so jeff likes surprises

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I have the idea in my head that Jeff goes to Tony for advice about Clay, because no-one knows the boy better than his best-friend and Tony would help to get them together, hinting at Clay about the jocks crush, etc. Tony would be their biggest shipper.

Okay but Jeff is so particular about things being perfect for Clay. He just wants to make Clay happy, and bring him out of his shell while not making his anxiety super bad, and sometimes that requires Tony’s help. They’ll mostly talk to each other between classes, when they’re walking together in the hallway. Clay gets suspicious if he see’s them together without him, so in the crowded halls is the only place they can talk in privacy. Jeff likes to surprise Clay a lot, so he can’t have Clay listening in on their conversations. Tony gives Jeff advice from his own personal experiences and also on what he knows Clay would enjoy, and Jeff just appreciates that advice so, so much