so just sit tight

So imagine Gansey waiting hidden in Ronan’s room just to make a classic, scary prank and suddenly Ronan’s entering the room with Adam and they start to make out and frick frack while Gansey is still hidden, forced to hear both of his best friends having sex and he is just sitting there, confused and terrified.

fault lines of the heart

a/n: wut are dis?? not smut?? ummmmmmmmm, not exactly one-sided but kind of is??????? sugapark lol sorry i tried ;u; at least it’s kind of angsty?????


yoongi’s thoughts may still be thick and muddled by drowsiness, but he has a very clear idea of who might be knocking on his front door at three in the goddamn morning. he rolls over under his sheets, hoping that if he ignores it, it might go away. out of sight, out of mind.

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About Liz/Red scene on s2 finale: I'm not exactly a fan of Boone's acting. I haven't seen anything else she was on so I just sit tight. But there's just something when it is just her and Spader. She sure shines. At first I thought she just felt more comfortable with him but then she and Eggold (apparently) are good friends and imho their scenes together have nothing out of ordinary. Boone and Spader have this crazy chemistry and it seems to bring out the best in her. What you think?

Do James and Megan have chemistry?

Umm what chemistry????

I hope I don’t sound obnoxious or anything but lately I’ve seen lots of people talk about stretching your wrists if you’re an artist and I just wanted to say something.

Of course, it’s a really good idea to stretch your hands, wrists and fingers after drawing or spending a long time in front of the computer. But I’d say that it’s even better if you spend 5-10 minutes doing a few stretches on the rest of your body. 

When you spend the whole day sitting down in front of a computer, your back also suffers a lot. And when your back suffers, everything else suffers as well. I speak from experience when I say that stretching your whole back, your shoulders, and even your hips and legs will really help you, because your body ends up getting tense everywhere, and even if you think there’s no relationship between the legs and the back/arms, the truth is that everything is connected. Plus, a few stretches will open your body and will probably improve your mood a little.

Just try to get up, walk a little, try to touch your toes (no need to go too far), stretch your arms over your head, make circles with your shoulders… A couple of rounds of sun salutations also work wonders, if you’re into that and know how to do them. Or even a couple of push ups, although I know most people wouldn’t want to even try them.

But seriously. I really recommend not only stretching your hands but also the rest of your body. Remember that everything is connected, and you really feel the difference when you stretch everything.

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