so it's my birthday tomorrow

Annabeth and I are sending many kisses to @bananannabeth cause its her BIRTHDAY!!!
I love you Ash, I hope today gives you everything you want <3<3

I finished my Valentines card for bae. Submit your valentines cards to me so I can check them out! Also happy birthday to my lovely son

I get all the chicks with my amazing crafting skills.. All of them Sorry not sorry.

The Wonderful Voices of Dragon Ball - Masako Nozawa

Voice of Goku, Gohan, Goten, Goku Black, Turles, and Bardock


Soooo I wasn’t about to rush anything out for tomorrow, because Reiji only deserves the best. So instead I’ll just ramble on about why I like him so much. You’re free to reblog, but please don’t add to this post. If you have something to say then just make your own. Thank you.

  • His Drive. For one thing I find it incredibly admirable, even if it is a coping mechanism of sorts. The fact that he works so hard to become as perfect as he possibly can at every possible thing is sort of inspiring to me, in a ‘fake it till you make it’ kind of way, because I believe him to be much more insecure than he lets on. 
  • His Wit. It’s no secret Reiji has the oral skill *coughs* to talk you into a corner. You’ll be contradicting yourself before you know it. He knows how to make you agree even if you disagree. And to me that sends freaking shivers down my spine. A man who knows how to use words is more alluring than one with a sword. 
  • His Property. He takes so much pride in the things he owns, holding them to the same expectation of perfection as he does himself. He also treats them with great care, which to a certain extent is put onto the Heroine as well, since he defines her as such. 
  • His Awkwardness. As direct as this man can be, there’s no denying that he doesn’t really know how to properly express himself in terms of what he feels for the Heroine. He’s always coming up with explanations “because you’re my property” or other excuses to justify his otherwise endearing actions. I find that incredibly lovely. 
  • His Voice. This is a big one for me. Both in the way he sounds and the way he speaks. It’s so formal, and yet incredibly condescending, and when he chuckles it’s always at your own expense, but it’s the most beautiful sound these wretched ears of mine have ever been blessed with. 
  • His Desperation. To become better, to be recognized. I love to think about the look in his eyes. Where his need for her becomes more than just the blood, to the point where his body ‘moves on its own’ and YES  I will quote that line any chance I get because it surpassed just wanting to save her, it became instinct, and if that doesn’t show just how deeply he cared then I don’t know what does. 

I could go on for years, but these were the ones that popped into my head first, so I’m assuming they’re the most important ones. It saddens me to think that people skip his route simply because he’s the “bad guy” when in reality his route was perhaps the most engaging HDB had to offer. I enjoy how cruel he is, and how that cruelty slowly evolves into something that’s not quite as sadistic. I love how he wants the heroine to stand on her own two feet, rather than become some mindless doll that’s attached to his side. I love how proper he is, and how he sticks to his own values. How despite the lack of any appreciation or recognition, he is what holds the Sakamaki Household together. For all of this and more, I love him. 



Contains : drabble, smut

Group : BTS

Member : Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook

Summary : Birthday sex.

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A/N : just because tomorrow is my birthday and i felt like torturing myself.

A soft sigh left your lips as your boyfriend’s lips met the skin of your jawline, you eyelids heavy with sleep and lust. His skin is hot on yours, however, his cold fingertips dragging along your side have the power to make goosebumps rise.
The satin sheet slide off your leg as Jungkook hold the back of your knee, his hips rubbing against yours.

Outside, the birds start to sing as people wake up, but all you can hear is Jungkook’s whimper as he enters you, eyebrows furrowed, bruised lips ghosting over yours.

Dizzy, he makes you dizzy as the delicious stretch takes over your mind, your hand finding your boyfriend’s in an attempt to collect yourself.

And he holds you, moving in and out, he arm locked under your waist. He holds you so close to his body that you can feel his rapid heartbeat, each beat following the movements of his hips.

His lips found yours, the sweet taste adding to the pleasure, softly moving against yours, and you can’t help it as tears grow on the edge of your eyes.
His movements grow more rapid, his breath uneven, sleep slowly leaving his eyes, a lazy smile stretching his lips.

“Happy birthday babygirl.”

Wada Masanari as Heshikiri Hasebe
[Touken Ranbu Stage Play: Kyoden Moyuru Honnoji]

On August 9, 1757, Elizabeth Hamilton, sometimes called “Eliza” or “Betsey,” was born. She  was co-founder and deputy director of the first private orphanage in New York City. She was the wife of American founding father Alexander Hamilton. 

june hands me peaches that are still green in the middle.
all red on the outsides, i’m trying not to think about how they aren’t sour until bitten.
i hide the pits from my dog; like most things in the heat, she doesn’t care what could kill her.
just reaches for everything with her mouth.
in my grandparents’ kitchen,
i am 19 and peeling an unripe fruit,
i am 13 and pouring 7up over watermelon,
i am 10 and dripping chlorine water all over the floors.

the lakes are drying up.
the skin on my shoulders is peeling.
june sends a rainstorm with no thunder.

the grass in my front yard stands as tall as my knees and too much dew clings to it.
so june sings me to sleep,
tells me how the heat is all make believe.
summer is princess wands and pirate ships and an invisible fist around my throat.
some days it’s hard to remember what i’m choking on; the heat is just air.
i can’t keep any of it in my hands, can’t dress it up into anything poetic to wear on my sleeve in place of my heart.
the sun leaves me pink around the edges but pushing closer to other bodies anyways.
june tucks me in and says the exhaustion is just a side effect;
all these transitions,
all these endings calling themselves beginnings.

🍊Kicking my spring philosophy revision off with an orange theme! Also a cheeky studyblr selfie Saturday pic! ✨

@littlestudyblrblog ’S APRIL STUDY CHALLENGE - 1 - ‘What do you have going on this month!’
I’ve just started the Easter holidays here in the UK, so I’ll be using my time to revise for my upcoming mock exams in May! (ITS ALSO MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW SO THERES THAT TOO)

an-amethyst-moon  asked:

Hi!! uuummm so its my birthday tomorrow :D and im dying to know.. how would the game's characters celebrate the MC's birthday with them??

Asra would take them on a long journey without telling them where they were going (but would keep them entertained with riddles) to a scenic oasis, where he would pretend to drown so MC has to dive into the water and at the bottom is a magic flute that can summon a swarm of bees (their favorite!)

Nadia would throw a tastefully brief festival in their honor. MC would be lavished with pampering (by professional pamperers) from dawn to dusk and when the clock struck midnight, they would be presented with seven bejeweled eagles (one for every day of the week)

Julian would meet them for dinner in a shady tavern, bring them heaping plates of food and offer unsolicited advice for the coming year. About halfway through the meal he would have to scramble out the back door because law enforcement arrived on the scene but he’d put it an order in the kitchen to bring them something for dessert

Lucio would declare the day a holiday and call it Day of the Beloved One of Lucio. They would have to sit uncomfortably still while a master artiste painted their portrait and a mile-long line of peasants laid gifts at their feet. 

Muriel doesn’t celebrate birthdays because time is a human construct

Portia would throw a big loud party with a barbecue   :D

Happy almost birthday!