so just sit tight

So imagine Gansey waiting hidden in Ronan’s room just to make a classic, scary prank and suddenly Ronan’s entering the room with Adam and they start to make out and frick frack while Gansey is still hidden, forced to hear both of his best friends having sex and he is just sitting there, confused and terrified.

Alright mah CS babies...lemme spell some things out.

Once is a TV show.  (Meaning that as Georgina so brilliantly pointed out yesterday, romance ain’t gonna be all rainbows till the last minute.  Nor SHOULD it be.  Cause that’d be hella boring.)

Captain Swan has not this far been, currently is not, and will never be an easy relationship.

Three seasons have been dedicated to showing Emma’s struggles that have built her walls.

Almost 2 seasons have done the same for Hook.

Put the two together, and a stable, simple relationship does not that make.

So kiddos.

Buckle up.

Cause it WILL BE a bumpy ride.

Just sit tight and know we’re endgame kay?

Cause we are.

And I don’t wanna see y'all hashtagging how scared you are.

Class dismissed.

  1. Support each other. This community has shown over the past couple of days how strong we can be when we work together, so let’s continue this by reaching out and supporting each other, talking to each other.
  2. Consider signing this Get Well Soon card. Found here, remember to read the instructions first.
  3. Don’t spread rumours. We don’t know anything outside of what Burnie and Ashley have told us, so please just sit tight and wait for more official news. There is no reason to spread rumours.
  4. Don’t ask for more information. Sort of a continuation of above. Please believe information will come when there is some and when Monty and his family decide to release any information. Don’t harass them, or any of RT for more information. It’s personal and they don’t need that right now.
  5. Don’t complain if there is missing or no content coming from RT. They are dealing with a lot right now.
  6. Don’t complain if RvB or RWBY releases gets pushed back. Same reason as above
  7. Please tag your Monty related posts.
  8. Don’t judge how other people are dealing with the news. As long as no one is doing anything offensive or harmful, please let everyone cope as they see fit. Everyone deals with these sorts of the situations differently.
  9. Consider donating here. We’ve blasted through the donation goal, but if you have a bit to spare, it helps. However, don’t feel bad if you are unable to donate, not everyone will be able to.

Just a few extra links:

RT Site / Burnie’s Journal Post / The Know it All / RT’s Official Twitter / Burnie’s Twitter

Closed RP || In the Midst of War


“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Xavier looked the woman up and down, none too pleased by her presence. He sighed and scratched the back of his head, muttering, “does no one care that we’re fighting a war here?”

She was caught in the middle of a battle. Naturally one of his Captains had picked her up and brought her to the safety of the main tent, which really wasn’t all that safe either, or at least not in a surprise attack.

“Alright, given and family name, please. We’ll return you to your home as quickly as possible so just sit tight.”

It's been a while and it will be a while more.

Hey folks.

For the past few months I’ve been dealing with various tests, doctor visits and scheduling based around two tumors that we discovered back around March. It’s kind of invaded a lot of my headspace, and coupled with my recent freelance job, I haven’t been in the spirit to knock out any Adison comics. 

The one in my neck/head is coming out in three days, and once that heals they’ll be tackling the one in my chest. It’ll be a few months of recovery, healing, potential rehab, follow up appointments, etc. So just sit tight, I’ll return to this eventually. (And just to clarify, I have the tumor, not Adison. She’s fine and dandy and awesome and getting ready to start kindergarten.)

I may end up doing some on paper, old school, while I’m resting. If so, I’ll just upload it from my phone that way.

Sorry for the delay to anyone that enjoys reading them. Hang tight, I’ll do my best to make it up to y'all somehow.

Be well.

terraicehawk  asked:

Has this happened to anyone else. I go to look at where I am on the leader board and it just shows the choose a name thing. I'm gonna be pissed if I don't get my prize cause I was gonna get a griffin. I want my cute griffin :'(

This is a widespread bug that TinyCo is working a fix for. They say that seal count/your place on the leaderboard is not affected, so we just gotta sit tight until they can fix this.

So I’m going through some things right now.

I’m going to be okay.

I just have to take it day by day.

So sit tight, stay tuned, and don’t worry;

I’ll be back to my usual self eventually.

(wOp sorry for so much words of mod, but i just wanted to say a few more things. alright for one, with all the hate goin around the bd/daily community, and with someone posing as other blogs, i just want yall to know that i never go on anon and that im alwase ‘the good luck anomaly’. corncob doesnt really message other people on here, but if he starts getting more active ill let yall know. i also have 1 (one) ask in my inbox that ill get around to answering tomorrow, so just sit tight my anonymous pal. other than that, im heading to bed. gnight guys, ill see yall tomorrow!) - mod lucky

(alright, so sorry to drop this on yall, but i think we gonna go on a short hiatus. with poor lucky over here having art difficulties, corncob being dead all the time, and thanksgiving coming up, we’re not gonna be able to get much done on this blog for a while, so just sit tight for a while i guess. feel free to still send in asks though! just keep in mind that we might not get to them for a while. ill try to draw what i can to answer a few asks, and then upload them all at once when we come back. but yeah, thanks for stickin around, happy early turkey day yall) -mod lucky