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it’s always sunny seasons rated by macdennis content

Season 1: the first time we meet these codependent losers. episode 1 has the tequila scene. Gun Fever has them joined at the hip for the entire duration. mac calls dennis “den” steadily throughout. need i say more? 6/10. 

Season 2: sparse. they wear matching tracksuits, they crash a car together, but at the end of the day, mac bangs dennis’ mom. 4/10.

Season 3: mac pretends to blow dennis in a dance competition. mac saves dennis from prostitution. mac tells dennis he loves him. 8/10. 

Season 4: birthplace of the homoerotic nightmare that is Mac and Dennis: Manhunters. also home to such classics as mac waking dennis up with a gentle nose boop, the revelation that dennis listens to all of mac’s phone calls, and the hand-holding at the end of The Nightman Cometh that nobody asked for. 7/10.

Season 5: unbelievable. there’s no pointing listing anything here, because i’d be describing the entire season word for word. they’re banging the whole way through and if you cant see that i feel sorry for you. 10/10.

Season 6: dennis’ hair is too short in this season. nevertheless they buy a boat together, argue over matching halloween costumes, and break up dennis’ marriage to a woman by having a drunken sleepover. 6/10.

Season 7: mac and dennis care for and support each other by sharing chimichangas and plotting to do crack together in tommy bahama shirts. also, the word “macdennis” appears in canon for the first time. a truly blessed event. 5/10.

Season 8: starts off slow, but by episode 5, this season blossoms into a truly beautiful viewing experience. one word: Guiginos. 7/10.

Season 9: the promos for this season alone warrant at least a 7/10. mac fantasises about dennis screaming and crying “i love you” over his lifeless body. Chicago’s “You’re The Inspiration” will haunt me forever. 8/10. 

Season 10: another fairly sparse season. however, we do learn that mac and dennis jack off together, so that’s got to count for something. 5/10.

Season 11: two (almost) 40 year old men, so inseparable that the idea of living apart doesn’t even occur to them, move into a suburban family home together. it turns out to be a nightmare, but these things happen. bonus: dennis’ steadying hand on mac’s hip on the cruise ship. beautiful. 7/10.

Season 12: mac is officially an out gay man! dennis frequently claims he hates mac throughout, but still has to hold back tears when he’s given the rpg. i don’t want to talk about it. 9/10.

listen…..we gotta talk about yamakage

So, when June and Piper found the Nuka-mixer stations at Nuka World, they might have gotten get a little bit carried away. I commissioned this art from @delborovic, who is absolutely wonderful and amazing to work with, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you so much Del, it turned out beautifully, I love it! <3

You know, I see official art of two people or more of my ship and I get angry. Because how can they NOT be gay. Like, the its OFFICIAL ART. It’s not like fan art, this came straight from the creators themselves and they make them seem so cute together and interact in the funniest/cutest ways. It like:

Creators: Oh! How about we design these two smiling sweetly at each other in a loving way, or glance knowingly at the same time to each other!

Me: Aw! They are so cute!

Creators: But they aren’t dating in any kind of way

Me: *is pissed and cries, but saves it anyways because you need it to live*

I need serious help you guys…


I just want to turn to God for the answer

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So like, I'd like to be able to like crewt (is that the official ship name? Idk) but from what I can find credence is maybe 19, maybe a bit older and maybe younger, and newt seems around 30 ish (didn't look that up, admittedly), so it seems kinda weird for them to be together? Maybe it's just credence's behavior through the movie that's making me view him younger than he really is though, I'm not sure.

Hi! I wasn’t too passionate about Crewt myself before i’ve seen @sadfishkid​‘s art myself, so i don’t have too elaborate thoughts on them yet. Personally, age differences between two consenting adults don’t really bother me, Credence is at least 21 from what we know of him, and Newt is 29 so i don’t find their age gap too wide by conventional standards either. I like the soft, healing, and growing dynamic between Newt and Credence. I think they can really understand and help each other as they’re both people who have difficulty with social skills and interpersonal relationships in different ways. I’d prefer for Credence to have a period of recovery before engaging in a romantic relationship, and for me his relationship with Newt starts as platonic either way. If that friendship were to turn into a romantic one later on, i’d be okay with that. It would be a healthy and supportive relationship as far as i can tell.

todomomo (first kiss) headcanons (because I'm dying with love for them)

-They get together Senior year of high school, but before they were official a lot of things happened.

-Yaomomo has had a crush on him since freshman year, but she didn’t think anything would come of it so pretended she didn’t find him attractive and his personality endearing

-It was hard

-His shirt burns so easily when he’s not in costume and damn he has great abs

-But she’s staring for purely research purpose!! Gotta check to see how buff he is to come up with a plan to help/beat him in a fight!!

-Yep totally the reason

-and during class he was always one of the first people to notice if something was wrong, whether it was another person or herself.

- She admired how observant he was so much

-She admired so much about him actually, his looks were helpful in liking him, but his personality and actions captivated her so much more

-like how he’s so dedicated to become a hero and seemed to be born to do so in how he speaks and acts (which he actually was)

-and he’s genuine drive to be a better person then his father and how he learns from his mistakes made him so admirably and great in Yaomomo’s eyes.

-She liked him for that and so, so much more

-And all the reasons why she liked him where the very same reasons why she was sure he’d never like her.

-Shouto didn’t realize he had feelings for her for the longest time

-They just appeared one day a couple months before summer and he’s just like “?????”

-He saw her helping some of their classmates with homework and that started him on the thought process of how good of a person she is

-Like she’s always helping everyone in anyway she can

-and she encourages them

-and she’s brilliantly intelligent and is amazing at analyzing villains

-and her quirk is useful for being a hero and she utilizes it perfectly

-and then his heart started racing and he was so confused and concerned

-and after a couple days of his heart speeding up whenever he saw Yaomomo, he decided to ask his mom and sister about it during the weekend, figuring maybe they’d know what was wrong with his heart before he went to medical professionals

-and so he asked when he and Fuyumi visited their mom

-was he overworking himself? Stress? An enemy quirk?

-he hoped it wasn’t an enemy quirk making his heart act weird when he looked at Yaomomo, he liked looking at her

-and his mom and Fuyumi both got kind of excited because he likes someone!!!

-And he’s so confused

-why are they happy?? Do they want him to be stressed or under a quirk??

-and when they explain to him what they think his heart racing means, he’s kind of…. unsure what to think of it.

-he’s never liked a person before, and the only relationship he had was in 3rd year, which Endeavor forced him into for a publicity stunt

-the girl was the daughter of some important hero family, and had liked him a lot more then he liked her

-plus his parents relationship wasn’t the best, so he’s not exactly sure what you’re supposed to do when you like someone

-the only other examples he has are his classmates, and they aren’t exactly perfect role models when it comes to confessing feelings

-so he keeps his possible feelings to himself and tries to make it through the rest of the semester without making it obvious

-he more or less succeeds, though Midoriya, Kirishima, and Ochaco have their suspicions after he slips a couple times

-so they both go into summer before senior year liking each other

-their first kiss happened that summer, at one of the fancy parties Yaomomo’s parents throw (psssst I might be writing a one shot about their first kiss ;)

-Neither of them knew the other was going to be there

-Shouto didn’t recognize the house since it was at the Yaoyozoru’s summer home, and Momo hadn’t checked the guest list

-when she sees him standing off to the side, she goes over to talk with him as quickly as she can without seeming rude to the other guests

-she’s concerned with how distant he is, and he confesses that his mom’s sick and he’s having a hard time thinking of anything else except his concern

-to try and get his mind off of it, Momo asks if he would like to go to the study hall and do some prep work for school, or to just read

- he doesn’t see why they shouldn’t

-Momo isn’t supposed to go into the study hall outside of an allotted time, as she will just spend all her free time in there so her parents lock it and she out of respect for them doesn’t replicate the key

-she respects them but she isn’t above telling them a little white lie

-her mother knows Momo likes a boy from her class and is super paranoid about her getting into a “scandalous” relationship

-so if Momo told the truth, that she wanted to go study alone with a boy, her mother would put her foot down and say no

-so she lies and says she’s not feeling well, and would like to relax in the calming that the study hall is for her

-after getting the key, she and Shouto sneak off to the study hall where they had all the plans to study and read and do nothing else.

-but…. there was a change of plans

-it wasn’t either of their fault! They had been reading different books and just sitting in silence, when Momo had pointed out something she found interesting in the book she was reading

-and Shouto moved closer to read over her shoulder

-and Momo forgot what she was saying as she could feel a little bit of his breath on her

- and as she trailed off, she noticed how close their faces were

-and they both just looked at each other, inches apart

-hearts racing in the dim light

-Momo doesn’t know if she kissed him or if he kissed her

-Either way, they didn’t stop kissing until the butler came knocking on the door, informing her that the party was over and she needed to come say goodbye to the guests with her parents

-Shouto snuck back into the slowly dissolving party easily, while Momo checked and made sure she didn’t look like she felt: red faced and disheveled

-her parents didn’t seem to notice anything, so she was sure she was in the clear, she politely stood by them while they talked to the line of departing guests

-Yaomomo had forgotten she’d have to see him face to face in front of her parents, and was only reminded when she saw him a couple people back in the line

-She did rather well in staying composed, she shook his hand and smiled at him easily, what was hard was not thinking that his hands had been holding her minutes before, and that the lips that were almost smiling at her had been kissing her

-she almost lasted, but then as he was walking away, he looked back at her and with a genuine smile on his lips told her he would see her at school

-Yaomomo’s blushed then, but the thought made her smile genuine in return

-As he walked away, she decided that senior year was going to be much more fulfilling then she had assumed it would

-Yaomomo woke up the next morning with her cellphone going off like crazy: most of the texts where from Mina and Kyoka, who last night Momo had decided to tell that she’d kissed someone,

-she had been overcome with excitement and needed to share it with somebody and those two were the first that popped into her mind

-Momo hadn’t specified who, and that was what the two girls where texting her madly about

-Her heart sped up though when she noticed that one of the texts was from Shouto

-it wasn’t a long text, short and simple and right to the point

- He was asking if she wanted to meet up with him for lunch

-He apparently couldn’t wait for school to see her, and Momo couldn’t wait either

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I came from two dead fandoms that was big at the time. And this is gonna be an unpopular opinion but when its shipping matter every human being close to them is a threat. Dan is feeding that threat. He has eyes for so many people. But this is how he is. So whether they are gonna come out as a official couple (or gonna get caught which is ugly) or the shippy part of the fandom is going to leave to find a new one. Because they want sappy shippy shit not one of them to say they want to kiss others.

i mean there has been a fair amount of people dan and phil are “paired” with i guess and anthony is just another one of those people. i doubt it is that big of a deal considering we have gone years with other people (like hazel or cat or literally anyone that collabs with them or even just the rumors of significant others). dan and anthony probably only got one to three videos filmed anyways while dan and phil have a constant schedule of being together. most people are only temporary in dan and phil’s lives while dan and phil are always constant. not only that but i think people watch them for more than the shipping aspect anyways


I keep on seeing ship discourse of the season 3 of vld and I’m fucking tired of it. People have their own ships quit giving people shit about their otps. I ship klance but Klance shippers need to stop rubbing in sheith shippers that klance is canon and is better than sheith as of they’re telling them that their otp is wrong and they should stop shipping it. God damn I’m sick of it. Just because at SDCC said that “Keith and Lance are compatible” that doesn’t necessarily mean its official. Point is quit harassing others cause their otp is your notp! If you see your notp just looks the other way and not be a fucking asshole! It’s really not that hard. It’s a fandom its supposed to be a safe and fun community. Please stop harassing others for their ships I’m so tired of it all.


i have officially finished the series and to be honest i cried a whole lot

SO I guess u could say it was Pretty Damn Good HAHAHA

also to clarify in case anyone is confused: this is not ship art of them, just meant to be “symbolic” i suppose, altough its the easy and obvious kind of symbolism that plebs like me can master

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One of the things Han loves about being a captain is that he gets to officiate marriages. He puts on a show, he gets to know the couple a little bit before hand, tells little jokes and makes everyone feel at ease and it's a great time. So when Luke asked him to officiate his and Wedge's marriage, you better believe that Han went all out and it was the first time he cried while performing a ceremony (he did cry at his own wedding to Leia). Sorry to bother you, but I love sharing my head canons.

This is so cute!!! I can’t decide which concept I like better: them asking Han to officiate their wedding as a super fast ordeal on a ship between Yavin and Hoth because they both think they might die before the war is over and don’t want to have any regrets, or it being a small ceremony on Endor right after RoTJ, or later once they’re both older and finally have the courage to admit they’ve been in love their entire lives and Han is overwhelmed with happiness at getting to officiate the wedding of two of his best friends (who he’s been rooting to finally officially get together for DECADES now)

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I just found your blog and am LOVING it since I ship Destiel madly!! I wonder about something for Destiel becoming "official canon" though, and it's not the writers-it's Jensen. He always has been so adamant that he disagrees with Destiel. He even had them change the line in the first crypt scene from "I love you" to "I need you," because he didn't think Dean would say that. We all know Misha wouldn't object! Your thoughts?

Hi! I’ve written about this before and it’s kinda exhausting and negative writing about it all again so I hope its ok, here are a few of my posts about it :D

I actually have a tag for it #anon is worried about endgame destiel  and #destiel negativity where you should be able to find out of my thoughts on it all.

I mean tbh after season 12 if Jensen is not on board I don’t know what the hell he thinks he is acting in their scenes and he is such a good actor, able to do micro expressions and reveal his character’s inner thoughts with a look and a swallow, come on, he’s not accidentally making us think Dean is in love with Cas on top of the script telling us this through bad acting or Cockles (that’s a whole other post, how Dean never seems attracted to any other variation of Cas, i.e. Casifer, Jimmy etc.) so yeah, imo Jensen is a great actor and it’s not an accident that we see this stuff.

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Lol while I do believe kook & jimin have a real, solid relationship, I also gotta say that it's a lot of fan service. I've been in this kpop shtick for years and it's a very staged, very stylised world. A lot of the j*kook moments are staged. Such moments appear in official content released & are clearly fan service. Taekook though, idk. They're suspicious. It's prime material for fan service. Yet content with the both of them is hardly ever released on official channels? Smells funky tbh.

Exactly. Taekook have (had) A LOT of support back in the day, j*kook wasn’t really even thought of as a big ship so I don’t get why BigHit didn’t use/ take advantage of Taekook??? They just kinda seperated th out of nowhere like??? why?? I’m p sure majority of k-army’s are taekook shippers too?? (J*kook is more int armys)

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I'm sorry for asking you a personal question and being sound stalker, but did you fluently speak on Japanese language that I saw you on twitter? If so, who's your favorite Japanese artists (It can be any ships and general)? Other, you mention about commission art, where I can find an information?

heya thanks for checking out my twitter account :)
im a native Japanese speaker so yea i guess you can say fluent. My English sucks more tbh hahahaha  

I can’t really pick my favorite artist, since everyone has its style and i love them all…mmmmm…. :/ If i absolutely have to pick one i guess Komatsuzaki. (official artist/character designer for the danganronpa series)

here’s some commission info 

thanks for the ask and have a great day :)

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I went to the artist’s blog and shit, snooping for more of this young!Clarus x young!Regis goodness and I’m just like, “YASSSSS!”

Now I need all the fanart of them, separate or together. Because one, HOTTDAMN was Clarus a fine piece of work when he was younger, and Regis was just adorable when he was just a wee lad.

ALL ABOARD S.S. CLARIS (I made this ship name up because idk if there’s an official name for them anyway)

Today’s Sapphic Characters of the Day are Pearl and Marina from Splatoon!

(Note: please do not submit more than one character at once! These two are only together because I can’t find any official solo artwork of either of them! Do not expect more double features like this!)