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I feel like I’m just raining on everyone’s parade or something (which is not my intention, I more just feel like I don’t understand it?)  but it just bothers me the way that some people treat mental illnesses with almost over-positivity?  I understand the need to make positive out of the negative and obviously everyone uses different coping mechanisms, so I get that people have their own ways of dealing with things and etc. But idk, stuff like “everyone with stpd are beautiful fluffy sparkle baby angel sweeties UwU, stpd really just  stands for Super Tremendous Perfect Darling teehee i love uuuu~!!!” simply bothers me and is just off-putting and uncomfortable. I don’t see how that is helpful. I suppose maybe it could help an individual boost their confidence?? But how much can well-intentioned-but-very-generalized platitudes from random people on the internet actually help in an individuals confidence? It seems sort of demeaning in a way I suppose, because it’s like forced positivity upon something that isn’t necessarily positive. Don’t get me wrong, of course I have many traits of my mental illness that I’m actually kind of thankful for and there’s a few traits that I actually find favorable that I’m happy to have in comparison to what ‘regular’ traits would be . But there’s a difference I guess between rationally appreciating specific traits and watering down an entire concept to the point that you ignore the negatives that are present. It’s like diluted and the actual seriousness of the particular disorder is sort of ignored and the conversation becomes just very fake and fluffy seeming to me. 

Like if you were to come to someone with a specific serious problem and all they told you was “omg bby everything will be alright u r perfect and amazing and a unicorn goddess dnt let anything get u down~! ur a bright sparkle and everything is amazing and youll get better i love uuu UwU”, would that honestly help some people?? To me that would only have the opposite effect, I think I would just be annoyed that I had entirely wasted my time coming to someone who clearly wasn’t capable of providing me with informed or solid insight. I haven’t received any feedback on my actual problem, i’ve just received some form of random fluffy “emotional support” ? ( I’m not annoyed by the person themselves,  I see that they’re coming from a good place and mean well, so it’s nothing against them, I would just be more peeved in a general sense that I received nothing of practical value from the conversation. )

I just mean like i guess I would like to understand it? Whats the point? How does it help? Does it actually help anyone? Does it do more harm than good?  Why does this occur? If you’re someone who has actually been helped by this, can you explain like what it does for you or what satisfaction you receive from it? Am I just not thinking about it in the right way or something?? 

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"its the age when people finally glow up" wow thanks for that hard-checked scientific fact I guess we can put this to bed and change every country's age of consent to 16. It's not a given fact because everyone is different, different countries simply choose an "about right here" age. I know 16 seems young because you still are so clearly you're on the slow side of maturation, but you'll get there one day buddy. And who said I was following you, like I'd sub to this bullshit.


BUT NO I JUST THOUGH YOU KNOW HOW HARRY GETS THE LOVE POEM IN HIS SECOND YEAR WHAT IF IT WASNT FROM GINNY AND IT WAS DRACO!!!!!!!!!! Look at it, Draco magically appears and says nice poem from your girlfriend/ginny then we assume it was actually Ginny but if you where a shy first year wouldn’t you freak out blush and run away and Ginny likes Harry as well so duh she’s going to blush! ITS THE PERFECT COVER UP FOR DRACO!!!!!!!!!! “The hero who conquered the dark lord” ONLY DEATHEATERS CALL VOLDEMORT THE DARK LORD AND GUESS WHOS PARENTS ARE DEATHEATERS !!!!!!!!!! Draco would have grown up with that and DO YOU SEE WHAT IM GETTING AT HERE PEOPLE ?!?!?

April 30, 2015 4:20 pm

Why is it every time I end up feeling like I’ve been used or played with.. I am suffering for the second time and it really hurts soo fucking bad. I don’t what did I do to deserve it, but that is how its gonna be. I’m not an object to no fucking else and I guess I’ve been blind once again. I hate this so much starting last summer up until this year… Am I really not good for anyone. I also hate when people tell me “it’s okay they’ll be someone for you” NO FUCK THAT! I CHOSE WHO I WANT!!! Im in a fucking love triangle again!!! Both my heart and mind are going insane and Im choosing not to exist to anyone anymore. I can’t handle this shit and I gave up already… It’s best that im dead so that I don’t have to handle anyone’s shit. I guess I won’t get what I want the most…


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2013 : The year that saw FC Bayern München conquer it all and beyond.


Somereallygreathair’s List of People With Some Really Great Hair:
↪ David Tennant


yibo’s starter guide to his very first attempt of cooking: presenting chef wang’s tofu-ramen

Letters that Ed never sent 2/? 1 

casual reminder: you don’t have to analyse a character to death and to understand all the deeper themes and meanings to consider yourself a fan. being a ‘fan’ is not entitled to the select few who devote all their time and energy into understanding a character.

- “There are certain people who just belong together. Sure, Caroline (Candice Accola) literally has chemistry with every single person on The Vampire Diaries, but we saw on the Thanksgiving episode, that her connection is really with Stefan (Paul Wesley), and it’s unlike any other. Yes, it’s even stronger than the chemistry between Stelena.”

- “If he’s willing to stand by as she digs up the woods looking for a teddy bear, he’s into her. Even immortal guys don’t have time for that shit. I know there are a lot of Stelena loyalists, but I’m more than okay with Steroline. Her neuroticism brings out his cuddly side! Really, he’s done more talking and bonding and emoting with her than he has with anyone else for at least two seasons, so it’s nice to see Paul Wesley have something to do other than quietly smolder or quietly scowl or, you know, pick a fight with someone to drown out Stefan’s centuries of pesky feelings build-up.”

- “The scene with Stefan and Caroline on the front porch was one of the most beautifully lit scenes I have ever seen. While the details of their faces were obscured by the setting sun shining in between them, the bright coloring and the music were perfect for their interactions.”

- “Although it doesn’t seem that long ago that Stefan and Caroline seemed like the worst idea ever, I’ll give props to the writers for making this a real friendship that developed organically into something deeper. It’s the kiss we’ve been expecting for a while, but I loved that it wasn’t a Delena rip-off-our-clothes moment but something far sweeter." 

- "I guess Damon’s reasoning was that whatever Stefan felt for Caroline couldn’t compare to the epic love he himself had felt for Elena. I feel like this was the show’s subtle jab at ‘shippers who only support the most childish interpretations of what love and romance are. If it’s not love-at-first-Ed-Sheeran-song, then it’s garbage. Yet here was a steadily deepening emotional bond between two longtime friends and Damon was telling Stefan to end it? Not cool.”

Hmm, you know what’s funny? All the online reviews I’ve been reading recently are on board with SC, complimenting the slow burn and development, and praising the writers for finally letting go of the love triangle and giving one of the male leads a real love interest beyond Elena. These are completely unbiased reviewers who have no investment in any ship whatsoever and do this whole review thing for a living. They’d make no qualms about calling out crap storylines when they see them, because that’s literally their job, and yet…all I see is positivity when it comes to SC as of late? But the anti Steroline peeps swear this ship is poorly written and forced? That it’s the worst thing to ever happen on TVD? All of a sudden, they’re the experts on the progression of storylines and plot development, and the ones who make actual careers out of dissecting television don’t know what they’re talking about? Hmm. I just find it all very interesting. 

Why you write

There is no ONE TRUE REASON to write. Anybody who tells you there is is being a snob. Do you write because you enjoy the process of writing? Wonderful! Do you write because you love getting feedback? Great! Do you write because you want the world to see your stories? Awesome! Do you write to change people’s minds? Cool! Do you write because of a different reason or a mixture of reasons? Fantastic! Any reason for writing is a good reason for writing and just because one of the main ones doesn’t apply to you doesn’t mean you should stop writing.

Escape Plan #5:

Open an alpaca ranch in Texas, one that requires all blond-haired, brown-eyed, brainy girls to wear sexy cowgirl outfits.

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The gorgeous art with Leggy G and Thrandoo is actually a lens cloth sO GUESS WHO WILL USE AND ALSO CLEAN HER GLASSES A LOT MORE FROM NOW ON and the other Thrandoo thing is a name tag that I bought mostly bc it was sooooo pretty and the circle shaped things I got for free as a thank you for my purchase and I just ;A;


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Charlie, Connor & Monroe | 2.13

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