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Ma Bijou ( Lafayette X Reader )

This one took some time but I loved writing it so much. I found this prompt on a list (“You parked in the parking space I always use so I wrote a note and put it on your car and you put one on mine the next day and now we have been writing notes for over a week just tell me your phone number to make this easier”) but, throughout the text, I changed it in some aspects. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

(also, this one goes out for @dannysrands for making me think of Laf x Reader so I wouldn’t let her down. Here ya go, Gabis)

Word Count: 2204 (I’m sorry it’s so big).

You were not in an anywhat good mood that morning. Your little brother had eaten all of your favorite cereal again, you had ran out of eggs, your hair drier was damaged. You would kill whoever got in your way, oh, you just would. You thought it couldn’t get any worse, but, when you got to the school, there was a car on your spot in the parking lot. A fancy car, yes. Red, brand new, clean. There was an American flag on one rearview and a French flag on the other, which allowed you to quickly deduct whose car that was: Lafayette’s.

You didn’t know him, no. Not personally, at least. Gilbert du Mortier, commonly known as Lafayette only, was a loud Frenchman, an exchange student who decided to stay more in America. He was part of the school’s debate team with his friends, Laurens, Hamilton and Mulligan, but also a member of the wrestling team. The students around the campus would call him the school’s favorite fighting Frenchman for a reason, as he was pretty good on what he did. Another thing about him was his accent, which always got a significant number of girls sighing over him. And, for God’s sake, not even you could deny he was one of the most handsome guys you’d ever seen.

Still, that didn’t give him permission to park on your spot.

You would have screamed at him and ranted until he took his car away, but he was nowhere to be seen. The parking lot was actually almost empty, as you were almost late, so you just decided to leave a note on his windshield to tell him how much of a pain in the ass he was being. “Bonjour, French fry. You parked on my spot. I’d be very thankful if you could not do that tomorrow. If you do, however, I don’t care how good of a fighter you are – I will find you and painfully cut your jewels off. Have a nice day. – L/N”, you quickly wrote down, carelessly attaching it to his car before running to the school.

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BTS reaction- Pushed against their crush in an elevator.

- This one from third person. I though this was quite cute and cliché [in a good way] so enjoy. 


Letting his crush enter the elevator first he  takes the corner furthest away from her after pressing the btton to the requested floor. He and his crush are conversating about work and how its too busy, Namjoon isnt shy at all, if he wants to speak to you he will speak to someone he will.

they are stopped at a floor in between their stop, piles of people get in. a mix of people. Because Namjoon is by the keyboard for requesting floor numbers, he moves to next to his crush, un awkwardly. He keeps his distance but more people pile in and he is squashed up against his crush.
Namjoon *mouths the words sorry to his crush*
She smiles and doesn’t say anything.
The people get off on the following floor and when he is left in the elevator alone with his crush he just bursts into laughter and she joins. No awkwardness from Namjoon.

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Living in the same building as his crush he passes her in the elevator a lot but hes to shy to start a conversation. One day he comes home from shopping and she is entering the elevator, as the doors close he shouts.

Jin: hold please!
She puts her hand in between the doors and lets him onto the elevator.
Jin: thankyou
He says shyly.

They stand in the elevator in silence, jin awkwardly darting his eyes around as the girl taps on her phone. Suddenly the elevator stops on a different floor and people cram inside. Jins crush puts her phone away in the comotion and she greets the passengers but they, not taking any notice, push her over into Jin. Jin is shocked and staring at the girl. Hes actually touching her for the first time.
An old lady who is a passanger on the elevator turns to the girl.

Grandmother : you two make a lovely couple!
The girl is then forced to explain the situation but Jin doesn’t bother helping because hes too entranced by her beauty. [and he loves the idea]

[crush is v– obviously no pulling that face!]

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He’s at work and his boss needs some papers delivering to one of the floors, Suga willingly offered in hope to see his crush who works on the said floor.

They are quite good friends and spend coffee breaks with one another.

He presses the button for the elevator and when the doors open he realises his crush is standing there.
Crush: Oh! Suga! I was just coming to give you this! *gesturing to one of the two mugs of coffe*
Suga: I just need to deliver some papers.. are you okay holding it until I have a spare hand? *she nods and he smiles in return*
The doors close and the elevator starts to move upwards. It stops at the next floor just as suga had taken a breath to start conversation. Lots of people in clean suits cram into the elevator. Suga’s crush pulls him closer.
Crush : Suga.. im costraphobic.. help. *she looks at him with pleeding eyes and her breath quickens*
Suga: Im sorry Im afraid youre going to have to take the next elevator, my coligue here is afraid of tight spaces, *he practically pushes people out of the elevator* THANKYOU!

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J-hope is out shopping with his crush for a birthday present. They decide to take the lift up to the car park, J-Hope loves parking where there is a veiw he parked at the top floor. The get into the elevator, J-hope is thanking her for accompanying him.

Crush: just shush, like I said, it was fun!
J-Hope laughs. The elevator then stops to let people in. a lot of people pile into the elevator and J-hopes crush shuffles closer to him into the corner. They last a couple of floors and the people get out. J-Hope is laughing as his crush moves away.
Crush :im sorry, im just not good with new people.. *she looks to her feet* they smell weirdishhh.
J-Hope.. they smell weird? *he laughs* speeking of smells.. you smell nice! I like it.. *he walks over to his crush sniffing at her hair and she is laughing and pushing him lightly.*

[crish is V– again]

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Silently standing in the elevator with his next door neighbor, who is also his crush, V stares at his feet. Suddenly the elevator doors open and a bunch of rowdey, drunk boys stumble in. V thinks fast and pulls the girl to him as the boys surround them.
The girl is confused but doesn’t struggle. Instead she holds onto his coat as V just watches the boys carefully.

Drunk boy in elevator : She’s too good for you mate. Honey what are you doing with a stupid fella like this? *the bloke goes to stroke her cheek*
Vs hand snapps at the drunk boys wrist and stops it right in its track. V’s deadly stare peirces the boys. Suddenly the elevator door opens on V’s floor and V take hiself and the girl onto his floor.
 Who knows where this could lead?

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He pushes his crush into the elevator, even tho they were just walking past. She hits herself on the wall and hurts her arm, he chases her into the elevator.
Jimin :are you okay? I didn’t mean to push you THAT hard!
Crush: im fine! *she laughs*
Suddenly the doors close and she starts to panic.
Jimin: ah.. oh well.. I like this.. its kind of.. spontanious. *he bites his lips and his crush looks at him patheticaly*
Crush: umm. No.
Suddenly the door opens but they fail to get out. Instead they are pushed together into a corner, looking at eachother which just makes the moment more heated. The people leave and the doors shut again but they don’t move from there positions..
*to be contuinued* JOKES.. nevah.. ill let your own imaginations play with that 

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Obviously this little boy is so shy, but he has known his crush since pre-school. They are very close but jungkook would NEVER confess to her incase he ruins the friend ship. Theyre just chatting in an elevator but then the doors swing open and people pile in. Jungkook and his crush are close anyway but she just shuffles closer to make more room [which is needed]. Jungkook looks down at his crush with a smile. But when their eyes meet the smile is replaced by a look of awe. They both share the look but someone infront of jungkook acidently steps on his foot and in turn.. ruins the moment.

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Request: Can you do a reader x Owen where reader is the caretaker for the Mosasaurus, and Owen comes to the night show every night to see her. One night, he leans in too close to the water, and before she can catch him, they both fall in, and Owen is freaking out cause he thinks the Mosasaurus is going to attack, but the reader just laughs, and the Mosasaurus comes to the surface and lets them pet her! Thanks, I love your writing ;~;

Author Note: This prompt is so good, thank you! I hope you enjoy <3

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a story worth telling

Fluff Week: May 19th: I Lived/Show Me +  May 20th: Serendipity

So…this is a birthday present to myself? :’D
A little in canon goodness, hehe. Enjoy!!

It turned out far shorter than I had originally planned simply because I was late and just wrote it all in one go :’D So I can’t guarantee that this is any good haha, but I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

Again, thankyou for all the amazing birthday wishes and gifts!! It’s still not over, hehe. Let’s celebrate some more. ♥

The wind danced across the veranda, sounding the little wind chimes Lucy had lovingly assembled the other day, and continued its journey to try and ruffle her hair. The endeavour was useless though, as she had tamed it into a tight braid.

For a moment, she watched the chimes dance with the wind, but then shook her head as if to reprimand herself, glancing back down at the scribbles in her notebook.

She kept staring for a few moments more. Then, with a loud sigh, she ripped the page out of the book and scrunched it up. In her small wrath, she hauled it as far as she could, as if that would make the words on it disappear for good.

A futile wish.

Or so she thought, but the next moment she watched as the little ball ignited and crumbled into ashes, before they too were gone with the wind.

“Oi, that almost hit me!”

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[ Electrical Meltdown ] - bluewheatfields

A mere two months had passed since she abandoned the laboratory for a universe that wasn’t her own when she returned and, without so much as a passing glance towards the core, leapt through a new portal. Bounded into it without enough time for so much as a single breath of Aperture’s stale air, fast enough that her body heat maintained without letting the cold seep in. If one were not paying good enough attention, they may not have recognized her for who she was, what with new clothes and clean, brushed brown hair. Those boots and that bandage were the only things that remained the same at passing glance. 

This became the way it was. Every month or so she would dive into Wheatley’s decaying humble pit of a home, and before her feet had time to become familiar with the floor she was off again and gone again. Away, somewhere, curious and rambunctious and unstoppable. 

Sometimes she would drop something as she darted by, some little gift. Never handed to him, never explicitly stated as a present, but left behind. A third clack on the ground to accompany both springs as she bounced through the next portal. Mere reminders that she had been somewhere far away, perhaps thank-yous or maybe she was teasing him. Useless things that hit the ground like they fell out of her pocket, but she was too careful to let their loss be an accident. 

Amongst the “gifts” she had dropped: a diamond-and-pearl encrusted comb; a pro-Yankees cap; an English-to-French pocket dictionary; an empty pistol with a fist-sized crunch-dent on the side that rendered it impossible to reload; a ballpoint pen half-out of ink; a rainbow keychain reading “pride”; an old cell phone from the 90s that had run out of batteries long ago; some coin that was probably supposed to be currency; a small hand-made doll missing an eye and an arm; and a red recorder with a chewed tip. 

As she began to run out of portals to jump through, and the portals she hadn’t yet explored moved positions in either universe they connected, she spent more time between them. Still not long, little pauses here and there to look left and right before hopping away again. Like an anxious bunny. Never acknowledging Wheatley, never doing anything for him but dropping the occasional material endowment adding to a growing collection of useless trinkets. 

Then out again, away again, into some new place where he couldn’t go. 

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i just don't understand what the point of spallen was if patty was just going to leave when their relationship finally had the chance to move forward. it was so obvious that patty made barry happy and that they really could have gone somewhere with their relationship. i just dont understand why patty was written off, she had potential for her own storyline as well as one with barry. if its for westallen they shouldn't of brought her in, in the first place, her character deserved way better :((

ikr? I had such high hopes for her. I just hate The Flash writers sometimes, they written Patty off like she didn’t even matter! what is this nonsense?? I’m so sick of it. Female characters should be more than just the girlfriends. Patty had a really good potential, and they blew it. And let’s be real, we lost Eddie for w.estallen, and now Patty. Oh, and how about Linda? How many good characters they’re gonna sacrifice for w/estallen sake? ugh, I’m so upset with the way they written her off. :(
Sorry, if I’ve been too negative. If you want to continue this conversation, please message me off anon ‘cause I would love to discuss it :)