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two rotten apples [m]

credit: x.

❛❛we’re next-door neighbors and have hated each other since middle school but now we’re going to the same university how can we avoid the other person like the plague so there isn’t a crime scene— what do you mean you promised my mom you would keep an eye on me???? you fucking planned this❜❜ AU

COUNT → 16.053

GENRE → smut | eventual angst

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → dom and sub tones | spanking | hair pulling | praising | explicit language | female masturbation | graphic oral sex | penetration


There was always that one person at parties—that one person who hid in a bathtub somewhere so they didn’t have to contribute to society’s norms of choking on their own vomit and passing out cuddling a pink garden gnome.

Or maybe that was just you.

Then again, it wasn’t just any party you were hiding in a bathtub at—it wasn’t some rager that had frat boys downstairs chugging so much alcohol that their livers probably looked like fucking dried out asparagus—it was your high school graduation party. And maybe you’d attended only the lamest graduation parties in your eighteen years of life, but there was no alcohol here—only fruit punch. Yet, there you were, still hiding in a bathtub for some fucking reason with a piece of chocolate cake balanced in your lap.

You should probably reiterate that it was your party, which makes things worse since normally you don’t hide in a bathtub when you’re the guest of honor.

Normally—but this was not a normal circumstance.

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please stop reblogging this post

i made this post, and i never expected it to reach past like … 20 notes which wouldve been just all my friends who actually know about charm

im very uncomfortable with the amount of reblogs this post has gotten. i am very uncomfortable with how it has spread to places that i do not, to people who i’ll never know.

do you know how many people have asked me to use charms name for their npc/dnd character? too many

do you know how many people have used charm’s name without telling me they have, resulting in me probably never finding out about it? i dont and that makes me so fucking uncomfortable.

first and foremost, before charm dimeshore is a punny name, he is MY character. i made him lonnggggg before i came up with his name. charm dimeshore is just charm to me, and he is a character who i have poured my heart and soul into. he’s one of my favorite characters and his story means so much to me.

and i dont want anyone taking that away from me

i DO NOT want charm dimeshores name to be stripped away from him by people i dont know, to be used for their own characters by people who know nothing about charm or how he came to decide on his name as a trans man

i have given like…five people permission to use his name for npcs but ive given them very specific guidelines, because otherwise? it just feels fucking disgusting. it just feels like stealing. 

charm dimeshore is more than a name to me, and i dont like how likely it is that someone could steal him from me and ruin him without my knowledge

and dont you dare tell me that im overreacting. dont you dare tell me that “its just a name”. because its not. its not

so unless youre matt fucking mercer or some bullshit, do NOT come to me and ask to use his name for an npc

and if you do it anyway? im disgusted by you. you disgust me, and you honestly dont understand how painful it is to me to have charm become much bigger than myself and risk losing him

please stop reblogging that post. instead, if you want to, reblog this one.

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Hello! I was wondering if I could please request boyfriend!Tae ? Thank you! ^_^

Originally posted by bwipsul

  • y'all go on walks a lot and always get distracted by puppers
  • “LOOK at its eyes it’s so cute”
  • a dog might steal your boyfriend away
  • tae LOVES being affectionate
  • i don’t mean kissing and stuff like that i mean like he loves holding hands or his arm around ur shoulder while y'all are walking
  • or putting his hand in ur back jean pocket
  • he’d like kissing you but not in public
  • he’d want that to be for just you two
  • like y'all are out all day and he doesn’t kiss u but as soon as u get home he showers u in kisses
  • likes to sit on the couch with your head in his lap so he can play with you hair
  • is very much a dreamer and is always talking about your future family
  • “babe we would have the cUTe s T children ever they’d have ur looks and my talent”
  • is super silly and playful but can defo be serious at times
  • like if youre sad he listens to you and gives you physical support
  • he probably wouldn’t be too good at giving advice but he’d definitely sit with you and make sure you feel better before you two go to bed
  • on nights you’re feeling down he’ll baby the hell outta you
  • “do you want some tea? i can run to the store and get your favorite foods!”
  • he ends up in bed with you, cuddling, and he’s just giving u kisses all over your face and playing with your hair and telling you reassuring things
  • “baby you’re so strong and powerful and so many people look up to you, i promise you’re good enough. too good”
  • and if he’s sad you do the same
  • he likes linking pinkies
  • probably likes going to fancy events because you can dress up and he loves seeing you in fancy clothing
  • he likes you hugging him from behind bc you’re so small and he feels comfortable
  • like y'all are grocery shopping and he’s looking at something & you come up from behind and wrap ur arms around his waist & peak ur head around him to see what he’s looking at
  • and he meLTs bc you’re tiny and he loves you
  • probably says he loves you every 10 seconds
  • loves telling ppl y'all are dating
  • he’s like “L. O OOK this is y/n they’re the loml and we’re gonna adopt 28 puppies & have 6 kids they’re super cute LOOK this is my favorite photo of them”
  • he end up rambling and the ppl he’s talking to are like “i want him to shut up but it’s so cute he’s so fond of them”
  • jimin hanging out with y'all a lot bc they’re stuck at the hip
  • “this is my boyfriend taehyung, and his boyfriend jimin”
  • jimin is the only pupper u need
  • taehyung would care for you so MUCH
  • he’d die anytime you do SOMETHING cute
  • would be the best boyfriend ever trust me
  • like if y'all have fights and he gets rlly mad he leaves the room and calms down and then comes back and it doesn’t matter who’s wrong or whatever he’d come hug you and be like
  • “i’m sorry baby i love you please don’t go”
  • he’d get sad after fights because people do stupid shit when they’re mad and he doesn’t want to accidentally do something he’d regret because he doesn’t want to lose you
  • constantly kissing ur cheeks
  • the type to kiss ur neck but not like in a sexual way
  • like he hugs you a rests his head in the crook of ur neck and just placed a small kiss there
  • but if he’s ;) in the mood ;) he’ll probably tease the hellllllll out of you 
  • the type to get you all riled up and then ruin it by going and playing with an animal 
  • likes using his hands ;))))))))) a lot ;))))))))))) 
  • if you’re horny chances are he is too 
  • sometimes he tries teasing u in public and ur like ?????? “tae you’ll try fingering me at dinner but won’t kiss me” he just winks 

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the scene from tkm where neil asks what andrew would give him and andrew responds with "don't ask questions you already know the answer to" kills me because not only would andrew do anything for neil even before they got together, neil later says the same to andrew. it's so Good!!

HONESTLY!! THEY WOULD GIVE EACH OTHER THE WORLD IF THEY COULD!! like andrew could ask for the moon and neil would genuinely try to steal the fuckin moon

you know one of the things I love most about yousana is how they have pretty similar fashion styles that sana could easily steal yousefs hoodies and jackets and the only thing weird is that it’s a little too big for her,,,,,, but in hoodies and such since she likes big hoodies some of them would literally look like they’re hers,,,,,,,, and that’s adorable and yousef would love to see her in his clothes and sana would love to wear his clothes and wow,,,, they are so in love,,,,,,,

Reyna Writes: Back To Us [COMPLETED - 8/7/17]

(art by @edendaphne; do not steal, edit, or repost)

It all happened so fast that it almost felt like time stood still.

           One moment, Reyna was rushing in, even as the beast roared and spewed fire to deter her—

           The next moment, Fin had found its mark.

           And the beast was undone.

           It gave one last final roar, the earth shaking underfoot from the force of it. But in the end, there was nothing it could do to halt its demise—cinders ate away at the edges of the beast, giving it a slow-burning death until nothing remained…

           Nothing, except for a leather-bound book, opened to the last page, the edges charred. The sword was no longer a sword…but a black fountain pen, ink dripping from the tip as it rested against the last page, where freshly penned words were still drying at the bottom:

           ‘The End’.

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Characters : Jerome Valeska, Reader, Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock
Warnings : Cursing
Summary : (Y/n) wants to be a cop, just like her father Jim Gordon, but after following her father on a case gone wrong, she finds herself face to face with one of Gotham’s most feared psychopaths.


“C'mon, I’ve been studying this case, I’ve been watching the news, I’ve read the reports. I know what we’re up against and I know how to work this.” You scrambled around the station, following your father, Jim Gordon’s, every move. The moment he found out that the blind fortune teller was still in town, he was all over the place. You weren’t letting him leave without you again.

“That’s not the point, (Y/n).” You could tell he was holding back his annoyance with you. It was the same way he had been speaking to Lee since the second Essen announced that the Arkham inmates had escaped.

“I know the point. I’m telling you that I can do this. I could be the one to lead you to these loonies! All you have to is let me-” Your dad spun around on his heels, a fire in his eyes, and you knew you were getting on his last nerve.

“Enough! You’re not going!” He yelled, silencing the station for a good second and a half. Detective Bullock looked at you with raised brows before shaking his head almost apologetically. After your dad stormed off, Bullock walked towards you.

“You know how your dad gets when he’s stressed. As soon as this case is closed and Jermone Valeska is back in Arkham, everything will be back to normals.. or, as normal as things get around here.” Bullock put a hand out and you looked at him curiously before placing your hand in his. “You’re gonna be one hell of a cop one day, kid.” He told you, and you felt the paper pressed from his palm to yours and took it quickly.

“Thank you, Harvey.” You smiled at him, earning a nod in response. After he left behind your father, you finally looked at the paper.

The blind fortune teller’s address.


One good thing that came out of having such a strict father, you can move as quickly as a rabbit and as quietly as a mouse. These things come in handy while sneaking out of the house. You moved through the corridor, effectively staying far enough behind the two cops to not be caught, but close enough to hear what they were saying.

“You know, (Y/n) has the nerve and the determination that it takes for the job.” Harvey said and you smirked. That man was the only reason you were even allowed to leave the house, always talking some sense into your father. “She’s just like you, Jim.”

“Yeah, that’s what worries me.” Your dad replied and you shook your head, rolling your eyes. There was a knock on the door and you took your chance to peak around the corner, keeping one hand flat on the wall behind you so that you wouldn’t lose your balance. “GCPD! Mr Cicero, it’s detective Gordon. We need to speak about your son.” Your father called out. There was too much hesitation on the other side of the door. You wanted to yell for him to kick it in when you heard Mr Cicero groan in pain.

“Shit.” You cursed as your dad and Harvey kicked in the door, but you knew it was too late. You turned to hurry back down the hall when you heard commotion from inside the apartment.

“Harvey!” Your dad yelled and you were at the door in a flash. There was a blue smoke in the air and your dad was pushing past you, swaying on his feet. You crouched down beside Harvey as your dad fell over and then you moved to him.


“(Y/n), what are you-” He was out before he could finish and you were starting to feel the effect of the gas too.

“Oh, looky, looky! What do we have here?”

You tried to stand up and face the familiar voice but your vision was starting to blur. All you could see was a tall figure walking towards you, coming in and out of focus. The red hair and pale skin stuck a nerve within you and you instantly knew who it was stalking closer and closer.

“J-Jerome?” You stuttered out and you heard that cruel laugh you had only ever heard on the television.

“Have we met?” Jerome leaned towards you, and you hit the wall, trying to stay on your feet, but the air around you felt so heavy. You slid to the floor, your head lolling over as you lost consciousness. “I wonder who you belong to..” The red headed maniac looked between you and Harvey. “Unlikely.” He reached into your pocket, pulling out what looked to be a student ID. “(Y/n) Gordon. Now, that, I can see. Well, babydoll, you’re coming with me.” Jerome picked up your limp figure, tossing you over his shoulder. “Sorry, old pal, better luck next time, huh?”


You could hear the footsteps around you, pacing and tapping as you started to regain your consciousness. Your head spun for a moment and then you could open your eyes. He was there. He was just watching you, like a snake stalking its prey and you were just the snack he was looking for.

“I didn’t know Detective Gordon had a daughter.” Jerome moved forward, crouching down so that he was at your level. You still felt weak, but you were awake. You tugged on your wrists only to find them tied down to a chair, along with your feet. “What a paranoid guy that Jim is, keeping you all locked away for no one to find. It’s like he thought someone would steal you away from him or something! Oh, wait..” Jerome laughed at that. You looked around as the boy babbled on, cracking jokes about your situation. It seemed to be only the two of you in the room right now, but there had to be other people in the building. You thought about screaming, but before you could even open your mouth, Jerome gripped you by the jaw. He smirked as you glared daggers into his green eyes. “You’re so pretty.” He pressed his face against the side of yours, inhaling your scent. “And you smell so sweet.. I wonder if you taste-” He leaned in to press his lips against yours, but you jumped suddenly, snapping your teeth in an animal like manner.

“Piss off.” You growled when the ginger jumped back from you only to burst out in laughter.

“Oh, I like you.” He pointed a finger in your face and it took a lot of restraint not to try to bite him again. “You’re going to be so much fun to play with.” Jerome held your face with both of his hands, pressing his forehead against yours.

“What are you going to do to me?” You asked, the reality of the situation beginning to sink in. You were being held captive. You didn’t know for sure if your father and Harvey made it out of that apartment complex. And you were face to face with one of the most feared serial killers in Gotham at the moment. You might not make it out of this one alive, and for what? Because you wanted to play detective?

“I’m going to set you free.” Jerome shrugged, pulling away from you. You furrowed your brows in confusion. He wouldn’t just be letting you waltz on out of here. That wasn’t in his nature.

“Set me free?” You uttered.

“You’re a prisoner of your own mind, my pretty little detective, and I’m going to be your hero.” He spun around a few times, making a show out of his little speech. “You see, with a father like Jim Gordon, who wouldn’t be a little crazy?” Jerome laughed and you shook your head in annoyance. “I’m just going to help you embrace the craziness that I see in those big (y/e/c) eyes of yours.. and then, you’ll be free.” He left you with a smile that sent a shiver down your spine, and then, you were alone in the room.

You threw your head back, thinking of how scared your father must be. “What have I gotten myself into?” You whispered to no one.

Feet and Fins

Originally posted by nochuie

Mer!Jungkook au x reader

Fantasy AU, Medieval-ish century

Word count: 11k

Romance, some warnings of “death” and gruesome mentions involved

A/N: after weeks of not posting since of guard stuff and homework, i have brought you guys a jungkook mermaid fic on my birthday :) 

It’s only about twelve, midnight as the clock handles strike at the top and the moon glimmering with its pale and porcelain tinting the world with it’s glow, but that was a sight not many would see as t into bed before hey are tucked creatures of the night came to haunt the town of Marciles. Havoc reeks the scent of blood and the smell of sewage, casting upon traces that the demonic beings left as they raided and swooped villagers from their homes. However, it’s happened only a few days in a week and most lords that were in charge of their areas paid knights to protect the peasants from the grossing amount of pillage and scarring beasts that the fighters would have to ward off. Some of these creatures even own land or travel around, haunting those they passed by like Minotaurs who loved to take upon the gems and women, slicing off limbs and decapitating heads of those who were in the way.

But it hasn’t happened to your area yet, and you didn’t think it was for a while.

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tl;dr im a transphobic bigot

im really tired of nb people (or any other gender that isnt male or female/cis or trans) acting like they understand trans struggles. im tired of being lumped together with them. im tired of people assuming im a radical sjw because of them, because theyre what people think of when they think about trans. im tired of people telling me that you dont need to experience dysphoria to be trans, and quite honestly, this is the thing that hits the hardest. although my transitions been going about as smooth as it could go, its still been hard because of dysphoria, and it was incredibly hard to convince my parents that i was trans. im not trying to throw a pity party, but im tired of people treating being trans as a new fucking haircut or some new fashion statement. because, whether you like it or not, being trans is a fucking mental illness. and no, im not being a transphobic bigot, its a literal mental illness that has been scientifically proven. and so, despite all the things the actual trans community goes through, these people have the audacity to undermine us by stealing our identities and telling us (pretty much) that being trans is a choice (i mean, how could it not be a choice if you dont have to have gender dysphoria? if youre transitioning to a different gender despite being fine with your assigned gender, i really have to just assume youre some pubescent white girl who has too much time on her hands). stop putting yourself under the trans umbrella because trans is not an umbrella term. youre either trans or youre not, and you wont convince me otherwise unless i see actual scientific evidence. you cannot be transgender while also being nonbinary because YOU ARENT FUCKING TRANSITIONING TO ANYTHING. all youre doing is giving yourself a useless label and getting mad when people dont use fucking xi/xer pronouns.

if you are nb/some other gender, let me know how you feel because i always want to hear other peoples perspectives. im going to tag this as a lot of things so i can reach out to people past my followers.

Theory on Rage Powers (Black Magic)

SO! A while back when I was a mod for the analysis from the meteor blog I had made a post that was a little mini theory that proposed the idea of rage players having more than just a berserker state as a power. That power was the exact opposite of white science (which is what hope players seem to use as an energy, examples being Eridan’s white science wand and Jake expelling a shit ton of it as a page) which I deemed so as black magic. Black magic would work in a similar way to white science, in that it is a highly destructive energy, but far more corruptive and generally used for devastating effects depending on the class. Since both Hope and Rage are very heavily related to belief and religious-like themes, black magic would also be powered by belief, but instead of using positive emotions, it’d be negative emotions. Its kinda like the light and dark side of the force if I had to make a reference to something. But while Hope is described in believing in many different things, the power of black magic that Rage players wield would grow stronger the more belief you have in a single thing. That single thing could be anything, from yourself, to friends, to a god, etc.

A thief of rage would rarely use black magic as a means of offense, more so as a means of distraction. The more rage they steal from others, the stronger their black magic becomes. They could use their black magic for mostly passive effects (surprisingly), but only to allow their activeness to become even stronger. Their motivation and ability to take rage from others would grow stronger with each theft, making it easier and easier for them each time. They could cast hexes to make you even more likely to output even more anger, only allowing them to siphon off even more anger from you. A thief of rage would use black magic to create cattle, much like a vampire does for blood. They would use all their black magic to do everything they can to increase the amount of rage, fear, and passion in a session, creating a buffet for them.

Opposed to a thief of rage, a rogue of rage would use black magic to actually balance out a session. Similarly to a thief of rage, they’d use black magic to cast hexes and jinxes to increase rage, but just so that they could redistribute it accordingly to make sure there was no excess. They’d hold to the background, essentially making sure that their session mates wouldn’t turn on each other by using black magic. They’re also incredible in battles when with a teammate, capable of using their black magic to empower their ally, giving them a taste of rage.

Heir is known to both be protected by their aspect, become their aspect, as well as inheriting their aspect. In regards to how an Heir could use black magic, it’d be one of the classes that would have a VERY easy time using it. Using black magic they could surround themselves in an aura of pure black magic, for both defense and offense. Imaging a shield thats constnatly warping and distorting, create and shooting oout spikes tat could keeo enemies far away. Not only that, but the black magic aura could be used to project terrifying images of an opponents fear. If their rage and belief is strong enough an heir could even become this terrifying image, or just prefer being an ever shifting mass of black magic, destroying everything in their path. For those who have seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, this could be similar to the form an obscurus takes, the giant shadowy mass that wreaked havoc across the city of New York.

Maid is a little harder to tackle purely because of the amount of speculation about what their power actually is, but the one that I like the best is maids being “made” of their aspect. A person thats *literally* fucking made of black magic and pure negative energy is a force to be reckoned with. What sets maids apart from heir and witches is that instead of straight up manipulating their aspect or becoming their aspect, they already are their aspect and are able to distribute it to others. I could see a maid of rage using black magic as a literal form of energy, able to fire blasts of black science at her enemies, all the while boosting her own abilities and her teams through supportive black magic, increasing their drive and blood-lust.

Oh boy. Page. Page is an interesting case, they wouldn’t exactly have direct control over their black magic, but they could use a LOT of it. Like holy shit. Think of it like you press a button on the “FUCK ME UP” machine. The page wouldn’t have much access to black magic until they’re fully realized, but when they are they’d be able to use black magic for a variety of destructive effects, whether that being summoning demons, erasing people or things, or hell even creating zombies from the dead. A page might not be in extreme control of their black magic, but they would be extremely powerful when it comes to actually using it for insane effects.

While some of the other classes would sue black magic for rather flashy effects and powers, the Knight would use it in the most efficient (and badass) way possible. A knight of rage could either embue their weapons with negative energy, using their weapon as a conduit for destruction and corruption, or flat out creating weapons from it. The mere sight of seeing a knight of rage wielding a black magic weapon could instill the utmost terror upon their foes, or possibly even cursing them. Each attack would be filled with malice, increasing their damage the longer they engage an enemy. Combine this with a typical berserker state most if not all rage players have access too, and the knight of rage is guaranteed to make some people shit themselves.

The Seer is among the rage classes that wouldn’t exactly use black magic in the typical way other rage players use it. They would still be capable of using black magic for offensive capabilities, but their true power lies in their supportive abilities. As said before, black magic grows in strength along with your belief and fury. A Seer could EASILY pin down nearly any event they want (most particularly, events of strife and discord which is very important to know as a seer, figuring out when the worst shit is about to happen, IE a session mate going crazy) using black magic if they were furious. You could never escape from a seer of rage on the warpath. Their righteous anger would allow them to pin you down anywhere, especially if they were finding you to commit an act of vengeance (or uh, cold blooded murder.) A seer of rage would always know when to act and when best to apply their passion and anger.

Mages are known to suffer from their aspect, but they are also graced with the ability to know absolutely everything about their aspect. A mage of rage would know the best way to use black magic. A mage of rage using black magic would be extremely terrifying. They could create curses and cast them upon anyone who wrongs them, and understand the best way possible to make their black magic efficient. As for them suffering from it, I fancy the idea of a mage of rage visibly changing as they use black magic more and more. They would slowly turn more and more monstrous, eyes becoming bloodshot, and their body surging with purple lightning. Their hair could even begin to lift, and their skin taking a pale discoloration. As they suffer from black magic, their powers would grow even stronger, being filled with rage and negative energy, becoming a nigh unstoppable master of black magic. They could manipulate a session from the background, pulling strings like a master puppeteer.

A sylph using something like black magic would seem rather counter intuitive. However, a sylph could use black magic in ways none could even think of. They could create demons made of pure negative energy to listen to their every whim, create eternal shadows to fall upon the world, and more. A sylph wielding black magic could even revive dead players for a limited amount of time, allowing the dead players to commit one last act of revenge upon who wronged them or the sylph, becoming a mad zombie who would not rest until their vengeance was fulfilled, essentially a revenant. Not only that but if a sylph wished it, they could use black magic to unleash a wave of passion, anger and motivation to support their team mates and grant them a taste of rage to do what they need to do.

A witch of rage using black magic would be absolutely text book. They’d become a literal witch, casting curses, hexes, and jinxes that could devastate anyone in their path. They could even turn their enemies rage on themselves, making their enemies literally tear each other, and themselves apart. They could essentially create the perfect warrior, taking aspects of rage and using black magic to create a monster of destruction, but still able to think cognitively as the witch has willed it so. A witch of rage could use black magic to almost to anything they wanted, making them an extremely formidable opponent.

Oh dear. A Bard of rage wielding black magic is something you wouldn’t even notice. The only signs being the whisps of negative energy emitting from them, like an aura of terror, and then its gone. A bard of rage would black magic as a means of pure destruction of course, but not immediately. Imagine bugs slowly picking a rotting corpse clean. A bard of rage could do that to nearly *anything* using black magic. Their destruction would never be instant. It’d be like watching a building slowly be overcome by pure corruption itself, making it fall apart piece by piece until suddenly it is gone. No one would realize it was black magic until the final moment of corruption, where it seizes the entire building and makes it turn to ash and dust. Their black magic would seem like nothing at first, slowly becoming more and more destructive with each use. But *every* time, the destruction would take its time. The bard knows that they’ve done their job, all they have to do is wait and watch their black magic cause whatever they wanted to fall, crumble. It’d be silent and slow.

Unlike the bard, the prince wielding black magic would not take their time. They do not use their black magic to summon demons, nor would they use it to become a terrifying image. They would use it for destruction and destruction only. In the blink of an eye a prince of rage could use black magic as a blast or beam of energy, wiping out their target, desolating whatever they wanted to destroy. It’d be volatile and instant, happening in the blink of an eye. The angrier the prince become the stronger their black magic becomes, and with that their destruction would be unparalleled to any other aspect. They could decimate anything in their path. They wouldn’t bother making storms of destruction and chaos (which they could do). It would just be pure black magic used to wipe out whatever they lay their sights on.

Since this is something of an issue lately, I would like to remind everyone to make sure you ask permission before reposting somebody’s art anywhere.
If you can’t find the source, ask around, I’m sure somebody in the fandom knows who made it! It might help to try a reverse image search on Google!

After you get permission to repost the art, you need to add proper credit, too! It’s not just a nice thing to do, it’s required! Reposting others art without permission/credit is considered art theft, even if you aren’t claiming you drew it yourself - and legal action can be taken against you. Just because the theft is taking place over the internet doesn’t make the theft any less real! Keep this in mind when you’re reposting other people’s content!

It’s much easier to ask permission before you post the thing you like, with credit, knowing you won’t make anyone upset, than posting it without credit or permission and risking getting into trouble. 

Imagine somebody seeing art you reposted on instagram, or facebook, or twitter, or tumblr, and you didn’t post credit- either because you didn’t know who drew it, or you just don’t care who drew it. How are they supposed to find their way back to that artist to see more art? How could you find more of that content that you liked enough to repost? Why should these artists who are being stolen from keep drawing the things you like if you’re just going to treat them so poorly?

The artists of the LazyTown fandom, and every other fandom, would really appreciate it if you could take these things into consideration. Remember - art is how artists make a living! If you really like the art that these people are creating, show them some respect. Don’t steal from them!

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okay first i just found your alluras moving castle au and i LOVE it so so much. second, i always felt like they skimmed over the whole turnip head thing in the movie and it just sorta happens to be a cursed prince, but in the book, it's because the witch of the wastes is stealing men's bodies to make her perfect man, which is why she needs howl, so maybe you could incorporate that so that lance and hunk can both be princes that got stuff taken away and then cursed?

ha i’ve got Lance and Hunk as Princes that been cursed into scarecrows 

i need to read the book

the signs as things said by my english class
  • aries: "if y'all can finally all get above an 80 on this test, i'll buy everyone bagels"
  • taurus: "is it okay if i eat lunch now?" "we're halfway through class, jeremy" "yeah i know but i have guacamole today and i'm really excited about it"
  • gemini: "lucas if you ruin the bagels for us i'll throw you out the window" "lena we're on the first floor"
  • cancer: *pulls fire alarm* "i don't even care. this is what exams have done to me."
  • leo: *banging on the door that only opens from the inside* "guys let me in i'm like the cutest person in this class"
  • virgo: "i'm going to mrs. mccarthy's room so i can steal her whiteboard markers"
  • libra: "can we play a game today?" "lucas you ask that every single day. it's an english class, shut up"
  • scorpio: "i don't even know half the bands on these stickers. i just bought them because they look cool"
  • sagittarius: *finishes a test 30 minutes before everyone else but hands it in anyways* "well, i fucked that one up. see ya tomorrow mrs. saudek"
  • capricorn: "so. . . because i was a c-section i could kick macbeth's ass too?"
  • aquarius: "lucas nobody cares about how you feel oppressed by not being able to wear a camouflage bucket hat"
  • pisces: "go get the baby out of the cabinet, we can use that to teach him"
Black Hat theory

To @blackhatcannons (sorry this is a little bit long ;;)
I don’t know if somebody has said this before but i haven’t seen anyone talking about this, so i would like you to consider this theory;
I was checking into BH’s official ask and found this question “why that hat” and BH answers “it’s a long story, but i have it since the first time i came here” so i thought, what if that hat is what gives Black Hat his supernatural powers, also what if the hat is what gives evilness to anyone who wears it, maybe is because of this why BH never takes it off, he protects the Hat so anybody could steal it and get away all its powers.
I think it could be interesting if there’s an episode when somebody actually steals it, it can be another rival villain, a hero, Dementia, even Flug! He starts to be intrigued about the hat, so he takes it secretly for a bit just to test it when BH is asleep (idk) and then he, without thinking (or just for wanting to feel superior) puts it on, and becomes evil.

Sorry if my english is bad ;;

Steal My Girl || Joe Sugg Imagine

“You’re so beautiful,” a voice appears behind me, “What have i done to deserve you?”

I look into the mirror thats sitting in front of me as i do my make up and see Joe leaning against the doorframe smirking over at me.

“What makes you say that?” i spin around to look at him smiling. Joe was my first real relationship, we’ve been together since we were sixteen, and moved out of home and into a place of our own at nineteen. He’s my other half.

“Nothing, just admiring my gorgeous girlfriend, is that okay?” He chuckles.

“No its not,” i giggle, but his comment from before begging to bother me, “But really whats brought this on babe?”

“Nothing, just the thought of the guys that are going to be at the club tonight.” he trails off, i know he can see the confusion that crosses my face.

“I see the way other guys look at you,” He sighs and comes towards me stopping about an arms length before me and runs his fingers through his hair. “I feel like at anytime you could leave me, that one of them will steal my girl.”

“Why so poetic, Sugg?” I roll my eyes at him, “I love you, have done since we were sixteen, why would i leave you?” i stand up and take a step towards him and run my hands down his arms to his hands, i hold them in mine and smile shyly.

“We’ve always wanted to do the same things, get married, have kids, fall hopelessly in love, we’ve always wanted to do the same things, with each other.” i gaze up at him, admiring his gorgeous features.

“You’re the one for me, love.” he pulls me into him I gladly melt into his embrace, “But everybody is going to try to steal my girl, everyone wants you, but they’re going to have to deal with the fact that you’re mine and I’m never, ever, letting you go, you’re all mine.”

It takes all of my strength not to cry at his loving words, so instead i pull back and press my lips to his. My fingers tangled in his hair, his arms tightly wrapped around my waist, drawing us as close to one another as we possibly can. I pull away and whisper, “I love you so much.”

“I love you so much, are you ready to go?” He whispers into my ear, sending shivers down my back. I nod into his chest and walk into the main room and greet the others that are deciding to join us for our night out.

As we walk in to the club, i take a minute to watch Joe as he steps around the drunk and happy people dancing on the dance floor and as he looks back at me and grabs my hand to take me over to where the other boys are. i watch the way he keeps his hand tucked tightly in mine and as he glances over all of the faces that are watching us as we walk. i begin to understand what Joe was talking about earlier, all of the men watch me as i move around, making me regret my outfit choice. I suddenly stop about a meter away from where the boys are making joe spin around and look at me with a confused expression on his face. I pull him into me and raise my face to his hight and kiss him deeply. When we pull apart i glance over the many gobsmacked faces and smile brightly up at my gorgeous boyfriend, and continue towards where the boys are, but joe pulls me into a quiet corner.

“What was that for babe?” he questions, smiling down at me softly.

“Just letting all of the wandering eyes know that Im taken, and proud of it,” i smirk up at him and push my lips against his yet again, “ And that all of the girls out there looking to pull tonight that you’re all mine.”

Joe laughs and pulls me around to the booth that the boys are all sat at. He sits down, pulls me onto his lap and kisses the back of my neck softly. He whispers into my ear, “Just making sure all the guys know that they cant steal my girl.”

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Hi! I hope asking this question doesn't upset you but I was wondering if you're still planning on continuing Serendipitous Fate? I just really loved the series ;_;

I don’t know, tbh. I really want to finish SF because it’s become this kind of… beast all of its own that isn’t really all that connected to ML anymore, but, like, I’m really bitter about the ML fandom in general lately (as a lot of you have probably noticed). Like, ML used to be this great fandom where creators could all come together and we shared our talents both with the fandom and also with each other? And everyone used to be so tolerant? But now it’s become like every other fandom where people are stealing and fighting and being nasty and, like, it’d be different if I’d entered the ML fandom late like I did Voltron and all the nastiness had already been established. I have no emotional connection to Voltron and very little contact with other creators (which is sad, but true), so it’s easier to ignore. But this shift in the ML fandom feels very personal, which I know sounds silly, but I was right there when the show was first starting and everything was new, and to watch it deteriorate into such a mess is just… disheartening. It’s like someone came into my house and broke everything, which is a very different feeling than walking into a house for the first time that was trashed before you got there. 

Even if I finish SF, I don’t see myself writing anything else for ML? At least not right now. Maybe it will change when the new season comes out, I don’t know, but… that’s just how I feel at the moment. 

And like the artists that are on strike, I do this for fun, so when it stops being fun, that… is a big deal. 

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Is it cool if I request some best friend headcanons for Kuroo, Bokuto, and Daishou w/a female friend (no one ever writes for my snake son he needs love too /weeps)

Best friend heacanons are so much freaking fun!

Enjoy, Anon!

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • The teasing would be freaking relentless. This boy already has issues with controlling his provocative nature and it’ll only get worse with her, ESPECIALLY when she starts dating.
    • “Kiss them yet? Use tongue? Give me all the details!” Anything to make her as red as possible.
  • Will be her advisor on how to seduce anyone. Granted, there will be a lot of over exaggerated suggestions but he takes ‘girl talk’ very seriously. So, he’ll give the right information when he knows she’ll need it.
  • Additionally, being her best friend is a role he takes very seriously, so you better believe he’ll be nothing short of an overprotective big brother in any kind of situation - and further like a brother when it comes to bugging the shit out of her.
    • Ya know that situation where you get held down and then a string of spit is ominously hanging over your face, never quite falling on you, but the threat is REAL? That’s Kuroo.
  • Guarantee they have time set aside every week just for them, like maybe Saturday or Sunday afternoons? Just dedicated time to one another so that they can catch up if they didn’t get a chance to see each other during the week.
  • I can totally see them constantly playing ‘King of the Couch’ while they’re just laying around watching TV. They’re start off fine, but slowly they’ll each start to subtly begin pushing and edging each other off until he literally turns into a full out war. They’ll desperately cling to the other in order to stay on with both of them ending up on the floor in the end.
  • Just so much teasing and poking fun but so much love and support.

Bokuto Koutarou

  • AHHHH! He would love her so hard!
    • I mean, he loves all of his friends, but he cherishes his best friends like none other. You better believe that whenever she needs him, he’ll be there. This boy will literally climb mountains for her.
  • And expect constant cuddles. He’ll always have his arm around her or he’d always have her hand in his. Oh, and forehead kisses!Literally everyone would just assume they’re dating if they didn’t know them. Lol, but then they’d be hanging out with someone and while they’re hardcore snuggling they’ll be talking about their crushes and how hot they are.
  • Tickle fights are a thing that is ALWAYS happening. And I mean always; it doesn’t matter where they are so be careful not to get caught in the crossfire!
  • If there’s anything that starts to weigh on Bokuto, she is one of the first people he goes to - even late at night, I’m sure her parents are used to him just walking right into their home and up to her room. Usually these events call for lots of ice cream, comfort cuddles and many hours spent watching Impractical Jokers (I just feel that’s a show he’s enjoy, or maybe I’m pushing that on him since I enjoy it. xD)
  • She’d always take his side no matter how outrageous the words or action may be (it drives Akaashi CRAZY). She doesn’t even question it either.
    • She’ll just be walking up to a group of them in the middle of a discussion that she has no clue about and he’d be all, “Right, [First Name]?” And legit, no hesitation, she’d be like, “That’s right, Kou.”
  • No one can convince me otherwise that they would go out together after ever game claiming they’re gonna paint the town red and just end up on Akaashi’s couch passed out cold. Poor boy doesn’t know if he’s thankful they’re asleep or upset that they’re taking up space.

Daishou Suguru

  • I feel that anyone who’s this snake boy’s BFF can be just as mocking as him - both to him and other people - and will always call out any bullshit he does, but never back down from his side.
    • Like they’ll be hanging out after a match and she’d be all, “You spiked it at that kid’s face, you asshole.” But that would be the most she would reprimand him because, hell man, boy’s gotta do what it takes to win.
  • And there was surely some kind of complication that came about when Daishou got together with Mika - I mean, this girl got upset about him spending so much time with volleyball, could you imagine how upset she would get if he was spending a lot of time with another girl? It would take time, and she would understand and try to reason with Mika, especially considering Daishou really likes her.
    • Eventually she’d come to be the third wheel on all their dates and complain about it to them. It drives Daishou crazy - hence the reason for its continuation.
    • Oh! Watch Mika and her start to hang out more and Daishou be the third wheel! “Stop stealing my girlfriend!”
  • Omg, I bet you anything that when those two were little, Daishou’s hair used to be a freaking mess and then she finally decided to take matters into her own hands. She gave him his look and did it for him in the mornings for YEARS while in middle school!
  • He would totally be all over protecting her NO MATTER WHAT. Doesn’t matter who you are if things are getting nasty, he’ll get nastier back! His and Mika’s first fight was probably about her and he would NOT let her speak poorly of his best friend. He hears it, he’ll find you, so you better watch what you say about her!

I’m watching shippuden ep 373 where Sakura awakens her seal and I’m just sitting here in awe like I’m so emo. She thinks of how she’s always been behind Naruto and Sasuke and how she almost gave up on trying to catch up to them because they were just too strong. The flashbacks are so feel-sy but then her chakra storage reaches the max level and the seal awakens and Emergence of Talents OST starts playing which is badass in its own right. I got actual goosebumps. She fucking shatters the entire ground with her massive strength and everybody’s in awe. Hashi, the friggin god of Shinobi, goes “what monster strength, could be greater than Tsunade’s” And Shizune is like “fuk she did what I couldn’t.” 

Sakura is just standing there, smirking to herself and then she says “I might steal the Hokage dream from you, Naruto.” And at this point I’m just screaming and crying and im so proud of her. 

The fact that Naruto and Sasuke kept getting strong because of powerups and clan advantage which made Sakura almost give up on her aim, but then she’s like “fuck no, y’all just watch.” And then she does what no one ever could at this age. In this respect, she is far more superior than Narts and Sask and no one can take that away from her.

Long story short: she’s Sakura Haruno and she’s fucking amazing. 

The Devil’s Toy Box

by reddit user MrClarenceWorley

“The Devil’s Toy Box” is an urban legend that savvier horror fans will recognize as the inspiration for the infamous Lament Configuration from Clive Barker’s seminal Hellraiser series. Though in reality the titular “box” is not a toy at all but rather a small room where the floor, the ceiling, and the walls are each composed of one giant mirror.

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