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(VERY) Rough translation of “Slutt å meld meg” (Stop texting me)


Mahdi: You kind of get into the mood, y’know.

Jonas: No, you don’t. ‘Cause it’s like ten people in a huge apartment and then you play the russ tunes to get the mood up.

Magnus: Russ tunes are fucking pumped!

Mahdi: ..when you don’t find the right mood and like “Yeah, let’s put on a russ tune”.

Magnus: It works at the parties I’m at. The girls are crazy.

Jonas: But it’s so often it dosen’t fit to play russ tunes where people play russ tunes! You get that, right?

Magnus: Okay, what do you wanna listen to then? What you wanna listen to?

Jonas: I dunno, I’m keen to hear some old school hip hop, some 90’s shit.

Mahdi: Nate Dogg

Jonas: Yeah, Nate Dogg!

Mahdi: He’s awesome.

Magnus: Who’s Nate Dogg?

Jonas: Who’s Nate Dogg??

Mahdi: Are you serious? You know who Snoop Dogg is?

Magnus: I know who Snoop Dogg is!

Magnus and Mahdi continue to talk.

Jonas: What’s up, man?

Isak: Nothing, I guess.

Jonas: Nothing? Is there anything new with that guy Even, or what?

Isak: Uh, no.. Or, I got a new drawing.

Jonas: A new draw-…What’s his deal?

Isak: I dunno.. He’s, well,  all over the place.

Magnus: What’re you talking about? Are you talking about Even?

Mahdi: What’s really going on between you two?

Isak: Nothing’s happening. He’s got a girl.

Magnus: Oh, so he’s also pansexual?

Isak: I don’t know.

Magnus: Just one thing, I’ve been thinking about a little bit, and sorry if it’s rude or anything, but..gays when they have sex. Who’s the man and who’s the woman?

Jonas: Duuude…

Mahdi: What?!

Magnus: What?

Isak: Funny you should ask, ‘cause I was just gonna ask you the same about when you have sex, who is the man and who is the woman? But then I remembered you don’t have sex!

Jonas: Fuck..! Wow, where did that come from..

Magnus: Was it such a bad question? I was seriously wondering, but okay…

Jonas: Alright, okay, but honestly…I feel like you’re letting him play you, a little bit.

Isak: Playing me?

Jonas: Like, he keeps you going, then nothing happens, and he’s still together with that chick.

Isak: Yeah…but it’s not like I can control what he does.

Jonas: But you can! If you like, completely straight up, you send him a text saying “Hey dude, quit this shit!”

Isak: “Yo, dude, quit this shit”…Nah, that’s not me.

Jonas: Yeah. Or, maybe not, but…like… “Text me-..stop texting me, call me when you’ve broken up with your girlfriend”. Straight up. That’s what works!

Mahdi: And then if he really is interested he’s gotta get stressed. We’ve all been there.

Jonas: Right! Like, if you’ve got something going on with a girl, or you just wanna fool around with her, and you’re not keen on like a relationship with her or anything, but then if she texts you “What’s happening? Let’s meet. I’m sick and tired of you not being serious.” Then it becomes serious immediately!

Mahdi: Yeah, and like, you’re getting a slight shock.

Jonas: Exactly. You don’t mess with her no more after that.

Magnus: It’s worse when she doesn’t answer when you text. When you see she’s seen your text like an hour ago.

Jonas: Yeah…

(Jonas, Magnus, and Mahdi continue to talk in the background)

Isak’s text to Even:
Hi, thanks for the drawing, but if you’re not really interested in something more you can just give it a rest. Call me when you’ve broken up with your girlfriend.

Isak: I did it. Sent the message.

Jonas: No?! Not half bad!

All the boys: Cheers!

Jonas: That surprised me.

Isak receives a text from Even:
What are you doing now? Can we talk?

Magnus: Is it him??

Isak: He answered..! “What are you doing now, can we talk?”

Jonas: Seriously?!

Isak: What do I answer??

Magnus: Call him.

Jonas: No! Don’t call him. Write uh…”Chillin’ at home.”

Isak: “Chillin’ at home”?

Mahdi: Yeah, that’s good.

Isak: Chillin’ at home, uh….call me if-

Jonas: No! You want him to call but like, you have to write it in a way that you…don’t want it? You get it? So just write “Chillin’ at home” and then done. Chillin’ at home.

Isak: Chillin’ at home. Okay. “Chillin’ at home” emoji?

Jonas: No..! Chillin’ at home, done. Zero feelings. Totally..straight up.

Isak: Sent.

Jonas: He’s gonna call.

(They wait)

Magnus: Check if there’s a bubble, if he’s writing.

Isak: No bubble.. He’s not gonna answer. It’s just the way he is.

Mahdi: It might be that he’s at a place where he’s unable to talk right now, like..

Isak: Maybe..

(awkward silence)

Magnus: The beer tasted like shit today.

Jonas: Which one are you drinking?

Magnus: Tuborg. Bottled. It tasted like..plastic or something.

Jonas: Is it…has it, is the yeast gone all out, or what?

Magnus: Probably..

Jonas: Oh! Fuck. A person I know, who knows a person, who knows a person, told me that someone had put yeast inside an apple juice carton in their school locker, to make beer?

Mahdi: At school?

Jonas: Yes. Isn’t that weird?

Magnus: Huh?! Then it would have stunk like crazy at school.

Jonas: Yeah, they said so. It smelled like shit.

Mahdi: He probably wanted to party at school.

Magnus: has to be completely…do you know him?

Jonas: No.

Mahdi: Friend of a friend, as he said..

Jonas: Yeah. But..


Mahdi: What’s up, did you invite someone?

Isak: No, you’re the only friends I’ve got.

Mahdi: Hah!

Isak: Probably just Eskild. He forgets his keys every fucking…

Magnus: Eskiiild.

Isak: It’s Even.

Jonas: Huh?! HUH?? Seriously, is he here?

Isak: I’m not fucking around, it’s him.

Magnus: It’s Even! Come on, we’ll go and meet Even, boys!

Isak: No!

Magnus: What, why?

Isak: Seriously, I’m not fucking around. Out! Out, out, out, out, out!

Jonas: And where are we supposed to go?

Magnus: Why can’t we meet Even??

Isak: You can’t meet Even!! What the hell are you on about?!

Mahdi: Have you got my phone?

Isak: Your phone?! Why would I have your phone?!? Okay, do the drinks outside, then! You have a party to go to!

Magnus: But it’s fucking freezing!

(the boys arguing, Isak is LIT)

Jonas: But we’ll see each other!

Isak: No, you’re not gonna meet each other, you’ll take the back door! 

Jonas: But our shoes? What about our shoes?

Isak: Yeah, I’ll get your shoes! Just go!

Mahdi: Gogogogogo!

Magnus: Shoes? Shoes??

Mahdi: Isak, need my shoes now, buddy!

Jonas: Get them, for fuck’s sake!

someone: These aren’t even my shoes..!

Magnus: You took my shoe!

Jonas: Whatever, come on!

Mahdi: -most important is that we’re leaving!

Door shuts. Isak goes to open the front door.

Isak: Hey.

Even: Hey.

Please feel free to use the translation as you please, but please credit me <3

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Imagine: finding Loki at a ball

Originally posted by but-who-saves-you

You shifted slowly on your feet as your eyes scanned the grand hall, seeking out the black hair and pale skin that softened your heart.  Green fabric clung to your figure, glittering with accents of gold.  Wary and lusty eyes followed you, knowing very well who you were.  You slowly stepped through the hall, picking up murmurs from other Asgardians.

“The young prince’s mistress…”

“Lady [Y/N] is here…”

“I didn’t think she would be present…”

You kept a cold expression as you listened, not giving them the satisfaction of altering your mood.  Rumors spread quickly once your relationship with Loki became public, and though you had the support of the crown prince and queen, others were not so keen.  Odin himself disapproved, and much of Asgard suspected that the two of you were destined for trouble.  Both of you possessed magic proficiency, and though Loki was known for mischief, you were known for dominance.  You held a strong air of power, and could fairly combat the Warriors Three and lady Sif.  However, despite public beliefs, you and Sif had bonded over your strength, and said warrior had already started working towards you through the hall.

Sif’s hand gripped your elbow, drawing your attention.  You smiled lightly at her, greeting her courteously.  The two of you conversed as you walked the hall, glancing at dancing pairs, while you kept your eye out for Loki.

“My friend, you know the words that pass…” Sif spoke in a hushed tone, the words for you, alone.  “Are you sure this is what you want?  The words grow harsher with the passing stars.”  She warned, knowing all too well what people said about you.  You turned to face her, but at last, you caught those beloved green eyes that shone like the Midgardian seas.  You smiled, and broke from her hold.

“Lady Sif, I could ask for nothing more.” You stated softly, before sauntering towards the second prince of Asgard.  Sif watched you with worried eyes, but smiled despite herself.  She knew how you cared for Loki, and how despite your histories and behaviors, you brought out the best in one another.

The murmurs hushed as you and Loki met, while he took your hands and kissed your knuckles.  You were slightly surprised by the immediate public affection, but it warmed your heart.  He wrapped one arm around your waist and lead you into a dance, drowning out the world with your movements.

The queen of Asgard watched from a distance, smiling at the picture before her.  She tried to quell the rumors around you two, and even though she had yet to be largely successful, she knew the public opinion mattered little.  Neither you nor Loki were considered normal amongst others, but you both had found a rare comfort in your shared oddness.  She watched as you let your powerful air soften, and Loki let you warm his chilly heart.  It was a power the public had yet to understand, but she could see as clear as the stars surrounding the kingdom.  The judgement fell away, replaced with understanding and care.  You were a salve to Loki’s wounds, as he was to you.  

As the two of you moved gracefully, twirling and gliding like a unified soul, the world looked on.  Some eyes were wary and doubtful, but a select few knew the depth of the bond you shared.  Not even the finest healers could have become what you were to each other.  The shadowed prince found someone who treated him like the stars, beloved and bright.  You, the lady who stood alone, found someone who lifted the weight you carried, and reminded you that no path had to be walked in solitude.


Favourite French Movies/Songs

For French learners who want to immerse themselves in the language

This is a collection of what’s on my French music playlist and a few of my favourite French movies. There’s a wide variety so hopefully you’ll find something that you like too!


(Hip Hop/House/Electronic) Stromae  –  Alors on Danse  –  Ave Cesaria  – Papaoutai 

(Pop) Louane –  Avenir (Radio Edit)

(Pop) Maître Gims   – Est-ce que tu m’aimes

(Reggae/R&B)  Keen’v   – Rien qu’une fois

(R&B/Rap) La Fouine ft. Zaho –  Ma Meilleure

(Rap) Bigflo & Oli –  Aujourd’hui  

(Pop) Kids United –  On écrit sur les murs

(Pop) Magic System – Magic In The Air (There’s French lyrics despite the title)

Honorable Mentions:

(Rap) MZ– Les princes ft. Nekfeu 

(Dance-pop) Kendji Girac  – Andalouse 


Nous trois ou rien (2015)

If you only watch one of the films on this list, please watch this one. It’s the most recent one that I’ve seen but I can’t even describe how much I love this movie. Best French movie I’ve ever watched.

Le Premier Jour du reste de ta vie (2008)

Really nice movie about a French family.

Les Intouchables (2011)

This movie is so popular and well known but it’s great and definitely not overrated. Most French learners have probably seen it, but if you haven’t I would highly recommend it.

 La Haine (1995)

This is an older film compared to the others on this list but it’s a classic. It is a lot darker than the other movies, though, so if you’re into more light hearted/comedic films then then skip this one.

Sorry that this list is so short but here is a great masterpost with a lot more movie suggestions

Gif Credits: Louane - Stromae 

Lord Vetinari turned away, took some papers from a desk drawer, walked to a wall, touched a certain area and stepped quickly through the hidden door that noiselessly swung open.
Beyond was a corridor, lit by borrowed light from high windows and paved with small flagstones. He walked forward, hesitated, said “…no, this is Tuesday…” and moved his descending foot so that it landed on a stone that in every respect appeared to be exactly the same as its fellows.*
Anyone overhearing his progress along the passages and stairs may have caught muttered phrases on the lines of “…the moon is… waxing…” and “yes, it is before noon.” a really keen listener would have heard the faint whirring and ticking inside the walls.
A really keen and paranoid listener would have reflected that anything Lord Vetinari said aloud even while he was alone might not be totally worth believing. Not, certainly, if your life depended on it.

*Except that the ones around it were not good stones to tread on if it was a Tuesday.

– it keeps getting more complicated | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

Red’s Warnings and Tom

One thing we have learned throughout The Blacklist is that Red is almost always right, has good judgement, and is the smartest guy in the room. So when Red talks, we should listen.

Since Tom will be moving over to his new show soon, I thought it would be a good time to revisit many of the warnings Red has consistently given Liz about Tom over the first several seasons. Remember Red is rarely wrong, and I am reasonably certain we will find out he was not wrong about Tom.

In addition there are those who feel Tom was redeemed when he came back to “save” Liz in Episode 02-16 or early in Season 3. But was he really? Certainly Red does not think so. Red continued to warn Liz about Tom after Tom’s supposed redemption. Like Red, I do not believe Tom is redeemed which makes sense since Tom will be searching for Redemption in his new show. Anyway, here we go.

Episode 01-01 The Pilot:

Liz is upset that Zamani was in her house and put Tom in the hospital

Episode 01-06 Gina Zanetakos:

Liz accuses Red of planting evidence against Tom

Episode 01-10 Anslo Garrick Conclusion

Episode 01-13 The Cyprus Agency

Red starts talking to Liz about arriving at a point of no return with the adoption

Episode 01-19 The Pavlovich Brothers

Red tells Liz her husband never existed and understands why Liz went after Tom:

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A little tenderness

Based on “Imagine Thorin helping you untie your braids” from ImaginexHobbit.

Mood song: “Kiss Me,” Ed Sheeran

Dedicated to the lovely @spookynightfury xo


The somber silence that falls over the little house, so strange after the tumultuous events of the day, reflects the weariness and the ill fortune of the company, and you sink into a chair beside the woodstove to wait for nightfall.

Bard, your unwilling host, stands with his son at a window, watching the sun crawl toward its setting and listening with a keen ear for any sign of the Master’s spies or – worse still – the city guard. His daughters have retreated to a corner where the younger girl observes the dwarves with avid curiosity in her wide eyes and her elder sister attempts to distract her with needlework.

The dwarves themselves have settled in as comfortably as they can given the cramped space, finding seats on every available chair, bench, and step, and now only the occasional low murmur of talk passes between them while they, too, watch and wait.

Only Thorin still stands, his arms crossed and his brow heavy, his body radiating the restless energy of a caged animal. When his eyes chance to meet yours, the anger and frustration simmering in their depths seem to bore into you, and feeling yourself an intruder upon his thoughts, you quickly look away…too quickly to see his expression turn regretful.

You little know how often his thoughts turn to you in quiet moments or the part you play in his dreams of a successful quest, of peaceful times when he might show you the softness he can now little afford, and he can only wish back the careless glare while he watches you staring pensively out of the mullioned window and fidgeting with your hair.

The leather thongs that secure your braids are still damp from the river and hopelessly tangled by your hurried habit of tying new knots on top of the old ones, only becoming tighter as you work at them in growing frustration. Unexpectedly, a hand rests lightly on your shoulder, and the lush baritone that always sparks pleasant flutters in your stomach is close behind you.

“Allow me?”

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Some Bughead drabble

Sometimes Jughead Jones wondered if Betty Cooper noticed the way he stared at her. He wasn’t the best at being subtle about where he lay his eyes, but no one in his close group of friends ever raised the issue, so right now it was a concern that remained unimportant.
Today was one of those days Jughead struggled to control his insides, his pulse quickened at the sight of her. He could feel the tiny thumps in his fingertips as he sat across from Betty in their usual hangout at Pops, directly opposite the blonde at their usual table which may as well have a reserved sign permanently fixed to it.
“What about the talent show this year?” Ronnie asked whoever was keen to listen, Archie had his attention firm on Veronica and Jughead found the conversation a blurred background noise.
Jughead held his burger in both hands, almost the size of his own head, he knew after this meal he would still be hungry but he chewed his mouthfuls slowly.
He watched Betty’s lips purse around the straw, gently sucking the pink milkshake contained within the tall glass. The glow of the neon lights from the windows framed her silhouette and made Betty look more angelic than he already thought she looked. Her blonde locks tied back into a ponytail, a style she often wore, lay tousled down her shoulder and her eyes….
Jughead found a piece of food catch in his throat as Betty’s eyes connected with his. He was never prepared for how beautiful her blue pools were, big crystal doe shaped orbs which reminded him of the world. As though he was in space, looking down on our planet from a vast distance, the most perfect view.

“Juggie are you okay?” Betty asked as she watched him clear his throat, his cheeks flushing pink as he coughed to remove the lodged food. Archie and Ronnie both took their attention to Jughead with concern “you always eat too quick” the redhead laughed patting his friend on the back. Jughead still fixed his gaze on Betty who sipped her milkshake once again, this time her eyes watched him. Jughead dropped his burger onto the plate and pushed it away from him. He felt his appetite craved something other than food now.

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DUde,,, Ross is so fucking cute. Like honestly I just cant not imagine him being like all extra cute with everyone. Like kissing Arin on the cheek or playing in Danny's hair and being super duper sweet to Brian, listening to him go on about science

That’s really cute! I feel like often Ross is underappreciated. I feel like people one-note him a lot as an annoying little shit when he’s not really like that. He’s really endearing and cute and he tries to share a lot of himself and his time with his fans tbh. 

in the sense too of shipping I like that Ross would act differently but still lovingly to all his partners. He and Arin I could see bickering like a married couple just from the length of time knowing each other but I can also see Ross snuggling into Arin’s side and watching him play games or they curl up together to discuss things they are working on together. 

With Dan Ross likes to give him a hard time but also likes Dan’s attention in the sense he’ll slide his feet into Dan’s lap and Dan is like “Ross go put some socks on,” but he’ll still rub at Ross’s bare ankle. 

With Brian Ross thinks he’s so smart and interesting and he’d listen to Brian all day if he could but also he likes to be sassy at Brian and give him some shit because they have a good back and forth. Brian letting Ross give him backtalk and giving it back just as much. The two of them laughing at each other. 

Also bonus Barry!: Ross is comfortable and quiet with Barry. He’ll be lowkey affectionate. if things are kinda rough he goes to Barry because Barry has a way of settling things into this calm state. Barry is always good for showing some cute or funny stuff to Ross to cheer him up. 

I promised to write something inspired by this, so, here it is.

Sherlock doesn’t open his eyes when Joan comes back to the room. He listens to the soft padding of her bare feet on the hardwood as she walks around the bed and opens the closet. He takes a deep breath to catch the scent of her shampoo and the vanishing trail of steam from her shower.

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Surprise, surprise- Dean Ambrose x Reader

||Request- Wolf Dean; he and pregnant reader have sex and she goes into labor!- Smut-||

“You know what guys,” Roman said as he lounged in your hotel room, “we all should go camping tomorrow as a little pack before you two split from ours.” You giggled with excitement, “yes! Dean and I would love to go camping with you and Seth!” Dean looked up from his phone, “are we gonna have separate cabins?” Roman smirked, “yea, we don’t wanna be up all night listening to you guys, y’know.”

You blushed a deep red, “well that’s..good. But you know I’m expecting soon so I’m not just gonna-“ Roman cut you off, “I know, I know, sorry.”


Dean tried to push back the thought; it seemed as though you weren’t too keen on making love in your late pregnancy. You got up and looked outside the room window, “I guess we better hit the hay if we’re gonna take a big trip into the wilderness tomorrow.” Roman got up, “true. Meet us downstairs around 9AM.”

Dean nodded, “okay, thanks Ro.” Roman walked out and went straight back to his room.

Demand her to mate. It’s almost season.

Dean gave an awful cough, “fuck!” You looked back, “are you okay hon?” He looked up and nodded, “I think I just need to go to bed.” “I sure hope you’re not coming down with a cold from the seasons changing,” you wobbled over to the bed to sit.

Dean came around to the other side and slipped under the covers with you. “I loved going camping with the boys. It’s just a bunch of bullshitting. Sometimes we try to fish, but somehow it ends up with Seth getting some hooks stuck in his arm,” Dean quietly laughed. “Jeez, I hope I won’t be the next victim of being hooked,” you yawned. His hands instinctively went down to your swollen stomach, “the little shits will have lots of fun. If we’re lucky, they may just come.” You placed a hand on his, “they better not! We won’t be near a hospital.”

Nature. Pups.

“Well we wouldn’t need a hospital. Wolf pups being born out of a woman might freak the nurses out,” he stated. You sighed, “well then,” you whispered, “if that’s the case, I hope they’re quick and painless.”

Little shits.

You rolled over and situated yourself, “goodnight babe.” He placed a hand on your stomach, “goodnight baby girl. And goodnight our shits.”


“This is such a nice little rustic cabin!” You said with excitement. “Yea, we always try to come here every year. It’s a tradition,” Dean said hauling the suitcases inside. “Where’s Seth’s and Rom’s cabin?” You asked unzipping your clothes suitcase. “Next door,” Dean quickly said before going back outside to make sure he didn’t leave any luggage.

Nest and mate. Nature. Perfect.

Dean leaned against the rented car. His stomach muscles tensed as he felt a wave of arousal.

Rut. Mate. Own.

He gave a long ripping cough and tried again to get a breath.

No denying. Let me out.

Dean finally caught a breath and cleared his throat. “Fuck dude,” Seth piped, “you wouldn’t have an asthma attack if you actually listened to the wolf.” Dean sighed, “well fuck, mister dick pic, I don’t want to go around fucking Y/N every time the wolf wants. I respect her.”

Seth gave a low threatening growl, “fuck you.” Dean gave a smug smile and composed his looks before heading back into the cabin.


You sat in a purple fold out chair watching the boys burn marshmallows all to hell. You giggled as Roman brought his marshmallow back to examine it, “damn it- it’s too burnt.” You reached over and grabbed his stick, “give me a marshmallow and I’ll show you how to PROPERLY roast a puff.”

Roman handed you a marshmallow and you jabbed it onto the tip of the stick. You sat up in your chair and extended the marshmallow above the flames. “Hey careful,” Dean said in a worried tone. “Honey, there’s no way I’m going to hurt myself while roasting marshmallows,” you said while keeping your eye on the white puff.

After a minute you retracted the stick back to check on the now perfectly brown marshmallow. “And this gentlemen, is how you perfectly roast your marshmallow over a fire,” you stated as you rubbed the brown puff onto the chocolate and graham crackers in Roman’s hand. “Thanks,” Roman smiled.

Five minutes later everyone packed up the snacks and called it a night. “Goodnight guys!” You said waving at Roman and Seth as they traveled back to their cabin.


“That was fun. I had no idea how bad Rom was at roasting things,” you laughed. Dean laughed in agreement as he pulled his pajama pants on. You had already changed and waited in the king sized bed. “Move over woman!” Dean huffed. You liked to sprawl your body out, leaving no laying space for anyone else.

You moved and slipped under the covers; Dean did the same.

Nest now. Den.

“Hey,” Dean said sitting up, “could you get up for a second, I gotta readjust the bed.” You rolled your eyes, “why didn’t you do that before we got in bed?” You stood from the bed.


Dean put the pillows on the left and right side of the bed. “Wait, what are you doing? Why are you making a nest?” You questioned. Dean didn’t answer. He fluffed the covers and made a not so impressive nest from what they had.

“Lay,” his voice dripped with need. You slowly laid down in the little nest, “you’re in rut?” He nodded, “being out here- tonight with you. In nature. The smells, your smell, my thoughts. It’s driving me crazy.”

He laid beside you, and gave you a deep uncontrollable kiss. You could feel his member poking through to you from his PJ’s. You pushed his lips off, “now?” His blue eyes turned to a feral yellow, “can I?” He pleaded. “B-but the pups?” You quivered.

“Eh don’t worry about the little shits, they’re fine,” he got closer to your ear and whispered, “but daddy’s not.” His hot growling voice sent a wave of pleasure through you. “I can fix that,” you whispered; you decided to play along with his rut.

He quickly raised your body up and ripped your shirt and pants from your hot body. You took a deep breath as you felt his fingers trail down to your pussy. He kissed your neck and whispered, “your so fucking wet for me.” Just that sentence made you give an involuntary moan.

He gave lusty growls into your neck before you decided you wanted him. You tugged at his fabric. He speedily took his pants off, including his underwear. You got on your knees, “are you sure you want me?” You asked.

Need. Mate.

“Yes,” he growled. You slowly positioned yourself on his dick before going down to penetrate. You hadn’t tried to fuck in little over a month. The wolf always seemed to have its way when it went into rut though.

You slowly began to ride with a gentle rhythm. His hands gripped your hips trying not to lose control and buck. You slowly began to pick up speed and get into a messier rhythm. He started bucking with your rhythm. Soon enough you came; tightening around him until he released.

You hopped off and laid beside him. “Shit, that was quick. Was that too much,” he asked. You shook your head no but you felt a dull contraction. You ignore it, thinking it was just too much activity and it upset the pups. But the pain keeps coming back, each lasting longer than the last.


“H-hey Dean I t-think I might be having the babies right now,” you said whining. Dean got up and called the others over for help. Within minutes the boys were there. “Okay, uh. What do we need?” Dean quickly said looking around the cabin. “Well uh we need water,” Roman chimed.

“You fucked me into labor!” You yelled in pain. Dean sat beside you on the bed, “I’m sorry. But I was right about the little shits!” You grabbed his hand, squeezing it, “I think my hopes are coming true, I think they’re gonna come fast!”

You tried to control your breathing while you pushed. Seth grabbed a towel and grabbed the first puppy from you. “Oh my god, here’s the first pup!” Seth said with wide eyes. Roman ran from the bathroom to the bedroom, “I have scissors!” Dean took the clippers and snipped the first cord.

You barely could push the second time around but you managed to push enough for the pup to slip through. Seth grabbed the second and last pup. Dean clipped the cord and Roman dried the pup off.

Joy. Pups here. Tired.


“One is a girl and the other is a boy,” Roman said examining both pups to make sure they were healthy. “Here,” he handed one pup to Dean and the other to you. You got the girl.

Dean sat beside you cooing at the baby in his arm, “this little shit probably gave you the most trouble. He’s just like his daddy already.” You smiled and rubbed the baby boy’s brown fur, “he’s perfect, like you, I can tell that already.” He looked down to the girl you had in your arms, “my god, she has your perfect fur.” He played with her little paw and cooed.

“Well uh guys. I guess we’ll leave you two alone to tend to the pups, we’ll be back in the morning,” Seth said waving. Roman and Seth left to go back for the night.

You looked over, “we’re blessed.” He nodded and placed the pup on the bed, “well I knew you would get angry, but I brought the crib just in case. And now- it’s useful!” You gave a tired smile and placed the other pup on the bed.

Dean brought the crib in and set it up. You placed both pups in and kissed them a goodnight.

You both jumped back into bed. “Thanks for hatching our shits baby doll,” he said kissing your forehead. You yawned, “yep. Thanks for you know, fucking me into labor.” He chuckled, “hey, I had no control over what the wolf did.” You quickly fell asleep between his words.

“Hey, Goodnight baby doll,” he said nudging you awake. You opened your eyes, “goodnight babe.” And the pups slept soundly throughout the night. Surprise.


Modern Worshippers: Óðinn [Requested by probablywitchcraft]

They fill up notebooks with poems, spells, thoughts, runes. They visit prisons to aid in rehabilitation project, listening with a keen mind and sympathetic heart. They collect raven feathers to use as bookmarks in their Grimoires or fashion into enchanted quills. They run the letter writing campaign for soldiers; some of them are those soldiers. They wear crowns on their person in some fashion; a tattoo, a ring, a print on their clothes or handbag. Some just straight up wear a crown. Wednesday is their favorite day of the week where others dream the day’s slump.

They speak in whispers and notes, watching and being His other Eye.

Don’t Tell Nobody ((Scott)) 2

Part 1 // Part 2 // 

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The sun peaked in through the window, illuminating the cream colored bedroom.  

Scott shuffled in bed wrapping himself around you, only you weren’t bed.  
His eyes fluttered open as he felt the cold spot.  
He used his keen ears to listen to his surroundings.  
A hiss sound of the shower being turned off, the crumpling sound of the shower curtain opening, wet feet planted onto the ground, and the sweet tone of your voice as you sung softly.  

Scott put his hands on the back of his neck and sighed.  
Last night was truly amazing.  
He got the girl that he wanted for so long.  
Although, under unorthodox circumstances, he was happy.  
The mere thought of your smile makes him smile even wider.  
But when he remembers your naked body, his breath hitches and he’s a little boy again.  
“Am I interrupting your thoughts?”
Scott looked up to see you leaning against the doorway in boy shorts and an oversized shirt.  
He plastered an innocent smile on his face even when he thought about all the dirty things he could do to you.  
You giggled as you ran toward the bed and tackled Scott.  
“I’m not going to school today”
Scott lifted her chin so he could meet her eyes.  
“So what do you want to do then? ”
She shrugged her shoulders.  
“Bake goods? I haven’t made anything in a long time”
Scott thought about for a minute and realized the only thing they have in the house is pasta, leftover pizza, and hot pockets.  
“We don’t have anything to make goods with”
“So we’ll go to my place, problem solved”
You guys grabbed your things and headed straight to your house

Scott’s pov  

“Three teaspoons of sugar”
We decided to go with cookies and cupcakes.  
Mixed together because why not?  
“Now stir it”
While I stirred I couldn’t help but notice her staring at me.  
I looked at her and smiled.  
I couldn’t read her chemo signals because her emotions were so jumbled.  
“You’re not thinking of him, are you? ”
She tucked her hair behind her ear and looked down at the floor.  
After a while she looked back up to me.
“Yeah, but not in the way you think. I’m thinking, why didn’t I do this earlier? Why didn’t I choose you?”
The statement made me smile with glee.  
I pecked her on the lips and give her an Eskimo kiss.  
“Well you chose me now, so no need to think about it anymore”
“I know”

The cupcakes came out good.  
I grabbed the icing from a cabinet and we started decorating.  
She put whip cream on hers and I put buttermilk icing on mine.  
I fed her one and watched the crumbles fall onto her clothes.  
Why was this girl so gorgeous?  
The pieces of Oreo on her lips looked tempting.
It was scattered but pronounced every dip and curve.  
“I dare you to lick icing off your finger”
“You’re not very good at dares”
I picked up the icing and dug my hand in it.
I preceded to lick off all the icing on my hand except the pointer finger.  
Y/N stopped me and brought her lips closer to my finger.  
She slowly slid the whole finger in her mouth all while making eye contact with me.  
She looked down when she started to Bob her head up and down.  
The strange behavior revved me up.  
It brought chills all the way down to my spine.  
I could just feel all the blood being drained from my brain.  
She stopped and smiled at me.  
The next thing I know, flour enters my mouth and the evidence of it being thrown was on her hands.  
Oh it was war.  
I picked up a bowl of flour and tossed it on her.  
Y/N cheated by squirting icing all over me.  
I couldn’t think of what to do next, so I put a handful of whip cream on my hands and slapped her face, gently, with it.  
We laughed for a while at how ridiculous we looked.
Don’t know why, but seeing her all dirty, turned me on.  
I kissed her the same way I kissed her last night.
With desire and a hint of sexual lust.
Y/N wrapped her arms around my neck and jumped up so she could wrap her legs around my waist.
“Fuck me in the shower, Scott”
I gulped and dove for the stairs.
Derek was right, the bite is a gift.
Had I still have my asthma, there would be no way I could carry us both to her bathroom.

Liam’s POV

The steam in the locker room encaptured a large variety of scents.
Stinky socks, gilette shaving cream, axe body spray, worn shoes, and guys.
I stood in front of my locker and checked my phone again.
Y/N hasn’t texted me since last night.
She always sends me a morning text if I don’t send her one.
What’s worse is that she wasn’t at our spot waiting for me like she usually does.
Was I worried? Just a little bit.
I know that if anything bad happened to her, I would be the first she’d call.
She probably just slept in.
A ding went off and I looked at my phone.

Hayden: Last night was great, we should do it again
Liam: Yeah, but we should lay low, Y/N’s been on my back lately
Hayden: I thought you said you were going to break up with her  
Liam: I told you, I’m not going to do that
Hayden: You need to choose Liam, me or that bitch

I couldn’t even text back.
I clutched the phone and in my anger, my eyes began to glow.
Hayden had no right to call her that.
Y/N is my first love, why would I leave her for Hayden?
Sure the sex was great, but that was it.
I love her.
I don’t think I would be able to even function without Y/N.
The bell interrupted my thoughts, pulling me back to the present.
I shoved on a pullover jacket and slung my backpack over my shoulder.

At lunch I sat with the regular crew.
They talked about the deadpool and other suspects.
I pulled out my phone and started texting her.

“Babe, where are you? I miss you here at school”
“Is my little cupcake ((I couldn’t resist)) upset with me? I’m sorry for not calling you back”
“Baabbee, don’t ignore me”

“I wonder where Y/N got that top”.
My head snapped up from my phone, finally listening to the conversation.

Liam: What top?
Lydia: The one she was wearing last night
Liam: Last night? Y/N was at the party?
Stiles: Yeah, didn’t you see her?
Liam: No I thought she stayed home
Lydia: No, I picked her up and we got the house ready for the party
Mason: What’s going on between you two?
Liam: What do you mean?
Stiles: Well let’s see, yesterday she was so distant that she didn’t even eat lunch, she barely paid attention in class, and Lydia had to talk her out of her gloomy trance
Liam: I don’t know, we didn’t get into a fight
Lydia: Well you did something
Liam: Who’d she leave with?
Mason: Scott
Liam: And where is Scott?
Stiles: Home, he said he didn’t feel too good
Liam: Oh, I’ll see you guys later, I have to go see if Y/N’s alright

Before going over to Y/N’s house, I went to Scott’s place.
Melissa opened the door and gretted him with a smile.

Melissa: Liam, what are you doing here?
Liam: I just wanted to talk to Scott
Melissa: Uh, Scott’s not here
Liam: Are you sure? Stiles told me he was
Melissa: Maybe he was just playing a joke on you, I haven’t seen him since yesterday, is everything okay?
Liam: Yeah, maybe you’re right. I think Stiles is just playing around
Melissa: Okay, bye Liam
Liam: Bye Mrs. McCall

He wasn’t home?
That’s weird.
Why would Stiles lie to me?
Whatever, I’ll deal with him later, I have to go talk to Y/N.
I saw Scott’s motorcycle parked in her driveway.
Scott’s here?  
But why would he come over to see Y/N?
I used the second key that was hidden in the fake rock near the plants to get inside the house.
A strong aroma of freshly baked cupcakes permeated the household.
I walked into the kitchen to find it a complete mess.
Flour, whip cream, and frosting was on the floor and on the counter.
It was faint but as I walked near the stairs I could smell Scott and Y/N.
Using my acute hearing, I listened for any sounds.
I could hear the water in the shower running, squeaky tiles, and I swear I heard a moan.
My heart began to race as I continued up the stairs.
I could clearly hear the sound of slapping skin, her silky moans, and a guy’s strained moan.
My body froze as well as my heart.
Scott’s motorcycle is in the driveway, I can smell him, and there’s a man in the shower with her.
The shower turned off and I could hear the glass door open.

~Third Person View~

Y/N stepped out of the bathroom with Scott and giggled.
“Give me back my towel”
“Why? I’ve already seen you naked”

Liam bursts into the room with teary eyes.
It’s true, she slept with Scott.
“How could, how could you?!”
Scott gave Y/N back her towel and allowed her to wrap herself up.
Liam grabbed his chest as his breathing became erratic.
The love of his life was just caught having sex with his Alpha.
The same Alpha who told him to find an anchor; his purpose of living.
The wolf inside him was furious.
His fingernails extended into claws, his facial hair popped out sporadically, his eyes shone brighter than it ever did, and the adrenaline coursing through his veins made him angrier.
He wanted to kill him.
Scott told you to get out because he didn’t want you to see him wolf out.
You closed the door behind you and waited in the hallway. 

“Liam, calm down”
“Calm down?! You just fucked the love of my life!”
Liam threw a desk chair at him then lunged for Scott.
Scott dodged both the chair and Liam and went to a corner in the room.
“She found out about Hayden. She saw you guys having sex”
Liam let out a loud growl and pushed Scott up against the wall.
Scott’s eyes turned red as he kicked him back.
“Don’t make me hurt you Liam!”
“You already did!”
Liam deeply scratched Scott’s face making Scott throw him against the door.
The door broke upon impact, sending Liam to hit the wall in the hallway.
Scott picked him up by the shirt to punch him in face only to have Liam retaliate.
The two fought for a while, destroying vases, picture frames, doors, walls, and the floor.
Y/N tried to break up the fight.
She took a step towards them but a hand covered her mouth and she was dragged into a room.
Luckily she was able to scream before being knocked unconsciuos.
Liam and Scott both halted immeadiately.
Liam widedned his eyes and called for Y/N.
When he heard no anser he looked back at Scott.
The two ran into her mom’s room and saw that the window was opened and a piece of paper was left on the floor.
Scott looked around the room while Liam read the note.
“She’s not here”
Scott looked at a crying Liam.
“What, what did it say?”
Liam handed Scott the note.
He braced himself for what he was about to read. 

Y/N Y/L/N  

Scott: I don’t get it
Liam: What don’t you get?! It’s the deadpool Scott!
Scott: But she’s not –
Mrs. Y/M/N: Yes she is   [Your Mom’s Name]
Liam: Mrs. Y/M/N, I –
Mrs. Y/M/N: Not now Liam. Those bastards have my daughter and we need to get her back before they kill her
Scott: I still don’t understand, why would the deadpool want Y/N?
Mrs. Y/M/N: *sighs*Because, she’s a werewolf 

I could not resist!!! Plot twist on the biggie! 40 likes and I’ll write part 3

listen….. dex messed around with dudes……… but never got fingered before

nursey is the first guy to finger dex, and dex keeps whimpering and keening, and doing this soft gasping whenever nursey scissors his fingers or pushes in a new way

and it is so not like the growling and low moans that dex usually voices when they’re frotting that nursey is both Very Confused and Very Turned On

Ten Minutes Ago...

This was a request from @vixsyncynco for “busboy Cisco”. With those loose parameters, I took a lot of liberties, but I think you guys will like it. Now this one is a little interactive, as it includes song mentions, and song lyrics, so I’m going to include links to the songs I’m mentioning so you all can listen along. They will be indicated by BOLD letters within the text. Alright, well I hope you all enjoy it!

Originally posted by dailycisco

Cutter Moran, was in the habit of hiring girls he had a mind to use for more than just public entertainment. Every girl who’d sang up on stage at his club, had either already ‘auditioned’ for him in private, or was given the job as a way to butter her up, and loosen her garter belts. This new girl however, had neither privately auditioned, nor was she keen to be alone with Mr. Moran for too long, no she’d gotten the job on pure moxie. She’d marched into the club, tights full of holes, dress shabby and hair in a farm girl braid, and told Mr. Moran himself that she wanted to fill the position of singer for his club, as plainly as if she were stating the weather. By some miracle, Mr. Moran hadn’t disposed of her on the spot, and she auditioned with a song called Let Me Be Your Star’… and  if you asked the busboy Pablo when he fell in love with her, he’d tell you “It was when I first heard her sing, and I knew that she was the one, the only girl I’d ever wanna sing with.”

It had been almost a year since then, and somehow she still had a pulse and a job. The sign outside the club had her name in lights every night, and the club had never been more full…which was the first excuse Pablo would site, as to why he had yet to introduce himself to her, past refilling her drink from time to time. But tonight, Pablo saw his chance, and he was gonna take it. The club was closed tonight, on account of Mr. Moran needing a venue for a business meeting with his crew. The essential staff was still set to work, the cook, Grady the pianist, and the new girl, along with Pablo and one of the cocktail waitresses that Mr. Moran liked the look of. Now Pablo knew, that once everyone started talking business, nobody would notice if he slipped into the dressing room for a few minutes, and he’d finally have the chance to tell the new girl how he felt about her. It was a perfect plan…or so he hoped.

“You, what’s your name again?!” Mr. Moran snapped his fingers impatiently in Pablo’s direction, raising his glass with the other hand, “bring me some scotch will ya?”

“Yes sir Mr. Moran, coming right up!” Pablo replied quickly, scurrying over with the requested bottle, and a bucket of crushed ice.

“No, none of that mess, just the scotch kid,” Mr. Moran sniped, waving the ice away, “ice is for the suckers who don’t know good scotch when they taste it.”

“Yes sir, my apologies,” Pablo replied, pouring his boss a glass before straightening up and asking, “is there anything else I can get for you sir?”

Mr. Moran wasn’t listening, his eyes, and attention had landed on the waitress across the room, the skirt of her teal blue dressed hiked up ever so slightly as she inspected a run in her stocking. Pablo sighed quietly as Mr. Moran ignored him, it wasn’t the first time, and it likely wouldn’t be the last, not until he got his shot to be up on that stage anyway. That was another reason why he’d determined to finally talk to the new girl, he had it all planned out in his head, he would sweep her off her feet with a song, and then she could use that moxie of hers to convince Mr. Moran to give him a shot! Then they’d live happily ever after, singing on stage together like something right out of a movie.

“Sir?” Pablo prompted again, earning a distracted scowl from Mr. Moran.

“What, what d’ya want kid?” Mr. Moran snapped as he stood up, straightening his suit jacket, and tie.

“Is there anything else I can get you?” Pablo repeated once more, hoping he was right in thinking the answer would be no.

He was right. “Not unless you’re as pretty in a dress as her,” Mr. Moran nodded towards the waitress, “and even then, I’d take some convincing,” he flashed Pablo a smile and a wink before heading over to where the waitress stood. Pablo sighed again, this time with relief, as he headed back to the kitchen straightened his bow tie. It was now or never he decided, the new girl had yet to go on, and if he played his cards right, he might even get a chance to sing with her tonight. But he had to make a good impression first, and he knew just what he was going to do. He’d stashed a few of her favorite snacks in the cooler the night before, nothing much, just a couple of bags of her favorite candies in little serving dishes arranged to look fancy on a plate.

Once he’d gotten that out of hiding, he took the back hall towards the dressing room, snagging a bouquet of cloth flowers from the decorations closet on his way, hoping she didn’t notice the hint of red and green glitter on them from the Christmas decorations. When he arrived at the dressing room door, he knocked, his heart in his throat, beating so loud he was sure everybody in the club could hear it.

“For the love of- Judy, baby, how many times do I have to tell you, not when we’re rehearsing -” Pablo went wide eyed as Grady opened the door and froze. “Oh…it’s you Pablo…” Grady muttered in confusion, “I thought you were uh…nevermind that,” he sighed, “what d’ya want?”

This was not part of the plan. The new girl, was supposed to be in her dressing room alone, not rehearsing with Grady the grump! He’d never let him get a word in, let alone a song! “I uh…” Pablo floundered, “I…I thought you guys might like some sweets, to keep your energy up y’know?” He knew it was obvious he was lying, but Grady didn’t seem to care.

“Sweets huh?” Grady asked as he peered down at the plate, “I could use some sweets,” he agreed, opening the door to let Pablo in, “I’m not sure about Miss drama queen here, but you can ask her yourself.”

Pablo didn’t even hear Grady’s sniping as he entered the dressing room, his eyes immediately landing on the new girl where she sat at her vanity, glittering from head to toe in beaded purple dress like a vaudeville angel. “I’m not being a drama queen Grady, I’m working,” she replied, turning in her seat to face Pablo with a smile, “he’s just crabby because he thinks I’m gonna find myself on Cutter’s bad side,” she stood up and approached him, Pablo nearly losing his grip on the plate of sweets as his knees grew weak smelling her perfume.

“You’re gonna end up just like the last girl is what I said,” Grady groused, stealing a handful of colorful chocolates from Pablo’s plate, “and then I’m gonna have a different songbird to deal with, and let me tell you, not all of them broads are as well mannered as you are, most of them are vain spiteful little harpies with too much rouge and perfume!”

“That’s because they’re all spoiled brats,” the new girl bit back, “now simmer down and eat your sweets while I thank this young man.” Grady did as he was told, slumping down on the piano bench as the new girl smiled at Pablo. “Ooh would you look at that, all my favorites,” she cooed, looking over the selection, “how did you know?” she asked, her eyes focusing right on him like that, making Pablo feel dizzy for a moment.

“I-I just sorta guessed,” he mumbled quietly, the candies rattling in their dishes as he began to tremble slightly.

She plucked up a hard candy, popping it in her mouth. “Well I don’t believe this was just a lucky guess,” she said, her hands wrapping around under the plate so that she could take it from him, “I hardly ever eat sweets unless I’m rehearsing, or done for the night. You must have been paying very close attention Mr.?”

“P-Pablo,” he replied with a nod, “I uh…I guess I was,” he admit with a nervous little laugh, “I mean it’s hard not to find myself paying attention to a beautiful woman, such as yourself,” the smirk he got for that compliment made his heart skip a beat.

“Well aren’t you sweet,” the new girl commented, “why with these candies, and your charm, I might get a stomach ache,” she moved back to his side after setting the plate atop the piano, “thank you very much Pablo honey,” she kissed his cheek, and he thought he might die from the thrill, “but like Grady said, we happen to be rehearsing, so if you don’t mind-”

“I wanna sing with you!” Pablo blurted out, his face going red as a tomato at the looks of surprise he’d earned. His brain had gone into panic mode, with all the the closeness, and the kiss on the cheek he felt like he was halfway there already, but then she started to mention rehearsing and he knew he had to act fast. The words had left him in a sort of shout, startling her slightly as she stared at him.

“You want to what?” Grady asked, already half cackling, “cheese and rice kid what are you thinking? Mr. Moran don’t want no busboy singing in his club!” He was slapping his knee he was cracking up so hard, and Pablo wanted to run , and hide, and forget this had all happened…but the new girl didn’t seem to find it funny.

“You want to sing with me?” she repeated curiously, a small crinkle forming between her brows  as she regarded him.

Pablo nodded, “I’ve always wanted a chance to be up on that stage, singing my heart out, showing the world what I’ve got,” he explained, “but then you walked in that one day, and you sang the house down! And I…ever since I’ve figured if I got my chance, I’d wanna sing with you.”

Grady continued to cackle from his bench, munching on candies as he listened in, but the new girl simply smiled warmly at Pablo and asked, “What would you sing?”

Pablo could’ve died then and been a happy man. But then Grady had to open his mouth. “Hang on a minute doll, you’re not seriously considering this are you?” he asked, depositing the remainder of his handful of candy back on the plate, “we’re in the middle of rehearsal, and Pablo is probably needed elsewhere, we don’t have time to-”

Ten minutes ago, I saw you,” Pablo suddenly started singing, cutting Grady off mid-sentence. “I looked up when you came through the door, my head started reeling, you gave me the feeling, the room had no ceiling or floor.” Pablo felt a smile creep over his face as they were both stunned into silence. Without saying a word, the new girl motioned for Grady to get on the piano to accompany Pablo’s crooning, her eyes lighting up as she listened enraptured. “Ten minutes ago, I met you,” Pablo continued, stepping forward to take her hand, “and we murmured our how do you do’s, I wanted to ring out the bells, and fling out my arms, and to sing out the news. I have found her, she’s an angel, with the dust of the stars in her eyes. We are dancing, we are flying, and she’s taking me back to the skies!

It was as easy as breathing, he put his hands on her, and she on him, and then they were really dancing, waltzing around the dressing room together. In his wildest dreams, Pablo never imagined it would be this simple, or this thrilling. He really did feel like he was flying, and he never wanted to come down now. “In the arms of my love, I am flying, over mountain, and meadow, and glen,” he went on, his feet moving without him as he stared into her eyes, “and I like it so well, that for all I can tell, I may never come down again. I may never come down to earth again…”

Ten minutes ago, I met you,” the sound of her singing her part of the duet, had him closing his eyes blissfully, his entire body tingling with joy. “and we murmured our how do you do’s. I wanted to ring out the bells, and fling out my arms, and to sing out the news!I have found him, I have found him!” they continued to waltz together, Grady playing the piano to accompany them, still vaguely shocked by Pablo’s talent and the new girl’s willingness to go along with all this. “In the arms of my love, I’m flying, over mountain, and meadow, and glen. And I like it so well, that for all I can tell, I may never come down again,” they slowed to a stop before singing together, “I may never come down to earth again.

Moments passed like hours between them, Pablo and the new girl simply staring into each other’s eyes, not wanting to break the moment of magic that had passed between them. Grady however, was too stunned to keep quiet. “Cripes kid, where did you get pipes like that from?” he asked with a wide-eyed smile, “I’m sorry for all those jabs about being a busboy, had I know I woulda kept my mouth shut.”

Pablo smiled, flattered by Grady’s words, “I just sorta grew into them I suppose,” he replied sheepishly, “my brother learned to play piano in church, and mama loved to sing show tunes, so I just started singning along and well…now I wanna be on stage singing show tunes of my own, y’know?”

The new girl nodded, “You were amazing,” she praised him, “I can’t believe it, I’ve been searching for you and you’ve been here the whole time!”

At that Pablo frowned in confusion, “Y-you’ve been searching for me?” he asked, his face going red again at the idea of this angel looking for him at all.

She nodded again, “Uh huh,” she confirmed, surging forward to plant a kiss on his lips, “I’ve been nagging Cutter for a singing partner, cuz I get so bored running the whole show on my own, and here you are, already working in the same club no less!” she spun around towards one of the costume racks, leaving Pablo reeling from her sudden kiss. “Grady do you think you can squeeze that song into the show tonight?” The new girl asked, pulling out a tuxedo jacket and gaging it’s size against Pablo’s frame.

“I could if I cut that sassy number you wanted to stick in there near the middle,” Grady replied, moving to his piano to rearrange his sheet music book, “then we could just bump up that Streisand number, and close the night out with the two of you,”

“ ‘You don’t own me’ stays,” The new girl replied firmly, “Cutter seems to forget sometimes, and I wanna remind him, mob meeting or not,” she finally found a tuxedo jacket that would fit Pablo, and began removing it from the hanger, “why don’t we just cut that ‘Moon River’ song near the beginning? It’s too slow anyway, we’ll put em’ to sleep!”

Moon River is a good song!” Grady whined back, “but it could work,” he plucked the music for ‘Moon River from his booklet, and set it aside.

“Lovely, now here Pablo, try this on,” she handed him the jacket, holding her arm out for his gray uniform one. Pablo was in a daze as he changed, buttoning the jacket with fumbling fingers, he still felt dizzy from her kiss.

“H-how do I look?” he asked when he was done, holding his arms out to the sides so the y could inspect him.

“Handsome,” The new girl replied, “now all we need is a good stage name for you…”

Pablo frowned again, “What’s wrong with my real name?” he asked, never having considered a stage name before.

“Nothings wrong with it kid,” Grady explained, as the new girl furrowed her brow in thought, “it just doesn’t roll off the tongue y’see?” his brow furrowed in thought too, “do you have like, a middle name or somthin’?”

“Francisco,” Pablo answered them, “my middle name is Francisco.”

The new girl snapped her fingers, “Perfect! Francisco, ooh, it sounds sexy and mysterious,” she handed him back his gray jacket “now, you go back downstairs, and do your job, but after the fourth song, you get back here and put this jacket on, and then you sprint to the wings so I can bring you on stage, alright?”

Pablo nodded, “Got it.”

The new girl nodded, “Peachy,” she smiled at him, “I’m so glad you brought up those sweets Francisco, this is gonna be fantastic!”

Pablo smiled back at her, feeling positively giddy with excitement. He slipped his gray jacket back on, and straightened his bow tie once again, before daring a to kiss the new girl back. “I just gotta know, before I go back downstairs, what’s your name?”

Grady and the new girl stared at him wide eyed for a moment, wondering how on earth he didn’t know her name yet. “She’s been here almost a year, and you don’t know her name?!” Grady asked incredulously.

Pablo shook his head, “I know the name they announce every night, but that’s not her real name,” he looked deep in her eyes, his brown irises nearly hypnotizing. “What’s your real name?” he asked in a voice so soft and sweet, the new girl nearly melted.

“Y/N,” she whispered in reply, “my name…its Y/N.”

“Y/N,” Pablo repeated, a glowing smile on his face, “thank you Y/N, you really are an angel.”

He ran back down stairs, just as Mr. Moran came stomping into the kitchen looking for him. “Where have you been Paco?!” Mr. Moran demanded, “I’ve got guests who need drinks out here, and you’re lolly gagging in the kitchen?! What’s the matter with you?!”

“Yes sir, I’m sorry sir!” Pablo apologized quickly, “I’ll get right to it Mr. Moran, don’t you worry!” He wasn’t even fazed by Mr. Moran’s shouting, how could he be? He was still flying from his audition with you, and he liked it so well, that for all he could tell, he might never come down again.

devilgate-drive  asked:

Sleepover meme: your fluffiest rubberraptor headcanon!

Ross and Arin talking about Ross’s show and it’s just them in the office and maybe they are lying together on the beanbag in the office and Ross has his head pillowed on Arin’s stomach and Arin just listens super intently and smiles all soft and fond, because Ross is working so hard on it, and devoting so much time and energy to it, and he is so, so proud of Ross. 

Not quite a shanty

So while listening for some inspiration for more Pirate Kenobi shanties, I came across this lovely little tune, and it stuck in my head. But the refrain didn’t fit that AU, so I left it alone for a bit. Then I remembered that all you have to do to make “Vader I hardly knew ye” fit canon is to strike off the last verse and change the first bit to “heard a lonely hermit keen”, and if I’d gone that close already why not just let this one fit OT events. So here we are - a post RotJ not-shanty :)

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