so kyeopta!

Sehun eats in an unique way

Can we take a moment to look at the way Sehun eats? 

i mean… 

he is eating a hamburger. 

i hope his neck is okay. 

look at his neck… its about to break.. 

even while eating pizza. 

you know you can lift it to your mouth tho… 

there is something seriously wrong with him. 

look, he is so happy because of food 

everybody is eating their icecream normally,
dont mind Chanyeol please 
and then there is Sehun….. 

his face reaching for the icecream once again… 

but its cute…so its okay… ♥ 

Bonus …. 

Sehun eating the chicken angrily on EXO’s Showtime. 

i swear to Chanyeol he looks like he wants to kill that damn chicken. 
He wants to kill it guys.. BUT ITS ALREADY DEAD. 

He is so ridiclious, why do i even love him. 

picture/gif cr@owner. 


#HAPPYMINGYUDAY  #민규의_스무번째_봄

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR MING-HOUSEWIFE, KIM MINGYU! I believe that SEVENTEEN won’t survive at that island without you. But seriously, Y U SO TALENTED?! GIVE ME SOME. lol But also seriously, y u so clumsy?! You dropped a phone 3 times!!! Thank you for taking care of your hyungs and dongsaes. We appreciate you so much (especially Wonwoo. meanie trash af) And your visual is no joke!! LIKE !!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! FIGHTING!

(ctto of the gifs/pictures)

my amazing edit !!!

Okay so I meant to do a follow forever when I reached 500 (which was close to a year ago) but 500 turned into 1.6k (I still have that unfinished follow forever rotting in my drafts) and I still didn’t make one… And then months later, guess what ?? I still hadn’t made one !! Here I am, a few followers away from 2.5k, barely making a follow forever. This is beyond overdue… 

Anyways, I’ve had this blog for close to three years now but it wasn’t active until last year when I got into kpop. I’ve gained a lot and wow I still can’t believe it. Thank you everyone who made this past year great and all the friends I’ve made on here ilysm~… Since this is my first follow forever, idk what else I’m supposed to say besides thank you !! without further ado, here is my messy attempt at a follow forever. woo ! I am probably forgetting several blogs (sorry), but I included my blogroll!! thank you again and ily~

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Wow!! Much Edit!! So Graphic!!! *is the doge meme dead yet idk??*

In ~~HoNoR~ of hitting my first milestone of 500 followers (I actually have 552 now woot woot), I Present to YOU!!! This Follow Forever!!!

Mutuals are BOLDED

Italics are cool peeps that I admire from afar

Y’all People I like A Lot Or Something Get Bolded, a Heart  ❤︎, and Maybe Some Italics, too, idk.

-, #, etc

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I’ve reached 12k followers! (how? why?) As a thank you to everyone who follows me and to everyone who makes my dash pretty, I’ve decided to make my 2nd follow forever. 

bold = favorite blogs 
♡ = people I’ve talked to/my loves


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It’s the end of 2015 and time for my year end Follow Forever. I’m approaching my 3rd year on tumblr and this post is dedicated to all of the lovely blogs and bloggers that keep my tumblr experience wonderful. I love you all and I hope that this upcoming 2016 year is amazing for everyone! Please excuse my cruddy Top edit

List includes:

-Friends/bloggers I think highly of as Bold

-Blog you MUST follow/senpais as Strike

If I fail to include any blogs I apologize. Here is my blogroll of everyone I follow.


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