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Pairing : Lucifer x PlusSize!Reader, Sam, Dean
Word count : 2,778
Author : Mel

A/N : I wrote this for our Daddy B ( @bigdaddymongoose ) Because I think she is BEAUTIFUL. Someone needs to show her just how beautiful and sexy she is. If I could, I’d be her Luci and show her <3.

Sitting at the bar, alone once again, you downed your shot before taking another sip of your beer. Another night that started off great, but ended like this. You were starting to wonder if they would ever notice. They hadn’t even noticed you left the table. Neither of them did.

“What’s a beautiful creature like you doing alone tonight?” You rolled your eyes as he sat next to you. You glanced at him, and he smiled. “Don’t roll your eyes at me when I’m here to answer your prayers.”

You sighed. “What prayers, Luci?”

“Dumb and Dumber.” He motioned back.

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me at job interviews
  • them: how's your english?
  • me: it's fluent
  • them: do you still practice it daily?
  • me: of course!
  • them: how?
  • me: i write novel-length homoerotic law & order svu fanfiction
  • them: you're hired
Casual Affair

Summary: You run into Sam and Dean after not seeing them for a few years. You and Dean reminisce.

Request: I saw someone else request this but a dean x reader fic with the song casual affair. Like the reader and dean have known each other for like 10 but they haven’t seen each other in awhile and when they finally do see each other it leads to smut. Requested by Anon

A/N: Feel free ask to be tagged again, I’m getting things straightened out finally and there’s room on my tag lists again <3

-Feedback is always appreciated!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: language, smut, oral (male receiving), I think that’s it <3

Word Count: 1.9k

Casual Affair - Panic! At the Disco

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You and Dean locked eyes with each other the second you spun around in the barstool. You hadn’t seen him in what had to be at least three years; but his voice still sounded the same. Deep with a touch of optimism lingering in there somewhere.

His green eyes were a sight to see after stopping at a bar to drown your sorrows after letting that damn shifter get away.

“Dean Winchester.” you said loudly as a smile spread across his face.

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At Last

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is the first request I received for my 600 Follower’s Celebration! I still can’t believe that now over 700 of you decided to follow my silly ass. Y’all are awesome. I hope you like it! This is straight fluff I promise.

Requested By: @traceyaudette 

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Eileen

Warnings: Absolutely none.

Word Count: 1,500-ish

Song: “At Last” by Etta James

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“Well aren’t you something sweet to look at,” Dean smiled as he reached his hand out toward me and I took it graciously, the click of my heels hitting the floor echoing throughout the bunker. “You look gorgeous, Princess.”

I blushed as he kissed my cheek, then I linked my arm with his. “Thank you. It’s not often that I get to dress up like this.”

Dean stopped and turned me toward him, then placed a tender kiss on my lips, causing chills to go up my spine. I smiled as he pulled away, “You look beautiful every day. But this is…you take my breath away.”

“Oh, hush, you’re getting sappy on me, Dean,” I patted his cheek then winked at him as we made our way toward the Impala. “Where’s Sam?”

“He went to pick up Eileen at her motel,” He said quickly and I gave him a knowing smile. “I think this is a date for them.”

“And it’s not for us?” I raised my eyebrow. “Just because we’ve been dating for four years doesn’t mean we can’t still have a date, Dean.”

“Oh, trust me. This is a date,” He pointed at me. “And it’s gonna be an awesome one.”

As he opened the door for me, I giggled and climbed in the car, then smiled over at him as he slid in next to me, “I can’t believe Donna’s getting married. This is so exciting.”

“I’m not sure about him,” Dean gave a hard look at his rearview mirror as we made our way toward the venue. It was always entertaining to see Dean’s protective side come out. “After her last husband, I don’t trust anyone.”

“But you should trust Donna,” i laid a comforting hand on his and smiled at him. “Let’s just have fun tonight and celebrate her. She deserves it.”

“i remember a time when you didn’t trust me,” Dean sent me a teasing look and I shook my head and smiled. “You didn’t even give me the time of day.”

I chuckled, “I remember when that all changed.”

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Scenario - Burlesque Dancer/Singer (S/O)

Anonymous asked: Just wondering, what would the S/M guys reaction be to their s/o being a burlesque dancer/singer?

Admin Selene: Sorry this took so long, Anon! I was working on so many things! Then more crap came up. But it is done now! 

Also, guys, requests are closed for now! Please don’t send any right now! I have 9 requests and 3 matchups waiting for my attention! I will tell you guys when I am ready for requests! Okay, chit-chat is fine and other things of that nature is fine, but other than that, everything is closed!

                          🤴 《Sakamaki Brothers》🤴

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- Shu Sakamaki -

“Immoral (Women/Man). You truly do not care about your virginity, do you?”

Shu would tease you for it and he will not stop until he knows you belong to him. Because your job teasing people with your body, of course Shu will be jealous. And what better way to get revenge then to tease you about it? To non-stop tease you about it. And never leave the subject alone. If you say you are still a virgin, and that you love nobody else but Shu Sakamaki, Shu will still question you about it. You have to prove to Shu you are still a virgin, by giving him your V card. That is the only way you can prove to Shu that you belong to him. Also, Shu will make you quit your job but Shu will from time to time will ask to do one of your (dances/songs) for him.

- Reiji Sakamaki -

“That is your job? You should be ashamed young (Lady/Man). You must be punished for being so unclean. Especially since I have taken you to be my Significant Other. Have I taught you nothing?”

Let’s hope this was past job. Otherwise, you are in hot water. But, even if it was a past job, you will still be in hot water. Reiji will not take the fact you have a job that teases people with your body in a good way. Reiji not only will be ashamed he has a Significant Other that has a disgusting and immoral job, but Reiji will also be jealous. Reiji may be a gentleman, but he does have his ‘needs’. And in order to help his ego he will take away your maidenhood for himself wither you still have your maidenhood or not. Reiji will basically take away that job you had and make to work somewhere where he can keep an eye on you. Like maybe a coffee shop, or a maid around the household. But Reiji Sakamaki might not ever let you pick a job for yourself ever again without his approval. But Reiji, on extremely rare occasions, might asked you to sing/dance for him the way you did before the two of you … Do some Mattress Dancing. 

- Laito Sakamaki -

“Ah? That’s your job? Can you prove it? Prove to me that is indeed your job.”

Pray that Laito doesn’t know where you work. Because otherwise, you better be prepared. Because Laito, the minute he finds out, will find out where you work, and totally wreck the place in both reputation, and maybe even physically. And you will not stop him, as you will most likely be locked in the dungeon for quite some time. During your time in the dungeon, Laito will tease you for being a slut, and showing yourself off in such a disgusting manner. He will punish you, in a way like “you have done to me” Laito says, which means he will lock you down there and most likely deprive you of food, water, and other necessities that you have. And most likely, Laito will torture you, until he feels you have learned your lesson, and leave you in the dungeon to rot. Then, when some else steps in such Celia or maybe Reiji, most likely, it will be Celia, as she is the one that will be the person who will try to get you out as she is the one person who is not afraid of crossing Laito. After multiple times of Celia breaking you out, and basically screaming at Laito for abusing you and threatening multiple different things for Laito such a turning him into the police for abuse and removing him entirely from your life (Which she does even after Laito lets you go) if he does not release you, Laito will let you go. And when you finally get back into the real world, your life will be in shambles because of Laito. Celia will never let Laito even the same area as you ever in your lifetime. Even if you truly want Laito back in your life after you heal. The only time Celia will let Laito visit you is when you have passed on.

So, don’t tell Laito your job, or be prepared for your life to be turned upside down and you never wanting to even be near the Sakamaki Family ever again. There is a reason I fear Laito Sakamaki. Because this vampire with a Fedora, can destroy your life faster than you can fix it. 

- Kanato Sakamaki - 

“Hey, Teddy? I never would have guessed that (Your/Name) is a slut. Well, (she/he) must be punished for (her/his) action, Right, Teddy?”

If Kanato finds out, you are going under a world of hurt, and you will be under house arrest for a while. Similar to Laito, Kanato will take extreme measures. He may not make your life a living hell, but he can end your life. There is only two possible things waiting for you: 

You live, but you become his doll and you will never see another human being again.


You die and become Kanato’s favorite doll. 

Now, both options is up to Kanato, so pray for the second option, because it is less painful then becoming Kanato’s living doll. 

- Ayato Sakamaki -

“Huh? That’s what you work as? You dirty slut. Did I not tell you? You belong to me. You have no position to tease others with your body. You must be punished.”

Well, Pray Ayato doesn’t know where you work. or Pray Ayato will be in a good mood that day. Ayato may not do something drastic as what his biological brothers would do, but they does not mean Ayato will not be harsh or mean with his punishments. Because Ayato’s pride will be hurt if he finds out you have that job. His beloved is a slut?! Not only that, but he didn’t know about this?! No! This is unacceptable! No one gets you but the Great Ayato Sakamaki! So, Ayato will basically make you quit your job, or he would punish you severely. But one way or another, he will make you quit your job. And sure, from time to time he will ask you to do your thing while you to are some sexy times, but other than those times, he will forbid you to do it to anyone else.

- Subaru Sakamaki - 

“That’s what you work as? Tch. Not as dirty as me, but still disgusting.”

Subaru will be very salty so the next few days. And most likely will not talk to you. I mean, the one he choose to spend the rest of his life with, the one person he thought could make him clean, is a slut. So, of course he’s kinda salty about it. Subaru will avoid you when he finds out about your job, but, if you talk to him and explain the situation of why you are a burlesque (singer/dancer), it will take him time but he will but used to your occupation he might be the only Sakamaki brother that might be okay with your job it just takes time. But don’t be fooled. He will ask for you to do your thing when Subaru is “dipping his wick” if you know what I mean.

                          👬《Mukami Brothers》👬

- Ruki Mukami -

“I see. Livestock is a slut, are you? I thought I told you you belong to me and you are my property. But, it seems I need to remind and punish you for your stupidity and arrogance.” 

Pray that Ruki is in a good mood, and he doesn’t know where you work. Otherwise … You are in for a house arrest and a possessive master for who-knows-how-long. When Ruki finds out whether your occupation is in the past or not, he will punish you for being a slut of a livestock. Because Ruki’s pride has been hurt, and no Master allows his Livestock to be a slut like that. I mean, Ruki maybe your Master and is suppose to take care of you but he does care for his pride too. So, Ruki must punish you! He will take away your purity that you teased to other people, for sure. Because if you lose your virginity, and still tease yourself off to other people then you are indeed a slut. Then, most likely Ruki will finds his ways to make you his Livestock and you will not forget about it, mainly through more punishments and other things things to show to you belong to him like putting you under house arrest, making you quit your job and making you get a job he can keep an eye on you for, and most likely ruining the reputation of the place you used to work at. 

- Kou Mukami - 

“Eh? You work as disgusting as place like that? Well, you must be punished. It seems I need take something away from you as punishment. As, this is a give and take world, right?”

Let’s hope Kou’s fans don’t know where you work, and Kou is in a good mood. Because the minute Kou hears a rumor, he’s going to go all Mythbuster to find out either it is true or not. Kou will send his armies and use his resources (mainly his eye) to find out the truth. And when the rumors have been confirmed, then Kou will take drastic actions. Kou most likely will not take to fact you are a slut happily. Most likely, he will do the same thing Laito does if you are in the same situation. So, be prepared for that, or better yet, don’t take the job.

- Yuma Mukami -

“Eh?! That’s your job? You filthy slut. You really are a dirty Sow. But I will have to punish you, especially being around people who only what you for your body.”

Well, Yuma is now going to be very salty towards you, and will hunt down your boss. Don’t get me wrong, Yuma’s reaction might be the exact same as Subaru’s but, most likely he will also take your purity. Other than that, Yuma might ask you to do the things you did as your former job when Yuma is plowing your fields.

- Azusa Mukami -

“A … Burlesque (Dancer/Singer) … ?”

Azusa is the one boy who will have neutral/good feelings on you having the occupation you have. I mean, Azusa may or may not know what a burlesque singer/dancer Is. And Azusa, being the precious cinnamon roll he is, might even support you on it. Sure, he will be upset that she have a job that shows off your body, but, Azusa just needs you to have over your virginity and I think he will be okay, maybe. I really don’t think Azusa would get mad over this.

Our Baby Girl

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Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 1,178

Forever Tag List: @thesalsafic, @bummblebeeblue, @sarbear429, @bea789, @xtina2191, @lovethefandomsuniverse, @evyiione, @trustnobodyshootfirst, @motleymoose, @thegoodhunterrr5, @bookaddictedhedgehog, @gurlwitafro, @magicalsis11, @aquabarbie, @fanboyswhereare-you, @percussiongirl2017, @almightyunnie, @dionnemaria, @sherlockslove112, @sesshomaru-lover, @freaksforthewin, @neishax-butler, @hi-pixzza, @cookee50, @captainidjit, @imasunflower13

Request: Could you do a one shot or something where reader and Dean have a child and a monster or demon kidnaps it and they all have to go save their kid? Thank you! – Anonymous

Author’s Note: Hey guys, of course there is going to be a second part to this. I can’t stop breaking up stories. The title is shit, like always. I hope you all like it. Can you believe we’re almost done with January? It’s really weird. And yes, I did name the child after our favorite redhead in the show. Also, the forever tag list is always open if anyone would like to join! – Haley.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Mommy,” Charlie, my four-year-old started, “can’t I go with you and Daddy?”

“Baby,” Dean said, sitting down with her on the bed, “we’ve told you before, when Mommy and Daddy leave, you have to stay here with Uncle Sammy.”

“But I wanna go with you!” She exclaimed.

Dean rolled his eyes. “Charlie,” I said, crouching down to her level. “We want you to be here with Uncle Sam so you can be safe, okay? We don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Hurt from what?”

I sighed. “Hurt from everything, baby.”

Charlie glared at me, huffed, and scooted off the bed. She ran out of the room and we could hear her bedroom door slam shut. I took her spot on the bed next to Dean and laid my head onto his shoulder. “She’ll be fine,” Dean said, wrapping an arm around me. “It’s just for a few days.”

“I know,” I sighed again. “I just wish someone else could take the hunt.”

I caught wind of a job down in Oklahoma dealing with werewolves. I rounded up Cas and Garth to go with us, but someone needed to stay here with Charlie and that someone was Sam. Charlie loved her Uncle Sam to the moon and back, but whenever some of else would leave for a hunt, she would get angsty. Always asking if she could come along with us, with most of the time Charlie crying and throwing a fit, and other times her trying to sneak into the car.

Charlie doesn’t know what we do here. She doesn’t know that Uncle Cas is an angel or Crowley is a demon. She just knows that she had Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Sam all living together. And I want that to be her life for as long as I can.

“I do too, but from what we’ve gathered, the pack is too big for just Sam, Cas, and Garth,” Dean said.

“You could go too, and I could stay with her,” I suggested.

“But then Charlie would be mad that I’d be leaving with Sam. It’s fine, she’s fine,” Dean reassured me and kissed my forehead. “Plus, a few days away from here and Sam is just what we need.”

I rolled my eyes and stood up, “You just want me locked up in a hotel room with you for a week.”

“Hey, we’ve done it before,” Dean smirked.

“And I got pregnant the last time,” I told him.

I started packing clothes for the trip when Dean came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, burying his face into my neck. Dean pressed soft, open mouth kisses along my neck and one hand traveled under my shirt.

“You’re right,” I gasped, as I felt his hand brush against my skin. “A few days to ourselves.”

Charlie had her arms crossed over her chest. Sam was holding her as when carried out things to the car. Charlie still had that mad face on from earlier, but she looked so damn cute. “You’ll be good for Uncle Sam, right?” I asked her.

“I guess,” she sighed, loudly.

“Good girl,” I reached up and kissed her cheek. “Because if you aren’t, Daddy and I won’t bring you back a present.”


“Mhm,” Dean said, closing the trunk. “But only if you’re good for Uncle Sam.”

“I can be good!” Charlie exclaimed. “I’m good, right Uncle Sammy?” She asked, looking up at him with puppy dog eyes.

Sam laughed, “Yes you are, Charlie.”

“So, bring me a present,” Charlie said to me.

“You have to be good during the time we’re gone, baby girl,” Dean said, walking to us.

Charlie rolled her eyes. For just being four years old, she’s her daddy made over. “We’re gonna have fun, squirt,” Sam said, holding out Charlie so she could give us both a kiss, then Sam placed her on his shoulder.

“We love you,” I told her again as I climbed into the car. “And be good.”

I watched her high upon Sam’s shoulder, walk back into the Bunker.

“I hate werewolves,” Dean mumbled as we both collapsed onto the motel room.

“I’m glad we saved that girl though,” I said, rolling over and tucking myself against Dean. The pack of wolves had targeted a family because the grandfather killed one member of their pack. And for even more payback, they were going to turn the girl into one of them, but we found her and Garth got the werewolves to back off and stay away.

Dean wrapped an arm around me and peppered my face with soft kissed, “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you more,” I whispered back. Dean tightened his arm around me and rolled over, pulling me on top of him. I kissed him hard and grinded my hips against his, causing Dean to gasp and hold me closer. I pulled away when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

“What are you doing?” Dean asked, as I sat up.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket, “Sam’s calling me.”

“Don’t answer,” Dean said, “Come back down here.”

Dean leaned up to kissed me when I answered the phone. “Hey, Sam, what’s up?”

“I can’t find Charlie!” Sam said, frantically.

“What?!” I yelled, crawling off of Dean. “What do you mean, you can’t find her?”

“I’ve looked all over the place. The garage, the other floors, even the dungeon. And Charlie’s not outside. Y/N, I can’t find her.”

“What’s going on?” Dean asked, crawling over to me and putting his ear near to mine to hear Sam.

“Sammy, you have to look harder. She has to be there. She wouldn’t leave, she’s just four,” I said, tears pricking my eyes.

“I’ve been looking, I’ve got Cas here and he’s helping, but he can’t find her either,” Sam said.

“Shit… Okay, okay… um…” I looked at Dean, “we’ll be there soon. We’re heading out. Keep looking, Sam.”

“Is he saying that Charlie isn’t there?” Dean asked. I stood up from the bed and paced around the room.

Tears rolled down my eyes. Charlie was the light of mine and Dean’s life. She’s means everything to us. We never thought about having kids in this life, but when I found out I was pregnant, I just knew the baby would change our lives and she did. Now my baby girl is missing.

“Hey, now,” Dean said, getting up and walking over to me, “She’s Charlie, she’s probably snuck out of bed and outside because she’s mad we’re coming home later than expected. Charlie’s just a big brat.”

“But Charlie knows not to go outside without one of us, Dean. She knows that!” I said, crying. “I know Charlie’s only four, but she knows that!”

“We’re going to find her, Y/N,” Dean said, wrapping his arms around me. “I promise you, we’re going to find her.”

My phone was in my hand when it buzzed again. Sam’s name flashed on the screen and I answered it, putting him on speakerphone. “We found sulfur outside Charlie’s window.”

Friends With Benefits? (Part 3)

Pairings: Mick Davies x Reader

Summary: Mick tries to charm you with an elegant dinner.

Word Count: 458

A/N: Sorry this is so short but writer’s block is real! I am going to put a timeline up on my masterlist for when the next parts are coming out so check it out, Xo Jess

Part One Part Two

You opened your mouth to say something after the waiter seated you but Mick beat you to it. “Please, Y/N. I know what you’re going to say but just let me have this. Just this one time.” He pleaded with you.

Unable to say no you nodded your head in agreement. “So, when did you have time to find this place?” You asked, your curiosity getting the better of you.

He looked down sheepishly before answering you, “I might have been researching restaurants instead of looking over the report Ketch emailed me.”

“I had a feeling you weren’t doing what you said you were, you always have to say something about how writing isn’t Ketch’s strong suit.” You said giggling.

Gaining back his confidence he gave you a smile, “It may not be his strong suit but apparently you gain from his loss. You got a job in journalism, correct?”

“Yep. Before I got into hunting I went to college, got my degree in English.”

“You went to college?” He asked surprised. “How in the world did you end up hunting then?”

“Those are always long stories.” You said in return, picking up your neglected menu and looking through it.

Sensing you didn’t want to talk about it he picked up his menu also.

“You know, from what I’ve heard about Kendrick’s I would’ve never guessed that they would allow you to have any fun. Let alone do that!” You said laughing at Mick’s story about his younger days.

Your dinners were long finished but you both were having a great time. Between never having been able to appreciate good wine before and the humorous stories you exchanged the time slipped away from you both. Before you knew it the restaurant was closing.

Deciding that it was too late to get back on the road Mick booked you both rooms in a nearby hotel.

“Well, I guess this is goodnight then,” Mick said softly after walking you to your room.

Humming in agreement you opened your door. Before you went into the room you made a rash decision and swiveled around towards Mick. Grabbing the front of his shirt you pulled him into a passionate kiss. “Goodnight.” You whispered. Turning away you entered your waiting room before he had a chance to say anything.

Pressing your back against the closed door you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. What were you doing giving him false hope like that? It was cruel, but you just couldn’t help yourself.

Blaming it on the alcohol you had at dinner you flung your bag on the bed and rifled through it looking for something more comfortable to wear. Succeeding you quickly changed and climbed into the big bed.

Part 4

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Steve tells Nancy and Jonathan he loves them every single day.  He loves saying it, and he’ll take every opportunity he can get, whether it’s light-hearted or sad or apologetic or just out of the blue.  The other two know this, and they love hearing it, but they rarely say it back.   They’ll say it occasionally, but they don’t want it to lose its meaning.  So instead, they like starting banter with him, or coming back with “I know” or “I love me too” or other dorky responses, and it’s a comfortable loving thing between all of them. 

One day, they’re in the middle of a hunting job when things go wrong. Really wrong.  They’re not prepared, they don’t know what to do, and it’s a mess.  Nancy has a broken arm, Jonathan gets terrible burns down his legs, and Steve.

Steve doesn’t make it out.

Nothing’s the same after that.  About a month afterwards, Nancy wakes up from a nightmare sobbing and she wakes Jonathan up and just starts mumbling “I love you, I love you, I love you,” over and over again and Jonathan doesn’t know what to do but she can’t stop because “fuck Jonathan we didn’t tell him, we didn’t tell him enough, he told us every single day and we didn’t say it back, why didn’t we say it back?? and what if he didn’t know, what if we didn’t say it enough and he didn’t get it, and now I can’t say it to him, what if he didn’t know? I should’ve said it every single day, I should’ve never stopped…” until eventually she falls asleep

Things never go back to the way they were, but they learn to smile again with time, and from then on, they never ever let a day go by that they don’t say it.

It Had to Be You (Part 1)

Summary: The Reader and Dean meet for a hunt and try to be friends, but can men and women be friends? That was awful but what are we going to do about it?

Characters: Dean, Reader, Bobby (mentioned), Amanda (OFC), Joe (OMC), Lisa (mentioned)

Warnings: talk about sex a little, slight canon level violence

A/N: This is a rewrite of my favorite movie - When Harry Met Sally. It’s a two parter so this first part is a little bit of a slow burn, but part two will be up tomorrow. For the most part all of the humor and stuff is thanks to the amazing Nora Ephron, but I put the Supernatural spin on it. I’m not sure how many people who might read this have seen When Harry Met Sally, but you can still follow along with the story if you haven’t. This was mainly just something fun for me to write since I got to rewatch my fav movie a bunch of times, but I hope you guys enjoy it too. Feed back, of course, is welcomed and encouraged. 

Part 2

(gif is from google)

12 years ago

Dean stood on the sidewalk, his arms wrapped around the tall blonde he had been getting to know during his short stay in town. They had been passionately kissing for the past ten minutes, unable to quell their need for one another.

“I love you,” the blonde sighed as she pulled her head away to stare in to Dean’s deep green eyes.

“I love you,” Dean replied back a little more slowly. He kissed the end of her nose lightly before she could realize the hesitation.

They had resumed their display of affection when a blue 1965 Mustang pulled up next to them and parked. The pair was too preoccupied to notice the y/h/c woman sitting in the driver’s seat watching them.

You didn’t quite know what to do in a situation like this. You stare off in the distance ahead for a moment to give them their privacy. Maybe they’ll notice me, you think to yourself. Another minute had passes and you realize that they probably weren’t going to notice you.

“Ahem?” you loudly clear your throat to catch their attention but there was no reaction. “Ahem,” you say a little louder this time and they finally separate lips.

“Are you Y/N Y/L/N?” Dean asks while keeping his arms wrapped around the blonde.

“I am,” you smile and nod. “You’re Dean Winchester?” the question was more of a formality – you recognized him from Bobby’s pictures.

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Update 7.11.17

I’m so sorry I’ve been kinda MIA lately.  Seems like the only thing I’ve been able to do is reblog Mercy76 pics and commission new ones.  I’ve been rather busy with my two jobs.  And of course house hunting, which has been a complete nightmare.  The week prior, I was on vacation so that didn’t help either.

I’m hoping things will settle down so I can get back into the groove of writing because I have a ton of stories I want to write!

  • Secrets, Chapter 11
  • The Hunt, Part 2
  • One-Punch Soldier, Episode Two
  • Overwatch: Andromeda, Part 2
  • Birthday fic 1
  • Birthday fic 2
  • Sympathy fic 1
  • Wedding, Part 1
  • Engagement, Version 1
  • School AU
  • AoT AU (don’t ask me how I’m doing this because I don’t know)
  • Song inspired fic 1
  • Song inspired fic 2
  • Song inspired fic 3
  • Mom/Dad and Hana one-shot

And I think that’s what I have lined up.

VERY specific, I know.  And in no order at that. xD

Into the Groove

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Pairing: husband!samxwife!reader, husband!deanxwife!soulmate!reader, crowleyxdaughter!reader
Word count: 12,240
Warnings: Smut, swearing
She’s Leaving, Dean masterlist

The four of you stayed in Cancun one more day after that, then you all went back to the bunker. Charlie had announced she had planned to stay until further notice. You had been excited, as that meant you weren’t the only female there. She’d stay back on cases, doing research and having some time to herself.

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At the local library, the girls sat down to do major job-hunting for Kelsie so she could actually use her degree. Roma tried to help, but she was getting unnecessarily distracted by other people in the room.

Kelsie: Ro, can you see me being in politics?

Roma: Kelsie, you got a business degree.

Kelsie: So? Anyone can be a politician these days. Although…I don’t really want to. Back to square one, then.

lately i’ve been wondering how had it come that neil knew a definition for “blow job” in german and then my friend sent me a message saying “have you known that pornhub is originally a german site?”

Jonathan Crane #7

We all knew you and Joker had another fight. And he called me saying that he wanted me to come get Bud and Lou, claiming that he wanted to make up with you by bringing them to you, and that he couldn’t do that by himself because Bud and Lou were rather aggressive towards him.

I almost believed him. Almost.
I realized he was up to something more sinister when I noticed some of his thugs arming themselves with animal tranquilizers.
So I did the only thing I thought rational. I never showed up with them, but he had already paid me for the job in advanced, and he said he would hunt me down if I didn’t bring him the hyenas dead or alive.
I knew he was gonna kill them, and the only other option was killing them myself. So I took a third option. I couldn’t just kill or let him kill your babies.

I had went to my friend who is a taxidermist and I gave him all the money from Joker and got two stuffed hyenas and sent those to him.

I knew that when you received them from Joker that you were devastated, and I was going to tell you that they were alive. But you had suddenly shown an interest in revolt because of what you thought he did. You wanted to kill Joker. Ivy, Selina, and I all thought that the best thing for you at the time was to be that angry and rebellious. Bud and Lou are what drove you to break it off indefinitely with Joker.
If you knew they were alive I was afraid you’d just forgive him and go back to him. You couldn’t be in such an unhealthy relationship for much longer. I didn’t want you to suffer.

When you offed Joker, I was going to tell you about Bud and Lou. But how could I? And the handler I had taking care of them had accidentally released them and he never found them again.
I thought in the long run it was helping you to just keep that a secret. You had already mourned them.
They could still be alive. Please, just try to process that fact. You don’t have to forgive me, I just ask that you don’t slaughter me.
-Jonathan Crane


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Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x friend!Reader
Word count: 2,064
Warnings: Swearing, angst

Part 1- Regrets

“I didn’t mean anything I said.” He closed his eyes. “Fuck, I didn’t mean a goddamn word of it.” You finally let your own tears fall. “I love you so fucking much, baby. I-I hoped my pushing you away that you’d be safe. You’d quit the life, get everything you deserve. Then you didn’t. I hoped to run into you, and then I hadn’t heard anything about you for weeks. I was afraid you’d died somewhere and I would never know.” The fear and pain was in his voice. “Come home. Come back to me, to Sammy, the cheap motels, bad coffee, all that shit. Please.” He begged. You were silent. “You don’t have to love me. Fuck, you don’t even have to like me.” He added. When you didn’t answer, he shifted you slightly, your eyes were closed, and he panicked.

Sam came back in and rushed over when he saw Dean sobbing while holding you, rocking back and forth. “Dean?!” He asked, falling to his knees. Reaching over, he felt for a pulse. “She’s alive.” He breathed, grabbing the first aid supplies.

Dean looked up at Sam. “Please don’t let her die, Sammy.”

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So this is based off a prompt I received for a fusion with Klaroline and Suits from the amazing NikMik and two nonnies. Also big shoutout to my Klaroline/Darvey Girl Squad of Kate - @accidental-rambler - and Jo - @fanfantasticworld (who made this amazing cover too). 

Legal Eagle and best closer in NYC, Klaus Mikaelson, would be nowhere without his longtime and in some cases long-suffering executive assistant Caroline Forbes who organises his life and that rather large ego. Their chemistry has always been undeniable but lately things have begun to heat up when Klaus’ siblings interfere and Caroline’s hunt for a boyfriend evokes some unexpected jealousy from her boss.

As is customary the opening dialogue in italics are from the show, hope you enjoy!

She Works Hard for the Money

Mikaelson St John Offices, NYC - 7:02am

“I can’t believe it, you have no idea what to say.” Klaus uttered reclining back in his chair, obviously completely shocked she had no snappy retort for once. It would have to be the first time in her entire life, or at least since she’d known him which was close to seven years now. She didn’t respond, just placed her hands on her hips in a show of clear frustration.

“What’s the date today, I want to write it down,” he asked, locating his nearest pen and notepad and curving those crimson lips into a mocking smile while waiting for her reply.

“It’s the 7th of kiss my ass and the 8th of set your own goddamn meeting,” she shot back, turning on her heel and storming out of the office before she was tempted to tip that glass of water over his head.

“Is that the Mayan Calendar?”

“Nope, that’s the Caroline calendar,” she growled, slamming his door shut.

Caroline rested her back against his door and closed her eyes, she was too old for this crap. The fact she could still hear him chuckling from the other side of the door was enough to make her barrel back in there for round two but it was Monday morning and she’d need some caffeine and a croissant before she attempted that. Arguing with the best closer in New York City was winnable, she knew that from experience, but definitely required some sustenance first.

“I’d know that tense body language anywhere,” a voice interrupted making Caroline reluctantly open her eyes. Katherine Pierce was immaculately dressed as usual in a black pencil skirt and fitted, white shirt with her long dark locks fastened in a chic bun. “What did he do now?”

“Oh, you know just the usual,” she huffed, falling into step with her friend who was also the firm’s resident paralegal. Katherine was juggling her law studies at Columbia while employed there and her work was second to none, not that the partners would expect any less. “Takes advantage of the fact I’ve had no coffee and it’s 7:00am on a Monday morning to taunt me.”

“Why are men so damn childish and arrogant?”

“Well, in Klaus’ case I’d say it’s definitely that infuriating god complex he wears like a badge of honour. I suppose I deserve it really.”

“How exactly?”

“I thought I was being proactive by hunting him down at that bar all those years ago and basically begging for a job. I mean call me stupid but all of that career progression excitement must have gone to my head.”

“Maybe so but you’re the only one standing, how many associates has he fired in your time?”

“Too many to count,” she shot back. “And that doesn’t even include all the mail room staff and remember poor Glen?”

“How could I forget, I’ve never seen anyone fire a person for getting the wrong flavoured muffin,” Katherine quipped. “So really, this is his way of showing how much he cares I suppose?” In his own weird and sadistic way, Caroline knew that much was true.

She’d had the best of intentions to be a dutiful and cooperative assistant in the beginning but his ass-like tendencies couldn’t go unchecked and she’d told him exactly what she thought. Many had tried in the past and many had found themselves unemployed for their efforts but not Caroline. He seemed to enjoy sparring with her and if there was one thing Caroline hated it was losing a fight.

“Anyway enough about Klaus, how’s your day looking?”

“Apparently Elijah Mikaelson is coming into town to go through the firm’s records and guess who’s the lucky person that gets to help him?”

“Why haven’t I heard about this?”

“I have no idea, Enzo was the one who told me about it.” Enzo St John and Klaus had a long history. They studied law together at Oxford and had gone on to work together, first in London and now they were name partners at their firm in New York City. He’d also recently married Rebekah, something that an over protective Klaus was still trying to get his head around.

“Now that is not like Elijah,” Caroline said knowingly. What the hell was going on? Elijah had every right to peruse the records given Mikaelson & St John was an American offshoot of the UK firm but to not tell his brother about it was another thing.

“Maybe he wants to surprise him, you know show a little brotherly love?”

“Have you met Klaus?” Caroline joked.

“So what is the eldest brother like then?”

“A serious workaholic,” Caroline explained. “He’s also tall, dark and extremely handsome.”

“It so isn’t fair that our bosses are that good looking,” she sighed wistfully.

“Klaus is not that good looking,” she drawled, rolling her eyes for extra effect. Just hearing herself say it aloud Caroline knew she was lying. She just hoped it didn’t sound as forced as it felt.

Caroline would have to be blind not to find Klaus attractive, she was human after all. She blamed it on that dark blonde hair that curled teasingly over his ears and those damn dimples that had a tendency to appear without notice and had the power to silence her mid sentence. She was pretty certain he used them to get what he wanted and was slightly annoyed he’d employed that tactic on her. She’d learnt to control herself though, she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction after all.

“At least sound convincing when you say it,” Katherine scoffed. “We need to go out and meet some eligible and available men with good temperaments.”

“You make it sound so easy.”

“Bonnie sent me this,” Katherine said, producing a flyer from her folder. “She thinks we should go on Thursday night.”

Caroline stared at the paper in disbelief, had it really come to this? Granted she had no love life and hadn’t for some time, her last attempt at a functioning relationship was some brooding, hair obsessed idiot called Stefan for six wasted months. The hair product jokes had come thick and fast from Klaus not surprisingly. For some reason he maintained a keen interest in her social life but Caroline was sure it was so he could tease her mercilessly.

“Speed dating? Really? We are attractive and intelligent career women, do we really need to meet guys this way?”

“That we may be Care but all us attractive, career women do is work. Well that and talk about Klaus and his latest mood.”

“We do not,” Caroline denied.

“Ah yes we do,” she shot back without hesitation. “I know more about your boss than I ever needed to know.”

“So what time do you want to meet?” She replied, choosing not to address her comment about Klaus. She’d always put it down to the fact that he was her employer so of course she’d talk about him but one look from Katherine told Caroline that she needed a new hobby.

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Winchester Sister- Ben Braeden

Story in which the Dean and Sam allow the sister to go on a hunt alone and she runs into Ben Braeden, who is after the same monster. They finish the hunt and bond a little, the sister learning about how Ben became a hunter (Maybe his mom died, and he is starting to get his memory back?) And then the sister brings Ben back to the bunker and introduces him to Sam and Dean, and Ben recognizes his dad? Thank you, I love your stories!
Thank you so much!!!

After having got changed into your usual jeans, flannel shirt and jacket you made your way down the stairs and pulled out our laptop.
You plonked yourself at the end of the table and started researching for any cases worth checking out. It was weird being first up, it made a change from usual.

You heard two sets of footsteps jog down the stairs and saw you two brothers. You smiled a “hey”, Still concentrating on your screen. Nothing major was exactly screaming out at you, just the odd salt and burn. “Found anything?” Sam asked, sitting opposite you, his own laptop in hand.
“Nothing interesting…but I have found two salt and burns.” You say, turning your laptop round so he can see the screen. “Sounds good.” He nodded.

“Lemme guess, me and you on one and Dean on the other?” You roll your eyes, knowing they’d never let you hunt alone. Dean caught your eye roll and shot you a confused frown “Sammy ain’t that bad, Y/N.” He joked .
“That’s really not my point, Dean.” You sigh, switching you laptop off.
“So what is your point?” Dean pushed, really not understanding your situation.
“Just the fact that you never, and I mean never, let me go on a solo hunt.” You explain, avoiding Sam’s gaze- you could feel him looking at you.
“We’re just protecting you, sis,” Dean shrugged “Right, Sammy?”
“Well, she’s got a point.” Sam winced in preparation for Dean’s reaction.
“She really doesn’t.” Dean scoffed.

She is right here and thinks that you both go on solo hunts every now and then so why can’t she?” You go along with their acting like you weren’t there.
“It’s just a salt and burn, Dean.” Sam agreed and you were relieved to have someone on your side.
Dean glared at you and you did the same back, he wasn’t showing any signs of backing down and so neither were you.
You smirk victoriously.
“But if anything happens, you call us and we’re coming over to help, alright?” He raised his eyebrows and lowered his head.
“Yes, Sir.” You make the sarcasm more than obvious in ‘sir’.

**** **** **** ****

You’d finished the case as soon as you’d started it and decided to go grab a drink. You found a small cafe and seated yourself in the corner, with a view of the entire room. 

Finished, easy as pie :P- Y/N You texted Dean.

Love me some pie, get back home, me and Sam will be another days drive. Stay safe- Dean
His reply was instant.

You looked up from your phone, sensing another presence. A boy, no older than you, with dark hair and similar clothes to you and your brothers. 
“S-sorry,” He stuttered, looking taken back by your glare “I don’t mean to interrupt but, you see I’m a hunter too-”

You cut him off before he could get any further “How do you know that?” You frown, clutching hold of your pistol inside your jacket and eyeing the cafe for witnesses. “I saw you salt and burn the ghost, I was on the same case…” He trailed off, looking slightly embarrassed. You softened your gaze and let go of your gun, realising he didn’t mean any harm. “Sorry, I guess I stole your moment.” You smiled sheepishly.

“That’s okay, I’m still kinda slow…” He stopped talking as though he was originally going to say some more.

“You’re a new hunter aren’t you?” You nodded to the seat opposite you and he hesitantly took a seat.

“Yeah…I’m Ben, Ben Braeden.” He offered his hand and you shook it firmly.


“So I take it your family weren’t Hunters?” You question, becoming more and more curious.

“Not exactly…I don’t think so anyway.” He shrugged.

“You don’t think so?” You quoted.

“Yeah…I lost my memory, me and my Mum did. But she died…”

“I’m sorry…” You look down to your drink.

“…Me too. I think it was a demon. But seeing it do that to her…it brought back some memories.”

“Like what?” You lean forward, not wanting to let this go, you were hooked on his story. 

“Nothing contextual, just fragments. Like someone graffitied my brain and I’m washing it away but can’t quite get the job done. Or like when your pencil rubber smudges the line instead of erasing it.”

You nod, processing the information.

“So where are you staying, Ben?” 

“I don’t know.” He looked down.

“Come with me.” You smile.

“What? No, I can’t.” He shook his head.

“Sure you can, look, I have two brothers who hunt too. We live in an awesome underground Bunker. You don’t have to stay but you’re welcome to.” You tilt your head, waiting for his answer.

He smiled before thanking you: “Thank you, Y/N.”

**** **** **** ****

Ben stayed in one of the many spare rooms over night. You were up and early as usual, awaiting your brother’s arrival.

Ben came down the stairs looking presentable and as though he hadn’t even been to bed.

“Sleep well?” You ask, opening up your laptop.

“Yeah, thank you again.” He smiled and you held up a cup of tea, offering it to him. He took it gratefully and sat down next to you, peering over your shoulder at the screen.

Before you could question him any further the door unlocked and Samdeclared their return: “We’re back.”
You giggle lightly and get up from your seat, Ben followed you.

Dean’s face was full of relief from your safety but he spied the figure behind you and his face turned to shock.
“Oh, this is Ben. He’s new to hunting but he lost his memory ad then his Mum-” You stopped your ramble, noticing how neither of your brothers were listening.

“Dean?” Ben croaked, his face filled with recognition.

“Ben.” Dean replied, shocked to be saying his name again.

Ben and Dean stood inches apart, staring at each other in awe.
All hesitation seemed to flood away from Dean and you saw a tear fall from his glistening eyes.
Dean then embraced Ben like a father would his son.

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Any bucky x reader fic recs?? :D

Okay here we go. These are some of my favorite series that I’ve read. If you want drabble/one-shot recommendations lemme know what you’re in the mood for (angst, smut, fluff) so I can hunt them all down! I started to put those into this post but the list was getting waaaaayyyy too long lol

Captive by buckysglow

Helpless & Satisfied by buckyywiththegoodhair

A Lesson In Love by buckyywiththegoodhair

Catch Me by buckyywiththegoodhair

Untouched by avasparks

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