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The Battle Of Hogwarts ( Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Description -Helloo!! Umm can you do one where’s the reader is Draco girlfriend and when the battle of Hogwarts begin, Draco stay with the reader and fight along side harry potter and all fluffy at the end If you want to change a bit its no problem And if your busy i completely understand P.s i love your story -ardelian

Warnings- It’s set during battle of Hogwarts so take what you want from that but I can say there is no death mentioned  except the obvious Voldemort and Harry’s sorta of dead thing he has going on for that few minutes.

The shield makes no noise when it is  destroyed but I can see it burning, small parts shriveling up and floating down like embers from a campfire. Large bits burning and making huge holes which connect together until nothing is left and the war we were all expecting suddenly becomes very real.

There is the shortest pause between the destruction of the shield and when the death eaters come storming in, but it’s not long  enough to lets us even run or for many to take out there wands, only short enough to let us accept that it has happened.

I find my self running up the stairs with no destination, not having a plan because up until a minute ago I was safe. I pass a few people running down, which should be my first warning or that they were screaming but I put it down hysterics. When I arrive at the top floor I’m sent tumbling to the ground, I don’t see anything except from a trail of black smoke.

I push myself off the ground to come face to face with a man dressed in black, wand pointed at me, grinning menacingly.

Before I have the chance to move a flash of blue light passes me and the assumed death eater falls to ground groaning. I spin round to see my savoir and gasp.

“Draco."I mumble and he quickly walks towards me, pulling me down a short corridor, out of site to everyone else.

We don’t speak, he just pulls me closer and puts his lips on mine. The softest kiss we’ve shared in a long time. I can’t help but let the tears fall from my eyes. He pulls away, hand on my cheeks, wiping my tears away with his thumbs.

"What’s wrong?”

“You came back, I thought I was never going to see you again,"I sob.

"I couldn’t help it, I missed you so much,” He explains, planting another kiss on  on my lips.

“I love you,”

“I love you too,"I see even Draco has tears that threaten to spill.

After about a minute of crying and kissing I realise something.

"Draco, what about all this war, what do we do?"I ask and he gulps.

"I came back to save Hogwarts, if that means helping Potter then I’ll just have to deal with it,”

“But, your family…”

“Mother will get over it when she knows I’m happy and by the time we’re like forty Father while probably get over it,”

“Are you sure? They’re your family-”

“So are you, and I love you,”

“I love you too,” I say, leaning in to kiss him again when suddenly a familiar cackle of a notorious death eater  interrupts us.

“What do we have here? A couple?,” The voice is that of Bellatrix, she gasps “My nephew at that!”

I gulp loudly, Draco squeezes my hand as if to reassure me, it doesn’t work.

“Just wait until Daddy finds out,” She laughs.

“(Y/N), on the count of three, we’re going to run,"Draco whispers in my ear  and I nod. Draco counts quietly but before he gets to one Bellatrix puts down her wand.

"I think I’ll let Lucius sort  this one himself,"She smiles before apparating away.

"Come one,"Draco says, pulling me out of the corridor and together we stumble down the corridors.

"Malfoy!"The voice is especially familiar.

Stood in front of us is Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, wands pointed at Draco.

"Don’t! He’s here to help!"I shout.

Ron takes one look at our intertwined finger and sighs.

"Bloody hell!”

“Do anything death eater-ish I’ll kill you ,” He spits but holds his hand out for Draco to shake which he does.

“Okay now that’s sorted we sort of have a war to fight…"I remind them and they nod and together we run down the stairs, ready to fight,”

The courtyard goes silent as the body of Harry Potter is presented to us all. I hear Ginny cry out. I feel tears in my eyes again and I hide my face in Draco’s side and he puts an arm around my shoulder.

We stand like this for a few minutes, I blank out for a few seconds and snap back to reality as Voldemort is inviting Draco to join them. I notice everyone’s eyes are on us. Draco pulls away and panic takes over me for a second until I feel his warm hands in mine.

He says nothing, Lucius is hissing his name from across the courtyard desperately but Draco shakes his head.

In the end Harry woke up and killed Voldemort. After Draco  and I go to an empty class room to talk.

“Draco are you okay about not getting to be with your family?"I ask him

"Yeah, it will just take a while though, to get over I mean,”

“I’ll help you, I promise,”

“I know you will,"He says, bending down and kissing the top of my head. "I love you,”

“I love you too,”

(Author’s note- Sorry for half ass ending, I’m lazy and an arsehole but I hope this is okay)

Pidge Gunderson is the AFAB GNC character we all need

Even if Voltron: Legendary Defender was a mediocre show (which it wasn’t, it was pretty good overall in my opinion, but this isn’t an analysis on the show in its entirety), it still had Pidge, and Pidge is important.

This post is going to be full of spoilers, so I hope you’ve either watched the show or don’t mind the spoilers (though in my opinion the “big reveal” was pretty obvious and I actually spoiled it for myself because I had to know if what they were hinting at was actually what was going to happen). I also want to apologize ahead of time for my ramblings and parenthetical commentary throughout this post. I just have a lot of feelings and I wanted to write something out about them and I’ve been out of school for two years and haven’t written anything analytical in a long time and I’m just really excited and passionate and kind of rambly, so please bear with me! (I’m also going to be vaguely referencing things because I’m too lazy and frankly don’t have to time to go through and cite every example. Just watch or re-watch the show if you’re curious)

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more americans voted for hillary than any other losing presidential candidate in united states history, but we will mention in our article that she’s actually in 3rd place if we’re talking about the actual percentage of voters, so its obvious to everyone that what we really mean is the actual number of voters which is obviously going to grow with population so our article isnt really saying much

Women in RPGs

I’m going to be honest. I have had a much easier time being a woman in the RPG culture than in any other genre of nerd fandom.  For obvious reasons, too.  First, I play with a primary group, which is deliberately constructed for the comfort of its members.  We are very selective, and there’s no room for misogyny at our table. I have had a much harder time with video games and online discussion boards, but I don’t blog about those so I’ll talk about Tabletop RPGs and let you find any of the countless blogs that discuss sexism online and in video game culture.

The issues I have seen have mostly been in public settings.  I’ve played at local game stores a few times, and that’s where most sexism pops up.  There’s the accidental background sexism, where most fighters are assumed to be men and what women exist in game tend to be in need of help, motherly, or manipulative spy women.  Those are easy enough to fix and when I’ve brought them up, the DM has worked to change it.  There’s also the more insidious sexism, though, where the issue tends not to be in character and game, but in the physical world outside the game.

I’ve had people talk to me like I have no clue what I am doing.  (I’m, uh, pretty damn mechanics fluent).  I’ve had people assume my character is female because I am female, and then go on to sexualize “her”.  (This once resulted in the line “Okay you successfully “accidentally” brush your hand against my chest.  Your pinky probably brushes against some chest hair.  I get an awkward erection”.)  And possibly even worse, I’ve had people assume my criticisms of a game were based on my gender.  (No, sir, it is not my ovaries that think a DM should not go “your character has a heart attack and dies”, it’s just, idunno, that I’m a better DM than you.)

And the result is not pretty.  I have run a handful of campaigns, now, each successful.  I’ve played regularly for the last three years, and sporadically for a couple of years before that.  I find myself researching various mechanics probably at least once a day.  There is no reason that I should ever feel like I’m not being taken seriously, and yet, games with strangers make me nervous.  I tend to avoid playing female characters with a new group.  I tend to avoid playing an emotional character with a new group.  

Sexism just makes a game… less fun.  For me AND for you, because if I’m not roleplaying up to par, you’re not getting the fully immersive experience you could be getting while participating in this roleplaying game.

Naturally, it’s hard to bring this up in a group because complaints are so often dismissed.  But it is something that’s been heavily on my mind now that I’m building a campaign for a local game store.  How will I DM people who do not inherently trust me because of my gender when so much of what makes a successful DM is that they are trustworthy?  Well, I’ll figure it out because it’s my job to figure it out.

I will end this little pondering on a positive note, though.  Paizo is an excellent company when it comes to gender in their games. I don’t really play many of their campaigns, but the handful I have played had an even distribution of male and female characters.  I play much more heavily with their mechanics, and it hasn’t escaped my attention that many class descriptions use the pronoun “she”.  I have an addiction to Pathfinder Pawns, and I love that some women are dressed sexy and some aren’t.  Some are old, some are young, some have boob windows, some are in full suits of armor, and there is even racial diversity amongst them.  I get that choice, as a player, and I love having that choice.

Because being comfortable in an RPG is incredibly important.  That’s why so many groups, mine included, are super exclusive. Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, and all the others are group games.  The enjoyment of the game relies on the teamwork and friendship of the group.  Making one player uncomfortable (not in game, where of course there has to be tension, but around the table, where everything should run smooth) is a great way to destroy a campaign for every player.  But when everyone is comfortable and trusting and excited, Pathfinder (and other such games) is one of the most enjoyable, accessible experiences available in nerd culture.

The birth of a child is supposed to be one of the happiest moments in a person’s life … but sometimes, things don’t go as planned. If a child is born prematurely or disabled, then instead of the loving arms of its mom and dad, it goes straight to the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), a.k.a. the saddest place on Earth. We decided to learn more about these anti-Disneylands, so we reached out to a registered NICU nurse. She wanted to remain anonymous, for reasons which will become obvious…

We Can Let Babies Die: 6 Realities Of Neonatal Nursing

Steven´s dreams

So in “Chille Tid” we fond out steven has dream powers and he can communicate with others. Now,this might be stretching it,but i decided to see if there´s any meanings behind Steven´s dreams. This isn´t like the cosmic owl from AT,in which we know 100% those dreams mean something,but i think its worth a try.

The first thing to mention is the fact that steven dreamed of going to a school dance with Connie. This proves that Steven does in fact have a crush on Connie (if it wasnt obvious enough). 

Notice how all the gems are human. This might symbolize the fact that Steven wants to be more human and less of a gem. In “We Need To Talk” the final scene foreshadowed this and we might get an episode of steven dealing with the fact that he´s both a gem and a human

The second dream might mean nothing but perhaps its symbolizing peridot and how she escaped? The fact that the dog meowed instead of barking might mean that peridot is not who we think she is.

Pearl´s giant face might capture the moment pearl went to sleep.Also,her eating steven and then spitting him giving him a boost might mean how pearl sometimes does bad stuff (like in Sworn to the Sword) but in the end,she really loves steven.

Now one weird thing that happened is that steven said “i can wish for anything i want,like smashed potato”  and a whale appears. This might symbolize steven isn´t as strong as the other gems.

This isnt the only time tough…

This might foreshadow a future encounter with a whale.The circumstances i dont know.

That´s all i have for now.Let me know if this theory makes any sense to you and if there´s anything to add

I just realized:

In Keeping it Together we see the monstrous non-consensual fusion created by the Homeworld forcing gems to fuse:

Then I remembered we saw another large, multi-gem shard creature back in Giant Woman:

You can see in Big Bird that the gems are separate, in fact they seem bubbled which is more in common with a regular fusion where eahc gem is visible and distinct. But the principle seems the same, its a fusion of many shards and their monsters and they form smaller creatures around the separated shards:

We also know that the more harmonious the relationship between the fused parts the more humanoid the fusion is, Garnet and Stevonnie contrasted to Malachite being the obvious example.

So is Big Bird for all its mindless monstrosity actually the remnants of a consensual Crystal Gem fusion? Is it the gem shard equivalent of animals flocking together for mutual protection? What’s going? I’m sure someone has already asked these questions? Why I am writing about Steven Universe at three in the morning?

i think a lot of the reason psmd is so successful as a game is how well it understands its audience.

like, i love the early pmd games with all my heart, and i always will, theyre incredibly important to me. and i still think theyre excellent games. but its pretty obvious from the way the dialogue and tutorials are set up that those games were written with pretty young children in mind. which is not a bad thing! most of us were young children when we played those games, i myself was only 10 when the first came out. but it can get kinda frustrating for older players who want to go back and relive the glory days after growing up. psmd, on the other hand, while still being undeniably a children’s game, has more complex characters and realistic writing, and it expects its audience to be able to understand those things.

other than that, psmd was practically tailor-made for adults who grew up with the series. its still accessible to children and newcomers, but theres no denying that appealing to nostalgia was a huge factor. even besides the zillions of references and missions based in the previous games, theres a lot of aspects of the story that seem like a direct nod to veterans of the series. right at the beginning, one of the hero’s lines implies that they either dont know their age or feel like an adult/teenager in a child’s body, almost like they expect the player to be much older. and right from there, how many of us have sat back and thought about where the partner’s family is, or why theyre allowed to go on all these dangerous missions being as young as they are? those are both addressed here. even the aspect of the partner having a much more important role in the story than the hero acknowledges that nowadays most of us are more interested in pre-existing characters than our own avatar. and i dont think we even need to talk about the end of the game, and why it was so shocking. 

as for the gameplay, the noticeable spike in difficulty and added complexities like emeras could also be explained by expecting older, more experienced players. and of course theres a ton of aspects carried over from the older games that are often not only preserved, but improved upon (ESCORT MISSIONS).

again, its not like this game would be impossible for kids who’ve never touched the series before to get into. like the others, its pretty standalone, at least in its main plot. but the way the tried-and-true story plays with expectations and in some cases goes even deeper and darker than we expected is like….. dang, they knew a lot of 20-year-olds were going to be buying this. and im one of them. and i loved it.

Tonight's episode

I just realized that no matter what happens next week or for the rest of the season or show, I DONT WANT TO BE IN A WORLD WITHOUT STILES AND LYDIA MOMENTS. We are in a key point in which it’s obvious how much the both care for each other, they want to keep the other alive and its willing to go through hell and back for the other’s safety. That kind of connection never dies. We all knew Stiles always put Lydia’s life before his, that hasn’t changed. But it’s also now, Lydia who wants to keep him safe. She has been though so much pain lately, and here he is now, saving her but she is like no, you will die, go please. You know the old Lydia would have begged him to save her, now she is begging him to leave. He might have left the room, but he didn’t leave her for good.
And the. We have the promo in which Stiles wants to break the door so he can stop Lydia from suffering, it’s clear that her pain is also his pain (does she know that we bleed the same?). We will get to see him finally saving her (I still think Parrish is the one who carries her tbh). The rest, we can only wait.
What I mean is that, for me, Stiles and Lydia are so important in each other’s lives, I can’t imagine a Lydia without her partner in crime, and same goes to Stiles. It doesn’t matter if it’s friendship or romantically (fingers crossed) I need Stydia moments like I need air, the evolution of their story will always be one of the best written. And to everyone who still says we invent things, I think you are the one who is blind or is in denial to see such good chemistry and that emotional tether that it’s pretty much intact.

The way Shelby Alex & Morgan keep whining to the cameras saying “Americuhhhhh just please vote in our favor pls pls pls mom & dad pls tell everyone to vote for us to be safe blah blah blah” SHUT THE FUCK UP OH MY GOD it should be pretty obvious by now that we hate your side and aren’t going to vote to keep y'all safe GIVE IT UP SIS and by the way they’re so dumb saying that America will see how everyone else (like Danielle) is acting and we’ll be on their side but it’s like EXACTLY !!!!!! We ARE seeing how everyone is acting, YOU just can’t get it through your entitled & bigoted ass heads that YOU are the ones we have a problem with ???