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“Let’s do prom pictures”

Made a little texture override so that the photo on the tag of these base game scrubs matches the skin color of the sim who’s wearing them. I’m planning on doing the female version next, unless it involves remapping. In which case I’ll do it later. :P


“once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out.”

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JohnDave Week Day 3: First Date

its like 2 am and i’m at least 3 hours over day three but

here we are.

photobooth date bc these two nerds would spend literal hours taking the sappiest of pictures. john spends like 40 bucks of his allowance and everything is terrible

If there was one thing that Jenny had learned in her tenure as an Upper East Side queen, it was that every event required a a noteworthy entrance, one that was befitting of a queen. No longer was she the girl who played wallflower until someone decided to make her acquaintance. No, she was someone to look at, someone to talk about. And she had to make sure that everyone in the ballroom was aware of that at all times. So when Chuck Bass had shown interest in being her date, she was most obliged to accept. If there was someone to make waves, it would be the venom-laced Bass brother.

But it wasn’t long after their entrance that it seemed every phone in the room went off. An occurrence not seen since the days of Gossip Girl. A horrid realization sunk in the pit of her stomach before she could even look at the screen. But once she did, the feeling was confirmed. She - or perhaps he - was back. 

“Fuck,” she muttered under her breath. This could absolutely ruin everything. One of the only reasons she had been a mostly unscathed queen was the lack of Gossip Girl to bring her toppling down. She unlaced her arm from where it had been intertwined with Chuck’s, “I need a drink,” she declared, making a beeline for the bar where she ordered a bone dry martini with an extra shot on the side in lieu of her usual and much weaker summer choice drink: a raspberry mojito.

“Bottom’s up,” she declared, raising her glass in a ceremonial, but not quite happy, cheers to the person beside her.


The 2010 Squad ft.

McMusic ( @mayor-ivy )

OC Factory ( @agentchimendez )

Goat Lover ( @rabi-en-rose )

Also some of the kindest, most genuinely good-hearted people you will ever meet in your life.



N you’ve awoken an new au in me who are you are you sent from the heavens.