so l ong

seventeen as teens in american high school

bc why not

s.coups: captain of the football team, the guy that every girl fawns over, has a bunch of bros that all sit together at lunch, generic teen jock. does shit on homework but aces exams?? doesn’t usually date the girls who confess to him because he’s waiting for the right one. he wants to find her himself, if he can

woozi: teachers always call on him bc he’s really drifty in class but always gets the answer right, doesn’t talk much in class but is super loud and bubbly with his friends at lunch, girls tend to crush on him but never tell him bc they’re afraid?

hoshi: everyone is school knows who he is, even if just his name and face, slays talent shows, super enthusiastic about spirit, genius student, best friends with vernon. has a gf who he’s very sweet and loyal too. does big, dramatic things on valentines day

joshua: that really religious kid who no one really talks to but everyone loves because of how sweet he is, often wears a cross to school, rarely talks in class but has a super high gpa, people have to be very gentle around him bc they don’t want to offend him. when it comes to girls, they acknowledge his beauty but don’t crush on him for a while.

vernon: apart of the fuckboy squad but is the hottest one (aka the only attractive one), but also calls his boys out if they fucking up, on basketball team, does decent in school, a lil bit of a playboy but still really nice, is best friends with hoshi. they’re known to cause havoc and occasionally pull pranks. have the BEST senior prank in mind

dino: gentle kid who apologizes for bumping into people in the hallway, but throws the bombest parties (with help from the8), passes in school, crushes really bad on one girl who he can never talk to, really enthusiastic about spirit week as well

dk: known for singing all the time, but people love it (some people get annoyed), met seungkwan while he was singing in the cafeteria, class clown, often gets scolded from teachers and has to go the office, but is in the top ten??? so they’re like hmm he’s distracting the class but he’s really smart? got suspended for taking off his shirt. guess the context. also flirts recklessly with girls.

wonwoo: every girl’s DREAM. they always have crushes on him. like u find out ur friend has a crush, and she’s like “aah it’s wonwoo” and ur like …. of course. smart kid. really shy with crushes, gets nervous and runaways when girls confess. runs cross country so he speeds tf away. often raises his hand in class

jun: class president. another guy where all the girls crush on, but he always messes with them?? if he senses u flirting u bet ur ass he’ll flirt back. kind of a bad student, but makes it through. throws great parties. that one senior that everyone knows and is intimated by until they get to know him. ppl love sitting next to him in class bc he’s so pleasant to be around. his friends play with his hair

seungkwan: best friends with dk, saw him singing in the cafeteria then started to sing with him, and thats how they met. people luv their duets. they do the talent show together. reallly good student. likes to pull pranks. occasionally skips class with dk, hoshi, and/or vernon. has crush on a good friend of his, tries to pick up her at parties. does he succeed??? find out next time

mingyu: girls act like they hate him when they lowkey are all in love with him. okay student. captain of basketball team. girls make signs to hold up at his games. stops bullying, constantly looking out for students. in a lot of clubs. has a small but closely knit friend group. sometimes hangs with vernon.

the8: throws HELLA good parties bc he’s got a big house with a pool. takes good care of dino. dicks around in class, often gets in trouble, doesn’t have the best grades, but does well on tests. has a gf who he loves very much. checks up on friends almost 24/7. people all worship him. does the announcements every morning. v happy puppy

jeonghan: people are always trying to touch his hair and are asking what he uses in it. straight a student. one of joshua’s few close friends. also pretty quiet. him and joshua have sleepovers a lot. girls crush on him really bluntly, like write on ur locker blunt, but he’s like haha that’s cute. super oblivious. doesn’t understand until joshua tells him. considering going out for a sports team

his face looks pretty when he’s not angry

Jean took this photo and published it on Instagram when Eren specifically told him to delete it because he didn’t look “good enough”
Also the lil parrot is called Corporal (hah yeah) and he’s Eren’s indulged fricker

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Title: In Threes (Pt. 2)

Genre: some fluff, some lil bitty bits of sadness!!

Word Count: 5,171 (WOWZA!!!)

Rating: G/PG

Warnings: just some swearing and the tiniest bits of sadness!!

Summary: “‘no one tells you that one day you’re gonna wake up next to a boy with hair the same colour as the ink you use to write with. and it’s kinda weird to look over and see all that darkness and then see you open your eyes and just see—light. I don’t understand how you manage to be both….’”

Author’s Note, yay: IT’S BEEN LIKE 3 WEEKS. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED IN THAT TIME FRAME. OH MY GOODNESS. But yes HELLO I am here and I’ve got a part 2 yay!!!! :DDDD this may be the longest part (don’t actually know bc the fic isn’t finished completely yet lolololol) and it’s over five THOUSAND WORDS WOW so yeah!! I got an ask asking if I’d ever posted anything longer than 2k and I realized I hadn’t really but now I have HERE U R FRIEND!!! So there we go!! And again, I normally wouldn’t use a part of the fic as a summary, but still don’t know how to really summarize this!! Aha!!! AGAIN SHOUTOUT TO THE SUN IN MY SKY JULI (bientist) FOR BETAING THIS AND MAKING IT GR15 I LOVE U!!! this will definitely have a 3rd part and maybe a 4th depending on how much more I wanna continue with this!! But yeah yay!!! :DDDD <33333

*a thing: if there’s ever anything you need me to tag, please please please let me know and I’ll take care of it!! Thank you bunches you’re a cute little flower <3*


Part 1



Monday, 7:44 am


Dan’s written sixteen poems about Phil’s eyes in the last eight hours.

They’re mostly just five or six sentences long, nothing major because Dan was in such a rush to get these words out that he just hastily jotted down the lines and then put them off to the side and forgot about them, moving onto the next one and smudging the same amount of ink around his fingertips.

The thirteenth poem was the longest one. There’s way too many references to the ocean in it.

Dan doesn’t care.

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anonymous asked:

FAM for some reason I guess I wasn't following any hobi biased blogs until I started following u and I HONESTLY CANT BELIEVE IVE BEEN DEPRIVING MYSELF FOR SO L ONG. seeing all ur comments on how FOINE hoseok is has me feeling so got damn validated like I was really out here assuming everyone was out here sleeping on the most handsome boy to ever exist ANYWAY GAH BLESS

MSMDJDBDJSJDM you should rlly follow more hobi stans bc we’re Always Loving Hobi 24/7

anonymous asked:

Okay so I have this hc that Baz doesn't ask Feuilly out for the LONGEST TIME bc he's like 97% sure Enj is into him as well, and who would pick Bahorel over Enjolras?? It takes like 4 months for B to realize that when Enj calls Feuilly amazing/wonderful/etc., he's saying 'I respect you' & that Enj actually has feelings for R. After that he goes for it & Feuilly is like??? What took you so l ong

Of course Bahorel thinks Enjolras is in love with Feuilly, I mean WHO ISNT?! Feuilly gives the best hugs, he’s super passionate, he’s more knowledgeable than an upgraded version of wikipedia when it comes to causes he really cares about, he can juggle AND recite the multiplication tables at the same time!

Plus Enjolras is pretty fantastic as well, so they make an awesome pair, don’t they? Though it breaks Baz’s heart, maybe he’ll be better off being Feuilly’s bro, rather than his boyfriend. That’s how things look anyway. After all Feuilly takes Enjolras on “coffee dates” and share the same driving passion… All /they/ do is live together, cook together (though Bahorel mainly cooks), watch the same shows, cuddle… Bahorel tries to tell himself that’s what bros /do/

Until one day Bahorel catches Enjolras gazing longingly at Grantaire while R is watching the other way and??? Wait what??? You’re in love with shaggy boy? Baz doesn’t know if he needs to be offended (beause how DARE you’re not be in love with the most MAGNIFICENT person in the room?) or elated because LOOK WHO ISNT WOOED AT ALL!!

That night, as they’re watching the Scrubs re-run in TV, Feuilly’s head on Bahorel’s lap, Baz slips :

“You know what’s really really gay?”

“No, what?”

“Me. For you.”

“Jesus, took you long enough!”