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Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts Part 2 (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

Part 1

You woke up from a good night’s sleep, totally unaware of the events that happened with Shawn. Just as you got up to pick some clothes, your cell phone rang.

“Hello?” Came your manager’s voice, panicked. “Have you heard?”

“What?” You answered, confused as hell.

“James Corden? The Late Late Show!” Your manager bellowed through the phone.

“Yes… I watch him sometimes. What about him?”

“Check for yourself.”

You opened your phone to a million notifications.

You read the millions of articles, tweets, posts. You couldn’t believe it. Shawn Mendes liked you?! You felt immensely happy. What he didn’t know was that you have been highkey crushing on him ever since he released his EP. You closed your eyes, and opened them again. The words on your screen did not change. I’m dreaming, you thought. Relationships weren’t really your forte, and you never really had a crush like you back. You decided to give Shawn a call.

“Hello?” His voice rang from the other end.

“Hi Shawn! Um this is Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.” you stuttered. Shit. You definitely should have thought this through.

“Y/N! Oh gosh, I’m guessing you heard about last night? I’m so sorry, I know it seems really weird and we can just forge-

“I thought it was sweet.” You cut him off, smiling. “Maybe we can hang out sometime?”

“Wow yeah I’d love that.”

Just then, another call came in.

“Shoot, Shawn I got another call I gotta take. Text me later?”

“You got it.”

You hung up on him, heart fluttering like mad.

“Hello?” You answered the second call, from your manager.

“Y/N, you’re not doing anything tonight right?”

“Well, I was thinking of hanging out with-“

“James Corden called. He wants you on the show.”

“Really? Wow I’d love to!”

“Okay, I’ll send you the coordinates and time by text.”

Wow. You were going on the Late Late Show! First you find out Shawn Mendes likes you, then you get invited to one of the biggest talk shows…


“Okay guys. I’m going to announce our next guest. Please don’t get ballistic and crazy. I will ask her all the questions during a special segment.” James Corden winked mischievously at the crowd.

“So, our next guest, acclaimed (your profession) Y/N Y/L/N!”

The audience went crazy, screaming and clapping as you walked in. You smiled and waved at the crowd and hugged James Corden. You both took seats on the couch.

“Wow, this is so crazy! Thank you for having me!” You exclaimed excitedly.

“It’s lovely having you!” James said through his thick British accent.

The night continued with James asking you a few questions on your career and family, which you answered merrily. It was a whole lot of fun being on the show, you made the crowd laugh and you got along great with James.

“So, Y/N how would you feel in joining me in a very popular segment here?”

“Oh god, I don’t like what’s coming.” You chuckled nervously.

“It’s time to play, Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts!” James shouted at the audience.

Oh no.

He led you to a round table and you took a seat.

“You are so evil.” You said to James.

“Thank you so much Y/N, it really means a lot.” He answered, making you laugh. “So need I explain the game to you?”

“Unfortunately no.”

“Alright so let’s see our feast! We got: goat toes, squid, pork blood, haggis, cod sperm, spider eyes, jellyfish, calf brain and pickle juice!”

“Oh god, the pickle juice is actually the best here. What in the world do you want me to confess James?” You questioned.

“Oh we’ll see.” James grinned. “Okay so since you are our guest, you get to start.”

You picked up a card and cackled at the question.

“Okay for this question, I’m going to serve you…Haggis! Yeah. Okay, James. At what age did you lose your virginity?”

You saw the color drain out of James’ face. He cleared his throat, and took a spoonful of the brown substance. The crowd roared with laughter.

“Y/N. Your turn. For this question, you will get…Pickle juice.”

“Phew that’s not too bad.” You sighed.

“Y/N, what do you look for in a guy?”

“Oh okay, that’s not too bad. So I believe in personality way more than looks… Um like he’s gotta be down-to-earth and kind hearted you know? Like I’d never go out with a douche, no matter how good-looking he is…”


Shawn watched the TV with rapid attention. Y/N looked absolutely amazing, and she was killing it on the Late Late Show. He listened to her describe her perfect guy when his phone beeped.

He read the thousands of tweets from fans about him and Y/N. He couldn’t help but smile. A loud scream came from the TV and he refocused his attention to the show.

“You’re giving me spider eyes?! Oh god my arachnophobia.” Y/N was saying to James.

“Y/N. As you might know, yesterday Shawn Mendes was on this show and he was playing this very game.”

“Oh god.” Y/N’s cheeks turned pink and she smiled at the audience, then at the camera.

“He confessed some very uh, personal things… What are your thoughts on them?”

The audience got even louder.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Y/N bluffed.

“Okay, here’s a clip to refresh your memory.” James was crying with laughter by now. On the big screen behind them, came a video of Shawn telling everyone about his crush on Y/N.

Shawn who was presently on his sofa, twisted nervously in his seat.

“Oooh shit this is getting good!” Aaliyah clapped her hands together.

Shawn watched Y/N bury her face in her hands, laughing. He could see the red of her face on her forehead that was peeking out. She took a glance at the spider eyes.

“Well. I think Shawn is a very awesome guy.” She started.

Aaliyah punched Shawn on the arm.

“It’s a start bro.”

Shawn rolled his eyes and continued staring at the TV.

“And um, I would have to say that he has stolen many girls’ hearts ever since Vine…”

The audience waited impatiently.

“…Including mine.” Y/N concluded.

She grinned shyly at the camera, and Shawn smiled back. That smile did not leave his face for at least a couple days.


One month later

“So Y/N, tell me how’s it going with Shawn?” Ellen Degeneres asked.

Y/N blushed, smiling uncontrollably.

“It’s going great. Honestly, our relationship certainly had a weird start but… I couldn’t be happier.”

2 months later

“Shawn, my man! I can’t believe you aren’t single anymore!” Jimmy Fallon asked enthusiastically.

On the opposite side of the table, Shawn grinned widely.

“Yep, I’m taken by the one and only Y/N Y/L/N.”

“And how is it like, dating her?”

“Oh my god, it’s so amazing. She’s just so fun to spend time with, and it’s like I can never get enough of her presence.”


3 months later

“Welcome Y/N and Shawn!” James Corden exclaimed.

Y/N waved at the audience as her boyfriend Shawn took a seat beside her.

“Now it has been a bit since you two have been here. And I see the paparazzi, the fans, everyone is fawning over you two lovebirds! And I am SO honored to have kick-started your relationship!” James joked.

Y/N laughed and Shawn leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek. He smiled down at her, wondering what would have happened if he did eat that tomato 3 months ago on the show…

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Co Workers (Part Thirteen)

A/N: Sorry this one isn’t as long, I’ve had some writer’s block this weekend and it literally took me forever to write this, so it’s a bit of a fluff chapter, but I really wanted to get it out for you guys today <3 

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Talks briefly of abortion, and mentions of abuse.

Word Count: 2k

Catch up here! Co Workers MASTERLIST

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Steam started to roll from the shower, you got up and turned the hot water down some so that it wouldn’t run out, then sat back down and pressing the return call button next to Andrew’s name. It rang once before you heard a voice on the other end.


“Andrew, I uh, was just calling you back?” you were still unsure of why you’d called him.

“Did you listen to any of my messages?” he asked you.


You heard Andrew take a deep breath on the other end of the phone,

“Y/N, I want you to come back to LA with me.”

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Pool Party

Request: hey,could you do a newt AU?he and the reader are best friends, and have a crush on each other but to shy to admit it. Reader is kinda insecure about her body (short and chubby) and thinks she’s not good enough for him, bc teresa is so beautiful and skinny and one day they meet all at the pool at Thomas’ place and Teresa gives reader a bikini bc she thinks she'lllook great in it, she changes in the bathroom she starts crying bc she thinks she’s too fat and then Newt finds her and all fluff thx <3

Warnings: AU

Newt smiled, admiringly staring at you. You and him were walking home from school, talking about each other’s days. You were telling Newt about what the school’s class clown did in your class today. It was hilarious to you, and therefore Newt found it funny, too.

Newt always tried to be on your good side. He really liked you, and really wanted you to like him back. Thing was you already liked him. Both of you were far too shy to admit it. Newt thought you were out of his league, but you thought you weren’t good enough.

You were on the shorter side, and chubby. You thought you looked like some fat whale, when in reality you were averaged sized. Society filled your brain with that you should be stick thin. Thigh gaps, flat stomach, tiny wrists, and decent sized breasts, kind of like your friend Teresa. However, you had thighs that touched, belly rolls, and bigger breasts for a girl your height. You were highly insecure about your physical image, so therefore you thought you weren’t good enough for tall, lanky Newt.

“Hey, Thomas is having a pool party at his house. A summer kickoff. Want to come?” Newt asked as you got to your house. 

“Oh, uh… Sure. Well, I’ll think about it?” You said, clearly unsure. You hated swimsuits. 

“Okay,” Newt looked at you. “It would mean a lot if you came though. But whatever you want. See you later.”

You both hugged and he was gone.

You ended up going to the pool party. You wore a single piece swimsuit with a pair of swim shorts. You also wore a cover-up and planned not to get in the water.

All your’s and Newt’s friends were there. Thomas, Minho, Alby, Gally, Teresa, and a few others were all in the pool, splashing around. You only sat in a chair, observing in the shade. You wanted to get in the water because it was so hot, but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Not in front of all your friends.

“Hey, Y/N, get in the pool, yeah?” Teresa asked. She was dripping wet and in a bikini. She looked fantastic, and it made you feel even worse. 

“I think I’m okay…” You sighed, looking away from her.

“What’s wrong? I know you love the water.”

You shrugged, still not looking at her. “I just… I’m not in the mood.”

Teresa rolled her eyes. “I know what you’re thinking. You look fine, Y/N. Honest. What do you have on? A cute swimsuit? If so, it’ll definitely catch Newt’s eyes.”

You blushed at the mention of his name. She knew you had a thing for him. 

“All I have on is a plain pink swimsuit… Single piece.”

“Come on, then. I brought another one, and I know you’ll fit into it.” Teresa grabbed your hand. “We’ll be back, boys!” She shouted at them.

You grimaced. “Teresa, I’m fine, really. I don’t… I won’t fit. You’re so small, and I’m so… not.”

“Y/N, you’re beautiful, and you’ll look amazing in this suit.”

She pulled out a two piece swimsuit from her bag. It was a teal top and bottom. Nothing with a spectacular design, just a nice teal color. She took you to the restroom, shutting the door. 

“You’re not leaving that room until you put it on,” she yelled from the other side. 

You sighed, stripping from your original attire and changing into the new one. It did fit. It wasn’t too snug, or too big. It was perfect for you. Though you couldn’t help but stare at your huge thighs and bulging stomach. You looked terrible.

“I look awful, Teresa.”

She opened the door, smiling right away. “What? No you don’t. You look great, Y/N. It fits perfectly, shows off some skin, you look fine.”

“But… I jiggle.” You were embarrassed. Your body parts jiggled when you walked and you couldn’t stand it.

“So do I and everyone else. Look.” Teresa walked normally, showing that she, too, jiggled. Her thighs shook, despite them being small. Even her stomach shook a little. “See?”


You and Teresa walked back out to the pool. All the boys were still rough housing in the pool, music playing from a stereo. All the boys stopped and stared, looking right at you. You felt so insecure. They were probably thinking how you looked fat in it.

“Looking good, Y/N,” Thomas grinned. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a bathing suit.”

“Yeah, I love that color on you.” Someone else said.

Newt couldn’t keep his eyes off you. He thought you looked so fantastic. Your body was perfect proportioned. You weren’t too thin. You had fat in all the right places. And he especially loved your tummy. He thought it was cute.

“I told you you looked fine. And look, Newt can’t stop staring. Now let’s go swimming,” Teresa whispered.

You nodded your head, feeling slightly better. You both held hands, ran, and jumped in the pool. The water felt cool on your skin. It was refreshing, and you loved to swim. 

“Y/N, I’m so glad you made it. I don’t think I told you that yet,” Newt blushed. He was grinning like he always did when looking at you. 

“Thanks… I’m glad I came, too.”

You and Newt talked and hung out a majority of the time. It was filled with laughter and fun. The rest of the group would occasionally tease the two of you, which often resulted in splash wars.

“I really like you, Y/N,” Newt confessed towards the end of the party. “I think you’re real great.”

“Oh,” you blushed, “I like you, too.”

That was a start of a whole new relationship between you and Newt.

Sass Master

Author’s Note:: Changed the show because I do not know anything about the xfactor.

Anonymous said:

Can you do a grant gustin imagine we’re the reader is a judge on xfactor as well as grants celebrity crush. He brings the flash cast to an audition to watch and he’s surprised about how sassy she is and afterwards he and the cast meet her then they ends up dating

Grant’s POV

Today I decided to take the cast of The Flash to see the America’s Got Talent. I mainly wanted to see my celebrity crush, Y/N Y/L/N. She is so sassy, a nerd like me, a beautiful woman, creative, inspirational. Who wouldn’t love Y/N? I was so excited to go and see the show. I was buzzing and about ready to jump out of the car. If only I really was the Flash, I would already be there. (Like my joke?)

“Grant, man why are you shaking so much?” Carlos asked, because I was shaking my legs.

“Just excited to uh see the talent.” I say, and he sees right through my lie. Granted (HAHA) I was excited to see the talent, but I was more excited to see Y/N in action. I was in the car with Carlos, Danielle, and Tom Felton. Tom Cavanagh was going to meet us there.

“Mate, you want to see Y/N. We know you.” Tom said to me, chuckling because of the blush that had formed on my face.

“So what? Don’t tease me.” They all laugh.

“It’s in the guidelines. We must poke fun. But she is beautiful. I will say.” Danielle says, pulling into the venue parking area. I about jumped out of the car when we parked. We all walk inside, I want to scream with excitement. We go to our seat, which happen to be kind of behind the judging table. Perfect, I can look at Y/N. We were a little early. We had to be to get our seats. Y/N was walking around checking to make sure everything was okay. I overheard her.

“Now you are sure nothing will break or come tumbling down? I don’t want our guests to get hurt. I had that happen once on a different show.” The guy she was talking to nodded and told her something that I could not hear as well. She is so caring. She sees us and waves. OMG OMG OMG. I wave back quite enthusiastically. She giggles and walks back stage.

“If she didn’t know she was your celebrity crush, she sure does now.” Cavanagh said, laughing behind me.

“Oh shut up! I can’t help it.” I pout.

It was time for the judges to come out now. First Howie comes out, Mel B, Y/N, then Simon.

“New year, new talent! New judge as well. Welcome Y/N!” Howie said into the microphone.

“Thank you, Howie. I am so glad to be here with the people I look up to. I am so excited to see the talent that is in America! How about you guys? Are you ready?!” She asks the crowd. We all cheer. There were many acts. One guy was a contortionist.

“Oh. My. God. What did I just watch?” Y/N asked to no one.

“I don’t know but that was disgusting but in a good way.” Mel B said.

“I just- how can you maneuver your body into all of those positions? I can barely do a split.” Y/N said. She was pretty funny.

“I can do a split.” Howie said.

“More like split the decisions Howie. You can’t do a split.”

“I can to!”

“No fighting with me Howie.”

Howie pouts but then they vote. He got through. Then this guy comes on, he is a comedian. He was saying some great stuff. Had Y/N laughing so hard she was actually crying. I was too.

“You remind me of me when I was your age.” Howie said, about to say something else but Y/N mumbled.

“When the dinosaurs roamed the Earth?”

“I am not that old. As I was saying. You were nervous but when you started, you got the groove and you were a natural.”

“I loved it, I was crying because I was laughing so hard. Howie can’t do that yet. You’ve got some great talent.” Y/N says making the crowd laugh and the comedian laugh. He was voted through. The show was over then. Y/N went around and got some pictures with some of her fans, then she came up to me and the cast.

“Hey, you guys are on the Flash right? I am a very big fan of the show. Would you guys like to come back stage with me?” She asks, I way too quickly said yes. Before she even got the rest of the question out. She chuckles and rubs my arm. We follow her backstage. She offers us refreshments and then she pulls me aside.

“A little birdy told me that you have a crush on someone at the judges table.” I look at her surprised, my cheeks growing red like a tomato. “Felton is a good friend of mine.” She chuckles and places her hand on my arm. It is so warm and it feels like it should be on me at all times. Whoa Gustin, way to be weird.

“She may like you too.” Mel B says, walking past us.

“MEL! I was gonna give him some suspense, make him sweat it. You are no fun!” Y/N retorts, causing me to laugh.

“That is nice to know. Very nice to know the feelings are mutual. Would she like to go on a date with me?” I ask.

“I will have to think about that.” She ponders the thought. “Only if! You give me a kiss on the cheek. And a hug. No fancy restaurant.”

“Hmmm I think I can do that.” I lean and kiss her cheek then hug her. Her arms go up around my neck and it is so nice. So perfect. She smells sweet too. Grant, stop being weird. I pull back and look into her eyes. She grabs her phone from her uh chest and hands it to me.

“I will need those digits.” She says, causing me to laugh again. I put my number in her phone and take a picture on her phone of us. She had a beautiful smile. I take one on my phone where we were doing silly faces. Still beautiful.

Notting Hill

Summary: Based on the movie Notting Hill. Dean Winchester is a hot, Hollywood actor, the reader is a bookstore owner. What happens when their paths cross?

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  7433 (yikes)

Warnings:  nsfw, smut, explicit language, explicit sexual content, fingering, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, angst,

Author’s Notes: This was written for @jensennjared Entertainment AU Challenge.

Originally posted by soufflersurlesbraises

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Namjoon x Reader

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Decided to write out a prompt given by my friend for a Namjoon x Reader ♥ . It is all fluff.

Prompt: Your heroine is sitting alone at a trendy bar, waiting for their blind date to show up; someone they only exchanged DMs with online. They are a little jaded as these dates usually turn out to be frogs rather than princes. Someone who vaguely resembles the blurry picture from their date’s profile picture taps them on the shoulder–they almost faint up front when they see him.

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kiddilunafanfiction  asked:

Request:(Nalu)Roommate AU! Lucy needs a roommate to pay the rest of the rent when someone calls for the room and they schedule for them to meet up and discuss the plans for room.

     Lucy leapt up from where she was sitting as the phone rang in front of her.  She was in desperate need of a roommate, the apartment she was renting was expensive and she realized she was not able to pay it all herself so, having a roommate would be helpful.  It would also be handy with the chores around the apartment, she just hoped whoever she accepted wasn’t a slob.  Lucy had placed an add in the local paper requesting applicants to rent out the other room and she had been eagerly waiting for calls but, she hadn’t gotten any.  So, when the phone rang, Lucy was quite excited but, it wasn’t like she was sitting on the edge of her bed staring at her phone or anything.  Hastily, Lucy grappled with the phone managing to drop it once before bringing it up to her ear.

   “H-hello?” Lucy answered breathlessly.

   “Hi, is this the phone number looking for someone to rent out the other room in an apartment in uh…” A female voice answered and Lucy heard papers shifting on the other end as the woman was obviously looking back at Lucy’s add, “Magnolia Suites?”

   “Yes!  Yes it is, are you looking to rent it?” Lucy questioned excitedly.

   “Well, it’s for my friend.  They’ve been, let’s say, overstaying they’re welcome at me and my fiance’s house and, it’s time they move out.  So, the price isn’t too bad per person, can I set up a meeting for you to meet with them?”  The woman asked.  Though Lucy thought it was a bit strange that they had called for their friend to basically kick them out, Lucy was desperate for a roommate and at least wanted an interview.

   “Of course! Would tomorrow at noon work?  I want to rent the other room out as soon as possible.” Lucy added hoping that she could meet with her friend as soon as they could.

   “That’s perfect, we’ll be there!” Came the cheery response.

   “Great, thank you!” Lucy replied ecstatically and then bid the woman a goodbye.  “Oh!  I forgot to even ask either one of their names…  I guess I was too excited.”  Lucy mused but continued about her day happily having finally found someone to interview.

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wow that liveshow was just beautiful wasn't it? I mean the pokemon bit, buying a bin, phil's birthday gift... so cute but mixed with interesting dan opinions aswell, and he seemed to be in a really good mood, anyway what did you think? :)

I almost posted screenshots of all the messages similar to this in my inbox because I was so happy to see that so many others felt the same. I 100% agree. I might go as far to say it was one of my favorite Dan shows in a long time? I loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Did I mention I loved it? Because yeah…I loved it.

What a pleasantly chill younow show. Dan seemed really laid-back and just generally relaxed…he was so much more open to discussion it seemed. I felt like he wasn’t mincing his words as much? He didn’t seem to second-guess everything he was saying like he can sometimes have the tendency to do. Or if he was, at least it wasn’t all-consuming. It felt natural. Like a conversation (albeit one-sided and obviously a bit superficial) with an old friend. I didn’t worry about the chat the entire time or feel anxious about Dan possibly getting uncomfortable and having to backtrack on something (because I’m me and can’t help but get nervous for him lol). I just enjoyed it. His demeanor and the overall vibe of the show lent itself to a really enjoyable hour.

He came off as just so loveable? lol not that he isn’t usually of course, but I did feel a particular fondness towards him today. Can’t put my finger on it but there was just something really endearing about this one. I think it might be that there was almost an appearance of what I’ll call “sweet, soft, subdued Dan.” (nice alliteration). And that is my favorite Dan. It’s hard to explain without demonstrating with examples but I tend to think that is his default attitude most often in private. But we don’t get to see that side as often on camera so it is always lovely when we are given a glimpse. Almost felt like this show verged on a glimpse. So I was in love.

Some of my favorite moments:

First off, no better way to start the show than answering “I love everything cucumber related” while giving a knowing stare to the camera. Beautiful.


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Coffee Shop Luke Hemmings Imagine

I shove my way through the crowd on the sidewalk.  Today is just as busy as every other day and I can’t help but wonder about other peoples’ lives as they talk angrily on the phone or run through the streets. Everyone has a story in LA, mine just isn’t interesting yet. I turn the block and enter my favorite corner coffee shop. I make my way up to the counter just as Katie, one of the hardest working employees, yells over the noise, “Your regular, y/n?” I nod as I dig out my wallet. “It’s on me, actually.” A deep voice says from behind me. I turn around only to see Luke Hemmings, thee Luke Hemmings, smirking up and my shocked and very red face. Smirking down at me, actually. I almost break my neck looking at his face, his tall frame towering over my barely 5’1 height.  “Uh, th-thank you,” I stutter over my words.  “I’ll just take a medium cup of dark roast. Black, please.” I can barely hear it, but his Australian accent was definitely peeking out. He pays Katie and takes our drinks, replying with a thank you. Before I turn to Luke to get my drink, Katie throws me a look with her eyebrows raised to the sky. I try to ignore it, not needing to be embarrassed any more than I already am.  “Thank you, again, for the coffee,” I say as I reach out my hand to take it but he pulls it out of my reach. I look up at him confused, only to see his amused smile. Oh. I clear my throat and try to regain my focus. “I just bought your coffee. Aren’t you at least going to sit and talk to me while you drink it? I mean, it is the least you could do,” is Luke flirting with me? No, don’t be stupid. You’ve read too many imagines. “Of course,” I respond as calmly as possible. How am I supposed to pretend that I don’t retweet him all the time? Let alone that I don’t have a fan account?!?! A FAN ACCOUNT.  He guides us over to a small table for two in the corner of the coffee shop. It’s away from all of the people and extremely quiet, which is adding to my anxiety. He pulls out my chair like a gentleman and sits directly across from me. “So, y/n, what are your plans for the day?” Luke asks, as if we have been friends forever. Chills go up my spine. I take a deep breath before replying, “Do you expect me to share my plans with you when you don’t even know me?” His eyes look into mine with such intensity it’s hard to hold his gaze. I’m not going to look away. “Oh, sorry I forgot. My name is Luke,” he responds with an apologetic smile. “I know who you are,” I say while peeking up at him through my eyelashes, awaiting his reaction. He nods his head, but not in a cocky way. It’s extremely attractive. “Well since you know about me, tell me about you,” he suggests. I can’t help it, I laugh. “What?” His confusion just makes me laugh harder. “Why would you want to know about me?” “Why not?” I put my hands in the air. I guess he has a point, it’s just not a very good one. “What would you like to know?” I’m trying my hardest to be serious. “What do you dream about?” His answer puts me in shock. I can’t form a full sentence right now let alone an explanation for my goals in life. “Well I guess we will skip the question of my favorite color,” I laugh nervously and continue, “Um, I uh, I come up to LA on the weekends for an internship I have helping out at a makeup store. I don’t get to do much though, just clean their brushes and get them more of a product when it runs out. I work on Saturdays and then spend Sunday in the city. I stay with my Aunt over the weekend and drive back home, a town a few hours away from here, on Sunday night. I dream about becoming a makeup artist and traveling around the world to do makeup for models during fashion weeks in different countries.” I stop abruptly when I realize that I’ve been rambling and my cheeks heat up yet again. “Seems kind of silly, doesn’t it?” I look back to Luke and see his face is fully focused on me and I feel like I have the attention of a thousand people all on me. Most people usually make small talk over coffee. This is different but I like it. People don’t usually listen to my dreams. At least not like this. “I think it’s a wonderful dream and that you are fully capable of achieving it.” he responds in full confidence. “Look at you, you are living your dream,” I offer up with a smile. He smiles back at me, blushing a little.  “We are spending a little extra time here in LA, but we continue our tour in a few days,” he informs me. Little does he know, I am well aware of his tour and where he will be and when.  “How are the guys doing?” I ask. He chuckles and smiles, “I like the way you refer to them as the guys.  Like you are already friends.” Wow nice job, “I just meant th-“ I try to cover up, but he cuts me off. “Relax, y/n,”. He continues, “I said I liked it. And they are doing great. We all really enjoy traveling. It gets tiring though. The break has been nice. It’s fun to meet new people like you. Refreshing.”  We share a moment of smiles and eye contact again and I can feel my heart swell in my chest. “Well,” I break the overwhelming moment, “I’m glad to hear they are all doing well.” My coffee is almost gone, but I don’t want, whatever this is, to ever end. He takes his last sip of coffee, tipping his head all the way back with the mug. “Y/n, what are you doing tomorrow?” Tomorrow is Sunday, my day off, thank god. “I’m free.” He thinks for a moment, “What do you say about hanging out with me and the boys tomorrow? I think they should meet you.” Oh my god. I can’t breathe, “Okay,” it comes out a whisper. I can’t contain my smile. “I would like to meet them too.” I add. He can tell that I am excited and it makes his smile even bigger, “Great! Now I will need your number to text you the details.” He pulls out his phone and opens a new contact. He puts my name in before letting me fill the rest out and I can’t help but giggle as I take the phone. After I put in my number, I add my age, since he didn’t ask. When he takes it back he looks surprised. “You don’t seem 15,” he said. “Is that good or bad?” I ask nervously. “It’s neither. Just my opinion.  Thank you for your number,”.  He laughs at my reaction and throws away my cup. “Thank you for the coffee, Luke Hemmings.” He bites his lip, right next to the lip ring. Damn. “I will text you later. See you soon!” He winks and waves before turning around. And the realization of what just happened hits me like a brick.

yo so wrote up this little imagine thingy. I have a part two if you want? Please request if you do! :]