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Lust In You....

Requested by: @yoongsicc ​

Rated: M

Genre:  Yoongi x Reader Smut

Warnings: Sexual content, inappropriate language, dirty talk, daddy kink, degradation, spanking, choking kink, angry rough sex….       

Word count: 2,769

Prompt: Could I request a smut fic with Yoongi?~ I need the hard shit, degradation, daddy kink, spanking, choking.   

Author’s note: First off, again, I’m so sorry this is late. Honestly, I just want to be writing fics, but I have a never ending work pile to get through so now I have finally written this! I hope you enjoy! ~ ♡

(Also, sorry if there are any spelling mistakes, I have proof-read, but auto-correct hates me and kept changing YOONGI to YOUNG’S and I was sdfghavhjvshj)

~ 11:45 pm ~

It was getting so very late. Yoongi should have been home at least 3 hours ago. What was keeping that bastard? You sighed heavily, mopping your brow of the sweat pools which had accumulated due to your…. little session just five minutes ago.

You were needy. So needy and horny, and Daddy wasn’t home. You were still incredibly wet and craved Daddy’s attention, Daddy’s rough kisses and dark hickey marks that would spoil your neck and stain your collarbones… Daddy’s thick cock.

You were still panting heavily, trying to catch your breath from that session of loving yourself < (ay, see what I did there ;) 

The clock’s steady tick on your beside table was ringing like a taunting chime in your ears. With every second that passed by, your need grew stronger as a lust cloud fogged your brain and intoxicated your senses.           

A string of lewd and downright obscene images flashed before your eyes as your impatience spiralled out of control. Yoongi bending you over the kitchen counter, giving you the punishment you deserved for being such a naughty girl, tending to your unbearable want alone. Then your imagination delved into the dirty depths of what other possible ways Yoongi could have you. Bound to the bed, tied to the bedposts with Yoongi’s iconic bandana headbands as he pounded into your heat. The scent of sex swirling into the humid bedroom air. Or even mirror sex. Just the thought of Yoongi being in total control, being the Daddy he was and spitting with a harsh fire; groaning about how you were such a worthless cockslut as you bounced up and down on his dick like the whore you were. You were so wet right now, a large wet spot expanding in your jet black lacy thong. Yoongi’s favourite. Of course you were ready for his return…

Weighty, socked footsteps sounding as if Daddy’s dress shoes were full of lead plodded to the door. Your ears perked up at this, making sure to arrange yourself for when Daddy entered the room - to ogle an eyeful of your alluring form, all awaiting and spread out on the double bed, ready to be fucked.    

The light tinkling of the keys jingling melodically as they clinked together signified the door creaking open ajar, softly and slowly.   

A husky sigh and the irritated tutting could be heard before Yoongi actually came into your line of vision. But then, there he was. The same old Yoongi, 100% done with work for the day and important conference calls. He was disgruntled and clearly frustrated - he looked so hot when he was mad.   

And boy did he look delectable - his platinum blonde locks cascaded like a small ocean wave, sweeping carefully into his eyes, kissing his long eyelashes. A rosy red tint brightened his cheeks and gave him an almost youthful glow, though the redness was probably through anger, you didn’t care, he looked ethereal. Ethereal yes, but sensual and sinful. His two top buttons of his crisp, freshly ironed dress shirt were cheekily undone, still keeping up his classy work appearance, but adding a teasing element that drove you wild. His ebony black tie hung loose around his neck. Oh how you wanted to yank it looser, messing that boy up real good, smashing your own lips onto his in a passionate make-out session. You could already hear the grunts and moans spinning in the dark cogs which whirred busily in your dirty and twisted mind.   

His matching pinstripe black slacks were so damn tight, at this point frankly your mouth was watering. The slacks accentuated his meaty, thick thighs perfectly and brought out the definition in his calves. You knew your man frequented the gym on a regular basis, evidently all the muscle building was paying off. You weren’t complaining.   

The man that stood before you was practically dripping in expensive designer brands, he looked like a rich CEO. YOUR rich CEO.

Said man cocked an eyebrow in your direction which dragged you back into the moment. You had almost forgotten your own state right now, your lack of clothing. Yoongi lacklusterly swiped his tongue across his bottom lip wetting it well, an inquisitive smirk tugging at the corner’s of his lips.

As the man proceeded towards you strewn out on the bed, your eye caught sight of the variety of chunky rings that glinted, decorating his pretty and slender fingers. They sparkled gently under the dimmed bedroom lights. They matched oh so beautifully as a pair with his expensive gold rolex, displayed proudly on his wrist where his dress shirt sleeves had been rolled up to the elbows. It completed his rich daddy look so well, you thought.

‘My kitten just couldn’t wait could she….’ Yoongi muttered in a low growl. He was now at the very edge of the bed, eyes grazing your seemingly petit physique. You felt so small, laid there in your master’s shadow, bathing in the darkness.     

He tutted impatiently, lolling his head on one side ‘my little slut got all dressed up for the occasion? Oh you shouldn’t have… I would say I’m sorry for the long wait, but really, I’m not sorry. Not. One. Bit.’ As he punctuated his last words he stuffed two of his long fingers into your mouth, going deep. You deep throated the digits like a pro, considering you weren’t expecting the invasion so soon. His other hand had a tight iron-grip on a large section of your hair, yanking your head forward like a rag doll, encouraging you to suck harder around his fingers.    

You moaned appreciatively around the digits, laving them up sufficiently, and hollowing your cheeks creating a pleasurable suction. This turned your Daddy on considerably, as his eyes darkened with an indescribable lust.   

Pulling your head off his fingers, He then practically pounced on top of you, shoving his tongue into your wet cavern and exploring every corner of your mouth with his skilful tongue. Whilst doing this, he stimulated your sensitive nipples, rubbing the wet digits over them and squeezing your fleshy mounds. This elicited harsh pants from you, as you struggled to keep up with his rough, unforgiving pace.   

‘No bra, just a thong. You really are a naughty whore Y/N, giving me such easy access…’ Yoongi spat through gritted teeth, as he drew away from your abused lips, swollen and puffy.   

The man then crawled down your body, sucking harshly on your collarbones as he went, bruising the fragile flesh in shades of purple, green and grey. He dragged his fingernails over your skin as he went, leaving bleeding gashes and scratch marks. He saw you as a canvas, his blank template to do whatever he wanted with. Mark you as his. You were used to this by now, but it still brought out the butterflies in your stomach, which tumbled around and flitted with excitement as the pain turned you on.    

As he reached your thighs, he came to a halt, rubbing contrastingly soothing circles into your hip bones. However, these massages increased into harsher presses which turned your skin a milky white as the blood drained from these patches of ruined skin.   

His wide-blown pupils connected with yours.     

‘Now Y/N, I want not a word from you. Not a single word. The only sounds i want pouring from that worthless fucking mouth of yours is whines and cries. You don’t have a say in this, Daddy runs this little game understood?’

You whined helplessly in response, bucking your hips impatiently, craving contact and friction.   

‘And…. If my little slutty bitch can’t keep her mouth shut, well, let’s just say a punishment may be due… so just sit tight and obedient for me and shut the fuck up whore.’   

Deciding it was best to keep quiet you seductively bit your lip, fluttering your eyes closed, awaiting your fate…

The same nails dug trails into your skin, as your thong smoothly slid off your legs, pooling at the foot of the bed.

Yoongi carefully inspected the item with his close eye and groaned animalistically. 

‘So wet for me. You’ve been fucking yourself in my absence haven’t you? Needy good for nothing cockslut.’ He purred teasingly into the shell of your ear.

You squirmed uncontrollably at his dirty talk. It was so hot and a massive turn on. A fire had ignited deep within you and was getting hotter and hotter as Yoongi fanned the flames.    

All of a sudden, a rush of warm air collided with your clit, making you shiver and stifle your whines. You could feel Yoongi chuckle against your heat as he got to work tonguing at your core. He licked long stripes between your folds, creating unique patterns and changing the speed and pressure which he applied. Now you knew the true meaning of his tongue technology. You were practically dripping as you were previously, now you were positively saturated as your juices swirled in mixing with Yoongi’s saliva. The strong scent of sex tainted the air, a potent concoction which combined with Yoongi’s rich, musky cologne.        

You were getting closer and closer to an orgasm that was sure to rip through your system if Yoongi didn’t stop soon. It was becoming unbearable. You could feel your folds bruising as Yoongi nipped at them, not before stroking his expert tongue over the affected areas. Obscene slurping noises clogged up your ears. It was all you could hear, and It was so undeniably sexy. Your legs started to shake erratically as the sensation became simply too overwhelming. You needed release and you needed it now.            

‘Dad-DADDY ohmygod ohmygod ppl-ease Daddy fuck me I’m gonna cum so-s close…’ you were on the verge of screaming as you begged for your sweet release.   

Bad move.

‘What was that slut? Did you say something? Did Daddy give you permission to speak?’ he mumbled hotly against your throbbing heat.

‘No-nono Daddy I’m sorry I just thought oh Oh FUCK-’   

Within merely seconds, you were forcefully thrown over Yoongi’s lap, ass stuck up in the air, much to your humiliation. Just the way Yoongi liked it.

‘Tsk tsk…. You never learn do you brat? Couldn’t obey your Daddy and be a good patient princess… No. You just can’t control yourself can you? My tongue technology is just too much, too powerful for your weeping pussy right? PATHETIC.’   


You yelped like a tiny puppy dog, sniffling helplessly as the spanks kept on coming. With every spank, your ass jiggled and bounced as his calloused hand collided with the plump meat.

‘Your ass is just so tempting Y/N. An ass like that deserves punishment. So thicc, just asking for a good spanking session.’

He continued spanking your sore rump, it turned redder and more angry with every hit, a large handprint surfacing on your porcelain skin. 

‘Count the last hits whore. Use your words.’ your Daddy hissed.   

‘27 AhH-’


‘Twenty..t.twen..ty nine’

‘THIRTY!’ you practically wailed. Your ass stung so bad, but the pain simultaneously felt so deliciously good.   

As you laid there quaking, you were expecting some sort of praise. But alas, Yoongi wasn’t in the forgiving frame of mind today. It must have been work that put him in this angry sex kind of mood. But did you mind that? Truth be told, not really. In fact, you loved it really.

He flipped you over once more and studied your face. Your lips were parted, sighing feverishly and your eyebrows were knitted together firmly as you stared back longingly into those glimmering pools.

Tip-toeing his fingers up your bare exposed chest, his veiny hands decided that its best haven would be your neck, well, more specifically your throat. Putting both of his manly hands into action, he began to squeeze that certain point on your throat ever so slightly, applying enough pressure to make you feel light-headed and dizzy instantly.       

‘This is what nasty, dirty bitches like you get Y/N. No talking for you now hmmm? Are you comprehending your Daddy now you piece of shit?’

You couldn’t produce any noise, instead your eyes rolled back in your head as the unique sensation filled you with a fuzzy warmth which bubbled up from within and drove you wild.

As Yoongi released his grip from you, It dawned on you what a strong kink you had for his hands now.  

Silently padding across the bedroom floor, Yoongi left you to collect a small bottle. Lube. It was finally time.

Squirting a generous amount onto his fingers he approached your heat for the second time, rubbing it between the digits spreading the lubricant evenly.

Without a word, he slowly pushed a single digit into your warmth. You cried out in pleasure. It felt good, but wasn’t quite enough. Yoongi picked up the pace, thrusting his finger frantically in and out of your inviting heat.   

As you were about to speak up, the devil added another two fingers, ramming the digits deeper into your wetness, burying them there. Loud and lewd squelching noises were all that could be heard along with Yoongi’s grunts and groans which interrupted your train of thought now and again.   

It was becoming all too much again. That bastard was even curling his fingers in a perfect angle which hit your g-spot just right, It was so filling. You could feel the heat pooling in your stomach. A hefty knot that wanted to snap and release your sweet juices everwhere - all over Yoongi - painting him like a canvas in the same way that he marked you.

‘mmmmmfuck Daddy you make me feel- so hnnggGg so fucking good fuck me faster harder shit yes-’

You knew he loved being called Daddy, it made him feel in control.  Made him feel like the dominant predator he was.

‘Mmmmm oh yes kitten don’t worry I will.’ he moaned sexily, pumping his fingers into you with an added pressure, as your juices began to pour out of you and dripped onto the crumpled bedsheets.

He withdrew those digits and you felt so empty and tortured yet again. Why was he like this?

The familiar sound of a belt unbuckling resounded in your ears like the prettiest chime. The offensive leather garment was long discarded on the carpet, followed by the heavy slacks which now rested alongside it. 

You ogled the thick outline of Daddy’s cock, the tip straining angrily near the hem as a pearly bead of pre-come leaked through the slit. In a flash, this item was no where to be seen. Yoongi’s dick slapped his stomach with the force and stuck up erect, ready to be dealt with.

As he crawled towards you, he lined up the tip with your stretched hole. Slapping it against your entrance.

‘Does my whore deserve this big, thick cock slamming into her, filling her up? Making her feel so good? Tearing her pussy in two with it’s length and girth?’  He whispered temptingly.

‘GOD YES Daddy, master I’m so tight and ready just for you, I’ll take you so well, all of you, clench my walls around your fucking humungous dick as you slam into me fuckyes Daddy oh please OhAGHh mmmm’

His enormous dick did just that, as it thrusted determinedly into your tight hole.

‘You’re so tight Y/N mmmm fuck that’s right you love this cock don’t you pounding into you… gonna cum soon? Gonna release your creamy mess for Daddy?’   

The pair of you then switched positions so that you were on top of him, as you bounced on his rock hard dick, both building up a sufficient sweat as you whimpered and cried out in ecstasy.

‘Such a needy cockslut. MY needy cockslut fuck me harder bounce on my cock like it’s the only thing you know how to do.’ Yoongi all but growled.

As you rocked and bounced harder on his dick, you knew this was the final straw as he rubbed his digits violently over your clit, hitting the sweet spot with definite precision.

A few small gasps signified the cream liquid oozing from your heat, coating Yoongi and the bedsheets as you rode out your orgasm.

The sight of you coming sped up Yoongi’s orgasm as his thrusts became slower and more sporadic. As he dipped his fingers into your mess and brought it to his mouth, tasting your salty bittersweet juices, he promptly came within your walls, creating a slicker slide as the two of you collapsed in a heap.   

Maybe this time, you could forgive Yoongi just this once for his late arrival.  

Shinsou AU: You were Born to be a Villain

 *IMPORTNAT* If you enjoy this, I have made an updated version to this one, and posted it, if you plan on reading this one, I’d recomend that one instead, in my mind, it’s the superior version!

   “This was a waste of my time.” Shinsou sat down onto the bench with a deep sigh. The mall was buzzing with people, from every store to every cafe. “The hero course attract a crap ton of people, that’s for sure.” he looked over to the right seeing the stage set up at the far end off the first floor with colorful lights and massive speakers. The yearly “Meet the Heroes” was taking place, where many of the U.A. students met with their first gen fans. Something to also let the students taste the reality of being a celebrity.

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Hello my lovelies!!!!! Kinda thought of this on spot, I was going to delete this because Shawn isn’t home anymore he’s now in LA but oh well. Hope you enjoy!!

Feedback is appreciated

I walk through Shawn’s condo placing my keys down on the kitchen island and look for Shawn in his spacious 3 bedroom condo. “babe” I walk through his living room and see his grey Nike sweatshirt laying over the un-fluffed couch cushions and let out a sigh and shake my head. I grab his sweater and place it in his surprisingly clean bedroom.

As I motherly hang up his sweatshirt in his walk-in closet I hear a faint groan coming from the other side of the condo. I walk over to the side of his condo where his guest bedroom, and his make shift studio are and hear the soft sounds of the acoustic guitar strumming. I make my steps even more quite knowing that he could possibly be recording and me barging in or even walking too loud could ruin what he’s doing.

I lean my back against the wall across from the room and close my eyes and take in what is being played. A smile forms across my lips hearing how beautiful the words sound, when I soon hear yet another groan and some curses leaving his mouth. I take this time to go in and make my presence known.

I slowly open the door and see Shawn turn around quickly and a smile forms on his face once our eyes meet. He turns around even more and takes off his big sound-proof headphones and places them over the microphone in front of him and opens his arms to me. I walk over to him with a smirk on my face and feel my cheeks getting hot; gosh he still makes me blush. I stand in-between his legs and his hands land on my waist and pulls me down to his lap and hugs me tightly “did I interrupt you?” stroking his dark chocolate brown hair. He lets out a sigh and shakes his head “just gettin’ frustrated” I continue to run my hands through his hair and he closes his eyes and his forehead falls into my chest and hear him breathe in loudly. “what’s wrong love? Hmm what’s wrong with it?” You move your hands from the top of his head to the side of his face and making him look at you. He looks up at me with exhaustion in his eyes and lets out et another sigh “I just can’t get the lyrics right. I mean I have this vision in my head but don’t need it to go south. I mean Jaclyn, I have fans my sisters age or even younger and its just, I don’t know a lot of pressure is weighing on me” He places his head back in my chest and grip get even tighter. “hey look at me.” lifting his head up and his sad and exhausted eyes look at you “It will be okay. Go with what your heart says. Make the music YOU want not what everyone else wants. I promise you will be okay, and it will be amazing” He smiles weakly and I kiss him sweetly and a small smile forms on his lips. “just tell me you will love me no matter what music I make” you let out a chuckle and look at him in his dark brown eyes “Shawn, I love you no matter what. Famous or not I will love you the same.” He smiles yet again and his face falls into my chest again and I start to run my hands through his hair again. Us just sitting there enjoying each others’ company.

Shawn and I stay in our position for a solid 10 minutes, no talking just sitting there Shawn holding me so tight he’s afraid I’ll walk away and me stroking his hair and kissing the top of his head whispering I love you every time I kissed his head. “you should take a break watch a movie and order in or something. You need a little break. You need to relax.” I say while still stroking his hair. His head pops up from my chest and chuckles “what’s gotten into you? You love cooking.” you smile shyly “nothing! I can’t treat my boyfriend to a movie and takeout?” he lets out the first laugh since I first saw him and shakes his head “okay,okay, but on one condition. You stay” I blush super hard my cheeks feel like they are on fire and nod my head. I slowly get up taking Shawn’s hands off my waist and take them in my hands and pull him up. “Come on the next episode of Grey’s or Harry Potter is calling your name.” We leave his make-shift studio leading him to his warm and comforting couch. “AND whatever takeout you want pizza, Chinese, Mexican whatever you’re craving its calling your name” He chuckles and turns me around and kisses me sweetly and his forehead touches mine and holds my hands “thank you” a confused look plasters on my face and before I can say anything he kisses me “for basically forcing me to take a break” I smile wide and give him a kiss “you’re welcome. That’s what I’m here for.” He chuckles and pushes me lightly onto the big white couch and I prop myself up on my elbows and see him smirking “ya know food sounds so good, but ya know what else sounds so much better?” I tilt my head to the side and give him a confused look. He collapses on top of me with his head on my chest and his arms around my waist and lets out a relaxed sigh “you, and cuddling” I smile extremely wide and hold him close to me.

As we lay in each others’ arms watching episode after episode of Grey’s Anatomy he mumbles “your heart is beating super fast” I chuckle I kiss the top of his head “yeah well you’re the reason it beats so fast.” He looks up his chin resting on the valley of my breasts and looks at me with his now hazel eyes. “Forever?” I smile widely than I ever have and nod my head rapidly. “Forever”

We lay together enjoying the sweet yet short time we have together until he has to go to LA and I have to go back to work. And when he is in the same state he was in before; exhausted, frustrated, and mentally drained I will do the same thing I do now and always do;

Be there for him.

“I’m on the phone...” ~Smutty September~

Prompt:Could you write an Elijah Mikaelson smut for smutty September, please? Giving him a Blowjob under his desk in his office and he has to stay really quiet because he is on the phone with someone important. It really pisses him off and he has to punish the reader afterward.

Pairing: Elijah x Reader

Word count: 950

Warning: besides the usual smut, curse words, and rough sex…none.

TAGGED: @sapphire2489 @yui-miyuka @khadija456fire @smileybear17 @geminioriginalsimagines @slopezsofie23 @xrevupthisharleyx 

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Missing You

Pairing: Thor x Reader
Words: 2,933
A/N: Wrote this for @lady-thor-foster ‘s writing challenge and also I’m just a slut for Thor nowadays. I hope you like it and gimme some feedback maybe???

The streets were relatively empty thanks to the poor weather so you took advantage of the low foot traffic to run some errands. Gray skies loomed above you, but you found comfort in the dreary sky as it watched over you. The fallen rain squeaked under your boots as you headed home with your bags of groceries. Your raincoat protected you from the last few persistent rain drops from the storm that was finally letting up. Thunder clouds still loomed overhead, letting you know that rain would soon start up again. With this in mind, you decided to head home so you wouldn't’ have to have to haul your things through the heavy rainfall.

Your apartment building came into view and you fished your keys out of your pocket. Some thunder began to boom in the distance just as the rain began to pick up again. You got inside, set your bags down, and shook the rain off your coat before hanging it up to drip dry. The only sounds that could be heard were the drops of water as they hit your hardwood floor, but something felt off.

Slowly, you walked to the kitchen, hoping for the best but expecting the worst. You rounded the corner to your kitchen with baited breath and you heard the faint sounds of someone’s strained breathing. The closer you got, the more familiar that breathing sounded so you sped up your pace. Your fear only grew as you entered the kitchen and saw a large form laying on the ground.

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A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 19

I can’t believe how quickly @outlandishchridhe and I got this chapter written. We sat down for a few hours and BOOM! Chapter 19 was born! This is a major set up chapter that will lead into some really amazing things we’ve got planned for the future. So stay tuned!

Also, Ish is IN LOVE with all the little baby things Fergus does, so I added as many as I could just to make her squeak.

Check out chapter 18.3 HERE or the whole fic on AO3 HERE

Waving at his wife and son, Jamie left for work. His day went smoothly, though his mind wandered to Murtagh. He hadn’t seen or spoken to his godfather since the showdown with Claire. When lunch rolled around, Jamie took the time to call Murtagh.

“Fraser,” came the gruff voice on the other end of the line.

“Murtagh, it’s Jamie.”

“Took yer sweet time callin’ me back,” the other man muttered.

Jamie sighed and got his thoughts in order.

“I have some things I need to say to ye and I need for ye to listen. Can ye do that? Wi’out interrupting?”

“Aye,” Murtagh said. “I can.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for a first time flyer? Tips for going through the process, the long flight, and exiting the airport/picking up your luggage and all specifically that would have helped you in hindsight? I have a trip coming up and I'm slightly nervous even after googling tips since I'll likely be flying alone. Thanks ^^

As someone who has flown more than a bit before, and usually by myself, I will give you The Sudden Adult’s Guide to Surviving Plane Trips ™.

Checking In:

  • For most flights, you can “check in” as early as 24 hours before your flight. This will allow you to print your boarding pass at home/library/etc. and cut some of the time you’d be wasting standing in a long-ass line waiting to print your ticket. Gotta love technology.
  • Check your flight the morning of, or a few hours, before you’re scheduled to leave for the airport. Make sure the time hasn’t changed due to weather/mechanical issues/etc. No one wants to arrive at the airport to find out their fucking flight was delayed 5 hours and they now have to wait at a crappy airport coffee shop.
  • Get dropped off at the terminal for your flight. The best way to ensure this is to have a general idea of where your terminal will be. You don’t have to be dropped off there, but it saves you from walking and dragging your luggage down to your airline’s bag check.

Luggage Tips:

  • TIP YOUR BAG PERSON. That person who you drop your luggage off with when you arrive at the airport? Tip them. I usually give $5 per bag. A nice tip and friendly attitude ensures your bag arrives at its destination (usually).
  • If you have a black/brown/gray suitcase, try making it stand out. Usually I see people tie ribbons to the handles. Personally, I have a lime green ribbon and a pink skull luggage tag that are hard to miss (but then, my regular suitcase is also metallic, so it’s a pleasant eyesore).
  • Put luggage tags on your suitcase and carry-on. Make sure your information on the tags is up-to-date. In case your shit goes missing, you want to give the airport a way of finding you.
  • Know what your airline considers a carry-on size. Sometimes airlines will change the carry-on requirements because why not do things to piss off passengers? Check by calling the airline directly or Googling “What is a carry-on bag + name of airline.” Usually you are allowed one carry-on and one personal bag (purse/backpack/laptop case).

TSA/Security Tips:

  • Know the 3-1-1 rule and follow it. Keep your tiny liquids bag in an easily-accessible front or side pocket so you can whip it out without digging through your bag. Same goes for laptops. Make it easy to pull out, because it will have to go in a bin by itself.
  • Wear shoes that easily slip on and off, because you will have to take them off to go through security. Also, wear socks, because who knows what the fuck’s on that airport floor.
  • Take any coats/hoodies off while you wait in line. TSA agents will ask you to take these off anyway, so might as well save the people behind you some time. Same goes for any jewelry, belts, or cellphones that will set off the metal detector. Put them in a pocket of your carry-on.
  • Pay attention to the line when it moves. As a (former) frequent flyer, I cannot explain how annoying it is to be stuck in a line behind someone who is not paying attention. Don’t be that person.
  • Also, if you’re not a frequent flyer, do not get in the experienced flyer line. We can smell the inexperience.
  • Keep your ID and ticket (and passport, if required) easily accessible on your person. This will make going through any additional security nice and easy for you.

Airport Tips:

  • Find out where your terminal is, then worry about getting food or drink. Nothing is more stressful than finally getting your $20 sandwich and then having to run around a large airport trying to find your terminal. Find your terminal and then embark on the search for food.
  • Do not leave your bags unattended. This should really speak for itself.
  • Pee before you fly. Like Ma always said, use the loo before you fly, boo…especially if you need to poo.
  • Good fucking luck finding a place to charge your phone/laptop/nintendo 3DS if you’re flying out during a busy time (holidays, weekends, etc.). Solve the problem by charging these things the night before you leave.

Plane Tips:

  • Put your carry-on in the overhead bin that’s near your seat. If you have anything in there that you might want during the flight (magazine, notebook, etc.), consider getting it out before you get on the plane.
  • Sit in the seat you’ve been assigned. Unless it’s a Southwest flight (which lets passengers choose their own seats upon boarding), your ticket will say where you’ll sit. Sit there. Don’t be the seat-stealing prick of the plane.
  • If you’re nervous, listen to the flight attendant at the beginning. They will explain all regular and emergency procedures. Sometimes knowing how to survive if shit hits the fan can make you feel better.
  • If you think you may  feel sick during the flight, try chewing mint-flavored gum. Gum also helps with you ears popping. If the flight serves drinks, request something soothing like ginger ale. If not, buy a $3 bottle of lemon-lime soda from a place in the airport. My personal experience is that ginger ale solves all flight sickness (or maybe that’s a placebo effect, I don’t know and don’t care, because I like ginger ale).
  • Don’t get up when the flight attendant brings out the little drink cart. There’s never a way around it, so just sit tight until it passes you if you need to get up and pee.
  • Try getting to know your seat neighbor(s), if you’re comfortable with that. Last time I flew, I had an interesting discussion with the old dude sitting next to me about the status of the US economy.

Landing & Leaving:

  • BRACE YOURSELF! Sort of kidding, but if you’re like me and planes make you nauseous, you might want to prepare yourself (I know that I personally feel most sick during turbulence and landing).
  • Don’t bother rushing to get up and stand. The damn plane’s not going to take off again while you’re still on it, so chill out and take your time. If you’re on a flight that’s part of a connecting flight, they’ll usually ask passengers who need to leave to make their next flight to get off first. Some people are jerks and will pretend just so they can leave slightly sooner than others.
  • Be careful when you open the overhead bin. They aren’t kidding when they say stuff may have shifted around. I once saw a lady get beaned on the forehead by her kid’s carry-on.
  • Make your way to the baggage claim. If you have to pee, do it now, because luggage can take a while, so you might as well empty your bladder while you can. And if you’re lost, just follow the people form your plane, or ask someone who looks like an airport employee.
  • Stand around the luggage carousel and wait for your bag. A lot of people crowd around the opening, but you can stand out and wait near the end. The bags go around in circles for fucks sake, so it’s not like you only have one chance to grab your bag. Also, double-check that it is your bag.
  • Check that your ride knows when and where to pick you up. Let them know your flight number, arrival time, and terminal so they can be on the lookout. Pick someone reliable (I’ve been left waiting before, I can tell you it sucks ass).

So…yep. That’s all the tips I can think of.

-The Sudden Adult

PS. If you’re gonna fly, don’t let your arms get tired! HA. HA. HA.

Reverse burglary (a Christmas miracle)

(Based on this post. Sterek prompt, with a poor, grieving Derek who gets the safety and rescue he so desperately hopes for)

Derek sighs. The way to home from campus looks as unappealing as the stack of work that weighs down his bag. Snow and slush has filled the streets while he had been confined to the monotonic walls of the lecture room, coloring the ground with whites and grays and browns. 

Things have been tough for a long time now. Ever since Laura was killed, her body buried underneath the old and dilapidated Hale house, Derek’s been all alone. Grieving, anchorless mess. The fact that his own uncle had taken his alpha’s life, someone that was supposed to be family, was such a big blow that Derek hadn’t even known what to do with Peter afterwards.

Not that he had to do anything. His uncle had been killed by a hunter, Chris Argent, after Peter had gone rampant and apparently turned a couple teenagers in his fury. At first, a glimmer of hope had burst in Derek’s chest. Other wolves, just as lost and clueless as he was. It could mean a new start of a pack, a new family. Someone to get to be in contact with, to rely on without having to give anything but love in return.

It… Did not happen. 

The first boy that had been turned, the one with the slightly magical smelling friend, had rebuffed Derek so hard he was still blinking back tears whenever he thought of it. The second one he had approached from afar, but after getting the gist that the kid, Jackson whats-his-face was a self-entitled, rich and spoiled jock, Derek had turned on his heels and never looked back.

But even if he didn’t get to have a pack, his chest burning with longing and sadness so deep it ached whenever he saw the other wolves (The other kid, Scott, had turned into a true alpha, and had turned three other kids as well to join their pack. They looked happy.), at least he was safe in Beacon Hills from other hunters. Peter had killed Kate, Derek shuddering at the thought of her still roaming these streets, and Chris had taken the position of the local hunter, and had mostly only threatened Derek.

Apart from that one time that Chris and his goons had destroyed Laura’s Camaro, the only thing he had left of her. He had sobbed for the whole night, ready to curl into a ball and disappear, crawl into the grave with Laura’s body and hope Mother Nature would caress him into sleep so deep he’d get to see the rest of his family.

He stayed.

But one problem (among many others) that he had, was that Derek had no money. With Laura’s death, the human society unaware of her passing, since ‘werewolf territory death match’ wasn’t a viable explanation to the police, all of the money that their inheritance held was in Laura’s name. In Laura’s bank accounts. Derek had no access to those.

The only thing he had was the apartment Laura had rented, with a automatic payment contract to the monthly rent. Without an anchor, or at least a stable one, Derek was unable to get a job because he was so afraid he would fuck it up. He’d enrolled into Beacon Hills community college, because that too had been pre-paid, but other than the three pairs of henleys, two t-shirts, four pairs of boxers and one pair of jeans with his Converse shoes and Kånken bag, he virtually had nothing for himself.

He was piss poor, unemployed full-time student with no friends, no family and hunters that were ready to put him down with only a wrong twitch of the eye.

His life was a disaster.

Trudging through the melting snow, Derek listened to his stomach mourn for food. In three days time there would be a full moon, and in that time, the woods would be dangerous to hunt in. If he wanted food, he’d have to go either tonight, or tomorrow. He tskd, thinking of the pile of essays waiting for him.

Thank God he was allowed to hand write them. If he wasn’t, he’d practically have to live in the library or at the school campus, because he didn’t own a computer. Even his apartment held only one working lamp with a light bulb, an empty fridge and two towels. He did have a plate and a fork, as well as a meat knife he’d snatched from the outdoor diner that didn’t look close enough for their customer’s empty dishes. 

When he nears his apartment, Derek stiffens. Someone is inside his apartment. Wary, he carefully steps the three sets of stairs up to his door, and listens. The burglar doesn’t seem to be doing anything though. Which makes sense. Derek doesn’t even own a bed, for Christ’s sake. He usually sleeps as a wolf on the floor.

He rattles the lock loudly, hoping for whomever it is that’s on the other side would take the hint and bolt. But the person doesn’t. Derek opens the lock slowly, letting the door creak from its hinges, and steps inside. He drops his bag near the entrance as he closes the door behind him and stares.

The stranger is standing in a what should be a living room, his back faced against the front door. And it is a he, Derek realizes. It’s the kid, the friend of that true alpha. He’d never gotten his name, though, but he could smell the sheriff and the kid shared a scent, so he knows he’s a Stilinski at least.

The kid turns slowly, his eyes wide as he locks them with Derek.

‘’Dude,’’ the teen says with a feeling. Derek can sympathize.  

‘’This is where you live? There’s - There’s nothing here! I don’t even see a bed. Your fridge is so empty it doesn’t even have a light. Does any of your lights in this apartment work?’’

Confused, Derek quietly points to the one in the bathroom. ‘’That one works,’’ he says blankly.

‘’… Only that one?’’

‘’Uh,’’ Derek says, ‘’Yes?’’

‘’Dude,’’ the kid says with horror. ‘’What do you eat? You look like you have bones and skin, and… Stubble. Very manly and uh, wolfy, but not very nutritious.’’

Getting the wits of him, Derek scowls, growling a little. He crosses his arms. ‘’What are you even doing here?’’ he snarls. ‘’How did you even get in?’’

The kid looks unimpressed. ‘’I’m a cop’s kid. I know how to pick locks. Which, by the way, my dad’s the sheriff. He’s uh, in the know now. So.’’

‘’So what?’’

‘’So,’’ the kid says, ‘’You don’t need to hide in a place like this anymore. We know you’re a werewolf, and the Argent douche is a hunter, but dad will keep you safe. He’s not letting Argent mess with any of us, so I’m sure he’d be happy to help you out too. So, you know, move to a better apartment, get some food and clothes and stuff.’’

Derek blinks. ‘’I live here,’’ he says, uncomprehending. He doesn’t have any money to get a better apartment. He doesn’t live this way because he wants to.

‘’Well, yeah, but can’t you like, move somewhere else? You have money, I know, because I, um, might have seen the police file and the um, amount of money you got from the uh …’’ Death of you family, the kid doesn’t finish, but Derek hears it loud and clear. He looks away, the loss of it all hitting him renew.

‘’I don’t have any money,’’ he grits out. ‘’My sister… She’s got it all.’’

‘’Oh, uh, cool,’’ the kid says, swaying on his heels. ‘’So where is she? Do you want me to help you find her?’’

Derek snorts humorlessly. ‘’I know where she is,’’ he murmurs, hugging himself. ‘’And that’s where I hope I would be too.’’

The kid blinks. ‘’…And where is that?’’

‘’In a grave,’’ he answers roughly, ‘’and all the better for it.’’

The kid takes a few fumbled steps backwards. ‘’She’s dead? She uh, who - ‘’

‘’My uncle,’’ Derek sighs, and suddenly he’s weary, defeated. He comes to the living room, charting away from the kid and slumping against one of the walls, sliding it down so that he’s sitting on the floor.

‘’Everyone is dead. There’s noone left but me.’’

The kid frowns, whispering, ‘’That’s rough.’’ He comes to sit next to Derek, mimicking his position. They’re both quiet for a while, the moon filtering through the curtainless window, revealing the dust speckles swarming the floor. 

Abruptly, the kid stands up. ‘’I know what to do,’’ he says to nobody in particular, and then looks down at Derek and winks. ‘’Just wait here. I’ll be back.’’

The kid dashes to the door, only stopping to excitedly tell Derek, ‘’My name’s Stiles by the way. And I’ll be back so just sit tight, mister. I’m gonna - Yeah, this is going to be good, just wait - ‘’ And then he’s gone.

All that’s left of the guy is mixed smells that permeate Derek’s den. He waits a couple hours, but the kid doesn’t come back. So he goes to sleep, already regretting not getting any essays done. But that’s a problem for tomorrow.

When Derek gets home late the next day, there are strangers again in his apartment. This time it’s multiple someones. He doesn’t bother going quietly like last time, because he can smell the pack of wolves and they probably already know he’s coming.

Stiles is the one who opens the door before he has time to fish out his keys, and he’s beaming, ushering Derek inside.

Derek stops just shy of Stiles getting the door closed. He blinks dumbly at the sight that greets him. There are lights on everywhere at the apartment. There’s a fucking rug on his hallway, and he can see furniture in the living room, peeking from the corners. Stiles comes from behind him, pushing him more inside. At first he’s greeted by Sheriff Stilinski. The man is in his uniform, his face apologetic and reassuring.

‘’Mr. Hale,’’ he says, extending his hand. ‘’I have heard from my son that you are someone I can come to if I have any questions about the supernatural. I’ve been educated within the past four months, but information from a person who’s clearly more knowledgeable than my son’s friends or our town’s cryptic vet would be appreciated. And,’’ he says, bringing Derek into a comfortable hug, ‘’I’m very sorry for your loss son. I knew your family. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m always available.’’

Then the man extracts himself and offers a smile. ‘’And call me John, son. I’l be sure to have my number in your cellphone after tonight.’’

‘’Derek,’’ Derek says in response. ‘’And uh, I don’t have a phone.’’

‘’You do now!’’ Stiles pipes up. Derek looks over, and then he sees the herd of teenagers that are the wolves he’s been seeing around town.

‘’I’m Isaac Lahey,’’ the first kid, Isaac, says. ‘’Nice to meet you.’’ He doesn’t offer his hand, but nods shyly. Derek knows him. He’d listened to the kid get beaten up more often than not, and even went to threaten the kid’ father a couple times. It’s nice to see Isaac to not be in pain or scared.

‘’Derek,’’ he offers in response. 

‘’I’m Erica, and this is my best friend Boyd,’’ the blond, white teen says, and points to the guy behind her. Derek nods at them.

‘’And I’m uh, Scott McCall. And I um, wanted to …’’ the kid whines in protest when Stiles jabs him in the side, but lowers his head. ‘’I’m sorry I was rude to you when we met. You tried to help me and I was being an idiot. I would like to start from a clean slate, and um, offer you a place in my pack. That is, if you want it.’’

Derek looks around. There are two sofas and a coffee table, a couple rugs and a bed. Even red curtains have made an appearance, and he can smell food in his kitchen that he knows wasn’t there before.

‘’Why all this? You don’t even know me. I don’t know you,’’ Derek says, baffled.

Stiles shrugs. ‘’It’s Christmas time and that is a time of giving? Because dude, I’ve seen you brooding away, thinking we don’t see when you look at us. I kind of know now what wolves need, and wolves need a pack. And you don’t have one. And we rejected you when you tried to form one with us, but we regret that. Because leaving someone alone after so much tragedy is, well, pretty much a punishable crime to me. So.’’ The kid spreads his hand. ‘’Here we are, if you want us. And you don’t even have to decide now. Just, think about it. Get to know us, let us get to know you. Let the odd ones gather into one big, smoochy family.’’

There are groans from the others, and the sheriff facepalms so hard, Derek hears the slap sound it makes, as the man’s palm hits against skin.

Derek hugs himself, already feeling a little bit better at having someone similar to him, someone with the same set of instincts than him be near him. Fill his den with their scents.

‘’I’ll think about it,’’ he promises, and Stiles fist pumps. Then the teens start carrying food from the kitchen, and Derek can’t help but think that, yeah. Maybe Laura will have to wait for awhile before Derek joins him.

Just for a little while.


Summary: The reader wakes up in the middle of the night on the subway, and has no idea where she is. So she decides to call the one person she can think of…

Pairing: DeanxReader

Warnings: profanity, fluffish, talk of drugs, 

Word count: 2579

A/N: Hey guys so this is my first fanfic! I actually made this for @luci-in-trenchcoats Michelle’s AU & Things Challenge. I’m sorry it’s late! I actually wanted to expand on this but then it would be a wayy too long and I’m not necessarily good with words but I hope you like! My prompt was actually “I don’t care, I’m not going anywhere.” and it’s bolded. 

Keep in mind that

y/n/n = your nickname

y/n = your name

y/b/f/n = your best friend’s name

y/h/c = your hair colour

and anything in italics is thoughts.


“Ma'am.” “Ma'am wake up.” The voice called you out of your sweet dreams with Dean and into reality.

You didn’t mind it though, it got really weird in your dream really fast. One minute you and Dean were having a picnic and he was asking for another sandwich, the next he started calling you “ma'am” and was telling you to wake up.

Your eyes burst open and the first thing you saw was bright lights. Your back ached slightly as you moved. Your eyes moved to face the man standing over you.

“Where am I?” You groaned as you cracked your neck, remain lying down.

“In the subway.” The man spoke. He was oldish, like in his late fifties, wearing a white button-up and blue dress pants. He wore a hat on his head also.

Your brows furrowed as you realized where you were, and then your eyes widened when you remembered the activities you participated in the last few hours.

“Oh my god.” You sat up on the subway seat. “What time is it?” You questioned eagerly. The man glanced at the watch on his wrist then looked back at you with a disapproving look.

“1:35 in the morning.” He responded. Your eyes widened. Holy shit. He noticed your surprised face and his expression softened.

“Sorry to bother you ma'am but you have to get off the subway.” He sighed with a sympathetic smile. You quickly picked up the open bag of Cheetos beside you and got up.

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ttwisted-angel  asked:

Hi. I love your fan fiction recommendation - I always find new and precious gems within them and keep being surprised. Thank you for always having such great suggestions. I recently found myself enjoying AU Steve/Tony fan fiction so I was wondering if you have any recommendations for me.

I love AUs!  Glad you are enjoying the recs.  If you haven’t, check out this post with AU recs.  Here are some more, since I really can’t get enough of these.  There are so many AUs, you really have a ton to choose from. Since your ask wasn’t specific, I went with a list of all sorts. Some canon divergence, some historical, some college, some whatever.  Enjoy!


Bulletproof by foxxcub: At age fifteen, Steve Rogers had been in love with Tony Stark.By age twenty, he’d (mostly) gotten over it. And then he promptly became Tony Stark’s fuck buddy.

The King and the Blacksmith by @captainneverever:   King Steven of York becomes friends with Tony, a refugee with a mysterious past. Tony hides his inheritance as a Dragonlord yet wants to help his friend the King. Steve is falling for the blue-eyed man but has to fight off Hydra invaders, leaving him little time for love. Can they find a happy ending together despite a war and secrets?

Come the Winter (Come the Storm) by captainshellhead, vibraniumstark: Tony Stark, an unremarkable day laborer in the gulag in Izhma, has been deemed too much of a liability to be allowed to remain in Soviet control. Steve Rogers, one of SHIELD’s top operatives, is sent undercover into one of the USSR’s many internment camps with the specific instructions to retrieve him.The plan was simple, which, in hindsight was the first indication that everything was about to fall apart.

The Captain and the Prince by Penumbren:  Steve has had a crush on Tony for years. Captain Rogers heads up the castle guard when Prince Anthony returns from his studies abroad. What’s a poor captain of the guard to do when his past crashes into his present?

The Lengths That I Will Go To by @polizwrites:  After forty-five years, Howard Stark discovers the wreck of the Valkyrie and that Captain America somehow survived the crash and nearly a half-century of being frozen in the ice.Tony Stark, having been brought back to the fold after several years of freedom, finds himself face to face with his childhood idol (and teenage crush) when he is recruited to help care for the recovering Captain Rogers, whose existence is being kept a secret.

Open Field In Front of Him by orphan_account;  Steve Rogers’s football season is functionally over after a loss to Rutgers, but he finds a distraction in Tony Stark (yes, THAT Tony Stark). A college AU Stony fic.

If At First by kellifer_fic:  Where Tony is stupid and Steve has been waiting for a long time.

Coming Home by Sonora:  When S.H.I.E.L.D. approaches Tony Stark to help with their 1940s deception for Steve Rogers, to be a semi-familiar face and name to help re-introduce him to the world, Tony agrees on one condition - that it’s his show to run. And at first, it seems like his plan’s going off without a hitch. What he doesn’t account for, however, are his own growing feelings for Steve.

Amor Fati by citsiurtlanu:   Tony Stark has always known what the words on his wrist are supposed to lead to. What he’s never known is who the words are for. 616 soulmate AU.

Food for the Heart by LagLemon:  After being introduced to a gourmet food on a budget blog by Pepper (a gift for her elderly, cheapskate mother) Tony starts cooking again. The recipies are good, but the blog owner is even better. Still, Tony isn’t so sure Captain America, the guy who runs the blog, can compete with Hot Bagboy, the gorgeous blond who works at the grocery store.

Happy Ending by @robintcj:  Steve is a mobile massage therapist, and Tony is a stressed billionaire. What could go wrong?

Your Name on Every Wall by @sineala:   The Time Gem throws Steve into the past rather than the future, and in doing so, it gives him the opportunity to undo his past mistakes. But when it turns out that all of his mistakes involve Tony Stark, Steve begins to wonder if he’s ever going to be able to mend things between them.

Enemy at the Gates by @awesomeavocadolove:  By the time Captain America was found and defrosted, the Chitauri had wiped out the entire state of New York, and Iron Man was the world’s most wanted villain.

we will meet in another life by theappleppielifestyle:  Tony is there instead of Howard during Project Rebirth. He ends up following Steve into the Howling Commandos, into the Atlantic ocean and into the 21st century.

How Not to Be Nothing by theappleppielifestyle: Tony’s still Tony Stark: genius, billionaire, playboy, depressed alcoholic, semi-suicidal- wait, that’s not how it’s supposed to go.Bruce is his college roommate and the guy who picks him up when he’s wasted, Peter is his sort-of-not-really nephew who hangs around too much and neither of them really mind.Then there’s Steve, and he’s… he’s, uh. He’s Steve, and he’s sort of a welcome surprise. He comes with Natasha, the gorgeous yet fucking terrifying business major, Clint, the undecided, and Thor, the guy who no-one’s really sure about who cleans out everyone’s supplies of poptarts.Somewhere along the way, they sort of become a family.

And one of my own:

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Oblivion by sabrecmc: “Mr….Mr. Stark?” the man asked, shaking his head as if to clear it, grip convulsing spasmodically on Tony’s hand.“That’s me,” Tony responded gruffly. Of course the man recognized him. His face had been everywhere before the whole Iron Man thing and now…well, now…so yeah, totally understandable. Guy was probably thinking of his lawyer’s speed dial number. “Look, ambulance is on its way, okay, so just sit tight. You’re going to be fine.”“I—I think I missed my date,” the blond man said. And promptly passed out.Or, how Tony accidentally kidnapped Captain America and then wanted to keep him.

I Love You, Idiot // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by got7markbum

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff, a little angst

Summary; Jaebum doesn’t reveal to you how much pain he is in - and when you find out, you’re a mix of trying to comfort him and slightly angry that he hid it from you and the other boys, too.

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Bts Hyung Line badboy!au


-          A thoughtful, lonerish sort of bad boy

-          Seems a bit unapproachable to many because of the people he hangs with, his height, and his very insular aura

-          Rockin’ that purple hair that he wears so well

-          Raps with Suga and Jhope on street corners, and sometimes alone as well

-          But when he’s not rapping, he can be found hiding out on his own writing lyrics, usually sitting outside as long as the weather is nice

-          And even if it’s raining, he’ll find an awning with a table to sit under as he scribbles away at his notebook, cranking out verses

-          Has a few usual places he goes

-          There’s this one ramen place that he frequents, the owners know him and they’re pals, so he asks about how their kids are doing and stuff like that, and they occasionally give him a free side dish because he’s a nice guy

-          And there’s this one bench he likes at the park because it overlooks the river and there’s a bridge and a field a little ways away where he can just watch people

-          In fact, that’s a common theme with his favorite places to write, is that he can people watch from them, whether it be at a park or from an outside table at a restaurant or through the window of a library

-          So he was at the ramen shop one day, just people watching as he slurped up his ramen before getting to writing

-          And in you walked to see your friend, a niece of the people who owned the shop

-          And you noticed it was awfully busy and one of the employees had called in sick so they were having a hard time handling it, so you decided to lend a hand, and you smiled as the woman thanked you

-          And he couldn’t help but watch because you seemed really happy and thoughtful

-          So he casually stole somewhat prolonged glances in your direction as he ate, and once he finished eating, he continued to watch absently as he pulled out his notebook and started scratching away with his pen

-          Until he caught the attention of the woman who ran the shop, your friend’s aunt, and she was like ‘ohOOH I seeeee…’ and he looked down a little embarrassed and went back to writing, so the woman sent you out to take care of his table

-          So you, completely unaware that he’d been staring a little, went over, took his dishes and asked him if you could get him anything else just then

-          ‘Oh, yes some tea would be great, thank you.’ He was very polite and gracious, and you returned with the tea shortly after

-          ‘If you don’t mind me asking, I come here all the time so I know everyone in this shop, but I don’t recognize you. Are you a friend of the family?’

-          So you told him how you were friends with their niece, and why you were working there that afternoon, and you small talked a little as you brought and refilled his tea, and he’d steal more glances as you cleared tables around him, and maybe you stole a few of your own while his nose was buried in his notebook, pencil in hand, working furiously as his eyes narrowed ever so slightly in concentration

-          And once he’d finished with his writing for the day, he stood up, paid, and waved goodbye to the owner before turning to you

-          ‘If it’s not too much, I don’t think I caught your name.’

-          So you gave it to him

-          ‘I’m Namjoon. It was good to meet you, maybe I’ll see you around here again.’

-          And with that and a smile to boot, he left

-          And it was a little while before the two of you were in the shop again at the same time

-          Almost three weeks to be exact, one lunch time on a Sunday

-          But you can bet that the woman who ran the place was sure to put you to work attending his table when that day came, bless her little heart

-          So you greeted each other, both by name, and continued with the pleasant chatting as you served him his ramen, poured tea, and cleared away his dishes throughout his stay

-          And then it happened again about a week and a half after that, so soon relatively speaking probably at least in part because he’d started favoring this spot above his others for some reason… can’t imagine why…

-          This time you guys actually got to talking about what he was doing with that notebook of his, so you found out that he was a rapper and that was his lyric book

-          And then again a couple more times the following week, and you’d talk and laugh not just as you served him, but as you served tables near him and cleaned up, and glances were taken more and more frequently, often resulting in brief but steady meeting of eyes, followed by the both of you returning to your work with barely perceptible smiles gracing your lips

-          A short time later, he went in to write one evening, towards the end of the dinner rush

-          So you served his table as usual, and he stayed, eating ramen and drinking tea as he wrote until the other customers had left, though there was still an hour till closing time

-          So you cleaned around him and when you were finished, the owner poured you some tea and you brought it over to enjoy Namjoon’s company in a more concentrated dose than you could have while you were busy working

-          So he set his notebook aside and you two talked for a while

-          And a few minutes in, you took the leap and asked him if you could see some of what’s in his notebook

-          So he smiles lightly and hands it to you, and you take it very gingerly as if it’s the most delicate and valuable book in the world, and you slowly open up to a random page towards the beginning, and you read through lyric after lyric

-          After a little while of looking at them, you point out one of them to him, and tell him that it’s your favorite, because it reminds you of some important transitional period in your life, and you talk about it, and the whole time you’re doing that, he’s just looking at you

-          Stolen glances have now given way to forward, unabashed stares, and when you look up from the book, you hold his gaze

-          After a while, he rises up slowly from his seat and rests one palm on the center of the table to support himself as he leans over it

-          And he rests the other one hesitantly on your cheek, silently asking permission to keep going with his eyes, and you consent by leaning up a little and looking down at his lips

-          Slowly but surely, he leans forward and down until he is only a centimeter or two away from you, and he pauses, for a split second, before he closes the rest of the gap

-          He kisses you very gently and slowly, delicately stroking your cheek with the pad of his thumb a few times before he moves his hand back behind your neck to slide his fingers into your hair

-          The lady who runs the shop peaked out to refill your tea, but as soon as she saw what was going on, she froze, smiled proudly, and snuck back on into the kitchen so as not to disturb the scene before her

-          From that point on, you two met at the shop near closing time often, a few times a week, sharing in hushed, late night conversations, passing, innocent touches and secret kisses

-          It was a couple of weeks later when the two of you exchanged numbers and he asked to introduce you to his friends

-          From then on, you graduated from the secluded meetings to a real relationship in broad daylight

-          So you started going out with them when they rapped on the streets, and you’d accompany him to his other writing spots, though the ramen stop was still his favorite

-          He liked sitting across from you so he could look at you

-          He also loved holding your hand, so you’d do that whenever you were walking somewhere, and he’d absently fiddle with your fingers with his off hand while he wrote lyrics with his main hand

-          When you came out with him and the boys late at night, he was always a little tamer with you around than he’d been with just the boys


-          Doesn’t give a what sort of bad boy

-          Looks on people who judge him prematurely with a judgement of his own, like how dare you, if you’re that quick to judge then your opinion doesn’t matter anyway

-          Regularly found sleeping at odd hours in music practice rooms

-          Also regularly found up and about as if its midday when in reality it’s three in the morning

-          When he’s up and not with friends, he spends his time writing raps, listening to music, and rapping in tunnels and on street corners

-          And he usually gathers quite a crowd, because not only is he a fantastic rapper, he writes really deep, meaningful stuff

-          When he is out with friends, usually Namjoon, sometimes he raps with them and sometimes he’s just out goofing off late at night

-          So you guys first meet because he’s getting chased out of some wealthy neighborhood for disturbing the peace by a cop who was tending the gate

-          And you’re walking out of the convenience store that you had the late shift on, and it’s completely dark inside, and you’ve just closed up

-          So he sees the chance to hide, so he rushes in, kind of not thinking through the fact that you were right there, and he kind of bumps into you half way, and you both kinda start to fall, but he manages to get you both back inside, and the door closes behind you

-          And you’re about to scream bloody murder because what the flip, but he whispers as soon as you’re both inside “oh my gosh, are you okay? I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to run into you, I just needed to hide for a sec.”

-          And you’re like “why are you hiding?”

-          “I was out rapping in some rich neighborhood, and someone called the gate guard, and apparently he has nothing better to do than chase me out.”

-          So the two of you just sit tight in the dark store a little back from the door as the guards are standing in the street, clearly confused about where he went, checking down alleyways, and jiggling doors, for about a minute, until they finally leave

-          When he says at a normal volume now “*whew, sorry about that. Thanks for not getting me caught.”

-          “Heh, no problem. Everyone in that neighborhood is a snob, they come in here all the time and they complain the whole time they’re here about our ‘poor selection.’ We’re a friggin convenience store, not an organic farmers’ market.”

-          “… Hey listen, while I’m here, can I grab a soda?”

-          “Sure can, they’re right along that wall.”

-          So this guy who hid from the cops in your store for petty disturbing of the peace just buys a soda after closing time, thanks you for not turning him over, and then just leaves. Just like that

-          So that was kind of an interesting night for both of you

-          Partly because of the whole hiding from the cops dealio

-          And then also partly because huh, he was strangly flip about the whole thing, which was intriguing, but also didn’t seem like a total jerk…?

-          And because wow, you were oddly chill with the fact that he was like ‘oh hey, can I hide from the cops in your store?’ and you were just like ‘oh yeah, those jerks, here have a soda while you’re at it’…?

-          So a couple days later in mid afternoon when he woke up after sleeping since four in the morning, he was back

-          Totally just for the soda though

-          “Hey, disturbing of the peace boy. You look like you just woke up.”

-          “I did.”

-          “… But it’s two in the afternoon.”

-          “Yeah. I went to bed at four.”

-          “Oh. Okay. So who’s neighborhood were you terrorizing?”

-          “Just the docks off fifth street.”

-          “Nice. So the ducks. You were terrorizing the ducks.”

-          “Yeah.”

-          And that was how it was with you two. He’d come by for a soda every few days, and you’d banter back and forth until he was done buying his soda, or chips, or whatever he was there for, and then he’d leave

-          That went on for a couple of weeks, before one day he was in, and he decided to just go for it

-          “Hey listen, I’m doing a collab with a rapper friend of mine a couple of streets down, you wanna come see? We’re doing it at five.”

-          So you were like this is awesome. This is great

-          So obvi you said yes

-          So you went to see, and you got there at like 5:05 and filed through the crowd so you could see them

-          When he saw you in the crowd he shot you an eyebrow raise and a smile as he went on ahead and just casually spat some fire, as he does

-          So you watched for the whole thing, and clapped with a big smile with the crowd because wow, this was really impressive

-          And then when they were done, they all started packing up, and you helped them a little and then while the rest of the guys finished up, Yoongi and you chatted for a while

-          Like, quite a while

-          You just started and didn’t stop

-          And then there was a pause, and then he was like “Do you wanna go out and get a soda somewhere other than your convenience store?”

-          And you were like “h#ck yessss”

-          So you two walked a couple blocks down to this OTHER convenience store, because it’s not your convenience store so it’s not like work for you, so that qualifies as a date obviously

-          And you bought sodas, and then kept walking a bit

-          And then wound up at an arcade

-          And then wound up sneaking copious amounts of snacks into a really crappy movie

-          And then threw left over bready snacks to ducks

-          And got more sodas

-          And then improvised raps on the spot about everything you were seeing as you walked around

-          And before you knew it, it was like two in the morning

-          And so you had to be getting going, so he walked you back to where your car is, and before he left, you leaned up and kissed his cheek, making him laugh to try and cover up the nerves as he couldn’t contain his gummy smile

-          “See you around the shop?”

-          “Yep, see ya.”

-          So you guys kind of slowly unnofically became a thing? It wasn’t like “lets be bf/gf,” it just sort of… happened? Like friends but with the chemistry and the skinship and all

-          He chilled in your shop a lot (as long as the owner wasn’t around so he couldn’t get in trouble for loitering), and you two would go out and just roam the streets at odd hours of night

-          And once you got comf, he’d throw his arm over your shoulder a lot as you walked, and you’d kiss his cheek, bringing out that gummy smile


-          Prettyboy bad boy

-          Like not really a bad boy, just kinda hangs out with some badboyish people

-          And when he’s not being an absolute goof, he can look kind of ethereal sometimes so it adds to the MYSTERY (“OOOOOOH” hand waviness and random smoke and sparkles coming out of nowhere)

-          Honestly, he’s the momfriend of the badboys. Like why does the badboy friend group even have a momfriend?? Like they spend their time staying out until the early morning, disturbing the peace, loitering, and generally being rowdy…?? Idk, but it’s him, he’s the momfriend

-          Wears ankle boots with legit tread and a zipper

-          Also a jean jacket, but somehow manages to look kind of soft but not in like a ‘he needs to be taken care of,’ sort of way, just gentle…??

-          So he and the other all dark and mcbroody doods are all out wreacking a reasonable amount of havoc (well, they’re wreaking havoc and he’s trying to kind of keep things at least somewhat safe and in order)

-          So the first time you see each other, the other boys are throwing empty soda cans, trying to hit something from off of a street light, and Jin is all like ‘guys, really, stop throwing soda cans’

-          And you happen to be walking by and the boys weren’t paying attention, and Jin was on your side of the road picking up after the guys, and he saw them throw a can and it was about to hit you and it just… he just… he caught it. No one knows how and it was such a bossin thing to do, it was like in those cheesy movies where the guy saves the girl from getting hit in the face with a ball except minus the diving jump and the slow motion, but STILL (and it’ll literally never happen again, because this guy is kind of uncoordinated and I’m honestly amazed that it happened even this once)

-          So he says across the street to them ‘Guys, you almost hit this poor girl, behave

-          And then he turns to you to apologize for them, but he kind of pauses for a minute and then smiles a little because oh… she’s… cute…

-          ‘Sorry about them, I’ve been trying to get them to stop… I don’t know if I… can’ he says chuckling kind a nervously and holding up the soda can he caught as he laid out the terrible pun

-          You couldn’t help but chuckle a little at his quirkiness, and he was cute, and just had this wholesome feel in spite of the fact that he hung with the bad boys, and you couldn’t help but smile because he seemed so caring

-          So you said ‘It’s fine, it was a soft drink anyway, I’m sure it wouldn’t have hurt too bad.’

-          And he laughed good naturedly and it was a little awkward but kind of sweet because you were exchanging puns with a complete stranger and that was nifty

-          And he, being the friendly guy that he is, decided ‘hey, she seems cute, and sweet, and we have extra sodas, and these boys are being insufferable rn, why not offer her one and wind down?’

-          So that’s what he does, and you say yes, because after all, it was mid-day, and it wasn’t super busy but there were other people around so it was safe enough

-          So you stuck around and talked, he told you about the boys and how they met, and the music that they did together when they weren’t getting into trouble, and he asked you about your hobbies, and job, and school, and you just talked

-          For like an hour

-          Before the other boys were ready to go, and they shouted at Jin “Hey, say goodbye to your new girlfriend, lets go get food!’

-          And Jin chuckled kind of awkwardly, and so did you, and after a moment of silence of you two kind of just standing there, he says ‘Hey listen, if you want to do meet again we come out here most Saturday afternoons, so we’ll be here next week, if you, I don’t know… want to… do this again’

-          So you kind of mull over it for a week

-          And by the time the next Saturday rolls around, you still haven’t really decided

-          But oh darn, would you look at that, you’re out of doritos

-          And naturally, you can’t go a day without doritos

-          And, I mean, you could just go to the grocery store down the street…

-          Or you could walk for ten extra minutes both ways and go to the convenience store with the worse selection

-          And I mean, so what if it just happens to be the same one that you met that guy Jin outside of, and where he said he probably would be today, and I mean you weren’t sure but you felt like they were having a sale on doritos or something last week, so maybe you could get a second bag for like 50% off, and that was totally worth an extra twenty minutes of walking in this kind of chilly weather, right?

-          And SO WHAT if you happened to run into him again, right? It’s not like that was your plan, it would just be a funny coincidence and maybe you’d stay and chat… just, for like, a minute or forty

-          So you walk there and OH WOW what a surprise

-          ‘Oh hey! It’s good to see you again? Shopping?’ He smiles as he asks you

-          ‘oh, yeah, just needed some doritos.’

-          ‘Let me get you a lot better than doritos. There’s a coffee place down the block, we can go for a cup if you want.’

-          And that’s how it starts

-          You trade numbers after coffee, and you text a lot, and Saturday afternoons becomes official date time for you guys. You start to go out more and more often in between as well, but Saturday afternoon, you always go to that coffee shop

-          And he always insists on paying for you every time, and he’s such a gentleman, which feels out of place with the leather jacket and the people he hangs with, but it’s also nice

-          And as you get to know the guys as well, you help him keep them out of trouble

-          And they’re not bad kids, they just need some chaperoning on occasion

-          So as you roam around the city, he stands on the outside of the sidewalk, with his hand on your back, or with his fingers intertwined with yours, leaving the occasional kiss on your temple whenever the mood moves him

-          On those two nights a week after your work or school when he comes over for you guys to eat dinner and watch dramas (your relationship is filled with habits), he loves to cook for you, and he’ll teach you the recipes he knows, and then while you’re relaxing on the couch, he’ll sing to you in his sweet voice

-          Mmmhmm such a bad boy

-          But someone’s gotta take care of the other boys, and now that you two are dating, that’s just double the mama power to handle the job

Hostage Situation

Insanity Rambles: Scrolling through the Marichat tag and I JUST HAD THE GREATEST IDEA EVER. May put this on A03 later.

It was mid-afternoon on a Sunday and her parents were out. Only Marinette and Nino were in the building, working on a French assignment. She had taken down all indications of her crush on Adrien and spread out the resources they needed across the desk. Tikki was hidden away, napping in a small box in the alcove above her bed while Marinette worked with Nino. They were almost finished when the designer spotted it.

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anonymous asked:

all of the usual skelebros (that is, ut, uf, us, and sf) reactions to their S/O making pie or ice cream sundaes or whatever, and they "accidentally" squirt a lil bit of whipped cream on their boyfriend's face and try to kiss and/or lick it off. not in, like, a dirty sexual way tho. S/O is just rlly rlly shy and wants an excuse to smooch their cute skeleton man ;;

(I don’t have emojis on PC, sooo….)

THIS *clap* CUTE *clap* SHIT *clap* IS  *clap* MY *clap* JAM. Also this might be toeing a lil closer to nsfw than usual but then again, its me.

Also also, this got kinda long because I was in a mood for fluff, so some under the cut. A lot under the cut. 

UT!Sans: “sweet of you to cook.” He grinned from his spot leaning on the counter.

You roll your eyes.”That was barely a pun, dude.”

The grin widened and he came up behind you. “come on, I’m pie-ing here.”

That one gets a small smile out of you and you turn back to the pastry. He reaches from behind you. “hang on, think it needs a test-”

You smack him away. “Phalanges off, its not done.” You gesture the can in your hand. “I abjectly refuse to let you eat pie without whipped cream, I’m a good person. So just sit tight.”

He smirked, holding his hands up and backing away. “alright, alright. normally i’d argue but you’ve got me whipped, babe.”

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Hole in Time Chapter 1: When Are We?

Summary: What if instead of going to another reality Team Voltron goes to a different time?

A.N: Couldn’t get this idea out of my mind and Mind Trip has been hard to think of a decent plotline so here is this garbage.


After receiving a ditress signal the Paladins rush over to find the source. When they arrive they see a large wormhole.

“Are we sure Lotor is in there?” asks Lance curiously as they stare at the wormhole.

“I’m certain,” answers Allura as she wonders why would anyone possibly choose be in there.

“I don’t know Allura, I don’t trust the fact that it’s not like any wormhole we’ve seen before,” comments Hunk staring at it with reluctance.

Allura looks at it as she bites her lip as she sighs and says, “We’re Paladins of Voltron, we should at least see if its safe then see what Lotor is planning.”

“Sending drone now,” says Pidge as she sends a drone.

They all watch with baited breath as the drone goes through the wormhole as Pidge looks at the scans as she comments, “The drone is completely fine, so I’m assuming it’s safe to go through.”

“Let’s form Voltron just in case,” comments Keith as they go down to the Lions. “Who knows what he’s planning.”


After a quick forming of Voltron Keith stares down the wormhole as he orders, “Pidge, keep an eye on Voltron’s vitals.”

“Got it.”

They float cautiously through the wormhole as they brace themselves for any attack, but none come.

“Shouldn’t we be seeing Lotor or anything right now?” asks Lance curiously as they look around to just see empty space.

Keith growls annoyed as he says, “Lotor, couldn’t have just vanished. Let’s go back and see where he might’ve gone.”

Everyone sighs in agreement as Pidge looks behind them and says, “Uh guys, that might be a problem, but look the wormhole is gone.”

Quickly they all turn around as Hunk asks, “Uh so what did we just go through? And how do we get back?”

“I think it might’ve been a natural teleportation wormhole but a small one. I see the castle in the distance,” says Allura as they saw the castle as well.

“Looks, like Lotor was just looking for a short cut,” says Keith as he groans as he looks in distance. “He’s long gone too, so let’s head back and maybe we can regroup and find him. It’s already late.”


When they arrive at the castle they arrive in the Hanger when alarms begin blaring through the ship as Lance sees something in Red’s Hanger asks through the comms, “Uh is anyone else seeing something in the Hanger?”

“Oh good. I thought I might’ve been the only one,” says Hunk with a sigh of relief.

Keith growls annoyed as he asks, “Allura, is there a place where we store the Lions till we figure this out?”

“I believe so,” answers Allura as she leads them to a second Hanger. When they do Keith motions them to take out their Bayards to deal with the supposed intruders.

They sneak around the castle as they walk to the Bridge as they look around as Hunk comments, “Wasn’t Coran supposed to be here waiting?”

Allura looks around the Bridge and thinks back to Hanger incident as she comments, “This is quite strange. We couldn’t have been gone that long.”

Suddenly the lights go out as panic begins to ensue through the Paladins.

“What’s going on?!”


“Allura! What happened?!”

“It must be the intruders!”

“Show yourselves!”

Suddenly yells of shock and grunts of pain are heard as the lights turn back on as the Paladins blink rapidly adjusting to sudden change in light as they look to see six people in Paladin uniform while they’re tied up in a green rope as Keith demands, “Who are you?! What are doing in here?!”

“Keith?” asks a somewhat familiar voice in the Blue Paladin uniform.

“Do I know you?” asks Keith rudely.

The man in blue looks at the others as he motions them with a confused look and a shrug as they take a closer look as they gasp in shock and mutter in amazement.

The person in the Pink armor looks as they whisper, “Oh dear. This can’t be good.”

The person in green cringes as they takes off the ropes as they apologize, “Sorry about that we thought you were intruders.”

“If anyone is the intruders it’s you! What are you doing in my castle?!” demands Allura annoyed even they’re free as she forms her energy whip as the “intruders” back up.

“Allura! Calm down! We can explain!” says the person in black as they take off their helmet to reveal…..

“Shiro?!” yells the Paladins shocked and confused.

“Shiro?! What’s going on? Where have you been? We’ve been looking for you! And who are they?” demands Keith irritated yet relieved to see his brother safe and sound.

“Uh well um Keith I don’t know what or how to tell you, but I’m not your Shiro,” says Shiro slowly as the Paladins look at weirdly. “I mean. I am, but you see I’m 28.”

The Paladins freeze as Pidge asks slowly, “So wait… we time traveled? That’s a thing now?!”

“Forget that! How do we get back! The wormhole closed!” yells Lance suddenly even more worried.

Shiro clears his throat as he says, “Don’t panic. We’ll figure this out. So while I go wake Coran to help us just sit tight and chat?”

Shiro quickly walks out the room as Pidge stares at the others as she guesses, “I’m going to guess that you’re our future selves.”

They nod as Lance notices the awkward atmosphere as he jokes, “Well come on. Don’t be shy. It’s not like we don’t know each other. I bet I’m even more attractive then usual.”

The future Paladins snicker as they go take off their helmets as they take a good look at what might come to.

Allura takes notice how her future self cut her hair to little above her shoulders. She greets, “It’s nice to see you.”

Allura takes her hand as she says, “It’s amazing to see that I might make it through this war for another three deca-phoebs.”

Hunk looks at his future self. He definitely grew more muscles in these three years. He also sees stubble growing around his chin. He also has piercings as Hunk asks, “Are those Balmeran piercings?”

His future self blushes as he answers, “Uh yeah… we visit Balmera some time in your future.”

Pidge looks at her future self with an analyzing look. She has longer hair enough to put it into a small ponytail. She still has Matt’s glasses which is good she wouldn’t know what she do if she lost them as she decides to comment, “It’s nice to see some things haven’t change.”

“Yeah, and I gotta admit it’s nice to be tall,” she jokes as she is now a head taller than her past self.

Lance looks at his future self as he has a scar right above his eyebrow as he grew a little more lean and muscular but something about the way he keeps looking to the side shows Lance he’s nervous as he jokes, “Good to see my looks stayed.”

His future self chuckles as he adds, “Please, as if we could lose it.”

Keith scoffs at the sight of them as he looks at his future self. Nothing change other than the fact he has two scars on his cheek and he puts his hair in a ponytail. Keith just greets with a simple ‘hey’ as they greet back with a nod.

Shiro quickly comes back with Coran as Coran says with wide eyes, “Ah I see Shiro was serious, but need not worry. This is just a simple of creating a device to return you to your time.”

“Great, do we need a DeLorean or a police box?” jokes Lance as some of the Paladins snicker at the joke.

“I’m not sure that species or a box to hold law enforcement could help with this, but I need to ask,” starts Coran as he looks at his past Paladins. “Did anyone else go through the wormhole?”

“We received a message saying Prince Lotor went in the wormhole as well,” answers Allura cautiously.

The future Paladins grow wide as before they could say anything Pidge lets out a yawn as she apologizes, “Sorry, continue.”

Shiro smiles as he says, “No. You guys need sleep. I can’t imagine how long you were up. Go to bed I’m sure we won’t mind sharing.”

“But Shiro-,” starts Keith before Shiro gives him a look as he groans as they walk to their rooms.

Keith looks at them with one more look before the door closes on them.


Shiro sees the door close as he looks back to his team as he says with an exasperated sigh, “So, looks like we need to deal with Lotor… again.”

“He can’t be too hard to find Shiro. We know how he works,” reassures Allura as she looks at the time. “But, I believe after that… surprising awakening we need to rest. So I shall be turning in.”

Allura goes over to Shiro and kisses him on the cheek as she mutters about how he needs to sleep in his own room. Shiro then looks at the others to see what they’re going to do.

“Yeah, sorry after that I’m wide awake I’m going to see if I can find a way to make a time machine,” says Pidge before she snickers. “Hehe, Matt is going to freak out when he finds out what I’m doing.”

Shiro then realizes about that factor as he warns, “When you call him tell him to warn us if he’s coming back home.”

“Got it!”

Shiro looks at Hunk who says, “I’m going to bed. Night Shiro.”

“Night,” responds Shiro as he looks at Keith and Lance. “You know what this means right? If I have to hide my relationship so do you too, so what does mean?”

Keith rolls his eyes as he says, “We sleep in our own rooms instead of each others.”

“Exactly,” agrees Shiro as they look at Lance.

“But we can kiss and stuff if they aren’t around right?” asks Lance as he kisses Keith on the lips as he pulls back with a smirk. “You know. Outta sight. Outta mind.”

Shiro nods as he walks off mentioning about going to bed. Lance and Keith look at each other as Keith notices the look in Lance’s eyes as he says with a smile, “Fine. One more kiss and then you gotta go to your own room…. promise.”

“Paladin’s honor,” says Lance as he kisses Keith one more time.

Lance watches Keith walk away with content smile as he follows him after about a minute past. He just hopes they don’t ruin the timeline but an accidental slip up.


Yeah, not a good start I know but I promise it will get better… I hope. Either way hehe anyway anyone want to help me think of ways to differentiate between present and future Paladins.

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Our first batch of 1,500 invites are in the process of going out right now– we’re going to keep an eye on the server CPU and memory usage before sending out the remaining invites, just to make sure it can handle the new traffic, so if you haven’t gotten an invite, just sit tight for a day or two. We’ll let you know when all of the invites from the Beta Wave 2 mailing list have been sent out. :)

Starcoweek 3: Mewberty

Hi there, so I’ve put a lot of work into this and … okay, I know that it probable won’t be as good as some of the other things people make for @starcoweek3 but I had to post it after putting so much work into it. Little heads up, it’s over 10,000 words. And lastly, I, once again, am dedicating my shorts for this shipping week so I will dedicate this one to none other than @rakhall for having an amazing Mewberty AU. Now onto the story.

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anonymous asked:

Svt reaction to you moaning their name (;

I literally took millenniums to post this and I’m so sorry anon ;; I hope you’ll be this satisfied with this and once again I apologize :(


would be like fUCK YES IT IS TIME TO REALLY GET IT ON BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELT you best prepare yourself son because he is not backing down now mm mM no sir you have just sent the ultimate go signal in his head so sit tight and enjoy the ride (y OU SEE WHAT I DID THERE IM LAUGHING): Seungcheol, Jun, Hoshi, Mingyu

would pause a take a moment to realize yes that was you yes that was their name you just moaned out no this is not a dream yes they’re really about to get some now why are they still thinking about it time to start doing something about it /cues the sexy music/: Jeonghan, Joshua, Wonwoo, Woozi, Minghao

would also take a moment of realization would say something stupid like “can you do that again” wHich makes you reply “I don’t know, can you make me?” and wOOOO ITS GETTING HOT IN HER E: Dokyeom, Seungkwan, Vernon, Dino

~peach admin