so liddle


It’s so good that The Sun has taken the time to point out that the rise of the Far Right is A Bad Thing. Thank goodness we have a responsible press that wouldn’t dream of feeding a poisonous atmosphere of racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic hate over a period of months and years because like I said, that would be A Bad Thing.

Another One?

Niall and (Y/N) decide that they want another kid.

“DADDY!” My eyes shot open at the sound of my five year olds screaming for their father. “Ni.” I murmured. “I heard ‘em. I’ll go see what’s goin’ on.” He yawned, getting out of bed and opening the door. I followed him out and we walked down the hall. “What’s the matter buddy?” Niall asked our son Aiden. A crack of lightening lit up the room and our other son James shrieked. “Oh, are ye two scared of de thunderstorms?” Niall asked.

I sat down on James’ bed and hugged him. “Don’t be scared Angel. It’s just sound. Mummy’s got ye.” I hugged the small ginger boy and he buried his face in the crook of my neck. Tears streamed down his face. “Hey. Baby boy don’t cry.” Niall comforted Aiden. “It’s just de clouds bowlin’. Nothin’ t'be scared of. I promise.” He hugged Aiden and kissed his temple.

We tucked the boys back in and kissed them goodnight before heading back to the bedroom. “Yer havin’ twins dey said! It’ll be fun, dey said.” I chuckled. “Oh hush. Ye love dose boys more den anythin’ and ye know it.” Niall murmured. “I do. Ye know what else I love more than anythin’?” I asked. “Hmm?” He questioned.

“My wonderful husband. He’s smart and strong and his accent makes me weak in de knees, but above all, he’s a wonderful father.” I answered, closing our bedroom door. “Oh really? Tell me more about this husband of yers. He sounds like a nice guy.” He chuckled. “He is. He’s fantastic.” I replied, kissing him. “I heard his wife isn’t so bad either.” His laugh vibrated against my lips and I got back in bed.

“Jesus. I can’t believe we’re married and we’ve got five year olds.” He groaned. “I’m old.” I cuddled against him and pulled the comforter up. “I love ye.” He smiled. “Love ye too Ni. So much.” I replied. “D'ye remember de night after we got married, when we were standing on the balcony of our hotel room in Brazil, lookin’ out at de ocean during de sunset and I told ye I wanted kids?” He asked.

I nodded. “It was de perfect day. So warm and sunny.” He rubbed my back. “What if we had more kids?” He suggested. I stopped my gentle caress of his arm and pulled away slightly. “I don’t know Ni. How many are ye thinkin’?” I asked. “Just three.” He answered. “Are we ready?” I looked up at him. “Ye’ve been ready since de day we got married love. I know it and so do ye.” He said, kissing the tip of my nose.

“I am ovulatin’, if ye want t'give it a go.” I said, nervously looking up at him. “Let’s have another kid.” He smiled. “Last one?” I said, raising my eyebrow. “Last one.” He replied, rolling me to my back. “Make love to me.” I whispered as I kissed him. “My pleasure.” He replied, sneakily unclasping my bra. “And yers.” He pulled my strapless bra out from under his shirt that I’d borrowed.

“Yer such a dork.” I laughed, lacing my fingers in his messy brown hair. “But yer my dork.” He kissed my neck and pulled the shirt up over my head. He tossed the shirt across the room and he smiled. “It’s been too long babe.” He sighed, admiring my body. “Niall, yer a liddle excited dere.” I teased, sitting up and looking at his growing bulge. He smirked. “Still love Daddy’s cock, huh darlin’?” He chuckled.

“Still talkin’ dirty even after all dese years.” I mumbled. “Angel, I’ll still be talkin’ dirty t'ye when we’re a hundred and five.” He replied with a sloppy, passionate kiss. “Dirty boy.” “Ye know it.” His hand slipped under the waistband of my panties and he dragged his fingers up my slit. I gasped and he pulled my panties off. “Always so wet fer me.” He praised, rubbing my clit and getting a moan out of me.

“Not so loud babygirl. Don’t wanna wake de boys.” He hushed me with a kiss and pulled away. He pulled his boxers off and slowly teased my entrance. He thrust into me and I wrapped my arms around him. “Niall.” I moaned quietly. “Yes love?” He asked. “Fuck I missed dis.” I breathed. “I did too.” He smiled, kissing my neck.

I grabbed his biceps and he smirked, flexing his muscles. My body shook beneath him and he chuckled. “Such a good girl for me.” He smirked and kissed my neck. “Oooh fuck! Babe I’m not gonna last. Too good.” I murmured. “Yeah darlin’? Yer liddle pussy’s so tight around me cock. Cum fer me (Y/N).” He commanded.

“I’m cummin’.” I breathed. He smirked, and I released on him. “Dat’s me girl.” He grabbed my hips and kissed me. He released and let out a soft sigh. He collapsed on top of me and kissed me happily. “Tank ye my love.” He mumbled, smiling against my neck. “Thank ye.” I replied, lacing my fingers in his hair at the nape of his neck.

His warmth enveloped my body and he kissed my forehead. “Baby.” He hummed. I blushed and cuddled closer to him. “I love ye.” He whispered. “I love ye too Ni.” My head rested on his chest. “Cross yer fingers my dear.” He said, clicking the light off. “Already done.” His hand grasped mine and he chuckled quietly.