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okay i know i’m late to the kekkai sensen party + it’s not a big party in general (especially when talking about This Ship) but leo continuing to work w/ libra and staying in hellsalem’s lot.

black going back to scotland for the sake of just.. getting to go home but also to work on better controlling his abilities. them promising each other to keep in touch and initially they kind of.. don’t beyond briefly texting once or twice like it’s one of those “yeah! we’ll stay in contact” kind of promises that’s hollow b/c they both get super involved w/ their own stuff and drift + forget. but black accidentally calls leo out of the blue (seriously, it’s on accident) one day and they end up talking for nearly three hours and everything kind of escalates from there b/c, hey, wow, you don’t realize the extent of exactly how big of a space someone leaves when they’re out of your life until they’re in it again and they start talking like.. weekly. practically almost every other night. just telling each other about how their day was. “yeah, zapp’s still an ass and i fell off of a building today. again.” “i’m able to levitate + freeze things midair longer now! no more dumped coffee fiascos.” stuff like that.

finally black just.. invites leo to come out there b/c why the fuck not, leo mulls the idea over and tries to think about how he would afford a ticket there let alone one there and back, is this okay to do, should he do this, he wants to do this but SHOULD he do it, (reluctantly) decides to ask for the opinion of all of his coworkers and it’s a unanimous “for the love of god, leo, just go. get out of here” and when he voices his concerns about the cost klaus just waves it off + steven actually laughs at him b/c did he seriously think they WOULDN’T cover it. he takes the minimum amount of pay from them. c'mon.

(later that whole mess + stress was pointless b/c he finds out black already paid for a ticket for him, which he feels bad about and offers to pay him back. black declines)

so yeah leo flies out to scotland by himself (black almost flies all the way back to hellsalem’s lot just so leo won’t have to come to scotland alone but that’s just too nice of him on top of being completely ridiculous, man, seriously), meets black, when they meet at the airport black carries leo’s suitcase for him by levitating it and they almost make it to the car w/ it before they both get a bit too overzealous/emotional and black ends up dropping it on leo’s foot (both of them apologize? to each other? for some fucking reason. they’re ridiculous. whatever) leo eats something other than burgers. gets weirded out by the quiet and lack of things being thrown at him (literally and figuratively). they celebrate leo’s birthday and get drunk at some point. and they just! hang around each other! hold hands. hug. process things. eventually kiss! and it’s Good

         ‘’ MOVE’’ Jorya roared as she stomped up the crooked steps of the club they were in. The group of men by the exit puffing away on weed and fags widened their eyes, sharing a joke between themselves as Jorya pushed through them.  Outside, away from the heat of bodies dancing, she realised how cold it was, how loud it had been in the club. To angry and UPSET to get her jacket, she rubbed her hands against her bare goose pimpled arms             her figure hugging dress not offering much in the way of warmth. 

     ‘’ How could I be so STUPID?!’’ She spouted to no one in particular, the alcohol fuelling the flames that burnt deeply inside her. ‘’just a STUPID STUPID GIRL.’’    this had been precisely why she didn’t go looking for relationships, not with all the shit she’d been through the last few years. She didn’t need this SELFISH, SELF INFLICTED feeling of self worth and would be fleeting and ultimately end in betrayal or abandonment, feeling even worse than she did before it had even started. 

       She was better off without men. Having a boyfriend didn’t DEFINE her, she didn’t need one to prove herself to anyone.  ‘’I mean.. what the FUCK.’’ she shook her head, glancing up to the night sky. She glanced behind her as she heard the scuffling of leather soles on the paving stones. ‘’You don’t need to follow me            i’m FINE’’

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People can talk as much shit as they want about how “5SOS owes all of their success to 1D” but let’s remember that One Direction wouldn’t be a group without the help of a TV show. If the X-Factor didn’t exist then the guys of One Direction would be unkown and 5SOS would STILL be a band and making it big. 

Shinya: With you helmet-less and hugging me this tightly coupled with the fact that we’re both guys, what will this look like huh? (‘ω‘ )

Guren: Shut up and slow down ಠ_ಠ

I think you all know where this comes from

I’m not in danger of failing any classes this semester, but I still worry that my grades aren’t good enough. When I get into an anxiety spiral about classes, I tell myself this joke:

Q: What do you call the person who graduated last in medical school?

A: Doctor.