so its not the best

I did it the exchange fic is done
I mean, it’s rough af but it’s done
I had to get an extension but it’s done
It’s 3 am but it’s done

I can’t stop thinking about what werebear aka the other half of this blog aka Fic Beta and Nervous and Needy Writer Wrangler Par Excellence said to me earlier tonight when I called her in a panicky haze of writer’s block

Me: Last night I liked it but then hours later I reread it and hated every word passionately
Right now I kinda like it but I can feel the hate building

Werebear: well, I like it, so I will like it FOR you, until you’re ready to like it again.

And that’s just

The the kindest and most supportive thing???

LAST DAY OF EXAMS TODAY!!! It’s been a tough month but after 34 days of intense studying i finally finished it!! i get my results on 17th august and that’s when i’ll know whether or not i got accepted into my top uni but i tried my best and i have no regrets so yeah! summer is finally here so now i have loads of free time wooo i miss you all! also i’m going to vietnam in 2 days as well as singapore and i’m going to music bank to see bangtan while i’m there❤️🎉🎉🎉

Listen I’m bi as Heck and as much as I love girls, I also love boys? Boys are amazing and pure and liking boys is a wonderful feeling? I never see a lot of posts talking about cute boys so

Some Boy Aesthetics™ I’m in love with include:

Their tired grins? Have you seen a cute boy grin when he’s tired? Life Changing

Sleeves rolled up to forearms is all good and Well but also when they have Sweater Paws in their hoodies or jumpers? Makes the tallest of them seem so smol? I’m lov?

When they run their hand through their hair and it sticks up in places and it looks So Good

Collar Bones

Soft pudgy stomachs they absolutely make me melt

When ya boy gets flustered A++ Bonus points if he giggles Boys giggling is Everything


🍞 🍞


I think I need to see everything that’s not the inside of a hospital. I need to travel and explore and hike and breathe. I want to breathe it all in, away from the monitors, and the blood, and the sterile gowns. Away from saving other people’s lives, I want my own. It’s time I live my own. 

Thank you for Stephanie Edwards, @jerrika


Apart from the opening theme and the songs performed at the end of each episode, Twin Peaks season 3′s first music cue occurs when Bobby Briggs sees Laura Palmer’s portrait. The song played is Laura’s Theme.