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Stone Cold Sober

Who: Chris Evans
What: Inspired by Say You Won’t Go by James Arthur

“I’m so in love with you
And I hope you know
Darling, your love is more than worth its weight in gold
We’ve come so far my dear
Look how we’ve grown”

“I wanna live with you
Even when we’re ghosts
‘Cause you were always there for me
When I needed you most”

It had been a rough year.

Chris was in way over his head with everything that he had signed up for. In the sense of trying to juggle his work life with his personal life. He thought he could handle both but his personal life just seemed to slip through his fingers. It had been a few months since he had spoken to his sisters and brother and even longer with his mother. It was rare for him to get lost in his work. Chris had always stressed that family was important in keeping him grounded. 

He knew his family would understand, because this was what he wanted to do. This was who he was. Chris hardly felt guilty when it came to his family because in the end, he knew that they would always be there for him. The only person he was worrying about was [Y/N]. Chris felt as if it had been an entire year since he got to sit down with her and talk about random things, the kind of conversations he fell in love with. 

And in retrospect, it had been a year since their last dinner date. 

Chris had captured [Y/N]’s attention about four years ago and despite their very busy schedules, they always made time for each other. They had an understanding. Work came first because anyone that was part of the film industry knew that whether or not they wanted to admit it. Work was number one until it was time to dock it further down the list. And they had both agreed that day would come when children were involved because [Y/N] was just as passionate about kids as he was. 

But, it had been sixty-seven days since he had physically seen [Y/N]. And he craved her touch, her kisses, the way she’d dig her nails into his back, and more importantly her laugh. Chris wasn’t entirely romantic, he had good intentions but it just wasn’t him and he loved that [Y/N] didn’t expect much. Because when he would, he’d get her a single flower and present it to her with a kiss and a sincere, “I love you so much.” And it reminded her just how much she loved him, not that she really ever needed a reminder. 

So, here was. In the middle of their kitchen. A little white stuffed bear holding a single red rose with a bottle of her favorite wine sitting on the counter top. Chris had managed to get off a few days earlier than he thought and he wanted to surprise the love of his life. He forgot what it felt like to be happy in the arms of his girlfriend. He heard the jingling of keys, sitting up straight, he waited for her to enter the kitchen. 

To say Chris startled her was an understatement. [Y/N] thought her heart was about to leap out her chest. Clutching her chest and leaning against the counter, she gasped. “Holy shit.” Regaining her composure, she spotted the stuffed animal and wine, “I thought you weren’t coming home until Thursday?” 

He moved towards her, cupping her face in his hands. Relishing her scent and warm cheeks. “I wasn’t until I moved a few things around.” Chris kissed her gently, “I missed you, bug.” 

She chuckled at the sound of her nickname, how she got it was beyond her knowledge. “I missed you too.” Wrapping her arms around him, she squeezed him tight. “I’m glad you came home early, we would have only seen each other for less than a day before I would have to go out to New Zealand.” [Y/N] would be lying if she said that she didn’t hate this past year. It was hard not seeing Chris for more than a week before the either of them would have to run off to the other side of the world. But relationships were all about compromise and commitment and she’d be damned if she was going to let the only man she ever loved slip from her fingers because of distance. 

He pressed a kiss to her head, “I’ve been thinking about us.” 

[Y/N] wasn’t sure if she liked the tone in his voice, pulling slightly away, she frowned. “Do I need a glass of wine for this?” 

Chris laughed, his hand reaching for that signature spot. “Baby, no, it’s not a bad thing but I wouldn’t say no to a glass.” 

Turning her frown upside down, she nodded and pulled away from him completely. In a few quick seconds she was back with two glasses and a bottle opener. She handed him the opener and graciously took the bottle from his hand once he popped the cork. Pouring a generous amount in each glass, they toasted to finally spending time together. 

“Now, what’s got that mind thinking?” She asked.

Taking a sip, he gave a gentle smile. “I miss us. I thought I could handle us and work but I don’t think I did a very good job.” 

“You didn’t but you know I don’t mind.” Frowning, she shrugged. “I mean I would have liked to see you more but I understand. It comes with the job, you know. We both knew what we were getting into when we snuck off that night.” [Y/N] reminiscence back to that night where the two of them got so unbelievably drunk at an after-party that they ended up in her hotel room with their clothes all over the floor. She had never met someone that she could get along with so well then Chris. They instantly clicked when they were sober and things got even better when they were drunk. It was inevitably once the pair finally met, it was almost like love at first sight. 

“Yeah, but that’s the thing.” Chris groaned. He set down his glass of wine and cupped her face again, his body pressing against hers which caused her hips to collide with the counter. “We work way too much. I almost forgot what it felt like to be with you. If we weren’t face-timing or texting, it was almost as if I was single. Not that I went out, because you know I didn’t but that’s what it felt like. I don’t fucking like it. 

I’ve been with you for four years and hell, [Y/N] it’s been the damn best four years of my life. It’s unreal how lucky I am to have you. I love you so fucking much that you have me wrapped around your fingers.” He let his hands fall from her face and to her waist. “I want to focus on us, I want to feel us, I want to feel you. Work is just work but when I’m with you, it’s like a whole nother world.” 

[Y/N] looked in his eyes, searching for some kind of explanation for this. “So let’s focus on us. Let’s take a vacation.” 

Chris shook his head, “No, baby. I want to marry you.”

[Y/N] choked a little, had she heard him right? Did Chris just say that he wanted to marry her? “Marry me?” She asked in disbelief.

Chris laughed again, throwing his head back. “Yes, baby. You.” He pulled her in close, nipping her lips for a moment. “You and I have been to hell and back. You were there for me whenever I needed you. And I like to think that I’ve done the same for you. I don’t want to do that for anyone else but you. I want to wake up every single morning knowing that I have you for the rest of my life. I want to rush home from the airport because I know I’ve got my favorite girl waiting for me with our kids. I want to start this life with you, [Y/N]. No one else. I want to love you with every bit of my soul because being away from you this past year was rough.

And I don’t know if doubts ran through your head or not but I want you to know that I don’t ever want to see you walk out our door with your bags packed for good. I can take it if you’re leaving me to come right back when you’re finished with work but never for good.” He placed a tender kiss on her lips, breathing her in. “I love you so much.” 

[Y/N] melted into his kiss, her hands gripping his upper arm. “I love you so much.” 


Part 4 

Synopsis: What happens when you wake up married to Steve Rogers in a Las Vegas hotel suite? Especially when you have feelings for his best friend and his best friend has feelings for you? Only time can tell.

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Reader POV

Warnings: Language. Angst. Nothing naughty yet ladies and gents…

A/N: Sorry for the delay  - work has been a bitch but here is Part 4. Super stoked for this part and the next so I hope you all enjoy! 

Tags are still open! Also i tried to fix the tag problem but if yours still isn’t working please let me know so I can figure out how to remedy the situation 

Need to catch up: Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Power is a finicky thing. You had seen governments fall - powerful families succumb to their worse fears trying to cling on to the delicate idea of having power. And once someone had it they never knew what to do with it. Except dangle it for the world to see, asking for someone stronger to challenge them. Because the truth of the matter was that humans had no idea what to do when they had achieved something. They always needed more. Power created restlessness.

That was how you felt as you walked up the New York Met steps.

It had been one week since your marriage with Steve. Things were off. You asked Steve for space and he granted it. Even if he woke up early to run with you to get an idea of missions for the day, or tried to help you with breakfast. Even if he left you lunch, worried that you never took the time to nourish yourself throughout the day or offered to make you dinner before you left for the night. Even if flowers started mysteriously popping up on your desk and the large stack of reports you had been meaning to organize and file away electronically had found a way on your desktop.

Steve knew how to give space like a toddler distancing themselves from their mother.

You dug your hands into your brown leather jacket, pulling out a few dollars to pay for your museum pass before walking through security. You walked up the steps, pulling your hair into a pony tail as you reflected on it all, a frown gracing your face. 

It was too much. You had just barely realized you had strong feelings for Bucky. You liked Bucky. Liked that behind all of his hard edges there was a softness to him, smooth and cool. Knew the kind of relationship you could have with him. The kind of life you could have with him - the kind of life you’ve wanted.

Steve was too apple pie for you. Too on the straight and narrow, even if he did recently make some changes that dictated otherwise. You knew the truth. Staying married to you was only happening because he came from a time where divorce wasn’t an option.

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business heir! wonwoo x singer! reader

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word count : 1130
synopsis : he is among the rich who come to watch the performances at the club, but he only comes for one, yours, because even if his brain looks away, his heart regrets the moment his selfishness ripped you away from him.

this is something i quite liked writing, so thank you anon for your request which was “drunk au wonwoo”. i am sorry if you wanted a light hearted scenario but i got this idea after being emo for the whole day lmao. also i recommend you listen to melted by akmu since that is what i pictured the reader’s vocals to sound like, just like suhyun’s !!

Fine, he was perfectly fine.

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Cheryl Blossom: maybe never -Smut-

Request: a cheryl x fem!reader request please, where the reader and cheryl were friends with benefits over the summer and no one knows. when veronica shows up, the reader starts showing interest in her and they go to the dance together, making cheryl jealous. later at the after party at the blossom’s, the bottle points first to the reader, then veronica, but before they can go into the closet, cheryl grabs the reader and shows everyone just who she belongs to

Notes: Halloo. I’m back. I haven’t been writing for a while, because of technical issues with my bitch ass internet. Buuuut, its working now so yay! Ahhhhh this is is probably going to be short. I’m sorry, babies. I promise tho I have another Cheryl x Reader smut coming up on Thursday. Wednesday, I’m going to be busy with me mama, my niece, and my sestra. Soooo ye. I LITERALLY NEVER PROOFREAD SORRY. 

Warnings: Hmm, SMUT AF. I don’t feel like being kinky rn so, you already know its just basic as fuck sexy time. Jealous!Cheryl. Alcohol. Sigh, just fingering. Sorry I’m being lazy. Veronica x Reader, a lil tiny bit tho. Ughhh a shitty ass ending, as always. Dassit.


Oh boy. What a fucking summer I had. I had done so much shit I never thought I’d do. Like go skinny dipping, party like all night, fuck Cheryl Blossom, be fuck buddies with Cheryl Blossom, drink all day everyday and other unusual things. But, can you believe it? Me and Cheryl fucking Blossom. Its fucking crazy. In case you don’t know what all the hype is about, Cheryl is like the most popular (and hottest) girl in school. So, for her to come at me and start this whole thing, was holy shit. Of course no one knew what we did. All they know, is that Cheryl has made a new best friend. Since it was the last weekend of summer, Cheryl was throwing one of her huge ass parties. I also heard that there was a new girl in Riverdale. Um..Veronica. Everyone keeps saying she’s sexy. I haven’t seen her yet, so I can’t say the same. The party had started and I was already late. So, I lowkey sped my way to her house. There were already teenagers hanging outside, with red cups in their hands. You could hear the music from a mile away. I literally had to push through people to get inside. Once I spotted Cheryl, I made my way towards her. “Hey Cheryl.” I called out excitedly. When she saw me, she nearly ran over to me. “Y/N, heyyyy.” I could tell she was drunk, you could smell the tequila on her breath. She went back to what she was doing, while I wondered around the huge house. I saw a girl, who looked as lonely as I did. She looked fairly new though, that must be Veronica. She was, might I say sexy. I wanted to be the first person she knew, so I decided to take it upon myself and go speak to her. “Hey, you must be Veronica. I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” I said as we shook hands. “Hi Y/N. Yeah I’m Veronica. Are her parties always this-” “lit? Yeah totally. She is known for having bomb ass parties, and other things that I certainly will not speak of.” I laughed nervously. She chuckled at my stupidity. “Um, do you want to like go dance? I’ve had people tell me I’m a pretty good dancer.” I said as I pumped my fist awkwardly into the air. She cracked up at my lame jokes. “Yes, totally. I would love to see how good you are at dancing.” I nodded, while linking arms with the taller girl, and dragged her to the center of the room. My back was facing her front, as she wrapped her arms around my waist, bumping and grinding to the beat. The music got more slower and sexual, and our bodies got closer. With my hands in her hair, and her lips on my neck, I could see the jealousy on Cheryl’s face. “Okay, everybody get in a circle and grab an empty bottle, because we’re playing spin the bottle bitches!” Cheryl yelled over the music, while everyone cheered and did as they were told. I grabbed Veronica’s hand and pulled her on the floor. Everyone had their chance to spin, so it was my turn. I spun the bottle again, and it landed on Veronica. The boys whooped and hollered as I turned to face the girl next to me. We leaned in close, but before our lips got to touch, I was being pulled by the hand out of the room? I looked to see who it was pulling, I saw the fiery red hair, who I knew belonged to Cheryl. “Cheryl, the fuck are you doing? What happened?” Once we were behind closed doors, I was being pushed against the door. “What are you doing with her?” She asked. “I’m being friendly.” I said pretending to be oblivious. “Friendly my ass. You were basically fucking her.” “Cheryl, what are you talking about She’s new, I just wanted to be her friend.” She rolled eyes as I stared at her innocently. “You will never think about another women as long as I’m alive. And that’s a fact, babe.” I knew what I was in for, and I loved it. Cheryl snaked her hand up under my dress. “Hmm. She’s gonna know who you belong to on Monday.” I moaned at the feeling of her fingers inside me. “Oh, you like that, sweetie? You like the way my fingers curl inside you?” I moaned again, while she pumped in and out of me. “You think Veronica could make you feel this good? You think she can make you moan this loud?” I nearly screamed at the pleasure. “No, baby. She can’t make me feel this good. She can’t make me feel like you do.” I purred, as my hands got tangled into her hair. “Good girl.” She said as she groped my ass. My hips jerked up, while I reached my orgasm. I could feel my legs shaking. She pulled her fingers out and sucked on them. “Once we go back out there, you’re sitting with.” She ordered. I just nodded, since there was no fighting with Cheryl.

Why Can't You See

Summary: Dan thought that Phil loved him. Now Dan’s falling apart and Phil can’t see that he’s fading.

Warnings: tw, self harm, blood, unrequited love, mentions of sex, bad writing

Words: 999 (I kid you not)

A/N: I’m sorry



Drops of ink. Drops of blood.

Dan couldn’t tell where one started and the other ended.

The black smudged and blurred the red. Around Dan’s page. Around Dan’s mind. Around Dan’s heart. The colours twisting and blurring to spell out a single word.


Dan rubbed angrily at his eyes, the red of his eyelids being squished into the black of nightmares

Phil laughing.

Phil smiling.

Phil happy.

With someone else.

Upon hearing another moan through the wall. Dan carved two lines into the dual white canvases.

One in ink. One in blood

As the black began to lull Dan with whispers of a dreamless sleep, Dan reflected on what Phil was.


Phil was everything

Funny, joyful, caring, smart-


Selfish. Phil was selfish. Dan decided.

Phil was the one in his bedroom fucki-no making love to his boyfriend. While Dan, his best friend and ex-fuckbuddy was sat alone in his bedroom, slowly letting his love drain out through ink and his life drain out through blood.

The first time had only been an accident. Both of them at a New Year’s party and loaded up on god knows what. 30 seconds to midnight and everybody else already coupled up, they had no choice.

Until the New Year’s kiss quickly tuned into something hungrier, more primal and deeper which ended in them whispering sweet nothings into the night’s air until the dawn sent them scurrying back to their own room, their lips tingling and their hearts pounding.

The second time was a bit more skeptical. They were less drunk, under less pressure, however that didn’t stop it from being any less intense, less memorable, less real than the first.

The third time was downright inexcusable. They weren’t drunk at all, alone in the house with their TV blaring out the credits of the last episode of their latest anime.

Although neither of them protested as hands found bodies and lips found lips.

That morning after, Dan and Phil had decided to settle their arrangement. Fast, easy and quality sex was what they decided on. Fast, easy and quality sex with no strings attached

Dan just assumed that was a cover for their true relationships. After all, platonic friends with benefits didn’t cuddle in bed whispering sweet nothings into the other’s ear. Platonic friends with benefits did not quickly steal lingering kisses while cooking dinner or watching a movie. Platonic friends with benefits did not act like anything more than just friends anywhere outside the bedroom.

And so Dan was happy.

Until he wasn’t.

Until Adam had been assigned to be the technician of the Internet Takeover.

Dan still remembered the evening when Phil burst into the lounge, smiling a smile that usually only Dan could make him wear. “It went brilliantly! We exchanged numbers and I’m going to see him again on Thursday. ”

Phil had then retired to the other end of the sofa, smiling while tapping away on his phone and Dan had forced a smile and tried to ignore the rip in his heart.

On Thursday, Phil had brought Adam home and Dan had carved the first line into his arm.

And Phil didn’t notice.

Dan started to wear long sleeves which covered his lower arms, even though the days were starting to get warmer.

And Phil still didn’t notice.

And that’s when Dan realised that even though Phil was the centre of Dan’s universe.

Dan wasn’t the centre of his.

Fourteen red lines were drawn that night.

Dan was fading. He could feel it. Blackness was eating away at the edges of his vision. His pounding lifeblood was seeping out of the artwork covering his canvas of a body. Dan felt light, light and numb. Perhaps that was what prompted him to call out Phil’s name.

The noises stopped, soon replaced by angry muttering which kept fading in and out of focus as Dan fought to stay conscious.

“Dan… I’m sort of busy right now. Is it urgent?”

Is it urgent. Dan had a wild urge to laugh. He was dying. Dan Howell was dying and Phil had asked whether or not it was urgent.

Dan’s lips felt bloated and heavy as he called out the only word he seemed to be able to say.


It was silent for a few moments before Dan heard a barely audible sigh float into his ears.

“Dan.” the voice sounded annoyed, snappy “Dan, I’m with Adam right now. If it’s urgent then say so. If not then please can you leave us be?”

Us. The word echoed around Dan, amplifying the call of the black void surrounding him, engulfing him. And Dan can only wonder when us stopped meaning Dan and Phil and started meaning Phil and Adam.

Every movement, every thought was almost too much of an effort, yet a final word was dragged from Dan’s lips. He needed to hear him, needed to see him for the last time.

“Phil.” Dan eyes fluttered shut as his life soaked into the bedsheets in a vivid shade of crimson.

“Dan.” the voice is icy now, as cold as the night sea. “Please shut up.”

Shut up . The two words stab and twist cruelly at his heart. Dan feels like he is drowning. Shut up, shut up. Phil doesn’t love him, maybe he never has. Maybe Dan has assumed too much, believes try had something. Shut up, shut up Dan doesn’t have the energy left to cry, he can feel his heartbeat irregularly pounding and fading. Dan lets a harsh laugh bubble its way past his lips and when did he get so tired.

Shut up, shut up . Dan can feel the blackness tugging and pulling and attempting to detach his soul from his body. His body marked in so many ways by Phil. Phil’s love- no Phil’s pleasure, Phil’s betrayal and Phil’s faults.

Shut up. Shut up.

Dan is almost gone. He can feel himself slowly fading away, his mind curiously blank and somehow he manages to ignore the deep ache from where his heart should be.

Unbidden, a final word slips past Dan’s lips.


And Dan gives up.


A/N: You all still alive out there? You there at the back, alive? Barely? Good enough.

I’m still in shock about this but this fic has been nominated for a phanfic award in the emotional wreck category! (guys I am a barely known author with shitty writing and an even shittier personality but god do I love you all so much, all of you are amazing) 

Read the sequel here

Taco- Requested

@kimberlyofficial1“Can you do a Swazz imagine. Where you guys are friends with benefits. Then one day you see him with Madison and you think they have a thing. So you get pissed and start talking play flirting with jack G because he saw them too. And idk you make up the rest”

John plays with a piece of my hair. “You should wear it natural more often.” He pulls and then lets go, the dark curl springing back into place. I press my lips to his chest softly. 

“I’ll think about it” I say and rub his stomach lightly before sitting up. I reach for my phone to check the time. “I’ve got to go, Bud” I turn around as John begins to pout. I laugh and he reaches out for my torso, but can’t reach because he’s still laying down. 

“Stay” he whines and I shake my head playfully, putting my clothes back on. “You always have to leave” 

“It’s called having a normal job” I laugh, then go to check my makeup in his bathroom mirror. I put your hair up in a bun, slip my chelsea boots on, grab my coat and head for the door to his apartment. Just as I am about to slip out, I hear his sock padded feet approaching me. 

“Have a good time at your normal job” He smiles, stretching a hand back behind his back, then rubbing his eye. 

“Have a good time having a “meeting” with Nate” I chuckle. I know that they both worked hard, but I don’t know if it was still considered a business meeting if have the time was spent rolling and the members of the meeting lived together. I reach out to wave goodbye and Swazz grabs my hand, pulling me back in. He presses his full lips onto mine and then pulls away slowly. I smirk and get out a soft “bye” before stumbling out the door and walking out to my car to get to work. 

Swazz and I have been friends almost the entire time I have lived in LA. We are completely wrong for each other. He sleeps all day, stays up late, smokes, drinks hard liquor, and wants to be a playboy loner for as long as he can. I graduated near the top of my class from USC law school, wake up early, drink coffee, and now work for one of the top music law firms in the world. Despite all this, we have become pretty great friends. I motivate him to get his shit done and he reminds me to not be so uptight about everything. We met because he had become friends with my best friends from growing up, Jack J and Jack G. So I have known him and his friends for a little while now. 

On my 25th birthday, John had stayed late after my party and after cleaning up, we got high and slept together. Since then, we had been having casual sex about twice a week, agreeing that friends with benefits was our best option. Lately though, I had been staying at his place afterwords, he had been making me breakfast and holding me for longer when we were done having sex. I wasn’t sure if we could work as a couple, I usually dated stiff, white collar, Harvard Law types and he usually dated beach babes and models. 

All of this was still running through my mind when  I left work. It was Tuesday night, Taco night. Jack G and I have a tradition where I pick him up when I get out of work on Thursdays and we hit up a different Taco place in LA. It was his turn to pick the Taco stand this week. I pull up to his apartment and honk. In a matter of moments I see the giant smile that could only belong to my best friend. 

“Hey” He kisses me on the cheek and gets in my car. 

“Hey” I smile over at him. He hooks up the aux cord and tells me where we’re headed. G is probably my best friend. I can (and do) talk to him about everything. He’s one of the only reasons I made it through law school and is always reminding me how great I am. People always say we should date, but we went out towards  the beginning of knowing each other and it just felt weird. We have always been more like siblings. Sometimes, we make out when we’re drunk though and we have a pact to get married if we are single at 45. 

Tonight, he seems off. “What’s going on Babe? I say and look over at him. 

“What?” He looks up at me, clearly out of it. 

“You good?” I laugh. “Is it Madison or work?” I ask when he seems to check out again. 

“Madi’s been off recently. I think we’re growing apart.” He sighs. “I knew it was going to happen. She’s so much younger than I am and we’ve both been so busy.” 

“But you love her so much” I look over at him as we pull off the highway. 

“Yeah, I know. We’ll have to see if things get better or worse in the next couple weeks. No decisions have to be made right now” He runs a hand through his hair and starts giving me more specific instructions and eventually we pull up to the stand. 

“Wait” I say glancing at the cars in the lot. “Isn’t that Swazz’s car?” I point at the big black car Swazz has driven since the day I met him. 

“Yeah!” Jack says and we are about to get out of the car to go surprise him when I see him get out of the car with someone G recognizes in an instant. 

“Madison?” I tilt my head and look back over at G. “I didn’t realize they were close…” 

“Neither did I” Jack sounds defeated. Madison laughs at something John says and he throws an arm around  her waist. 

“We’re getting out of here” I say as I can feel my stomach in my throat. 

“Please” G says and turns back to get one more glance 

I haven’t answered any of John’s calls the past couple of days. He and Madison may not actually be hooking up or together, but the whole situation is freaking G and I out. He has been doing his best to stay normal with Madison and has been subtly trying to get to the bottom of things, but has had little luck so far. 

Tonight is Johnson’s birthday party, the first time I will have to see Swazz or Madison since the taco fiasco. I am so nervous. G invites me over to the Jack and Jack house to help set up for tonight’s party, a surprise for Johnson. 

I am hanging balloons and Jack is in the kitchen putting groceries away. “Maybe we should make them jealous, Babe” I call from the living room. 

“What?” Jack peaks his head out from the kitchen. 

“Nothing terrible, but just some heaving flirting, maybe a little petting… If they call us out, we can call them out. Plus I always think its funny when we flirt.” 

“Madison has still been acting weird… plus, I agree that its fun when we flirt” 

“Perfect” I sigh and finish with the decorations. 

That night, the party is packed. We get so many more than we were expecting. Johnson loves every second of it and we are all having such a good time. Skate raps a few verses, Sammy sings, G does a special cover just for him. Everything is going really well. As things wind down a little , G comes up behind me. “They’re here” he nods as Swazz pours himself a drink and Madison comes through the door. 

“You ready to turn on the heat, G?” I smile up at him. 

“When is it ever turned off, Mama?” He jokes, wiggling his eyebrows. I laugh loudly and throw my hands onto his chest. His arm falls to sit around my waist. We keep talking, but draw a little more attention to ourselves. Right when G leans in close to whisper something in my ear, I can feel Swazz behind me. 

“Y/N?” His arms are crossed. He seems tense

“Yeah?” I smirk as I turn away from G. He keeps his arms around my waist as I back up into his chest. 

John rolls his eyes. “Cut it out Y/N we all know that you and G would never be like this. You’re playing” 

“Why do you care, John? Why don’t you go get some tacos or something” I raise an eyebrow and nod over towards Madison. 

“How did you find out about that?” Swazz is confused and looks up at G who turns away. 

“Taco Tuesday!”

“Oh yeah. I forgot about that. What a coincidence. Well we were just getting tacos as friends. I promise.” I look in John’s eyes and know he means it. G can sense that I want to be alone with Swazz so he goes to talk to Madison. I hope they can patch things up. 

“So what’s up then, John? Why are you going to get taco’s with my best friend’s girlfriend?” I lean against the banister. 

“My sister has been having bouts of depression and anxiety because of body image and I know that Madison went through something similar a few years ago. So I called and ask if she wanted to talk. We’ve been meeting every now and then for a little while now. Last week, Jack must have left the menu or address for the stand out because that’s where she suggested we meet. I promise I am not interested in anyone but you.” He says, approaching me. 

When he talks about his sister I frown. “I’m so sorry. I had no idea.” But by the time he finishes I can’t help but smirk, “What was that last part?” I say looking up at him as he moves closer towards me. 

“I’m not interested in anyone but you” he says softly. 

“I like the sound of that.” I say and slip my hands up into his hair and he puts his hands on my waist. 

“So how about I take you on a real date sometime and you don’t flirt with G in front of me anymore.” 

“G and I are never going to stop flirting babe. But a date would be lovely and I could work on toning it down” I chuckle and bring my lips to his. 

He pulls away and looks back into my eyes “Fine, but only because I’m crazy about you and could take G in a fight for your hand”

“Woah woah woah, Buddy” I laugh “I know I’m the most incredible person you’ve ever met but we haven’t been on a date yet. No discussing my hand.” 

“Can I hold it then?” He says and slips his rough, warm hand around my smaller, soft one. 

“Damn, you’re smooth” I chuckle and lean against his shoulder. “Now let’s get out of here.” 


I hope you liked it 


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‘we take the same elevator every day and due to a misunderstanding I assumed you didn’t speak english and I’ve been talking to my friend about how hot you are for three weeks and apparently my friend has known from the start but you agreed not to tell me bc you both think its hilarious what the fuck’ au USE ANY PAIRING USE ALL THE PAIRINGS

THIS IS THE BEST PROMPT OF ALL TIME. gonna use it to practice my rvb writing skills, sorry if that’s not what you were expecting.

The day Carolina called Wash’s name to get on a different elevator from his usual is the day after a disastrous blind date with one of South’s friends. Honestly, he should have known better, South is notorious for screwing with him, but sue him for being lonely and up for some spontaneity in his life. Never again. He is never trusting South again. With anything.

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Yes you did... Its a prompt for you, doll, bout Oxford students Hartwin. Harry double major programming(love) and bussiness(forced), Eggsy gymnastics scholarship, literature. Horrible meet ups, bad timing and everything that starts everything wrong.

Okay, FINALLY. I’m so sorry that it took forever, but here you go, love ♥

Change He Earth, Change He Sky

Relationship: Harry Hart/Eggsy Unwin

Rating: T

Words: 2.480


“Oh, fuck, sorry, professor”, Eggsy splutters out, cursing himself internally as he looks at the damage he has caused – a dark stain spreading across a white shirt, a blue tie, coffee seeping into the undoubtedly expensive fabrics. It’s just like him to pull this off in his first week at university, spilling half a cup of coffee over one of the professors; if he’s really lucky, it’ll turn out that he’s one of his, too.
Perhaps that one everyone already warned him about, Connor Stevens, who teaches nineteenth- and twentieth century literature, only ever smiles when he gets drunk on the faculties Christmas parties.

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Regretting You

I was fresh out of a long term relationship when I met you.
We had quite a few things in common and you were something new, something different. We started dating and as expected everything was great and sweet. From clubbing nights at your venues to 5 am diner munchies to 6am amazing drunk sex.

I had no complaints from this little fling we started to have.
The months started passing by and the lies started happening. The flirtacious text messages with other woman as if I wasn’t in the same room as you typed them. The heart-eyed emojis sent to your former mess around before me wasn’t “disrespectful” to you. It went from pictures of you two together at your venues after you claimed she was the one on to you, to you changing her name on your phone 3 times.

You were too busy with her" she said.
So there I thought to myself; this is no longer something I should be putting up with, we had a good time, I should end it here.

You didn’t want to let me go. You apologized, little did I know that you invented the word ”Sorry“. You took me out to dinner and we ended up having amazing makeup sex totally disregarding the fact the day I dumped you I dumped my birth control pills, too.

So there we were a month later in the waiting room. They called my name and I took the most nervous piss I have ever took in my life. 5 minutes later I found out I was expecting your baby and we weren’t even together.

We’re not even together.
He lies to me about his whereabouts with his friends, he lies about not having communication with his former mess around, he flirts around with women as if hes not walking around calling me his girl and now I’m pregnant with his child.

The nurse asked me if I wanted to set an appointment for my first prenatal visit and I said no. When I walked out and told you the news your eyes lit up and a smile spread flat across your face.. I couldn’t believe you. I asked you if you were crazy, told you I couldn’t keep the baby seeing how we didn’t even work out and you told me I was going to hell if I didn’t keep the baby. Little did you not understand that what I have gone through with you since then is exactly what I had pictured I was gonna go through.

I was a wreck for that whole week. I couldn’t have gotten an abortion even if I had wanted to. I knew what I was getting myself into but I had told myself if I was responsible enough to have opened my legs I was responsible enough to take care of the outcome..

You said you would change.
You said you would get a job.
You said that you would do better for the family we had created.

The months started passing and my belly was getting bigger.. we found out we both had the Sickle Cell Trait and we were forced to attend genetic counseling to learn of this disease we had never even heard of.

I chose to get the Amniocentesis done at 4 and ½ months and during the procedure we found out the sex.. ”It’s a girl..“ 

2 weeks later at 5 months pregnant you let me go by myself to find out the results of our child. I had to witness the uneasiness of my doctor’s face and flat out hear how our child picked up the 25% chance and that she would indeed be born with Sickle Cell Anemia type SS..

You were not there to hold my hand.
You were not there to comfort me.
You weren’t there to hold me up during one of the most heart wrenching moments I shouldn’t have had gone through by myself. 

That’s when everything started crashing down.

You were in the club Thursday to Sunday.
Out of my monthly prenatal visits you never came with me to none and out of all the sonograms I was having you only had attended three. I fell into depression and thought about committing suicide because I knew I was definitely doing this alone. The more I read about this horrible disease my daughter was going to be born with the more I felt guilty. I wanted to end my life because I felt like I was going to bring her into this world to suffer and I didn’t want to see her suffer alone. They gave us books to read and while I educated myself in every way possible you never bothered educating yourself.

I then started having sonograms every 2 weeks because they detected a white cloud over her lungs and I was told there was a possibility she might have had a tumor.
You weren’t there either.

I recovered from the depression I had fell into with the massive support I was getting from friends and strangers on Instagram when I expressed my daughters results and my allover guilt. It truly is amazing what the power of support can do. I picked myself up only to go into my second depression after finding out you were talking to another woman, again.

Facebook messages
Instagram 32 week old pictures
Text Messages
and the ipod texting app when you didn’t have a phone.
The sad part is I had to hack into all 5 of these things.

You had me eating and drinking my tears as breakfast, lunch and dinner until I ended up in the hospital for depression. It took for them to threaten me that if I couldn’t get myself together they would take my daughter away from me when I gave birth.

When you left to Louisiana for the rest of the pregnancy it was like a breath of fresh air, just a few days before you left I had found you writing to your former mess around, again.

“Baby I called you

“Babe you wanna go smoke?
Smoke? Really?

“Why all your friends keep telling me to get with you,” she asked.
We were meant to be LOL” was your reply.

And there I was penguin walking around your house, your mom teaching me how to cook as I cooked for your siblings while you were away. I was disgustingly still waiting for you to change and you were still doing me grimey.

You came back from Louisiana for the baby shower with nothing to show for your time being away. Just the same words over and over again. “I'ma change, I’m not gonna lie to you anymore, I’m serious”

On my due date you didn’t come with me to my last prenatal appointment (of course) so you didn’t get to witness my OB pop my water by mistake while checking how many centimeters I was. You didn’t get to witness me trying to penguin speed-walk to the train and having to stop at the Mcdonald’s bathroom to stuff a load of tissue in my undies because I was a walking water fountain..

I went into labor and after a failed attempt at natural birth I was rushed for a C Section and there she was.

And I silently cried.

Not because I heard her cry but because a rush of flashbacks came across my mind of everything you made me go through carrying your child. The nights I cried myself to sleep while you slept fine getting drunk at a bar or texting someone else. The days I went without feeding myself and my unborn child because I had no appetite after finding out yet another disrespectful act. And there you were next to me and I didn’t understand why I still expected something sweet from you..

A kiss.
An “I love you Jen.. you did a great job.”

As everyone and myself also thought that once the baby was here you would change, I was baffled for having thought so positive of you. I got released from the hospital 5 days later and you helped bring the hospital bags upstairs and to no surprise 5 minutes later you left. Said you had to take care of your siblings at home, only to attend a bbq with your friends.

A fucking bbq.

And there I was at home, crying from the pain of having ripped two stitches from the inside of my incision. I cried as I struggled in pain when I tried to get up to breastfeed your daughter every 2 hours. And to be honest I don’t know what hurt more, the physical pain of my incision or the emotional pain I was feeling.

I gave you so many chances and stood by your side thinking you would change after the baby got here, as many people also thought. Only to receive the ultimate slap on my face.

There I was all summer, raising my daughter by myself, as you continued your night life and met another girl. Still today you deny her complete existence and your friends used to chime in on how she was really trying to make shit seem how it wasn’t but you can only stretch out a unorganized lie for so long, especially with a girl who lied for you. I witnessed myself the type of girl that she was and although she apologized still today I don’t even know whether you fucked the chick or not.

Do you know what it felt like to be at home every single day waiting to see when you would acknowledge me? To think about the job I was doing raising our daughter? To notice how I looked like a fucking owl due to those sleepless nights by myself and there you were taking professional pictures at the club with her, holding her hands and dancing to the new Romeo bachatas that I was dying to finally get a chance to dance to at a night out with you.

I witnessed those same friends that went with you to chill with her come to my house the next day smiling in my face talking about “Sis, you changed my bro, he loves you, you’re the best girl he’s ever been with”. But you can’t hate the player, you gotta hate the game right?

I witnessed yet another woman calling you “babe” and you calling her that back, you lied about having stopped communication with her, you lied about everything.
I witnessed your selfies with her like the ones I once used to take with you and the text messages of you two talking about bbqs and chipotle dates and asking her if she missed you 5 minutes after we had sex.

You gave a complete shit about me but you would still be asking for chances you kept throwing away.

I witnessed you make your friends block me on their pages when I was putting two and two together.
I witnessed all the subs she put whenever I made sure she knew you was still kissing me at my feet.
I witnessed the nights you didn’t come home while I was at your house waiting for you with our daughter.
I witnessed you play me. Had the chicks number on speed dial. And still on my own birthday I gave you the last chance that you begged for and you went and ruined it by going to her job with your friends every weekend.

Lies or physco activity you really had me deal with another woman. All because I wanted this “family” of mine so fucking bad. You bashed her name so much just like you bashed your former mess around just to prove me other wise each time. Not even when I ended up in a hospital bed from the most painful blood and kidney infection you came to see me, instead you went to your friends daughters 2nd birthday with her. 

The mere fact that your little sister rubbed my belly while I was pregnant more than you did says a lot.
The mere fact that you have lied in my face and watched me try to work things out with tears in my eyes and not ever feeling sorry says a lot, too.

I brought in the New Year forgiving you and I let you go.

In my heart I wasn’t ready to forgive you but I forgave you, and I forgave her too because what goes around comes back around.

This year when our daughter underwent her first pain crises, you didn’t bother staying with us in the hospital.
Not only were you not there for me, but you weren’t there for her. I caught a stomach virus and begged you to come to the hospital at 1am because if the nurse found out I was sick I would have had to leave Delilah alone to not risk passing the virus to her. Do you remember your response? You said you couldn’t leave the club and I had to hold in my throw up until my mother came at 4am. Thanks for that.

I cried every night for those 4 nights that our daughter was admitted because I couldn’t believe how you really chose your nightlife over your family during the time we needed you the most. You chose the club over me every single time. You spent the year apologizing and saying you would change..but you didn’t. I accepted that this was the person you were.

Late July you started buying me flowers, woke up early to get me breakfast, started coming to see your daughter more frequently instead of your once in a blue visits. You showed you were actually trying 2 years and a half later but it was already too late in my heart. There was no reason that not only as a woman and as your child’s mother that I had to go through the malicious things you did to me.

The self esteem I used to have you took away from me.
You ripped my heart out of my chest every time I saw you out or texting other women. A thousand times you did me grimey and a thousand and one times I still waited to see if you would change.
How could I have been so hopeful towards a man who showed me by his actions that he didn’t give two shits about me is the question I ask myself everyday. 

How could you lie to me and then use sex as an apology? How did you sleep okay at night? How do you disrespect someone and then have the nerve to tell them you love them?

I cannot explain the way you have made me feel, as a woman.
To feel worthless.
To feel that I wasn’t ENOUGH for you.
To feel that not even my daughter was enough for you to change either.

I cooked for you.
I washed your clothes.
I was your rock.
and nobody could have messed that up for you but you
I was there for you more than anyone else ever was, despite what you put me through.
You embarrassed me in front of your friends, and mine too.

Now almost 3 years later,
the mention of your name puts me in a bad mood.
I have trust issues now, and I feel like anyone I give my heart to is gonna try to play me.

Two months and a half ago I decided to privately try to move on and you went crazy. Now for the past 2-3 weeks or so you have flaunted your next girl.

I pity any woman you ever come across with in the future who doesn’t leave you when they see you for your true colors, the way I didn’t.

A man who didn’t change for the own family he created, even knowing we have to have a second child in the future for our daughter’s transplant as a cure for her disease. Nothing was enough to keep you home.

It’s crazy how no matter how much emotional damage you have caused me and misery you have bought me I’d probably still be the only person there for you at your lowest. 

I’ll always be stuck between regretting you
or thanking you for making me become the strong independent woman I am today……

Happy Without Me

Chapter Seven – I Should’ve Known Better

A/N: This is not going to be the most pleasant flashback. We may be all out of fluff for now. I might be able to get another one up quickly but if not it’ll only be a few days, no worries.

Summary: Sure, everyone says long distance doesn’t work. But if anyone was gonna make it work it was supposed to be them. They’ve always beat the odds – until now. Now, Amy is just walking away like they don’t have two decades worth of history. Karma doesn’t know why Amy made so many promises when she wasn’t going to follow through with any of them.

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