so it's not really cancelled

Sometimes superheroes are amnesic space outlaws with hearts of gold and a propensity for mayhem.

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Gauri physically restraining Shivaay.

so mtv are completely rebooting scream and giving it a new cast for season 3 and i am SO UPSET because i absolutely love that show and part of the reason is because of the cast, i lowkey don’t even wanna watch it anymore because i don’t see the point


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Last Man Standing is the most unbearable sitcom on earth

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I have the fervent hope that when CN inevitably trashes SU because they have determined no one watches it (because of all the FUCKING HIATUS) it gets picked up by GOOD network or streaming service or SOMETGING

well, I wouldn’t hope for that. SU is a CN Studios show, so if it gets cancelled on CN, its done. There’s not really any reason it would ever be sold or picked up by another network

As frustrating as CN’s scheduling can be, its really the more preferable network for SU, imo. Their shows have a pretty good budget and a lot more freedom than most other cartoon networks allow (pretty much every other network is scrip-based, not storyboard-based). 

As for scheduling, Disney took 4 years to air 2 seasons of Gravity Falls and it had enormous hiatuses, with an entire year break between seasons 1 and 2, and anywhere from 2 weeks to 3-4 months between episodes. Nickelodeon doesn’t have a great track record either, if you look at how they treated Legend of Korra

Streaming services tend to not have a lot of money to produce shows so their quality tends to be lower than CN’s shows or have much fewer episodes (and thus longer hiatuses) to compensate for a smaller budget. They also tend to have inconsistent release schedules. Look at Bee & Puppycat or Bravest Warriors (whose last reason ended in 2014 and the newest season won’t start until later this year). Even a service like Netflix tends to dump an entire season at once and then its a year (at least) until the next one).

I dunno. As much as I don’t like CN’s hiatuses and scheduling patterns, I feel like the alternatives are much worse and even if the scheduling was better elsewhere, I definitely wouldn’t want to trade what SU is able to be on CN for a consistent schedule (since I probably wouldn’t like the show much anymore).