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Monsta x as Scottish Tweets (requested)
  • Shownu: 14 year old captioning selfies like “i took a pill in ibiza” no Elizabeth you took a paracetamol in spain because you had heatstroke, behave
  • Wonho: My maw gets so jel when i do anything fun like no ma fault am oot snorting lines n shaggin nines and you have to stay home and bake a lasagna
  • Minhyuk: why are boys so nasty to girls n think they're pure legends for it hahaha jokes on u when ur wanking into a sock
  • Kihyun: a canny deal wae materialistic ppl, your boyfriend bought you a louis vuitton bag? aye well mine bought me a kfc n i can tell you who is happier hen
  • Hyungwon: Asked the burd in krispy kremes for 5 nutella donuts and she says “have you got any nut allergies” aye pal am planning suicide by donut
  • Jooheon: The police came to ma door and told me ma dugs were chasing people oan dugs don't even have bikes
  • I.M: Pensioners just love gettin on buses when its roastin n shuttin aw the windaes, aww yes boil me alive Agnes, beat me wae a ladle and call me lentil soup

©@Sibyllene A special moment from last night captured by my daughter.  Congrats @jarpad  on all the new things in your life! 

©@joshdeon922  Ran into Jared Padalecki last night. Proof:

©@austinCLGnelson   She told me to take it down but now she says leave it up. My sister literally met Jared Padalecki aka Dean Forester aka Sam Winchester. #Jel

©@RainLee13  So me and my squad met Jared Padalecki tonight, top thatttttttt

©@ScotLarson  @jarpad you’re the man, my wife @ktlarson2 hates me even more after seeing this. We need to swing by your upstairs bar soon #austinlove

©@HelloHeli  Lovely meeting you @jarpad


I tried to post this earlier and idk why it didnt work🙄🙄🙄 but this was my outfit for the BTS WINGS TOUR NYC 2017 !!! Wanted to meet some of you but they’re more kpop events to come and i will definitely be at a large amount of those!!! I will be posting videos and probably an experience video really soon so STAY TUNED!!🙏🏻💕🤗 with love


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You're literally a year older than me and you live this cool ass life while I'm stuck at uni you're so lucky well jel

girl you have another year to do whatever you want!! thank u i appreciate this but truly anything is possible n you could do it too!!!


a sunny group holiday with sprolden and narlie (from solitaire) (aka doodles from my holiday this week in menorca <3)