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literally all these prompts are so adorable it's hard to choosE but “I can’t get over how a few months ago I wanted to learn your name and now you’re having breakfast with me in my sweater.”

I made this a college au for some reason? I’m not quite sure why, but it made sense to me! by @neglectedrainbow 

Jared watches fondly as Evan putzes around the kitchen, carefully fiddling with the stove burner. The smell of homemade pancakes fills the room, thick and mouth-watering. Soft music plays from the radio, some channel that Evan’s constantly listening to, full of sweet rhythms and strumming guitars, calm music to soothe the mind. He flips the pancakes, humming under his breath.

It feels like Jared is always watching Evan, watching the way he moves, the way sunlight dances across his freckled skin, the way his green eyes glisten in the early morning. Evan scopes up the finished food with his spatula, placing it onto two plates. He grabs two cups of tea as well–chamomile, Jared thinks–before trotting over and setting everything onto Jared’s flimsy dining table.

He’s wearing one of Jared’s old sweaters, something he’s had since high school. It’s a pale blue color, faded from years of wear, and, God, it looks amazing.

Morning light shines through the small central window, casting beautiful shadows across his boyfriend’s face.

They’re so in love it’s ridiculous.

The room is small, a kitchen and a dining room all in one miniscule place, but it’s much better than last year’s dorm room, so Jared doesn’t complain.

Evan sits down beside him, grabbing a fork and knife and slowly cutting up the pancake. He does it smoothly, his shoulders straightened, and Jared is struck by how much he’s grown–how much they’ve both grown. Evan looks over at him, a small smile across his face. “Hey.”

“Hey,” Jared replies, still a little awe-struck, before grabbing a fork and knife as well and beginning to eat.

“You okay?”

Jared looks up, “Yeah, yeah, of course, it’s just…”

“Just what?” Evan’s leg brushes against his underneath the table.

“I just-” Jared clears his throat. “I just can’t get over how a few months ago I wanted to learn your name and now you’re having breakfast with me in my sweater.”

Evan blushes, ducking his head down, “I can’t believe a few months ago all I wanted was to say an actual sentence to you and now I’m having breakfast with you in your sweater.”

They’ve moved quickly, Jared thinks, relatively speaking. Evan might as well move in here, considering how often he spends the night.

Jared leans over, pressing a soft kiss into Evan’s lips. The music continues playing softly in the background. 

Friendly Competition

Nino stops dead in his tracks as his eyes land on their kitchen table.

“Adrien. You know I love you, but there are some things I can’t handle.”  Nino shakes his head as he walks past the table where there are playing mats and two decks of brown cards set before his boyfriend and empty chair opposite him. Nino heads to the fridge instead. Adrien lets out a huff as he pushes himself to turn to face him.

“But! But you said that you’d never played duel monsters before! The only reasonable course of action was to—”

“Adrien. We’ve been over this. Just because I haven’t done something before doesn’t mean that you have to blow a lot of money just to make it happen.”

“But this is an important step of your childhood that you missed out on! Besides you bought me the whole discography of Zedd when I said that I’d never heard of him before. You have no room to talk.”

The refrigerator door slams. A can of soda in his hand, Nino sends Adrien a glare. “That man is a musical genius and I’m still insulted that you didn’t know who he was. Besides that was only two CDs. I can guarantee that they cost me less than those cards and fancy mats cost you.”

“I’ll have you know that this cost me absolutely nothing. I bought them when I was younger.” Adrien crosses his arms over his chest and matches Nino’s gaze head on. They square off for at least a few seconds before Nino heaves a sigh and slumps his shoulders in exaggerated defeat.

“Fine.” Adrien lets out a cheer as Nino collapses in the empty chair across from his boyfriend.

“This is going to be so much fun Nino! I swear to you on all of my nine lives that you will never regret this.”

“I’m pretty sure that you’re down to five at this point, but I guess there’s no reason to split hairs over it.” Nino lets out a laugh as he pops open the can and takes a sip. Setting the can down he chuckles. “You know that you’re a major dork right?”

Adrien laughs as he goes to scratch at the back of his neck. “Yeah.” He pauses to look down at the table. Nino frowns as nearly visible clouds cast a shadow of doubt on Adrien’s previously sunny face.

Nino knows that this side of Adrien is still new and vulnerable. That it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that he even admitted to liking things that weren’t considered ‘normal’ by society’s so-called standards. Things that Gabriel Agreste would certainly never have approved of if Adrien had ever been open about them.

But, no matter how Nino jokes about it, he loves this side of his boyfriend. Everything about Adrien seems to amplify when he talks about things that he loves. His hands move in grander motions. His smile widens so far that there are times that Nino wonders if his face could break. And the light in his eyes…

Nino would do anything to make it glimmer as brightly as it does in those moments.

“But, I suppose that’s why I love you.” Nino reaches across the table to ruffle blonde locks. Adrien lets out a startled yelp as he hurries to rearrange the disarray left behind by Nino’s hand.

“Love you, too,” Adrien mumbles. He attempts to act disgruntled, but the smile is far too goofy to be convincing.

And, just like that, the clouds have disappeared and it’s as if the sun as returned full force yet again. Nino’s breath is stolen a beat later. It takes almost a full minute for him to find it again, and when he does he has to clear his throat before he can speak again.

“I hope you realize that, just because I’m a beginner, it doesn’t mean that I’ll go easy on you.”

Adrien’s laugh fills the room and Nino swears that it’s the most beautiful melody that he’s ever heard. 

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I wish you would write a fic where CAPTIVE PRINCE

Damen sleeps deeply and fitfully, which, if you ask Laurent, is an infuriatingly symbolic reflection of an infuriating aspect of Damen’s personality: too trustful for his own good, though by no means so trustful as to be considered naive.

Laurent sleeps neither deeply nor fitfully. Out of the two of them, he’s the one most likely to wake up during Damen’s bouts of tossing and turning. Sometimes he’s already lying awake when the sheets start rustling beside him, a cuffed wrist landing perilously close to his head as Damen forcefully changes position–heaves himself from his back onto his stomach, or from one side onto the other–without waking.

It’s not like Laurent particularly minds, though. He’s always been prone to wakeful nights, and he enjoys the opportunity to observe Damen at leisure. To watch his brow furrow and the corners of his mouth twitch, his fingers curl and uncurl into the sheets; to listen to his chest rumble as he exhales, or to him mumble half-formed words in either of their languages.

Laurent enjoys knowing from experience that Damen’s hand would stop flexing restlessly if he covered it with his own, and that Damen’s brow would smooth out if he stroked his thumb down the center. He enjoys knowing that, were he to respond to Damen’s unconscious murmurings, Damen would sigh in his sleep and (softly, sweetly) mumble Laurent’s name.

- you’ve been taking care of me my whole life

a/n : guess who’s back!! i’ve actually realised that writing makes me really happy and it’s something i really enjoy so i’m going to try and do lots of it and write loads and yeah. anyway here’s a super quick fluffy archie drabble that its kind of an au for when him and reggie get in the fight and yeah i just really love kj basically 

word count : 679

{archie andrews x reader}

Originally posted by archic-andrews

You’d heard it on your way to your locker. The chants and shouts. You quickly traced the sound to the common room where you saw everyone crowding round the vending machine; the glass smashed. You quickly ran in to find out what was happening.You skidded to a halt as your brain tried to process what was happening. Moose was attempting to hold back an extremely agitated Reggie; Jughead was stood in the corner with a mix of fear and shock plastered on his face; Veronica, Betty and Kevin were all sporting a look of surprise, and a number of other students were craning their necks to get a better view of whatever was going on. You slung your backpack on one of the chairs and tried to see what everyone was looking at. You stood next to Kevin who jolted at your presence.

“Kev, what’s happening?” You questioned, his expression causing your stomach to swirl with angst. Suddenly Moose pushed Reggie to the door, bumping your shoulder slightly as the angry football players started to disperse. You let out a small huff before turning back to Kevin to get some answers; but not before you saw the all to familiar head of red hair of your best friend on the floor. A wave of dread washed over you, your face dropping. You rushed forward and crouched down in front of him. 

“Arch!” you said as calmly as you could, which proved to be more difficult than you’d anticipated. He had his hand cupping his face, a pained groan escaping his lips. You placed your hand on his shoulders and helped him sit up. He sat slumped against the now broken vending machine. You moved around so you were crouched in between his legs, your eyes meeting one of his dark pained orbs. You slowly reached your hand up to his and pulled it down. His cheek and eye were a fiery red, almost as bright as his hair, causing you to gasp. He gave you a desperate stare, almost pleading for you not to judge him. “Come on,” you whispered standing up and grabbing his bag and yours. “Let’s go home and get some ice’ you said as you extended your hand to help him up. He took it sheepishly as you both left the room, the stares of your friends on your backs.

“Ow” Archie hissed as you attempted to press the ice to his eye, which was starting to turn an alarming share of purple. You pulled your hand back slightly, not wanting to cause him anymore pain than he was currently in. You let out a small chuckle, placing the ice pack into his hand.

“Just put it on your eye you big baby,” you teased, attempting to make him feel better. He gave you a spirited smirk; a thank you almost. You let out another giggle as you turned around to get your phone from your bag. When you turned back around you saw that Archie had taken the ice away from his eye. Again. “Arch,” you exasperated at his disobedience. A bright grin adorned his face, the corners of his eyes creasing as he chuckled. You walked back over to him and placed your hand over his, guided the ice back to his swollen eye. You held each others gaze and stood in silence, both secretly not wanting to let go. 

“Thank you for taking care of me” he whispered timidly, his eyes still not leaving yours. You felt a blush form on your cheeks and you smiled. Then, in the heat of the moment, you closed your eyes and pecked him lightly on the lips; soft under yours for the brief moment they were connected. You opened your eyes to find him smiling widely, his eyes filled with affection. 

“You’ve been taking care of me my whole life,” you whispered fondly, pushing back a wisp of red hair that had fallen over his eyes. And all at once history seemed to repeat itself as he brought his lips to yours once more.

kic 3 update

so drinking last night was not the best decision?? i don’t make good decisions???

anyway i’m still fixing up this chapter because reading over it now there are a lot of problems lololol. i don’t wanna keep “dangling” an update in front of your faces though because i know it’s a bummer waiting for an update and not getting it so when the chapter does go up i’ll give like?? a one hour warning? as i put it into ao3 and give a final skim, yeah?? thanks so much for being patient!! i really appreciate not getting pitchfork-y asks about my horrible update timings. i can’t say if it’ll be up by the end of today since i’ll be working on it around my tutoring job so let’s just see how it goes. 

meanwhile, i’ve went ahead and tagged all the little prompts and drabbles i’ve written in kic verse! so u can still revel in kic verse while not really being in kic verse haha lol yikes

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i totally love your writing and your Andreil free wedding cake idea was so cute it got me smiling, could you please expand a little more? or maybe write something about them actually marry without telling anyone lmao

Thank you so much! I actually already wrote a drabble about some of the Foxes finding out Andrew and Neil had secretly married, which you can read HERE. But I’m happy to expand on my fake engagement headcannon! 

  • So back to where part one left off aka the Foxes were having a water/stretch break from practice when Nicky revealed that Andrew and Neil are “engaged” 
  • While I do believe the Foxes would most likely call bull, let’s suspend a bit of disbelief shall we? 
  • The Foxes are obviously shocked and lowkey suspicious 
  • But none of them really saw Andrew and Neil becoming an item in the first place soooo
  • These small, angry boys are just full of surprises! 
  • Plus Matt points out that Neil does get hurt a lot and a lot of hospitals have family only policies 
  • Everyone nods solemnly because trueee
  • Protect Neil at all costs, am I right?
  • So it takes a minute, but then Foxes are 100% on board (or maybe like 90 if we’re including Aaron
  • Cue congratulations and excited chatter
  • Love and support and family!

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hey i saw u reblog the alex x reader au today and if you want to id love to see a sequel to that maybe w scott finding out or like a secret relationship or scott finding out about the secret relationship ;;)))) thanks in advance!!! ps i love ur writing and you you are a goddess among us

Alex Summers + best friend’s older brother au [refer to this drabble]

A/N: okay so like if i’m being realistic with myself the odds of me ever actually writing this out properly: slim to fucking none because this has been sitting in my inbox for months BUT I can provide you with the full out headcanons of how it all came to be in the first place. so. (hey @kurtwxgners@mvximoff@rax-writes@paperclipmac have some alex stuff) (sidenote: karley we should revisit this au sometime bc its a good one [eyes emoji])

nsfwish? almost? idk there’s like? heavy making out at the end? idk?

  • You’ve been best friends with Scott since forever because your parents were friends so it just kind of happened
  • As a result of this, you’ve also been around Alex since forever because you were always at the Summers house
  • You’ve also had a lowkey crush on Alex since you started to think boys maybe weren’t so gross after all
  • It stayed pretty lowkey, till the summer before junior year, but you didn’t make a thing about it because 1) you figured it would make shit weird and 2) you figured out that Alex was planning to go abroad for his senior year so why would you intentionally bring it up when he’s about to leave
  • Alex found an exchange to go on and did his senior year abroad and you went through junior year being Scott’s best friend like nothing had changed because nothing really had changed and not seeing Alex for the year made your crush kind of hibernate
  • Then during the summer after he finished high school and the one right before your senior year, he found a work placement and worked the entire summer, earning money, and you see him like once or twice but mostly he’s living with a new friend Sean a town over
  • You don’t really see him again till he’s home on his first break from college and damn he looks so much better than you remember him looking and your crush is definitely back in full fucking force
  • You don’t know it, but the first time he sees you when he’s back, he’s actually breathless, because you’re older, and more confident and so, so beautiful and he’s pretty sure he must’ve been fucking blind or something, because there’s no way you weren’t gorgeous before if you’re this goddamn stunning now
  • Do you spend a lot more time at Scott’s house now that Alex is back than you would otherwise? Maybe. You’re pretty sure Scott doesn’t notice anything unusual though, and if he does, he definitely doesn’t know why
  • You drove over to the Summer’s house one Friday night to go over some SAT stuff, and a torrential fucking rainstorm comes while you’re there
  • Your mum calls you and tells you that she really doesn’t want you driving in weather as bad as this, and she can come and pick you up, or you can stay there if it’s alright with the Summers’
  • Of course you’d rather stay there, because then you won’t need to come back to pick up the car later, so you tell her not to worry, you’ll stay over
  • Scott just nods when you tell him you’re staying over and just reminds you where the extra sheets and pillows are for the couch before tossing you an old shirt and a pair of sweatpants for you to sleep in
  • You give up on trying to go directly to sleep at about 1am so you go to the kitchen to get a glass of water or something and immediately regret your decision because Alex is in the kitchen in a thin, faded, fraying flannel shirt and sweat pants slung dangerously low on his hips, and his longish hair is yanked back in a messy bun and you feel like a fucking idiot because he looks like he’s just about to go to bed and just looking at him like this makes your knees weak
  • He sees you in one of his old shirts (it used to be his, then it got passed on to Scott, who never wore it, so he basically still thinks of it as his shirt) and some sweats and no makeup and you’re not at all put together or tidy, but he’s positive you’ve never looked better, because if he doesn’t think too hard you look like you just climbed out of his bed and the idea is more than a little dizzying
  • “oh, shit, hey Alex. I-thought the kitchen was-” “empty? I mean it is the middle of the night, that’d be the reasonable assumption.” “Yeah. Well.” “Well.”
  • Neither of you is really sure how you managed to get through the interaction unscathed, but by the end of it, you’re both sitting on the couch watching shitty national geographic re runs and laughing at Alex’s shittier jokes, and each time one of you gets up or leans forwards, or really shifts at all, you both gravitate almost unconsciously towards the other
  • You’re not quite sure just how it happened, but you’re tucked neatly under his arm, leaning into his side, and you’re tipping your head back, laughing at another one of his ridiculous puns, and suddenly he’s kissing you, almost hesitantly, and his lips are soft and warm and you want more, but just as quickly as the kiss began, it’s over
  • “Shit, I’m so sorry-that was-I shouldn’t’ve-” he stammers, and you’ve never seen him look so startled or unsure in your life, but you don’t want him to apologise, you want him to kiss you again, so you reach out to grab the front of his shirt and yank his lips back to yours
  • Alex doesn’t need any more encouragement than that, the arm round your shoulders tightening to pull you in closer to him, his mouth pressing against yours with more force than previously
  • One of your arms comes up to wrap around his neck as you shift closer still, and he pulls away again, breathing hard
  • “Are you sure you-I mean you’re Scott’s best friend-we probably shouldn’t-” he tries again, but you’ve never heard anyone sound less convincing in your life, so you just tilt your head to kiss along the sharp line of his jaw and the tempting column of his throat, feeling immensely satisfied when you feel the hitch in his breath as your lips brush softly over his pulse
  • “I’ll stop if you want me to,” You murmur, punctuating each word with a press of your mouth and he lets out a low, strained chuckle
  • “That’s not fighting fair and you know it, beautiful,” he breathes, and the term of endearment makes your head spin, even as you wind your arms around his neck
  • “Good,” you whisper back before pulling him in to kiss him again, one of your hands sliding into his hair, pushing the hair tie out and tangling in it as it falls out of the bun he had yanked it back into
  • You’re in his lap now, his arms tightly around you, hands gripping your hips, keeping you so close you can feel his heart thudding in his chest, and the kiss is hot and insistent and it makes you a little giddy because yeah, you’ve kissed people before but it’s never felt like this and as his tongue slides against yours, you let out an involuntary gasp, your hand reflexively tugging back on his hair and Alex actually moans into your mouth
  • “Fuck, babygirl, give a guy some warning,” he groans, low and shuddering and muffled by your skin, and you can feel him starting to get a hard on, and knowing he wants you is gratifying and scary and thrilling, and as he bites down lightly on you lower lip, you tentatively reach a hand down to palm him through his sweats
  • The moan he lets out is electrifying, needy and wanting and this is starting to lead into uncharted territory for you but you’ve never wanted anyone more than you want him
  • But then he pulls away from you a little and you freeze up in panic and hurt and confusion, because you’re pretty sure you weren’t misreading the signals, but you don’t say anything you just look away, rubbing uncomfortably at your temples and doing your best not to tear up, because you already feel stupid and you really don’t want to make more of a fool of yourself than you already have
  • Suddenly, one of Alex’s hands is reaching out, cupping your cheek and gently forcing you to look at him. He leans in and kisses you softly, his thumb brushing soothingly across your cheekbone as he draws back, a small, reassuring smile on his lips
  • “I’m sorry, beautiful, I didn’t mean-” he starts, voice gentle. “It’s not that I don’t want to. I do, god I really do. But I-I like you. Have for a while. I want to do this right. I don’t want to screw up,” he explains, and he sounds almost nervous, like he’s not sure whether this is something you want and he looks so uncertain, so uncharacteristically vulnerable that you kiss him again, moving in to tuck yourself against his side once more, and you can feel the tension go out of his body as he kisses you back gently, his arm going around you again.

there will be nothing more satisfying than some galra underestimating lance because of his skinniness, humor, and seemingly care free attitude and then going after someone he cares about. they think he won’t be able to retaliate, but lance gets the perfect angle and shoots the galra down and saving his teammate. that smug smile he has plastered on his face

keith being the one he saved just looking at him and says, still a little breathless from the fight beforehand, all, “lance that shot was incredible.”

lance blowing at the nozzle of his bayard and twirling it in his hand, cheeks slightly dusted in a blush because of the compliment before he easily replies, “i don’t know why you sound so surprised. i’m pretty incredible.”

“don’t get ahead of yourself, sharpshooter,” keith teases, but he doesn’t stop smiling. lance can’t seem to stop either, smiling or blushing, while he’s thinking about the fact he’s never asked keith to call him that nickname.

au for @everythingelsegoesherethen: dean winchester owns the marauders’ map and uses it to make sure he and castiel always ‘accidentally’ meet at strange times.

Since he became a Prefect at the beginning of his fifth year, Castiel Novak has dealt with a lot of troublemakers who clearly just haven’t read the Hogwarts rulebook.

Dean Winchester is not one of these.

Dean Winchester is clever. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s read the handbook and

And he never, ever gets caught.

Which is why Castiel is confused when he apprehends Dean for the third time in a month, trying unsuccessfully to get into a secret passage out of the school that Cas /knows he knows exactly how to access. And yet he’s tapping all over the one-eyes witch with his wand, cluelessly trying every combination of “Let me in!” that he can, acting for all the world as though he’s under some kind of Confundus charm.

He turns the light of his wand on Dean, and Dean turns around, doing a very good job of pretending to be startled.

“Dean Winchester?”

“Yeah, that’s me,” the boy grins, blushing and looking down at the floor but not seeming at all upset that he’s just been caught breaking five school rules at once.

“Yes, well, you’re out of bed after lights out, you’re messing with school property and you’re using magic in the corridors.” Cas is a little flustered and he can’t even explain why, but he still manages to tick at least some of the offenses off on his fingers.

“I /am? Oh, man, Cas, I’m so sorry. And I promise you it won’t happen again.” Dean is all mock-apologetic as he claps Cas on the shoulder and starts to walk away down the corridor.

“F-five points from Gryffindor!” Cas calls after him in a shaky voice.

This becomes a recurring problem. The following week, Cas runs into Dean in the restricted section of the library without a note giving him permission to be there. A few days later, he catches Dean in the act when he’s just about to set off a whole box of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes fireworks. Another time, he finds Dean on the Quidditch pitch after dark when it’s supposed to be locked up, flying loops just to show off. Sometime after that, Cas goes to take a bath in the Prefects’ bathroom at the end of a long day, and he finds the tub already overflowing with bubbles, Dean in a pair of red swimming shorts lazily swimming laps.

And for some reason it’s always harder for Cas to keep his cool around Dean that it is around anyone else. Usually he’ll dole out detentions without even blinking;the whole school respecting his authority, but something about this kid has him barely remembering the name of the red and gold house that he’s supposed to be taking points from. It /irks him, because he was given the Prefect position for a /reason, and he’s supposed to be unbiased and impartial and above such things.

After all this has been going on for a good few months, and Cas is no closer to figuring out what exactly is going on in Dean Winchester’s unfairly pretty head, he finds a piece of parchment on the floor. It’s on his normal patrol route, but not on a main corridor - it’s on one of the back routes that only Cas is responsible for walking down on his shift after lights out. It’s placed right in the middle of the corridor where Cas is guaranteed to see it. Almost as though it was left especially for him.

He picks it up. It looks blank at first, but when he unfolds it, he sees that it’s a map - an incredibly detailed map of the whole of Hogwarts castle, every room drawn, Cas believes, perfectly to scale, labelled in calligraphy, every secret passage and hidden entryway marked. Not only that, but the map is enchanted, constantly moving, staircases twisting their way through the halls in what Cas suspects is real time, and most importantly of all, tiny sets of footprints making their way through the castle halls, each with a name attached to them. Cas spots his own name next to his own footprints, which are still in the exact spot that he’s in.

He takes a step forward, and the footprints move with him.

Most of the spots are clustered in the common rooms and dormitories at this time of night; just a few Prefects and professors wandering up and down the corridors. But Cas has a sneaking suspicion he knows who this map belongs to, and the person doesn’t seem to be in the Gryffindor boys’ dormitories where he should be. Against his will, Cas finds his eyes skating over the map, looking for the potential offender.

Dean Winchester’s spot is pacing the Tallest Astronomy Tower.

Of course, none of this necessarily means that the map /actually corresponds to where people actually are. It could just be an example. Could be everyone is placed randomly and doesn’t move, no matter where they really are.

Which, of course, explains why Cas is already walking purposefully towards the Astronomy tower, taking each set of stairs two at a time, checking the map every few seconds to make sure Dean is still in the same place.

He reaches the door to the tower, and he’s not even completely conscious of why he’s doing it, but he runs a hand through his hair to fluff it up and he straightens his blue and bronze tie before he walks inside.

Dean’s there, as predicted, no longer pacing but standing in the center of the room - waiting for him? The tower is open to the heavens - not like the Great Hall, not like an enchanted version of the sky, but actually open, the summer night stars glinting down and reflecting off of magical lights that have been conjured and left to hover all around the edge of the circular tower room, a light breeze ruffling Cas’ robes as he steps towards Dean, noticing that the usually bare wooden floor is scattered with large, puffy gold and bronze cushions.

Cas holds out the map. “I think this is yours.”

Dean takes it from him, not at all surprised to see Cas there. “Don’t think it’s really anyone’s. Thing kind of has a mind of its own. But yes, I’ve been using it for a while.”

“Tell me something?” Cas asks. “You just admitted this is yours. With this you can see anyone coming at any time, you can always stay one step ahead of any professor or prefect, you never have to get found out by anyone. But you keep letting me catch you. Why?“

"That depends,” Dean says with a smirk. “Why’d you bring the map back instead of handing it into a professor? Seems like it’s a contraband object. Seems like I /should get in trouble.”

Cas opened his mouth to retort to that, but realized he didn’t have anything to say. Why /had he come here? Dean was right, after all. His first instinct, as a Prefect with designs on Head Boy at some point in the future, should have been to turn the object over to a member of staff. His mind shouldn’t even necessarily have jumped to Dean. But it had, and now he was here.

“Alright. That aside, why’d you wait for me? Why’d you pick a specific place, here, that you have /no reason to be and just pace around hoping I’d show up to find you?”

Dean spluttered, but quickly recovered. “Why’d you look for me on the map? Why’d you stare at it for so long that you saw where I was in the first place?”

“Why’d you decorate? The stars, the lights, the cushions? Why’d you set this all up for a special occasion?”

They stared at each other for a while, breathing heavily, waiting for the other one to be the first to break.

Cas cracked, and Dean gave up at the same moment, and then he both of them were lunging towards each other, Dean grabbing Cas by the tie he’d just straightened, pulling it askew, Cas fisting both of his hands in Dean’s robes, both yanking the other towards them, crashing their lips together so hard that it was almost painful when they met, their bodies falling into each other, their teeth clashing and their noses bumping and when they pull apart, they both tumble down onto the pile of cushions they’ve set up and /now Cas understands why they’re there, /now it makes sense because their landing is soft and they can reach for each other again immediately, both of them lying on their sides in the heap of fluffy pillows, kissing each other over and over and over again, each one making their lips tingle. Over time, as they grow used to the feeling, the kisses become slower, softer, more languid, and the hooded eyes when they pull away from each other are less from desire and more from tiredness, and they’re both sure they’d be happy to sleep here.

"So, what? You’ve been risking detention and house points for Gryffindor and your reputation as someone who never gets caught just to… just to get my attention?” Cas asks finally, propping himself up on one elbow.

Dean tugs him back down and kisses him again. “Well, you’re risking your Prefect position right now. But I feel like you always have to risk a little something to get the best things in life.”

And between holding hands on long walks by the lake, between screaming themselves hoarse together at Quidditch matches, between feeding each other Bertie Botts’ Every Flavour Beans while studying in the library, and between many, many more long nights in the Astronomy tower, Cas learns that as frustrating and complicated as he is; Dean is definitely one of the best things in his life.

Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 16


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

What choice did you have but to agree? Jinyoung smiled and said you were making the right decision, and you tried not to show the anger you felt on your face. You couldn’t afford for Jinyoung to think you weren’t going to keep up your end of the deal. If he distrusted you for even a second, it could easily result in not only Yoongi’s and the rest of Bangtan’s death, but yours as well.

Jinyoung gave you instructions before he left, telling you where Namjoon’s office was and where to look for the files that you would need. You had asked in a moment of misjudgment why he hadn’t just taken the information himself, why it had to be you, and he had laughed. Apparently, as long as you were the one to turn Bangtan over to the police, it didn’t violate the treaty. Then, any of the lower-level members who weren’t sent to jail could join Jaebum with a clear conscience. It was amazing, you thought, how important this treaty was to them.

“You see? It’s all easy to explain. You got scared, ran to the police, and oops… Their leaders are all in jail and our hands are clean.”

You wanted to point out that you would probably end up dead if you did what they were asking you to do, but kept your mouth shut until Jinyoung was long gone.

You pulled your phone out of your bag, trying to keep the shaking from your hands. You dialed Taehyung as you sat on the floor next to your bed. You didn’t know what to do, but you knew that if you actually sold out Yoongi’s brothers, he would never forgive you. Not to mention, they had been nothing but kind to you (save for Jungkook maybe, but you suspected that he had his reasons). It hardly seemed like the right way to repay their compassion.

“Hey, I don’t think you’ve ever called me, is everything okay?” Taehyungs voice snapped you out of your thoughts, and you took a deep breath. It occurred to you that it was entirely possible that Jinyoung had placed a bug in your room before you even got there, and that you had no way to know if you were being listened to by someone other than Taehyung.

“I think I left my sweater at your house the other day.” You lied, knowing that it wasn’t going to sound even remotely convincing to Taehyung. “I’ll meet you at your house in a few, ok?”

You were greeted at the door by an irritated Jungkook telling you that he had looked everywhere and your sweater wasn’t there.

“I know.” You said, pushing past him and walking into the house. “Where’s Taehyung?”

“You know.” Jungkook repeated flatly. “As in, you knew all along and I just spent all that time looking for something that doesn’t exist?”

“Yep.” Jungkook crossed his arms, somehow looking even more agitated than before.


“You’d never know, but he’s not normally like this.” Taehyung said, approaching the two of you. “He just really doesn’t like you.”

You explained quickly what had happened and what Jinyoung had told you. Taehyung lead you into the living room as you spoke, and Jungkook followed.

“He’s gone completely off the handle.” Taehyung said thoughtfully. “Jaebum’s always had it out for Yoongi, and now he’s gotten sloppy.” He grinned at Jungkook. “I think this calls for some fun.”

Jungkooks frown deepened. “This isn’t a good thing, Taehyung. And we need to talk to Namjoon before doing anything—“

“Yeah, yeah.” Taehyung waved a hand dismissively at Jungkook. “Now that I think of it, why haven’t we ever done the same thing to Jaebum? Turn over files to the police I mean.”

“Because it’s cowardly to do something like that, and it’s still a violation of the treaty that we honor, unlike Jaebum apparently.” 

“Oh, yeah.” Taehyung shrugged, the smile returning to his face. “What do you say we give old Jaebum a taste of his own medicine?”

“That is, by far, the dumbest thing you have ever said.”

The plan came together faster than you would have guessed. Taehyung called Namjoon in (who was followed by Jimin and Hoseok) and explained what was going on, then his brilliant plan that Jungkook said was insane. And it probably was, but it was better than any of the other options you could think of.

“Does anyone else think that we should inform Yoongi of what we’re doing?” Hoseok mused, and Jungkook laughed. You had never heard the youngest laugh, it was deep and full, and felt entirely out of place in the otherwise silent room.

“Yeah, let’s tell Min Yoongi that we’re going to use his crush as bait, fantastic idea.” Jungkook continued laughing, and Jimin rolled his eyes.

“She’s not bait, she’s…” He looked over at you, contemplating. “A distraction.” No one had asked you if you wanted to be part of this, but you were pretty sure that at this point, you didn’t have much of a choice. You had come to the realization earlier that as long as Jaebum was around, Yoongi would never be truly left alone to live his life. He might have had a chance before you got involved, but that had been lost the moment Yoongi broke Jaebum’s ribs. You felt somewhat responsible for Yoongi’s re-involvement in the mafia, so it was only fair that you played a part in freeing him from it once again. You just also didn’t want to die.

“No one’s telling Yoongi.” Namjoon said, then looked over to you. “I’m sure you understand why.” You did. Yoongi already insisted that a bodyguard accompany you to your classes, there was no telling what he would do if you told him you were planning to walk into Jaebums base, cause a distraction, possibly get shot and hope to walk away with incriminating files. “Jngkook is right. This is completely insane.” You thought to yourself.

“And we probably shouldn’t mention it to Seokjin either.” Namjoon added, and this part came as a surprise to you.

“Why not?” Taehyung seemed as confused as you were, and Namjoon sighed.

“The last thing he wants is for Yoongi to have one more reason to stay away from us.”

“So when are we going to do this?” Hoseok asked.

“It’s going to take some time to get everything in order.” Jimin pointed out, and you were once again struck by how calm Bangtan was. Were they really never phased by anything?

“Wednesday night.” Namjoon decided, and that was that.

You weren’t sure how you were going to keep this from Yoongi, and you weren’t exactly crazy about the idea of keeping secrets from him again–especially not when things seemed to be going so well between you. 

A/N Ahaha, so many people were worried that Reader was going to make a huge mistake! So I thought I’d update a little early. This is actually getting (kind of) close(ish) to the end! I’m kind of sad tbh, but there will be at least another three parts, maybe more (I honestly don’t know for sure). Thank you for reading! Maybe this has put some peoples minds to rest, haha. <3

magic-colouredsoul  asked:

Hey!! I loved loved loved the bi!Jonas at university you wrote. And I need more of it and more of Alexander/Jonas. Could you PLEASE write more??

I AM SO DELIGHTED YOU LIKED IT. i can’t tell you how excited i was to get this!! <3. So if anyone is confused af about wo Alexander is READ ME (its a drabble I did last week on Bi!Jonas)


It’s almost six months into their actual fully-formed, adult relationship that Jonas brings himself to think the words. It’s not that he hasn’t felt it. Because he has. He’s probably felt it from the first night he ever spent with Alexander– the warmth in his stomach, the overwhelming sensation of being seen; of being looked at and known from the inside out.

So yeah, feeling it isn’t the problem. It’s more like…

Okay, so this isn’t very good of him, but Jonas doesn’t exactly know who is supposed to say the words first. Like– in his relationships with girls, he always expected to say it first. He said it first with Eva and he meant it then, in the way that you always mean it for your first love.

But Alexander is different and stronger and—

So he feels it. But does he say it? 

“Are you really asking me this?” Isak says over the phone after two hours of Jonas staring at the ceiling, wondering if he was going to be banished from the Bi-club for not knowing how to say ‘I love you’ to another guy.

Jonas groans, “Shut the fuck up, Isak. I know. I know, okay? It’s weird and probably low-key offensive but it’s weird for me to think about saying it to another guy.” 

“Why though?” There is a thump on the other side of the line and then Isak calling out in English, “John, please don’t set the lab on fire- tonight is date night with my boyfriend and I’d like to be there. Jonas, man, do you love him?”

“Yes,” Jonas grouses, “Enough to genuinely think about buying him a Valentine’s day card. Capitalist bullshit, but he’s romantic like that.”

“Romantic,” Isak says dryly and then, “For fucks sake, John. Okay, Jonas, bro, it’s not any different from a girl. If you feel it, say it. Jesus Christ, was this how Eslikd always felt?”

Jonas rolls his eyes and hangs up shortly after.

Okay. So that wasn’t a lot of help. But he can do this. Practice makes perfect, right?

He moseys his way out of bed and into the bathroom, glaring at the mirror above the sink.

“I love you,” He says to his reflection, picturing bright hazel eyes and dark golden hair in his place. “I love you. Enough to want to buy flowers and shit. I love you.”

He closes his eyes and thinks about last weekend, when they stayed in bed all day and just– lived, laughed, breathed together with a documentary about the benefits of legalizing weed. They got into the spirit, of course, and spent much of the time shotgunning.

“I love you,” Jonas says again, eyes still tightly shut, “I love you. I love you. Okay. This isn’t so bad. One more time.”

A deep breath, “Alex-”

A dry voice, “You love me?”

Jonas jumps hard enough to hit his hip on the sink and rattle the mirror. “Alex.”

There he stands, in all of his glory, lightly worn leather jacket across his shoulders. He holds up the spare key Jonas always leaves under the mat in explanation on how he’s here and why he didn’t knock.


“Um-” Jonas thinks fast, pulling a hand through wild curls, “So-”

 Alex pushes off the doorway and crowds into Jonas’s space. And fuck, he must love Alex, if the lack of distance doesn’t bother him at all. “You love me?”

“Yeah,” Jonas says, “Yeah I do.”

anonymous asked:

can you write more shuake in which goro self-loathes due to what he did to akira and the phantom thieves and also because he believes he doesn't deserve akira's affection at all? but of course akira always proves him wrong :3 thank you, i love your writing!

Well guys, the feels train never stops on this ride to Shuake Land – its time for me to try and make you guys hurt again! 

Okay so this one KINNNNDA may have gone from ‘drabble’ to actual fic since it clocked out at a little under 3k letters, so I’m sorry to anyone looking for a drabble or to anyone who feels cheated because I overwrote this one. I’m bad at this drabble request thing, hahaha. But I mean, like, guys, we gotta keep the Shuake Feels Train going. 


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anonymous asked:

I love to read how kalagang relationship would if they're not sensates can you write this prompt Someone gave me a fake phone number and it’s actually yours and if you can't its okay and I really enjoyed reading your drabbles thankyou

I also got another request from another anon for the same prompt:

“Omfg I saw ur reblog about thrilling au’s and I was wondering if you could do the “someone gave you a fake number and its mine” with kalagang pls and thank you”

First of all, thanks both of you for being so nice. :)  I’m glad you guys like my writing so much.  Also, holy shit this really isn’t a drabble anymore.  This became like 2500+ words.  I really don’t think I know how to do short AU fics lol.   Kala is working in Berlin in this AU because that made things easier for my brain.  Please accept any geographical errors, the only part of Germany I’ve ever visited was Munich.  (Also holy shit y’all, people are making bad decisions in this fic.  I do not advise doing what people do in this fic.  Like I made it fluffy, but IRL this is not a good idea lol.)

When Kala wakes up on Saturday morning, she finds a text from an unknown number on her phone.

Do you want to come to my place? (Received 3:02 AM)

She’s confused.  No one she knows would have messaged her at that hour.  Kala wakes up early to visit the local temple every morning, and she doesn’t keep that fact a secret.  Plus, her family is a million miles away.

Who is this? (Delivered 8:39 AM)

Unsurprisingly, she doesn’t receive a response right away.  If they were asking someone over at three in the morning, they’re probably in bed now, she reasons. Kala puts it out of her mind, choosing instead to get out of bed and concentrate on preparing for her day.

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flyingsuits-blog-blog  asked:

I still think about heartmouth. Like I'll be going through my day and not really even think about yoi but then I remember yuuri calls him heartmouth and I want to die because are you serious? Like, are you really for real? It's actually the sweetest thing and I need a drabble or something where yuuri teases victor by drawing hearts over his mouth over and over and victor's face is in his hands and he's so red because yuuri has the sly smile and I just die everytime okay ajshfjak

oh my god thank youuuu <333

“Say I’m meeting someone new who uses sign language,” says Viktor. “Do I introduce myself with fingerspelling, or can I just use the sign name you gave me?”

Yuuri shrugs. ‘The name I gave you is yours to use,’ he replies. Viktor thoughtfully traces a heart on his chest and then points to his mouth, and Yuuri has to resist the urge to swoon a little at the sight. 

“What does it mean?” he wonders.

Yuuri purses his lips, before grabbing his notebook and writing heart + mouth. He shows it to Viktor and adds, ‘because the way your mouth makes that heart shape when you smile is really cute’. 

Viktor’s mouth forms that exact beloved shape when he sees the signs. “Yuuri! That’s – that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard!” And then suddenly Yuuri finds himself smushed into the cushions of the couch, Viktor pressing kisses all over to his face. “I love it, I love it so much!”

Yuuri can feel his face burning. He barely manages to make the sign for ‘thank you’ before Viktor is on him with more kisses, each one sweeter than the last. Finally, Yuuri pushes Viktor back a little to catch his breath, and adds, ‘you know, there’s a shorter way to sign it.’

“Really?” asks Viktor. 

Yuuri nods, and reaches up to trace a heart around VIktor’s mouth, watching in growing delight as his partner turns red at the feeling. 

“Yuuri,” whines Viktor. “That’s too adorable.”

Yuuri only responds by repaying Viktor’s favour, pressing him into the couch cushions and tracing hearts around Viktor’s mouth until they’re both laughing and blushing and content only to hold each other close.

(what’s the one thing about my writing you remember the most?)

anonymous asked:

Hi, I just found Drunk on You today and then I bindge-read it and all the stories are beautiful! I wanted to suggenst an au where you find stuff your soulmate loses (it's not my idea, I saw it on a post months ago). I imagine Viktor would keep losing so much stuff since he's such an airhead and so rich. But then imagine Yuuri losing one of his Viktor posters?? Idk, I think it's really cute ^.^

Actual footage of Viktor Nikiforov dropping/losing something in front of Yuuri:

Originally posted by highlyflammablex

ANYWAY there’s a drabble (ahem, basically a one-shot) for that soulmate AU under the cut, because you’re right– that idea is adorable! Thanks so much for reading Drunk on You, and I’m sorry I took so long to get back to you!

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anonymous asked:

Maybe a Connor drabble in which he tries to ask out the reader out, but the setting is just like in his room and he tries to sound chill but is actually rlly nervous as he asks them and it's just rlly cute.

(This is a cute one!)
Warnings: None
Words: 393


Connor knew that this was a stupid thing to be stressing over. He knew it but that didn’t stop him from feeling so… well, stressed. There you were, sitting across from him on his bed, reading over the chapter that had been assigned to you both in English. All he had to do was open his mouth, say how he felt. But for whatever reason he just… couldn’t.

“Connor?” Your voice cut through his thoughts, eyes focusing on your face, your brow was furrowed in concern, eyes scanning his face.
“Something wrong?” You placed down the book and edged closer, and he cursed at himself inwardly as he felt his face bloom.

“Nah.” He shrugged, trying to brush it off, looking back down at the open book in his lap. He knew you weren’t convinced, but he had to at least try to get you off his back.
“Are you sure?” You asked, reaching over and taking the book from his hands, placing it down and staring into his eyes.
“Because if there’s something wrong, and it’s about me, you can tell me.” You gave him a reassuring smile and he felt his heart ache. God this was frustrating.

“It’s nothing.” He cringed at himself, even he didn;t believe the words that came out of his mouth, and judging by the look on your face, neither did you. He heaved a sigh, brushing back his hair.

“I was just… I wondered if…” You watched him curiously as he sucked in a deep breath. 
“There is… a concert… with bands and… stuff.” Christ, he sounded like that awkward Evan kid. You bit your lip, clearly trying to hide your smile.
“Mhm?” You nodded, prompting him to continue.
“And I was wondering if you would like to… maybe… go. W-with me!” Connor fought the urge to slip under his blankets and disappear, feeling his heart drop as you laughed.

“A-Are you asking me on a date?” You giggled, grinning as he nodded. Moving a hand forward you rested it on his shoulder, giving him a gentle look.
“I’d love to.” You answered honestly, almost bursting into laughter again as his eyes lit up.
“Seriously.” He relaxed and let himself calm down, looking to the side and running a hand through his hair.
“Cool…” He mumbled, going back into his reserved self. “That’s… that’s cool…”

happy valentines day, pals!!! this is a list of the wonderful people ive gotten to know through inuyasha, and boy there’s a lot of them! under a read more to keep from flooding dashboards so read on to see me use words like “i love” and “like” and “omg” and “!!!” 1000 times!

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4th July, 1996, first kiss, and maybe some. Weecest/wincest, drabble

Sam admires the fireworks above them, his smile so wide, so awed, so genuine that Dean simply can’t take his eyes off him. They remain this way for several minutes; Sam watching the fireworks and Dean watching Sam, before Sam notices through the corner of his eye. Around a soft laugh, Sam tells him: “Watch the fireworks, Dean!”

“I am,” Dean murmurs, because he sees them all, reflecting in Sam’s eyes. “You having fun, Sammy?”

Sam turns to him, eyes gleaming. “Yeah,” he says.

And, then. Dean’s world changes the next moment, because.

Sam’s mouth feels like a question against Dean’s when he tiptoes up and kisses him, wide eyed; his fingers circling around Dean’s wrist softly.

They stand there, beneath the sparkling sky, and it’s the best moment of Dean’s entire life; his body and soul is thrumming with need and want and euphoria.

He knows he should push Sam away. Knows that Sam’s dry, inexperienced lips shouldn’t feel this perfect against his, knows that it’s wrong to let his tongue gently glide over his little brother’s bottom lip; into his sweet little mouth. Shouldn’t let Sammy’s soft moan go straight to his cock.

“Dean, please.”

Sam’s tone. Dean’s heard it before, from girls, and he knows what it means. Sam’s asking him to fuck him, and Dean -

Dean knows he shouldn’t, but.

But he’s wanted this for too long, and he simply isn’t strong enough to walk away, not now, with Sam’s insistent, desperate hands tugging at his clothes. Instead he wraps his arms around Sam’s waist and lifts him up, puts him on the hood of the impala and stands between Sam’s spread legs, cupping his brother’s face in his hands and says, his voice low: “You know what you asking for, Sammy?”

Sam’s answer is wordless, he simply lifts Dean’s fingers to his mouth, and godfuckinghelphim, sucks Dean’s index finger into his mouth, eyes hooded and dark as he lets his tongue swirl wetly along the it, making obscene little noises.

Dean growls then, and drags Sam into the backseat of the impala.

Dean is still awake when Sam falls asleep hours later, sweaty and smiling, in his arms.

Everything had started with a fire, and Dean suspects that it might end with one, too.

But, Dean thinks, as he nuzzles his nose in Sam’s hair and breathes in the scorched scent of fireworks and burning fields – if saving the world means that Dean must give this up, then – well.

Then he’ll let the world burn.

i’ve mentioned this before but… do you think niall acts like a kitten when you play with his hair? like bunting up into your hand if you stop and making these little noises that sound suspiciously like purrs?