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River Song, Jack Harkness, Twelve, Eleven, Rory and Jenny from Doctor Who For the 6 person thing

Push Eleven off a cliff
Kiss River
Marry Rory
Set Jack on Fire
Wrap a Blanket around Twelve
Be Roommates with Jenny


So I was bored and decided to draw. This is where it got me. Org XIII children (oc’s) , yay!

The one on the left is Maya (I cropped out her name, oops), and she’s supposed to be Lexaeus and Zexion’s daughter (how, I have no idea). Like Zexion, Maya is exceptionally deceptive, and so can worm her way out of most unfortunate situations. The only person she can’t fool is Zexion, so Maya often whines about this to Lexaeus who either takes pity on her or tells her to stop provoking said Cloaked Schemer. 

Eris is Xigbar and Demyx’s daughter (again, how I have no idea) and is pretty much a female version of Xigbar, except she is louder and impossibly less tolerable than he is. Eris idolizes Xigbar, and aspires towards the whole “I-wanna-be-like-my-dorky-pirate-dad” thing. She’s a natural with most long range weaponry (go figure) and when she’s not chilling out with her old man, she’s usually bothering people like Maya. Demyx totally adores Eris, but the fact that she pays more attention to Xigbar than him hurts him quite a bit :(

Then there’s Selene, whose name I also cropped out. *Inserts random Xigbar quote here* “Oopsy daisy.” Selene is Xemnas and Saix’s evil daughter from hell, and is pretty much a clone of Saix personality-wise except worse. Selene is generally quiet, apathetic and has a real nasty streak. She victimizes people who are sensitive or she believes to have no intellectual prowess (like Eris), and uses big fancy-ass words like a certain somebody to make herself sound smarter than everyone else. If people piss her off, she complains to Xemnas. And knowing Xemnas, it’s probably not wise to mess with his daughter.

So those are just a few characters I’ve come up with out of sheer randomness. Please don’t kill me .A.

*spends at least two hours worrying over a dumb thing, gets side-tracked from thinking about some other thing that was actually a source of amusement because bored*

Really wish my brain would just shut the hell up. Stressing over insignificant things that don’t matter and aren’t the end of the world is just draining.

Please don’t yell at me in front of people. Don’t bring any attention towards my mistakes. Let them fade away, disappear into the land of unaccomplished hopes and dreams that turned into failures.

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I want the K

  • 15: Kiss in the Rain

Is this ever going to stop? Momo thought bleakly as he stared through the curtain of rain falling from the tip of his umbrella. Since the weekend started it had been nothing else but gray skies and the sound of distant thunder. While he loved storms it was getting a bit ridiculous. Only able to take so much of staying in the house Momo had decided to get out and took a walk down to Bartley’s Cafe.

Mocha latte in one hand and umbrella handle in the other he made his way down the sidewalk, avoiding the puddles as much as he could. Normally he’d walk right through no matter how deep the water but as the caffeine started to kick in he felt an extra spring in his step. The street corners usually drained well but in a downpour like this each had its own mini pond.

Cracking a grin Momo was determined to make the jump. After chugging the rest of his latte he made a dash for it, holding his umbrella up high to not hit anyone. But as he was about to take the leap off the curb someone came walking right up the middle and there was no time to stop himself.

A splash followed a loud yelp as Momo smacked directly into the other person, landing on top of him in the large puddle on the side of the road. Opening his eyes he meant to apologize but felt his lips were already occupied. The other’s face had a look of shock, surprise, and plain ‘wtf’ and, only blushing for a split second, Momo scrambled off the poor guy.

“I am so so sorry!”

More moaning

So the rest of my family are all together, living it up at the seaside, having just come from a get-together with some others who I regard as basically family, and the weather’s great.

Meanwhile, I’m studying for resits and, while I’m beside the sea as well, the beach is seagull-infested, there’s a lovely view of a cluster of oil tankers, there are plague victims buried under the links, the sky is its usual shade of grey, and the city hasn’t had a face-lift since 1982. 

Well this is just sodding brilliant.

Tonight my friends and I went to the city and just screamed ‘gay pride’ over and over to celebrate