so its a little awkward

Imagine Woozi jokingly cringing when you kiss the top of his head as a sign of affection.

Hey y'all, I just wanted to put it out in the open that my characters definitely need some friends/rivals/romances or basically whatever you feel like giving me lol. I’m having a blast talking with some of y'all and forming some friendships and relationships and I’d love to continue to expand on them. Basically this gives me a chance to hardcore fangirl over y'all. Lol.

KJ x Reader: A Romantic Kiss

this is from “A Dog’s Purpose” but hes so cute how could I not put this photo in?

Warnings: none
Requested: yes
A/N: this is kinda short (I think?) but I didn’t know how to elaborate

*KJ’s POV*

Today was the day that we started shooting for season 2 of Riverdale and there was a new cast member on set, (Y/N).

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Lai Guanlin as your boyfriend

summary: school scenario [not requested but honestly these get boring to write unless there’s a story so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ]

  • he’s the quiet kid in class but is actually pretty popular
  • always admired you from afar but never really knew what he was supposed to do
  • you’re his first real crush and he’s confused bc other girls always crushed on him but not vice versa
  • gets flustered when you catch him staring and blushes even harder when you start laughing
  • he starts to notice you’ve been growing fond of another boy in class who seems to resemble a baby chick…. hm…. 
  • leaves class for a bit and comes back and puts a snack on your desk
  • “hey y/n, lets go out sometime”
  • he looks like hes keeping his cool but inside hes screaming bc you haven’t said anything yet (even though its been like 1 second since hes talked)
  • “okay, walk me home after class” you smile
  • after school you both talk but its a little bit awkward bc you’re both so nervous (him with his enormous crush and you with the most popular guy in school)
  • a skateboarder zooms by and hits your arm
  • you fall backward but he catches you
  • two seconds of eye contact that makes his heart beat so loud
  • so
  • loud
  • :)
  • hes super worried and you both sit down on a bench so he can put a band aid on your arm
  • the type to always be super caring towards your health and running to bring you soup when you’re down with a cold, your favorite drinks when you’re on your period, advil for bad headaches….
  • dating sort of happens eventually and you become boyfriend/girlfriend gradually rather than all at once
  • “guanlin, do we count as being official now?”
  • “of course” he wraps his arms around you
  • loves intertwining his fingers with yours
  • when you’re on the couch he’ll let you rest your legs on his 
  • carries your bags for you
  • late night calls always end in “y/n… you have to sleep i cant keep you up its bad for you”
  • loves that the last words he hears at night is from your voice

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this is so cute!! didn’t add saeran because ( pretty sure ) he hates V with a burning passion so that would be kinda awkward and i didn’t know what to write

nsfw implied? not really but some soft hinting at it



- doesn’t really mind too much

- the same hair color doesn’t bother him

- or the same eyes

- but you guys even do some of the same things and he’s like ,, who are you

- when he first meets you he literally thinks it’s V in a wig


- he’s fine with it but he’s absolutely convinced you guys are related somehow

- mc would you be willing to do a dna test?

- no zen no

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eva + vilde + sleep over

  • seeing p. chris and eva stuck to each others faces at every single moment has been messing with vildes brain but she just isn’t sure why exactly
  • maybe because eva is her friend and chris has shown he’s an untrustworthy asshole??? and she deserves so much much better???
  • or maybe maybe maybe its bc of the butterflies she has when she sees eva smile or recognises her amazing hair between all the other people or maybe its because…
  • but vilde doesn’t want to think about that. it gets too real and she’s not sure enough of her feelings yet (or of herself for that matter)
  • + there’s also the fact that eva is very much in a thing with chris right now
  • but one night when vilde has been drinking just a little bit too much and she’s the only one left at eva’s and they’re laying in her room, both taken up in their own thoughts she blurts it out
  • “i think about kissing you a lot”
  • and there’s silence and more silence and more silence
  • and vilde is starting to panic because what did she just say???????? did she really just say that????????

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famousyellowraincoat  asked:

Soooo I thought it was tuesday for a sec and got all excited because: Palo Alto day! But it isn't, it is monday and I need to practice my patience. Anyway, here is a reminder that I appreciate the fuck out of you! <3

Wow, thank you for the sweet comment! It made my day so much brighter. I appreciate the fuck out of you too <3

Next chapter will be up tomorrow! Get ready for some ace discourse and a super awkward makeout scene.

A little something bc damn that episode ruined me and wanted to unwind after working on a pretty clean painting all day. I would work on this more if it wasn’t for all the other things I want to do and more I have to do lol


Happy Holidays here’s some gay pony shet (ft. Equestria Girls).

As some of you may know tomorrow is Ushijima’s birthday, but did you guys know that tomorrow is ALSO Aone’s birthday? I bet you didn’t, so I’ve taken it upon myself to give you all some Ushijima AND Aone  birthday head canons (will there be Ushiten? a little bit, but what did you expect from me

  • Aone likes his birthday, but a lot of people never ask him when it is, because of this the only people who really know are Futakuchi and Hinata
  • Hinata and Futakuchi tell everyone to wish Aone a happy birthday
  • Aone got his pet turtle when he was five, it made him so so happy. When he got it, it had a little turtle party hat and had a red balloon tied to it
  • Aone’s parents would always throw parties for him, but they made him uncomfortable b/c he didn’t know/wasn’t friends with any of the other kids there besides Futakuchi
  • Futakuchi plans a surprise party for Aone (even though he knows Aone doesn’t like getting surprised) which consists of turtle themed everything, the entire Dateko team, and all of Karasuno
  • Hinata gives Aone a bunch of turtle plushies, including one gigantic bean bag turtle. (Aone was blushing real hard, also I think Aone having a small crush on Hinata is adorable.) 
  • Ushijima is used to spending his birthday alone b/c his mom was always busy, so when he got to high school he thought it was going to be the same thing, but it wasn’t
  • Tendou and the other third years plan the entire thing, it is both volleyball and farm themed
  • Ushijima is really happy when the others get him a cake in the shape of a volleyball even if he doesn’t like cake that much
  • Ushijima gets a lot of volleyball stuff from the non-starters, the regulars give him a bunch of gardening equipment and flower seeds. 
  • Tendou gets Ushijima a bunch of anime figures and buys the complete manga of Sailor Moon for him. Ushijima appreciates the gesture, but wishes that Tendou wouldn’t spend so much money on him. (or would at least give him a kiss or something)
  • Ushijima is also taken to a petting zoo, where all the baby animals flocked to him. (Tendou and the others took so many pictures, it’s not even funny)
  • Alternatively, Imagine Ushijima and Aone meeting at the petting zoo and bonding over their love for baby animals. (they don’t talk to each other much though, just little acknowledgement nods) and eventually Futakuchi decides to invited Shiratorizawa to Aone’s party 
  • (Ushi blows out the candles on his cake and wishes to continue being friends with the other third years, and maybe to hold hands with a certain red-headed middle blocker or a kiss, that would be fine too)
  • Aone wishes for the well being of the team and for his friends, and his turtle. he also wishes for another turtle to keep turtle #1 company when he’s not home. (Aone is so cute, so pure)

I just wanted to makes some birthday head canons for tomorrow, also don’t forget that tomorrow is also Aone’s birthday not just Ushijima’s. I wish them both happy birthdays!!

im bringing this back...

Can we have a talk about how Jisoo used to awkwardly flirt and awkwardly touch all over jeonghan in private during their predebut era……

and an awkward jeonghan is not having it …… ahahhahaa

  • @MargotRobbie: Don't drag me into this, I'm pitching tomorrow!