so its just thi s thing

i might be just genuinely insane and it’s lowkey the hiatus talking but i noticed a lot of times before answering magnus, alec just sorta lingers and stares at him with the fondest look on his face and only then says something like this man is so in love and in awe with his boyfriend slash love of his life it’s just the purest thing to ever be. malec soulmates forever oh yes

This part when hyuk described his conv with hae and how he said to him :”for a short cant see me and i wont be able to see you..although we will not be able to see each other for some time ,stay healthy..ah what do i do?” [x] and he kept staring at donghae an-d .. he was trying so hard to hold his tears back..

*sigh* thi-s breaks my heart into milion pieces and I do not want to cry,i really don’t want, but the tears just fall down my cheeks ):

Its like he is saying:“ i may not be with you physically,i may be separated from you for a while ,i may not be there to hug you when you will feel alone or wipe you tears when will you miss home, bu-t you know that no matter what will happen i will always be there,right there,in your heart and who the hell cares about little things like time and distance?! we can make it..”

* this song keeps playing in my head ;-; *

jsjs hello, my name is vampiisugar and I luuuuuv ur blog!

soooo, I’m sending the drewing here because I don’t have an account on tumblr (just on deviantart ;v; ) and I want to show u a gift that I made for u c:


However, good luck and keep making awesomes things .u.

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D UDE–THI S IS SUPER RAD?? Its so dark and cool and Tim Burton-esque!! This is amazing! Thank you so much for this! I’ll continue working hard, too! ; 7 ;