so it's not about nitpicking about the differences

I don’t understand it when I see people actually comparing Naruto & Sasuke to Sasuke & Sakura. 

They’re not even comparable.

You can’t compare Sakura’s love for Sasuke with Naruto’s love for Sasuke and call them equal. 

“If Nardo says i lyk ya cuz u ma frnd you say its gud and all but if Sakura says i luv ya then she’z obsessive?!?! dafuq??!”

Well, no. It’s not about what they say, and not even about how they say it. It’s about being sincere and about intentions. Words don’t matter if what you do differs, that’s the point. It’s not so much about what they actually say or how they put their feelings into words. It’s nitpicking to analyse specific words because they’re just translations from Japanese into English, you have to look at the original to analyse the word they use and most of us are not native speakers nor do we have the knowledge of Japanese to do that accurately. I guess you get what I’m trying to say. 

Making a difference between NaruSasu and SasuSaku is not sexism. Most people don’t dislike Sakura for being a woman, those people like other females in Naruto, like e.g. Ino, Tenten, Tsunade, Rin. Just because Sakura is female, doesn’t mean she’s being disliked just for that. We SNS supporters don’t like Naruto for being a man or SNS for being a gay ship. The majority of my ships is straight. The thing is that their love is pure and their gender has nothing to do with that. Love isn’t about genders. I’d actually say that it is rather you (or many of you) who don’t accept SNS as romance because Naruto is a man. Most of us agree that if either Sasuke or Naruto happened to be of the opposite gender, most people would ship them together. It’s as simple as that.