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Hi, I just want to ask do you have posts about clues that you've noticed that J2 have been sending? Thanks! You're super observant and awesome and I'm always excited to check up your blog whenever J2 are spotted ;) Have a lovely day!

Hello, dear anon!

I’m sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. Thank you for the lovely words, I sure appreciate them! As for your question… well, let’s take a look at J2′s social media from this year, shall we? There are some things worth paying attention to.


(x) Yikes. Glad to be back in Vancouver and happy to be rid of the hiatus beard? Should be be talking about the literal beard, he’d have had the option to shave it away at any time. “It’s been real” isn’t what you’d call a fluffy expression. (post)

(deleted) The bad idea video! How suspicious that Jensen should post something like this, delete it in the morning and post something that mentions his wife and children. (post)

(x) Jensen tweets a little support message before Jared goes on to be interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel. It’s very subtle and can be read in many ways, but I think Jensen means him and Jared by “us,” rather than the entire Supernatural cast and crew. I could be reading too much into it, but I thought it was a very sweet show of support.


(x) Wowza. Jared made sure to address Jensen and complained about how in his absence, there was nothing to warm him up. Add to that the sad facial expression and we have a kicked puppy situation. Come home, Jensen? (post)

(x) I will not leave this topic to rest. To have J2 coming to us, using our terminology is huge, as the PR panic so swiftly proved. It doesn’t matter that they had a buddy with them. I get it and appreciate it more than I can say. (post)

(x) Speaking of topics I won’t leave alone… There is no way this was a coincidence. D posts a mural picture of her and Jensen and Jared posts this on the very same day. Not even tagging his beard can tarnish the message. (post)

Well, those are three samples of many I could have picked from both men. It’s always a very powerful moment when they dare to defy TPTB on social media, which is why I chose these over con moments. To the random passer-by, all of this can probably be shrugged off, but not by those of us who follow them closely. I hope this response sufficed! Thank you for the message, lovely anon, and have a marvelous week!

His Pet-Names For You|S.Holland

Others In this Series: 

Tom Holland-Pet-Names

Peter Parker-Pet Names 


  • You are perfect in his eyes 
  • “She’s my doll, Harry..” 
  • “She’s so perfect mum, she’s my little doll and I love her.” 
  • It was his way of describing just how perfect you are 
  • Never being able to find a flaw in you
  • “You’re like a doll, perfect in every which way.” 
  • “Sammm stop!” 
  • “Never doLL” 


  • Cuddles would be used when he needed cuddles from you 
  • It’d be a rainy day and he’d just hit you up saying he needed to be snuggled by his cuddles. 
  • Not wanting to let you go. 
  • “Cuddles come back!” 
  • “I have to pee Sam.” 
  • Boy is needy and just wants some of cuddles attention. 


  • homeboy can’t help it
  • Wifey was the nickname he used when talking to his brothers about you. 
  • “Yeah wifey, cause I see a future with her.” 
  • Changing your contact name to ‘Wifey 💕’ 


  • Sam doesn’t use this one as often
  • But when he does it’s holds so much emotion behind it. 
  • “God love, I’ve missed you so much..” 
  • “Counting down the days till I can hold you in my arms again love.” 
  • “I call her love, cause I feel nothing but love when I see her..”


  • He’d alone use it when you two were alone..
  • “Come here yummy..” 
  • “Sam..” 
  • From there things would just escalate farther. 
  • “You’re yummy, so why shouldn’t I call you what you are love?” 

emery: oh, little girl… i’m so sorry. is there anything i can do? do you wanna talk about it?
wyla: n-no, it’s alright. i should let you get back to bed..
emery: how about i bunk with you tonight? give you some company?
wyla: thanks, mum. i—i think i’d sleep better with you next to me tonight. it’s been rough.
emery: anything you need, my love. 


Hi Lovebugs!

Thank you all so much for the support so far for this series. It’s a very different kind of story for me, (hence the every other week updates) but I’m loving the challenge!

I want to make this series a little darker though, so the next chapter might be a bit more intense! Don’t worry though, I’ll put warnings on everything!

Characters: Finn Balor/OC (Feat.other Superstars)

Warnings: Angst, Occult.

Taglist: @wrestlingbabe, @caramara3, @camm-wow, @isawthesights, @blondekel77, @alexahood21, @panda-girl1999, @wweburnitdown, @nickysmum1909

Please let me know what you think, also if you would like to be tagged! 

Love you all. <3

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Do you have any Lietpol fic recommendations?

Ohh! First of all if you want to read amazing LietPol fanfics check out @still-intrepid‘s fic recs!! They contain awesome LietPol content (for example No Love Too Great which is one of my absolute favorite fanfics out there. But just check out the whole list because every fanfic is so much worth the reading!!)

I got a similar ask about a year ago and I collected my favorite fanfics here. c:
Let me just point out that some of the ones mentioned in my answer are not completed because that’s what I forgot to say back then. OTL

Other than that I might add some awesome fics I found/read recently and therefore are not included in that post from a year ago. c:

The Flowers Of Her Name by @aph-belarusia a very nice fanfic featuring nyo!Lithuania and male Poland which is a super cute combination in my opinion! The dynamics between these two are adorable.

The storm by @probably-somebody  a fluffy fic with nice dialogues. Also contains poland owning a cat named Jadwiga which is incredibly cute.

The Union of Krewo by Lietuva'sGirl  this is adorable, Poland and Lithuania may not be the best friends in this one but their childish little quarrels are cute and amusing and this also contains some nice interactions between Lithuania and Grand Duke Jagiello.

Then I want to mention the nice fics @gnostic-heretic wrote recently;

Prudentia catholic school AU in which Poland and Lithuania are adorable the story is very interesting and especially the last chapter is incredibly sweet.

De natura amoris again great dynamics between Poland and Lithuania, takes place during the rennaissance era. Contains nice metaphors and is researched very well in my opinion.

I also want to recommend
old haunts by @rosiethero an amazingly cute and very interesting monstertalia AU with a neat mixture of humour and tragic scenes.
the dimensional door by @scarlettlillies Sailor moon crossover AU! Poland and Lithuania interact adorebly and it’s amazing how everything seems so well tought through. I love how that Sailor Moon AU is implemented.
At this point.
Both fanfics are amazing and I’m very weak for AU’s with slight LietPol including the other baltics c:

okay so like as a Broke Bitch something i always loved about taylor was that you didnt need to spend a shitton of money to feel included in the fandom. you had the t party and then she started interacting with us online and inviting us to secret sessions and it was all so goddamn incredible and something no celebrity id heard of has ever done before but goddamn, the international fans really drew the short end of the stick here and i feel so bad for people who are upset that the world just seems to be against poor people and on top of that you got the taylor minions like ‘but she has done…. so much for us…. she sacrificed herself…. so that we could get the good shit but you couldnt…. dont be an ungrateful bitch’ like fuck off with that. sometimes its not your fuckin place to shoehorn yourself into those conversations

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Don't get me wrong I love that you're back here but you honestly confuse me so much. You have a blog and write Bughead fanfic but you don't actually stan anything or even act that into Riverdale. I just wonder is all

You just wonder what?! This is a sufficiently polite variant of my regular ‘Reblog Bughead’ requests that I actually do want to know what you wonder. I can’t tell if you think I have no interests, that my interests are uninteresting, or that I’m just completely disinterested in Riverdale. Regardless, I don’t think you should let it cause you such existential bother.

For what it’s worth, I’m actually interested in lots of things. I never get tired of watching FRIENDS. I read a lot - both fiction and non fiction. I also read a little fanfiction, and when I do I send the author some love because that’s important. I gravitate to the ocean whenever possible. I follow current affairs obsessively, and New Zealand politics even more so. I walk around listening to Bon Iver, feeling really melodramatic. Sometimes, when everything seems impossible, I randomly watch Lady Gaga’s Superbowl halftime show - just because I find it absurdly uplifting. 

I dwell endlessly on my inability to maintain small talk. I complain about the weather. I train 6 days a week with a competitive rowing squad. For a really long time all that mattered to me was going to the Olympics, but sometimes these things don’t work out. I have a side job in the fashion industry when my schedule allows it. I love words.

I do more baking than is probably necessary. 

I watch a lot of haute couture fashion shows on YouTube. I write non Bughead related things. I lecture my friends about taxation policy and they hate it! I help coach a group of school kids at my rowing club, and sometimes they hug me goodbye even though I’m going to see them again at 6am the following morning. I eat a lot of chocolate Caramello Koalas. I spend too much time and money curating my collection of jeans and crisp white t shirts. I overthink almost everything. I go to work. I randomly think about Harry Potter for no reason. I worry about the state of the world for lots of reasons.

Once a week I watch Riverdale, and when I get an opportunity I update What We Have Here.

I don’t feel like I really owe you this explanation, or even that it will in any way mitigate your confusion. This is the way I am, but also the way things should be if you would only let them. 

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I went back and reread lust and errors again and I just wanted to let you know that it's really got me fucked up lol? I love the way you've written the characters bc it's like I want to feel bad for them but at the same time sometimes I'm yelling at them in my head like "why are you doing this!?" and it's really great, and I'm not really sure how to describe my feels so please just know I absolutely love your writing. The ending of pt 5 really tore me up tho bc all i saw was kook crying anddbshs

Thank you so much for posting your fics, I really enjoy reading them. I hope you have a wonderdul rest of your week, please take care.♡

oh my god, you really don’t understand how touched i am right now. literally nothing makes me happier than when my characters get appreciation like this. like, i don’t think anyone knows this, but i think about my characters literally everyday… i’m always thinking about how to develop them, what flaws they have and how to make them real. i really try so hard to bring life to them and i’m so emotional over your kind words about them!!! thank you so much you lovely person, stay happy and healthy <333

whoever  tipped  off  my  url  change,   literally  unfollow  me  right  now.  i  don’t  need  you,  i  have  other  friends  that  care  more  about  me  than  you  trying  to  start  stuff  .   i’ve  only  just  come  back  and  already  forgot  about  all  the  pointless  drama,  i  don’t  need  this  shit   grow  up     the  url  change  was  for  people’s  comfort  because  i  care  about  my  mutuals,    not  for  me  but  as  much  as  i  loved  my  other  url   i’ve  had  too  much  hurt  past  from  it.   i’m  not  one  to  cause  much  drama  but  since  what  happened,  happened  some  people  just  cant  get  over  it,   just  please  leave  me  alone  and  let  me  write  and  stop  being  so  petty.

Murder Your Darlings is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, and for a very long time I heavily disagreed with it.

Now that I am slightly older, I do see its merit, but I think its execution is often mis-advertised.

Murder Your Darlings as a concept always implied “kill parts you love if they don’t fit in the story” and this always horrified me, because I loved these things so much, why get rid of them?

Why write at all if you remove the parts you love.

So instead I propose an alternative definition. Realize that the parts you love can exist in  a different context than you envisioned initially.

Don’t murder your darlings, but realize they can still be your darlings if you allow them to grow and change.

Let Your Darlings Grow Up.

Maybe that initial plot twist doesn’t work anymore, but that doesn’t mean you need to discard it and murder it in a back alley. Maybe you need to take it by the hand and go “where do you belong? Maybe in another story? Maybe in a different context? Maybe not as a plot twist at all, but as something the readers know about right away?”

It wasn’t until I developed those skills that I became good at “murdering my darlings” because I realized I didn’t HAVE to give them up, I just had to not get married to their current position and role.

Don’t murder your darlings. But boil it down to the core aspect, the very thing you liked about them, that feeling and desire, and decide if it needs to be put in the dressings you lovingly adorned it with, or if perhaps there is another, just as wonderful situation you can put it in.


I can’t post enough about how much I love this man. He will never be able to understand it. I know we go through some really hard things but I love your stubborn ass. You’re amazing. I think you work too much and talk too little but you still do the things I want to do with me so I’ll let all of that go. Sorry for talking your head off sometimes and making you angry and apologizing too much. But thanks for staying, and for learning how to do this with me. I love you, and even though you woke me up super early for a quickie this morning, thanks for cuddling me afterwards so I could fall back asleep. Much love, Em ♥️

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You are killing me slowly. I don't know what your intentions are, and I am completely in love with you. One minute you treat me like I am everything, and then completely ignore me the next. The minute I convince myself that you're just a flirt and I start to let go, you draw me back in, and I fall incredibly hard all over again. I want you so bad and I am terrified of the possibility that you don't want me.

Go on/off anon and pretend were the person you want to talk to and get everything off your chest

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i really didn't think i could hate lydia but look!! i better get MY endgame in the mistake or im gonna sue wow i'm so upset. "you kissed her back" UMM??? STOP I DIDNT NEED THAT JUST LET THEM BE HAPPY. anyways i love your writing and this is wanna my favorite fics EVER so just give me my endgame please i cant take any more angst. xoxo!

Originally posted by dazedobrien

um are angst and genuine despair the same thing? either way. hmm.. maybe don’t read the next part?


A Shin from today’s doodles


i decided i’d create a taylor themed ask list, because these are fun and we all love taylor so let’s see how this goes.

taylor swift: how long have you been a ts fan?

meredith: do you have any pets?

olivia: serious question - cats or dogs?

1989: what time perioud should you have been born in?

red: what is your favorite season and why?

speak now: say something you’ve been holding back

fearless: what are you most afraid of in life?

reputation: what do you want your legacy in life to be?

all too well: what’s your favorite taylor memory?

last kiss: who/when was your last kiss?

dear john: what’s hurting you right now?

ready for it: are you - in fact - ready for it?

gorgeous: besides taylor, who is the most gorgeous person you know?

look what you made me do: do you believe in karma?

the last time: when is the last time you’ve genuinely laughed?

story of us: are you currently in love?

love story: do you believe in love at first sight? why/why not

the outside: are you currently feeling left out? why?

the best day: favorite memory from childhood?

breathe: just take a deep breath, you deserve it!

change: what’s one thing you’d love to change?

haunted: any recurring nightmares? what are they?

come in with the rain: does the rain help you sleep?

enchanted:  when’s the last time you danced around all alone?

mean: what would you say to the people who bullied you?

long live: tell me the deepest reason or story of why taylor swift is so important to you

state of grace: where do you feel most at peace?

22: when’s the last time you just let go and had fun?


OK BUT THIS IS SO GOOD like pearl has absolutely no idea and jaspers just  internally LOSING IT

They’re watching baby animals videos

( @greyhairsowhat happy birthday dear !!!!  (ノ ´ 3 ` )ノ  ❤️️💕)