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Please, Oikawa-san, take me away. I don’t care where, as long as it’s far away from here.

This is from the very beginning of the amazing road trip au created by the wonderful @mooksmookin!! (do ask them about it, it’s really great!!) I have a small comic for this that I’m working on, but since it will probably take a while, I’m just going to post these two pics.

papa iwa hcs no one asked for

but that youre all gonna get anyways

  • Papa Iwa being the hot and mysterious dad all the moms talk about but really its just that none of them have talked to him and if they did he’d totes be all for a fucking bake sale lets go
  • Iwa having the best fucking muscles that all the kids like to hang off and they always go to him for airplanes and being lifted in the air. It’s spectacular
  • Papa Iwa w his hubby Oikawa and their kid looking like friggen models when they leave the house
  • him staying home when their kid is sick and making soup and just being the best fucking nurse dad
  • Iwa taking over helping w homework cause Oikawa gets it but its been like a thousand years since hes had to practice english okay
  • papa iwa being the dad that always caves and allows chocolate milk before bed
  • loser dad iwa that wears socks and sandals ouo
  • im just so gone for dad iwa just imagine him in everything pls talk to m e

Sneaky liz came to steal Mimikkyu’s berries, but the dang kid just wants to make him flower crowns and be friends.

Bonus: They’re BFFs now and if anyone makes fun of Salandit’s cherished flower crowns, HOO BUDDY they’ve got some hell to pay.


@princessjimmynovak​ asked: jimmy novak + pale gold and cream


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