so lame but meh


Please excuse my quick crappy pen doodles (and yeah my traditional looks p diff from my digital art) but here are some of my dumb ideas I started jotting down for Wormwood’s design. Kinda wanna make them a high and mighty austere and mysterious kind of figure, but then I thought of making them wear like a bunch of different layers of clothes to hide something probably, and emulate the whole “conman side show” thing, and be able to dress for whatever occasion is at hand. I also liked this bc of the whole tent thing and tents really aren’t permanent buildings and so I thought of them as a meandering “always ready to be on the go and find someone else to do their dirty work” kind of person. Or maybe not i dont know?? I also really liked the idea of a star-shaped scar on their face, and I think I might keep that. Anyway, sorry for writing so much, these are just some lame ideas I worked on this morning :///

loup-ame  asked:

Cookieeee! How do you draw such a kyote lil babu so cutely :O I'm still storta new to drawing and want to learn more, like how to draw cute chibis/babus so great like you do.

(ノ*゜▽゜*) One tip. try to give approoooximately good proportions to ur character. Tehn u can fucked up everything,like give big eyes or huge arms like meh.(if u want to give big legs and lil’ arms, that’s okay tho’.if u think that’s kyote !then it is OAO <3 )

I kno it’s not funny but try to give some logic to ur character’s body . It doesn’t need to be IRL logic. but it has to be logic for you.Something u’ll be able to reproduce 1 billion times !//winky wonk// ur choices will depends on ur lazyness and motivation !

I personally kno’ i’m EXTREMELY lazy for drawing noses.

poof. no nose.!! oh f*ck. don’t do like meh HAHAha. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ so lame.sooo lame

outgoing text to :: open
  • Jordan: wake tf up you lazy aRSE
  • Jordan: i need help ... describe a perfect date to me
  • Jordan: i'm helpless, like, i'd just take the person to a botanic garden and we'd just point at the plants and ... yeah
oikawa tooru’s anger issues

oikawa has always struggled with anger issues as a child and could often times be very violent and have terrible outbursts when things didn’t go the way he would want them to (this was evident when oikawa almost struck kageyama after volleyball practice once)

after that incident, he went to go see a therapist, who recommended that he find things to help settle his anger issues, like keeping a journal to write all of his thoughts in

now, oikawa thought this was funny and told iwaizumi about it as a joke, but nonetheless, iwaizumi bought him a journal for his birthday that following summer, much to oikawa’s chagrin (”that’s not funny, iwa-chan!” “shut up and take it, shittykawa”)

it was a simple notebook, clean stationery and bound in light blue covers

iwaizumi’s instructions were simple: he didn’t want it back until oikawa had filled it up, cover to cover. he told oikawa to write everything in it that he wouldn’t have been able to otherwise say out loud or do out in the open. only when he’s done that will iwaizumi take the notebook back

at first, oikawa was kinda peeved at the idea of writing in a journal (”meh, it’s so lame!”), but at iwaizumi’s insistence and intimidation, he finally started to fill it up when they started their first year of high school

it started from mild to extreme pet peeves, to mild goals and aspirations, to things about his day that made oikawa happy even the slightest. he wrote things in it that he would never say out loud, like how kindaichi should stop using that one brand of hair gel because it smelled like burning rubber, or how he wishes everyday that kageyama and “chibi-chan” would keep messing up their quicks

or how iwaizumi makes him smile, no matter how many times he’s frustrated himself (or how many bruises he’s taken from the shorter boy)

(oikawa rarely gets angry anymore, and it puts iwaizumi at ease)

the once-pristine notebook is weathered and slightly damaged, because oikawa takes it with him everywhere. he ran out of pages a long time ago, but now he simply sticks more papers and pages in it, hastily stapled or taped to previous entries in the journal

oikawa stays up the night before their graduation, adding the final entry to the old and beloved journal (iwaizumi punches him in the arm when he finds out he was up late; oikawa chuckles)

he trembles in excitement as he hears iwaizumi’s name getting called out and he stares at the other boy with joy in his eyes. his hand flies to the journal sitting inside his jacket, feeling the slight angular-ness of the item underneath the fabric.

he can’t wait for iwaizumi to read all of it.