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whas beaned?

It’s a meme from this picture!

Every now and then it starts going back around haha ^^


I should be asleep, I have to work early because of New Years Eve but instead I spent a lot of time on this (I have to go to work in 4 hours yikes!)… Please excuse the errors as always! I’ll see if I can get around fixing stuff later on. This was funnier in my head.

More Baby!Keith and Dad!Thace adventures (plus Mothman plushie), this time Thace faces the reality that “Papa” wasn’t the first word. It’s fun drawing them!

So I saw the twitter post that the “trailer” we all saw wasn’t exactly the trailer for Season 2 of Voltron and some peeps posted on tumblr about the Voltron crew pulling our leg, freaking out too (It’s fun reading the reaction posts). I’m so calling it right now that if its released, it’d be on January 1st.

Please don’t repost or edit. :D


i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.

Okay, I need to get something off my chest

 I ship Emily and Lena. I ship Widow and Tracer. 

Not jumping any ships. Just needed to make that clear. Though, ive been getting loads of messages telling me that im leaving the ship and/or attacking another character. Which Im not going to do. 

Also… asking me to draw things. While the ideas are nice… but asking me to hurt on a ship to bring up another really urks me. Listen. I already said that im not going to stop drawing Widowtracer. People are demanding Widowtracer art now and honestly, it makes me want to stop. Reminder, I can draw what I want, and I am so happy to share it. But at this point, its all guilt tripping. Multishipping is also a thing? 

Lena Oxton is the face of overwatch, Who is confirmed an LGBTQA+ character. Look at the bigger picture, This is great representation. We really shouldnt be fighting about this? We really need to stick together as a community. Tracer being confirmed gay made me so damn happy, and im not going to be sorry about that. 

@ anon people who are threatening me: get off my dick.

So we’ve had using Bakugou as a meme or as a verb, but now think about this – using the word Bakugou for a whole language.

Like, one day, when Bakugou is at it again, swearing left and right for now visible reason. The others don’t really react to him, knowing him to well to be faced by his behavior. And as long as he is not insulting them directly, that means that he is not really angry at one of them, so it’s fine.

Until Sero comes back into the room, having left before Bakugou had started, and startles a bit at the sight in front of him. Turning to Shouto, the only one who seems to really listen to what Bakugou is saying, he asks, “What’s got him riled up this time?”

“I don’t really know.”

“Huh? He didn’t say anything?”

“Well, I suppose he did,” Shouto shrugs, “But I don’t speak Bakugou.”

Suddenly, everyone who had pretended to not listen up until now looks up, giving up on their façade of impassiveness, and everyone asks at once, “What?!”

Well, not everyone. Shouto blinks, startled at the sudden attention. Bakugou goes silent, staring wide-eyed at the other boy. And Izuku had choked on his water and is now coughing into his palm.

“Did I say something funny?” Shouto frowns slightly, looking from one to the other. Especially the still coughing Izuku receives a worried gaze.

“Did you just turn my name into a freaking language?!” Bakugou asks, quietly, so incredulous that he doesn’t even yell.


Izuku’s coughing takes on a whole new quality. It’s not a bad thing, though – Shouto relaxes, realizing that his friend is not dying over there, but instead stifling his laughter, shaking with mirth.

Before Bakugou can overcome his initial surprise, his classmates already pick up this chance.

Kirishima starts grinning from ear to ear, showing off uncanny sharp teeth and gleaming eyes. “That’s brilliant!”  

Bakugou whirls towards him, expression morphing from surprise into something akin to shocked anger. “Hair for Brain, I’m freaking warning you….!”

“Bakugou has his own language!” Kirishima continues without a care in the world. “That’s so true!”

“You mean his swearing?” Momo wants to know. “How is that a language?”

“It’s about how he uses the swearing, I think,” Kaminari chimes in, tapping his chin in thought. “Like, he doesn’t use the swear words in their original sense – there is more meaning behind it.”

“Yeah!” Now it’s Mina who has picked up, all for it. “Remember when he told us that we are useless and then did the work all himself? “Useless” actually means that we shouldn’t bother with something that we can’t do when he is there to do it for us!”

“Oh, I never thought of it that way.”

“Or the dead threats! He only uses those when he is embarrassed or touched…”

“… but can’t show it and then he insults us?”


“Could you all shut up, you damn morons?!” Bakugou had finally managed to find his voice again, and that in quite a volume. “There is no such thing as my language, you idiots!”

His classmates go silent, interrupted in their musings, and look over at him, gazes curious and contemplating.

As they start smiling, Bakugou suddenly regrets saying anything.

“So when useless means don’t bother…”, Mina starts, smile turning into a smirk.

Kaminari joins her all too happily, grin mischievous. “…and death threats are to cover something up, then insulting us means probably…”

It is Kirishima who finishes, sing-song voice and all, “Insults means that he loves us!”

And Bakugou all but explodes. He surges forward with loud swearing, catapulted forward by his stuttering explosions – indicating that he is not really in charge of his emotions right now.

He misses Kaminari, who dodges with a jump, and Kirishima, who rolls out from under his explosive friend.

Suddenly, everyone is laughing, screaming, and scrambling to get away from Bakugou, who hollers after them: “COME BACK HERE, YOU GODDAMN PESTS!”

“He loves us so much, guys – whoa!“ Sero laughs before he dives away with a startled yelp which turns into laughter as Bakugou’s grapping hand misses him, too.

“We love you too, buddy!” Kirishima yells, happily, before he runs for his life.



When Aizawa and Toshinori come running shortly later, worried by the screaming and sounds of explosions, they only see their students running around like crazy, sidestepping all the while as Bakugou chases them through the dorms, swearing and yelling.

Only Izuku, Uraraka, Tsuyu, Shouto, Kouda and Iida have somehow managed to stay out of it.

“…Do I even want to know it?” Aizawa addresses them.

“Probably not, Sensei,” Izuku answers, honestly.

Aizawa considers that for a moment, checks again – Bakugou is not really hurting anyone, not even really trying – and then nods. “Fine.”

And he walks away as if nothing happened.

Toshinori stays to watch, torn between amusement and slight worry. “Do I want to know it?”

His students exchange gazes, considering. Shouto mumbles something that sounds like “Shouldn’t have said that?” but Izuku laughs and pats his back reassuringly.

“Did you know Sensei?” Uraraka is the one to start talking, smiling brightly. “Bakugou-kun has his very own language!”

“Really? Now that sounds interesting…”

Basically, Bakugou never gets out of this ever again. Whenever he starts swearing loudly, his classmates smile so knowingly and almost fond, that Bakugou almost swallows his tongue the first few times this happens.

(He would never admit that he gets used to it over time.)

I saw a post earlier about Liam/Vax’s post-Syngorn line, “There’s no question how much it affected you when Percival made his offer in that room,“ and I mean obviously just on its own it’s fantastic, and Laura/Vex’s face made it even more so, but it got me thinking, and like

How is marriage-of-convenience fic not singlehandedly carrying the Perc’ahlia fandom economy??  I’ve come across quite a few AUs about Vex getting married off by her father, lots of Cinderella-esque meeting at balls and arranged marriages and the like, and that is all GREAT.  I am ABOUT THAT.  But I hunger for some good old-fashioned “we’re friends and we got married to get you out of a bad situation but now oops we’re falling in love and desperately pining over each other,” slow-burn, will-they-or-won’t-they-jk-we-all-know-they-will fics.

Like, I keep having these thoughts in my head that Vex’s impending political marriage was what drove the twins out of the city to begin with, because Vex was equal measures infuriated by and terrified of the prospect, and like hell was Vax going to just let it happen.  We’ll leave, he whispers to her one night.  Just fucking–leave.  You and me, right now.  What’s stopping us?  Nothing.  And so they do; they run fast and far and they never look back, avoid their mother’s home in case their father goes looking for them there (and maybe, just a little, because they haven’t quite forgiven her for giving them up yet).  Years later they meet their father again in Emon, and they’re there and gone again before he can get in more than a half-dozen cutting remarks about the position that Vex left him in, the professional embarrassment, the shame she brought upon him.  He’s an asshole, and they don’t expect any better by now.  They have a new family, and together they’re in the wind, far away from any old ties.

But then it’s been years more on top of that, and the threat of the Chroma Conclave hangs like a pall over the entire world.  Syngorn has an army, and frankly it seems like the lesser of two evils.  Only their father didn’t get to the position he holds by giving something for nothing, and an advantageous marriage still has its value.

And Percy still drops the title bomb, makes it clear that the proposed matches–each one making Vex’s face and Vax’s knuckles grow whiter by the moment–would not possibly be befitting someone of her station.  Their eyes meet for half a second, just long enough to communicate please let me help, and also if you could keep your brother from murdering me where I sit it would be very much appreciated, before he says that, respectfully, he would like to submit his name for consideration.

Please, please just imagine with me: a quick ceremony and then off on their quest as though nothing unusual has happened.  Traveling and adventuring together, and nothing has really changed, except for rather more sly remarks from Scanlan about ~the marriage bed~ and disappearing rooms in the mansion because hey, you two are married anyway right, and an increase in pointed comments from Vax.  The two of them slowly, slowly drifting closer together, starting to drop casual references to each other as their wife or husband without even really realizing they’re doing it.  And then just sort of looking up one day, feeling a long-familiar surge of warmth and fondness when they see each other, and realizing …

Oh, shit.


I’m here for the #lgbtqpjomeetup!
My name’s Audrey, I’m pan, sixteen, ¼ Okinawan and I love Snapchat filters and Percy Jackson! Tell me about yourself!


Requested: Can you do one where one of his friends accidentally makes you feel insecure?



Evenings like these are some of your favorite. Shawn has just gotten offstage, and you and his friends all piled into the back lounge of the bus. The energy back here is so great since the show went perfectly and everyone is pretty high on life right now, especially because a few of Shawn’s friends from back home came out to surprise him. This makes the night even better, just seeing the joy on your boyfriends face, you’d do anything to make sure he always stays this happy.

You’re all joking around. You get along surprisingly well with all of his friends, and they seem to like you, which is nice because their opinions are important to Shawn so its nice to know you’ve gotten their approval. You’re telling a story about something that happened at another show a week or so ago.

“What’s going on?” Matt asks, walking onto the bus and seeing you all sitting around.

“Nothing much,” Brian responds, “(Y/n) is just telling one of her long stories.”

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grimes: thru sheer force of will and gut wrenching patience, i have grown out my hair without dying it for almost 6 months so this is p much all my natural hair color for the first time in almost 17 years. (b4 u judge my parents for letting an 11 year old dye its hair let it be known it was in the service of playing anne of green gables in the school play). natural moustache 2. i plucked only one side to see if it would grow back darker (which it did) so now i have a prominent moustache on only one side of my face which sucks but i guess its my fate. also im getting a tattoo in 2 days and forgot to think about it until now. any suggestions?

break downs are the worst because when you go back to being a person people who dont know about your mental illness are like ‘what happened?’ so you go 'i was sick :)))’ and they get all like 'oh no!! :o with what’ and now you have to make up a convincing story that explains why you dissappeared for like four days

and its even worse with people that KNOW about it because they make The Face™ and start with the 'youll be okay and everything is temporary’ speech and ill be sitting there just like……..please forget you know this about me

me before dog: wouldn’t leave the house in anything less than real clothes and a full face of makeup

me after dog: consistently walks dog in pajamas, no bra, fuzzy socks, and slippers. gives no fucks.

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What do you think of Cole's latest instagram post of Sasha Frolova? Do you think they're together? Because on her IG on the 6th photo its of her and Cole.. and he's holding her face and they're looking pretty chummy :(

OMG. SO IVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS ALL DAY until I could scroll through her feed now and do some sleuthing (and now i like her feed lol). To start off; she doesnt follow Dylan, KJ, Lili or Debby Ryan or Madeline Hill. She does however follow Madelaine Petsch, Ashleigh Murray and Cami Mendes. I can’t get my head around this? Dylan does not follow her, but his gf does?

Anyways. What I don’t like about it is Ashleighs comment: 

Could literally mean anything tho, it is a beautiful pic - as all of his pictures are. 

Digging deeper I find that she’s been an object in plenty of Cole’s pictures (more in his feed). We do know he likes to use the same models a lot: 

So now; the picture my anon was referring to: 

So that must be Cole. I DO however feel like this fits into her feed: 

She’s also been taking pictures of Cole: 

The last two are from early 2016 and 2015, so they’ve obviously known each other for a while.

In my honest opinion: I think they are super artsy fartsy (a tad pretentious) mates who like taking pictures of and with each other. BUT WHAT DO I KNOW EH (I am quietly freaking out a bit inside, obviously - what if we have to become stupid SASHCOLE shippers now?! What kind of shipname is that?) 

Whatcha reckon lilicole fam?

I’m trying to get over you, I’m trying so goddamned hard. And some mornings I wake up and think, yes, maybe I finally am free. Free from my echoing thoughts of you. Free from the constant battle of loving you and losing you. But then other mornings I wake up and all I can think about is how your eyes look with sunlight in them and how your face looks just before you break into a smile.
Maybe we aren’t meant to be together, maybe not now, maybe not ever.
And I don’t wanna have a single grain of hope, because blessed are those with no expectations.
But sometimes I think against my own will that what if we break all the laws?
Maybe we’ll forget each other soon but what if we meet again someday in the future, and in one look we’ll feel the ache in our hearts of our incomplete love, and maybe then I’ll be right for you, and you’ll be right for me?
Maybe we are meant to be together, maybe not now, but maybe someday.

Okay, I am usually pretty much ignorant about stuff like hate on anything, because you know, you can’t change the entire planet’s mind about something they’ve got deep cores about.

But you know what? There’s actually something that’s about to piss me freaking off and that pretty cutie little thingie is the hate people throw at the Gemini sign in this site and EVEN in my daily life. Guys, what the actual fuck? It’s probably the zodiac sign you’ll never get the truth about because all you know is that it’s so easy to call someone or something “two-faced”, “childish”, “flirty”, “overly-excited” and so on. That’s bullshit and you know also what? Now I’m gonna clear this for you.

Geminian unnoted traits, pluses and minuses, related to Greek mythology as its finest:

Gemini is operated by the planet Mercury and in Greek mythology Hermes (or Mercury, related to Roman mythology) is the messenger between the celestial skies and Earth. He is usually portrayed with winged shoes and cap, which makes him the fastest of them all and here we got something - what’s faster than the human thought? Hermes was gifted to be the only god who could speak with both the mortals and gods, who could live on the Earth and Olympus at the same time, so he had the ability to understand them both, but here’s the price: he'd be unable to have conversations and stay for long at one point and place - he has his work to do and information to carry and for this, his brain must be the very best of all - and here we got another point:


  • Sharp and open-minded 
  • Curious about new information 
  • Logical way of thinking
  • Quick witted 

But when you take these traits and add a dash of human nature, human body and processes, we have more:

  • Can get nervous very fast
  • Thought outstrips tongue 
  • Anxiety
  • Extremely sensitive (do I need to explain this?)

So here we have two alleys - Mercury’s The Great Teacher of the Zodiac and The Eternal Student and you, of course, could be both - you can chose if you want to learn, to get higher and higher, to get beyond humanity with the information you’re capable to collect and the other path - you can give yourself up on your thoughts and that is very, very common with young Geminis and of course they can “grow” as that (-):

  • Fake attitude (because the reality hurts so much and we don’t need to try)
  • Childish (because at that point the Gemini refuses to grow up and see)
  • Rude (”Who cares what you’ve gotta say, I don’t want to listen, I want to be thoughtless, I am thoughtless, so let me act as that”)
  • Gossip (”I know something you don’t and I know how to use it for my favor or in your damage.”
  • Copy-cat (don’t make me explain this)
  • Impulsiveness
  • Negative extroverts

Or, as I previously mentioned, when a Gemini wants to succeed and is aware of its capacity, trust me, he knows it and if you try to stop a Gemini of getting hire, he is going to put you on your place, because we are very observational and we saw what you did there and why did you do it. We absorb every single thing that exists, like a sponge. It’s all logic!

  • Have a hidden talent in science
  • Very fast learners
  • Good actors 
  • Perfect in convincing people
  • Sarcastic
  • Serious
  • Not too serious so we can throw black humor 
  • Always know what to say, because we were prepared for all that questions you are already and about to ask
  • Know how to use their charms

Basically we are the most human of all and at the same time - the least. If you make sure a Gemini is fulfilled with your love, if you’re ready to see through the eyes of the infinite child, to look at the world from a different angle, then trust me - you’ve already caught us. If you feel something, we feel it 10x stronger because of our brain and because we are all humans - we deeply believe it’s all there, in the brain. And our thoughts hurt. We are too sensitive to take, just like a little pure child. Don’t stop us from growing, help us and trust me, the very best teacher you can get in your life is a Gemini. Yes, we will always overthink but as a Gemini individual, I personally learned that because it’s all in the brain, then my brain decides to believe it’s all in the mind, then in the soul and then I am infinite. I am air - shape my relationship with you. I can fly - don’t cut my wings and I’ll make sure you’ll only receive the pure truth, because…we can’t get why someone we get along with would lie to us? Even if we do, there’s another thing we hardly get, just because for your reason we have 10 more that we can’t just “shoo”out of our mind and we are very, very hard to get. We are the most complicated sign. And then…

think about our Rising sign





and all the other planets, houses, aspects that you’re missing and how they’re standing and confronting each other and with the signs. Mash this up. Make it a mess. Here you have a HUMAN

I’m an intercepted Gemini with Leo rising, Pisces Moon. Stop shitting on my sign

REBLOG THIS! It’s very important, really. We need this.

You go, Gems.


destiel shirts are here, y’all. shipping time is now 1-3 business days!! and remember, for orders over $30, you can use the coupon code DESTIELEXISTS for 15% off your purchase. 

order ‘em now while i got ‘em. i only have about 2 of each size in stock.

@grimes: thru sheer force of will and gut wrenching patience, i have grown out my hair without dying it for almost 6 months so this is p much all my natural hair color for the first time in almost 17 years. (b4 u judge my parents for letting an 11 year old dye its hair let it be known it was in the service of playing anne of green gables in the school play). natural moustache 2. i plucked only one side to see if it would grow back darker (which it did) so now i have a prominent moustache on only one side of my face which sucks but i guess its my fate. also im getting a tattoo in 2 days and forgot to think about it until now. any suggestions?

MiniFic - Results: [Redacted]

Rating: Gen
Pairings: Blue Eyes White Dragon x Dark Magician (Signatureshipping)
Seto Kaiba x Atem (Prideshipping)
Tagging: @hiramiyugioh, @egyptiansapphiredragons, @icedefloweringtornado, @melodiousramblings  *breaks a champagne bottle against the bow of this ship*

He blames the new Duel Disks.

It’s his own fault, they react to the subconscious quite as well as the conscious. Better in fact. At least his seems to, no matter how much he tries to fix it.

“Please stop.” His voice comes out more monotone and tired than the bark of an order he was hoping for.

The Blue Eyes continues to gently lick the Dark Magician’s face. The other monster seems to have got quite used to it, looking at the dragon fondly, if somewhat bemusedly.

This is why he doesn’t record these sessions.

“So…” Comes the velvety voice from across the room.

Kaiba sighs. About a third of all the simulated duels end this way now. He watches the Dark Magician raise its hand and gently stroke the Blue Eyes’ nose. It makes a happy, entirely unthreatening, trilling noise. He allows himself to groan more loudly. It’s not like anyone can hear him anyway.

“Have you considered,” says Atem, as the Dark Magician kisses his Dragon’s nose, causing it to happily flop over onto its back. “That they might just have the right idea?” He finishes, eyes burning into Kaiba’s.

“Simulation terminated.”

It’s time to go indepth about this scene because its legit one of my favorites now and just so good and pure and has to be their softest scene ever (beside the hand holding scene obviously). Let’s break my favorite parts of it down:

I just loved how much Root touched Shaw’s face during all of it. She couldn’t stop and it was so precious and gentle. The gentlest we’ve ever seen Root to be quite honest. She knew Shaw had been through a lot (not the full extent) and wasn’t trying to scare her away which I just adored.

And this is probably my favorite part of the whole thing. Look at all the small details though; Root holding Shaw’s little bundled up sweater hand and caressing Shaw’s face (again) and even Shaw running her own hand down Root’s arm. I can’t y’all. It’s just soooo unbearably soft and tender. And the second still, Shaw wanted this to be the real Root so so bad. Look at her closing her eyes reveling in this moment. Root is her safe place, she felt so safe again. More than she has in almost a year. Even if this moment ended up being another simulation, she was gonna enjoy this. 

And then here, Root put Shaw’s hand on her heart to try her best and convince Shaw that this was INDEED real. Shaw was THIS close to believing it too. She doesn’t know what to think but Root really putting Shaw’s hand on her heart was just the cutest. I cannot take how intimate it was.

I know we all had our problems with season 5 especially in relation to Shoot buuut this is one scene that I will forever love and cherish. The small tidbits alone make it beautiful. Plus soooo much touching.

26th & 28th/29th December Show Reports

Okay, I’m going to have to come clean at the start. This is another recap of two performances. One was with the full original cast (which I’ll talk less about, but I will cover the mistakes in it which were plentiful and glorious), which I will refer to as the Boxing Day show when I mention it, and the other was with James Howard as Draco and Morag Cross as McGonagall. The latter is the one for which I was sitting near the front of the stalls, and that’s the one I’ll focus on, because it was better and more interesting. 

(You’ll all be pleased to know I wrote over 2000 words less in this recap than I did my last one. It’s still almost long enough to be a dissertation though so… Sorry about that! I hope you enjoy.)

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