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Wait what did Josh say during the afterbuzz?

they started talking about the “shiro you’re like a brother to me” moment but in the aggressive way for shippers to criticize sheith (again)
he said people should learn the meaning of pedophilia and begged to stop harrassing others for their creativity
i’ll quote what he said: “There’s just no need for negativity because it’s people’s creativity, it’s alternate universes– unless people are actually making ships where you’re specifically referring to ‘Oh, you’re my teacher and I shouldn’t be doing this’ but who’s to say that in someone’s alternate universe the ages don’t matter and they’re just taking their personalities and shipping those together? And that’s totally fine”
and with that he made an example of how he dubbed hal jordan in green latern where he’s in his twenties and how he also dubbed him in dc girls where he’s a teenager
(that’s what i was talking about in my post but if you want to know more i suggest you watch the episode because it was really good)
so yeah, in the end josh keaton is a blessing and i love him dearly

Love Is Not For Sale: Part 7

Previous Parts

Pairing: Reader x Sam, background Dean x Castiel

Tags: AU, mention of past prostitution, Cas is the best, angst 

Words: 1,788

A/N: I’m so sorry this took forever to fucking post. I’ve re-written this about four times just because there were so many ways I could go with this and I couldn’t pick. Also, a lame excuse y’all probably don’t care about anyway: School has been kicking my ass and also my mental health + my personal life is fucking me over. I’m really sorry this took so long and I hope you will forgive me and enjoy this chapter!

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So I saw a post with a nice little flow chart explaining how the Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses interconnect, but it didn’t connect all the houses, so, as the over-achiever that I am, I obviously had to make a full version. With color-coding,

I’ve seen this in a few different posts already so it’s not all that revolutionary, but the Hogwarts houses sort by personality traits - the brave, loyal, cunning, and wise. Ilvermorny houses sort more by your dominant function (what you do with your personality traits) - the adventurer, scholar, warrior, and healer. While some combinations will be more typical than others, every combination is possible. 

I took all the dominant traits listed under each Hogwarts house and divided them up among the Ilvermorny houses. This is all subjective and some people may believe some of these categories should be switched, but I tried to take as few liberties as possible. Some just didn’t want to work out nicely. For example, Ravenclaw split up perfectly. I didn’t have to think much about how to match up the houses. Gryffindor, on the other hand, was a bit of a nightmare. 

Take what you will from this, but I thought it might be helpful to people trying to make sense of a strange house combination or just to illustrate that the Ilvermorny houses are not renames of the Hogwarts houses.

Edit: Emotionally volatile = quick temper. It’s a phrase I saw on multiple websites so I used it. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. I think of Draco and probably Ron as emotionally volatile.

(Inspiration from post by @allhailqueenmargaery and @violettsbaudelaires)

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heyaa! it’s my birthday today, the lil bean is turning 18 and is not so glad about it. so i decided to do something fun today (apart from taking my whole family to watch hidden figures that is)


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Things I observed at DragCon

1. Laila is just as small and adorable in person
2. Trixie is SO SWEET and so fucking funny and you can easily tell how much she cares about her fans and puts them first
3. Alaska is a little bit shy??? But very sweet, calm, BEAUTIFUL and smells super good (I’m a creep no apologies)
4. Detox is STUNNING in person and incredibly approachable and fun to talk to
5. Max is without a doubt the kindest person on this planet, so caring and has a very nurturing personality (also gives fantastic hugs)
6. Sharon Needles is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, she’s got so much charisma and loves to chat and she engages really well with the fans. My experience with her was one of the most positive ones of the day. She was not stand-offish at all and seemed like she genuinely wanted to talk to me, which made me so happy since she means everything to me

*pushes away all my problems it hopes that it will somehow disappear*

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Emo ((woah)) Playlist - YouTube

@vilecur​ this is for you man and anyone else who wants some emo music to listen to. A quick rundown on what I did here and who’s apart of it:

The playlist begins with more streamlined stuff that’s tied very well with general emo music, whereas the latter end of the playlist is more energetic emo stuff. I didn’t want to put more than three songs by the same band in the playlist, so any band I put a star next to means the whole album is fantastic and flows well start to finish.

*Heavy Things: These guys are pretty fantastic, came out with their album like two months ago and take you back to the ending of Spiderman 3 when the credits rolled and “Vindicated” by Dashboard Confessional played- same vibe for me at least, I dig it.

*Animal Flag: Very similar feel to Heavy Things, a bit more gritty sounding though. Cloud Nothings, same deal.

*Now, Now: Personally for some reason I tend to really hate female vocals, but this band is one of the only bands where I can throw that feeling to the side. Really good music and lyrical content, pretty sweet sounding and interesting structure in some of their songs.

Moving Mountains: Pretty mellow stuff, they have a lot of good music they’ve done with other bands too.

Into It. Over It.: This guy has a lot of music that’s either mellow or really pumped up, I only like his mellow stuff but you might like it all. He’s a local hero from CT as well I believe.

La Dispute: You probably know them, I’m picky with them because I hate screaming/yelling in music, but their more mellow songs are tight. Lyrically they’re really advanced if not the most advanced on this list.

American Football: You know these boys basically founded emo music right along side Jawbreaker. You probably know most of their stuff so I only put one song in there. Dryjacket is very similar in the mathy style but more upbeat.

Pinegrove: I don’t know if they qualify as emo technically but they’re pretty close to it. Lyrically very advanced and nostalgic and very honest. Have a sort of countryish vibe to them, and though I hate country, these guys have been one of my top bands for a while now. Their Audiotree performance is fantastic, better than the studio recordings in my opinion for some of the tracks.

Tellison: One of my favorite bands since high school, it’s a shame they never took off- they have a ton of great music. I could have put the whole “The Wages of Fear” album in here, but just check it out on your own if you like them. They’ve got mellow indie stuff and heavier emo stuff so I threw some of it all in. 

Lastly, ***Del Paxton: These boys kick it so hard and are pretty new. I put their whole latest album in here because I think it’s worth hearing the whole thing, some songs take really melodic turns and it’s really beautiful in comparison to the high energy they have. May be an acquired taste as it was for me when I started listening to them, but now I can’t stop bouncing around for each minute of the record. This is the kind of emo you want to listen to if you’re sad and want to feel good or motivated and better about things or yourself.

And there you have it. Emo is only a part of what I normally listen to, but if you fall in love with this stuff you’ll be hipster like me because most of these bands are a bunch of nobodies as far as any music scene is concerned (yay). 

coming to terms

i have always stuggled with self esteem issues and always saw myself as ugly, but the true pain started about a year ago. i associate this with an increase in the use of social media and the reality of adulthood. 

the more i use platforms like instagram and snapcjat, which are full of beautiful people, the more often and more deeply i feel the unbearable pain in my chest of knowing that im simply horrid looking. no, i would not say im not thankful for what i have, because at least im not missing a body part, my face has not been aggraviated with acid or burned or nothing of the sort. im simply ugly by default, which should not be such a big deal.

but as i roam in the accounts of pretty girls i realize that not all pretty women are those with the glamorous life and money and surgeries. there are girls who are younger than me, pure and untouched, makeup free, no surgeries, who post about their average lives and selfies with their gorgeous friends with perfect hourglass figures. and those are the toughest to look at, because they are just effortlessly perfect.

at this point i dont really care about personality anymore. i dont really have any kind of remarkable personality traits anyway, im not funny or nice, im boring, lame, awkward talentless and empty. but i know that even beimg funny or nice would not give me anything. because those pretty girls have it all without trying, life is handed to them in so many ways. 

as a young adult i dream of a love life, of a partner and a family, i want to have a boyfriend, i want to be asked out and be excited about what to wear to a first date, i want to be able to effortlessly come out of the shower without having to complete a complex routine for my face to look normal. i dont want to have to worry about my bald spots (horrid thin hair) or general uglyness. i dont want to be ashamed of my own appearance.

looking around me and reading the experiences of other ugly girls i know it will be an impossibility. but how can i just give up all my hopes and dreams? i am not academically bright or motivated to be a really successful scientist or something. so because im ugly, im conditioned to be nerdy and studious? of course i want a carreer, but i know it wont be fulfilling enough.

i hate people looking at pictures of my mother when she was my age, they gasp at her beauty. i can see the “what happened to you?” in their eyes.

i cant approach a boy to even ask a question because it embarrasses and horrifies me that they would think an ugly girl such as me would be trying to flirt. something im certain i will never do. 

i hate being insecure about something so superficial. making my friends angry. they tell me i dont try hard enough…. i domt try hard enough to be pretty while they domt realize how hard it is already to hide as much of the ugly as i can. i just cant and will never be beautiful. no matter how hard i try, ever.

i hate that it still makes me emotional, it still makes me cry, because i feel miserable. if i ever feel suicidal, its because of my appearance. and i hate it because i should be mature enough to be over it already. but i cant.

i despise my appearance with all my might. i will never find solace in my uglyness. and i know i will be miserable for a long time still. no matter how many gorgeous girls tell me to “love yourself”. seriously, fuck you, with all due respect. 

i know things could always be worse. pretty people have problems too. but honestly, i dont feel empathy for them whatsoever. uglyness has made of me a bitter jealous fuck (on top of it all).

“TTG ruined my childhood!”

“They ruined all the cool characters!”

“The humour is so cheap and lame!”

“I can’t believe this shit replaced Young Justice!”

“The animation style is so horrible!”

“The show should satisfy us first and not the new generation!”

Boo fucking hoo. Go sob in the corner while we enjoy ourselves.

On a personal note, I don’t mind people with different opinions. Just stop sucking out the fun for those who enjoy the show. 

Go post in a new tag with TTG hate. Here, I’ll give you the tag: #ihatettgsomuchthatiwastemylifecomplainingaboutit

Hey buddy, there are other shows out there to enjoy. MOVE ON.

ok but i really need more info/fic/headcannons on sizzy as an established couple

like in the books izzy is mostly acting like the aloof, flirtatious cool girl and while simon is probably a bit more upfront and ~honest~ about himself he does tend to get a bit defensive and closed off, particularly in tfsa. so like what im saying is that we never get to see open, honest, comfortable established!sizzy you know like

  • dorky!izzy !!! is something im personally v passionate about like i know we see a lil bit about nerd!izzy but im talking about dorky shit you know like she doesn’t act it around most people but with simon shes so comfortable that she just??? relaxes for like the first time in her life and lets herself do lame stuff like snort laugh at bad cheesy comedies and sing in funny voices just randomly around the house and talk to herself and its like a relief cos she finally has a place and a person with which she can let go of the ~cool girl~ exterior and let her dorkier side show a bit

  • simon’s memory is never the same after edom and like he just constantly forgets little things and is in general A MessTM so izzy leaves him lil post it notes all over the apartment with reminders like “turn off the bathroom light before you leave” and “don’t forget Max’s birthday on thursday - pick up cupcakes morning of” and “your glasses are on your head” and that type of thing. so like their apartment is littered with fluro post it notes

  •  eskimo kisses! like thats their thing !!! at first simon did it as a joke and they did get a giggle from it but like from then on it became like their standard greeting/way of saying “i love you”. izzy wakes up in the morning and instantly boops her nose to simons, even if he’s not awake yet or when one of them comes home from a hunt they just press foreheads and rub noses and it’s like a sort of unspoken code for “I love you, i’ve missed you, im glad you’re okay”

  • isabelle does the worst impressions in the world anyway but she tends over exaggerate the awfulness because it makes simon laugh 

  • simon has some weird sleep habits like he finds it difficult to sleep through the night and when he does he has a tendancy to sleep walk/talk and it’s not uncommon for izzy to wake and find him somewhere strange so she’ll just take him by the hand and gently lead him back to the bedroom

  •  he also often finds himself struck with the feeling that he’s forgetting something really important? like he’ll wake up in the middle of the night probably from a bad dream  and like he works himself up a bit with all this stress over the idea that he might have forgotten something very crucial?? and like it almost always ends up being he hasn’t actually forgotten anything but it’s like this left over anxiety from the memory loss and it’s very distressing for him, so izzy will get out a notepad and pen and list everything that they had needed to do that day/week/whatever. and then she’ll run her hands through his hair and just reassure him that everything’s fine for a while and this usually calms him down enough to help him fall asleep again. 

  • izzy gets allergies from flowers right but she likes the idea of having like ~nature~ in the apartment so simon’s always bringing her home pot plants like ferns and peace lilies and succulents so the apartment is like full of leafy live plants 

  •  izzy still can’t cook for shit but simon’s pretty decent and he finds it a useful way for dealing with stress/anxiety 

  •  izzy gets him a whole bunch of herb plants in terracotta pots cos simon finds it’s nice to use fresh ingredients so theres like a row of potted basil, parsley, rosemary, chives etc. on the windowsill below the kitchen window
  • izzy keeps a framed photo of Max (little brother max) on their mantle. she dusts it every day. 
  • they also keep photos of all their family all over the apartment like there’s photos of max and raf stuck all over the fridge and one of clary and jace’s wedding photos on the bookcase and pictures of themselves from all their travels and all these group shots of all of the gang are framed and positioned on side tables and windowsills and whatnot. simon even keeps some photos of his family on the dresser (family photos from when he was a child, his mom, photos from his sisters graduation, etc.) 
  • the first hanukkah they spend actually moved in together izzy brings out a menorah to surprise simon and he almost cries
  • like just in general they are very sweet together and very open and honest and they dont keep important stuff hidden and they TALK and like idk im just really passionate about sizzy having a very healthy and communicative relationship it fuels me 
11 Answers, 11 Questions

I got tagged by @nardaviel! <3

Rules: Always post the rules. Answer the questions asked, then write eleven new ones. Tag eleven people to answer your questions as well as the person who tagged you. 

1. what’s your favorite thing to do when you want to chill out and just enjoy yourself?

I’m so lame, it’s sleeping, mostly lol. I love naps like nothing else. As for hobbies, if I’m actively roleplaying with anyone it’s that, or relaxing and reading fanfics or watching Markiplier videos. Just hanging out by myself, really. (Tho cuddling the BF ranks on the list too lol)

2. describe the most beautiful thing you can think of or imagine

Object or concept? If we’re going with object… the perfect-fitting dream dress, heart shaped neckline, flowing skirt with iridescent colors that all blend into one another in varying shades of pinks, purples and blues… (idk I’m working on cosplay right now so all I’m thinking about is clothes). Concept? Coming home to your loved one(s), falling into an embrace and feeling that all is right with the world.

3. what is your favorite combination of colors?

Pink is my all-time favorite standalone, but I really like how royal blue and turquoise look together especially on clothing. 

4. tell us about an AU that you desperately want to make but haven’t been able to, for whatever reason (can’t think of a plot, your faves don’t work well in the setting, w/e)

;^; I actually don’t like AUs too much… I get attached to a world AND its characters, not just one or the other. That’s why I don’t particularly care for reading fics/doing rps that are set in an existing universe but using OCs or AUs. Now Alternate Reality/Slight Canon Divergence I can do- I love me some ‘what if X happened instead of Y’. So I guess I’ll go with an AR answer since it’s kind of AU…

I’d want to do an AR of Boueibu where the CA don’t leave and join the DC, either staying in their CA outfits or becoming Battle Lovers themselves to fight the VEPPer. Now that would be entertaining.

5. what does your phone case look like? did you go for style or sturdiness?

I work in cell phones, so I love me some cases lol I swap out cases so often it’s not even funny. When I had an iphone 6/6s I had something like 10-15 cases at one point but now I have a 7 for work so I don’t have as many  yet;

I have the first one I bought, a Speck hardshell with a purple/blue galaxy print on it. I got stuck with a black phone since it’s a work phone, so I wanted something that matched but was cute. The one I actually use at work is another Speck in turquoise with a slot for a credit card so I can keep my Target card on me at all times so I can buy lunch faster and not lose my card. The one I’m using right now because the Galaxy one is starting to deteriorate is a pink and navy otterbox symmetry that I got on clearance. I wanted the teal one but it was too light colored and was gonna get dirty too fast. All my cases are a blend of protection/function and style so…

6. what is your ideal hairstyle for yourself?

Just cut my hair again, actually; something short and easy to maintain with bangs to hide my forehead that I don’t like but cutesy. I always go with a chin-length bob with sideswept bangs when I cut my hair so… that’s it. 

7. what’s the first favorite song you can remember having?

The first song that I liked just for myself and not because my parents played it all the time was Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65. I fucking love them. 11-year-old me was all over that early 2000s electropop shit. Going back even earlier, though, I want to say it was Hey Hey (We’re the Monkees) or Last Train to Clarksville by the Monkees because my parents played their favorite music for me and my sister when we were really little and I’d dance to everything. I also really liked the Beatles and Kansas around that time but the Monkees pops into my head more easily.

8. what’s the grossest food anyone has ever tried to make you eat? (and did you eat it?)


No, seriously, I actually cannot think of an answer to this question because I am so afraid that I’m not going to like something new/want to vomit when I try it that I actively avoid trying things when someone tries to shove a forkful of something in my face or encourages me to eat it. So any new food is gross. I get so pissed off when my bf or my parents do this because they KNOW I don’t like to try things unless I decide to do so, myself (because then I’ve mentally prepped and imagined what it tastes like and why it might be good) but they don’t understand my anxiety/aversion. They just think it’s a picky thing. It’s absolutely a ‘I am afraid of vomiting therefore I do not want to risk trying something that might make me gag especially in a public setting’. I don’t even have a strong gag reflex, I just have a texture thing and a phobia of vomit :/

I guess to phone in an answer- at the time cheesy potatoes were my worst enemy. I still don’t like cheese that much, but I’ve learned to like varieties of cheesy potatoes prepared well enough. 

9. would you rather never drink anything but water again, or never eat anything again besides the blandest, most boring necessities?

Ack, this is difficult. I suppose while I like water well enough I suppose I’d rather eat bland necessities because my palate is rather limited anyway and that’s kind of been my diet in general until recently when I’ve been experimenting with cooking. I don’t think I can live without soda or flavored carbonated water…. or alcohol. <.<

10. describe your dream home

Somewhere near an ocean where it’s cool enough that I can have the windows open to air out the house and somehow there are no bugs to fly inside. It’d smell like the ocean and i’d be able to hear it outside. The house would be big enough for my family but small enough that it isn’t too huge with lots of cozy living spaces, a game room, a huge sewing/craft room/office for me with more cozy seating while I work. It’d have a nice, well-stocked kitchen with a dining room close by surrounded by windows that look out at the sea. There’d be windows everywhere, basically, but all surrounded by thick, heavy curtains to draw when it gets dark. There’d be a screened-in patio with comfy deck furniture and maybe a minibar, that overlooks my own private pool (maybe an infinity pool!) and backyard oasis with lots of flowers and trees that mostly blocks anyone from seeing into the yard but has views of the ocean peeking through. The bedrooms would all be large enough and super comfy and my bed would be so, so soft and huge enough so I could fit my partner and several cats (and maybe a small, not smelly dog) comfortably. The master bath would be my own private sanctuary, with heated floors, some seating, a huge, gorgeous bathtub big enough for two people and a separate shower that has multiple heads. Y’know, rich people bathrooms. My pets would have everything they’d ever need (catios, lofty cat highways and lots of scratching posts and toys; a big enough side yard for the dogs to run around and maybe a built in doggy bath to get rid of dog smell lol). Oh, and the entire house would have one of those sweet Sonos sound systems so I could play music all day in each room. <3

That was long and specific…

11. i need u to come up with a brilliant, scathing insult that contains five words or less

Fuck… I can’t think of anything other than “Douchnozzle McCuntWhistle”. Its not scathing as much as it’s ridiculous but I love it.


1) If you could have any animal in the world (currently living or extinct) as your pet, what would it be and why?

2) If money were no object, what would your dream career be? 

3) How many hours of sleep would you get a night if you were free to sleep as much or as little as you wanted?

4) What’s more frustrating, having a great idea (for a fic, costume, song, presentation, anything) and being unable to produce it (either not having the means, motivation, funds, etc) or having all of your tools to create the thing at your disposal but not having any ideas?

5) Describe your favorite meal ever. Including dessert (if there is any).

6) What’s the most-used bookmark on your phone’s browser?

7) What chore do you absolutely hate and wish you would never have to do ever again?

8) It’s the end of your best day ever. What’s happening?

9) Would you rather go skydiving or climb to the top of mt. everest?

10) If you suddenly became rich beyond your wildest dreams, what would be the first thing you’d do with your money?

11) If you could master any skill on earth, regardless of what your current abilities are, what would it be and why?

Aaaaand I tag @magiccatprincess, @vashtijoy, @vagarius, @liarino, @angry-jewish-magical-girl, @cryptid-crusader, @metalliclioness, @amateurcatalyst, @thatlittledandere, @dazesprite and @nakedxtime <3


I’ve been getting a whole lot of messages and asks and comments on the whole party-kei thing and instead of replying to all of them, I figure a big friendly PSA wouldn’t hurt.
I’ll organize this in a list so it’s slightly more comprehensive and easier to read :^)
1) This is not something I wanted to become a trend. This is not something I wanted other people to do, or for it to catch on, or to become the leader of some movement- that whole idea honestly is not appealing to me. Other people have shown interest in it and so they’ve made the Party Kei Worldwide Community group- which is cute and fun to be a part of! A few people have also started a Party Kei blog and a Slumber Party Kei blog which are cute and I love scrolling through.
If you go back in the #partykei tag, you can find me tagging my insta photos as party kei back 29 weeks ago. I’ve used this term for my own personal lil headspace for forever because I couldn’t find a fashion that explained what I wore, so I just made up a term. It’s like having a lame OC that you don’t tell anyone else about when you’re like 11. No one made note of it. No one asked “do you mean cult party kei”? I honestly don’t think anyone realized haha.

I decided to make a blog post that had been in the works for god knows how long- because my literal job occupation is blogging about fashion. I kept it semi-secret for so long because I didn’t want it to be a big thing, but since I share so much with my audience and talking about fashion is what I do, I thought it would be a fun thing to talk about. That’s literally it.

2) People have been comparing party kei to fairy kei and peco-kei and probably a whole bunch more. Comparison is good! I consider it a style that fits in the harajuku-pastel-kawaii sort of family (more on that later weee) so it being compared to those things is good. Just like fairy kei isn’t spank kei isnt pop kei, and like otome isn’t lolita, and like pastel goth isn’t bittersweet isn’t creepy cute- there are soooo many different fashions that are separated by lil quirks.

Did I craft party-kei up from the soil with my bare hands? Oh god no. Am I the ruler of a great party empire? I sure hope not. As I say in the blog post that started this whole thing, I honestly, genuinely, just noticed that the things I liked wearing that didn’t usually fit in one specific fashion, looked cute together in my opinion- and so I wrapped it up in a lil package and called it party kei. I literally made a venn diagram of what party-kei is made up of and it’s so hilariously sad and complicated, maybe I’ll post it later :^)

3) “It sounds like cult party kei”: it’s a style about parties like is the word “party” copyrighted or

4) “CULTURAL APPROPRIATION”: this is such a hot topic now that literally any issue is gonna be met with cries of cultural appropriation- but the word “kei” is just a word. I took one-on-one Japanese lessons, and speak moderate Japanese, fluent English, and fluent French. If I called it “mode de fete” I feel like no one would yell at me for appropriating french culture.
Party kei did not originate in Tokyo, no, so why the word kei? Honestly I did not think about it that much as I’d been using the term party kei in my head for months and months. But since I took inspiration from pastel, experimental Harajuku fashion, it just made sense to me to use the word “kei” like every other fashion in Harajuku. I was considering changing the name but that was met with even more out-cry so I left it :^^^^^^)
It’s also maybe worth mentioning that the “fairy” in fairy kei is an english word, and the “larme” in larme kei is a french word. Even the huge fashion empire that is (/was) gyaru is the english word “gal”. Also amekaji. Always gonna bring up Amekaji.

People are mad at me using the word “kei” because party kei didn’t start in Japan. People are mad because the fashion already exists in Japan. People are mad because I’m trying to “lead a fashion movement”. People are mad because suggesting the title pixie kei in a poll insinuates I’m the only one who can do it.
There’s so much contradiction that I’m simply gonna keep wearing my vinyl skirts and my candle earrings and let it wash over <3

I’ve been posting a lot about party kei recently just because it’s been so forefront of my mind with all the positive and negative feedback- but my blog is definitely not a PARTY KEI blog. This is one little thing I had in my head that I decided to share. But I have many other things to share and videos to make and posts to write that aren’t about frosting and confetti that I hope you’ll stick around for! <3

I’m not going to talk on this subject much more unless new points are brought to me that I haven’t already discussed, thank you to everyone who came to me with their concerns!

Made a cool design tattoo designed commissioned for my good friend @runescythe1!​ He graciously allowed me to upload it here so thanks Colton! If anyone would like it without the water mark for a blog layout or header just let me know! Just wanted to share ;v; 

Its transparent =7= //drags it around my dash
That being said PLEASE don’t use this for personal designs or tattoos, I’d like my tattoo designs to be personal to the person, and I’d thank you for respecting the commissioner and me! 

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Crowley is canonically an unreliable narrator (claiming the 14th century was "boring" vs comparing it to the literal apocalypse later), so we can't be entirely sure if he is genuinely bad at riding horses because he's not good with animals or if they tend to flip their shit around him and Crowley claims he's a bad rider to cover that up. (My personal headcanon is in-between that. Crowley is the shittiest rider ever but that's okay because horses hate him anyway so he'll just walk)

OMG you’re totally right!!  What if Crowley is secretly really disappointed that horses don’t like him so he does the cool guy “tch i didn’t want to ride this impressive stallion and look badass anyway” thing.  orrrrr what if he’s scared of them too and doesn’t want to admit it so he’s just like “I always fall off yeah it’s pretty lame they should hurry up and invent cars already


I’ve been trying to come up with a comic or drawing to sum up all this shit I’ve been really pissed about, but am coming up kinda blank.  So for now, I’m just gonna post this rant I put on personal Facebook earlier today.
Oh hey! HERE’S some shit that’s been pissing me off:

It’s totally fucking lame that there are so many white people who will fight for a flag that represents slavery, or for a bunch of white men to be allowed to name their band “Black Pussy,” or to abolish affirmative action, or to be able to say “nigga” without repercussion.

That there are people fighting for that garbage is incredibly shitty already. What makes it even MORE incredibly shitty is that anybody who tries to argue with these freedom (-to-exploit)-loving white dudes will get hit with one or both of these dumbshit counter-points:

1) “it’s not racist, get over yourself” and;

2) “why don’t you attack REAL racists like the KKK and neo-nazis?”

First off, it IS racist. And if these fucking chuds would just stop the Dorito-eating typefest they call a life for a minute and do the math, maybe they’d see that. Maybe they’d realize that they’re never fighting for anything but WHITE RIGHTS. Then, from there, maybe they’d clue in that a white dude who fights for the rights of white dudes is one of those whatchamacallits… oh yeah: a RACIST.

It’s easy: If you fight for no one’s rights but the rights of the oppressor, THAT is racism and YOU are a racist.

As for these white dudes’ argument that “social justice warriors” (their idea of an insult; that’s how totally fucked these guys are) should focus on fighting the KKK and the neo-nazis, and leave regular “not a racist bone in my body,” “I have black friends” racists like themselves alone so they can keep appropriating, insulting, and oppressing minorities in peace:

The KKK and the neo-nazis aren’t really an issue. They have no sway. THEY’RE not the ones holding people of color back in society. It’s the white people who refuse to acknowledge their own privilege and who put fighting for their right to exploit and appropriate other cultures ahead of the emotional, physical, and social well-being of the people of those cultures. It’s the SELF-DENYING racists who are holding people of color back.

A lot of white people I talk to (or argue with) about this think it’s being over sensitive. A lot of these white privilege-deniers like to paint themselves as the tough ones, the “life’s hard, get a helmet” types.

There’s nothing tough about leaning on a white crutch and using AN ENTIRE ALL-ENCOMPASSING SYSTEM THAT INCLUDES COPS, ARMIES, AND BUSINESS AND POLITICAL LEADERS to maintain your top position. That’s some of the weakest, most sheltered, soft-handed shit I ever heard of. It’s like talking shit from a moving car.

While those white dude “tough guys” are whining and crying about some fucking JOKES they’re not allowed to make anymore and WORDS they’re not supposed to say anymore, other people are fighting the dominant system to willingly even the playing field, and eliminate their natural advantage for the sake of what’s RIGHT. How the fuck is THAT weak?

Smol picture intro to Nu’est for anyone interested in them or just likes to see cute pictures of them. made for @boysbewoozi bcos nuest is great and woozi loves them lol

Mkay so this ^ is Aron. He is the oldest member of Nu’est even though he acts like a child and is basically the maknae  and he takes care of not just Nu’est but also SVT especially his “little baby Jihoonie”. No, seriously… Jihoon loves Aron if the way he clings to him during 17TV has anything to say about it. 

He turns 23 on May 21st. He loves dogs…so much he used to post pictures of his dog, Mel on SNS so much I felt like I personally knew Mel. He’s the lead dancer, lead rapper and sub-vocals of the group. He’s super dorky and sometimes his jokes are so lame I have to physically stop myself from rolling my eyes at him. He’s also the American. 

This ^ is JR short for Junior Royal. He’s our cutie pie leader and resident main rapper and honestly this picture is basically him summed up in a nutshell. If only there were mangas behind him and then it’d be him to a t. 

He turns 21 on June 8th. He likes anime/manga especially One Piece (he’s complete One Piece trash) he’s firm, but loving and caring and even thought he’s not the hyung he treats all of Nu’est like his babies. He, along with Minhyun are the most fluent in Japanese. Oh and he’s like BFF with Seungcheol of SVT and Hoshi (not too sure about the Hoshi)

He’s adorable, just look at him. So cute. 

This ^ is Baekho. He might not be your bias, but he’s totally your bias. Main vocals, powerhouse. Muscle. He doen’t look muscley here because I realized I am a p.o.s and have no pictures of Baek on my laptop that clearly show his…well everything. He also has the biggest butt in the group, so when in doubt….

He turns 21 on July 21st. He is also a dork and has a bunch of like underground rapper friends, friends who own restaurants and hangs out with the guys from BeatBurgerz; no big deal. Basically, Baekho is the group “thug” with the heart of gold. Also he had vocal cord surgery and his voice is even better now??? like???

This^ is Minhyun. 

He’s a piece of shit. I couldn’t find a single goddamn picture that didn’t make want to either hug him or make me want to rip his clothes off. (he’s my bias list ruiner, clearly). He’s the lead vocals, and (second) visual of the group. He turns 21 on August 9th.

Anyway, he’s MARVEL trash, loves transformers and is prooooobably the biggest fanboy of JYJ on earth. Seriously he took time off from his schedules to drag himself and Aron to their concert in Japan, and also to see Dracula when they got back to Korea.

And this ^ is Ren. He’s our baby and we must protect him at all costs. 

He turns 21 on November 3rd. He’s the maknae, visual and sub-vocals of the group (even though nowadays he has a lot more lines because DAMN he improved). He’s our resident weirdo because he loves Chucky probably more than his life. Jk. It’s Lady Gaga. He loves her so much he cosplayed her like 3 times as her already. God bless, bcos….thighs in tights. 

He’s also the selca king because of how many pictures he’s uploaded in his life and then taken down almost immediately, lmfao. Oh, and he was the lead character in a Japanese movie called “Their Distance” in which not just him, but the rest of Nu’est participated in. 


OK bonus points for Jason:

He’s the only added member to Nu’est M which was Pledis’s strategy to get NU’est popular in the Chinese market. You might recognize him from that terrible vampire drama that SVT’s Junhui participated in. Anyway, oddly enough, Jason turns 27/28 Chinese age on May 21st, making him and Aron like best buddies, apparently. 

He was subvocals and he is now focusing on his solo career as JA. Formerly as J&L with his partner in crime, Leo. From China. Not VIXX Leo. lol

For so long, I thought Sheva was around Chris’s age.

Then I took a look at Sheva’s page on the RE Wiki

Firstly, she’s the same age as Sherry, so there’s that little tidbit. Secondly, here’s Chris

He’s 13 years older than her. 13 years. I know this might seem trivial, but my respect for Sheva just shot up. Like, I already respected her, but I couldn’t help but constantly think to myself “She was having thoughts about leaving the job when things got uncertain in RE5.” And for someone around Chris’s age (as I thought she was) who has been fighting bioterrorism for a while, that’s kinda lame. But I was wrong. She was just 23, and inexperienced. The fact that she not only stayed on the mission when any sane person would have run off (though in RE, those people always manage to die…), and the fact that at the end, she was ready to die just to make sure Wesker got killed was already awesome, but for a rookie to have done those things makes it just a little more so in my mind.

You go, Sheva.

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Why do u stan shownu :)

!!! did you sign up for an essay or did you sign up for an ~*~essay~*~!?!?!! (i’ll bold the major keys - DJ KHALED REFERENCE ANYONE ANYONE??)

actually, i didn’t start out as a shownu stan… i flip-flopped between a lot of members in no.mercy, which is really unusual for me (and telling of how much i like all the members!) but i think that makes deciding on shownu all the more special c: 

i’ve said before… mx are really bad at being idols. lemme explain! they’re not polished and prepared in front on the camera, they don’t really know what to do/say a lot of the time, and lbr only like 2 members speak well… i love that!! i think it’s so organic and natural and it shows they really are there for the music and dance and art of it all, as opposed to wanting to just be famous and in the limelight all the time. this isn’t bashing any other group, btw! 

shownu is the absolute worst out of all of them, lmao. we know this! calling him a dad is kind of another way of saying it? he’s a robot, a turtle, awkward, etc. it’s all just really cute because that’s 100% his personality… he’s not fake at all, he does what he wants to do, even if that comes out boring on camera. like, he really does not give two hoots whether or not he gets a lot of screentime - he’s totally happy being in the background and push the others in front of him bc that’s his personality~ that being said, when he does get screentime (e.g. cool kiz on the block) he makes sure to promote the other boys and just again, does what he came to do. it’s really refreshing to see an idol so straightforward and genuine.

i know people have expressed their frustration(?) before that wonho wasn’t picked as leader. i get where they’re coming from, and actually am kind of neutral about it all (if you do want a more in-depth opinion then i’d be happy to answer in another ask!) but they do have different leadership styles. shownu is very laidback and hands off, more like a lame uncle type - he lets everyone just get on with what they need to do, and he’s approachable enough that everyone can chip in and make fun of him but respect him at the same time.

this is getting super long and convoluted, but i guess i like shownu because he’s determination and honesty and faith personified. he’s true to himself, he’s true to his interests, he’s true to his dreams. he might be awkward and kinda boring on camera and bad at selcas, but that’s all him, and you know whatever he says and does, it’s 100% him. i also think he’d be such cute bf material bc he’s such a massive ripped dude but he’s so lame and cute but also sometimes randomly hilarious and i just want to hold his hand ok BYE I BET YOU DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS LAST PART FML I HAVE TOO MANY SHOWNU BF FANTASIES no one asked for this

I want a love like Gerry’s in P.S. I Love You.

I am not even halfway in the movie yet and I am already sobbing. I’m in the scene of Holly’s 30th birthday and he received the gift Gerry sent him before he died. This movie made me sobbed that I find the need to pause momentarily and vent out a bit about the movie. I thought of posting this on facebook but my friends would think I am lame and who will get me anyways?

Ah tumblr, you knew me better than my facebook friends. 

Okay, this is just a short personal post. I’ll go back and watch the movie.


I watched Under The Tuscan Sun before this movie, and I never felt so alone and single in my life. Don’t spoil the movie for me. I’m leaving this as a question post so you can comment. Send me loves.

Always, K.K.