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Webcomics, Tumblr, & You: How to Manage a Webcomic on Tumblr by an Avid Reader

I follow a lot of webcomics on Tumblr and I’ve encountered a variety of blog management practices that creators employ to run their Tumblr show. Some great, some good, some not so much. Content aside, I think there are a handful of things that every creator should keep in mind when choosing Tumblr to host or promote their webcomic. This is from my perspective as an avid reader and a long-time Tumblr user. Also as someone who is mildly obsessed with organization (personally and professionally), has spent years—decades?—in customer service, and likes to see people succeed.

This is by no means exhaustive, just the basics: Tags, Posts, The Blog, External Hosting, Etc.

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Honestly I try not to be salty about IH vs IR but this was just…. really hilarious to me so I’m gonna blog about it. Salt under the cut

…… or so I said, but halfway through writing this it turned into giant fucking meta about IR so what the fuck. Salty meta under the cut, I suppose, about some deliberate panelling choices, the focus of the narrative, and (apparently my favourite goddamn arc for IR) the fullbring arc vs chapter 681.

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