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ok I just want to make something clear, if I take ages to answer to you or don’t at all, it doesn’t mean I don’t care abt you, pls I try my best but I’m mentaly ill and sometimes I can’t even find motivation to feed myself much less to talk to people, so pls if you feel hurt tell me about it sometime later when I’m feeling better or something, but don’t act petty towards me or call me bad names, it really makes me feel bad and I really don’t need that kinda toxicity in my life


if you happen to see this fool strolling round the excel this weekend - say hi or something! Cause that’s me! I’m so excited that I forgot to do whiskers when I was costesting Milly and that’s: criminal (pics in order of Friday to Sunday from left to right 🤡)

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could you make some ouat icons? of emma, snow and regina? (i know you're not a big fan of regina so it's totaly ok if you don't want to) :)

requests do not affect my personal opinions! I’ll make icons/gifs/etc. of anything you want me to :). plus regina has some hella beautiful shots 

this icon pack includes: (38 icons total; 100x100 dimensions)

  • 14 emma swan icons
  • 11 regina mills icons
  • 13 snow white icons

please like/reblog this post if you plan on saving any of them. all of my icons can be found here.

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appreciation post for trees (live)

as soon as you hear the first few notes, it starts. the cries of thanks belong to worn out individuals in the crowd, and you can hear by the desperation in their cracked voices that the “you saved me”s and “i love you”s are raw and genuine. when tyler starts to sing, there’s no screaming or shouting. everybody is singing in unison and the voices of the people around you fill up and echo through the entire venue, sending chills through your body. if you close your eyes you might just be able to evaporate into the sound. the words are drawn out and they slightly run into one another but it doesn’t matter because you’re all here together, not merely existing, but alive. before you know it, tyler and josh are on the crowd, and everybody is giving them all the energy they have left, and you suddenly feel okay. for a rare moment, you’re thankful that everything that has happened to you has led you to this moment. when the show is over and you’re stumbling out of the venue hand in hand with your friend, your throat is sore, your ears are ringing and your vision is slightly blurry, but your heart is bursting with everything you haven’t felt in a long while.

in the words of tyler himself, “this is music. this is why we’re here. this is why we stayed alive.”

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Ok. Showing us all that Jamie hickie bite on her upper thigh is wonderful for us....but could you just imagine if she really had a SO other than Sam, why put him through posting that on sm? Knowing the whole fandom would be excited by it & blog & reblog it for weeks to come. It's one thing to come home from a day's work on set & say to bf/hubby "Don't get upset, but we had to film this scene today and I kinda have a war wound from Sam." But it's another entirely to make it public! SC married ❤❤❤

can you imagine if EITHER of them had another SO and they were posting about the hickeys they give each other on set?? I mean, yikes. or even just…giving each other hickeys period? Cait said that was from the Turtle Soup scene but uh I definitely don’t remember any thigh sucking in that scene so that leaves you to wonder….well, many things.

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random rant, you can ignore me if you want~

there’s this person on facebook that is always trying to message me. they asked me out a while back claiming i was “the one for them” even though they had asked my friend out literally the day before? then they said “oh well i still love you anyways. you’re like a sibling to me 😊” so like… i’m just kinda uncomfortable messaging them

but they won’t stop texting me. whether it’s a constant spam of “hey. you there?” or just “do that even remember me? hello?” i just… don’t wanna talk. i feel like they’re trying to guilt trip me into talking but honestly we don’t have any similar interests anymore and they kinda creep me out. i would just block them, but that would probably start drama….

minneapolis winter aesthetic, driving edition

  • periodic car horns outside (’f you ask me they sound vaguely like ducks with bad senses of direction who just scream whenever they get too close to each other)
  • driving very slowly down a hill with a four wheel drive truck patiently following your snail’s pace ass because listen buddy We’ve All Been There
  • guestimating where the parking spaces in the lot Probably are
  • plan an extra thirty minutes to brush six inches of frozen nonsense off your windshield and dig trenches behind your wheels before starting your commute
  • the windshield wiper thing when you park and pull them up so they don’t freeze and your car looks like a bug with antennae 
  • the knowledge deep within your soul that if necessary you will pilot this vehicle directly into a snowbank and you have made your Peace with this reality
  • lane dividers are a thing of the past just stick to the right of the road and pray
  • that look/nod of We’re All Doing Our Best It’s Okay when you fuck up and panic and the other driver sees you
If you see it

So if any of y'all see my work being posted somewhere else, like any other website or tumblr that hasn’t given be any sort of credit, can you let me know? I know some people reblog my stuff on another website but they usually give me credit and tag my username so I’m ok with that. But what I’m not ok with is when people just blatantly use my work as their own.

Steven Universe Starters
  • "Why won't you let me do this for you?!"
  • "I'm tired of being everyone's prisoner!"
  • "I'm so sorry... I almost got us killed..!"
  • "Everything I ever did, I did for her. And now she's gone."
  • "You can't keep me trapped here anymore!"
  • "Did you even wonder who I used to be?!"
  • "You shouldn't be here!"
  • "I just want to go home."
  • "I'm just an embarrassment to you!"
  • "I can see so many things that hurt you. I should have never let one of them be me."
  • "There are millions of possibilities for the future, but it's up to you to choose which becomes reality."
  • "Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?"
  • "I want to be a part of your universe."
  • "If something dangerous comes along, I don't wanna be a burden! I wanna help!"
  • "You don't need this... you don't need me."

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Ok but why can't people comment on a gifset? Is there an actual reason why? Sorry if i'm coming off as rude, I really just don't understand

Because you’re forcing people who don’t want to see the discussion to see it. Because it hinders the chance of other people reblogging it, and if they do, they’ll delete the whole discussion which also deletes my comment under the gif which links to the DA challenge on my blog. People don’t post their opinions below art out of respect for the artist, I don’t get why they don’t grasp the concept that that concept also applies for gifs. It takes time to make gif sets, and it makes me want to do them less when all people do is start fights on my posts.

hey, cis peeps, pls don’t reblog/support things that say ‘transwomen’ as if trans is not a modifier and a separate word from women.

when you combine the two into one word, you make it so that trans women are specifically a different category than just ‘women’ and make it so that you cannot divorce the transness from their womanhood. thereby, alienating them at the same time you are overexposing them.

this is transmisogynistic at its core and really frustratingly simple to correct.

trans women, not transwomen.

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Hi! sorry to bother you but what psd did you use on your icons? cause they are so beautiful!! if you don't want to tell it's ok!

hi! it’s no bother at all! ♡ 

  • i use this as a base (it is my own & it’s the one i use on all the other icons)
  • but u can find the b&w version here 
  • please like or reblog if y’all r downloading it