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i was asked to do a tutorial on how i make my icons by anonymous, so here’s my super easy way of doing it. there’s no major editing or backgrounds simply because i’m super lazy and i prefer the look of clean, bright icons. i’ve only ever used this method on cartoons (voltron. i’ve only ever made voltron icons lol), so i can’t say for sure whether this method would work well with real people. just keep that in mind!

for some examples of what you can make, here’s my icons page.

please like/reblog if you try it out, and feel free to ask me any questions.

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How to Make GIFs: A Guide

Hello, DVD fandom!

We noticed that a lot of you have expressed a desire to make gifs, but don’t know where to start. We’ve put together a handy tutorial to help introduce you into the world of gif making. It’s not comprehensive, but it should be enough to get you started!

1. The first step is to clip your video file. Download whatever video you’re going to make gifs from and open Photoshop. Go to File > Import > Video Frames to Layers, and select the clip you want to gif on your computer.

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I wanted to make some weird symbolic stuff for my bus children main 4 and their powers. So this is more like a representation of the characters rather than what the story will be about (big hint: it’s not about badly lit old houses). Artistic freedom and such.

I accidentally made a modernish version of the photoset too, just gotta finish it.