so its obvious which we go with

The Real Housewives of Seoul

Suho:/having Tea with the girls/ So I have something that I need to tell you guys

Jin:/sips his tea/ What is it? Did you finally send that evil one away? You know…to be fixed and shit

Suho:/laughs/ Ooh no…Its about a certain someone in which we all don’t talk to anymore

N:/confused/ Who?

Key:/flips his hair/ Isn’t it’s Kris..Yifan..the one that was bald but now has hair

Suho;/ gives him that go to hell look/ 

Key:/rolls his eyes/ What?

Jinyoung: Wait..are you talking about Heechul?

Suho:/nods/ Yes..i have gotten in touch with him and Invited him over to Join us

Jin:/gasps/ No no no

N; Are you crazy Suho?!


Suho:/in the confession booth/ Hell to the mother fucking yeah I did. Key’s bitching has been getting on my nerves a lot lately. So I figured why not bring out a bigger and better bitch…..Facts

Jinyoung;/looks over at Key with wide eyes/ Hey..maybe ..maybe he’s changed. Once we shunned him maybe he realized what a shitty person he actually was . 


Jinyoung:/rolls his eyes/ Have you ever considered that maybe you guys could actually be friends if you would just learn how to set your egos aside

Key:/glares/ Looky here..I am not here for a damn therapy always so damn wise and positive and I’m so sick of it

Jinyoung: Now you look here now bitch I have-

Suho:/stands up when he sees Heechul coming/ HEECHUL

Jin:/chokes on his tea/

N: /shoves a big ass cookie in his mouth/

Key:/ drops his glass/ THE FUCK

Heechul: Hello bitches~

Jinyoung:/nervously/ Hi Heechul…haven’t seen you in a while

Key: Damn look rough

Heechul:/flips his hair as he sits down beside Suho and Jin/ You are still the same I see

Key: But better 

Jin: Soo Heechul you look great..what have you been up to lately?

Heechul: Oh you know Variety Shows and  a couple modeling gigs

Key:/laughs as he eats a scone/

Heechul: I’m sorry..miss piggy is there something funny


Jin:/laughs his signature laugh/

N; So how are the kids doing?

Heechul: All grown and up out of my nest…Finally. They’re all doing great. By the way I heard Ravi’s mixtape not bad

N:/proud mama/ Yes my baby works hard

Heechul: Oh Jin I’m really proud of you and the boys. Your hard work really paid off.

Jin:/smiles/ Ooh thanks..its been quite the journey but like anyone can reach their goals as long as they try and work hard

Heechul:/smiles as he nods/ And Jinyoung I see you and your acting skills.making me all proud and keep doing you boo boo

Jinyoung:/smiles shyly looking down/

Heechul: And Suho, You are such a strong person. Being a single and all..I can’t imagine what all you had to go through..but I am so proud of you for coming through so strong 

Key:/coughs/ He’s an alcoholic~ /cough/

Suho:/flips him off as he hugs Heechul/ It’s been rough but i’m doing just fine

Key:/points at them laughing while looking at the cameras/ Are y’all seeing this shit

Heechul:/pulls away and looks at Key/ I would ask what you’ve been up to..but apparently nothing really

Key: Hah..look here you pitbull… I don’t know know why you’re here all of a sudden but you’re not about to take me down. 

Heechul: Says the one who’s hair extensions fell out when he was getting down and dirty with his boo

N : Oooh no she didn’t

Key: Bitch I still looked sexy.. You the one who be taking out your extensions looking like splice

Heechul: Oh hell no bitch

Jinyoung: Not this shit again..CAN I GET SOME VODKA

Jin:/laughing his ass off/ SHE DID THAT

Key:/smiles at Jin/ Yass bitch I went there.. this hoe trying to bring a bitch down and I wasn’t having that with her bald headed as-

Heechul:/throws his tea at his face/

Suho:/gasps because damn/

Key:/wipes his face/ YOU WHORE /jumps over the table and tackles Heechul/

Jin:/screams because tf/

Jinyoung:/Downs the bottle of vodka/

Security:/ runs in to break up the fight/

Suho:/ in the confession booth laughing/ Karma’s a bitch

some Antisepticeye & Darkiplier things to point out

Okay so idk if other people have had the same thoughts, but I’ve GOT to point out some uncanny links between what happened at/before Jacksepticeye’s panel at PAX 2017 and in “SAY GOODBYE”, and what happened in “A Date With Markiplier”.

Here’s some footage taken at PAX by someone in the crowd:

Here’s the Anti part of the isolated video featured in the clip previous:


And here, of course, is “A Date with Markiplier”:

Ok so lemme start out by talking about Anti’s PAX “takeover”. He appears suddenly to usurp the intro video, but you hear him before you see him. The screen glitches a bit, convincingly enough to fool the crowd into glossing over it. But then the quality degrades, the track stutters noticeably and the screen blacks out. After a moment it explodes back to life and you see flashes of some of Jack’s previous videos, blurring from one to another with the colour pallet all out of whack, faster and faster until it slams back to black. You hear Anti chuckle, and as he appears visually, the first thing he says to you is, “Did you miss me??”

Keep that in mind as we move on to a Date with Markiplier. Pay for the dinner, go to the horror play and Mark disappears from his seat. The screen starts glitching out and the viewer’s field of vision widens until the stage is all they can see, over and over. Rumbling sounds can be heard, and for a moment, the figure of Dark appears reflected in a couple of the frames. Faster, faster, a high keening sound and slam to black. After a moment Dark appears to address the viewer, and what’s the first thing he says? That’s right. “Did you miss me?” Those same words. They both pulled a Moriarty- kinda strange, right?

Now, one might think “what a weird coincidence, moving on-” because it’s kind of a creepy thing to say in such circumstances, and it might make sense that both Jack and Mark would go for such a line. But wait, let us continue, back to PAX and Anti’s speech:

“You stopped paying attention! Well I hope you’re happy. You found someone new, threw me aside- someone, to replace me!!”

We were all paying attention to Anti during the events leading up to “SAY GOODBYE”. That much is obvious. After said video, Jack made his Halloween vlog and most of us thought it was over, at least for a while. We weren’t sure if/when Anti was going to come back, and we certainly didn’t expect it to happen as soon as a mere three months after the apex video, in which Anti won, so to speak, and Jack was apparently murdered. I wouldn’t say we forgot about Anti- its awesomeness lingered long after “SAY GOODBYE” was posted- but yes, we moved on to other things. Things like “a Date with Markiplier”.

Anti had his moment in the spotlight, retreated back into… hiding, or whatever you want to call it, and that’s when Mark’s Darkiplier project started, the countdown reaching 00:00:00:00 on Valentines’ day. If I remember correctly, Jack started to bring Anti back in the second episode of his Detention series, on January 25th. Between Anti’s two active periods, when he was on hiatus, Dark was running amok and had become our main focus.

What I’m getting at here is that when Anti says we “stopped paying attention”, and “found someone new”, someone “to replace me”… I think he means Darkiplier. I’m pretty sure Anti’s pointing out that he doesn’t appreciate Dark stealing the limelight and distracting us from him. He was/is jealous of Dark for holding our attention, and that might be one of the reasons he’s come back- to prove that he’s not gone, and that Dark isn’t better than him.

Which ALSO means that Anti is, somehow, aware of Dark’s existence, and possibly vice versa.

Dark used very similar dialogue to Anti as well, if you remember. In the “HORROR” video, he says,

“I’ve been pushed aside… replaced… mocked.”

It sounds like he’s talking about Mark, and he very well might be. It sounds like Mark has pushed Dark aside- out of fear, or a desire to live his normal life without Dark’s interference, whatever the case may be- but the wording is really similar to what Anti chose to say at PAX mere days ago. They both describe being “replaced”, and say that they were “pushed aside”/”threw me aside”. Although Dark could be talking about Mark, he could also be talking about Anti in a way, or both at once if you go for the double meaning interpretation.

This is where the cohesion of what I’m saying stars to crumble a little bit, but bear with me: Let’s say Dark was also talking about Anti as well as Mark when he said he was “pushed aside” and “replaced”. One might think, “Well that can’t work, because canon Dark didn’t exist when we first started glimpsing Anti flickering in Jack’s facecam.” Well… he actually did, to a certain extent. In a couple of Mark’s older videos- notably “Relax” and “Surgeon Simulator IN REAL LIFE”, Darkiplier appears. It’s an older, cruder version of Darkiplier, but it’s Dark nonetheless. (When in doubt, check the subtitles.) Back then, at least as far as I’m aware, Dark was the only one of his kind who had actually appeared in videos and not just in fanart or fanfiction generated by the community. And for a long time, he remained like that, in a class all by himself. But then Anti happened, blowing him out of the water by a lot. Dark came back afterward possibly for several reasons, one of which could be to take our attention back from Anti, to move it onto himself. (This link has less integrity because “relax” and “Surgeon Simulator IN REAL LIFE” were posted seven and ten months ago, respectively, so the connections between those and more recent events may or may not be 100% purposeful.)

If that last part is true though, then their argument has been going on for quite a while. If not, well, there’s still an argument, still jealousy going back and forth as they battle for our, the viewers’, enthusiasm. It’s just a little more recent.

Long story short, I think @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier are in cahoots, and we may or may not have something bigger to look forward to.

Sorry for the huge post, haha I just had to get all this out of my cluttered brain.

Fan Theories: Types I don’t like

I particularly enjoy the act of creating intricate theories with entertainment I consume. Much like with any kind of mystery; I, and people like me like to be ahead of the curb, predicting the turn of events before it shows up on the screen, just so we can punch our fists into sky and declare;

 “theory confirmed!” 

Over my time making and consuming theories however, I’ve noticed several types of theories that people tend to gravitate towards which I don’t care for, for a variety of reasons. Usually I don’t like these theories because its pretty obvious the show would never go in that direction and/or is laden with logical inconsistencies that are incongruous with 9/10 shows they are applied too. 

I would like to say before I delve into this that this is not an attack on people who have such theories. While they aren’t usually plausible, they do have instances where it actually works, which I will give examples of. Rather the point I’m making with this list is keep an open mind and make sure that this theory you are getting invested in really has merits to it before flame wars erupt online (though it would be best to not flame war over this to begin with but I digress). I’d also like to point out that this is about theories that are specifically trying to predict the course of the canon. If you are trying to predict where the show is going, these theories are probably not going to do it. 

The theories I don’t like include: 

The character was in a coma/dead/dreaming/imagining it the whole time!  

Such happy uplifting theories include things like Ash Ketchum was in a Coma the whole time, Harry Potter was in his cupboard the whole time, Steven Universe was just playing with rocks the whole time, and many, MANY more. Its a very popular twist that people like to lean towards because it adds this artificial level of sadness to it that people just dig. Such theories can disregard any inconsistencies in said theory because of the very nature of the characters delusional state. While most understand this is just sad au talk, I have met my fair share who legitimately believe such a twist will happen. 

Most times such theories are made for a piece of fiction, creepypasta, and more often than not it shrivels under any kind of scrutiny. 99/100 times, this theory is going to be false. 

Are there instances where this theory can work?

Shows like Over The Garden Wall for example could definitely be interpreted in this way and it would be entirely plausible, because the show creators clearly encouraged that line of thinking with both clues during the course of the show and its ending. Shows with such a twist usually leave the breadcrumbs for this answer in far more plain sight than the kind of mental gymnastics that goes behind trying to explain why Ash Ketchum doesn’t age. 


THIS character is secretly THAT character! 

Both applicable in crossovers and inside a single show, there is a never ending stream of theories that speculate that character A is secretly Character B. From the more silly theories like the everybody seems to be Sans variety too Rose/Lion is somehow Pink Diamond, its probably one of the types of theories that people get the most passionate about. They will have their list of evidence on hand at all times, ready to go on a tirade on how they are the only one who sees the “true identity” of whatever character it is. 

Nothing against the people who make such theories, but just understand that, more likely than not, these two characters are ACTUALLY just two separate characters. These theories are really tempting to make too, cause sometimes it would make for a cool twist, but the underlying logical inconsistencies and how they tend to undermine character motivations really show how unlikely such theories actually are. 

Are there instances where these theories can work? 

Gravity Falls has a character who falls under this trope of secretly being another character, and when it was finally revealed it was quite satisfying, because there were clues both kind of obvious and hidden deep in the background that pointed to this being the case. Much like with the previous theory, IF there is such a twist hidden in the plot, the evidence for it will not be nearly as obscure as people usually get for such ideas. If the “clues” are largely conjecture requiring a lot of leaps of logic, its probably not the case. 

This show/series/game takes place in a post apocalyptic Earth! 

I’ve seen this theory for way too many series to count. It is usually attributed to shows with happy settings that do not feature humans or a lot of humans. Logical inconsistencies are largely ignored in favor of some truly obscure pieces of information that really just doesn’t add up when you think about it. Like with any other theory that is going to appear on this list, IF the show has such a twist in mind they will have more than sufficient clues to fill you in on it, if they don’t outright come and say its a post apocalyptic Earth. I’ve seen such theories made for shows where even the SOLAR SYSTEM didn’t function the same as ours and they were still contesting it was a Future Earth. There has to come a point when you acknowledge the refuting evidence, else you become annoying. 

Are there instances where this theory can work? 

Clear and obvious example of a show which employed this trope is Adventure Time. The clues for the “mushroom war” were far and wide from the credits too off handed dialogue long before it was explicitly talked about. It was clearly something they intended for the show from the beginning. When making such a theory (with the specific purpose of trying to predict the course of the show), keep in mind the evidence that is actually on the table and be prepared to acknowledge this isn’t the case. 

 Those are the three big ones I see on a regular basis in a variety of fandoms. Like I said in the beginning and throughout this, a good predictive theory is based on evidence and an open mind to alternative interpretations of the evidence. If you are trying to make a legitimate theory to predict where the show in question is going to go, this is good to keep in mind. 

If you’re just making the theories for fun and aren’t really all that interested in predicting the course of events however, then disregard and have a blast. Nothing tickles my funny bone quite like a clever joke/satire theory, and really, having fun is what these kinds of speculations are all about. 

Shampoo with Sabriel ft Destiel
  • Sam: Alright, which one of you used the last of my shampoo? (drops empty bottle on table)
  • Dean: So, you called this meeting to discuss shampoo?
  • Sam: Damn right, I did! (pulls out Angel Blade) Now one of you is gonna fuss up to this crime. Then we can all part ways happily.
  • Dean: Can Cas and I go now?
  • Sam: No. Sit your ass down, Dean. (pokes him)
  • Dean: It's pretty obvious that the only other person who needs horse hair shampoo is Gabriel. (slowly sits back down)
  • Castiel: It is true that you both have gorgeous hair that would need to be washed a certain way. Plus Dean only ever troubles himself to go through your thin-
  • Dean: Baby, just stop talking. (whispers into Castiel's ear)
  • Sam: (turns to Gabriel and pokes at him with the Angel Blade) Gabe, did you?
  • Gabriel: What? I needed some! These tender locks you love yanking on while poun-
  • Dean: (covers Castiel's ears) Keep it kosher! There's a child in your presence!

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i think its common for entps to show their love in less obvious ways. there was this girl that i really liked, and although we never actually ended up dating, she once told me that even though people said that they weren't sure how serious i was about her, she always knew that i was genuine bc i took care of her in more subtle ways (i.e. when i took strawberry milk with my lunch set even though i didn't like it because i knew that she did) it's those things that show how an entp feels imo

So there’s a reason why I didn’t outwardly say this. 

I think younger ENTPs show affection in less obvious ways for sure. ENTPs take a large portion of their lives learning how to understand people and learning how to trust people. And most of this just comes with a full acceptance of self and the world, which can be a bit difficult for us because we just have no opinions about a lot of things. Early years can just be a limbo of ‘what’s-going-on!?’ and ‘crap-do-i-have-to-be-vulnerable-to-let-people-into-my-life!?’. SO as a result, these ENTPs just haven’t quite learned yet, or had the experience of letting themselves be excited properly. It’s not that they don’t want to express love or excitement about someone, it’s more that they are restrained by the urge to have emotional control. 

ENTPs are obsessive about what they love. This instinct is not lost on people if the ENTP has allowed her or himself to open up. An ENTP in love is an exciting sight. Spontaneous really. Buys flowers for no reason other than, “I felt like it and I love you.” Bakes a cake because they’re suddenly obsessed with baking, and they choose the type based on their significant other. Takes the SO dancing because why not. 

A fully balanced, and mature ENTP is quite the sight, and honestly I believe that an ENTP can express love in all of the degrees. We are in no way stifled by our personality in the end.

japan was awesome

back and forth between tokyo, hakone, kyoto, osaka, naoshima and nara over the last 16 days with mitchell and his family and i am SO TIRED but i had such a good time!!!!!!


  • eating okonomiyaki and shopping around shinsaibashi in osaka was probably my favorite day of the whole trip honestly
  • daikanyama t-site in tokyo was really cool bookstore and beautiful inside
  • hakone in general is remote and beautiful but getting to our ryokan was fucking difficult
  • i love the bullet trains they are so casually luxurious and having the unlimited JR train pass was great and next time i would map shit out better and go to way more cities and truly get my $400 worth (though we probably took $700 worth of trains without trying)
  • family mart is so good i wish we could just pop into convenience stores here that sold muji products and solid onigiri and didn’t smell like nasty 7/11 pizza
  • we just like, didn’t go to shimokitazawa, a few hours around akihabara and only spent an evening around harajuku looking for vintage clothes so maybe i fucked up but whatever??? we spent most of our tokyo time around asakusa because mitchell’s mom booked that hotel and confused a recommendation but i really liked it because we were near a super old amusement park and the huge shrine and a big cluster of shopping, food and other attractions and it was super walkable and not as crazy as our first three days in shibuya which like, are fine but how many times can you cross the street even???? but yeah i feel like we probably just barely even slightly began to scratch the surface on tokyo and there is so much more to see and we can never see it and i mean i’ve never even been to staten island so…
  • japanese carnival/street food like takoyaki and potato spiral and mochi, which we ate at a festival near sensoji temple and ueno park in tokyo and nishiki market in kyoto
  • fushimi inari is obvious you gotta go walk all those gates and take selfies with everyone else its a long way to the top 
  • we went to nara for just like 4 hours so we could feed deer in the street and honestly it was worth it
  • naoshima for art stuff, i wish we had more time there, the teshima art museum was the most beautiful art i have ever seen in my entire life i almost cried and it was worth the $20 admission though i’d have liked to spend longer there
  • just eating so much stuff including all the amazing snacks that MUJI sells i mean muji is just great sorry i’m basic!!!!!
  • BAL mall in kyoto is like a luxury mall that pipes in hawaiian music and has a tomorrowland and a muji cafe and the nicest public toilets i’ve ever used in my life and probably ever will
  • god did i mention eating i mean just eating so much stuff and its not like we dont have ippudo ramen or conveyer belt sushi or anything else in new york but it was all way better and cheaper there 
  • tsukiji fish market was fine i guess if you don’t go in the morning when fish sales are happening then you’re kind of just buying food from the nearby businesses which isn’t so different from just going to anywhere else designed for tourists to buy tons of snack foods and packaged gift desserts
  • bento boxes in the train stations so good so easy i love all the theme ones lol
  • every coffee i drank was pretty much garbage except for a few trendy ass brooklyn/portland/whatever looking places but all the vending machine coffee was kinda shitty which is so weird to me considering japan does such great packaged foods and all the vending machines serve hot coffee and are EVERYWHERE so why wouldn’t you get it right??? milk tea was great though so i switched over
  • i don’t really go out at night so we didn’t do any big clubs but we had a drink at JBS where an older bartender plays from his massive record collection in a small room and you gotta be respectful and every drink whether it’s a glass of whiskey or a bottle of coke is $5
  • the subways are fucking confusing but once you get the hang of it they are just so efficient and on time and we went all over the place but yeah coming from new york i figured i was gonna be fine but nope it’s fucking confusing there are so many independently operated ones 
  • i hit my head on low doorways so many times i can’t even count i mean literally over a dozen times including one really nasty smack that everyone heard and rattled my fucking teeth

ok that’s it japan is very cool! i didn’t really buy anything even though we shopped so much at so many cool stores and brands like issey and yohji and dover street in ginza, kind of just bought some magnets and pins and snacks, shopping for clothes as a size large/XL was pretty impossible so i just gave up.

One Piece 863 thoughts

I call them “thoughts” because who ever has the time to write a proper review? It’s the first time in weeks I’ve had time to breathe and thank Kami-sama now that I have more than -1 time the chapter is AMAZING

Starting with the covers: I … am wondering why they’re playing rock paper scissors. But more than that why the hell IS GON NOT THERE? IT’S HIS MOVE GODDAMMIT F*** YOU TOGASHI I mean, a moment of silence for all the HxH fans such as myself who were slain by this umpteenth reminder of the Eternal HiatusxHiatus. Other than that, as I said before, but at this point it’s pretty obvious: Jump editors are working so that Boku No Hero Academia becomes the successor of OP - meaning, a world-wide Japanese-born pheonomenon. It’s due to its own popularity of course, but BNHA is, like OP was at its time, being brought forward massively. Which is kinda - alright, VERY - sad, given the treatment that same board gave to Bleach just a few months ago. And, Sanji is there along with Luffy! Yay. Way to go, Sanji fans. 

Secondòy, we get a popularity poll for the 20th anniversary in August. And since after every saga some characters that have been relevant step a few places forward - wanna think of Trafalgar Law after Dressrosa stealing Zoro’s spot? And just like our favorite dark doctor - the cute one would be Chopper of course, could Sanji make a step forward now, as well, just after an entire saga has been partially focused on him? And well… there are only two spots ahead for him now since he’s fourth. 

Now I’m feeling stupid  cause I hadn’t understood that the party was taking place outside! So in my mind I briefly wondered how could Big Mom know it wouldn’t rain… then I realized she

  • can control weather
  • has a son who foresees the future

Lol. Also funny that is looks a bit like a giant tooth… in a candy island. How extra. 

 So Luffy’s kagebunshin no jutsu - which is particularly dear to us who grew with Naruto - was just a trick using Brulée’s mirror after all. Now I hope they bring her along on the sunny cause this techique is just too funny - imagine the faces Law would make?

Originally posted by charlottec21

Alright this was by no means related I just wanted to use this gif because #bepo

Something I could not say last week because I was so fricking tired was that the cake reminded me so badly, decorations and stuff, of the Corpse Bride. However, jokes aside, I think Big Mom’s must have some sort of last minute backup acquired through sugar - much like Popeye and Spinach or Luffy and Meat. Otherwise, we’d know pretty much about her already and it’d be quite disappointing for a yonkou to be, possibly, theoretically, so easily defeated. To even know about all her weaknesses. And then when they fight and lose their strenght, both she and Luffy will eat the scraps of the cake…?

I haven’t had time to look at even one single post on this chapter yet, but much like someone else in this chapter, I’m betting my soul this enraged a lot of people. Mainly, two categories of people: SaNa fans, Pudding haters and those who thought she would have to stay bad. 

Answering a post by  @mapofallblue last week I, shamelessly copying and pasting it:

She’s not a Viola 2.0 because she’s not someone who’s good inside forced to do bad stuff - she did go after children with a knife, and not as an immediate reaction to what they did to her or in self-defence but later, because she has two different dresses on -, so yeah, until further evidence, she remains a villain.

And as for the “fragile woman”…
I don’t think this entitles her to be one. She can stand up for herself - again, going after children with a knife -, though she’s being manipulated into what precisely to stand up for.

And all of this is still standing until proven otherwise. She’s still in emotional breakdown, and yes, for those who love it like me and for those who’d rather see him take a little revenge sometimes, Sanji is just too good a person to let even a manipulative witch like her meet a tragic(omic) death by asfixiation under tons of cake. 

As for SaNa fans, the reasons above stands just the same. The fact that he’s saving her means just he’s a decent person, not that he’s in love with her - NOT AT ALL. So worry not, the ship is still sailing,out of Whole Cake Island and with Sanji on board asap. Besides, see what happens next.

The mugis and minks and Ceasar mafia version and … who else is there? a bunch of people, well, they let the remaining Luffys go. Again, a techique we should see more of. Pedro and Jinbei back up Luffy, while…

Chopper, Carrot and Nami back up Sanji and will apparently help him save his family - not like I think Big Mom cares about the Vinsmokes much at this point -. Nami tells reminds me they have to backup Sanji. Nami.  Yeah, I didn’t get my so anticipated sostitution bride but hey, this is something. 

Now, it is incredibly disappointing that  a yonkou wouldn’t have enough haki to spot the real Luffy in a matter of seconds. But in Oda I trust, so I won’t give a definitive judgement on her fighting abilities until she waves white flag. 

Luffy being an idiot. Nothing special to say here. 

I wonder what role exactly do Nami, Chopper and Carrot have. They are prepared to fight, but they can’t mean to, right? They’re not usually in that role - aside from Carrot, about whom we know too little. Unless we’re about to see a major development, something we’re already seeing actually: when did Nami last mention fighting?

Well, the enemy here is all but wounded and pretty harmless. Nami’s been putting forward a lot of courage and boldness lately. Even just the fact that she kept pushing all to move forward in their search for Sanji. 

Again, Katakuri is a well-rounded character. If I had to judge from appearances, I would unfortunately have to say he looks stronger than Mama. Though those abs kinda freak me out, and not positively.

And then … slightly anticipated by a Pedro in a fancy suit…

….some massive…


Basically Mama’s power of specifically “robbing” people of their souls works only on those who are afraid of death. Which makes sense, because it’s already a strong fruit by itself. Those of who give up their souls willingly, like the inhabitants of WCI, don’t abide by this rule, but if Mama has to “take” the piece of lifespan herself, she can’t unless she meets this condition. So Jinbei bets and wins - I wonder if because he already knew about this clause or not, but he’s not less of a badass anyway. 

But the big forgotten of the Mugiwaras and the other, and umpteenth, star of this arc is Brook. He just goes there and destroys it nonchalantly, and it’s sooo Looney Toons. 

This chapter was pure hype. As fo what happens next, who can tell? No srls, no one can, it’s fricking Golden Week next Thursday .-.

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In an infinite universe, us humans are finite right? If we compare something finite, no matter how "big" it seems to us, to infinite its almost nothing. So we can accept that in the universe humans existence percentage(that sounds weird I know) is 0%. We dont exist. We are nothing.

I think this is drifting out of the realm of math and into philosophy, but anyway… Three points: 

- Infinity isn’t a number, so saying something is a percentage of infinity doesn’t really make sense. 

- By that reasoning nothing exists, which is… fine, I guess, but kind of subverts our obvious experience of existing. 

- If the odds of winning the lottery are a million to 1, someone’s still going to win the lottery. So I could argue that if the odds of existing are [infinitely big] to 1, something still exists. (Yes, infinity is still a lot bigger than a million, but they’re equally hard for me to imagine.) 

Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself to avert an existential crisis. 

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character analysis for ong seungwoo?

aahhhh… finally! I’ve literally waded through so many requests just so i could reach here goddamit is that too desperate? probably. do i care? reallllly not.

  • ong seongwoo this magnanimous man. how do i even begin? ok its honestly going to be quite hard to be not biased about him but i shall try. i tend to overlook the negatives about a person when i unknowingly put them on a pedestal (don’t we all) but this time, not.
  • i think his most obvious trait is his humour. thats how he works through stressful, or sticky situations. he uses his humour to poke fun at himself or the situation to get everyone to laugh. which is one of the most mature defense mechanisms out there tbh it means you are emotionally processing the situation, but atleast it includes everyone’s emotional health and not just short term solving of problems
  • about conflict resolution, i don’t think he’d be the kind to opt for it. even though he is the oldest or the second oldest in most of the groups, he never opts to be the leader. the center? yes. but never the leader. have you never wondered why? he just doesnt seem interested in being the centre of attention in a constructive way. if he’s a leader he will be expected to tackle things head on and think of others while he resolves conflict. im not sure if he thinks he is incapable of such decision or if he honestly doesnt wanna do it - but he doesnt. so thats something
  • he’s a nervous wreck but he hides it quite well. you know he’s one of the desperate ones on this show and it shows very well when the camera zooms in on his face (bless) right before the evaluations are declared. he always expects himself to get the lower ranks (funnily enough, not lower than the 20′s) and he gets so antsy right before they call his name. 
  • but he hides it well, which makes me think someday he’d be quite good at acting but isnt that a sad thing if he learns to hide his emotions too well
  • the kind of person who’d rather make you laugh than sort through your problems with you
  • but always up for being a supportive friend
  • i have a feeling he is very distant from others on his show.. he never shows on it in the actual episodes that air (maybe its just mnet) but he’s a backstage kind of person when it comes to friendships. like he wont go out of his way to do grand things to win your love and trust but he’ll be there when you need it
  • which makes me think - will he ever truly be able to gauge if someone needs him or will he just distance himself until someone has to explicitly ask for his company
  • but so fiercely loyal and silently supportive of the people that do choose to trust him
  • is always surprised that people actually like him but hides it by being cocky this little idiot.
  • small traits like that usually add up to a childhood of a prodigy that was extremely intelligent when young but as they grow up they become average and the people around them are like “ but you used to be better???” they’re still doing their best but its just that everyone else is also doing their best and sometimes its hard to catch up
  • he’s holding something back i just dont know what. all this humour to mask emotions and being cocky when accepting compliments makes me think he’s hiding this emotional crisis that he just doesnt wanna talk about

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but thats all i got about our dear ong. you guys know how much i adore him dont you? my PR genius, the part time king, ong meme.

In the studio brainstorming the 100th TMNT episode...
  • Nick Animation: Ok so TMNT is getting it's 100th episode! What's it going to be? Another 80s throwback? Clip-show?
  • Brandon: ....let's kill a turtle
  • Nick Animation: Uhh...oh, ok? I guess? Will it be a somber death like Splinter in the season 3 finale?
  • Ciro: Nah, we're gonna make 'em explode.
  • Nick Animation: Wha! Uh, jeez um, fine? Well which turtle did you have in mind?
  • Brandon: Well Leo's already had a bunch of injuries, and Raph would be too obvious.
  • Ciro: And we could never kill Donnie is our lucky guy!
  • Nick Animation: WHAT?! But he's already been through so much with "Same as it Never Was" in 2003, and Issue #44 in IDW!!!
  • Brandon: I know! Let's keep up the trend! Fans will love it!
  • Ciro: And we'll get Pete to write the episode.
  • Peter DiCicco: Hey.
  • Nick Animation: But he's notorious for writing episodes that specifically torture Donatello!
  • Brandon: Yeah he'll do a great job!
  • Nick Animation: Whew, fine. So, who's going to kill him? Shredder? Some space villain?
  • Brandon&Ciro: April.
  • Ciro: Yup
  • Nick Animation: Dear Lord...Well, at least it'll be a private, intimate moment, right? Just the two of them working things out.
  • Brandon: Oh no we'll make his brothers watch
  • Nick Animation: Sweet Jesus.
  • Ciro: And instead of saying he's dead, we'll just say he's been "molecularly deconstructed" or something so no one will know
  • Nick Animation: OH! Oh well then that's fine then, if he wasn't really dead!
  • Fandom: -__-
so bout that samurai jack episode

so I really like samurai jack, always have always will

which makes me feel the need to make a bit of a post on my perspective on what happened in the recent episode with Jack and Ashi becoming a couple

I really didnt expect peoples reactions to be as extreme as they were, but I also entirely understand all the arguments that would make people want to reject this ship so harshly

but given that, I don’t think the creators of the show handled things as undelicately as everyone seems to think, and this coming from a person who has a pretty similar life and “origin story” if you will as Ashi AND Jack (minus the obvious impossibilities like time travel :P but growing up in abusive isolated cult home? check. constant hyper vigilance and feeling disconnected altogether from a sense of time? check. nightmares and ptsd symptoms in general all around? check. I’m just saying, I connect to both characters here lol)

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 & The Power of Soundtrack as a Storytelling Tool

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a fantastic movie, and I would even call it a better sequel than the original. There are a lot of reasons for this, from better utilization of the characters to more engaging subplots to much better and more fleshed-out antagonists. But one of the absolutely best parts of the entire movie is the fact that the soundtrack itself actually ties in and helps tell the story of the movie, as opposed to the first movie which had the songs there to show Peter Quill, and by extension, his mother, have excellent taste in music. Beware; there are spoilers ahead.

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sooo heres doggo photos like i promised

this is Finn! he’s a rescue dog who’s come home today!!! he’s roughly 4-5 years old, is a border collie cross (probably tri-colour border + sheltie), and hails from ireland! they found him as a stray so little is known about him but to us its pretty obvious he was a working dog (a sheepdog)

HES A LOVELY BOY!! he loves cuddles and loves everyone. he will sometimes drag u to go give strangers a cuddle. everyone at the centre visitor and staff just adored him but we were the ones to take him home

he’s settling well though!! we’re working on training him which isnt hard bc collies are SO smart. he needs a good bath and brush but hes not keen on being groomed so its a work in progress

A friend has been having really bad anxiety and stress lately; so I thought I would write a thing on what I do to take of it when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

First: Put on some calm relaxing music, preferably without words, and if there are words make sure they’re somewhat uplifting. This opens up both sides of your brain and makes you focus on the music rather than what is freaking you out.

Second: Straighten out your back and stretch out your shoulders. When we feel attacked or under pressure our natural response is to cave in our chest cavity, in an unconscious way of protecting ourselves to what ever it is we feel is threatening us. Essentially, Don’t be all hunched or balled up; stretch out or lie on the floor like you’re gonna make a snow angle.

Third: Un-clench your jaw. Make yawning movements with your mouth and stick your tongue in between your teeth. It ads a lot of pressure to your head, and for me it gives me headaches. Clenching out jaw is also another default of our self defense, we’re expecting something to attack us.

Fourth: Most importantly is breathing. When were stressed or anxious our breathing gets really short and shallow; again another thing our brains do in order to prep us for an attack. It’s also not allowing not enough oxygen to get to the brain, so your brain is already in defense mode.Slowly take in 4 to 6 (or however many you want) breaths through your nose. If you have a watch, try to breath in for at least 6 to 8 seconds and exhale through your mouth and make sure all of the air is out of your lungs and diaphragm. for me, this breathing actually makes me focus on my breathing rather than whats stressing me out.

Fifth: Go get something to eat and drink. I know you always hear “drink water!!” but seriously. Our bodies are roughly 60% water, and when we’re dehydrated, our bodies have to work extra hard, causing more exhaustion and headaches. It also will stimulate your brain into a defense mode when its not getting the right nutrients it needs, making you more prone to panic attacks. Also, just drink water. Not tea (some teas actually absorb water from you, and believe me I love my tea.) Not Coffee (for obvious reasons) not soda/pop (because sugar takes energy for our bodies to process which means using more water.)Drink water, drink water! And I’m not talking about the casual glass at meal times, I’m saying take a water-bottle with you everywhere and try to have a full, tall, glass of water by your desk.

Sixth: Most importantly guys, be patient and kind with yourself. It takes a long time for us to properly heal, and when we don’t notice anything changing its really frustrating. You’re body didn’t get this way quickly, so its obviously not going to heal quickly. It’s going to take time. The gist of this all is when we’re feeling overwhelmed doing these things will retrain your brain from processing negatively to a more positive way. Our brains are adaptive and the way we think affects us more intensely then we realize; even down to a molecular level. 

We are incredibly complex and interconnected creatures and each and everyone of you is beautiful and I know and believe you can make it through this. Just remember everything is ok, and even if its not at the moment, times change and this will not last forever. 

You got this babes!!!

(also, as a side note; if you’re a Christian, of have any faith in Jesus Christ, just pray. Pour out your heart to Him. He knows what your feeling and why your hurting, and you may not see why He’s aloud you to feel this way now, but He sees so much potential in you to be worthy of being tested to become a greater and beautiful creation. Gold cannot become Gold without fire. He loves you and the more you lean into Him the easier it is to be at peace with you and with Him.)

The Other (Bucky x Reader) Part 14

Summary: Being a mutant with abilities is difficult enough, without having all this soulmate business to deal with in addition. Y/N meets hers in the least expectant place, but isn’t necessarily as thrilled as he’d hoped. However, a drastic turn of events require them to go to desperate measures to preserve what little they have.

Chapter List


Part Fourteen

You glanced at the guard, who sloppily unlocked your handcuffs and shoved you in the direction of your visitor. You slowly moved towards him and sat down on the opposite chair, every muscle in your body aching. He looked you up and down, and you realised what a sight you must have been. Hollow cheeks, pale skin, dark circles under your eyes… You must have looked like a walking corpse. You slowly took the receiver and held it to your ear, not once taking your eyes off him. You looked at each other for a few minutes without saying anything, until he cleared his throat.

“For what it’s worth, I’m sorry you’re in here.” 

You raised your eyebrows with all the force you could muster, and he rolled his eyes. He leaned in closer to the pane. 

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Jojo is so gay omg. But what happened to his cute boyfriend?

LOL ugh i toyed with the idea of bringing Craig with us to college exactly bc he was so cute and Jojo has the fucking floppest taste but they only had 1 bolt so i felt like we could do better. in case its not obvious im severely regretting that decision. i knew I KNEW he would choose someone fug if left to his own devices, i mean the evidence was all there, but even the sickest imagination couldnt picture him going for Komei clone Max fucking Flexor. jfc. anyway i have a ~very special someone in mind for Jojo in the long run (provided they dont hate each other which is a real possibility) but in the mean time im gonna let the Max thing play out (but not for too long cause its fucking creeping me out). im also starting to like him and Ti-Ning together?? we shall see! 

Pidge Gunderson is the AFAB GNC character we all need

Even if Voltron: Legendary Defender was a mediocre show (which it wasn’t, it was pretty good overall in my opinion, but this isn’t an analysis on the show in its entirety), it still had Pidge, and Pidge is important.

This post is going to be full of spoilers, so I hope you’ve either watched the show or don’t mind the spoilers (though in my opinion the “big reveal” was pretty obvious and I actually spoiled it for myself because I had to know if what they were hinting at was actually what was going to happen). I also want to apologize ahead of time for my ramblings and parenthetical commentary throughout this post. I just have a lot of feelings and I wanted to write something out about them and I’ve been out of school for two years and haven’t written anything analytical in a long time and I’m just really excited and passionate and kind of rambly, so please bear with me! (I’m also going to be vaguely referencing things because I’m too lazy and frankly don’t have to time to go through and cite every example. Just watch or re-watch the show if you’re curious)

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Laws of Motion & Attraction (V, You) Part 8

thank you for the wonderful fan edit sweetaev :)

“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” - Albert Einstein

Part 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07

Life is a chemical reaction caused by the collision of two distinct or polar entities. Taehyung always thought this was the case whenever he crossed paths with Jungkook.

They stared as if they were seeing each other for the very first time; Taehyung’s eyes slightly widening behind his glasses while Jungkook steadily staring at him. After a moment, Taehyung was able to recover from the initial shock and he easily switched his expression to that of a bored and nonchalant look.

“What are you wearing? You look ridiculous.” Taehyung said as he returned his attention to his bag.

Jungkook rolled his eyes at the insult. “Is it so hard to get a hello these days?” He sighed and Taehyung tried to ignore the boy walking deeper into the lecture hall…straight towards him.

“Ouch, though.” Jungkook added as he leant back on one of the front row’s desks, feigning a hurt expression. He removed the buttons on his cuffs before rolling up his sleeves. “I thought I looked pretty dashing in a dress shirt.”

“You thought wrong.” Taehyung murmured but Jungkook heard it loud and clear, which he sighed deeply at.

“Taehyung, I didn’t come here to fight with you.”

“Good.” Taehyung said as he removed his glasses and placed it on his case. “Because I don’t have time for that or for whatever this is right now.”

Taehyung moved towards the door but Jungkook was fast to react and moved in front of him, blocking his way. “Taehyung, please.”

Taehyung wavered at the sincerity of his gaze but was smart enough not to fall for it. He knew that look and he was used to it having its way with people. “What exactly did you come here for?”

“For you.” Jungkook said simply as if the answer was obvious enough. “I came for you.”

“Why?” Taehyung sounded almost hostile.

“I–I want to talk to you.”

“We have nothing to talk about.” He spat and then regretted it; wishing he didn’t sound so defensive.

“Yes.” Jungkook pressed, stepping forward which made Taehyung stumble back slightly. “We do.”

Taehyung huffed and turned from him, returning to his desk. He remained silent, back facing him; thinking–hoping–that if he ignored him he’d go away.

After a few calls and efforts to make him turn to face him, Jungkook grunted in frustration. “You can’t run away from this… from me forever, Taehyung.” He said a matter of fact.

“Who said I was running?” Taehyung chuckled bitterly. “I’m just trying to have as much less contact with you as possible.”

“That’s the same thing!” Jungkook argued. "Taehyung–“

No. It’s not.“ He spat and Jungkook recoiled, surprised by the vile in his tone. “I’m not running away because firstly, I never did anything wrong. Secondly, I don’t think there’s anything to talk about when you already made it pretty clear two years ago that we…” Taehyung stopped, his voice cracking and Jungkook looked at him steadily. But a flash of guilt crossed his doe-shaped eyes.

“What’s done is done.” Taehyung said instead. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some grading to do.”

Jungkook huffed as he walked passed him, running a hand over his face in frustration. “Why can’t you see?” Jungkook burst out, his voice resounding through the hall and making Taehyung stop. “Why can’t you see that I’m trying here?!”

Taehyung remained still but was hyper aware of the presence behind him. The heat rolled off Jungkook’s body and was almost like a furnace burning on his back.

“I’m sorry, Taehyung.” Jungkook said, biting back his pride. “I get it, okay? I was wrong. It was an accident–”

Taehyung scoffed at the word, a visible tension wafting through the air around him. “Accident.” He spat. “That’s the oldest excuse in the book, Jeon Jungkook. I think you can do better than that.”

“I was upset with you.” Jungkook defended, his voice rising. “I was mad…I was–” he huffed, eyebrows furrowing. “You left me so you can study abroad–”

“So you didn’t trust me?” Taehyung roared, as he whirled at him. “Admit it, you didn’t trust me!”

“I did!” Jungkook yelled back. “God Taehyung, I trust you–”

“Then you wouldn’t have thought that way!” He shouted. “I wasn’t going to run off and leave, Jungkook. I was going to come back for you. For us.” He pointed out, eyes fiery and determined.

Jungkook stared at him with lips shaking and he wanted to say something but his voice betrayed him. “I–”

“I came back, didn’t I?” Taehyung said, the pain visible in his tone and Jungkook could only gulp. “I came back, but what did you do?”

Jungkook looked away, and Taehyung saw his jaw clenching. “Tae–”

“I’ll tell you what you did.” Taehyung told viciously, his face reddening from anger. “You couldn’t control you freakin’ thirst and got a girl knocked up!” He snickered. “Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if she wan’t the only one. Or was it only a ‘she’?”

“What happened between me and Liz was an accident.” Jungkook protested and Taehyung turned in irritation, having heard his alibi countless times. “I didn’t mean for that to happen. We were drunk. I was lonely–I–”

“But you still did it.” Taehyung said, but there was no sadness in his tone; jsut pure resentment . “You still slept with her while you were with me.”

Jungkook ruffled his hair in exasperation before stepping towards him. “I said I was sorry, didn’t I?” He said, his desperation tangible. “I’m sorry, Taehyung. Why is it so hard for you to believe that?! Can’t you just forgive and let’s just forget–”

Taehyung whirled and gripped Jungkook’s shirt, pushing him back forcefully till he hit solid concrete. Jungkook’s eyes widened in surprise as Taehyung pinned him to the wall with his forearm, his eyes ablaze with anger.

“Forgive and forget?” Taehyung chuckled bitterly, his stare menacing. “You think it’s that easy, huh? I bet you do that all the time. After all, who was the campus player?”

“Taehyung–” Jungkook warned, his chest heaving as Taehyung stared him down. But the older just pushed him harder, wanting to let out the anger he’d been bottling up for far too long.

“I can’t just forget.” Taehyung voice shook as he felt a sting behind his eyelids. “You don’t just take someone’s everything and expect them to be okay with it. You don’t just take those firsts and walk away, Jungkook!”


I loved you.” Taehyung continued, his voice deep and gruff as pain surged through his system. “I gave you everything. And who was as it who told me to be careful whom to trust? Well guess what Jungkook? I trusted you! And how dare you turn those words against me.”

“Taehyung–” Jungkook pleaded desperately as he gripped his arm on his chest. “I’m sorry.”

Screw you. You have no idea, how much I wanted to punch you…” He growled as he pressed his forearm harder into Jungkook’s chest, causing the younger one to gasp slightly at the force. “To beat you up so you can feel the pain you caused me when you cheated on me. When you left me–”

“You think the pain was one-sided?” Jungkook interrupted and Taehyung’s eyes blew wide at his statement, his grip loosening. 

“You think I didn’t hurt too, Taehyung? I regretted it, okay?! I was wrong. I shouldn’t have done it. Especially not to you–”

“You lie.” Taehyung said grimly but Jungkook levelled his stare, unyielding.

“No,” Jungkook countered and Taehyung was unconscious of the fact that he had leant in so close that their noses were almost touching. So close that he could smell his familiar scent, overwhelming his senses.

“You deny.” He said simply and before Taehyung could react, Jungkook gripped the front of his shirt and kissed him.


7 years ago


That was the first thing that came to Taehyung’s mind the moment Jungkook’s lips touched his.

It was so undeniably soft and warm like nothing he had ever felt before… Not that he had anything to compare it with. Jungkook, after all, was Taehyung’s first kiss.

“Is that okay?” Jungkook asked as he broke the kiss. Taehyung, still dazed from the light brush of their lips just nodded, tasting try sweetness of marshmallows which Jungkook had been snacking on just a while ago. 

Who knew their usual Friday study session turned into something more…

Jungkook gave him a small smile before placing his lips on his once again and this time, Taehyung moved his lips in sync with his, thinking how he had waited so long for this moment to come. He knew he hated the guy from the beginning, but as time passed and Jungkook became more of a buddy than a bully… Taehyung started seeing him in a different light. Suddenly, his obnoxious way of complaining about exams became quite endearing, his weird  ways of bothering him in his readings became bearable–enjoyable even, and  his voice…his voice became the soundtrack of his day; he would always look forward to the time he would come in to see him, his name painted on his lips. 

He started feeling differently towards him which scared the sh*t out of him at first but later on became more of an acceptable notion.

So he fell? Isn’t love supposed to hurt anyways?

Despite his inexperience, Taehyung was a fast learner and soon he was the one making Jungkook breathless.

“I thought–” Jungkook gasped, his hand gripping the front of Taehyung’s shirt as his lips traveled to his jaw. “You said…” Taehyung kissed him again, smirking at how the younger is coming undone right in front of him. “You’ve never kissed anyone before?!”

“Am I good?” Taehyung asked teasingly, staring at him with bright eyes that it almost made Jungkook laugh at how young and innocent it looked.

“Good.” Jungkook grinned. “For a rookie.” He added before practically pushing him against the wall, returning to where they had left off; showing him who exactly is the better kisser. 


The kiss came as a surprise and Taehyung yelped at the feeling of his lips on his. He tried to push him away but Jungkook was persistent; pressing closer as he gripped his shirt tighter, determined to make him give in.

And he did.

Taehyung would be lying if he said he hadn’t dreamt of this moment in the past two years. All those nights spent at bars, drinking his head off just to forget the thought of him… the thought of Jungkook and the relationship that apparently burned down to ashes.

Taehyung kissed him back, shakily at first, his hands firm on the wall on either side of Jungkook’s head. He was afraid to touch him; afraid that if he did, he’d just might loose it right there.

Jungkook made a deep sound at the back of his throat, his heart swelling at how he had reciprocated.

But as Jungkook snaked his hand to grasp his neck, Taehyung tensed.

“Is that okay?” Jungkook whispered against his lips and Taehyung felt a sense of déjà vu as well as bugging feeling at the back of his head.

“I–” he stuttered before Jungkook smiled and captured his lips again, kissing him passionately. Taehyung was hyper aware of his hands on his body, his warm lips against his. And it felt good…so good.

“I want you back.” Jungkook whispered in between kisses. “I still love you, Taehyung.”

At his words, it’s like everything went to a screeching halt and Taehyung found himself opening his eyes; the flame dying down as fast as it had resurfaced. As Jungkook captured his lips again, Taehyung couldn’t reciprocate for everything suddenly felt… off.  

Jungkook felt his stillness, sensing how he wasn’t kissing him back any longer. He parted from him with a confused look; his chest heaving and his lips slightly swollen. Taehyung couldn’t look at him as he gently removed his hands from his shirt, which was now rumpled from his grip.

“Taehyung…” Jungkook started but Taehyung only looked down, eyebrows furrowing in thought.

“I’m sorry…” Jungkook muttered as he sensed his discomfort, reaching out for him. “I didn’t mean to–”

Taehyung stepped back, looking almost bewildered and–lost. Jungkook stared into his eyes and saw the internal struggle from within him.

“I have to go.” Taehyung mumbled before Jungkook could say anything.

“Tae–” Jungkook caught his hands but Taehyung let it slip out just as soon as they touched.

“Please.” Taehyung pleaded before practically bolting out the lecture hall.

Jungkook cursed the moment he was out the door, fisting his hair in his hands and feeling like the worst person in the world. He leant on the wall and slid down, leaning his head on his knees; feeling like the world just crashed beneath his feet.

For the look he saw in Taehyung’s eyes showed just how much he had messed up…

And just how too late he was to fix it.


Taehyung bolted out the door and almost barelled into someone. He muttered an apology and heard his name but he ignored it and continued to walk away.

I need a drink, he thought as he gasped for air. I need to get away.

He walked briskly to the parking lot, ignoring the stares he was getting as he stumbled through the asphalt.

He hopped into the driver’s seat, throwing his bag to the backseat hastily. He started the engine and gripped the steering wheel, catching sigh of himself through the rearview mirror. 

He gulped at his reflection, seeing his wild eyes, slightly disheveled hair, his rumpled short, and swollen lips. 

“I want you back.” Jungkook said. “I still love you, Taehyung.”

He closed his eyes and huffed, his hands tightening on the steering wheel, before switching the consoles and stepping on the gas like his life depended on it.

to be continued

That was the shortest yet heaviest chapter to write. haha 

Did that answer your questions? What do you think will happen next? :))


queerlyalex  asked:

Your opinion on sushi, hot air balloons, and tumblr user queerlyalex 🤔


i fucking love sushi. it’s like art in your mouth. 

i don’t like eating big meals so sushi is like the perfect reward of not having to eat a lot but that being the intent bc its still filling. i love how fresh it is, the cucumber and sweet potato and avocado. i feel like also, whenever i go out for sushi, i end up trying something new? which i really enjoy as an experience. the first time i had sushi i tried baby octopus and it was a really cool sensory eat. 

hot air balloons:

i feel like my views on hot air balloons are a little obvious but - we should build cities on them. i want to live on a hot air balloon. take me away from the earth and send me into the welcoming arms of the air. 


how do you describe a babe like alex ♫

alex has been a wonderful addition to my dashboard and my life. i love how alex cultivates spaces to be neatly organized and happily gendered and beautifully fulfilled. there’s a particular care and craftsman ship in alex’s hands that i would trust in my home and in my heart. what i wish i could impress better upon them is how truly much they are supported day to day, how very highly all of us around them think of their unrelenting strength and everlasting wit. 

the other day i went to alex’s about and saw that the ‘it hurts to become’ quote on there and smiled sooooo big and felt so wonderfully warm and connected. and tbh, i think that’s the generally feel of alex as a person; safe and homey. 

The Battle Of Hogwarts ( Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Description -Helloo!! Umm can you do one where’s the reader is Draco girlfriend and when the battle of Hogwarts begin, Draco stay with the reader and fight along side harry potter and all fluffy at the end If you want to change a bit its no problem And if your busy i completely understand P.s i love your story -ardelian

Warnings- It’s set during battle of Hogwarts so take what you want from that but I can say there is no death mentioned  except the obvious Voldemort and Harry’s sorta of dead thing he has going on for that few minutes.

The shield makes no noise when it is  destroyed but I can see it burning, small parts shriveling up and floating down like embers from a campfire. Large bits burning and making huge holes which connect together until nothing is left and the war we were all expecting suddenly becomes very real.

There is the shortest pause between the destruction of the shield and when the death eaters come storming in, but it’s not long  enough to lets us even run or for many to take out there wands, only short enough to let us accept that it has happened.

I find my self running up the stairs with no destination, not having a plan because up until a minute ago I was safe. I pass a few people running down, which should be my first warning or that they were screaming but I put it down hysterics. When I arrive at the top floor I’m sent tumbling to the ground, I don’t see anything except from a trail of black smoke.

I push myself off the ground to come face to face with a man dressed in black, wand pointed at me, grinning menacingly.

Before I have the chance to move a flash of blue light passes me and the assumed death eater falls to ground groaning. I spin round to see my savoir and gasp.

“Draco."I mumble and he quickly walks towards me, pulling me down a short corridor, out of site to everyone else.

We don’t speak, he just pulls me closer and puts his lips on mine. The softest kiss we’ve shared in a long time. I can’t help but let the tears fall from my eyes. He pulls away, hand on my cheeks, wiping my tears away with his thumbs.

"What’s wrong?”

“You came back, I thought I was never going to see you again,"I sob.

"I couldn’t help it, I missed you so much,” He explains, planting another kiss on  on my lips.

“I love you,”

“I love you too,"I see even Draco has tears that threaten to spill.

After about a minute of crying and kissing I realise something.

"Draco, what about all this war, what do we do?"I ask and he gulps.

"I came back to save Hogwarts, if that means helping Potter then I’ll just have to deal with it,”

“But, your family…”

“Mother will get over it when she knows I’m happy and by the time we’re like forty Father while probably get over it,”

“Are you sure? They’re your family-”

“So are you, and I love you,”

“I love you too,” I say, leaning in to kiss him again when suddenly a familiar cackle of a notorious death eater  interrupts us.

“What do we have here? A couple?,” The voice is that of Bellatrix, she gasps “My nephew at that!”

I gulp loudly, Draco squeezes my hand as if to reassure me, it doesn’t work.

“Just wait until Daddy finds out,” She laughs.

“(Y/N), on the count of three, we’re going to run,"Draco whispers in my ear  and I nod. Draco counts quietly but before he gets to one Bellatrix puts down her wand.

"I think I’ll let Lucius sort  this one himself,"She smiles before apparating away.

"Come one,"Draco says, pulling me out of the corridor and together we stumble down the corridors.

"Malfoy!"The voice is especially familiar.

Stood in front of us is Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, wands pointed at Draco.

"Don’t! He’s here to help!"I shout.

Ron takes one look at our intertwined finger and sighs.

"Bloody hell!”

“Do anything death eater-ish I’ll kill you ,” He spits but holds his hand out for Draco to shake which he does.

“Okay now that’s sorted we sort of have a war to fight…"I remind them and they nod and together we run down the stairs, ready to fight,”

The courtyard goes silent as the body of Harry Potter is presented to us all. I hear Ginny cry out. I feel tears in my eyes again and I hide my face in Draco’s side and he puts an arm around my shoulder.

We stand like this for a few minutes, I blank out for a few seconds and snap back to reality as Voldemort is inviting Draco to join them. I notice everyone’s eyes are on us. Draco pulls away and panic takes over me for a second until I feel his warm hands in mine.

He says nothing, Lucius is hissing his name from across the courtyard desperately but Draco shakes his head.

In the end Harry woke up and killed Voldemort. After Draco  and I go to an empty class room to talk.

“Draco are you okay about not getting to be with your family?"I ask him

"Yeah, it will just take a while though, to get over I mean,”

“I’ll help you, I promise,”

“I know you will,"He says, bending down and kissing the top of my head. "I love you,”

“I love you too,”

(Author’s note- Sorry for half ass ending, I’m lazy and an arsehole but I hope this is okay)