so lalalalala

The “____-not-discourse” blogs are the fucking worst. It’s the equivalent of plugging your ears and going “I DON’T LIKE WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT SO LALALALALA”. If you don’t like the discourse, don’t participate in it. But stay out of it and let the rest of us who want to talk, talk.


she’d been napping and yes she heard her phone chime but iris had a set sound and that wasn’t the notification she heard, so it was ignored. what woke her up was iris slipping to bed next to her and well…corey had trained all morning and then slept all afternoon so now that it was getting dark outside, now that iris was slipping into bed beside her…..she was awake. “hey you…” she whispers, leaning over to press her lips into her girlfriend’s neck, her hand sliding over her hip. “missed you.”

Chanyeol's new song "You Are" Lyrics translation

Girl, perhaps you are trying to hide

Your wings and many charms that I don’t know of behind your small shoulders

Girl, I don’t know since when

I keeps smiling more without knowing

And thoughts of you fill my mind

When I open my eyes every day rather than (thinking of) breakfast

I think of your face and the smile spreads across my face

I spend all day working hard daily to make money again

Why don’t I feel sick of it, I’m only enjoying it

It’s fascinating how a girl like you

Entered my heart and refused to leave

I want to keep the door to my heart wide open

I made this song when I thought of you so listen

I hum lalalalala every day

Your pretty pictures keep filling up my album one by one, baby.

When I open or close my eyes I always think of you, babe.

There’s nothing as beautiful as you anywhere

You are (I just want to tell you today

You are (I want to hold your hand uh)

You are (Even when I pretend that’s not it)

Actually I only think of you

You are (I just want to tell you today)

You are (I want to hold your hand uh)

You are (even when I pretend that’s not it)

Actually I only think of you, You are.

Song by Chanyeol. Written by Chanyeol.