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Emergency Commission

Hey so my partner is shipping off to basic in a week and i really want to see them one last time before they go. I’m offering trollcall commissions at $8 to be able to afford the lyft to get them here and back. I only need one or two, so please consider buying some! It’ll look something like this when its done.

I’ll be opening these for real soon but they’ll probably be a bit more expensive then ;v; please consider buying one now while they’re cheap, thank you!!!!

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ooh I had an idea what about each of the ghouls (underworld/gob) favorite article of clothing that they own and why? like a treasured hoodie, favorite hat, most worn pair of shoes?

oh!! yesss

ahzrukhal - he has an array of suits that hes rlly proud of! only wears them for special occasions tho

barrows - probably his reading glasses? i can’t see him being too attached to anything he might wear on the job…maybe likes the general idea of sweaters but he only has one

carol - she likes the dress she wears ingame, nothing really special about it its just comfortable. i like to think she has a locket with a picture of her prewar family in it but she keeps it in her safe so it wont get broken/stolen

charon - doesn’t have a lot of attachments to any of his clothes, but he does appreciate a new pair of boots now and again

crowley - well aside from his power armor, i think he dressed down more as a merc. had a heavy coat then, not unlike quinn’s but has since lost it

gob - he definitely prefers warmer clothes but something still loose enough to let him move around… probably has a big ol coat he brought w him from underworld that he likes to bundle up in

graves - she has a pair of big stompin boots that she Adores….cuffs her pants into them if she can

greta - she likes to wear pants, probably owns mom jeans if i’m really honest…. only issue is she doesnt have a whole lot of shirts/blouses to go with them, only dresses

griffon - his wig, also he wears his favourite shoes all the time! it was hard to find a matching pair in his sizes (one foot’s half a size bigger than the other) so this is like the first pair he’s had that actually fits. he liked his suit a lot more before getting to underworld and realising that other people had the same one,, rip

patchwork - his favourite thing to wear is this old flannel he bought some years ago, its so big and warm,, he still has it around somewhere and probably would wear it as pjs

quinn - his jacket! it’s big, it has a ton of pockets and he just rlly likes the weight of it. spending years mending it he’s gotten attached and he can’t imagine going without it. he used to have a hat in the same style as maccready’s (idk what its called..) but he lost it a long time ago

snowflake - i’d say his favourite outfit is the pajamas he wears all the time just because theyre the most comfortable. not a piece of clothing but carol gave him a towel shortly after arriving for hot towel treatments and he loves it :> also appreciates anything maroon/pink

tulip - in some of my winter hcs/drawings she has a big ol cloak, i think it’d be her favourite for the sheer aesthetic alone

willow - maintaining her leather jacket has been a point of pride for her tbh. she used to switch em out every few years but her current one has lasted a lot longer. probably sewed secret pockets on the inside

winthrop - this is a Very New idea i’m working with but i’d have to say his old wedding ring. he never got his wife’s ring so it’s about the only thing he has left of her. if he ever found anyone else to settle down with he’d likely give it to them

so do you remember once upon time when i asked you all to make me choose between two things & I’d make a gif set? I know it’s been ten years no one probably remembers but I will finish all of them once exams are over with

the ones I have left to do are:

Maknae line or Hyung Line?

Jin in War of Hormone Era or Run Era?

Jinkook bickering or Jinkook being soft?

Jinmin or Namjin?

If you sent me one before & I didn’t do it please let me know but this is all I have in my inbox for that ‘make me choose thing’

ok so, it turns out that i love drawing altean lance,, a lot


paladins in bows! bc thats cute! 

also the draws are available as stickers on redbubble!! 

InkTober 03 - Discovery Husbands

Inspired by this post, I wanted to draw Jim and Spock in their places during the Discovery time period.

If you think I’m gonna draw each individual delta shield on this monstrosity of a uniform, though, you’re out of your Vulcan mind.


career concept somewhere between unspeakables & cursebreakers: reapers

NOT in the traditional sense and, bear with me here bc i’ve made this space to play in and it may be blatantly canon-ignorant in places (not purposely), more to do with the fanon theory of magical cores. i’ll put the rest under a cut!!

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Shiro reluctantly agrees to coach this group of kids (in what idk), drags his grumpy baby brother into it, their neighbour’s daughter/friend decides to be a part of it too and they find out the meaning of life or friendships or whatever


Klance kisses Klance kisses KLANCE KISSES

Thanks for sending in these requests guys!! I had a lot of fun drawing them <3

in that Snafu set I made yesterday, root has her analogue interface box in the Machine’s footage from when she shot Denton Weeks. considering that TM has her in a red box during that part of Snafu AND had her in a red box back when she shot Weeks in Bad Code, I thought it was kind of odd. since finch’s footage seem to have the boxes from the time the footage was shot (meaning the boxes were embedded in the footage video and not the Machine tracking his image in the present time) I’m going to have to assume that TM went back and edited the analogue interface box into all previous footage of root. what sort of sappy AI nonsense….


I’m sorry, i’m dying because of this friendship.

also, too ooc? probably.

welp i guess there’s not going back. @skidspace tagging you because you made me ship this and i don’t know if I hate you or love you for it probably the second one

So…I have this headcanon that Yandere when not stalking senpai or killing people, he likes to draw. It’s usually about him and senpai together and being happy and things like that but  sometimes he draws the other ilplier egos and the stuff he thinks happens in their meetings and theories about the egos he doesn’t know well and thats how this stupid comic happend and instead of drawing specific things about that headcanon i go for the gay stuff. yay me

Note: I like to think that even if he can’t see with his eyes, the host is aware of the things happening around him(visuals and stuff like that) because of his “narrating everything that is happening” powers(at least most of the times)

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GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR FINALS. I just want to know how Bucky feels about animals other than dogs (which I think he likes, now I'm second-guessing myself). Which ones would he adopt as pets and which ones would he prefer to be nowhere near him or in a proper zoo/in the wild?

there are pretty few animals that i dont think are great. if it holds still,  im gonna pet it. if it bites me, well, i already got one metal hand, i could probably make do with two metal hands. although it would probably sound like banging pots and pans together when i clapped. 

having had several long conversations with various animal-powered superpeople, i can say that as much as i would like to have a pet tiger, most wild animals are better off staying that way, or left in the care of professionals who know what the heck theyre doing. i barely know what the heck im doing with my own life, let alone the life of some animal. 

thor and i have been watching this show called crocodile hunter. if steve irwin was still around he probably would have shown up in new york a few years ago to wrassle some chitauri. but thor assures me hes quite happy meeting various dinosaurs up in valhalla. 

This sort of thing always looks easier in movies….

Back at it again with another bloody boy for @tuckerenthusiast‘s au
and maybe i’ll do more once stuff about kyle and stan is up

painter girls: her eyes and lips look like fresh oil paintings, she’s got the world at her fingertips, she’s got a smile that could kill. she’ll probably write you love letters and start fires for fun.

farmer girls: the ones who taste like peaches and clove, she’ll run in fields of gold wheat and jump from cliffs into the diamond ocean without hesitation.

sailor girls: poets at heart and capable of boyish smiles, barefoot with her shirt knotted up, a real charmer without trying. adores the stars and smells like salty lavender.

astronaut girls: constantly lost in a dreamy thought, probably enjoys looking at your eyes to count the stars in them. she’ll wake up in the middle of the night to write you a goofy text, even if you’re asleep.

chauffeur girls: ones who dress like a gentleman to impress you, plays the piano, they’ll kiss your hand and fingertips before you leave, doesn’t say much but laughs at all your terrible jokes.


Queen Friendship Appreciation - Violet Chachki and Miss Fame

“Miss Fame is my pep talk, spiritual guidance, motherly, heart of gold, can talk to her about anything. We can relate to each other on that level, as well as an aesthetic, high fashion level. We can talk about clothes and models all day long.”

bts ships as bad pickup lines
  • namjoon to jin: i may have lost my way but your face just made my day ;)
  • jungkook to jimin: you're sweeter than peaches and cream, i bet i could make you scream ;)
  • taehyung to jungkook: why are you shaking my heart? I think i fell for you from the start ;)
  • yoongi to hoseok: you're just like a butterfly, so beautiful no one can deny ;)
  • yoongi to jimin: you're my caramel macchiato and i like you a latte ;)
  • hoseok to taehyung: give me just one day and i can make you gay ;)
  • yoongi to jungkook: i may be a lonely whale but together we can make this ship sail ;)
  • taehyung to jimin: the DNA in my blood tells me that we're meant to be <3

fox tower headcanons bc the foxes are a bunch of Angry athletes living in a confined space jfc

  • dan has woken up too many times on the couch to see the other foxes lying in a heap in the middle of the room with andrew and neil tucked away in the corner
  • arguments over remote control privileges that turn into duels with kevin shouting shakespeare at the top of his lungs and nicky yelling lines from telenovelas straight back at him brandishing a cushion
  • alternatively kevin screams quotes from his fav history figures from memory
  • aaron logs onto the computer after nicky to see ‘top 10 easy to remember historical speeches’
  • most of the foxes have found at least five (5) articles of clothing that do Not belong to them in their closets
  • the dorm aesthetics r such a mess like dan, renee and allison have fairy lights and candles and soft pastels alongside those traffic cone coloured windbreakers and socks all over the floor
  • if i remember correctly neil trades with aaron so it’s matt and aaron rooming together and the other boys are in the last room
  • they’ve definitely got the cleanest dorm except for exam season in which aaron’s textbooks pretty much turn stack up into the great wall of china
  • jfc andrew, nicky, kevin and neil all rooming together?? Disaster Zone (although i guess one of them (probs nicky) would move into the other room right)
  • they r so Loud 
  • always running out of milk. where does it go
  • kevin leaves his dumb protein kale shakes everywhere 
  • nicky has houseplants everywhere its the fuckign botanic gardens
  • renee has a little space set aside for prayer and there is an Unspoken Agreement to Not Touch It
  • dan and renee are the resident spider catchers bc kevin thinks they have too many legs, matt thinks they have too many eyes, allison just leaves them, aaron, andrew and neil aren’t tall enough to reach, and nicky would probably shoot it if left to his own devices
  • andrew and aaron are neat freaks and will set ur shit on fire if u leave it lying around
  • dishes duty quickly falls apart into Bubble War
  • someone pls save these kids they can’t be left alone for 2 minutes