • Just let him believe
  • Jumin was content with that for awhile until The Incident
  • Your son was walking back into your home as he was video chatting people at a party
  • For some reason, their conversation dropped off to what sports people were playing and some dumbass in the background made a rude remark to your kid
  • Jumin walked over and took the phone from your son’s hand and got the attention of the teenagers
  • holy shit, that was the dude that their parents made those important business deals with
  • that suit is probably worth more than all my organs
  • damn, he looks like he’s about ready to fail all of us in a class
  • Please refrain from ever contacting this phone ever again. Your words are unappreciated by myself”
  • Your son was desperately trying to mute him repeating that it was all okay
  • Jumin was still drilling these kids
  • “Furthermore, it is not any of your business to inquire about an individual’s health whatsoever. I will have you make good note that everything in this household is meticulously organized, so no, you’re not ‘concerned for his health’ or any other excuse that is as incompetent as yourselves. Have a good evening”
  • Sassy Jumin snapping that hang up button
  • Then he held out the phone to your son that took it nervously
  • “You’re never to speak to them again” “Dad, I-” “No, it is absolutely not fine. You will not be told that just because you’re not of the bare minimum weight, that you are any less of a human being. You are to be respected. If you are to speak to any of your classmates, please inform them that all business deals with their families will end soon.”
  • He most definitely called all of their parents that evening to tell them of these changes
  • Blocked every number he could
  • Also made sure that any future advertisements that were made by any department were to be inclusive of plus-size models


  • There was a new museum and he was invited to attend it’s opening with his family
  • No way this Cotton Candy Man could say no when your daughter got excited at the mention of an artist she loved that was to have an exhibit showcased
  • Everyone had gotten dressed up for the occasion, including V in a snazzy I’m so sorry that I use that word suit, yourself in comfortable formal wear, and your daughter wearing a tighter blouse with a skirt
  • What she wore didn’t bug you or Jihyun, whatever made her the most loving to herself was fine by you
  • The three of you had walked in and were walking around to greet other guests and enjoy hors d'oeuvres
  • Your daughter walked off to admire the paintings until who you recognized as one of her fellow students walked up to her
  • There was no use in eavesdropping so you continued to walk as V walked into the room of the pieces
  • He honestly didn’t notice them until he could hear your child’s voice
  • Then he noticed what the other party was saying
  • Calm Dad walked over to them and apologized for his interruption in the conversation to tell off the student for what they were saying about your daughter’s outfit
  • “Hey, Dad, Mi Na wasn’t bothering me” “Then she was bothering me. Mi Na, please refrain from speaking negatively about my daughter’s appearance in the future. I assure you that whatever clothing she wishes to wear will not effect you”
  • You looked over to see the “Bitch, you ain’t shit” smile on his face and got interested to see what was going on
  • He explained to you the situation then spoke to your daughter again with a short lecture on Why She Was Perfect and Why People Suck
  • Got the girl kicked out from the museum afterwards
  • To make it up, even though “It was fINE, DAD,” V was able to get artwork from the artist your daughter was so excited to see


  • this one’s going to do with an ice cream parlor I’m sorry
  • He agreed to go on a family outing as long as the crowds weren’t too big
  • Hey, if you made it this far, don’t mess it up
  • To his favorite ice cream parlor first!
  • None of you cared if it was eleven am
  • It was always time for ice cream
  • While you three were waiting in line, your child noticed that the person scooping was the dickbag of an upperclassman that had been harassing them for a couple of weeks
  • Saeran noticed how they acted and offered to get a table with them so that it would fit into conversation easily
  • They nodded and went with them so that he could ask what happened
  • Your kid told him that the boy at the counter was giving him shit for his weight and that “It’s perfectly fine”
  • Then Saeran was p i s s e d
  • He assured them that they were perfectly fine as long as they liked themselves
  • Saeran then offered for them to go back in the line where you were ordering your food
  • Your child was slightly anxious as to what he’d do to the worker
  • He glared at that upperclassman so strongly that you thought he had killed Saeran’s joy in life
  • Considering how much Saeran loved his new family, he pretty much did, so the kid deserved to be scared for half a minute
  • He then smiled at you when you handed a cone to him and you sat down with the three of you eating happily
  • Saeran noticed the glances he was getting but didn’t mind them
  • He glared at the kid again for good measure when he held open the door

I’m sorry that this took me so long! Also, no offense if your name is Nancy or Bethany. They’re just my go to PTA Mom names. I’m going to try to get at least two requests up each day. I hope that this was to your satisfaction, but I’ll happily fix anything if you see fit. Much love to you all!

A thieving roommate and a "haunted" Xbox

Warning:Long, but totally worth it!

During freshman year of college I roomed with my cousin and our friend Dan. The three of us happened to be quite the marijuana enthusiasts and enjoyed smoking…a lot. As great a luxury cannabis is, it wasn’t cheap, especially to three college kids. So naturally, when we wanted to smoke together we’d all chip in an equal sized nug so no one ended up getting short-changed and to obviously save a little cash here and there. As time went on, Dan began to run out of money due to his constant smoking. No money=no weed. So what went from rolling a spliffs everyday suddenly became smashing  bowls and scraping resin off the shards of glass and mixing it with tobacco to get high. In our very small and cramped room, I had a mason jar filled with a baggie of my weed hidden in a spot that NO ONE (I thought) knew about. After class one day, I wanted to sit back and enjoy a smoke when I pulled my stash out of the hiding spot to find that the weed was missing. Instantly, I knew Dan did the dirty deed. My cousin wasn’t struggling too bad financially at the time so it couldn’t have been him. But before I pointed any fingers, I decided to wait it out and be 100% positive.

When Dan came back after class, I noticed he was more nervous than usual and didn’t make eye contact with me when we were shooting the shit . Red flag 1. Per usual, he’d throw his jacket on the floor, like he did with any other piece of clothing, and started to make ramen noodles. While he was busy, I slowly lifted the jacket with my foot to reveal the top of a baggy with a few nugs poking out of the inside pocket. Red flag 2. I’m not a big fan of thieves, so I decided to get my revenge on Dan in a very petty way. Just to let you all know, Dan is a very gullible human being and tends to believe anything, even if it’s a little far fetched…

One day, my roommates and I planned on having a Netflix night with a bunch of our friends later on in the week. Me being me, saw this as an excellent opportunity to do something devilish, but “What devilish thing should I do?” At the time, there was an Iphone app called Xbox Smartglass that had just come out (I think). Basically, one would log in their Xbox Live account information, connect their phone to the Xbox, and control basic things like direction (think directional pad) and clicking the “A” or “B” buttons.

With this newfound information, I knew exactly what I was going to do, but had to bank on doing it right.

The Netflix night comes and all 10 of us are outside finishing up a spliff before we head back in. I, however, excused myself early to go to the “bathroom”. During this time, I quickly went inside my room, turned my Xbox on, connected my phone to Smartglass, and left it on my bed (it would disconnect if you were too far away). A few moments pass and we are all jam-packed into the room. Dan and I had bunk beds on the right side of the room. He had the top bunk and I had the bottom. My cousin, Gucci, had his own bed on the left side of the room. Everyone else was squeezed in the middle. What’s perfect about my position is that I could conceal my phone very well with no one being the wiser.

Dan had the controller and began sifting through possible movies to watch. I started off with clicking to the right, left, up, and down every so often making it appear that Dan was fucking around with the controller.

“Yo Rivy, I think your controller is busted.” said Dan.

I obviously told him it wasn’t and that he’s scrolling through everything too fast.

So I continued to fuck around more and more until I started moving everything faster and faster. Naturally people were like, “Dan! Stop being a dick!” He responded by letting go of the controller to show that it wasn’t him and everything was indeed moving on it’s own. Everyone was confused. This being the right moment, I stopped for a few seconds….then slowly shifted down to the “Horror” section, scrolled to the right until I saw the movie conveniently titled “Hell” and clicked on it.

Everyone screamed and hollered. Dan jumped out of his bunk, nearly crashing into everyone, and ripped the plug right out of the  Xbox. As he turned back, I could see the look of true fear in his eyes. Everyone was scared shitless and the commotion caught the attention of the RA. It was painfully hard trying not to laugh during this whole ordeal.

Our room was the talk for the entire week. Dan was going around telling everyone, “Yo man, our Xbox is fucking haunted/possessed…”

From friends, to classmates, RA’s and even the hall janitor, Dan told EVERYONE. He was so infatuated and scared, I decided to keep going with it. It got so crazy that Dan, and I swear to God I’m not lying, would talk directly to the Xbox as if it was a person. He’d ask it questions like “Who are you?” “Are you a kind spirit?” “Can you communicate through other forms of technology?”

This was absolute gold.

Before you know it, I started communicating with Dan by typing on the keyboard for Xbox live messaging. I got more daring and wrote words like:


I also wrote places he would be that day, clothes he was wearing, people he knew, etc.

He was too busy freaking out that he never took a moment to logically think about the whole situation. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine pranking someone this bad….especially with an inanimate object. I do want to note that my cousin found out about my prank/revenge due to the fact that he saw “Smartglass Connected” pop up on the Xbox dashboard. I told him everything and he promised not interfere and encouraged me to continue on :).

One day after class, I walked into my room to find Dan sitting upright on his bunk staring into space. I asked him what’s up and he went on about how scared he was and how he believed someone was hacking the Xbox and sending him threatening messages. He also believed that whoever was doing it was also hacking the webcam too (lol). Dan went on and on and even considered calling the cops (yikes).  Realizing how out of hand this was getting, I stopped fucking with him for a little while.

Overall, I kept my vengeful prank a secret for a few months before I finally told him. He was livid at me and firmly believed someone….or something was out to get him. But he did admit to stealing my weed and soon paid me back. A word to the wise, never steal from someone, you never know what appliance will become possessed and haunt you ;)

TL;DR: College roommate stole weed from me. I got my revenge by making him believe our Xbox was haunted.

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Imagine spending Easter with Shawn and his family

It would be so fucking amazing. Like a big Mendes family day with Shawn’s entire family. 

Like chatting to his grandparents about school/work and what your plans for the future are. Them giving you advice and encouraging words.   

Hanging out with Aaliyah and their cousins’ talking about clothes and shoes and stuff like that, sharing make-up and getting ready for dinner together. I can imagine the three of you (Shawn’s two cousins) teaming up doing a make-over on Aaliyah. Laughing and gossiping about anything and everything in Aaliyah’s room listening to all your favourite kind of music. 

You and Shawn helping Manny and Karen out in the kitchen - or Shawn would sit on the counter and you’d be helping - sharing jokes and stories about Shawn’s LA trip and tasting all the different kind of foods before anyone else. 

Setting the table with Shawn. He would grab the plates and you’d grab the glasses and every time you passed by each other around the table, Shawn would lean in and kiss your forehead lovingly, before sending you the biggest smile in the world. “I’m happy you’re here” “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else”

Painting eggs (it’s a danish thing, don’t know how it is in other countries) in all sorts of colours to decorate the living room with. Shawn being an annoying dork and painting on your eggs all the time with the biggest giggle on his face. “Oh look, you got something right there-” and then he’d let the pencil brush against your cheek, leaving a blue line behind. “SHAWN. You’re such a dork” “But I’m your dork, right?” “Right” and then he’d lean in and kiss you. 

Small food fights in the kitchen while Shawn, Aaliyah and you were clearing the table. You and Aaliyah both going for Shawn, smashing left over food in his face and hair, while he screamed like such a little girl. “Not the hair, guys! Not the hair”

Shawn holding your hand, stroking your cheek, rubbing your back or planting tender kisses on your cheeks or the top of your hair every time he had the chance to do it. Letting his chin rest on your shoulder, wrapping his arms around you from behind, letting his nose tip stroke your collarbone. And everyone would always look at the two of you and say “aren’t they cute” or “love birds” and Shawn would have a smirk planted on his face, while you would blush heavily. 

Sitting around a bonfire after dinner with his entire family, watching the flames and hearing the small cracking noises from the bonfire. Roasting marshmallows over the flames and sticking one into Shawn’s mouth but also smashing it all over his face. 

Shawn putting his jacket around your shoulders, before kissing you and then picking up his guitar and jamming out a little while everyone would just be silent and listen to him play so beautifully.

Having his grandmother asks the two of you, when you’re planning on getting married and have kids - because his grandmother low-key loves you and just want Shawn to tie the knot - and starting your life together. She would tell Shawn she still had the ring and he just needed to say the word, he would get it. And you would sit there watching Shawn bite into his lip, flushing in the matter of seconds and desperately running his fingers through his messy hair. “I’ll let you know when it’s time” he’d say, laughing a little. Then you would just let your head rest on his shoulder - he would tilt his head and plant a kiss on the top of your hair - letting his hand slide across your thigh to find your hand and interlace your fingers and then just watch the bonfire together. 

Shawn and you crawling into bed when everyone left and watching The 100 together to chill and enjoy just being the two of you again. “Today was amazing” “It really was, babe. Thanks for being here” “Thanks for having me” “Always, you’re part of the Mendes family now!” and then he’d kiss you.

Christmas Break at Finn’s//Wyatt Oleff x Reader ~ Part Six

The treehouse you were all staying in was the most amazing thing you had ever seen. It was so modern and had a very cosy atmosphere. Your parents and little sister along with Finn’s family were in the treehouse next door. You ran inside with your bags and into the main room. There were sofas and armchairs and a big oak coffee table facing the huge windows/doors that opened out onto the veranda which held the hot tub and outdoor seating. There was also a kitchen area joined onto the living room. It was all open plan and Sophia was already fussing over the hamper that was in the middle of the breakfast bar. It was a complimentary gift from the company. Full to the brim with little gifts and sweets.

You and Wyatt were looking around together smiling like crazy.
It was time to choose bedrooms and to get to the other section of the treehouse you had to go through a glass hallway that was carpeted. Everything was so beautiful and smelled like cinnamon. You and Sophia were sharing the massive suite. The queen-sized bed was facing the big windows. You could see the trees. The rooms were amazing and had en-suite bathrooms with claw-footed tubs, massive showers, and two sinks, one for each person. 

“Your’s and Finn’s parents have really outdone themselves, Y/N. I can’t believe they let all of us come! And got us our own treehouse!”
“I know right. It’s a shame we won’t be here on Christmas day.”
“But still! This place is phenomenal. Shame your mum said that there was no way in hell you were sharing with Wyatt…”
“Sophia, we’ve been over this! Nothing like that is going to happen for ages yet!”
“I know! But it would have been so cute!”

The two of you were hanging your clothes in the big closet and making yourselves at home. Before the conversation could go any further, Finn and Jaeden came in and announced that you were going out to have a look around the complex. Everyone slipped back into their coats and boots and headed out to meet your families. But not before you ran back and grabbed your camera.
The place really was beautiful. Usually, when you spent time here with Finn you stayed in the log cabins on the other side, but this was even better. Somehow the trees were bigger and the paths were wider and the snow was whiter. You walked along through the woods hand in hand with Wyatt, letting go every now and then to take a picture. Sophia was saying how you should all head swimming later on. You and Finn agreed as the pool was amazing. There were water slides, rapids, jacuzzis, and a huge pool. You and Finn used to spend hours there when you came for Christmasses. You had spent more of them here than at home. 

“We’re going to head back now,” Wyatt said to you, “It’s time to hit the pool. We want to see what all the fuss is about. Finn won’t shut up about it.”
“You’ll love it, Wyatt, trust me. Are we going back to get our stuff?”
“Yeah. Finn says we’re all meeting up with the parents later on for dinner.”
“Okay. Let’s go then.”
You were currently having the time of your life. You, Sophia, Finn and Wyatt were all going down a massive water slide. Sophia was screaming along with Wyatt, but you and Finn were just laughing at their reactions because you knew how to react. You both looked at each other and grinned because you knew that an eighty-five-degree drop was coming up and when you went down, you had to hold onto the sides of the inflatable you were in as though your life depended on it. You couldn’t go down this slide without an inflatable because it was so huge. The drop was approaching and you braced yourself for the feeling in your belly when it came.

You couldn’t help but scream. It only lasted a few seconds but then you were in a huge cyclone. It was like a cave. You went up the walls getting soaked. This was your favourite part, but it was really scary. It’s hard to describe it unless you’ve been on it. Before you knew it you were going down the last drop and coming out of the bottom, still dying of laughter. Jack and Jaeden wanted a go next so you and Wyatt went on again with them while Finn took Sophia down the other slides. Jack was hilarious, honestly. You couldn’t breathe because of the laughter, and neither could Jaeden and Wyatt. Jack was swearing so loudly as you went down the big drops and up through the tunnels. He was worse than Sophia. 

When Jack was over shitting himself of the water slide you all went down the rapids, your’s and Finn’s favourite. You always held on to Finn’s hand and pushed yourself off at the start so you could go really fast, and it always worked. You both sped around the corners and under the tunnels, knowing it so well that you knew when to shut your eyes to stop the water from getting in. The smile didn’t come off your face the whole time.
Once you were out of the pool and back in your clothes you realised the time. It was about six pm and it was time to go for dinner. You and Finn knew where you were going of course. Wyatt had his arm around your waist as you told him stories of you and Finn as kids and what everything meant to you. With a smile on his face, he listened. The others were behind you taking pictures and putting them on their social media captioned, ‘the sickening happy couple’.
When you arrived at the restaurant, your little sister Alice came and jumped into Wyatt’s arms. The sight made you so happy. 

“Noodles!” Your little sister squealed with joy, “Sit next to me! Sit next to me!”
“Of course I will, Alice. Why don’t you come and sit in between me and Jack?”

It was honestly the happiest you had ever seen her. She was telling Jack all about how she’d seen his movie, even though her mother said she was too young. To be fair, six probably was a bit young to be watching IT, but she had insisted since it had Finn in it. Surprisingly, it didn’t bother her.

“You’re Eddie,” She said to Jack, “Guess what?”
“What?” Jack was in his element
“They’re gazebos and they’re b-”
“ALICE!” You hissed before she could get the rest of the word out. Jack burst out laughing along with everyone else at the table who was listening. After a second, you joined in too. 

Everyone ordered their food and made conversation while they waited. Jack insisted that we go swimming again at some point tomorrow and take Alice with them. You couldn’t believe how well they were all getting along with her.
You couldn’t help but notice Jaeden and Sophia. They were sitting next to each other on the opposite side of the table talking and laughing in their own little world. Jaeden had his arm on the back of her seat and she was leaning into him slightly. You nudged Wyatt who looked over at them and rolled his eyes.

“They both like each other and have for ages, they just won’t do anything about it.”
You thought for a moment. “I’m going to change that.”

Everybody was in their pyjamas and wrapped in blankets on the sofas. Sophia had made delicious hot chocolate and Jaeden had insisted that somebody put a Christmas movie on. That’s how you ended up watching The Grinch. You were snuggled into Wyatt’s side wondering if you would be allowed to stay in this perfect moment forever.

When The Grinch was finished, everyone went to bed except for you and Wyatt. The both of you got changed and decided to go in the hot tub out on the balcony. It was freezing outside, but once you were submerged in the water it was much better. Wyatt was looking out at the view with a troubled look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Your worry now mirrored his
“It’s just, what’s going to happen when all of this is over, Y/N? We’re going to leave Finn’s and I’m going home to America. America, Y/N.”
You felt sick.
“We’ll make this work. Do you really think that the universe is so fucking cruel that it would bring us together for the best few weeks of our lives and then rip us apart?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well, you want to know what I think?”
“I think we were crafted from the same star. I think that our destiny is to be one. You might not agree with me, but I believe that we’re supposed to be together.”
“Maybe seriously will be our always.” Wyatt looked into your eyes and saw everything he needed to see. “Whenever we get the chance, we’ll fly over and see each other. You can come and stay with me in Chicago, I can come to Ontario, and we can all stay at Finn’s during the summer. Or we could go to Pennsylvania and stay with Jaeden.”
“We can do this, Wyatt. We need to at least try because…”
“Because what?”
You couldn’t believe you were admitting this.
“Because I think I might be falling in love with you, Wyatt Oleff.”
“Me too.”

You put your hands on Wyatt’s cheeks and kissed him. You were determined not to let that boy go. Not now, not ever.
When you woke up you were a little bit confused. The last thing remembered was watching American Horror Story with Wyatt. You were now in bed next to Sophia who was scrolling through Instagram on her phone. Wyatt must have brought you to bed when you fell asleep. The thought made you smile.

“What time did you and Wyatt get to bed last night?” Sophia asked you
“I honestly don’t know. We went in the hot tub for a little while, came in and got dry and into our pyjamas again, and then ended up watching Netflix for a bit. I must have fallen asleep and then he bought me into bed.”
“He’s such a cutie.”
“We were talking about if our relationship was going to last when we went home and it actually turned out to be a pretty deep conversation. I think we’re really going to make this work.”
“I’m so happy for you, honestly. I just wish I could have that with someone.”
“How did you know?!”
I sat up and looked at her, shocked. “Really?! You were practically in his lap at dinner last night, and if he moved his hand any lower it would have been on your ass.”
“Was it really that obvious?”
“Yes. It was.”
“Well then.”
“You should just make your move!”
“But what if he pulls away, Y/N!”

Sophia was looking at the door with a face as white as a sheet. You turned around to see Jaeden standing there with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. 

“I’m just going to go and see if Wyatt is awake…”
You closed the door behind you as you left feeling a little sorry for Sophia. You had left her in quite an awkward situation, but hopefully, it would encourage her to go for Jaeden. Jack was in the kitchen making toast.

“Morning, Jack.”
“Oh hey, Y/N. Toast?”
“Sure. Where are Wyatt and Finn?”
“Well, Finn is taking a shower and Wyatt is still asleep.”
You checked the time on your phone. It was almost nine am. “I suppose we did have a really late night. I’m going to go wake him up.”
“Okay. I’ll make coffee.”
“Thanks, Jack.”

Wyatt was still sound asleep when you went into his and Finn’s room. You got on top of the bed and kissed him lightly on the nose. He scrunched his nose up and slowly opened his eyes. 

“No, it’s me, Jack.”
“Oh sorry, my bad Jack. Don’t tell Y/N you were in here or she might get jealous.” The sarcasm in both your tones was imminent.
“What time did we go to sleep last night?”
“You fell asleep at around two, and I went to bed when I took you.”
“Thanks by the way.”
“For taking you to your room? You don’t need to thank me for that.”
You kissed Wyatt and pulled him up out of bed.
“Jack’s making coffee and some toast if you want some.”
“Sure. Let’s go.”
Sophia and Jaeden were the only ones who didn’t surface for breakfast. You knew that they were probably talking right now and would kill anyone who disturbed them. 

“So what are we doing today?” Jack asked
“I don’t know. We’re meeting the adults for lunch at one, but aside from that, we’ve got today to ourselves.”
“Can we go swimming again at some point? I said I’d take Alice.” Jack smiled
“Of course we can. I know that mine and Finn’s mothers are taking Sophia and I to the spa tomorrow because they think we should have a day away from you boys.”
“Rude.” Finn put a hand on his chest in fake shock
“They may have a point. But about today…”
“I don’t really know about this morning but we could go swimming after lunch.”
Jaeden came into the living area holding hands. Everyone stood up and cheered.
“FINALLY!” Finn shouted

You winked at Sophia who winked back. You knew that this would happen at some point on this trip. But what else was in store? Only time would tell.

I don’t know what will happen in part seven but I can’t wait to write it! Hope everyone enjoys!













What’s up, party people? I tell ya’, I always had a hunch Barry saw me as a potential best man – or best mate, as Julian would say – but now it’s official.   When he and Iris tie the knot I’ll be there ready to rock the most epic best man speech ever heard on any Earth! This promises to be some high level adulting and I have to make sure I look the part.  Even though, the couple hasn’t set the date, I found myself looking into the mirror – fantasizing about the occasion – and decided your boy needed to step up his fashion game.  To put it simply, it was time to dress like “a real grown up” as Harry would say. So I cracked open my limited edition Green Arrow piggy bank and hit up the Central City Mall to buy some new threads. 

It’s been a hot minute since I hung around the mall, and I was bombarded by youths, elderly mall walkers (gotta get that heart rate up!), and pushy bargain hunters.  It reminded me of the classic zombie mall sequence from Dawn of the Dead (freak-ay!)  But I then spotted some kids hanging by the food court, goofing off.  They made me nostalgic for my old mallrat days.  Ah, the memories. I resisted the urge to hit up the video game store and headed straight for some upscale clothing shops.  Before I knew it I was in my own Pretty Woman montage of trying on baller outfits.  Slacks and new leather shoes? Check. Check.  Silk buttoned down shirt? For days.  Suave sports coat? You know it.  Suddenly I was strutting the mall, turning heads left and right.  I stopped at a storefront and looked at the fashionable man before me. Turns out I clean up real nice until…

Two kids from the food court ran past me, scuffing my shiny new leather loafers.  I turned to see a security guard chasing after them.  I ducked down a hallway where no one could see and opened a quick breach and popped out right in front of the kids.  I told them to slow their rolls and asked why they were being chased.  The kids looked scared and pleaded that they weren’t doing anything wrong – they were pretending they were Flash and Kid Flash on the hunt for a meta.  I have to say, I was touched, just the security guard caught up to us.  He barked at the kids – “no running allowed!”

When I told the guard they were only emulating the heroics of The Flash and Kid Flash, the security guard softened.  Turns out, he was also a big fan and let the kids off win a warning.  The kids thanked me and said they never expected a grown up to be so cool.  They disappeared into the mall, probably to hit up a Spencer’s Gifts like I did back in the day.

On my way out, I caught a glimpse of myself in a storefront window.  I saw the reflection of a sharp-dressed, serious man and realized I was kidding myself. This is isn’t me.  I’m fine at being an adult, but in my own way, going by my own rules. So I returned all the clothes and stopped at the food court’s Big Belly Burger for fries and a shake, in my Cisco-approved wardrobe.  And Barry and Iris will be cool with whatever threads I decide to rock on the big day.


Whee!!!! So excited for how these came out!!!

Since Frozen and Tangled are set in the same timeline (courtesy of the cameo appearance of Eugene & Rapunzel to Elsa’s Coronation), I really wanted to make 2D animation Frozen dolls in the style of ‘Tangled Before Ever After/The Series’ so they are all part of the same world and ‘look’. :)

I wanted to make Hans & Kristoff as well as Elsa and Anna, but on Disney Store, Eugene ONLY comes in a big huge $100 box set. 0_o I didn’t want to buy 3 of these sets, so I was in a quandary how to accomplish this, until a friend told me that Eugene & Rapunzel BEA (Before Ever After) dolls are in a ‘couple’ set at JCPenney! *-*

I quickly ordered 2 sets from them and as soon as they arrived, began working on the Frozen foursome!

I rooted Elsa and Anna, repainted their faces and styled their hair. I sculpted Hans and Kristoff’s noses and hair, repainted them as well and then dressed them in Disney Store Hans & Kristoff Classic outfits from 2013. For Elsa and Anna’, I kind of wanted to match the ‘winter’ motif of the Tangled dolls, so I said ‘Hey! Why not use the Hasbro ‘Northern Lights’ dolls’ clothing so it seems like a winter scene/aura; plus I didn’t have these NL outfits on any of my other dolls, so it seemed a perfect fit! Bonus: they included iridescent Olaf and 2 Snowgies!! :) So cute! (Only Hans isn’t too ‘wintry’ but his Arendelle cloak is super hard to make and right now, we’re working on another big Hans project, so his Southern Isles outfit has to do for now for this quickie job. ^^;;

It took one day for the gals and one day for the boys, so in all, a 2 day job to create the Frozen charas as 2D ‘BEA’ style dolls!

I love them with this look—–soo cute!!!!! It was a fun project and I love the results! Hope you do, too! What do you think of them?

@love-disney-dolls @jg-omniaart @ribbonsandchocolate @disneysfrozenguy @princehansofthecutieisles80 @upthenorthmountain @kristanna  @daisydaling @disneylimitededitiondolls @arianbutlerart