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1. Colors - Between the Buried and Me
2. The Aura - Beyond Creation
3. The Fall of Hearts - Katatonia
4. Ariettes Oubliées - Les Discrets
5. Ultraviolence - Lana Del Rey
6. Formshifter - Allegaeon

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So tumblr app has decided not to send me notifications of when you post something, I thought you might have gone in hiatus, so I've missed out on a lot of stories so I've spent the past 2 days just binging on your writing and it felt good xD

Lol! I haven’t published too much lately tbh. But i’m glad you got to binge read

Jieun’s Personality + theory on her purpose

So there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Jieun, her personality, and her ultimate fate after chapter 18. In terms of her potential death, it’s a huge probability she won’t live, there’s really no reason for her to stay alive much longer. Now what’s always interested me is how much of chapter 15 and 16 were dedicated to her background and even her own thoughts and internal dialogue. I don’t think Jieun will just be another unfortunate victim of Sangwoo.

A good portion of this post is going to be dedicated to taking a better look at Jieun’s personality in relation to Sangwoo, I won’t go into her treatment of Bum because that’s been hashed out tons of times by now. So there’s Sangwoo’s infamous speech about how she’s shallow and only into appearances, and while it was very intense and elaborate, I have plenty of reason to believe that he was wrong and only spoke so much to make a half assed justification for killing her. Let’s look at some parts of his dialogue:

So Sangwoo is the type of person to use any excuse to kill anyone, it doesn’t matter what they do. The first girl he killed because he felt she challenged his ego, Sangwoo said he killed the old man because he stuck his dick in his face, and now Jieun is about to die because he says she doesn’t deserve anyone for cursing people who don’t look good. It doesn’t matter to Sangwoo whether or not he’s wrong but, he’s kind of wrong.

This is our introduction to Jieun, the first impression of her is that she seems to be bored with being told she’s hot, it’s a reasonable assumption that she’s frequently told that she’s beautiful. She’s the kind of person that didn’t put much effort into anything because she’s never had to try. Things are handed to her for being so pretty, and it’s actually gotten old for her at this point

But then here she is, putting effort into her appearance, getting out of her way and actually trying to look good for Sangwoo. He is clearly special to her just by this small action. Although initially she wasn’t interested in him.

Here is more insight into Jieun’s mind and how she used to perceive Sangwoo, she wasn’t interested in his appearance, but they began to hang out more and she was swept away by the persona he created. When they were singing their duet, there was a montage of moments between them that she was reflecting on. It’s very clear she’s developed feelings for him, not based solely off of his looks, but because of how he treated her as well. Jieun gets flustered when Sangwoo says she’s pretty, not because of the compliment of being told she’s pretty, but because it’s coming from him. 

Now given that Jieun has had a decent amount of time dedicated to her personality, thoughts, and even some development, what does this mean for her purpose in the story? She’s been given more attention than Sangwoo’s other murder victims, it would be a waste if she was just killed and never heard from again. 

My personal belief is that Jieun will become a martyr of sorts, she has the ability to be the catalyst for Sangwoo being caught. Jieun is within his social circle, and Sangwoo was the last person she was in contact with. It wouldn’t take too much work to connect the two together (maybe her going missing would even bring back Seungbae into the plot). And if she did become the key to Sangwoo’s downfall, then that would almost be as satisfying as when she punched Sangwoo in the eye.