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monsta x in a nutshell


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[NCT] Simplicity

A little babble that kind of sucks but doesn’t suck enough to keep me from posting it 
I’m a tad sour rn and want sleepy kisses from jjh so take this; a product of my bad mood

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Word count: 585
Genre: fluff
Feedback is always appreciated, 
Thank you and goodnight

The trill sound of you crying out in frustration is what rouses Jaehyun from his mid-afternoon nap. Awake, but slow to rise, he only rolls over, grumbling out a, “babe, be quiet.” It’s when you toss your bag to the floor far more aggressively than needed that he decides to sit up, propping himself up on his elbows. You angrily pace around at the food of the bed, rubbing at your temples and willing yourself to settle down.
“You’re blowing smoke.” Jaehyun jokingly says, a lazy smile quirked on his lips. You shoot him a glare. At this, his look softens, and he beckons you over. You debate shutting him down, giving him the cold shoulder because you want so desperately to take out your pent up aggravation on something and, well, if Jaehyun happens to be within arm’s reach, then so be it. Through your internal dialogue, he’s looking at you, eyes heavy with sleep and hair askew in every direction and his clothes are all rumpled from his tossing and turning and he’s smiling at you and you can feel the adoration he has for you and you’re melting. You breathe a heavy sigh, laced with irritation and exhaustion and you trudge over to him, allowing his hands to completely envelope yours as he guides you down to lie next to him.

His arms are around you and your face is tucked into his chest and you can feel his heartbeat, smooth and rhythmic and so much calmer than your own. He presses a kiss to the top of your head, and you allow yourself to snuggle closer to him, wanting to drown in his warmth.
“You want to tell me about what’s got you so worked up?” He questions softly, fingers loosely carding through your hair. You breathe in his scent, warm and inviting and your knees go weak because this boy is yours and you thank whoever may be listening that he’s a part of your life.
The only response you offer is a minute shake of your head, and he only hums in acknowledgement, choosing instead to begin rocking you the tiniest bit.
Jaehyun will wait with you, hold you until your heartbeat has settled and the heat in your cheeks has died down.

“I really love you, Jaehyun.” You mumble into the fabric of his t-shirt. A laugh sounds deep in his chest.
“I really love you too, Y/N.” Is his response.
You move back to meet his eyes, and you feel like you can lose yourself in endless pools of brown that carry so much love for you; only you.
“No, Jaehyun. I really really am in love with you.” You say, and his smile brightens. He’s idly rubbing circles into your side, and you can feel the tension in your shoulders ebbing away with every feather light caress. He smiles, and your heart swells with happiness. The time for anger and frustration and everything that comes along with a bad day would come later; now, you’re only concerned with the feel of Jaehyun’s lips against your own as you kiss him. Slow and sweet, patient and oh so caring, your eyes flutter shut and you let Jaehyun guide you into a state of contentment that you had been aching for all day.
“I really really am in love with you, too.” He says as he pulls away.
And than you kiss him again. Because you love him, and he loves you. It’s as simple as that.

When the Lights Go Out

Featuring: Jung Hoseok x Reader

rated m (to be safe) // angst // warnings: implied sex + foreplay

“Love is blind / when the lights go out” 

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No response.

“Jung Hoseok, you need to get up so we can go home.”

“Mmmmm no I dun wanna…” he replies, words sloshing into each other as they spill out of his mouth the same way his drink is escaping the red solo cup in his hand.

You snatch it away from him and place it haphazardly on the nearby coffee table, half rising and attempting to pull him up off the couch where he has decided to take up residency.

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aquiladafirenze  asked:

A request for you - more human Genyatta or simply McHanzo? <3

anything for my boys!!!

trying to do anything calm with young genji around would be a nightmare, i feel. luckily zenyatta doesnt seem to mind too much!

viictuurious replied to your post: [[MOR] Would people understand someday that ship…

Well, considering how shippers like to invading anti tags, it can be pretty darn hard to stay in said anti tag. Because it is filled with people purposely mocking antis. :s It is a two-way street.

Yeah, I also think it’s stupid for shippers to invade anti tags tbh :/ like what the point as well…  idk I don’t understand either way…

Overwatch Shipping Appreciation

Roadrat: Gimme dat cute smol and big tol

Mercy76: Gimme granpappy and grandma darlin’ dearest being cute af

Reaper76: Gimme dat delish angst and daddy duo

MercyKill: Gimme dat ultimate level: death blossom from above angst (holy guacamole the angst is too real with this ship)

McHanzo: Gimme dat Mr. Rodeo man who lives off of cheesy puns and memes in love with Mr. Dark, Broody and Serious shit

McGenji: Gimme dat cowboy cyborg ninja love

Genyatta: Gimme dat teacher/student bonding time (and not the friendly type huehuehue)

McReaper: Ditto, but probably with a lot more hate sex involved idk

McMercy: Gimme dat cheerful cowboy brightens doctor’s day (in more ways than one ohohoho)

Widowtracer: Gimme dat epic rivals with unresolved sexual tension

Meihem: Gimme dat freezer with literal combustible oven lovey dovey junk

Junkmetra: Gimme dat opposites attract and balance each other out while both being adorable loveliness

Pharmercy: Gimme dat witty ship name and awesome dynamic, gives me LIFE

ZaryaMei: Gimme dat cute smol and big tol (femslash version)

Gency: Gimme dat “you keep saving my life and I like that shit” (plus your face)

Mercymaker: Gimme dat doctor loves spider who may kill people for actual fun but she’s like idgaf love ya babe

Symmpharah (holy Christ did I even spell that right??? Forgive me!): Gimme dat ORDER SUPREME (with a side of JUSTICE)

Bunnyribbit: Gimme dat hippity hop “Yo, I love your bunny top” (and you, highkey tbh) pureness

Boombox: Gimme dat Say Anything romance (but with much more explosions)

Highboom: Gimme dat “Jfc I’m too fuckin’ slow to get out of the way of your High Noon bullshit and–well, fuck now I’m dead. But I love ya anyway, mate.”

Anahardt: Gimme dat old couple adopts a bunch of misfits and freaks and absolutely LOVES and takes care of them all

All ships not listed above bc I’m just doing stuff off the top of my head: Gimme dat–

In other words, whatever ship you’re sailing, whatever headcannons you have, I support it. You do you, fam. Let’s end these ridiculous shipping wars now, yeah?

happy birthday to my lil bean, my best friend soulmate, my soft buddy, the hobi to my tae, my beautiful matisse ♡ @sfthobs​ 🎂💘✨🌻🌱🎉🎁🎈💖

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Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride [J-Hope]

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Genre: Fluffity fluffity fluff it’s all fluff and also bad humor
Word Count: 3320
Description: Who knew blind dates could go so RIGHT?

Author’s Note: wahey somehow all my latest fics have been hobi fics…coincidence? i think not. ANYWAYS it’s my faves birthday and i just love him so much so i avoided all my work and everything to write this i mean iw ould have avoided work anyways but whaTERVER THE POINT IS THAT I LOVE HIMA LOT A LOT A LOT i hope he has the nicest day and he knows that he is amazing and beautiful on the inside and the out and that he eats a lot of cake and gets a lot of compliments and presents..he is just so lovely..i love him sosososo much…,,,, now pls..enjoy my bad humor fic

“It’s not like I’m the bride,” you mutter, wedging your phone between your ear and your shoulder as you pick at a knot in your hair, making a face to yourself in the mirror as you feel how rough and matted your hair is. Your head is killing you, and all you want is to go back to bed, but apparently cake tasting is more important that you feeling like absolute death, and “Jesus, [Name], you knew we were going to choose a cake today, so I don’t give two shits about your stupid hangover and how you brought it on your own incompetent-at-drinking ass, but you are coming unless you want me to scream in your ear” so you’d just need to pop an aspirin (or, like, six) before you left.

“I know you’re not the bride, but I am, and I want all my bridesmaids to have a date.” You sigh, and Jiyeon tuts on the other end of the call. “Also you put yourself down with a plus one, and we’ve already set all the tables,” she whines.

You drop the length of knotted hair, and grab your hair in handfuls instead, shoving it into a messy, drooping knot, and picking up your toothbrush. “That was before my horrible, dreadful, bad breakup with my shitty, cheating, asshat of a boyfriend you, my dear, dear friend, promised to never mention, remember?

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DAY TWO: Ah The Old Bullymagnet Switcharoo

a fic about smiling, post-food fight fallout, and THE OLD BULLYMAGNET SWITCHAROO

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Originally posted by jeonbase

Genre: Angst + Fluff

Warning: Cursing

Word Count: 3415

A/N: I know i haven’t finished Jungkook’s story but this one has been on my mind recently and i had to just write it out otherwise i’d forget! So pls enjoy + feedback is greatly appreciated! 

Blood, there was so much of it. The thick , bright , red liquid had covered your entire vision: it was on the concrete , the broken glass pieces , and dripping from your parents faces.
Fire, it was growing bigger and brighter. The smell of gasoline burned through your nostrils, awakening your senses as you attempted to move but you’re numb to the touch. You try to move your arms, legs, fingers, anything but you can’t. 
“ M-mom…d-dad—” your cries aren’t loud enough, the words barley above a whisper. You lay there lifelessly in your own pool of blood as you watched your parents perish before you. 


Your eyes shoot open, a sharp intake of breath before your breathing becomes erratic, and your cheeks stained by tears. “ I was just about to wake you,” you flinch from the voice, head turning to see the intruder. You let out a sigh of relief, recognizing the boy in front of you. He takes a seat at the edge of your bed as he helps pull you up. You lean against the headboard, wiping away any extra tears that had managed to escape. “ Here, before you forget.” He holds out his palm, uncovering a small white tablet and in his other hand, a glass of water. You whisper a small ’ thanks ’ before swallowing them. 
“ It’s been 2 years and you still get the nightmares ? " 
” When did you get in ? “ you asked completely ignoring his question.
” Last night, the kick back was closer to your place so I decided to crash here.“ He shrugs. ” Also didn’t want to be late on the first day of hell.“ You chuckle, handing him back the glass before throwing your blanket to the side and climbing out of bed.
” Weren’t you supposed to be off these medications months ago? “ He asks, the orange bottle in his hands as he eyes the label. ” My anxiety hasn’t gotten any better Yoongs, and you know that. “
” That doesn’t mean you have to rely on them love. “ You roll your eyes, not wanting to have ’ the talk ’ with him this morning. Toothbrush in your mouth as you head towards the kitchen, brushing away as you place two slices of bread inside of the toaster. You hear a groan coming from behind you, ” We’re having toast again? “ Yoongi whines. You’re spitting into the sink, rinsing the excess out of your mouth before turning around, arms crossed as you leaned against the sink. ” Yah, you know I can’t afford to be making you *kimchi-jigae every morning—I have hospital bills, Yoongi I’m about to lose the house—"
“ Which is exactly why I told you to move in with me. ” you sigh, rolling your eyes as you turn back towards the sink. “ I can’t do that to Yixing.” You splashed water onto your face, washing the excess tears that had managed to dry on the corner of your eye.
You hear him sigh, “ It’s just that—Even as a kid, you always had toast. ” You chuckle, remembering your childhood all too clearly.

“ Yah, I said give me all of your lunch money! ” You were dragged into a classroom during lunch by the schools’ top bully, Hyeji, along with her other henchmen, Hyejin and Hajung. You didn’t understand why you were targeted, you didn’t do anything wrong to them nor anything to the people they were involved with. “ Oh so now you’re deaf too? ” Hyeji yells, as she gets into your face. She grabs you by the ponytail as she forces you to look at her.
“ Y-you took my money yesterday— ”
“ And I’m asking for it again—you know, you’re really pissing me off. ” she scoffs as she pushes you against the wall, body banging against the chalkboard as a few dust and pieces of chalk fall to the ground. “ Yah Hyejin , Hajung. You know what to do. ” she’s rolling her eyes as she takes a seat on top of a desk.
Before the two of them could even reach you, the screeches of a chair puts a stop to everyone’s movement. “ God, I can never get some peace and quiet in this damn school can I? ”
“ Y-yoongi…” he runs his fingers through his jet black hair, his pale skin making it seem twice as dark. The tie on his uniform is hanging by a thread from his neck, the buttons on his shirt weren’t buttoned correctly, and it was half tucked in half hanging loose. 
You’ve heard a few rumors about Yoongi, the transfer student from Daegu. There was a rumor claiming he was in a gang called Bangtan and another claimed he had to transfer because he nearly beat a kid to his death. You hear him scoff , his stare was so cold that you can feel it pierce through Hyeji and onto you. “ I swear,” he sighs as he makes his way over. “ It’s always you, that I wake up to and I must say it’s not a pretty sight at all.” He leans against the table she’s seated on, arms trapping her on either sides, head leveling towards hers. You can see just how scared Hyeji is; breath caught in her throat, pupils shaking, body frozen.
He lets out a smirk, “ You know, you’re ’ very ’ pretty,” he puts emphasis on the word very, as he places a strand of her hair behind her ear. “ You remind me of my pet pig I use to have.” She scoffs before she slaps his hand away, only causing Yoongi to grip onto her wrist. He pulls her in so close that their noses are touching.
If anyone outside of the classroom were to see, they would think that the two were kissing but it was everything but that. The way Yoongi looks at her is not in a loving way, but in annoyance. “ I want you and your little friends to get out, oh so help me—” and she’s pushing him aside, running out the door as fast as lighting.
“ H-Hyeji , wait up ! ” the other two yell as they push past you, leaving you and Yoongi alone. He looks at you, as if waiting for you to run out as well but seeing as you don’t, he sighs and goes back to his seat, slipping on his earphones before curling into his it.
Despite just what happened, Yoongi didn’t seem to scare you. You can only watch in awe, amazed that his aura could even have the wolves running for the hills. He didn’t even have to threaten her, more like he had to sugar coat the words for her to get the idea.
You carefully walk over, as you take the seat beside him, hands folded in your lap. You don’t know why you stayed and why you’re now seated next to him but just leaving him felt wrong as well.
“ You okay? ” he mumbles, causing you to flinch at the sudden question, the words had seemed to echo throughout the class. You nod your head, not trusting your voice just yet, due to the previous events. As if he saw your nod, he hums before handing you his earphone. Your eyebrows rise from the sudden gesture but takes it immediately, in case you it might upset him. You place it into the left side of your ear and you were surprised. You don’t hear the blaring of the bass , spews of profanities or sex , but you hear the soft melody of the piano. It so happens to be your favorite piece:
Yiruma - Kiss The Rain.

A few days later, you awaited by the school gates; feet rocking back and forth , hands fiddling with the plastic bag in your hands, neck stretching as you tried to find the boy. You had asked your mom if she could pack you another slice of toast, seeing that Yoongi spent his lunch just sleeping. You always wondered whether or not he even ate anything at all.
Ever since the incident, you followed Yoongi around like a lost puppy: you followed him from the moment he stepped onto campus to the moment he stepped off, the rare occasions he did get lunch only to end up sleeping in the cafeteria, and to his basketball practices in which you’d always get scolded by your mom for coming home so late.
“ Oh look, if it isn’t our favorite little pet. ” Hyeji giggles as she smacks her gums and twirls her hair. “ What did we do to deserve your-oh-so-ugly face to start off our morning.” You’re about to cower, when you see the familiar black strands of hair sticking out in the distance. Your frown turns into smile and you’re face palming the girls away as you run towards Yoongi.
He has his signature irritation on his face, eyebrows furrowed, his uniform just as the same as the day you met him—a mess, hand in his hair as his friend is chatting his ear off. The minute he sees your figure, his expression softens and his pace slows down a bit. “ Yoongi! ” you smile, greeting him with a big smile on your face.
Yoongi never questioned you—why you were following him, why you were always there the minute he came out of the bathrooms, why you’d always wait for him in the morning and after school despite living in different directions. Rumors were flying around in the school: how he’s paying you to be with him, he’s threatening your family, and his favorite one—you were his new fuck.
The rumors didn’t bother him at all, as long as he knew they were not true then it was okay and it didn’t seem like the rumors were bothering you either, seeing as you stuck around.
It just didn’t bother him—he enjoyed your presence unlike his friend Namjoon, whose never understood the word ’ shut up ’. However, he did question whether or not you were just using him for protection from Hyeji or *Dwaeji as he liked to call her—but he shook the thought after you continuously brought him lunch, a p-b&j sandwich, which you’ve given him the past few days you’ve been following him. He definitely knew you weren’t using him when he had scraped his knee during practice and you rushed to his side, pulling out a first-aid kit and cleaning his wounds despite all the mumbles and questions his team bombarded you with. It made him feel warm to know someone was waiting for him, someone who wanted to actually be friends with him.
You would always greet him with a smile on your face , a bounce in your step. Although he gets that from Namjoon everyday—the feeling is different coming from you and he felt bad that you knew his name but he didn’t know a thing about who you were. “ You know this girl?” Namjoon whispers a little too loud, it was weird for him seeing someone—anyone approach Min Yoongi, especially with such a happy presence.
“ What’s your name ? ” he asks you, ignoring Namjoon’s question, as he tugs at the bag of sandwich . “ Y/n. ” you smile, handing it to him.
He chuckles as he begins opening it, “ Pretty name, it suits your face. ” he mumbles to himself but loud enough for you to hear. Your cheeks are tinged a slight pink at his comment, and he chuckles a little louder than before as he notices before ruffling your hair. Your frozen from the contact, even shocking Namjoon. He walks past you two, munching on the sandwich and when he notices neither you or Namjoon are at his side he turns around , “ Are you guys coming or not ? ” he yells out, shaking you guys from the shock before catching up with him. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.


 " I was okay with it the first month, but after that— I hate peanut butter now.“ Showing his distaste with a shudder and his tongue sticking out.
” Yah, that’s all that mom would pack me…“ you say, whispering the last part. Yoongi heard it, and noticed the sudden mood change in the atmosphere. The sun was out yet why did it get so cold?
The kitchen had gotten so quiet, neither you nor Yoongi made a move, even the pop from the toaster couldn’t tear you two from the silence. ” Sorry y/n, I—" “ It’s fine Yoongi, let’s just get ready we’re going to be late. ” he flinches from his name being called. Whenever you were upset, you’d settled using his name and not Yoongs and whenever you were being serious you’d call him by his full name—which he absolutely hated. He watches as you disappear into your room, mentally strangling himself that he brought up memory.
You’ve been in your room ever since breakfast, eyeing yourself in the mirror for what feels like an hour, fiddling with your bow tie on your uniform. Its already been two years, two years since your parents past away. You’re not mad at Yoongi, you’re more mad at yourself that even the word puts you in a miserable state. It’s the memories that come rushing in both good and bad, along with their death that you were unfortunate to witness.
“ Love are you finished? We’re going to be late. ” Yoongi barges in and you nearly throw a pillow at him. “ Yoongs, how many times do I have to tell you to knock before you come in? What happens if I was naked? ” you whine as you grab your backpack and sling it around your back.
He merely shrugs, “ It wouldn’t be my first.” You smack the side of his head as you walk past him and to the front door, slipping on your shoes before grabbing your keys.
“ Aren’t we going to be late? ” you cooed back before slipping through the door.

“ I swear schools’ such a drag,” Yoongi whines. “ Can I not go today ? ”
You laugh, “ It’s the first day of school and you’re already wanting to ditch? This is our last year together—think about it, you can go back to Daegu after this. ”
He lets out a scoff, “ I like it here better, Seoul is where everything is.”
“ Whatever floats your boat, ” he stops in the middle of the sidewalk, eyebrows scrunched together. “ Something wrong? ”
“ Aren’t you supposed to say: ’ No oppa stay with me~ you can’t leave me~ ’ ? ” he changes his tone, going an octave higher as he tries to mimic you. You laugh, shaking your head at his attempt. “ I’m heading off to college next year and we both know your dream is to become a rapper. ”
“ Hey, keep it down! ” he says scurrying up to you, hands coming down to cover your mouth “ if people hear, then they won’t find me intimidating anymore! ”
“ You left your intimidating demeanor the minute you joined the basketball team. ”
“ Touché ” he coos.
“ Hey captain! ” you both turn from the voice, a voice you two don’t recognize only to find a brunette waving at you two. “ Hey Miyoung, what’s up?”
Hwang Miyoung aka Min Yoongi’s crush, he’s liked her ever since she stepped foot into the classroom, she was a transfer student from the U.S. You remember his face oh-so-clearly; he was so love struck by her even after she had introduced herself and taken her seat he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. She became the cheer squad captain, believing that cheerleaders were just like in the movies: slutty and snobby, she was everything but that. Miyoung’s smart, friendly, she volunteers a lot at a daycare and a pet adoption center, she’s practically an angel, it’s no wonder Yoongi fell for her.
“ I was wondering if you wanted to grab dinner after practice tonight?” Your eyes along with Yoongi’s widen, you let out a smirk before you’re jabbing him in the waist and giving him a wink. “ I’ll see you guys at school. ” and you’re dashing off as you ignore the countless calls from him.
You let out a sigh, proud that Yoongi was finally going to get to go on a date with his ’ dream girl ’. It makes you question when will you ever find your ’ dream guy ’. You’re already in your senior year of high school and you haven’t dated anybody nor have you had any interests with anyone— okay that was a lie. You did at some point had a small crush on Yoongi, but his affection was merely just friendly affection. He was also your best friend, you wouldn’t dare ruin the friendship you had managed to built with him. As you get to the intersection, your ringtone goes off.
’ Nurse Kim ’ it reads.
“ Morning Mrs.Kim.” You chime, heart beating against your chest, anxious at the news she has for you. “ Morning sweetie, how do you feel about your first day back at school?
“ A bit nervous, but I’ll be fine as long as Yoongi’s with me.” She chuckles on the other end, “ Ah~ is he treating you well because if he isn’t I’ll be sure to let Jin know—” You let out a laugh, “ Don’t worry Mrs.Kim, he hasn’t hurt me in any shape or form. ” You watched as the cars drove past as you stopped at the intersection, causing your stomach to churn a bit and your palms turning clammy. The crosswalk turns, signaling for you to walk and you reach into the pockets of your blazer, trying to pull your medication out. You place your phone between your shoulder and lean your head to the side.
“ How’s my little Yixing ? ” you ask, struggling a bit to open the bottle.
He’s doing bit better, he’s able to eat now which is a good sign.
“ That’s a relief—” You’ve been nudged rather harshly, causing you to drop both your phone and your medications. “ Sorry ! ” the boy yells back. You let out a curse as you scramble to grab your phone before attempting to pick up the pills.
You managed to save a couple whilst the rest were stepped on by pedestrians. Your nerves weren’t settling down and you couldn’t risk taking your medications now, they’ve been exposed to bacteria. “M-Mrs.Kim, I’ll call you back. ” you stuttered. “ Y/n, is everything alr—” you hang up before she can finish , fingers scurrying to find Yoongi’s name.
You’re feeling anxious and your breathing is starting to hitch in your throat. You finally find his name but before you can even press it there’s a loud beeping coming to your right and when you look up you can see a car coming towards you, vision clouded by the broken glasses and blood splatter. You’re not ready to die yet your body had completely given up on trying to save you, so you brace yourself for the impact.
There’s a pair of arms wrapping around your waist and your being pulled back effortlessly. A loud bang pulls you out of your trance and your gasping for air, body shaking. You’re being turned around, hands gripping onto your shoulder as you do the same to his arms; holding onto anything that can possibly keep you sane. Your vision is getting hazy and your hearing is being replaced with a ringing. “ Hey! Hey! Are you okay? ”
“ Y-Yoongi? ” you mumble, you don’t remember him having ashy brown hair this morning. “ What? No my name is— Are you okay ? How many fingers am I holding up?” Your body is failing to keep up with you, legs beginning to turn into noodles, causing you to put more weight onto the boy.
“ Yoongi.” You whisper before surrendering to the darkness.

STAR1 photoshoot (colored version) - mingyu, wonwoo, junhui

Smut Drabble

Male Character x Reader

A/N: Something i wrote as practice while i was waiting for my crappy wifi to upload May We All part 2…It’s my first foray into smut so pls be gentle…I just wanted to post it to get some feedback, and try to get into the groove of writing smut…so enjoy pls.  also p.s. the guy isn’t named, so just feel free to imagine whoever you like ;) p.p.s it’s kind of incomplete but i don’t really care??

Warnings: smut, oral (fr), language

Words: 1739

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mama, it’s amazing what baking can do

Natural Disaster Part Two // Moon Taeil

Pt. 1


the prompt: could i get a nct taeil song based scenario based on Sick of Losing Soulmates by dodie ?? (Its a pretty angsty song so go wild with the angst if u like writing that ^_^)

words: 1067

category: fluff

author note: surprise you thought I was gonna make this angsty. Guess again, sucker. Anyway, I feel like this was all over the place (just like part one, so it’s okay, right?) pls enjoy!

- destinee

Originally posted by yukmark


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