so just watch this

its especially wild bc it was like eight thirty when i woke up? my depressed ass? who cant get out of bed before two am?? is up bushy tailed and bright eyed at fuckin eight thirty am on my laptop about to start drawing?? bc i am well rested and happy and ready to do some STUFF.

Okay imagine Martin (or any of the rowdy 3 tbh) going to the local drugstore to get Amanda pads because her period started early and she wasn’t prepared. Here’s this giant, menacing punk with a pink box of pads in his hands, standing at the cash register daring the cashier to make a remark about it. He’s glaring down at them something fierce and even after he’s paid and left, that cashier is still shook af

Strip Club II

“Fucking seriously Theo.” If Liam could kill with his eyes, he would be shining his flashy wolf ones. Right. This. Fucking. Second. Instead he couldn’t, stuck with glaring murderously from behind the wheel of his Bronco across the parking lot from the coffee stand. The bikini coffee stand. Dic’s n Daisy’s 4 U. The name matching the one Mason had texted him earlier.

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I hate this

I hate it. He’s horrible. He’s horrible and shit and yet I keep coming back. What more does he want? To keep me on my toes? To torment me? The last time I saw him I was hugging a motherfucking wall, shaking with an odd mix of fear over anticipation. He’s the worst, and yet I keep coming back to him! And he has the audacity to imply I don’t take him seriously or that I’m not paying attention??


Antisepticeye is gonna be the death of me you guys

Today was one colossal waste in every way.

7AM tried my first Groudon raid in PoGo, it ran. Work from 9:30-4:30, master’s dog peed on me, 3 more Groudon raids till 7PM and they all ran despite my accurate throws.

Today’s RWBY better have been like…. Blake reuniting with RWY to make up for this dammit.

No one does savage like the Rikara fam 

Credit to @kriti_parikh, @maissum, @DilBoleRikara

(Also thanks to @vishwaspur, through whose Twitter account I could discover done-with-it Rikara fans like myself)

Jimin showing off his abs and whatever might not mean much, but it is sO IMPORTANT THAT THIS SWEET SUMMER CHILD IS BODY CONFIDENT?!?! Whether or not he has abs isnt important at all but my greatest joy in life is seeing him willing to show off his body because his confidence and happiness is the Most Important

Amy Santiago, ladies and gentlemen.

in my next life I’m going to be born as a twelve year old boy who unravels government conspiracies with my small, nerdy group of friends while riding bikes around our supernatural town 

“They were so happy back in season 1”

-every fandom ever

redraw of one of my fav scenes from the new star episodes! and like,,, they rlly, they rlly actually made me love tom somehow??? which is,,, rlly fucking bizarre??? but whatever, just take my redraw