so it's ok then

consider this: an au where mike and will have never met each other and yet they are able to sense what the other is feeling

- one day without even knowing what is happening or why, mike is able to experience everything that will experiences when he falls off the swings and hits his head, mike can literally feel the pain and the urge to cry even though he is in the safety of his own bedroom.

- later that night they find a way to connect once more, and they learn that if they speak loud enough they can hear one another, they can see what the other is looking at, and, of course, feel what the other is feeling.

- that’s when it hits them that this weird connection is real and they agree that if they are going crazy at least they are going crazy together.

- after that, they talk a little bit more every night, they begin to get to know each other better, they show each other their surroundings, will shows mike his drawings while mike plays his guitar, they share their dreams, their fears, they talk about their shared experiences and after a few weeks they finally gather enough courage to step in front of their mirrors for a proper visual introduction 

Today I overheard my mom talking with one of her sisters on the phone and as they went over the family, I heard her say, “Ah! No, J hasn’t been doing that much lately… but they’ve been doing a lot of art commissions, so it really works out well! They’re making good money and they’re always so happy drawing!”

and like, she was so proud and I’m so happy she was listening to me when  iwas yammering about what I was up to and I’m a pleased bug


I really love your OCs and really wanted to draw some fanart for you @kabuki-akuma! Sorry if they aren’t that good!

Nathaniel: I drew him a little younger and thought that when he was younger he wasn’t as dapper and smartly dressed as he is now so he’d put the collar of his coat up to look intimdating and stuff. But he stopped doing it after a while
Daphne: I wanted to draw what I thought she’d look like once she’s grown up- obviously she’d still be wearing dark colours for that vampire aesthetic lol

I hope you like them!!

HOly CRAP THANK YOU. :,D ahhh gosh…


The blog has gained a bunch of new followers in the past couple of days! Friendly reminder that this is a wincest free, extra kinky, bottom Dean (at least 60% of the time) kinda place.

Welcome to the family, I’m ur mom and I fucking hate myself 👍👍 (don’t worry, it’s all part of The Brand™).

Send me asks literally whenever you want, about anything. I do take smut requests, but as your new older siblings can tell you, I’m a sad bitch that never gets anything done.

We’re going to have so much fun together!!!

melonbuni  asked:

Actually how I found your blog was a couple of my friends were getting excited fanning over someone’s Art I asked them who’s it was and they pulled up Sai’s blog on their phone I started becoming a fan of hers then a fan of Eti-mun an I started noticing you pop up on both blogs and I thought you were really funny so I started following you (^ ^) tbh I think your really cool

tell me how you found my blog

fjsknskn bles s

im glad y’all think im lit enough to follow

and i get a real kick outta people followin me from bein on Sai’s blog haha

my shit posts are becoming LEGEN-

wait for it-