so just cool


Sorry… literally nobody asked to see my girl but… well, @demenior’s handsome Denver got me in a dog mood, so I’m showing her anyway.

Here to represent the ‘not made-of-fluff but still plenty awesome’ dog crowd!

As a pupper 
And as a sleek, classy (posing?) laaaaaaady.
-Who would murder the shit out of unfamiliar small animals but somehow caught loose chickens without killing them, and jumped/climbed every stupid fence and ran like the wind and who (even after working through all the wiggles and whining, and officially ‘calming the fuck down’) would still feel the need to dance her front paws in a little cha-cha every time I came home, seriously my girl was the fucking best

(And of course I say was because hey, one more reason 2016 was a suckerpunch shitsucker of a year.)

Dudes, she was a gift

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*

gaining approval in da2: careful consideration of each dialogue response, micromanaging you party because some characters literally can’t be taken out together without losing approval, the eternal struggle of Getting Carver To Love You Back

gaining approval in dai: i stood on a hill and watched a bear fighting darkspawn on the storm coast and blackwall slightly approved three times

Genyatta Week Day 1: Firsts

Me: what should i draw i can’t do sappy or serious stuff

@cactusluv: first time catching a shiny pokemon

Me: ok cool this is literally genji then


“This mah squad, better move aside boy”

Instead of studying for my test, I doodle my predictions for the ep “The new Crystal Gems” while I was listening lots of We Bare Bares songs so yall better listen to this song while seing this thingie

i am constantly growing as a person and i’m very thankful for it.. i just.. love myself? in the most sincere way. i am aware of my flaws, and i accept them, but i don’t encourage them. i allow myself to make mistakes, and forgive myself for them, but push myself to learn from them and use the experience to become better. i am understanding of my limits, but i also make myself take chances sometimes, because i also know i’m capable of more than i’d like to think i am.. and sometimes, the only way to grow is to make yourself… i don’t have it all figured it out, and i still have a long way to go, in my own personal journey, but i’ll be there with myself every step of the way. and that’s a very nice thought.

Viktor Nikiforov needs to stop acting all cool and fancy when he literally fell in love to a drunk, almost naked, japanese man that just gave him the time of his life and then he proceeded to fly to japan after seeing one (1) video of said japanese man skating his routine months after. and even though they got engaged months and months after, he learns his now fiancé japanese man doesn’t remember shit.

viktor nikiforov is the lamest person pass it on


star crossed lovers + insp

I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…