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she had the world || panic! at the disco

There are a couple of different portraits of Washington inspecting the first coin (riveting stuff!) and Eliza is in them!

I like her looking in like that.  She’s so into it!  Ham is also very interested in which one the ladies will choose. Washington isn’t even looking at the coin he’s holding.

Eliza chilling back with the boys. Her hat is good!

Anyway, I like these paintings that are pretty old but show the ladies there and involved! They do better than fandom does.

Also, it’s interesting that, like the Washington’s Farewell Address painting, Eliza is in pink.  I gather that’s because of her 1787 portrait, since that dress had a pink ribbon.






It might not be technically the correct way of how things work, but if there was anyone you would want to give spontaneous presents in exchange for not being mad at you, it would be Yuuko Ichihara. 

I mean why would you risk it. Why would you even go there. 


Dad!Steve Rogers Would Include


  • Okay so you had pretty much always known you wanted kids with Steve
  • But every time it was brought up it just didn’t feel like the right time so you said you wanted to wait
    • Of course he was completely okay with that bc our baby Steve is pretty much perfect
  • Until finally one night you came home from a mission and found Steve on his laptop, with tabs pulled up for browsing cribs, baby toys, and articles on baby-proofing and the best diets for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • And he just looked at you like a lost little puppy before you pushed his computer aside, climbed into his lap and hugged him
  • That’s when you realized there would never be a good time to start a family
    • Especially since he was the leader of the Avengers and you were a top-ranking SHIELD agent
  • “Steve, I want a baby.”
  • “What made you decide, darlin’?”
  • “There’s never going to be a good time. I finally realized that. So we’ll just see what happens”
  • “Sugar, I can’t believe it! I love you so much”

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  • It takes a while for you actually get pregnant after you decide to start trying
  • But when you finally do, oh boy are you and Steve excited
  • He picks you up and spins you around and kisses you, places his hands on your abdomen and presses a kiss to where your tiny child is growing
  • You’re laying in bed that night, reading or watching something, and he climbs in next to you, placed a small kiss on your tummy and rests his head there, perfectly content
  • There’s a grin on his face for the next few days even in his sleep
  • When all the morning sickness starts, he’s always there to hold your hair back and rub your lower back as you kneel on the bathroom floor, and he makes sure to have saltines and ginger ale at the ready to calm your stomach
  • In fact, through all the crazy symptoms you experienced, Steve was an absolute angel
  • He gave into your every craving, took your mood swings in stride, massaged your back or feet when they were sore, and consoled you when you were feeling a bit insecure about yourself
  • He thought he was going to have a heart attack when you called to say you were in labor
    • He was called into HQ for a meeting while you stayed at home to rest
    • It usually took 15-20 minutes for him to get home but he was there in less than 5 after you called
    • He found you just chilling on the couch, perfectly calm on the outside but internally kind of freaking out, meanwhile his heart was pounding and his chest was heaving and his mind was running a thousand miles per hour
    • But just a small smile from you had him calming down, even though he knew he was supposed to be the one supporting you right now, but that’s the way it always was
  • Once you were settled in at the hospital, the entire team popped by to say hello
    • When they were all heading out again to go back to the tower and wait for the news, Bucky and Nat stayed behind to chat a while longer
    • Bucky was almost ready to cry when he hugged you and thanked you for being so good to Steve and allowing him to be in your child’s life
    • They decided to wait at the hospital so they could see the baby before the entire team came
  • It was honestly almost annoying how supportive and helpful Steve was throughout labor and delivery
  • Part of you really wondered why you wanted a child while you were dealing with the worst contractions and pushing
  • But then the doctor was saying “it’s a girl,” and the nurses were congratulating you both, and someone placed a tiny little girl in your arms and she was screaming but quieted down when you placed a hand on her back and held her close
  • And suddenly there were tears and you looked at Steve
  • He was smiling, tears in his eyes as well
  • He placed his hand over yours on your daughter’s back and leaned down to kiss your head
  • “I’m so, so proud of you, sweetheart. Your strength and beauty astound me. I can’t believe how happy I am right now, and it’s all because of you”
  • “I love you, Steve”
  • And of course the first time you hand her over to Steve he’s just completely in awe of her - her beauty, how small she looks in his arms, the very fact that she is his to take care of and raise and protect

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  • You have three children - Amelia Margaret, Jack James, and David Grant (each 2 or 3 years apart in age)
  • Steve had officially taken time off, coming in only when necessary, and you had gone part time so you could both take time to raise your family and get away from the craziness of missions
  • Steve loved taking care of the little ones and playing with them each day, as did you
  • Those kids know everything about WWII before they even step into a school - the stuff about the Commandos anyway!
  • There’s also a hint of 40s Brooklyn slang in their vocabulary
  • Steve is basically the ultimate soccer dad ok
  • He takes them along when he does workouts at the tower so they can hang with Uncle Bucky
  • You both love to take them to the park for the afternoon, complete with picnic and games
  • All the kids love to do anything interactive - baking, making up a new game, camping, going to the beach - but they also love to read
  • Both you and Steve had family traditions galore from growing up, and you manage to combine them beautifully as well as come up with new ones
    • Honestly you’ve got little celebrations planned all the time
    • Puppy day is in March, and you always take them to the animal shelter to love on some puppies. Amelia was 6, Jack was 4, and David had just turned 1 when they finally convinced you adopt a little golden retriever puppy
    • In late May is talk like Yoda day… best day of the year
    • At the end of July is lasagna day. You make a different kind of lasagna for every meal.
    • And you make a big deal out of half birthdays, as well as random milestones (like when your dog joined the family) and accomplishments
  • Steve is the one who cries at milestones (first day of school, first day of high school, last everything in their last year at home, helping to move them to the next stage of life on their own, etc.)
  • Both you and Steve make sure to have monthly dates with each child individually (sometimes with one parent, sometimes with both)
  • You always encourage them to do their best at everything, even if their best isn’t the best of everyone
  • You’ve always taught them to be self-sufficient, resilient, hard working, courageous, and all-around good individuals
    • Having Captain America as their father helped with that
  • Your family dynamic is like no other family
    • You suppose that comes from having a superhero and secret agent as parents
    • And the Avengers as aunts and uncles
  • All in all, you’re convinced you’ve got the best family in the world
Christmas with Jihoon
  • not very into Christmas, but will try for your sake!!
  • he’ll buy you a very thoughtful present, yes, but decorating? not for him
  • “Jihoon, are you sure you don’t want something up here?”
  • at which he takes a look around and innocently shakes his head
  • “Not really?”
  • you pout 
  • “But will you stop me if I decorate a little?”
  • a grin spreads to your lips when he shakes his head with a smile
  • “I won’t.”
  • and that’s how the apartment becomes a lot more festive, with a small Christmas tree (obviously a fake one) on the coffee table with small decorations on its branches, a couple of window ornaments and lanterns and Christmas lights
  • the first time Jihoon sees the new look of your place, he gawks in awe, because wow, it actually looks good
  • “You’ve made it so pretty, Y/N.”
  • you’d be holding onto his arm excitedly, and that’s when you peck his cheek quickly
  • “I know pretty isn’t very manly, but it looks nice~”
  • Jihoon can’t help but agree, and honestly he really likes how it looks
  • Christmas songs are practically banned with some artists’ songs/versions as exceptions
  • like Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber? Jihoon will approve
  • would probably be working on a song on a tablet when you surprise him by putting a Christmas hat on him
  • his shocked face and the shriek he lets out make your day, week, month and the whole year
  • “What’s this about?”
  • you’d be giggling while poking at the soft, fluffy cotton ball at the tip of the hat
  • “I thought you could use some festiveness, too.”
  • you show him his reflection and he makes a face, which only further amuses you
  • at the end, though, Jihoon just sighs and says that it’s fine
  • you snap a few photos for the future and make sure to send it to the group chat you have with him and the other members of Seventeen
  • Seungcheol and Junhui don’t let him live after that, but Jihoon almost enjoys it
  • ok so while he might not be a Christmas person in the very obvious way, he does agree with the part where you spend time with people you care about and take it a bit easier, both of which are things he enjoys
  • he’s taken the Christmas days as well as a few days around them off, and has planned to spend them with you and your families, one way or another
  • when Christmas morning comes and you’re up and lively at 9am, Jihoon’s sleeping heavily
  • it’s nearing 11am and he’s still asleep, so you’d go poke his cheek gently, trying to wake him up, but when he grumbles something incoherent, you’d get on the bed and hug him from behind
  • your lips tickle his neck when you whisper
  • “Wake up Jihoon, it’s Christmas~ We have many things to do~”
  • when he still merely grumbles and tries to shake you off himself, you squint your eyes
  • “If you don’t start waking up soon, I’ll go to Busan without you.”
  • now that gets him awake because there is no way he’d miss going home
  • you’re exhilarated about the fact that he’s finally up, and while he has breakfast, you pack a bag for the night that you’ll be spending at his parents’ place
  • you exchange your presents before leaving, though - much to the relief of you both, you’d gone down a similar route: nothing too special, but definitely something necessary and practical, which you both appreciate a lot
  • you give him a kiss when you’ve opened yours, and he squeezes your hand with a wide smile when he’s opened his 
  • it’s noon and with the coat of snow on the ground, it’s rather bright outside, but you’ve still got your few Christmas lights on, which makes you both feel cozy
  • add to that that you’re both in comfortable clothes and fuzzy socks, and you’ve got what you’d easily name one of the nicest moments of the year
  • “So, are you ready for Busan?”
  • you nod at Jihoon, and once he’s thrown an outfit and his parents’ presents into a bag and you’ve made sure you had your train tickets, you take off
  • the train trip is surprisingly relaxing, and the two of you lean your heads against each other’s and your hands are loosely linked on his lap
  • once you’ve arrived at his parents’ place, the rest of the day is on the busier side, with lots of time spent in the kitchen and living room
  • while you don’t know his parents all that well, there’s a mutual feeling of like between you, and there’s quite likely nothing that makes your heart feel warmer than seeing how happy Jihoon is to be with his parents, and you
  • although, him giving you a long, soft kiss in the living room when only the two of you are up, drinking hot chocolate by the Christmas tree, comes close to making your heart feel even warmer

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Ya know it’s super frustrating to me that people always dismiss demi and graysexuality with things like “well everybody waits until they know someone to bang them” (which first of all no, one night stands are a thing and are all well and good for those who like them so???)
and also that “yeah duh nobody wants to have sex all the time” Like yeah?? We know? (sure some people are pretty gross about the way they talk about non-ace people but I would say that most of us are respectful, especially those of us with lgbt identities)
Its really not hard to understand that being ace has to do with sexual attraction not action. People seem to get so stumped by this but I don’t see how. I’m demisexual. I have had many romantic crushes and am aesthetically attracted to even more people than that, but I’ve had sexual attraction towards all of two. This includes those that I got close enough with to consider dating. It just didn’t happen except for these two, despite the fact that I had no issue with the idea of sleeping with the others if we had dated, I just didn’t have the desire. And for graysexuals, correct me if I’m wrong, but it isn’t about not wanting to have sex because your head hurts or youre tired, it’s just that you lose desire and get it back (randomly or under specific circumstances?) Why is that so hard to understand? Probably because so many people don’t care to actually try to understand. Like the wiki page is confusing, and it really should be updated and explained better, but like, don’t just immediately deny our validity because you don’t get it.

So, I wanted to share something with you, and for once, it’s something good. Yoy may not know this but I’ve always been a girl with a lot of self steem problems, basically, I don’t have one, and its always been because I always saw me as digustingly fat. I’ve never saw me as a pretty girl… A few months ago I decided I needed to do somwthing bout that. This is me, the first photo was took in may, and the second one, on the right, I took it today. I lost 25 kilos, about..55 pounds I think.. and well I wanted to share this achievment with you guys, even if no ine reads it..

Peridot:You cannot catch the peridot ! Nehhahaha !

It’s my first time using markers , I pretty like how it come out
Those YouTube tutorials help me a lot !

Thoughts on Upcoming Animated Movies

Because I am the sole authority on this subject (not really)

The Lego Batman Movie: Can’t wait. The first Lego Movie was really good, and the previews for this one were amazing. Also, this is probably the closest thing to a How it Should Have Ended movie we’ll ever get.

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Boss Baby: I want this movie to fail so bad. Dear god, its screams gimmick.

Despicable Me 3: Preview was interesting, and I do like the first movie. I never saw the second one though, and dear god I hate the minions. All in all, Illumination is proving to be a pretty decent animation studio, despite it having the world’s most annoying advertising department.

Cars 3: Good or bad, this movie is going to be interesting.

Smurfs: The Lost Village: On one hand, I’m glad that Smurfs fans are actually getting a movie somewhat true to the source material. On the other hand, I never really cared much for the Smurfs in the first place.

Captain Underpants: DREAMWORKS DO NOT SCREW THIS UP! This movie will either be this year’s Peanuts movie or else something really bad. I’m hoping for the former.

The Emoji Movie: Kill it. 

Coco: Mixed feelings. It’s kind of interesting that Pixar of all companies is taking on another culture, when usually that’s something I’d expect out of their sister company Disney Animation. On the other hand, it is kind of suspect that this movie is coming out after the success of The Book of Life, especially considering the fact that that movie was pitched to Disney first. Also, Disney tried to tradmark Dia De Los Meurtos. That… isn’t a good thing.

The Ninjago Movie: This is a thing? Two Lego Movies in one year? I was never a fan of the cartoon, but hey, this could be good.

The Croods 2: I’m in the minority here, but I never really cared for the first one. Same thing goes for this.

My Little Pony The Movie: Its listed on the google search I’m using. I don’t care either way. I watched the show maybe once ever. It’s a fine show, and I’d definately prefer my siblings watch that over, say, Dora the Explorer, but nothing stops the fact that this show was not meant for people my age. If you like it, then thats fine, but its not my thing,

Blazing Samurai: Not particularly interested. Might be good, but my expectations are low.

Animal Crackers: From what I’ve heard, this is actually much better than you’d expect. Apparently its already been released elsewhere, but I never really looked too much into this one.

The Nut Job 2: Nobody wants this.

The first and last words of each song on 1989.
  • Welcome To New York: walking through york
  • Blank Space: nice name
  • Style: midnight style
  • Out of the Woods: looking good
  • All You Had to Do Was Stay: people stay
  • Shake It Off: I shake
  • I Wish You Would: it's back around
  • Bad Blood: 'cause hey
  • Wildest Dreams: he said pretend
  • How You Get the Girl: stand the girl
  • This Love: clear to me
  • I Know Places: you stand with me
  • Clean: the drought was clean
  • Wonderland: flashing in wonderland
  • You Are In Love: one love
  • New Romantics: we're free

ok so. this is my first real like. offical attempt at a story board. this is suppsoed to be a pilot opening. its very rough to say the least but for a first real attempet i think its pretty good. will i ever attempet to animte it? props not but you never know. maybe one day. if yall got any feed back on what i could improve on for future story boarding please let me know what needs work.

the song thats meant to be the theme song is this song

it just really made me think of pilot and wanted to make a story board for it

two of of my FAVE games of all time is viva pinata and viva pinata: trouble in paradise its so relaxing and cute and good insp its about taking care of pretty pinata animals in a garden

the species have cute food inspired names

u attract pinatas by having ur garden at a certain lvl and resident pinatas that wild pinatas like to hunt and eat. its just.  a rlly good game with good creativity and colors and calming music

I don’t understand why people think Big Hero 6 is boring and predictable. And it really sad that it didn’t get much appreciations much as other Disney movies like Frozen, The Lion King, Zootopia, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid. Sure it can be a little predictable but I thought it was a pretty good and enjoyable movie.

At first, when I heard Disney is going to do a Film adaptation of the Marvel Comic, Big Hero 6(even though I never read the comics of it) I was kinda worry what they might do with it. Like being too corny or too silly. But than I saw the trailers, it looks cute and I really like Yokai’s design so I decided to give it a shot. After I saw Big Hero 6, I really love it. Its one of my top 10 favorite Disney movies. Its a really fun and cute movie. The action sequences looks pretty cool and Im amaze that Disney really pull it off. It has some funny moments like when Fred said “My arms, I can’t hold on… Wait a second, this is a suit.” Speaking of Fred, the side characters are very likable. Even thought they didn’t have much screen time but they’re pretty enjoyable and they tried to cheer Hiro for being great friends to him. I got really sad when Tadashi dies because he is such a wonderful brother to Hiro like worry about his future, helping him with his project in order to attend college, and always look after Hiro. Im really glad that Disney didn’t put a romantic sub-plot in this movie even though there might be a hint that Hiro has a crush on Honey Lemon. This movies showed what loss can do to a person, and how surrounding yourself with people you care about can mentally heal you, encourage kids to go to college, make new friends, and they’ll be there to help your problems. Dare I say, not only I think this is movie a better than Frozen, also The Incredibles too. Why? Because of Hiro and Baymax. Hiro is a cocky, bold, clever, and a lovable intelligent protagonist. Even though he made some mistakes but he’s learning from them and at the end before he finds Baymax’s chip, it really show how much he grows into a mature by moving on with his life, hanging out with his friends, and go to college. Baymax is a loving, adorable, hilarious companion who tries to find a way to help Hiro’s problem. Some people have problem with the villain reveal twist because they say its predicable. Honestly, I dont have problems with it and I didn’t see it coming. I thought Yokai’s actions was make sense and understandable unlike Hans from Frozen because they explained it. Even if it is predictable, I personally wont mind it alongs they give us some explanations. And Some people think How To Train Your Dragon 2 deserves the Oscar more than Big Hero 6. Even though I can totally see why but to be honest, I’m glad it won. Even though I love HTTYD2 and I still think its a great movie but the only problem I have with it is The villain was kinda weak. I mean he’s not bad, just not very interesting compare to Kung Fu Panda villains and he’s more like a “First The Dragons, Than The World” kind of villain. Plus I’m not into Snotlout and Fishlegs tries to win over Ruffnut. I just thought it was unnecessary and kinda pointless. And I really love The Stan Lee cameo in the end. Stan finally got his wish, being part of a Disney character. I think this movie deserve some more appreciation and Im really looking forward to see Big Hero 6 The Series next year and Big Hero 7. I hope there will be guest Marvel heroes will be in the series like Spiderman, The Avengers, or Guardians of the Galaxy.



viewer discretion advised.

Thoughts on Rogue One

1. Fit so well into the time just before the OT! The little cameos were fun and smart and emotional, it was good to see expanded roles from a few of the recognizable people, and just generally fit in well.

2. Or rather, it fit well in the cracks between. It’s very much a story about how a lot of hard, dirty work gets done outside of people being heroes with destinies for a story to have its eventual happy ending. From pretty much the first time we meet Cassian that becomes extremely obvious, and it’s reinforced down to the fact that for the first time I can remember, we see stormtroopers whose armor is dirty when there wasn’t a battle to dirty it up.


4. More under the cut because spoilers.

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Beauty And The Beast (2017) Review: Was it worth it?

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So. I watched BatB today, at 7:15 pm. SO MANY FEELINGS MY GOSH!!!!!!

First things first, it is absolutely worth it! Don’t compare it to the animated one. Honestly, I think if the animated one was the original one, this live-action was original in its own sense. It’s beautifully directed; visually amazing; nostalgic; just. freaking. beautiful.


+ Visually stunning

+ Great casting, hence great characters - Emma Watson as Belle may not be the best effing ever, but she does justice. She’s very pretty on screen and plays belle with that same charisma that you had in the animated one. Dan Stevens is just so good! His voice; his expressions; his eyes; HIM. Really, I think he was great. And Lumiere my gosh was the funniest. Luke evans  kills it as Gaston and everyone else was great honestly.

+ Great songs, even the new ones, so gooooddd!!!!

+ The humour is outstanding - very witty and sharp


- A little dragged at times, some small unnecessary additions. Not too bad but still

- Songs are at times a little too auto-tuned, but trust me you’ll live(!)


It’s worth a trip down memory lane. Go with your family, enjoy! Don’t build unrealistic expectations because its an adaptation, hence there is bound to be some lack of originality or surprise. 

But watch it! Don’t miss it!




Did you like it?

So Even saying he’d had a crush on Isak since day one is important because it recasts the first episodes in a totally different light, but that’s not actually the biggest reason why it’s so significant. It’s so important because it completely negates everything Sonja told Isak about Evak being a “sick idea” of Even’s and just part of his manic episode. Even’s text in the ninth episode (DAT TEXT THO MY HEART) pretty much confirmed Sonja was off base. But this final admission destroyed Sonja’s comment. There’s no way Evak is related to a manic episode, because Even had his eyes on Isak for months.

I remember way back in the day around the year 2012 when I first started getting
interested in horror games. The first ever horror game I ever watched was Luna Game.
Sure nowadays its not good and filled with startling cheesy jumpscares, but being so young I actually was
pretty disturbed and scared by it, it actually made me restless to sleep at night.
Later down the years after watching other spin offs of the game I pretty much became a fan for this mysterious plate former, and I still am to this day.

From how so simple it looked, it really was unexpected when one of those creepy images would
just suddenly pop up outta nowhere. The later games in my opinion did a good job of setting more
story and atmosphere into the line of the original, that way people would make up their own versions
of what they think happened.

Now we are in 2017, and Bendy and the Ink Machine comes out. When I first watched Markiplier
play through this game I was immediately charmed by how simple it looked. Yet sets up a very
good atmosphere that leads to a panic point of when you first see the horrific version of Bendy.
I was reminded of how scared I was from back then on those Luna Games, how interesting the
story line could be. It really gets the imagination going for theories.

I know there will be some of you that will disagree from some of my points. But I have grown to
accept how things can change with each new generation. The horror genre has really come off
so far. And i’m excited to see what people will come up with next.

The purpose of this art piece is to express how amazing horror has come so far for me. And I
feel as if it’s going to get a lot better as years go by.

And finally hear me out, if you’re one of those people that really hates MLP:FIM, please be respectful.


TG: what

Johndave week - Day 1: Favourite interaction!

Haha okay god. Like, there are just so many good interactions it was hard to choose…. but I think this one from the Paradox Space book was pretty good. John always seems to go to Dave first, and he’s always willing to help him out.