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Monsta x as Scottish Tweets (requested)
  • Shownu: 14 year old captioning selfies like “i took a pill in ibiza” no Elizabeth you took a paracetamol in spain because you had heatstroke, behave
  • Wonho: My maw gets so jel when i do anything fun like no ma fault am oot snorting lines n shaggin nines and you have to stay home and bake a lasagna
  • Minhyuk: why are boys so nasty to girls n think they're pure legends for it hahaha jokes on u when ur wanking into a sock
  • Kihyun: a canny deal wae materialistic ppl, your boyfriend bought you a louis vuitton bag? aye well mine bought me a kfc n i can tell you who is happier hen
  • Hyungwon: Asked the burd in krispy kremes for 5 nutella donuts and she says “have you got any nut allergies” aye pal am planning suicide by donut
  • Jooheon: The police came to ma door and told me ma dugs were chasing people oan dugs don't even have bikes
  • I.M: Pensioners just love gettin on buses when its roastin n shuttin aw the windaes, aww yes boil me alive Agnes, beat me wae a ladle and call me lentil soup

a sunny group holiday with sprolden and narlie (from solitaire) (aka doodles from my holiday this week in menorca <3)


Summary: Jughead misses Jellybean so much- it’s almost unbearable. When it finally gets too much; he finally makes that one phone call.

Helping Betty find Polly wasn’t easy for him. Watching them reunite wasn’t easy for him. And even though the Cooper family had many deep, dark secrets hidden away, some of them even crossing a line, he still envied Betty.

She finally got to see her sibling; but he didn’t.

He missed Jellybean so much; she was in middle school now, probably somewhere across the country, and he couldn’t even call her.

They’d been close- extremely so. Their parent’s impending separation was what brought them even closer; he remembered huddling together in his room, trying to drown out their parents’ noisy arguments by playing her favourite game- Mario Kart.

Jellybean and him looked alike; more so than was usual for siblings. They both had their dad’s black hair, mom’s nose, and a combination of their eyes- they’d somehow even managed to have a small tiny mole in the exact same place, on their face. She was the only one who was allowed to wear his beanie, the one knit by their mom; and he was the only one allowed to braid her hair. (She’d made him learn, just so he could do it for her.) He used to help her with her homework, it was the only way she’d do it- if Juggie did it with her.

When the Jones family used to go watch movies at the drive-in, they’d hide in the trunk- trying not to giggle and give themselves away, so they wouldn’t have to pay for tickets.

Their personalities were different. Jughead was the one with the quiet demeanor- more of an introvert who spoke only when he had something meaningful to say. She was the loud, bubbly one, whose positivity was contagious, never failing to put a smile on her big brother’s face.

Though they were four years apart; it was the undeniable truth that they were close. He tried to play his part as big brother as well as he could, but when their parents tore them apart, the blow was hard.
He remembered the day like it was yesterday- him standing in the doorway of her room, arm around Jellybean as they watched their mother pack her things one day after a particularly terrible fight- Jellybean crying, begging Mom not to leave. And then Mom telling them that she was taking Jellybean with her- not Jughead, but only Jellybean. He recalled his father standing there in their rickety house they couldn’t afford to keep, not saying a word, no indication of the heartbreak of his wife and daughter leaving for good. Of course Jellybean tried to stay- but when that failed- she tried to convince their mother to take him as well- but it was all in vain.

Jellybean had hugged him before they’d left- and that was the last time he saw his sister.

Fuck; he missed her. And seeing Betty reunite with Polly- even though it wasn’t for long- the mass of desperation to see- no, even hear- his sister became all the more heavy.

They hadn’t been in touch till then- because his mom had changed her number, opting to keep it to herself. He suspected, though, that his Dad had it- while they were separated, Jughead knew they still had some fragment of feeling for eachother- however small it bay be. Not big enough to get them back together.

But he’d reached a breaking point- and with Jason Blossom’s murder- he wanted- no, needed- his sister’s sunshine personality; and all he wanted to do was hear her voice.

He never called up his dad- ever, it was his dad who called him- but he’d put his pride aside and decided to just ask.

His suspicions were confirmed- his mom had indeed sent her number to his father- and after a lot of convincing (Son, you don’t need the emotional strain, they’re never coming back)- Forsythe Jones the Second had finally given it to his son.

So here Jughead was, hands shaking, dialing the number onto his cellphone, hoping that someone would pick up.

He was in the Blue and Gold office, having just finished an article with Betty. She’d gone home, after a quick kiss (He still couldn’t believe they were dating now), and here he was.

After ringing for half a minute, he was afraid that no one would pick up- but on the last ring-


It was his mother; voice unchanged.

He wasn’t very attached to his mom; he hadn’t been very close to her- but Gods, he did miss her to some extent. She was his mother, after all, and they did have some fun times.

“Mom?” He replied, after pausing to take in her voice. “Mom, this is-”

“Juggie.” She said for him. “Juggie…”
“I missed you, mom.”

“I do too, Juggie. I’m sorry you couldn’t come-”

In the background, a voice excitedly screeched, “Is that Juggie?”

He laughed. He was finally talking to them- his sister was finally here.

“Mom- if I could talk to Jellybean-”

His mom understood, and immediately handed the receiver to her daughter.

“Juggie!” She said, happiness evident in her voice.

At this point, tears started streaming down Jughead’s pale, freckle- studded cheeks. All he could do was laugh, mouth unable to form words.

“I missed you, Juggie. San Fran is the worst without you.”

His coherence thankfully improved, and he said back, “I missed you too, Jel. It’s lonely here without you.”

“How’s Daddy? How’s the house? How is Betty and Archie?” She asked, firing questions at him. “How are you?”

He didn’t want to tell her that he was currently homeless; not living with his dad- who joined a gang- but he could tell her that Archie and Betty were okay. He did so, but lied that the house was doing fine, and so was he.

They talked for sometime like that; Jellybean told him all about school; he told her about the new girl in town- Veronica; and he tried to avoid any topics that loomed around Riverdale- the murder, Lodge’s imprisonment, the Southside Serpents- but Jughead found himself happier than he had been in a long time.

“Hey Jel- do me a favour and go to a room where mom isn’t there?” He asked.

When she said she did, he continued. “So, Jel, I’m going to break some big news to you- Betty is now my girlfriend.”

The squealing that happened on the other end nearly made him deaf. Nevertheless, he laughed at her reaction.

Jellybean approved of the relationship, she said, and pressed him for details. After some coercing, he obliged, and they had a long conversation that kept Jughead smiling the entire time.

All good things come to end- this phone call included- and Jughead had to say his parting word

S. He didn’t know when he’d call again- and so, tried not to make any promise.

“Juggie,” Said Jellybean. “I know you well, Juggie, and I know I’m just twelve, but I can make out that you aren’t as fine as you seem to be.”

He didn’t reply, his silence served as an answer.

“I love you, Juggie; please try to be happy for me.” She continued.

“Love you too, Jel. And I will.” He said. “I have to go now-”
“Promise you’ll call again.”

He told himself he wouldn’t, but- “I will, Jel. Soon.”

“Better be.” She laughed. “Bye, Juggie.”

“Bye.” He said, and wiped a tear as the receiver clicked shut, and all that was left was the monotonous beep.


shadowsinsweetwater  asked:

That video is such a bad idea. Theyre Wondercon not Rivercon there are people there for stuff other than the show, and most people know who cole sprouse is building there are a bunch of people who don't know what riverdale is. Jeez cami, I feel like her being bummed that she doesn't have more people that wanted to see her alone, she's making the ones that waited in a long line just to meet to meet her salty ass like irrelevant, like she wants quantity over quality but that's not what lasts.

Also that ask wasn’t meant to sound like Cami hate, I do really enjoy her, it just upsets me that she seems so jel of Cole and his “spotlight” when if she’d be patient she’ll have that in a year or two because she really is great, but no one wants to buy a ticket and wait in lines just to meet someone just for that person to be like ugh this is lame no one came to see me, but all y'all wanna see cole, thanks.

the video was definitely a thoughtless move, but i’m positive it was supposed to be a joke. she didn’t realize that it might insult the people who did line up to see her or the people who wanted to see her, as well as cole, but couldn’t afford both. i don’t think she was being petty, she was bored and figured it would be funny. i don’t quite understand why cami is getting all the heat and being called an attention whore and being accused of being envious of cole when lili is also in the video? that’s not to say that i think lili deserves to be hated on, but i find it fishy that cami is the only one getting negative attention for it. it makes me think people are just looking for reasons to validate their dislike of her, which, frankly, reminds me of the b*ronica stans that pick apart everything lili says and does to justify bullying her 

everybody knows that cole is the most popular cast member. he was ross’ son on friends which places him with the older audience and cody on suite life which places him with the younger audience. all of them have made jokes about it in the past, so either kj, cami, and lili are all secretly bitter or they’re just messing around and teasing like close friends do. so the video may have come across as snobbish, but i don’t think she meant it to 

waste the night goes SO HARD LIVE like honestly the slow intro plays and Luke talks about the album and gets the crowd screaming and then Michael picks the proper do do do ahhhh melody on his SICK electric guitar and then Luke starts with his honestly heavenly vocals and ad libs and he struts around the stage without his guitar and they’re all so musically together and then the bridge kicks in and Ash and Cal are getting it spot on with the head banging arm pumping rhythm of the chorus and the whole crowd is singing and just honestly HONESTLY it’s the best

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Lugh the anon here. So fancy, I love your outfit fam. Also so jels cuz u pretty. Like so pretty. Muy gorgeous photos. Congrats on graduating and hope prom was fab for u.

Haha oh thank you! You’re so sweet😅😘

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Luhan: Aww Sehun lets be adorable af together so people can be jel 🤗💗

*Kai gets into the shot*

Luhan: Excuse me b*tch but can you not clearly see that this is a very #HunHan moment?😑 I suggest you back the f off our moment before someone gets hurt😄😄😄


Oh Luhan… 😂🙈💚 xx