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how can people cry “FETISHIZATION!!!!” immediately at the fetishization of non-Asian POC but are completely fine with sexualizing k-pop stars all they want, have entire blogs dedicated to shipping them in real life, borderline stalk them into their personal lives, and treat them as if they were gods just because they’re asian as if that doesn’t count as fetishization, too? 

do you not think Asians count as a race that can be fetishized? or is it because “i’M POC TOO!!!!!!!!” as if your experience with oppression means that you can contribute to the oppression of another group? that you’d target another race with the same thing you despise people doing to yourself? or is it because you’ve called yourself a weeaboo/koreaboo so much that it’s lost the original meaning behind the word where it was meant to be a label on people who fetishize asians? that you’ve been contributing to the fetishization of Asians for so long you don’t realize that what you’re doing is fetishization?

just admit you don’t care about the fetishization of Asian people if you pull this sort of thing, at least you can say that you’re honest about it and let people know they should avoid you.

You only care about popularity and having millions of 12 y/o liking a group.

EXO had that and it was so messy, it was do disgusting. I hated it so much. There were so many koreaboos, akgaes, crazy stalkers that even went drag only to be in the same bathroom as EXO.
There were obsessive fans who were delusional that their “oppa” will date only them and if they can’t date them then they can’t date at all.
There was no control of the information, it was very chaotic, we were back then how armys are now, very very disrespectful, dumb and louder than time.

Now, this fandom I am calling family is a mature one, we don’t care for their personal lives, they can date whoever and nobody would post on SNS they are killing themselves. Sure there are stalkers now too but their number is nothing compared to 2013.

They are on semi hiatus since the beginning of the year and 90% of EXO Ls are patiently waiting with no problems. If back in the day they did that 90% would’ve been leaving in a minute.

In 2013 the relationship between EXO and us was fake. We didn’t knew them, they didn’t knew us. But now, after 5 years they are finally showing us their true colors, they don’t have to be a certain way just to please us.

Nothing is forced anymore. And for me that’s so comfortable and nice I won’t change a thing about the current situation.

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how is using hangul when you're not korean appropriation if you're actually attempting to learn it?

good question heres a question back: how does it feel to take posts completely out of context and make a different point out of it?

Disclaimer: This post will be pretty long so don't go being butthurt in the comments if you haven't actually read the entire post.  _Min Cgm (person that wrote this)

“So after recent events I’ve decided to address the whole Koreaboo issue as I know I have a few on my friends list. This isn’t meant to be throwing shade or calling anyone out, it’s just me explaining why what you are doing is wrong and how you can still like what you like without being a Koreaboo.

First off, what’s a Koreaboo? A Koreaboo is someone who is so obsessed with Korea and Koreans to the point of denouncing their own country and having a fetish for all things Korean, they basically want to be Korean. Common traits of a Koreaboo include but not limited to; wanting to date only Koreans, not taking interest in Korean culture only caring about the entertainment side, speaks in Romanization, etc.

So why is this wrong?……

Well first off it’s absolutely disrespectful to your own country to completely denounce it because you think of another country to be paradise. It is also very wrong to make a race of people a fetish, we are just the same as everyone else, we are not a trophy, we are not your prize for liking Kpop we are human beings. A common Koreaboo is also extremely disrespectful to Korean culture and the history of the culture because they can’t be bothered to do any research. That is a big no no, if you like a country you do your research on it, you don’t just go off what you see in Kdrama’s and music videos.

My thoughts on Koreaboo’s and what other Korean’s think of them….

I find Koreaboo’s extremely disgusting and repulsive. Honestly if you show any Koreaboo behavior to me I will be turned off as will all other Koreans you speak to. You can’t treat us as a fetish to fuel your own fantasies. All Korean men and women, young and old find most Koreaboo’s very disrespectful as you don’t respect our culture and it’s history, heck most of you don’t even know that we’re technically still at war with North Korea, yep that’s right, Korea don’t sound so perfect now does it?.  Honestly if you come to Korea and starting going around calling people oppa and unnie, shouting saranghaeyo, etc, Koreans will never take you seriously.

The reason I posted this status was because today I was racially abused by a Koreaboo after I told them what they were doing was wrong.

I seen them comment “Dang. I want to be Korean” on a Kpop video. To which I messaged them saying you don’t want to be Korean you just want to be the hot idols you see on your computer screens not what an actual Korean is. To which I was greeted by multiple racist remarks such as “Shut up slant eyes”, “Go finish cooking your dog”, “Your mother should of died in Hiroshima”, among others. Now I wish I could say this is the first time a Koreaboo has reacted this way to me telling them off for their behavior but it’s not.

Now so far in this status I have been fairly laid back and kind in addressing my point, but this is where I cut the bullshit.

You do not want to be a Korean. What you want to be is one of those hot Koreans you see in Kpop or on a drama. Reality is, most Koreans look nothing like that, there are a lot of fat Koreans, there are a lot of hairy, smelly, and ugly Koreans, just like any other race or Country.  

Ok, so you want to be Korean so bad huh? Go on then, spend 1000’s of hours learning the Korean language, go ahead and take all the racist comments from foreigners while you’re at it, you can take all of this slant eye’s comment, all the dog and cat eating comments, you can take all the they look the same comments, the ting tong, ling ling comments, TAKE EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. Go ahead and go through our super tough education system where a 0.01% fail is basically the end of your life. Oh you don’t want to take all that…..? Why not? I thought you wanted to be a Korean? Oh yeah that’s right, you just wanted all the good side of being a Korean and not the bad points right? Ah I see, well you can FUCK OFF! Stop treating Koreans like they’re some sort of special model of a human, Korea is far from perfect so stop acting like it is.  

Honestly anyone who says they WANT TO BE KOREAN is absolutely disgusting and disrespectful, because at the end of the day all you know about Korea is our technology and entertainment, you couldn’t give a shit about all the rest.

Fuck off with your fetish, fuck off with you fantasies about the country and fuck off with the rest of your Koreaboo behavior.

So how can you like Korea and not be a Koreaboo?

Well that is easy. You can like Kpop all you want, you can watch as many drama’s as you want, you can make plans to visit the country if you really want. But do yourselves a favor, research the history of the country, learn about the culture differences so as when you do go to Korea you don’t come off as disrespectful or even worse, as a racist. Want to speak Korean? Learn the language properly, spend time learning how to read and write Korean Hangul, don’t take some Romanized sentences from drama’s such as oppa, chingu, unnie, hyung, daebak etc, and think that is enough Korean to get you through life in Korea because it’s far from that.

To sum up, respect the country and the culture, don’t make everything Korean a fetish, don’t forget about your own country, don’t try to act Korean and finally if you really are interested in Korea, don’t take any shortcuts, put the effort into learning about the country.    

I’m prepared for all the hate you have so bring it on.”

I’m not into this whole bashing story but this person has a point.

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honestly i relate to the other anon bc everyone who knows kpop in my school apart from me n my friend are full koreaboos :( i'm scared people will find out and be like "are u like them" honestly it's A Struggle

really?? the people in my school who like bts just sort of listen to their music and move on. i didn’t think koreaboos were so frequently found, but that’s sad :/ 

Publicity Stunt

Summary: Things can get complicated when you have feelings for someone, but have to ‘date’ another.
Member: Taehyung x Reader (ft. Yoongi)
Type: Angst/ Fluff
Length: 2,439 Words

I think that this would be a really cute thing to happen, but also a bit stressful. I didn’t think it would be such a long scenario. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

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Min Yoongi, aka Suga, from Bangtan Sonyeondan, and (Y/F/N) confirm dating rumors. You read the headline over and over again, unsure if what you were reading was actually what you thought. The news was all over social media within minutes. The sound of your twitter blowing up woke you around six in the morning. Right after the first article on AllKpop, you got a notification for one on Soompi, another on Koreaboo, and so many other sites. At first, you assumed you were still dreaming, but as you blinked away the tiredness from your eyes, you realized that this was some sort of comedic reality.

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I just saw the most disgusting fetishizing thing in a new years related tag. Why can’t we celebrate our culture and holidays without white people coming in and invading it and ruining it.